Rahul Mookerjee

This morning, I uttered ONE sentence 

All I did was ask - very politely. 

ONE line. 

6 words. (in a language still apparently "20% alien to me") 

I didnt demand. 

I didnt ask. 

I didnt ...well I DID request, and what I asked for was paid for by me, I'm the one that has always been "using it", and ...well, the specfics aen't important, and they make nil sense, so much so that Bozo Schofield for once would agree. 

But lets swtich tack!

A couple of years, or maybe more ago, the Trumpinator made the following comment about a (I believe at the time over the hill) German model "Heidi Klum". 

She's no longer a 10, or something like that was ALL he said. 

Thats it. 

And the social media FRENZY that one line whipped up - oh my!

SJW's, bozos, white knights, virtue signallers, Nazi feminists, regular feminists ... oh my!

It was like he started WWIII for something he said, and then forgot most likely. 

Same thing with me this morning, and the aftermath. 

"The one sentence that caused a conflagaration!" 

It's always been that way with me, my friend. 

When talking to idiots and morons, I rarely use more than  a few words, if I talk at all. 

Guess why Bozo Schofield was so pissed at me? 

Because I complained to Charles at the time (his friend) that he was "driving me insane with his beat around the bush nonsense". 

Of course, Charles despite knowing the looney tune Glyn is had to tell him. 

And there starteth that "war" - though I dont want to dignify the term with the Bozo. 

I'd rather fight a war with equals, hehe. Or those BETTER than me. 

In which case if I lost, I'd learn!

But anyway, this is about what ... you ask? 

First, a treatise on the mind I suppose if you can understand what I mean. 


Well, that ok. 

"I'm a toxic male", I hear the women cry, while unsubscribing in droves. 

Fair enough, sis. 

But maybe the INITIAL section of Zero to Hero will explain it all - for those intelligent enough to read between the lines and those that want it. 

Other than that, my wife made the following comment the other day I believe (or for the past few years). 

"You keep going on about Trump and Modi!" 

Well, I do dole out high praise when it's warranted. 

(and actually, I rarely discuss politics or anything with her to be honest because anything remotely halfway logical "I'm now in a bad mood because of you!") 

Not so much the latter as the former, though the latter is likely even more of a marketing genuis in many ways, and many ways not. 

And I've been knowing for crisp criticism when it's warranted. 

Thats it, my friend. 

You either love me, or hate me. There's never been any "in between" from the age of 5 (so I've been told, hehe i.e. the minute I was old enough to actually SPEAK). 

It's a natural thing ... to an extent. 

ALL of us can develop this skill, and this, my friend is one of the keys to unlocking powet of any nature within yourself if you get my drift. 

Some may say I'm speaking with forked tongues ... 

So be it. 

The upcoming book on Nazi feminism will (or should) explain it all. 

In the meantime, in all the madness, remember the 30% discount code is STILL active and valid. 

For a change, Mr Mercurial hasn't pulled it as yet. 

But I might soon, so rush now and get your thang on while you can, because once its gone ... it truly is "gone with the wind". 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The last TWO copies of Fast and Furious Fitness - The collector's Edition are sitting here, waiting to be sent out. If you want IN, jump on this NOW my friend. 

Once they're gone, they're truly GONE. 

I know. 

Stupidity exists everywhere, so we gotta ignore it. Which I do, really. For the most part it dont affect me none unless ... 

Well, let me explain. Hehe. 

Recently I heard the following from my cute little 7 year old (almot 8!) 

"Dad, you are polluting the planet even more than the rest of the people!" 

"With my farts", you mean, I joked back. 

(running joke, kiddie joke that never fails to crack her up). 

"No! Because you dont care about plastic polluting the earth!" 

What she meant was I dont stand outside my home wherever I am in the world supporting Great Greta Thunberg whoever she is (idiot par excellence according to me) or what not, or cry up a storm about the oil pipelines that the Trumpinator authorized, that Biden then stopped, and that the States are now rightfully FIGHTING against (I mean really - employment, folks! And we have Hiden BIden wanting raise tax on corporates and what not! IDIOICY!) . . .

Anyway, she only said it because Joo Tube is brainwashing her ,but thats easily undone. 

I did it and her mother probably has too. (hopefullt, hehe. You know how that goes!)

But anyway ... 

In 2000, I believe this was ... 

At an Exxon Mart in Mississipi run by a phat phock with jowls so big you could have been forgiven for thinking it was a bovine rumpus or what not, I went in to buy beer. 

A 12 pack of Southpaw, I believe. 

"You can't buy it with this", proclaimed dude, who apparently took a dislike to me the minute he saw me (I felt it). 

White dude. 

I asked why. 

"We dont accept NY state driver;s licenses!" 

I asked this idiot again just why not - I mean if it's only to card people ...  and why the "Socialist Paradise of New York " with an admittedly FAR MORE helpful DMV than I found in MIssissipp for one (perhaps thats just my experience in Schentectady, I dont know) drivers license couldn't be used to card people.  

"Look, Mister, it's a private store, you dont like , you can leave" 

OK ... 

As his cheeks turned purple or something, I left. 

Girlfriend showed up. 

Bought the beer. 

With NO carding (though she was one of these gals that look 20 years younger than she is, and she was around 20 something, and looked not a day over 16...) ... 

Then another incident, curiously enough again at Exxon. A subway there. 

Apparently the admittedly gorgeous black dame prepaing the sandwich didnt do my ex's right, so she said later, and it looked kinda messy - I dont know. 

Mine looked fine, but what do I know about dill pickles, mayonnaise or what not or even if it's done right. 

All food goes into the stomach according to me, so if it doesnt "look good" then so what so long as it tastes good, but I do have to admit there was something off about the ex's sandwich, but I don tknow - bad hair day maybe, or maybe the two gals hated each other on sight. 


Third incident, again at Exxon!

Some fat white chick made the comment about my girlfriend and me aruging, and that (without knowing the history) I was "treating her like crap". 

I wasn't. Neither was she. 

We were getting into it Italian style. 

"Private store, you can leave!" was how it ended. 

We left, and went to the bar next door, continued the argument in the car. 

Security dude came over and told us both "This is a private lot, so we'll have to ask you to leave" WITHOUT taking sides or giving a fig less about the argument. 

Smart guy. Hehe. We both calmed down eventually. 

But I dont know, I guess the reason I keep up bringing up cops, BLM etc. ?

It ain't to curry favor with anyone, I'll be damn sure about that. 

Or I should say, I WANT to make sure ya'll know that. 

Its because of this - people dont realize how good they have it sometimes ... 

In China, they can literally arrest you and throw you in jail WITHOUT A trial for something you didnt do. 

I ain't talking politics or political statements either. 

Friend of mine I wont mention here got thrown in for six months in a hellhole because he "got into a fight and retaliated". 

That is all, and he didnt start the fight. CCTV shows that. 

Yet, in he went. 

I wont mention his name here because his girlfriend is apparently still in the PRC. 

He finally got deported and showed up back Stateside, and all is well since. 

Then anotehr dude who was idiot enough to smoke reefer at a bar and proclaim that "his connections" would save him. 

They didnt. 

He is still in. 

No names again - obvious reasons. 

I wonder if people in general realize how lucky people are to live in a country, where EVERYONE, illegal included have RIGHTS. 

Including apparently the right to vote illegally in certain states (dont get me started on "Dead voters"!) 

And where the cops whether they like it or not HAVE To wear body cameras, follow a set procedure, abide by LAWS just as YOU need to, and so forth ... 

Going by all the bitching and moaning I dont think they do. 

Anyway , fitness wise, I dont know ... 

The book on isometrics, for instance, has attracted plenty of people. DOERS ane the Bozos both. 

The latter who keep carping upon the quality of the pictures and how its "just bodyweight exercises", 

How dare I put out a book on isometrics, and it be about ... GASP! Isometrics!

And the former, of course the doers praising it and rightfully so by saying "what looks easy is anything BUT". 

No prizes for guessing which side of the line I'm on - firmly so! 

All for now. 

I hope that explained why I keep bringing certain topics up - because I really, really think the cops get more flak than they should for one, and well, a drop in the ocean, I know, but every little bit COUNTS!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Two copies left for The Collector's Edition of Fast and Furious Fitness, Hurry, as this won't last foreever!

PS #2 - Most of the books are also in Kindle format now, not all, but 90 plus percent, and I'llbe 100 percent done soon.

On Pinked-Oo I was reading something about a girl with like a bazillion followers, I believe, complaining up a storm about when she was in college (I assume), and the cops being called on her "because she was suspected of shoplifting". 

Its a long whiny post, so I wont post either it or my response here, but in short, she had her receipt. 

yet, she couldn't find it in her bookbag, was arrested, then on the way to the precient or whatever (I can'r remember exact details - but I'll point you to the post if you like) she "found it" miraculously and nothing happened, and she won a civil lawsuit, or what not. 

I guess she was charged, then she found it. 

My reaction was, OK, so you had the reciept, couldn't find it, then somehow found it later upon being charged (after being arrested apparently)? 

I dont know ... 

Something doenst ring true. 

And I'm positive the men in blue would have given her time to rummage through her backpack, bookbag, handbag, purse and God knows where else for it before deciding to charge her!

But it brings to mind several incidents. 

One, I was walking back "home" i.e .my dorm room from a late night coding session with a certain great pal of mine Bruce. 

4 AM was the high time at the time, hehe. 

I was suddenly flagged by a passing patrol car, and told to "stop" for no reason. 

OK, so I did. 

"Sir, I need to check your bookbag". 

No reason given. 

I smiled. 

"Sure", and handed it over. 

Dude almost looked embarassed. 

"Thanks!" he said, and the very manner in which he said it made me feel he was sorry for having to "do it even though he didnt want to!" 

(slow night? I dont know) 

He did a cursory check, didnt inspect any of the outlying pockets, and handed it back with another thanks, and made off to get in his car as if to say "Sorry, now you can get back to the beer" hehe. 

I shook his hand, thanked him, and asked him why. 

It was about drugs. 

Now, I COULD have wailed about rights, why they were stopping me for no reason, why they wanted my student ID and not my driver's license, and what not ... 

But I didnt. 

It's a vibe thing. 

And it's basically "sometimes people think what they do for a reason, and it ain't because they want to either". 

Then the incident outside Bond Hall. 

I was right outside the dorm. 

Suddenly, cop car pulls up. 

Two beefy dudes (one looked straight out of King Kong, hehe) got out. 

They said nothing except "Sir, you have to wait". 

I was late for class. 

I asked why. 

No answer. 

Tons of black dudes were passing by, and looking at us "we knew it" expression!

Me, I had NO idea and was somewhat irritated, but hey. Whatever. 

5 minutes later they received a call or something. 

"Sorry Sir!" 

and they made off to catch the suspect who had apparenly bailed from some scene somewhere (so they told me before leaving). 

I "fit the description" because, well, "el amigo, or hombre". LOL. 

OK, not fair. 

I could have waile dup a storm. 

But really, why. 

Isnt it just easier to co-operate and be done with a mess that clearly even the men in blue dont really want to do? 

And even if they have "bad intentions" and you can feel it, there is obviously no point in fleeing or what not from the scene, whether you did something or not. 

Stay calm, lose the battle, win the war, and court cases! 

Common sense, my friend, seems to be sorely lacking in this BLM "arsonist" movement and many others (Antifa) and thats one reason apart from the idiocy I dont support what the movements have morphed into. 

I understand others may have a different take, and thats fne, but I'm not going to shy away from saying it like it is - and that, my friend, is the bottom line on this one. 

Off now - be sure and check out the book on isometrics here (getting plenty of attention as we speak!) 


Rahul Mookerjee 

 I really had to say this ... 

Really had to!

But with inquires like the following - 


I use a wheelchair so my home has to be wheelchair-accessible. Unfortunately, finding accessible homes on the market can be challenging. That’s why when I decided to buy a home, I opted to do new construction and design a home that would work for my own and my family’s needs.

I’d love to write an article for your site on what steps to take when you decide to build an accessible home. I’ll include key factors to consider and tips on how to find the right contractors for the job.

Any interest in posting an article on this topic on your site?

Or, this - 

Hi there!

Recently, my wife’s parents moved to be closer to us. My father-in-law, Dan, has been ill and my mother-in-law, Barbara, needed help caring for him.

The first step, of course, was selling their old home. It was full of years of memories, but also a lot of junk. We helped Barbara sort through it all, and now, they’ve settled into their new home with less stuff and more peace of mind.

Throughout the process, I’ve learned a lot about what goes into helping senior parents downsize. I’d love to share what I’ve learned on your blog.

Can I write an article for you? It will offer tips and advice on downsizing for seniors--how to decide what to get rid of, how to find the right place to live for your golden years (for some it might be a smaller home, while for others it might be an assisted living facility), how to make the moving process go smoothly, and so on.

Please let me know if you’re interested.

Thanks in advance!

... I gotta talk about that, and why I am getting even more ruthless about culling folks off my contact list, blocking people etc - by the day. 

For those wondering, I haven't blocked either one of the folks above - - I just replied to them and told them they're bulk emailing, and obviously I'm a fitness guy, and therefore ... 

Basically, I stated the obvious that they'd have known if they werent bulk spamming their stuff out. 

"What I've learned on your blog" 

Other than a sum total of zero, I dont know what he's learned! LOL. 

"I’d love to write an article for your site on what steps to take when you decide to build an accessible home. I’ll include key factors to consider and tips on how to find the right contractors for the job."

Jesus, why, dude? LOL again. Why would I ever build accessible homes for myself? Ever heard of the Rolls Royce of Fitness programs that will keep all those "Demons" away from MY doorstep, hehe. 

I thought it was only companies in India (IT) that did that! Maybe they've hired one of those companies, or ...well, who knows. 

The DESPERATION shines through in certain cases ... 

Anyway, I have NEVER EVER accepted article submissions so I dont know why folks ask. 

Yes, when I started out it could have probably gotten me more site views etc, but thats not the long term vision I had for the site, or have. 

The last thing I want any of the sites I own and do business wise to become is a "smorgsboard" (spelling, hehe?) of advertisements on various niches - no way - ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Definite line in the sand there. 

Even if it's fitness guys - no. 

I'd rather it stays just me. 

The only exception I may make is for CERTAIN people I'll feature in my emails etc - but even then, I will be the one posting what they say, the feedback etc - but certainly no mass article submissions! 

Heaven only knows why folks think that would interest me. 

Anyway ... blocking, you ask? 

I've made no secret of the fact that the more you remove what you dont want out of your life, the more that you DO want comes to replace it. 

My recent WeShat list cull which is down to single digits now on most of the accounts, and less than 30 on the main account is proof of this. 

I keep getting badgered daily by people who say "hey" and nothing else (hoping I'll reply, and I don't, so they can't push some junk on me or try to) - - or people that mass advertisment on the phone - - or, as I recently noted on Pinked-In, "marketing agencies looking to work with health coaches loking to double what not in x number of what not days on the planet Venus, or Mars, or I dont know which one!" 

Men are from Mars, women from Venus. Hehe. 

But anyway, Venus aside (I've written a lot about her!) ... 

(and I gave her the name - both Venus's I've written about, so I do get to write about them, hehe). 

I blocked the latest healh coach on Pinked In that kept relentlessly badgering me. 

"X Marketing Agency" (I'm not going to give him free publicity by posting his name here)

He private messaged me a couple of times. 

I didnt reply. 

He kept up. 

"Rahul, how about it!" 

"Rahul, lets arrange a call!" 

"Rahul, are you ready to scale! " 

And other inaninities. 

He took the maxim of (which I dont agree with fully anyway) "makin decisions for the client" to  a whole new annoying level. 

Like dude, really. 

The desperation shows for one, and more than the annoyance, that is what I really cannot stand "desperate for business" vibe. 

Not to mention the bad vibe which came off his post in general (the other two "seemed OK"). 

But even then, I figured my silence would speak volumes - but apparently not. 

Obviously he's got piegon holed as a "coach" and he hasn't bothered to read anything I have said, written or done. 

Both of which are attributes I dont particularly admire ... 

So while the pioneering troll Bozo Schofield was the first to get roundly blocked everywhere, there's plenty of his posse, known or not that are as well. 

I mean, really. Common sense. 

Personally, I do all I can to not just stay away from these types but aggressively cull them off my list. 

In some cases they sign up AGAIN with different emails, like the Bozo was doing for a while, and they get blocked again. 

Now, on another great note - guess what! 

Isometric and Flexiblity Training joins the very long list of books that is being translated into other languages - this time, Portugese!

A great guy in Brazil just sent me a few pages, and he's doing very well indeed!

And he'll be sending over a review for the book as well, which I'll be sharing with ya'll "by and by". 

All happened today, so that pretty much proves "cull what you dont want, and invite what or who you DO". 

And, on one last note, a customer recently sent me the following. 

"I used to think MGTOW was a dumb idea --  but now I think they're the smart ones!" 


I can understand why he said that, and he's right in most regards, but MGTOW sometimes takes things to extremes too, but given the extremes that feminism has morphed into (its pretty become Nazi feminism) - I dont blame 'em! 

But some of their principles I dont agree with i.e. staying "completely away from women", using dolls etc (dont get me wrong - if you dont miind that - all good - but for me, nothing really beats a live woman as it were!).

But, I'm WITH them and have been forever, actually - even before MGTOW became popular in terms of "living alone and trainig alone" like Mr T. 

Far less hassle, that I will say! 

(and I do agree with their "pay for it" if you want it maxim, since at the end of the day you "pay for it in one way or the other anyway", hehe). 

Personally, if you were to ask me, I'd want the good ole days when MEN were REAL MEN and women were REAL WOMEN. Not so long ago, there was a time when ...!!

(I know that dates me somewhat. Does it? Hehe)

And I'm out. Back soon!!


Rahul Mookerjee


Monday, 12 April 2021 10:00

Why ALL lives matter, and not just "BLM"

An idiot on Shanked-In recently privated messaged me the following. 

"I'm putting assholes like you on the list of people to ignore!" 

By the way he - she - was wailing, I'd say she's a Bozo incaranate if not something far worse. 

But anyway, my crime on this one? 

There was some idiocy someone posted with a "yellow and black" arm linked togetther (remember that bit about "Asians and blacks dont get alone", or some such tripe - I'v eeven heard "Blacks and Hispanics" cant stand each other - the things people come up with - yes, if we're talkin gGANGS its true, but not everyone is a gang member!)  to "show soliadarity" against oppression and no prizes for guessing which color was mentioned. 

And of course, it doesnt surprise that a lot of middle aged white women and SJW's etc were up in arms supporting it. 

I normally scroll past this BS. 

But I couldn't resist. 

I posted something to the effect of "I guess I'm misinformed and supporting racism by saying all lives matter? I mean, what do I know, eh. White privelege!" 

I posted that in support of a (I think, not sure) white dude who was getting castigated for saying the same thing in different words. 

Colors aside tho, here's my damn question. 


Doesn't all mean ALL colors? 

Just how the hell is someone being racist by saying all lives matter? 

Isn't racism "discriminating against someone based upon their skin color" (when you boil it right down)? 

So then, if we carp on "just BLM" then - what is NOT racist about that? 

Hey, I get it. 

There's a reason BLM started. 

I dont support what Derek Chauvin did, but I dont support defunding the FINE MEN IN BLUE (and most of them are great guys - barring a few wackos which you can find anywhere) - with whom I've always had good experiences for the most part (and most people I've known that are law abiding have as well) - or ranting against them or tarring them all with the "racist" brush. 

Recently, there was a video being shared of a white officer offering a white suspect water. 

And they were up in arms about that too. 

WTF???  (the bozos claimed with black suspect they'd get kneed to the back - like, again, really - WTF?? Do white suspects not get that - I mean, I know TWO white guys that have suffered the exact same thing for one, and black guys as well!! Hispanic too!) 

Do we want the US to turn into Communist China where they have NO real trials and you're guilty before (if ever) proven innocent and you just are left there to rot forever?

Believe me, I know people that have suffered that fate, and are suffering it now!

No this isn't to imply Orweillianism for everyone in China - if you toe the line and "play it safe" and stay on th right side of the line as I always have - it exists - you're not just fine, you'll enjoy your life there. 

But the point is, you have to do what they want i.e. toe their lines, no questions asked. 

Back to all lives matter - I'm yet to see how saying that is racist. 

If someone can enlighten me, please let me know. 

In the meantime, people that rail againt me saying it can keep railing, because I ain't gonna stop saying it. 

Last, but not least, a couple of - or three things - 

One, the reason Lumber jack Fitness keeps getting delayed is I keep thinking of new things to add into it. Hehe. I want to make this even more of a behemoth than Battletank Shoulders, for instance!

Two, we're open for business - for all colors, and creeds, hehe. We could care less. So says yours truly spiritual yet atheist. 

And three ... were down to one (I think, not sure) copy of Fast and Furious Fitness - the Collector's edition. 

If you want it, jump on this NOW because I ain't gonna do a reprint for that edition. 

I'm out. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Huge thank you to Phil again for his thingy on ebooks etc -- I already knew of the software, but it was only after his recommendation I used it, and it works great from what people are saying. 

Kindle issue solved! 

(except for the books I havent converetd as yet). 

It wasn't about salary for sure! 

Ole Freddie made the comment about how I dont work for cheap. 

He was right. 

And he made the comment about "you sure don't care!" 

At the time I had just gotten "laid off" (so they claimed) from my first expat job In China - - and I did NOT want to leave china, but unfortunately had no clue on how to do my own thing, and of course, Michael aside no-one would tell me, and of course it's something that only being in the trenches can really teach ya, and ... well. 

So I looked for another job. 

What I devoted the most time to - a community website - finally ended up resulting in me meeting Freddie on that very site and getting the job!

But it wasn't without nerves. 

My visa was about to give out. 

I didn't know how to get another (I had money, but no invitations etc). 

Freddie was a cool, casual sort too. 

And though I probably should have badgered him a lot about the position, three days or so before all hell would have "normally" broken loose, I was sitting around in a sauna with a certain Aa Ling. 

"It'll happen", I remember thinking as she ... ah, I dont think I should get into THOSE details here, but I remember thinking "all will be well". 

Two days later, Freddie called me, and the ball was set .. in motion!

Anyway, the questin isn't about past work experiences either. 

It isn't about my work ethic, or anything. 

No the one question - and I believe I've written about this before, and I gotta, I dont know why, write about it NOW again - put more emphasis on it as it were they di nOT ask me (and all the idiot Bozo employers DID ask me)? 

"Where do you see yourself five years from now". 

"Why are you applying for this job?" 

And other inane B.S but the first is what I want to address. 

I've always wanted to shout out loud "dude, what do YOU care". 

YOU should be focused on what I can for YOU and YOUR COMPANY! 

And I always felt these idiots were a bad fit, and they didnt really want to hire me, and such. 

Aside from this though, let me tell you somethign. 

Most people can't tell you where they want to be five hours from today, let alone make up their minds about five years. 

The minority that does claim "they know where they will be in 5 years" likely won't make it, because their five year goal is usually something so huge that they never take any action on it at all. 

It sounds good, but ... does it happen? 

Usually not. 

The sign of a DOER my friend is one that keeps his goals to himself - gives some BS "swat away" reply if asked about them - understands the sheer negativity that permeates from telling the world FIRST and doing later (the opposite of what Napoleon Hill recommended in Think and Grow Rich and all his books, and with good reason - Claude Bristol said "go and tell no man!") and most importantly, visualizes himself down the line, but takes ACTION daily! 

Believe me, I didnt start out writing the amount I do now in 2010. 

It was one email a day, perhaps two. 

A book occasionally. 

Now I damn near write tomes daily. 

Small steps, my friend are what lead to massive action eventually. 

It ain't about jumping out of your comfort zone INITIALLY - you EXPAND daily. 

The journey of a thousand miles begins with that one single step, and the employers with sense knew this. 

They also knew that it makes great sense to hire the PERSON, not just skill set. 

They knew this was a guy who'd be a self starter and DO without being trained or told - and my boss at that job said as much many a time! 

And so it should be, my friend, for fitness too. 

If you're currently at beached whale status, setting a goal to do 500 pushups per workout may scare you. 

Fair enough. 

Why not set a goal to do 10 pushups - celebrate that accomplishment - then ONE pull-up  - do the above for ten days - then rinse and repeat and do the SAME thing again, except slightly higher rep counts? 

If you just sit and think though that "it's too far off" - you're setting yourself up for failure. 

Sure, huge goals motivate SOME people that accomplish them too. 

Yours truly happens to be one of them, but I've got reason behind my motivation in most cases!

Not everyone is a Ford, or Edison (not saying I am either, but my point stands) or Bezos, so driven to achieve that ... well, you know what I mean. One email a day turns into 10, so many that even my customers feel overwhelemed, hehe. 

Key is to take SMALL steps - and incrementally increase those steps. 

Do this, and you'll be surprised at how quickly success starts gravitating to YOU!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - There are exactly TWO copies remaining of the Collector's Edition "glossy cover" Fast and Furious Fitness. As I've said, when they're gone, theyre GONE. No, I wont be releasing this edition again, so jump on this NOW if you want IN, my friend. 

Friday, 09 April 2021 09:34

A sure shod sign of POVERTY conditioning

I've often said that like attracts like. 

Fitness wise, life wise, in all regards . . . 

And money, my friend is no different. It's actually (as Napoleon Hill) said much like a "beautiful maiden you're wooing" (in terms of the tips and techniques used to woo the same). 

(Think and Grow Rich, and no, I dont get anything from mentioning HIll as often as I do and yes I'll keep mentioning him, and yes, I pulled the discount, and ... OK, but more on that later). 

I never fail to be AMAZED - and stunned at the number of people I meet, not just today (these days) - but over a period of years, that when asked "how's business", get back to me with either one of the following. 

"Its great!" 

(and then they pester me for hours about buying their latest product or what not, run after me galore, and so forth which makes me think they have NO business at all) 

Or, this (more common apparently). 

"It's OK, but times are tough!" 

Amazingly enough, people say this when times are NOT tough. 

I cannot tell you the number of times I've heard people say "hey, we're doing GREAT!" (less than the number of fingers on my left hand, I'll say that. And right too).  

Apparently it's kosher to "hide" that fact? 

Ditto for those with money claiming times are tough, and wanting bargains on everything, and so forth (note - there are SOME people for whom times ARE tough, but by no means is the majority of people). 

I dont know ... personally, me, I've never shied away from saying the following. 

"I'm doing well sitting at home making money"

And if not? 

"Hanging in there, going up, up, and up!" 

(Nah, Bozo Schofield not that kinda up). 

Is there some sort of perverse satisfaction to be gained from doom and gloom mentality? 

I Dont know, my friend, but as Claude Bristol once famously said in the Magic of Believing, depressions were and are created by THINKING. 

As we think, so we are. 

I realize people dont believe this, but it's TRUE if you think about it. 

And when I see people with money saying "It's SOOO Tough for us! Business is terrible!" (while they're getting raises etc quietly) - it makes me wonder. 

Curiously enough, the money these people have doesnt "stay with them". 

It's always flowing out somehow ... 

As we think, so we ATTRACT. 

Why not think POSITIVE, my friend? 

Why not try and remain UPBEAT? 

And most of all, why harbor a scarcity mentality when there is absolutely no need to? 

Sure, yours truly isn't a millionaire ... Unlike the great Glyn Schofield, who apparently is one several times over from the email he sent me. 

Millions of  pounds or asses, you decide, hehe. 

(He actually DID send me that email haha). 

But I've never been one to piss and moan about money whether I had it or not, and I've had plenty of times where I did, and where I didnt, and either way, I could care less in many regards. 

And that, my friend is the lesson for the day (or email). 

If it sounds strange, well, think about it. 

It's... TRUE!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Letting go is key. Also what is key is that one shouldn't "expect" discounts etc for EVERYTHING. Sure, I give the DOERS that email me with genuine reasons discounts etc, and sure, I've had offers etc in the past for EVERYONE (and indeed NOW, until I pulled it) - but based on some of the idiotic replies I get such as "why is the limit not $50 and $100" or whatever he wants to be, I figured it's easier just to NOT do 'em. Sometimes, the easiest way out is to make less sales, believe it or not!

(Yes, I value SANITY over all. Heheh). 

(and dude (Paul) "no why"))

Friday, 09 April 2021 05:44

Work vs "drink beer and send an email"

I've never forgotten (or I should say, I'll never forget what my one time student Carol told me repeatedly about "work"). 

Every time I asked her to do something, I'd get many answers, but the following was #1 most of the time. 

"But I have to work!" 

Apparently she was always "too busy" because she had to "work" (unless of course it was something she really wanted in case she made time, and how!)

But this isn't about her so much as the statement. 

A girl we both know once made the following statement to me. 

"But we need to work! Not like you, drink beer, send email, make money!" 

Um ... thats a nice, indeed great way to describe it, but I wouldn't quite put it that way! 

Admittedly on occasion I'm drinking a cold one as I send emails, but not "most of the time" by far. 

But yes, I'm usually at home when doing so, of course. 

And yes, the mentality behind what she said is why I want to bring this up. 

Not so much to Tom Tom my own workin techniques, but the thing is this - people have this idea of work being a "dreary slog" that you "must go to the office for" and "put in your 8 hours or 12 or 15 or whatever". 

And then the overtime and what not ... (and remember to fill out the forms for that, if you do that. I remember I constantly would forget when I did it back in college, and then I'd rush after the deadline to do it - but they let me do it, hehe. CSC department was the best!). 

But either way, I've never had that above idea about work, even when I worked at a office. 

Therefore, my ONE hour work day - or actually, half hour in the morning, half an hour at night usually plastered which got me such great results that I mention about in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales (no, you dont have to plastered in order to do it, but it might help, hehe). 

(And YES, the tips will work in any economy including this one - truly "secret" tips you most likely haven't used before, yet so amazingly easy to do after you read, you'll say VOILA and then smack yourself on the back saying "why didnt I think of this before") 

(The simplest things work the best, as I've often said). 

As Thomas, a great buddy of mine from Germany until this date once told me about a "job shob". 

"We need people like you that can drink!" 

Admittedly my drinking prowress is legendary. Always has been! LOL. 

But the point, again is the following - 

People have this same idea about exercise. 

That it's supposed to be a slog. 

A boring, dreary "pound the pavement or treadmill like" routine. 

That you "need to put in X number of hours at the gym for Y results to show". 

Extreme diets. 

Paying attention the latest protein shakes and supplments out there. 

Looking at the Jassy's doing yoga, hehe (OK, I made that one up, but I actually was - that was very rare for me, by the way! - looking at her one fine day when hiking, and remember, that, despite what Bozo Schofield and his cronies keep asking, is something Rahul Mookerjee DOES NOT DO. i.e. workouts and women do NOT mix for the most part for me! SOLO!) 

It all boils down to this bro. 

Living life like a wild cat. 

When it's time to get the job done, BAM. You get it done. 

The rest of the time, you relax, and do whatever it is you want to ... 

I see nothing wrong with that either, do you? 

Especially not when results pour in as I've mentioned here, and here ... 

Back to the we need to work thingy. 

Uncle Bob once famously made the comment about the General too in that ... 

"Some of us need to actually, you know, WORK!" 

Yet, the General made more than me and him combined while doing his beer drinking, work one day a month routine, hehe. 

Truly a man for the ages!

And on that note, I'm out. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The amount I write, I'm surprised the keys on the keyboard haven't given up. Come to think of it, they HAVE. I can barely see the letters!

PS #2 - Remember the discount. Still there, but it's going - BYE BYE - sometime very soon!

(After I ask a lady what the mirror answered after she asked it "whose the most beautiful"). 

In my first email dispatch to YOU this morning, I wrote about two things. 

One about nonsensical advice being given that isn't applicable to the current day and age, and yet, so many people persist with giving and dispensing it for "easy money" (because the suckas believe it anyway). 

And part of that email was about why relying on any one source of income is just STUPID. Well, maybe it was that or the next email I sent ... 

Part WAS (I'm sure!) bout relying on the ole "jim" as a training "be all and end all" that so many people do. 

The OP is here, so check it out if you're so interested. 

But, I was so caught up in writing that new behemoth I've been talking about that I forget to share an email from a DOER! 

A great guy, and great customer John Walker wrote in - 

Hello Rahul

Training in a gym? Now that's something I haven't done since I was in my early twenties (I'm 64 in July) and even when I did train in a gym I still did training at home at the same time.
You cannot rely on the gym always being there, outside of the "Wuhan Flu" gyms have been known to go out of business especially the small privately owned gyms that aren't in a large chain.
Over the years I acquired more and more training equipment until there wasn't any need to go to the gym and given that all of my "so called" training partners had fallen by the wayside I made the decision that I would train alone in my home gym and I've never looked back.
I would like to purchase one of the last remaining Fast and Furious Fitness books, because as I've stated previously I would like to own all of the (fitness) books that you've written, please will you let me know how I can purchase a copy, thank you.
Warmest Regards
All great points, my friend!!

Right down to what he calls the flu, hehe. The Wu(han) flu. So damned true!

I prefer the "plague from china" though. hehe, but Kung Flu and Wu(Han) flu ring TRUE! 

And they rhyme. 

Anyway, all this aside - my reply - - 

Hey John -
Thanks for the e-mail! Yes, that is so true with regard to the part about training partners not showing up etc "because they're too tired", or the wife got pissed at them for some inane reason, or ...well, you know what I'm saying, hehe. Training alone, and at home - with equipment you own, yes, is so much better than waiting for your turn at the "Jim" and of course in the current environment it's probably safer too.
Not to mention you have no excuses left NOT to train i.e. when the weights or what not are staring you right in the face (for those that train with weights), then you either just do it, or you dont!
Spot on too about a lot of the gyms going out of business, and importantly, the ones that stay open are promoting openly unhealthy practices for one. I was once told "this gym isnt for guys like you! We want people with muscles!" . (I had just gone in there to take a look).
They had pictures of Mr Olympia with bloat plastered all over the place, so you can bet your bottom dollar, rupiah, or RMB I got the HECK out of Dodge as soon as possible, hehe.
Now on to biz - - just go HERE - Fast and Furious Fitness (0excusesfitness.com)  and select the "collector's edition" option on the checkout form, and then click "checkout" , and pay, and it will be done. I will personally ship it to you once I receive the funds (Amazon won't do it this - this will come personally from me, as those particular books with the cover I mentioned are no longer on Amazon and will never be either once these copies I've got personallyrun out).
Remember too, that 0 Excuses Fitness "derived" from that book as I keep saying, so if you (which you do) already have 0 Excuses Fitness, then you've already got most of what is this book. But, it's a collector's item nonethless if just because of the style it's written in, the cover, and some of the exercises therein aren't there in 0 Excuses Fitness yes, so .. And it's really where all of this started, which alone is probably a great reason to own the book as you can then say "you were then in at the very beginning!".
You should be able to pay directly with your card on the site. Remember the coupon code that will show on the pop up when you checkout for the auto 30% discount! ;)
Let me know once you order - and I'll get things rolling!
Rahul Mookerjee  (I dont as yet have an address option on the checkout form, but in your case I will send it to the address I've got on file right now obviously).
(Oh, and in case you're interested in the 0 Excuses videos as you said you were (and I'm sure you are!)  - you can get those via https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/ - - let me know, and I'll tell you how to do so, as there is no videos only option there right now).
So, several takeaways from this as you can tell. 
And the most pertinent one is why you should grab what is truly a RARE gem - right NOW
Do so here, my friend (while copies last - no, I will NOT change my mind and print more books with this cover and content, so hurry and get in while those 4 copies last). 
Rahul Mookerjee
PS - Takeaway #2 should be obvious. And in case you haven't noticed it, THIS one course was put out specifically to counter that madness (I even include a picture of bloated buffoons on the sales page!). 

So sage, my friend, so sage! 

But anyway, where did I get this one from? 

Well, I recently chanced upon a "hoodie of sorts" that I just "liked" for no reason and bought. 

It's grey in color, and has a bunch of writing on it. 

Oddly enough, for me, I did not even read what was written. 

It was right, I knew it, and I bought it. 

As I laundered it (yes, men, I do my own laundry whenever possible! - why? Well that will be in upcoming BEHEMOTH of a book I'm writing NOW - more on that later) . . . I read the words. 

And found on the top of the Tshirt the following (what I just said). 

And it's so true!

There's other stuff written on there too, including a bit about "finding the KIngdom of God FIRST, and all else later". 

Oddly enough, though I'm not religious, I couldnt agree more. 

You find SELF and SELF EXPRESSION freely FIRST, and it THEN follows from there. 

Anyway, religion and God (or Goddess, hehe, for those familiar with my other writing) aside, I've often seen fathers, for instance, take their sons under the wing and teach them to do certain things. 

Changing a car tyre, for instance. 

Or as I saw in THAT job, the boss getting his HIGH SCHOOL son to sit alongside the three "leaders" of the company at the time (yours truly - sales , HR manager and general de facto, and Operations Manager). 

He was literally getting an education for free listening to me talk on the phone. 

And watching the Operations Manager do what he was. 

Smart guy (the father). 

He understood that you do NOT, as I was told, tell your son that you're not going to amount to anything and start at the very bottom of the ladder or else. (and stay there permanently most likely).  

You put him in a TOP management position and tell him that is being GROOMED for that very position. 

Look at what Donald Trump's father did. 

Look at what OTHERS fathers DO. (I mentioned one case above). 

Look at what Napoleon Hill says in Think and Grow Rich about the advantage of starting off in a position where more people that MATTER can see you and where you actually have some authority, as opposed to "being a monkey" at the bottom. 

In all the jobs I DID stay with to an extent, guess what sort of position I STARTED OUT in. Those that put me int he position above, rightly so, and that COMPENSATED ME for it WHILE I was in the position. 

Anyway, my own life aside, that is why I bring this up (and it's what I do with my daughter). 

From a young age, my own daughter has been involved in ALL I do, even when she doesnt understand it. 

The books. The pictures. The "why's" The wherefore"s - ALL of it. 

It's a REAL LIFE education, my friend, and one that down the road will benefit her FAR more than the shmuck or lack thereof taught in schools these days. 

Dont even get me started on the latter. 

Tell me, I forget. 

Show me, I remember. 

INVOLVE me - I understand - and then DO - myself!

From handstands to books to pull-ups ... THAT is why my little girl "does". Not because I forced her to! 

Or even asked her to. 

I involved her, so she does. 

(and she built up her own interest in it because "Dad does it"). 

THAT is what YOU should aim at if YOU Have kids of your OWN, my friend. 

But anyway fitness wise, that is why Mr Caveman put out not one, but SEVERAL videos for the Rolls Royce of Fitness, because for once, I wante dto SHOW you how to do it - and INVOLVE you (especially the workout video) in terms of doing WITH ME!

Please do write back if you've seen the workout video and let me know if you did indeed follow along (many and most have!). 

It's why I take so many pictures for my books, even though they're all done in my man cave, hehe, and even though some think sometimes they're overkill and redundant. 

Because until I do in person seminars (very soon) that, along with my coaching calls are the closest thing YOU can get to "in person" from me, my friend. 

And that, my friend, is truly that. 

If you ain't yet partook of the videos, then do so NOW. 

So says Mr Cowboy from TX, and he's loving it, and so will YOU, hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Be on the outlook for a MEGA book on combating Nazi feminism and BENEFITING from it in ways you never thought possible. Believe me, this will be WORTH the wait. No more details now - but if you're interested, let me know - its one of those silent afflictions people deal with all the time, and I'm determined to end it to whichever extent I can myself. 

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