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Tuesday, 26 May 2020 16:03

A truly GLOBAL business . . .

As I wake up this afternoon (my usual time of 1130 AM, hehe) I got an email saying that the first ten pages of a book I’ve been getting translated are ready.

And as I checked, the work was impeccable, and I “approved” the translation.

But something stood out. For some reason, I couldn’t figure out what the translated name of the book was.

Oh, the book I was getting translated was 0 Excuses Fitness – my FLAGSHIP product as it were (though Gorilla Grip and “Pull-ups from DUD to STUD” would probably lay serious claim to that tag, hehe).

And in Portugese, a language I don’t know a word of, it translates over to the following - - “Em forma com ZERO desculpas”.

And as I checked online using a translation tool I’ve got on my comptuer, it translates rougly into “Fitness with no apologies”. Or something like that.

No apologies fitness, as it were, and while that wouldn’t be the English name I’d give it, hey, if that is what it translates into in the local language, then guess what name I will give it.

Exactly that!

It’s funny how translation works between languages, epsecially Asian and other languages (but apparently Spanish and Portugese too).

For instance, “How are you” in English translates to “Ni hao” in Chinese (which if you were to literally translate over to English, would read “You good”).

And when you think about it it makes sense in a strange sort of way.

After all, you wouldn’t want the guy or gal in front of you to be doing “bad”, would you?

So you say he’s doing good anyway, hehe. Sort of like a “dictat” which says you better be good, or else . . .

Anyway, this brings me to my central point – that being how lucky I am to have created a business that truly SPANS THE GLOBE, and is GROWING as I type this.

My subscriber base is growing. I’m getting my books translated into different languages. My coaching programs are going GANGBUSTERS.

And so forth . . .

And as I expand the base of people that I help through my produts and coaching, one thing comes to mind, or it did last night at least.

What if I knew all this before?

What could I have done if I started all this WAY back in the day – in 2004 (which I could have, if someone had told me HOW TO!) for that matter?

Or even back in 2007 when I had a site, which I (inexplicably) gave up . . . including the content on it (it wasn’t much, but still, it was a START!).

And so forth.

If I had stuck to it back then – and knew what I do NOW – I’d have saved myself a lot of headaches in the interim in terms of knowing what I was truly cut out to do.

Napoleon Hill said it best in “Outwitting the Devil” when he spoke of leaving various jobs and businesses that he started from scratch; seemingly for “no reason”.

Jobs that he was getting paid well at.

Jobs that netted him good money.

Businesss that as his friends and family told him “he was crazy to give up”.

And while the logical side of him agreed with this, the emotional side did not.

And as I’ve written about before, I have experienced the exact same thing MYSELF in this regard.

It’s a matter of finding out “what makes us truly happy and what we were cut out to do”, my friend.

Or, “our mission in life” as it were (if I were to put in a slightly more esoteric manner).

And until you find that mission and nail it, you’ll always be struggling to come “full circle” as it were.

Anyway, the English books are all sold on my own site and elsewhere, but the Spanish and Portugese (and others, as I find new markets) translations will not be – primarily due to copyright issues and also to ensure that the translators etc get paid per sale.

And I’ll let you know the link for this one as soon as I have it, hehe. I’ve already got the Spanish version out online, so if you hombres out there are reading this, holla and I’ll send over the link!

And that’s that for now. Truly a global business with NO borders and it’s the way I’ve always wanted it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is where you can pick up the English versions of our products -https://0excusesfitness.com/products/

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I still remember my mother taunting me about my pronounciation of the word "online". 

As in "awwww-nline", truly Southern style! Hehe. 

Hey, Mom. 

I still remember standing next to a black dude at the age of 17 (our R.A.) - and I was speaking ENGLISH. 

He couldn't understand a word of what I Said. 

Sometimes, the inner chameleon emerges - actually, it's always there. shortly thereafter, they started calling me a redneck. Hehe. Such as it is!

Anyway - that bit aside. 

I've always loved online. Doing things online. I've always ... ah, I digress yet again. 

this morning, on a call with my friend Ricky - he said this. 

"Oh, so you've written Fast and Furious Fitness" .

At first, I didnt get it. 

I mean, I got the name of the book, but I wasn't aware he was interested enough to Google me. Hehe. 

Which he did, but he was doing it on the dumbphone, therefore the long list of books I've written (under Rahul Mookerjee) wasn't showing, it was just showing up in chronological order in the Google search results, being this book was written in 2010, well... (or was it 11? Hehe). 

Anyway - that got me thinking. Lots of trips down memory lane, including plenty in China. Some savory, some not, the whole shebang as it were. 

We'll get into that later. 

But another reaosn I love having everything online? 

Another reason that when I FIRST Started in this biz, with nary a single sale to my name, I flouted "commonly dispensed" advice about "you need to have paperbacks on the site too!" - and never had 'em. 

Dont get me wrong, they're damn important, but online is what I had when I started, and it still makes up the vast majority of sales (although there's a lot you guys out there like me that love paperbacks and hardcovers too!). 

More than this gut decision (all of mine tend to be that) - what really validates it, and if you look at what is going on in the world NOW (and really, all this was coming - I saw it coming for years, as I keep saying in my emails) - online survives. 

If a physical store is burned down to the ground, sure, you can and do rebuild it. 

But online is better in that somewhere, someplace, on some server, it will be there, you just gotta get it back up again - and truth be told, with what Amazon etc are quietly doing, but NOT making public - data is all going to be floating in space eventually, and that day might come sooner than people think/believe it to be true. 

As I told my buddy this morning, who was talking about Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter etc. 

(more accurately, Musk buying up a ton of shares, then Twitter putting more out there to avoid "rogue takeovers" if I've got it right) 

"I dont like Musk, Zuckerberg or any of them". 

I like one person, I told him. 

He couldn't guess which. 

So I told him. 

Jeff Bezos, my friend, is the REAL businessman, and anyone with a brain looking at how Amazon has been structured all those years ago - will understand this fact. 

Anyway, data floating around in space means it can't be easily destroyed, if it is, well, space is plenty big for everyone - for now at least. Hehe. 

But really, waking up in the morning, sitting down to a cup of green tea, seeing sales made as the world "goes about" - nothing better than that. 

So thats another reason. 

As if I need any more. Hehe. 

Anyway ..................... 

Remember, the best damn fitness system out there is waiting for YOU, my friend. 

You just need to make the digital leap from "on the fence" to doer - for those of you still on the fence - get to it NOW

And the rest of you, well, we have plenty to choose from here

Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

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It may sound completely counter intiuitive, and maybe it doesnt, I dont know. 

Maybe it sounds elementary, Watson. 

(that last bit about Watson rang so true for reasons I wont mention here!) 

But elementary or not - we have ALL been guilty at one time or the other of not just not doing it, but doing the precise and polar opposite. 

Me, when I first started making money off the fitness business all those years ago for one.

I dont even mean "big" money. I mean any money. 

And when I first started making sales off the site and other sites I have, my first thought wasnt what I just told you to do. 

Incredibly, and this might sound familiar to YOU, I'd use the cash for what I needed at the time or thought I wanted. 

This doesnt mean the business failed or anything. 

Quite obviously not. 

Other hand, for long periods, I'd notice that while I'd do well, I wasnt quite reaching the levels of sucess I desired. 

Now, to me succes is a journey more than the destination. 

I realize most may not think I'm right on that one, and thats fine, but there is a reason I say what I am. Believe me, think about it yourself, you'll know what I mean. 

And you'l likely agree, but for long periods, I "felt" I wasn't quite getting there. 

I can very confidently and unequivocally say this NOW - that the #1 overriding reason other than mental aspects was this - I wasnt doing what I just told you to do. 

Incredibly, the minute I started to do this, all other things fell into place pretty much. 

And as the sales graph keeps shooting UPWARDS, I gotta write this to you - in the hope that someone out there who is starting what they might think is a "side gig" sees the potential in it - knows what to do and what not - and knows the truism of "aggressively REINVESTING". 

I have said it before, I'll say it again, and it bears repeating. 

Feed the business first and foremost no matter WHAT else needs to be done, and I mean what else. 

Naturally, you dont starve yourself to death doing this. This doesnt need to be taken to extremes, but skipping out on the nightly beer for one is a sacrifice you can damn well make, my friend - along wth many others - if you're serious about what they call LASTING fitness.


Did I just say fitness. I meant success. 

But really, it applies to fitness too ie. give your fitness the time and attention it DESERVES. Don't put it off until tomorrow. Don't make it the last thing to do - make it the FIRST. And you'll rich REAP - reap rich - REWARDS if you do it this way. 

The above isn't the whole key, of course. There are plenty more, and the first edition of Zero to Hero contains the most important onces. Check the book out now if you so choose. 

On the other fronts, I just put out another edition of Rolls Royce Fitness - with a few changes I'll talk about later. 

Let me just say though that the "before and after" pictures is a truism you shouldn't ignore either. 

Neither is the "before - before - after". 

What do I mean? 

Well, patience, I'll reveal all, along with a rather idiotic review for the book as well. Hehe. 

But for now, here's a decent question from "Jonathan", who is an Advanced Hill Training fan, but wants to know why I dont have a "videos only" feature for the Rolls Royce of fitness. 

Well, not entirely a bad question, but the reason is simple - one, because I've never had requests for videos and not the book. 

The other way around - all the time. 

But just the videos without the book doesn't make any sense for most people. The COMBO is what does. 

And so despite having paperback only options, despite having paperback PLUS digital download options, despite digital ONLY options, there is not and will not ever in the forseeable future be a "videos only" option. 

If you've bought the book from elsewhere, and want just the videos NOW, well, contact me and I'll finangle another option for you. 

(as I did for Jonathan). 

And second reason?

Well, even though the videos have been very very well received indeed, and people have asked for MORE - personally, you know me. 

Mr Caveman isn't exactly a fan of videos ... 

That said, I'll probably do some in the future for Animal Kingdom Workouts and the books on pull-ups, but truth be told, I prefer the written word. 

Yes I realize that dates me, and I realize the "world is going digital and video". 

But there are tons of Dinos like you and I out there as well that prefer paperbacks, like DVD's the old fashioned way and so forth, so I'm not so concerned about which way the world in general is going. 

And, in any case, I've always done the polar opposite of what the "sheeple" in general do, hehe. 

It's served me very well until now, and I don't see myself changing anytime soon!!

Alrighty then , thats it for now.  .  .  

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Pick up the Rolls Royce of Fitness here - it truly WILL turn you into a beast, a PURRING one at that .  . . !

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Words, my friend are indeed powerful. And we should choose 'em wisely!

Those of us "in the know" either consciously or subconsciously do. 

But though I've been in the know on all of this for most of my life, even I've missed certain things. 

Back a few years ago - yes - not that long ago! - I'd think that when someone told me "I'd love to read it!" that they WANTED the book I wrote. 

This happened with 0 Excuses Fitness for one. 

Two people - friends - told me "they'd love to read". 

Years later, they've probably either forgotten they have the book or that they never read it. 

Then there was an idiot who claimed she'd read it and give me a review. 

Another rookie mistake on my part, I admit it. But that was years ago! 

Of course, she did NEITHER. 

And it wasn't necessarily because I "gave it to them for free" or what not. 

True, most of us don't value what we get for free. 

Hence the prices on my product being HIGH. Hence why I STATE it upfront. 

(Of course, a certain select bunch of doers would probably USE free information with gratitude - I did this for years - but anyway, everyone doesnt think that way!). 

My wife and daughter were getting into it the other day, I believe - about my daughter "running her mouth too much" about what she does at home, how good she has it, her ":knowledge" (she knows way more than the average kid her age) and so forth. 

On this one, I support my wife. 

I once told my daughter - well, I have given the analogy in the past - and I did this by putting two glasses right next to each other. 

"Imagine one full and one empty, or sort of empty", I asked her. 

Now, what happens (and I told her she was the full glass) - - I asked her if people keep MOOCHING off the full glass? 

What is mooching, my little one asked, I remember. 

OK, Siphoning! 

She didnt know, so I taught her the meaning. Hehe. 

But anyway, a colleague in China in 2003 once told me the same thing about the "all foreigners are rich" and the locals trying to mooch off them with a "full well and everyone drawing from it until the well itself is DRYER THAN DRY" mentality". 

And when my daughter got it, I told her that most people are just massive ENERGY drains, and therefore, while it's fine to socialize and fraternize, it's NOT OK to tell everyone, and indeed most people - your goals, desires, dreams etc. 

"There's a lot of Bozos out there", I finished off with. 

"Dad, can't you ever use language for kids", she scolded me. 


But she repeated the Napoleon Hill saying of "Tell the world what you're going to do but show it first" and then asked me "Why I kept repeating it". 

And I repeated the Claude Bristol saying of "Repetition of the same chant, the same affirmations, the same incantations, lead to belief and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen!

Some of the best education you can give your kids other than the rot they fill their brains is stuff like this. 

Anyway, back to wording. 

Now, the "I want it". 

EVERY time a custome rhas said "I want it" - they have DONE it. 

John Walker from the UK once said "I want to own all the book". And I've no doubt someday he'll DO IT!

People use words often without being conscious of it, but even those that know the difference and dont mean one but say it as if they do - well - sorry, but the VIBE shines through. Everything you say and write has a huge VIBE coming off it!

And thats why you see "I WANT IT" "NOW" as the order buttonfor all my courses. 

I dont want wishy washy lukewarm idiots with "I'd love to read it" because they never will. And if they get the course, they will never USE the information in it. 

Instead, thats what I want To REPEL. 

And I think I'm doing a pretty good job of doing that. 

And if you after reading this consider yourself a DOER in life - and are so pumped you can't wait to get "some" - then go HERE, my friend. 

And I'll see you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Again, that link is HERE. GEt you some now and get cracking TODAY. 

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I gotta tell you, friend, this most UNPOLITICALLY correct thingie. 

The women part (except for rare ones like a certain Dani, hehe). 

But in general ... 

But anyway, I'll always remember a conversation I once had with Marc the African Silverback Gorilla on people not getting to messages. 

I cannot understand, friend, why people are so damn rude - and it's getting WORSE. 

I mean, I told Marc the following. 

"I usually give people at least 24 hours to reply - if they dont, it means they simply dont want to"

He agreed. 

And then he said this 

"And, it's sheer disrespect". 

Which it is, but at the time I focused more on the "dont want" part i.e. they want to get back, they'll get back asap!

Its just getting worse - to be precise, more annoying. 

I can just hear the Tom Tom's snicker. 

"he's frustrated". 

Not as much as YOU, my friend (to the Tom Tom's). 

I'm happy - very so - with my life and the direction in which it's going, but I DO want sensible people to have, you know, a conversation with! 

Not just idiotic one liners of "HI!" and then crickets (waiting for entertainment). 

Or, stupidity to the tune of "we're too busy" - but not to update social media by the minute. 

They just dont WANT TO. 

Such as Bozo Glyn, when I tried calling him. 

"I'm doing other things!" his voice tailed off (he was in ass mostly likely). 

Naturally, this getting back doesn't need to be taken to an extreme - I usually allow people 24 hours to get back. 

If you're busy, truly so, there is NO Need to answer the phone "now". 

But, at least return calls. 

And, these days? 

Send an email with an issue that requires thought and resolution? 


Send an email that is "copy and paste" in terms of responses? 

Youll get speedy responses before you even think about it. 

"Anther one out of the way", you can almost hear the person sigh. 

And, business wise? 

IF there's money to be made from you, watch the sheer speed of replies! 

Of course, once said dough is minted - service? 

Goes down the toilet!

And of course, if its a guy dealing with a woman, she'll eventually pull the "he's rude to women" bullshit when you PUSH like you would with a man. 

Men, beyond a certain point cannot pull that excuse. 

And thats why despite my love for women in general, I never ever do business with them. 

I've written about why it's a recipe for disaster doing business with significant others for one... 

And it's true. 

Anyway, these people that dont get back aren't too busy. 

ANd when you point out stuff like 

"Life, slow, eh" (with the snicker)

OR their relentless social media CRAP with 

"Everyone's too busy, yet always on their phone!" 

They dont reply. 

Not necessarily because you aren't important. 

BEcause they're sitting and sTEWING, simmering!

"How dare he say that"

"I wish my life was like his!"

I swear, the fake feeling I get from most people - until and unless you light a fuckin fire under their asses has gotta be seen to be believed. 

And most of all ,these days, people are just retreating into their shells, and amazingly enough, a time when they should be giving the MOST - focus on TAKE. 

And, rebut all help that come their way unless it's idiotic selfies in the Jim (requisite with makeup and the right pose, of course!) - and showing the right amount of skin - or so forth. 

And, unless it's something that requires NO effort, in that case you won't be able to serve the customers, so many of them will be. 


What a pain. 

Anyway I had to get this off my chest while doing a "Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness" workout, and remember, that pre-order - we're nearing the completion of the cycle - my fingers FLY as I write that last bit due to reasons I will not mention now. 

But it's nearing completion, so get it now at the price it's being offered at. Post pre-order, watch the price shoot up, up, UP. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - No, I'm not going to "go easy on people". At a certain point, it comes time to take charge of your life and just DO it, for eff's sake!!!

I can just hear it,  

"Thats great if you're life is great, Rahul! But not everyone is the same!" 

Well, if you truly think that way - those that do - and are dissatisfied with life, it's YOUR fault, friend, NO-ONE ELSE's!

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Thursday, 13 May 2021 06:54

My favorite business person after Henry Ford

Words, my friend - make a difference!

Tony Robbins keeps saying this in his online and other "classes" i.e. they have the power to penetrate the conscious.

He keeps repeating it too, for good reason, so the Bozos "get it".

I'd go a step further and say words and the pictures they create ... penetrate DEEP DOWN to the subconscious, and what Robbins is saying is step #1 yes.

But anyway, this isn't about the subconcsious.

What I said in terms of my play on words?

Well, I said business person. Not "man or woman or third or fourth or fifth gender"

Success, brah, can be had by ANYONE if they do the right things!

If they learn from people that have been there and done that.

And not all of us "had people to learn from" - a lot of us failed miserably multiple times, still do, figure out how to do things on the fly, make tough business and financial decisions, and ... well, it's all part of the curve.

Combine the above with persistence, and you'll have a select bunch of doers who make it - in any age, era or economy.

And my favorite business person by far?

Henry Ford.

We know that.

Bootstrapped, built from the ground up, in an era where government help etc was far less liberal than it is now, a man that was instrumental in making America and it's economy a FORCE On the planet to be reckoned with - a man universally admired - a man that until 43 or so was written off completely, and so forth ...

A man whose company influenced even the Wars (in terms of the cars they built both in the US and Germany!).

But after that, we have many choices.

Steve Jobs. Donald Trump. Elon Musk. And so forth.

All illuminaries in their own right!

But I'd choose the one man most people don't talk about.

And a company most idiots love to hate.

This morning, I heard my wife complain about it again.

Or someone was, at any rate ... Hehe. Amazon is one of those companies people love to bitch about.

I cannot for the life of me understand why - if there is ONE company I will do business with, and trust over all - it's Amazon - and it's because of Bezos's policy of putting the customer first - and innovating! Until what is new is no longer "considered new" ...

As Bezos himself said, when people yawn about "a new invention" that is when you know it's an useful one!!

And when it's made an impact.

Lots of people might be surprised I won't choose Trump here, but dont get me wrong - I love Trump! Great guy, warrior, and everything, but purely business?


By far!

He has NO peer in the modern day world.


Indeed, he's on par with Ford in many ways.

Lots of people aren't well accquainted with Bezos's struggles because he doesn't wax lyrical about 'em.

Man of few words.

Maybe in future dispatches I'll cover some ...

Its there, if you can find it!

But for now, he built a business up from scratch and is now richer than Croesus - and I respect that.

No fall backs, no excuses, no help, no aid, no nothing ...


Same thing with my fitness programs, my friend.

They require you to get down to brass tacks - and DO.

They're not for sissies, wusses, pansies, Mama's boys and so forth.

You'll need to put in the work.

Be dedicated.


Do things differntly. LEarn new ways of working out and even breathing on the fly.

And many other things.

All a parallel to what you'd do in terms of becoming a successful business person.

And that, my friend is that. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If you ain't checked out Pushup Central  - well, do so now - and GET the course - truly the best ever, and selling like hotcakes right now, so yes, the price WILL go UP. Get this now, my friend. The best ever!

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Business wise, I've been hit pretty hard by this lot on the other business (but it hasn't impacted profits - if anyhing, they've been impacted hard too - positively!).

They've gone up - big time!

So I really shouldn't be saying this here, but before I do - listen up.

To most of you on this list - this doesnt apply because after the recent cull I did on THIS list, MOST of you are FINE, OUTSTANDING real man and women!

The DOERS - and I Salute you.

Freedom LOVERS - and I salute YOU!

And so forth!

There might be the odd wacko in this list, and judging by the spam folder which I haven't even checked, Bozo Scho-Fo is going insane (like a 100 so far, but like his emails they're on auto block, his signs up are too, so I'm happy in that regard).

I had to do it. The lunacy ... LOL.

But anyway, if there are two things I dont' love about Amazon, admittedly in my view one of the best companies out there to do biz with and the ONLY one I really invest in if you get my drift?

Jeff Bezos - again - YOU ARE THE ... MAN!

But two things I dont' love is this - one, their very "liberal" policy of returns.

So wackos in most cases can buy products, copy and paste, then refund.

Or, wank off to the for all i know (oddly enough, that is what a lot of the wankers do anyway, hence the complains about "the pictures dont look beautiful!")

To which I gotta say, I mean really, dude, why me.

Plenty of "gay" sites with free pics, so you bozos (the ones that complain about the pictures in the book on isometrics for one) can go haunt 'em.

But second ...

I dont like their policy of allowing people that never bought the product to leave reviews.

And admittedly both these policies have their upsides, and the good people far outnumber the trolls (though it might not seem obvious, but they do when it comes to bottom lines).

i.e. yes, if you got Fast and Furious Fitness from someone, and you TOO really loved, it, then hey, you'll leave a review. OBviously!

And of course, the return policy is there for people that "clicked buy" by mistake twice - which happens all too often with Kindle etc.

Trust the wackos to take advantage of it though.

Yours truly does all he can to WARD these types off.

In fact, I've got a very strict no refund policy as well.

For ANY reason.

And with good reason.

And I keep telling you to do your research FIRST.

Only buy if you really want it, and if you don't hey. Plenty of other sites to haunt, troll etc ... whatever gets these idiots off, if you get my drift!

But once you buy, you buy.

And to the serial refunders, I'm going to start calling out by NAME now, so you best be prepared.

I'm sick of people insulting work - especially the lazy copy and paste trolls out there who have NOTHING better to do with their lives.

So if that doesnt deter the wackos, then by all means, keep bringing it.

Watch this space for more!

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - My bestselling products getting YOU into the best shape of my life, truly the best in terms of fitness, life and motivation - right HERE!

PS #2 - And no, Glyn ain't the ringleader there. He has a sum total of TWO followers, both of whom are too rotund to do much and he's sitting on both right now if you get my drift, so now, not him.

He truly is the king of "cheap" trolls though, hehe. Kudos to "Sco Bro" for accomplishing at least that "from the bottom". LOL!

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I dont know if y'all on this list know it, but other than my fitness business, I have several others I've dabbled in. 

Web development was one thing, but I rarely do that anymore (the preponderance of idiots that think "its just a website! How dare he charge high prices!" caused me to finally say BYE to that biz vertical for the most part) . ..

(And of course, you tell these idiots to do it themselves, and you get the predictable enough response. "How dare he!")

Indeed. How dare I! 

How dare I do something different, be different, but I WILL be that way, regardless of what the morons think or say. 

Anyway, as you've noticed (if you have) on the shop on the site, various forms of green tea are also something we've been dealing with for ages, but all was put on hold last year due to the plague that the lovely China willingly and knowingly spread everywhere. 

And so all that is pretty much at a standstill for now. Green tea. Spices. Cardammom. We do many things! We even have a website up in that regard that I ain't update in donkey's years . . . 

So if any of YOU do anything in that regard, let me know! Who knows. Dr Lamar who unfortunately passed away due to the plague was a great man and a great, great customer and I dont know why, but his face comes to mind. 

Always positive, always smiling (despite dealing with a very difficult daughter indeed at many times) - kinda like what Tracy said about me eh. 

"You're always so positive!" 

Anyway, Mike Pompeo made the comment last year about "If you're doing business with China, remember that ANY money you send them in any way, shape or form ultimately goes back to the CCP who then uses it for their own nefarious purposes". 

He said a lot more, but that was the gist. 

GUess what. 


You on this list are well aware of my admiration for Pompeo, possibly the greatest Secretary of State ever. 

But even he back in the day had a biz in Shanghai. 

Some things, well, just are what they are ... FOR NOW!

For the life of me I can't figure out why India for one doesnt get it's act together so we can ALL dump the China beast once and for all. 

Vietnam is going to take a while. Indonesia? Nah... 

Until all of that happens, guess what. 

In many ways, we still "have to deal with China" whether we like it or not. Much like I still deal with my wife, whether I like it or not ... 

Anyway, Pompeo was right. 

And most of my tea is imported from China (well, we export it from there I should say) and it's the real deal. For some wierd reason India drinks it's tea "British style" with milk, so green tea isn't big there, but it really should be. 

It also is one of the (but NOT the only) weight loss secrets (and no, just drinking tea isn't the secret either) I've mentioned in the Simple and Effective Diet - as well as the story, I believe, of how I quit COFFEE back in the day (you know about the cigarettes, and how I quit, but maybe not the coffee!) and how I never looked back after that, and it's yours FREE - gratis - with a purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System (if you get the digital download). 

And that, my friend, is that. 

Sometimes, and often times, I do seperate business from politics. 

The world slept on China for ages. So did yours truly. We ignored it all. No more though, with this plague they spread, but on the other hand, decoupling isn't as easy as it's made out to be either . . . 

It has to be done though. 

No question about that. 

But the elephant in the room, India, will ultimately determine if all of us can or not. 

Anyway, on that note, there it is, as we head into the year of the "Ox" I believe. 

Sturdy if nothing else. HA!

Best ,

Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Build sturdy, OX like shoulders with the course here

PS #2 - And remember, if you want the flexbility of a cat coupled with the strength of an OX - well - the 0 Excuses Fitness System will give you just that. My marketing might sound and IS bombastic but it's TRUE. Which, my friend, is what COUNTS. 

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Monday, 14 December 2020 08:28

Feed your business, and IT will feed YOU

One of the silliest, in hindsight things I did when starting out in biz was neglecting the above truism.

And amazingly enough, many people with years and years of experience under their belt do the very same thing often!

Starting out, making that choice can be tough.

Do I buy the bread and cheese, or do I invest in the biz?

YES – I’ve been there.

Many times!

Every successful person HAS.

And its that choice, or one of the choices at any rate that you make then that will DETERMINE whether you will ultimately go UP or DOWN.

Or, stay “middling”.

Believe me, the tough choices are what count.

When everyone around you is yelling, hollering, putting you down etc – and REFUSING to believe in what you do – and you have to make the choice.

What do you do?

You make the right choice regardless.

You think logically. 

And you invest in your business above ALL if you’re serious.


Family. Life. EVERYTHING!

(Sure, unless the “other things” are life threatening but problem rarely are!)

We MAKE problems far bigger than they actually are, to be honest. Most of us at least ...

And believe me, when you do the right thing it comes back to you.

If you’re serious about BIZ, it will come back to you.

Same thing for FITNESS Too.

You make time to get in a workout ANYWAY, regardless of everything else.

Regardless of that nasty fight you had with your S.O. last night.

Or this morning.

Regardless of the financial situation, or perhaps abundance of it.

Regardless of the two kids lying in bed sick of the flu (I dont mean the plague!).

And so forth.

Give it time, even if it’s just TWO minutes a day.

And believe me, the returns will be manifold.

And I’ll have more on this later. For now, enough to chew on – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can grab the 0 Excuses Fitness System - - truly an OVERALL Body fitness program that gives you and KEEPS giving throughout your whole life, and in spades, better than you ever thought POSSIBLE – provided you just do the thing !

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This one may come across as a bit of a strange one to write about, but it’s really not.

And other than the obvious “well, bottom feeders suck, so you obviously shouldn’t be enabling them”, there are other reasons behind this.

Reasons I, after chatting with my friend Charles the other day would have told him but being he’d just ignore it (or he’d “listen, but wouldn’t hear” if you get “Alonzo Harris’s drift”, hehe), I’m saying it HERE!

To you guys, and indeed it holds as true for business and life as it does fitness.

So, some of you might remember Wacko Glyn.

The same wacko who made threats against me a while back, is (and has been on) on drugs for God knows how long, usually lives on either welfare or charity, and has stolen money from about a dozen different folks.

And “borrowed” from even more, with no intention to return it.

He currently owes my buddy money for flying him back (very gracious of Charles I must say, after all that’s transpired, but silly as well) from the Philippines where he fled after he was booted from China and apparently Hong Kong too.

(And don’t even get me started on the guy’s personal life, his weird fetishes etc. Hey, nothing wrong with a fetish if you have one, but judging by the number of women that came up to me and showed me screenshots etc of this dude literally pestering them up and down for related rubbish, I have just one thing to say – LOSER. With a capital L, and the rest too. Hehe). 

The same dude who even Hannibal Lecter (fictional obviously) would be leery of sharing a cell with, and even the mental facilities in Baltimore Maryland (I don’t know if that part was finctional! ?) would probably balk at accepting him.

Hey, there’s a limit to “bravery”. Or insanity . . . and associating with said wacko in any way, shape or form is just INSANE.

I’d rather run for the hills! Hehe. Which I’d rather do anyway of course, preferably in a sprint! ?

And enabling the dude’s lunacy takes it to a different level altogether.

Here’s how it usually goes down.

Dude wants help. Charles helps him.

Dude says thanks.

Few weeks later, he turns into the scorpion that bit the frog, and HOW.

Charles vows to “never help him again” as does his girlfriend (don’t get me started on that one, hehe).

And dude shows up sniveling a few weeks later, and apparently gains “sympathy” from the duo above.

“He’s turned over a new leaf”, they think. If there is one thing these sociapth types are good at it it’s making others think they’re “normal” and “turned over a new leaf”. Look at Ted Bundy for one, and you’d hardly think a maniac lay within!

Or Lecter in the movie . . . a cultured doctor outwardly . . .

. . . And while I ain’t saying above nutter is a cannibal or even a murderer he’s the “non violent” equivalent of the above.

Anyway, after the sympathy he’s gained, he needs help again.

OK, one last time they think.

They send him cash.

Which he blows.

On . . . well, we went there!

And round and round goes the merry go round my friend.

Now, there’s not much I can do if people continue to enable bottom feeders like this wackjob, and believe me, he isn’t the only looney tune running around there. Tons of them out there!

But I Can tell you this.

Anytime youre doing business, as my friend Dwayne said, there’ll be someone tryuing to put their hands into your pocket.

And (as your favorite fitness guru says, hehe) it’s usually a bottom feeder.

The kind that trawls the internet all day long looking for free or cheap stuff as opposed to paying for quality info and implementing it, and being done with it . . .

The kind that leaves idiotic reviews because “the information wasn’t worth what he paid for it”.

Yeah. Right. While my books ARE PRICEY, and while I DO NOT and never WILL offer any discounts (unless circumstances warrant it), the info in there is worth every penny and then some in gold.

And those that truly get it KNOW what I BE Talking about.

More than this though, the bottom feeders waste your time. And energy.

Bazillions of emails. Meaningless rants. Idiotic messages (in the case of nutzo above). And all the lot.

All in all, a massive DRAIN and drag me down.

And in business, you do NOT want to be associated with someone like that, and neither do you in life.

And there endeth “this particular sermon”, as they say.

As “Father Rahul” says, hehe (kidding).

Kiddin aside, if you have someone in YOUR life like this, write back and let me know – let US know – and we’ll give you advice on how NOT to enable him or her, if you are!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I have always had a policy of NOT helping those who refuse to help themselves. And that’s why I keep telling people, simply investing in the product won’t get the job done my friend. YES, you do need to invest, but that’s the first step. Getting off your ass, and DOING what is said therein is the next and most important step. And if you’re not willing to put in the hard yards, well, you might as well NOT invest in my products. I only want people that are dead serious about fitness, and not the lookie lous, bottom feeders, time wasters and such. Sorry if that offends, but ‘tis TRUE, my friend. It’s true!

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