Rahul Mookerjee

I woke up thinking of the HILL this morning, and the intense LEG workouts I often have on the hill!

Last night, I was looking at my body - in a "non praising" sort of manner if that makes sense, with an ULTRA critical eye, because I haven't hiked in a while, and I often do this check to see "how things are going" without hiking with regard to the lower body. 

Amazingly enough, or actually NOT ... my legs are the SAME as before. 

My waist has actually gone DOWN a little from what it was, and it wasn't fat before either. 

And while I was thinking of the fact that nothing, my friend, can replicate tough leg workouts like HILLS can (the effect) - the fact is they CAN. 

Proofs in the pudding!

And I'm not even talking Hindu squats here, which is the very best out there in terms of leg training, and give you even more of a very brutal workout than the HILL every did me! 

Sprints are the only thing that come close, but not quite! 

Really, those squats are brutal, but I haven't been doing very many as of late at all. 

Pull-ups - yes. 

Handstand pushups - yes. 

Walking - a bit - yes. 

Yet, my legs you ask? 

Why and how the super leg workout?? 

Well, my friend, the key lies in ISOMETRICS. 

In the book on isometrics, I give you TWO stretches that the Bozos diss as being too simple, and the doers comment upon as and they're RIGHT - "it looks simple, but it's anything BUT if you DO". 

One is the "Rahul Mookerjee" style squat I teach. 

The second? 

Well, it's a STRETCH I teach in the same book - NOT taught by anyone else out there. 

And that not only works the entire leg area - butt -hamstrings - hips - but also the UPPER body if you do it right. 

And that, my friend, more than anything else is responsible for the effect I'm talking about. 

As for the title of this email? 

Well, I keep getting these inane marketing emails that have tripe subject lines like that. Big companies at that. Makes me wonder! Hmm. 

(Of course, its those big Bozo compaies that claim writers should be paid a pittance. HA!). 

And companies in general. 

"Writing is easy". 

Double HA! 

I wonder why the idiots don't do it themselves if its so easy. 

On that note, perhaps they do, hence the TRIPE. 

And I didnt answer that email but do I feel stuck indoors - with or without the plague? 

Well, I live in China where it rains all the time for one! 

I've never let that stop me - as you can tell from 16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections, Ive never let extreme weather of ANY NATURE stop me. 

But lets say theres no hill nearby. 

Do I feel stuck? 

In the past I used to to a degree, but now? 

No way, my friend. 

Because with workouts like Animal Kingdom Workouts - - and of course the great book on isometrics "Isometric And Flexibility Training" - you literally never need to step outside. 

Dont get me wrong. 

I walk outside in Nature all the time, but I do it because I WANT to. 

Not because I need to!

There is a difference. 

That, my friend is the key ... 

And yes, I highly recommend walks outdoors for reasons mentioned before. 

Ill get more into that at a later date, but for now, grab the two books above. You, the DOER and real trainee will love 'em!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And the Bozos might as well unsubscribe in droves. Thank you! 

(Ditto for the people who are "just on the list" for free stuff. Thanks, but NO THANKS). 

PS #2 - Lots of folks do NOT know that when creating the Rolls Royce of Fitness - -my FLAGSHIP product, I didnt climb the hill for not just a while, but months upon months. And yet, the results. Trust me, my friend, just trust me ! 

(I know the doers do already). 

Today is a Holi-day in India. Apparently yesterday was too from what my lovely wife says (I sure as heck dont know, and could care two figs less either way!!) . . . 

No normal holiday either. 

Holi, the festival of colors, and I've made NO secret of my utter distaste and dislike for Holi  - the so called modern day version of it at least. 


Well, pelting passerby's and just about anyone in general with colored ballons (of water) from the balconies. 

Throwing nasty color at people that do NOT want to play Holi with you and say they dont want to. 

Being rowdy and a lout and using Holi as an excuse. 

And many more things. 

No, I'd rather stay away. 

As I said on the other site, these sort of shennanigans AND UTTER DISRESPECT would get people shot or worse in most countries, but India? 

Its sad, but a country that is purportedly aiming to be the next big thing after China accepts this mess for what it is. 

Dont get me wrong. 

Pelt colors and what not all you want - but whatever happene dto th eword consensual? 

Some guy going to work, and you just pelt him with colors and laugh at the poor chap (he was my tutor in tenth grade, and a solid guy!) who has no option but to walk around in wet clothes all day? 

I mean - get the F real! 

And when I say that? 

How dare I, hehe. 

How dare I disrespect Indian culture, the bozos go. 

Well, newsflash bro. It an't Indian culture anymore than "freedom fries" are American culture (real American culture). 

It's HOOLIGANISM. Plain and effing simple, and I'll say it too. I damn well WILL. 

Holi was supposed to be played with simple dabs of color an merriment between those that celebrate it, not everyone in general. 

Diwali was never intended to be the MESS it's turned into in recent years (pollution central for one). And a vulgar display of "burning cash". 

Anyway, my wife was telling me about the rowdies and louts at the park - I've got plenty of experience with those, hehe but we'll get into that later. 

Apparently she took my little one to play with the other kids. 

She did - they did - they had a whale of a time, but the rowdies were trying to pelt my wife with balloons etc. 

What losers! 

Of course, it's INdian culture. How dare I!

For a change something which my family in general and I agree upon, it's LOUTISH behavior the BRATS AND BRUTES and newly rich etc employ on Holi. 


Then some couple wife knows was trying to pelt her as well. 

From their balcones. 

I mean, Jeez, lady, at least have the balls to come DOWN and do it (of course, how dare I. The plague from China will get her!). 

But I asked her why the latter couple did it, being they know her. 

Somewhat at least. 

"Maybe they're newly minted money types". 

Doesnt seem like it, I said, shrugging. 

But it brings to mind an interesting point (and no, the current xenophobia against foreign devils in China is NOT Chinese culture either bro - you can thank Xitler and company for that!). 

STOPPPING doing what made you successful in the first place and turning into something you're NOT. 

The stories are legion of Indians and Chinese having their land bought by the government at insane prices, and then they throw away their milllions in and on frivolties, having NO clue how to use their money or save or invest. 

Literally, I've seen mansions that lie - VACANT - with no food - so much did they waste their money! 

Classic eh. 

And they aint the only ones. 

Sly Stallone was guilty of this after Rocky succeeeded big. 

ALL The movies he made after that were flops until he finally wisened up in Rocky II and got back to being REAL which is what made him the success he is TODAY. 

Being himself and being real. 

Until then, it was all fake BS and Sly will be the FIRST to admit this himself. 

Hes in hallowed company. Yours truly in 2019 lost track as wel to a degree. 

Admittedly I kept writing, kept producing books etc. 

Admittedly I didnt forget about the business. 

Admittedly I had several other profitable irons in the fire, and it happens sometimes. It's happene dto Napoleon Hill too - him of the pathbreaking Think and Grow Rich who let success go to his head (I didn't let it go to mine, even when I was making sales beyond my wildest dreams!) and its happened to tons of others. 

But no excuses, I wasn't going full steam on it! 

And I figured it out the hard way multiple times in my life. Trust me! 

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. 

Hill fell, so did Sly, so did I at a certain point, and we all thankfully realized the error of our ways. 

Anyway, what does this have to do with you and FITNESS? 

Well,one of my best and greatest customes Charles Mitchell once said the following. 

"The reason you ain't as rich as Jeff Bezos is becuase your books aren't for everyone. Most people would say "F that" when they look at your stuff ! your training is not for pansies and pussies! Keep challenging us, and never become a trainer that goes easy to sell more books". 

"You could, but that ain't you!" 

I'm amalgamating two quotes and writing in my own words but WORRY NOT! 

I will NEVER EVER do that. 

My man cave may be made of gold, but it's still a damned man cave, and I still take a dump daily on a normal "throne" and clean the damned thing myself. 

(no Bozo Schofields please! Hehe). 

Thats another thing he asked Josie. 

"Can I clean your bathroom Madam". 


Really, Glyn!

The things people love ... and get off to. 

But anyway, my workouts will only get tougher if anything else. 

PROOF is in the pudding - decidely UNBOZO like pudding. 

Check it out HERE


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And no, the introductory price won't last forever so if you're smart you'll jump now on this TREASURE TROVE and get it NOW. 

PS #2 - Bozos and louts understand one damn thing - the power of the FIST and muscle, hehe. The LOOK. And to get that sort of look - well - Barnstormer Shoulders will DO it for you! 

(Remember the old Fast and Furious Fitness page - I mentioned it there too, and it's damned TRUE). 

PPS 1 - But really, back to LOUTISH nonsense - my aunt - one of them - once made the point about "well, they throw snowballs at us in NY too!" 

Maybe thats bad too, but it's NOWHERE near as bad. Trust me! Naughty kids is one thing, adults engaging in this sort of thing?


An adult "male" TUSKER

Both priceless and unpadronable. 


An adult male tusker on the RAMPAGE!


So says Rahul Mookerjee! And I'm damn right on this one (and everything I say, because unless I'm not, I keep my trap SHUT, hehe). 


PPS #2 - I WILL kDSCN0627_BW.jpgeep saying it, and for those that will bitch and moaon I care NOT about offering SO CALLED Indian, Chiense, Bhutanese, Bozo-nese, Westernese, Martianese, Poop-nese, Peking-ese, Ape-nese so called frigging cultures. Akel ke Dushamn as the lovely wife says. 

PPS # ... - My tutor in grade 10 was a great Sikh gentleman. And amongst many other outstanding people of that faith I've been priveleged enough to know, thats why (another reaosn) I love Sikh culture. Forward thinking! 

MR Bhalla even called me after the 911 attacks to find out how I was. Now thats a true dude! Thank you, Sir!

trump tank

Trump 2020 FOREVER.  

First, I Say wannabe's, because compared to the Bozo-ness of the Glyn we all chuckle at, there are NO OTHERS that come close - - can come close - or ever will. 

In terms of sheer lunacy and idiocy, he truly does take the cake (and he eats a lot of it too looking at that massive ponderous belly of his, and worse, from areas you wouldn't dream of ever "eating" anything from - he truly is the "pits" if you get my drift on that one). 

NO, I AM NOT lying on this! 

In fact, in the near future I'll share a tale of a Domina he pestered to "let her be her servant" (after a certain lady Josie roundly blocked and booted him figuratively off her WeShat list). 

But anyway, what with the sudden "spate" of unsubscribes? 

Well, for some reason, the "my wife called me a bull" email - which I started off by saying is NOT a PG rated email and is NOT intended to be quite obviously - caused this. 

Along wth one sale for the book so far - the paperback at that. 

Clearly what I wrote about yesterday i.e. I'd rather have ONE genuine customer than 100 idiots holds true. 

And clearly, mention the Bozo = sales. 

The most astounding this? 

I'm simply being honest in terms of what I say about the Bozo - in fact, he's proved it publicly himself. 

In terms of what my wife says? 

It's hilarious, but again, I'm just being honest!

In terms of everything I do, say, and will ever do, say and have ever done, and said - it's this - I'm brutally honest to a FAULT and I will only be MORE that way in the future. 

You either love me, or you hate me, and the list of haters and lovers is legion. 

But anyway, here is why I dont lose any sleep over unsubscribes and even welcome them - a few reasons - 

One, these people aren't buyers. They're wankers. 

Two, they COMPLAIN up a storm, but dont do the thing. 

Three, they're usually the "how dare he" and "it's too easy "sort (but can't do a lick of what I tell them to - um, Bozo, not backside lick - themselves). 

Four, they CLOG up the list. 

Five, like attracts like, and I dont want to attract nutjobs like that. 

Sixth, they're usually sensitive to a T, and their "women" (so they think, hehe) probably complain all the time about them not "lasting in bed" and therefore, as i thought it would, the "bull" part pissed 'em off even though I very CLEARLY said the email wasn't meant to be sex-ual in nature or have sexual inneundo. 

And seventh, well, the truth hurts. 

There, my friend. 

Thats seven reasons right there. 

I've no doubt there are 7000 more, but hey - thats enough for now. 

Pick up what is my best damned book ever, my friend right now - Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

I'll see you when you join the ranks of - truly the - SUPERHUMANS!


Rahul Mookerjee 

PS - This book isn't for skirt wearing Schofields. if that ticks off the Bozos, so be it, but I'd rather be honest up front. This book is for REAL MEN, REAL DOERS, so if you fall into that category get it NOW without a moment's delay, else click AWAY even faster. 

Saturday, 27 March 2021 05:13

Could YOU be stopping Three feet from GOLD?

I did something last night I dont do - last did back in January. 

That being, buy an Audible book. 

They have books you can "listen to" which a lot of people prefer - another great initiative by Amazon for sure, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm not much of a one for audio books. 

E books, sure. 

But listening to audio - well - y'all on this list know why I dont like to do that!

It takes up way too much time for one - I can read and assimilate FAR faster for one, and many other reasons, and plus books - it's just easy to flip to a page as opposed to find the right spot in the recording. 

Plus, I dont know. 

Some of the old books I read and the modern day voices that read 'em - it doesnt "fit right". 

Nothing against the narration or narrators, all top notch ... but well, just not my thang. 

But I did it anyway. 

I bought Three Feet from Gold, which is a book I've read before years ago, but I wanted to read it again - for some odd reason I decided to get the e-book. 

The book itself is another one of Napoleon Hill's great, great books on SUCCESS. 

But it emphasizes PERSISTENCE more than anything else, that character which is to man's character (according to Hill in Think and Grow Rich) what "carbon is to steel"). 

Many years ago, W.U. Darby, who is known for his insurance sales (he made millions from it) went with his Uncle to mine gold during the gold rush back in the day. 

To Colorado I believe. 

They drilled where they were told to - sure enough - they found gold. 

They shipped it back to be smelted. 

Sure enough! High quality gold - they congratulated themselves upon striking it big without much work! 

They continued to drill. 

But suddenly ... lo!

The gold up and DISAPPEARED. 

Franticaly, the Darby's kept digging. 

The gold just wasn't there to be found. 

Frustrated, they did what most men do when faced with defeat (temporary defeat). They GAVE UP. Sold the mine to a local junk man and went HOME. 

This junk man was no fool. 

He had been plotting to get hold of a mine for years. 

And now, the opportunity came, much like it did after years and years for Edwin Barnes, the tramp turned millionarie who traveled by goods train to meet Edison to not work for him, but WITH HIM!

As Edison said, there was SOMETHING about him that made him give him a chance when no-one else would, because he saw he had made up his MIND to get just what he wanted, and nothing else, and when someone does that, as the great Edison knew himself, literally nothing can stop the person. 

Anyway, junk man took the map of the mine to an engineer, who predicted the gold was there. 

All one had to do ? 

Was drill again - THREE FEET - YES - - from where the DArby's gave up!

The junk man made MILLIONS from that mine. 

The Darbys? 

Young Darby learned a very important lesson about never quitting and evenutally made his millions in insurance. 

When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing for a man to do is QUIT. That is exactly what most men do! 

(Napoleon Hill). 

... and this is pretty much the reason for FAILURE mor ethan anything else for most people. 

But it got me to thinking. 

Could YOU be doing the same thing? 

Fitness wise? 

Some of you come to this site, and look at the products, and instantly "oh, too expensive!". 

My friend, have you considered the GOLD in those books - laid out over YEARS AND YEARS - waiting to be mined by YOU? 

Some of you look at the workouts, and say "F ... thats too tough!" 

My friend, have you considered the value of persistence and stickability in terms of turning into a human gorilla which you WANT? 

If you want something, you put in the hard yards. You persist. You slog. You have a vision. I sure did during all those tough climbs up the HILL! And more!

Some of you are great at dreaming. 

Lets say "500 pushups per workout". 

Which is a superlative goal to have. 

Yet, when it comes to the doing, lots falter. 

"IT's too tough". 

After a month or so of doing th epushups, you STOP. 

And go nowhere. 

And get fatter and more miserable. 

My friend, could the day you STOPPED be the day you would have made great gains if you PERSISTED? 

These, and many other questions ran through my mind as I listened to the ebook, so I'm asking you . . . 

And thats that from me. Let me know - I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Three Feet from Gold is along with Outwitting the Devil one of Napoleon Hill's best books. And for me, I'd say Animal Kingdom Workouts along with the book on isometrics and Pushup Central. Grab all these NOW my friend. 

Friday, 26 March 2021 08:27

"It wont happen" VS "Make IT HAPPEN!"

Growing up, I remember the looks of incredulousness on the face of people - often unsaid, when I spoke of goals, or complained about something that wasn't right (and should be!). 

It could be family - friends - even strangers. 

Often times and most times, it wasn't said. 

It was a look of "who does he think he is" - and "how dare he try to change the status quo" mixed in with .... "THAT Goal! YOU??  That'll never happen!" 

Topped off by a look of resignation in terms of "it is what it is" (without the most important part, which is FOR NOW!). 

I've never bought into this BS mentality, and therefore, have been at odds with people that do my entire life, and continue to be, and dont make any bones about the same. 

Why not MAKE the damn thing happen? 

NOTHING HAS to remain as it is - MAKE it happen!

The real DOERS - Henry Ford's that were scoffed at as Doubting Thomases and Edisons told they were idiots that would never accomplish anytihng and scores of others thankfully didnt buy into this BS Mentality, which by the way doesnt just corrupt individuals - its SOCIETY at large. 

Countries, too. 

You may not think so, but entire swathes of people resign themselves to "this will never change in my country".

As the great Claude Bristol wrote about in the Magic of Believing. 

As we THINK, so we ARE! 

(It wasn't him that is given credit for the saying, but it might as well have been him or any of the DOERS out there). 

Say what you like about Communist China, with all their flaws but you gotta give them credit for one thing where it's due - getting their people to believe, albeit they take it to extremes, such as the recent boycott of H & M, Nike etc in china because they RIGHTLY called out China for its Nazism in Xinjaing. 

Jingoism you say? 


Yes, and it aint good in this regard - BUT - they did imbibe their people with the spirit to DO it - even if that means bellicose challenges to the US and the rest that obviously sound and are fake, but given the speed at which China has progressed - you gotta admit that you might not agree with how they did it, but did it they did! 

To an extent anyway. 

Which is betteR? 

NOT doing it, or doing it the way they did? 

Thats a discussion for another time, but for now, this is why I keep telling people to play their cards close to the chest. 

I made the mistake of not doing so too many damned times in my life. 

Tell the world what you're going to do, but SHOW IT first!

Remember, subsconsiously, youll encounter far more negative from people - and in some cases those people dont even know what they're doing. 

You're best off focusing on YOUR goal. Like a horse with blinder on. 

And speaking of horses, and STALLIONS

My compilation on Shoulders will turn you into the STUD AND RAGING STALLION you've always wanted to be, guys - and a MARE - a BUCKING AND REARING "heroine" (as my lovely wife says) for you GALS, but that ain't why I'm telling you think - I'm telling you coz ... 


FITNESS wise, same thing. 

Never think the goal is "too big". 

Now, if you're stuck at less than zero pushups, can barely hold the pushup position - then getting to 500 might seem huge. 

Well, I get it. 

And THIS is why I keep blabbling so often about the Law of Practice. 

DO the thing daily, even if it's in small increments - remember the journey of a thousaand miles which DOES start with a single STEP. 

Do, even if its a LITTLE everyday. 

Take one step at a time, sometimes two, occasionally FIVE. 

Be persistent! 

And you'll get there, bro. 

(or SIS). 

Believe - and make it happen. 

Last, but not least, believe me when I tell you this - Animal Kingdom Workouts is a MUST HAVE COURSE for all of you. 

Truly one of my, if not THE best ever, and if you're letting price stop you - you're sadly MISLED. 

Trust me, this course is pricess, and a MUST have. 

Click on over - and MAKE IT HAPPEN - NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Zero to Hero and Gumption Galore give you plenty more such motivational and SUCCESS tips. Make sure to pick both up NOW. 

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. 

There's a lot of Bozos out there, and the list, along with the exact opposite i.e. DOERS that DO the thing, and real trainees are growing by the day.

Exponentially at that, with Schofield at the top of the list of course (Bozo list). 

Remember the idiot on Amazon Italy who complained "the book on isometrics is too easy and worthless because it's just "simple bodyweight stretches"". 

Well, apparently this idiot forgot to look up the definiton on isometrics for one. 

But you on this list know the review I'm referring to, so there is  no need to get into his idiocy about wanting Sylvester Stallone's photographer for the photos in the book, for one, or how (typical!) "too expensive! wail!". 

But I've waxed lyrical on this before. 

Now, lets hear it from Panourgias, a DOER on this list that you guys are WELL familiar with. 

You ask for review.well when you do them look easy but I need a lot of hard work to do any of them.the good think is that you describe them in a way that I understand and I am motivated the same time.the thinks that look simple is the most difficult and it is the trap where stupid’s fall and say that it  is not worth it.you are a doer and that’s who  doers need to teach them.i cant judge someone who is better in something but I can spot who to follow.


And he's dead on right!

He sent that in as a review I asked for for my latest books (I'm not sure which one, but I think he means Pushup Central, but he got "Pull-ups from DUD to STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!" and "Corrugated Core" too). 

And the Rolls Royce, which along with the book on isometrics is his favorite. 

Now . . . lessons to be learnt here, my friend. 

One, what is easy isnt actually easy. 

The simplest things work th ebest. 

Three, the simplest things are what bring SOLID and SUPERLATIVE results. 

Fourth, he's (and any real DOER) is motivated to DO when they read my products, because as he says, I'm a doer, and the spirit SHINES through, as it should! 

And five - - a crowning mistake that a lot of idiots make, and that Panourgias has rightly pointed out. That being to judge before DOING!

And many more perhaps - see if you can spot 'em!

Here is what I replied with - - 

Hey Panourgias -

Thanks again for the great feedback! Yes, precisely. The trap most people fall into is "it's too simple" - but they don't DO the thing first - or they'd realize it ain't nowhere near as simple as it's made out to be. For example, the great stretches in Isometric and Flexibility Training - or the pushups in Pushup Central - or anything I teach, really . . . the good thing is though there's DOERS and smart people like you that realize it ain't all about looks - it's about the DOING!

Keep DOING - and yes, I always aim to inspire and motivate!

I should have ALSO added - Panourgias - for a person whose native language isn't English - you express yourself pretty damn WELL in it! 



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If this email doesnt motivate YOU, the reader to go DO (i.e. BUY a product, and then DO what is mentioned), then I'm not sure what will. And on the life front - here's another insanely motivational read - Zero to Hero!



Wednesday, 24 March 2021 05:16

Why being "overawed" isn't the way to go.

Lots of time I've noticed, in fact most of the time that the people that harbor the most animosity towards me are usually the most insecure themselves deep down inside. 

Deep down inside, the feeling of NOT having been there and done that eats away at them. 

On the surface this might manifest as jealousy, or "trying to pull the other person down to your level". 

I'm sure you know what I mean, no? 

Or, if you're young, and indeed sometimes an adult, "hero worship" followed by "I can never be that good!" 

Believe me, I've been through all these phases and then some (sans the jealousy and negativity part). 

For me, it's always been about look at a person- admire him or her - but then get to work - to BETTER him or her! 

And that, my friend, is what people don't do. 

I wasn't always the fitness virtuso I am now. 

Neither did the knowledge get magially implanted into my brain - if anything, I've had to work much harder to achieve any goal of mine as opposed to the average "whining Thomas" out there. 

Yet, I did it. 

Though I greatly admire and learnt from many, many people, at NO stage was there hero worship in the sense "I could never be like them". 

Instead, my thoughts were "why not ME?" 

And then I did it!

But most people I've noticed don't do the thing. 

Yet, they know (and I'm just giving you my example) that I've been there, done that, and continue to do in a way most people cannot, and dont (or think they don't) have the guts to do and never ever would. 

Bozo Schofield for one ... 

One of the most jealous people I've ever known, which is sad - because if he'd put all that energy he spends trolling to good use, he may actually make something of his life!

Ditto for all the other pissers and moaners, how dare he's, negative idiots, those who gab on the phone all day long for lack of anything better to do, those who laugh but it sounds like a FORCED laugh ... 

My friend, we ALL have to learn. 

Nothing just comes or happens. 

My wife told me the other day "everything is so easy for you because you have a good education and speak English". 

Her exact comment was "because you went to the US"

Hmmm .... 

I wonder if most of the Western World would agree with that "easy:" logic! 

It's one of the most stupendously stupid things she's ever said, and I wrote about it. Deep down inside, she knows it as well. 

That ain't to say she don't have good qualities. 

Everyone does. 

But MOST choose to ignore their own good while bringing down or trying to bring down other's good - either consciously or not. 

NOT the way to go, my friend. 

Anyway, fitness wise remember one damn thing my friend. 

A client of mine once had the following reaction in 2009 when talking about Hindu squats. 

500??????? No way! 

It was no wonder too, that the dealing fell APART shortly thereafter. I've never been able to work with people that can't make their minds up - do as Henry Ford did and as I do, and all doers do i.e make a decision and STICK with it (and make decisions quickly and change 'em slowly if at all) - or people that decide they can't do something before they start. 

I couldn't do more than 10 squats when I first started, and this was after YEARS of hiking hills with Ann Lee or without!

I can now knock off 500 or more easy peasy. 

Same thing for pull-ups

Or pushups

Or any of the other great workouts and exercises I teach you

Right now, it may look like I'm top of the mountain, and "you can never get there". 

But you CAN, my friend. 

You can - and here's the thing - you can BETTER me if you really make up your mind to - hey, I did it! 

But remember, I'll be training during that period too, hehe. 

Anyway, thats enough on this front. 

I'll be back soon - in the meantime, make sure to pick up the Rolls Royce of Fitness right HERE


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Emails should finally be on track SOON. What a relief! This, and another one will be hitting YOUR inboxes ...

PS #2 - But the email imbroglio over the past few days doesn't mean I've been doing nothing an dnot writing to you. 

I have! 

It's just on the blog HERE - and HERE. But fear not, email is BACK - and we are BACK too in that regard now!

I've often told my daughter the most important thing to do after waking up is NOT check the dumbphone, despite her love for it. 

"You need to let your thoughts settle down first. Give it ten minutes or so", I gently admonished once. "You don't want to turn into a dumbass, do you?" 

She glowered at me. 

"I'm not dumb!" 

"I've given it 10 minutes!" 

But really, my friend. 

The worst thing you can do for your brain creatively is start staring at gadgets as soon as you wake up, no matter how urgent it might be or what needs to be done, or the gossip "sh-ossip" or what not. 

Instead, take a pen and paper, and write down you rTHOUGHTS. 

In cursive preferably. 


These free tips I keep giving you, my friend are so worth their weight in GOLD - that its another reason I get irriated at the ass clowns talking about my products being expensive. 

I mean, look at what you're getting for NOTHING bro. 

Certainly way better than what is out there, I'll say this much. 

I could probably put all of this into several books, and maybe I will at some point. 

But for now, some might say "why would they buy your paid products if you give them so much for free". 

Another DUMB comment made by idiots who know zilch all about how the Universe works. 

The more you give, my friend, the more you get - from somewhere. 

It may not work the way you thought it would - and it may not come from where you think it might - and indeed often times it comes from people you'd never imagine would give you anything in their wildest dreams, but as I sit here counting the sales on another site, I had to write this to you! 

But anyway, I Told her the following. 

The most important thing you can do for yourself, honey when you wake up is SQUAT. 

As shown in Isometric and Flexiblity Training

After squatting for at least FIVE minutes (most adults today can't do half a minute if they tried) - - WRITE something. 


I've no idea if she'll take the above two to heart, but I do remember squatting with her sometimes back in the day, so I know she picked up on that part of it. 

Kids love to ape, hehe. And they should! 

Natural mimickers ... 

As my friend from the Marines said. 

"No matter what you do, she'll ape you!"

But really, even for you, getting into that position, my friend is the most important thing you can do for yourself - and I don't just mean "getting things moving" before you recline on the throne, one of the unhealthiest pastimes ever. 

I mean spiritually. 

I mean opening the entire body up (ahem, if the Bozo is reading this). 

I mean your joints and legs and entire body getting more flexible and limber. 

I mean the hamstrings opening up ... 

I mean many things. 

And all mentioned in that amazing book I spoke abou tup there, but last, but not  least, my daughter has a tendency to "talk while on the throne", and I remember my wife once telling her about "you just impart wisdom when you're on the THRONE". 

Well, it's hilarious. 

I've done a lot of my best thinking on the THRONE!

And ancient Kings and perhaps Queens too used to hold court while on the throne!


Anyway, you know what to DO NOW, and it ain't recline on the throne either. 

Whether or not you'll DO is up to you, of course. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - That compilation on pull-ups is waiting, my friend. And remember, I plan on jacking the price UP at the end of the month. I dont make promises lightly, and it is what it is, and if this here email hasn't shaken you out of your utter inertia and got your DUMPUS - RUMPUS, sorry, lol (I'm writing as it comes) in GEAR, I dont know what will. 

Jump on this now, my friend. Truly the best ever in terms of pull-ups.  (and remember the discount we have going on the compilations too). 

Ever heard the saying "what you see is what you get"? 

Well, it doesn't just mean brutally frank and honest like Marc the African Silverback Gorilla, and almost anyone that knows me has told me. 

I might or might not be "nice". 


The "smartest" (well, those that know me ... but we'll leave it there). 

Any of the above, or insert descriptor of choice. 

But I AM my friend, "WYSIWYG". 

In my books, dealings with people, interactions with others, my writings, thoughts, and everything. 

I'm brutal. 

No punched pulled. 

I say it like it IS. 

You either love me, or you hate me. There's no middle ground - EVER. 

Never has been!

"At least with you I know where I stand" as Marc said, and I've always been that way. 

I could care  two hoots less about what people think of me, or want me to do, or anything like that. 

This approach may or may not be the best in life for YOU, but it's worked for me, and how. 

And I'd never change no matter what. 

I'd NEVER bother telling white lies because "why bother". 

The hell with the consequences. So long as I'm doing the right thing and can sleep well knowing I did the right thing, THAT is what counts and MATTERS for EVERYONE. 

Life, fitness, whatnot. 

Anyway, where am I going with this. 

Ah yes. 

So way back in the day, I believe I mentioned a factory manager with the following on his desk. 

"Sometimes it's easier to just piss and give up". 

It even had a meme of a little boy doing just that ... pissing the words out. Hehe. 

One of those classic TIC tales. 

And given the mess most Chinese factories are (I worked in one - I should know!) - it was apt in many ways. 

Yet, that place never made any money, and what it did make (a substantial) amount all flowed out. 

Kind of like the factory I used to work at ... 

For reasons other than ... but we'll get into that later!

Guess what Manager saw all day, my friend. 

Even if he knew it was a huge joke, his subconscious SAW this. 

along with the VISUAL. 

And the two together made an unbeatable combination, and the subconscious, as always, eventually found a WAY. 

 I've made no bones about my plain ole desktop fo ryears. 

Repetition of the same chant, the same incantations, the same affirmations leads to BELIEF. Once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen. 

The great Claude Bristol. 

I have read and talk of many other greats, but for whatever reason I would NOT dream of changing this so called staid backgroun because of the MAGIC it has brought to me - and can bring YOU if you let it. 

But visuals ... 

Lets talk money. 

It was just this morning I was writing about old Benjamin, older women and more ... 

And I remembered a friend of mine back in the day having a mopey looking Ben (yes, those memes are out there) as the desktop of his bulky PC in the dorm rooms. 

He was working part time, and trying to make ends meet while attending clas for a couple of hours a week. 

Older guy. 

Then the statues or magnets or posters with a mopey looking ben saying "Money talks - it always says goodbye!" 

Nothing is "wrong" with any of these jokes, of course. 

The subconscious though, my friend, has a curious way of accepting what it SEES repetively as REALITY unless you CONSCIOUSLY change it. 

Every success of your life, my friend, no matter how small or big came about this way. 

Trust me on this one. 

You might not know or realize it, but you visualized success before it happened. I've given you a ton of examples from my OWN LIFE, but YOU will find examples from YOURS too if you just SEARCH. 

Anyway, another key to success right there, but not the most major one by far. 

The most major one, my friend is mentioned in Zero to Hero! at the very outset, a book along with Gumption Galore! you really MUST grab now. 

Last, but not least, remember the truism of waking up each day with a "YES!" mentality, and saying YES over and over again to what it is you WANT. 

This might sound like a lost battle when you're broke, for instance and have no money and dont see any for a long time, but trust in the process, and eventually you'll reap rich rewards. 

Believe me, I've been there!

Fitness wis, same thing. 

Continue to SEE YOURSELF consciously everywhere the way you WANT. 

If it's the old BEAST you want to reignite, put pictures of you when you were a BEAST back in the day as you workout, and then workout. 

Before you know it, you'll be sliding into clothes you haven't been for years!

Trust me. 

I've been there, done that! 

And then some. 

And I'm out for now - back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Along with Animal Kingdom Workouts, be sure and get your JUMP on here. The two go TOGETHER, not without each other. 

Monday, 22 March 2021 05:32

Does marriage "soften" the individual?

I still remember the time when I gave my daughter a dumbphone, something I was advised roundly NOT TO. 

And something I often thought about a lot - but ultimately gave in. 

Let me tell you, I ain't no fan of the dumphone or smartphone or any damn phone, and even less the inantiy and videos that go on all day long. 

But at least my daughter watches a lot of educational stuff on there, which is better than nought I gues (and certainly better than the rubbish going on out there in the world TODAY). 

So I took the plunge, restored an old phone of mine to factory state (finally! That damn bootloader just wouldn't WORK for the life of me! Took me four hours plus...) and gave it to her. 

My old xiaomi it was, I believe. Lots of memories, all gone obviously - but very much alive in my mind. 

As if they were yesterday. 

As my marriage in 2008 was, a "covert" affair which neither family knew about, and when they did, no-one was too happy about it. 

And of course,we all know how that "ended". Hehe. 

Nothing if not interesting is my life, as ole Milan Bujak told me (i've got a situation going on there too!). 

Its odd though, and I dont know if he realizes it (I do business with him) "Milan" is not just a city in Italy. In Hindi, it means "meeting". 

And given the websites I host with him, I wonder if it's truer than I'm writing. 

Anyway, esoterism aside ... 

The question begets. 

"He's married now! He's over 30! He's got a kid!....." 

And so forth. 

And then the usual "he still hasn't settled down! Still wild! When will he ever!" 

Marriage, my friend, DOES have a way of taming even the wildest of horses. 

Even my wife despite the state of whatever relationship we're in now (I'm not sure what to call it!) DID manage me to get me to chop off my beloved locks, hehe. 

I'm sure ole Benjamin's wife did too at a certain stage! (the guy you see on the dollar bills, hehe). 

But it's funny, right down to his quotes about "why spoil a young girls life when you can make an older woman very very happy" ... the similiarties between him, me, and any other achiever in any sphere of life. 

Passion, committment, spirituality etc aside. You'll notice ONE damn thing. 

None of them lived "with a partner" for long. 

if they were forced to, they eventually broke out whether they consciously wanted to or not. 

It's amazing. 

I originally wanted to "live" with my wife. 

She wanted to get married. 

I thought I'd give it a shot. 

Hey, why not. 

Adventurous as always is yours truly! 

And then of course, the Delhi Police saga, the royal mess, but anyway ..  where was I? 

SOME of us beasts, my friend, can never ever be tamed. 

We'll be stallions no matter what. 

The world will "hate" us for it, but they'll also think about the million things we have DONE and they haven't (while cursing us for it, hehe). 

And thats fine. 

Takes all sorts! 

But yes, marriage, and the influence of a woman does tend to tame the toughest of men in many regards, but not all. 

Yours truly is a shining example, and so is ole Ben. 

I could give you tons of other examples too. 

Curiously enough, you'll notice they're all DOERS and achievers in life, at some point, in some area ... 

Now anyway, where am I leading up to this. 

Certainly not asking you to date older women hehe. 

Charles the former friend once made an idiotic comment to me about "you like older women with three kids". 

Hey, even if I did, what is wrong witht hat? 

It's about the mind, BRO. 

It ain't about age, looks, or anything else. 

Only an idiot would think that about either men or women. 

Thinkers know different!

But he didnt say "flab hanging off tummy". Hehe. He left that to the Bozo... 

Now, the nub of all this. 

Even if you're married, even if you're being tamed in many regards, there IS ONE thing you can do to turn back the ravages of time. 

To turn back Father Time, as it were, and reclaim your MANHOOD - become an unstoppable STUD again. 

Become the way you were "back in the day". 

When you feared no-one, when obstacles were there to be SMASHED THROUGH. 

When you were a BEAST INCARNATE!

And the way to do that, my friend, is by engaging in primal, BASE, and tough as heck workouts that get you there. 

Believe me, Animal Kingdom Workouts is the course to do it, and when you do it, you'll beome a beast automatically. 

They might not "know it", but they'll feel it! 

Just trust me on this one! 

Anyway, back to my daughter. 

I didnt know I "unleashed the beast" when I got her the phone! Hehe. 

She loves the dumbphone way more than she should, including cuddling it like a baby .... LOL. 

Anyway, more on that later. 

Reclaim thy manhood NOW my friend. 

Join the ranks of the SUPERHUMANS here


Rahul Mookerjee

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