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Wednesday, 07 February 2024 09:29

We are BACK!

For the dickens of a time I've been trying to solve a tech issues which was preventing me from posting here. Finally done now thanks to some "angels" I cannot, as always, thank enough! 

Be back with more shortly. 


Stay hard!


Rahul Mookerjee 

As I battle a "roach invasion" in the so called house I'm in right now, I gotta say this. 

The "Casual nature" with which most people view these pests - I dont get it!

My first instinct is to SQUASH them all - no matter how many there might be. 

But you look at my wife, even my other "family" - they all view it as "so what - they live with human beings anyway!" 

Or, the resigned, there's nothing we can do. 


It's an easy solution - pest goddamed control. 

It's something I INSIST UPON - I wont put down a penny of deposit, not one red RMB, not one Red MAO before moving into an apartment in China or anywhere, except in India apparently they dont look too kindly upon that ... ??

The landlord's (or ladies) have always looked upon this request as coming from a crazed foreign devil (with wild hair, as I told my daughter - hehe - look for a change there too soon) ... 

... but end of the day, they did it. 

I dont get it, my grandfather had a six storey house, was one of the best doctors of his time in the whole damned city, yet, A/C and pest control were foreign concepts. 

I get the first, perhaps. 

But #2? 

I've NO idea how people put up with it. 

if you look at doers, achievers, most people of that nature, you'll hear the same thing from them ... 


Just horrible, nasty it is ... 

My point really is this - KILL the damn thing. Yet, my wife, for some strange reason won't do it. Nothing religious or beads-sheads or Tarot nonsense about it, she just wont do it, which is strange? Theyll be running riot around her, and I'm the one running around stomping 'em out ... ???

I dont get it, my friend -I dont quite. Folks! When asked, they'll say "so what". 

Most people are so caught up in their dumbphone addicted torpor that a bomb underneath them would likely elicit the same reaction. Musk has it SPOT on in terms of limiting number of tweets etc one can view on Twitter "for free", the entire world is slowly but surely coming around to booting the sizeable chunk of freebie seekers OFF Their services - which I've been doing for ages, so it SHOULD BE. I wasn't ever a Musk fan, but hes doing a damn fine job with Twitter I must say, true business man, I wouldn't be surprised if it's one of the few companies out there that will eventually turn a hefty profit. 

I'm sure he feels the same way about roaches - hehe. 

And thats the rant for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Through 65 pull-ups already, it ain't even 4PM. DAWG! ?

Friday, 30 June 2023 12:35

Lifes a trip eh?

Thats surely some trippy ass shit, Holmes!

Just as I got done dissecting an utter moron (a so called past affiliate) who wouldnt know how to sell anything it if it hit him in the face ... the "yang" showed up in terms of email. 

I've mentioned Paula before as an example of an affiliate that I'm truly honored to work with - everyday. 

She's been mentioned on the other site, but today - I'll mention another guy that I'll keep his name private for now, but he's PRECISELY the sort of affiliate I'd like to work with (or partner with). 

I did up a video last year to keep these trolly Benny "fat lout" sorts away, but I should really put this email I've gotten from this guy (the guy I'm referring to here) as another shining example of who I'd love to work with not just as an affiliate, but otherwise. 

Remember the emails I sent out about the Amazon mess, how as soon as it happened, I thought it was a blessing in disguise - indeed, As Napoleon Hill rightly said, every misfortune, every mishap carries within it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit ... 

... in more ways than one. 

Not only did my own sales NOT tank as most people had predicted - if anything, they're on the rise again (Benny's trolling will help there too, hehe) - but it also allowed me to curate further through my list, this time people I work with, and remove people from there as well. 

It's amazing how many people will stop being honest when they're asked to stop whining about a steady so called guaranteed paycheck from the biggies like Amazon who can boot you at any moment without notice, and bam! There goes your six years of work or whatever it is - this applies to Twitter, youtube, any other platform you can think of, I've been saying it forever - build your OWN brand. Morons and lazy fools dont get it ... 

... anyway, all I did when that mess happened was to be flat out honest as I always am, I wrote to people telling them about it - since audiobooks which is where the mess started are a three way deal - Amazon, myself, and them - I told them the situation honestly, how it was not my fault, how it could happen to anyone, and how they shouldn't work on my projects if they weren't comfortable knowing any of this. (Amazon for whatever reason didnt notify them, so I did). 

I did the right thing. 

Then, I asked them (they all in one way or the other whined about money either directly or not) to be an affliate for the site, and the answers I got, and my, I wrote about this - talk about "showing your true colors" and what they really felt about the business - of course, that said, FUTURE potential is rarely something most people see, most people see just the "here and now", so it wasn't surprising. But, I'm glad I could block those folks out of my life too. 

There's always a diamond in the rough though and amongst all this there has been a guy that has stood by me knowing it all, has been more than professional, continues to be, and is truly a connessiour ...

I should also say at this point we're talking the other business, not this one, but it applies to both. 

One look at his email, and then you compare it to Benny the fool job's email before him - well, poles apart as it were, no pun intended. 


Here goeth - 

So I apologize I don't know if I ever saw the email that had the affiliate link stuff in it but yes, of course I'll sign up for it to be an affiliate. I forget exactly the website I believe it might be <chopped> or something I forget it's probably in a lot of the emails I just haven't looked at the moment I apologize, so everything you suggest is great I'm totally on board and agreeable except for one thing…  You mentioned that with other book readers and stuff like that you offer them 25% of the proceeds in the case of this project I'm not just a reader, but I'm also doing the sound design and the music... Therefore, I somewhat feel that, at least, as far as the sales of the audiobook I should probably get a larger percentage because I'm not just reading, but I'm doing the other stuff as well… And this is something I want to keep doing with you and for you, and this higher percentage, I'm suggesting, would not be the same percentage, if I was doing music and audio if another person was doing the reading for the book (which I do believe it's a great idea and I'd be more than willing to put music to other books that other people have produced readings for you as well....
In the case of me doing music on other peoples readings, I don't believe they would deserve more than 20% but if I'm reading and doing the music and sound design is 40% of that small quantity of stuff too much to ask for?
And by the way, I'm completely on board doing the affiliate link stuff but I have to warn you I don't really have much of a social media following so to speak and ever since I moved locations from San Francisco down to Los Angeles I haven't really integrated into the scene down here much but I can start pushing the links on places that I'm on  no problem just I never saw the email that talked about the affiliate stuff
Thank you for the well wishes about my mom she's not likely to get any better but she's not getting any worse for now, so at least there's that and I've actually been mostly taken up by dealing with the things of losing the studio job that I had but at least I've gotten a bit of upgrades to my equipment around here so most of my time recently has been spending integrating those things which is just about done actually… And let's talk more about this. I hope it's not too much to ask but I'm OK if it isn't I'm in this for the long-haul ....
There is just so much work that has been going into this already and I need to take a step back and take a break every now and then I'll go crazy but I got the fire lit under me again to keep working on this current process is I think I'm basically done with chapter 3, and I'm engaging into music for chapter 4… In my opinion is probably the most difficult chapter to do properly because it really deserves a lot of sound design to be done reasonably so it's taking extra time the following chapters I believe won't need as much sound design, so they'll not require as much work  I'm happy with what I've gotten so far with chapter 4 I think I may move on the chapter 5 to keep things fresh for me but you'll like what I've come up with so far. 
So yeah, if you could send the affiliate link email again and we might need to talk to you know zoom or something at some point soon when it comes to what you think is fair as far as percentage stuff goes, but I hope we're not too much into the agreement about tha but I'll wait to talk to you about it or at least wait for your response. In the meantime I'm pushing forward and sorry for the lack of communication and delay, but I am still, and I believe always will be in your corner, and honored to be so...
PS I never know what it's like for global style calling, but if we don't really need to do a zoom but you just want to call me so we can talk about something quickly. Here's my number if it's possible for you to make such a call I don't really call international much so I don't really know what the rates are or if there are rates anymore cell phones are really weird to me. 
But per chance you want to talk about something instead of writing about it always feel free to give me a call and it's OK. You won't wake me up if I'm asleep I don't pick up my phone anyway.
Feel free to call me anytime and really you don't have to worry about waking me up. I keep really strange hours and I sleep like a log when I fall asleep
 anyways take care buddy.

THAT is the sort of dude I'd love to work with - and do! 

Or, lady (Paula). 

Look, thats an example of a guy whose in it for the long haul, knows his worth, and is not afraid to ASK for it. 

I've heard his work, and he's a true professional at what he does, so I've agreed to giving him 40% - not just for affiliate sales for products he's worked on for me, but also a flat 40% for any of those products that sell without his intervention on the site. Why? Well, he deserves it to be honest! 

Not a social media addict, but tries anyway - doesnt much like dumbphones... does things the old fashioned way - hangs in there, does not whine about product price, but negotiates a better cut for himself or herself - MY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And thats an example of who you want in your life, not wackos like in the last email ... 

Thats that. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee


I really shouldn't be saying this - some people are going to burst into tears, some jump up and down with their fat bottoms wiggling and the "earthquake" might disturb the neighbors beneath. 

Much like Jay, a friend (former) of mine - described what he thought was an interracial couple (I'll let you imagine the rest) "going at it" in the apartment above his. 

The "big" fantasies were most likely his that he was self projecting onto ...ah, but I digress. 

I received, or should I say, I had to dig through loads of trash to see the most blatant, egregious example of "self projecting". 

I'll let y'all in on what I mean, but remember two things - 

First, yours truly hooks people in a manner they can NEVER let go of me - or my great products - now this is  not a bad thing, as I wrote back about "being a master of my craft" this morning (those that buy from me said it, not me- haha- but they're right). 

But it's highly annoying when losers, fat boys thinking theyre "big but not fat", and making all sorts of idiotic excuses about not being able to do pull-ups and such, and other price wankers, freebie seekers that dont get the message that my stuff will NEVER ever be priced "cheap" - it aint for cheapos, simple - are attracted to this same thing. 

The Trumpinator sure has a lot of haters. 

And like him, I love mine. I never miss an opportunity to let them (usually trolls too with no life, living on their wives and significant others, never having so much as a dime of their own in their pockets and so forth) "troll" or hate on me, but it's gotten to the point where it's just hilarious - folks that - such as this one nutjob "Benny" who I had long done forgotten about until last week or maybe a couple of weeks, I'm not sure - who claim my products are "crap" (without ever opening a single one of them) - yet want 'em all for free (hmm!) - then complain about my videos not having "views" or some shit (like who the fuck really cares about "views" except social media "dopamine" addicted buffoons that cannot get off Tik Tok workouts where they claim to do thousands of reps daily, yet can barely do one of them in proper form) ... yet, they find the time to scroll through each and every one of my videos, and here - this guy, I've spoken a lot about him - but today he gets into Glyn category - he makes comments about my "ass". 

Ugh, just ugh. 

This is precisely what I mean by these LGBTQ sorts not keeping to their own and forcing everyone to do it their way or else. Ugh again. 

This also feeds into what I wrote about before about buffoons (the vast majority of folks out there) employing "selective reading" - and then imagining things in their head and claiming I said things I never did. 

Oh well, thats self projection and a glaring knowledge of one's many shortcomings, and attempts to dodge 'em showing up ... 

Now, this character in short - an affiliate who signed up for the site, wanted products for free (was firmly told NO), claimed he could make "x amount of sales" - never made a single one - then whined about the products being too expensive (they are, "too" is ... well, a matter of perception- this fat ass is the sort that downs a 13 pack nightly - or 12, lol - looks like it, so if that is more worth it, by all means Benny - top of the world to ya!) ... then bitched up a hissy when I called him out for being a fat ass, and more  - a lazy fat ass who refuses to recognize the slob looking back in the mirror at him (hey, views Benny - ever thought of that. lol. We all love a train wreck, or perhaps "roadkill" as Uncle Bob once said) ... and worst of all, a lazy phucker that at the age of 40 plus - I think - lives on his wife and mother, hasn't held a job a single day in his life. 

Ugh again. 

I had some fun with him and then blocked him out of my life like I did with Bozo Schofield, somehow though, I knew I hadn't seen the last of him, and I was right, he kept popping back up. 

Then I blocked his emails as well. 

And pretty much him overall. 

But I could sense his beady little eyes reading my stuff, looking to glean all the "free info" he could from it - what a loser! 

(and a hypocrite - until I called him out for being lazy, fat and completely, woefully out of shape - everything I did was gold to the point he'd write in showing me his pictures (ugh - why Benny?) etc, preening and posing, saying "I've been loving your stuff" - bascially the sort of loon who needs a shoulder to whine up. Nah, I dont got a handkerchief either Benny. Just pure UGH!) 

Anyway - apparently a video of mine - the "latest" videos he says (which befuddles the mind - the bodyweight exercise Guru was doing squats in the latest video, so I've no idea what he's blathering about) "got his goat". 

I sort of know which one he's referring to. Cackle. Except, I thought the pestilence called Benny had finally left my life (that was a test of sorts to see if he had, but as expected, he hadn't). 

Anyway, let's take a look at the ramble he sent me. 

Dude, are you really that bored to be talking shit in that last video of yours? Man I knew you read my stuff but to try and make something out of context to make yourself look good to your list is pretty damn petty. 

Quite frankly I found it hilarious. Hilarious that you feel the need to try to tear a man down cause he talked about his experiences and helping others be aware when he was injured. That's messed up even for you. I hate to burst your bubble bro but your voice is way higher than mine. 
If you really believe that I'm full of shit, you're more than welcome to come to the states to train with me, I always look forward to training with somebody. I read your stuff from time to time to learn more what not to do and just pass by the constant bitching about your wife. I do like how you reference Tik Tok Fitness since they're technically not workouts but fun demos I like to do. Again you're more than welcome to test me yourself and see how you would fare. 
It's a damn shame you have to resort to irrelevant trash talking since you can barely make views on just about any of your videos. Sometimes I just scroll through videos just to see how you do your exercises and you need some serious adjustments especially on your "Jack Lalanne" pushups since your ass is up in the air too much that makes your form off base so you might want to fix that. 
Chances are you'll never see this and you're too much of a coward to write back yourself without making a post about it first. Here's a list of things I know you'll potentially do with this email....
1. Completely ignore it
2. Write about it and talk shit as if you're the shit even though you're a narcissist.
3. Make a video telling 10 people how much of an idiot I am and you can out train me any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
4. Use some kind of dumb reference either politically or compare me to a retard or something of that nature.
5. Write/Record some of the same shit you've already said and act like it's a completely different thing.
6. Find a way to completely trash anything I do or say to make me seem like some dumbfuck who never trained a day in his life and make up some fucked up thing about my wife (which BTW makes you even more of a disgusting human being since you're reflecting on the terrible relationship with your own) 
7. Try to outdo me in exercises that even you have hardly any real technique on
My guess is within the next week....You'll do either number 1, use 4, 5 and highly likely do 2 or 3. Number 7 won't do you any good and 6 is probably something you won't be able to resist since you love to hear yourself talk like a parrot wanting a cracker. 
I triple dog dare you to even write back and say something and then write about it to your "audience" which really consists of maybe 5 people that have nothing better to do with their lives than listen to a right wing bullshitter who can't even keep a marriage in tact without some kind of drama or pouring hot dog flavored water fuckery about another human being. 
Have a great day Rahul and I really hope you can find something original to come up with. 

Jeez, that reminds of what Alan said when he read my messages on wechat. "Eye watering", and this clown apparently typed it out on Andriod (phone) ... 

Anyway, lets address this - 

Hilarious that you feel the need to try to tear a man down cause he talked about his experiences and helping others be aware when he was injured. That's messed up even for you.

This my friend, is precisely what I mean about "selective reading" (or listening). This guy got pissed off I called him out for being a pansy - ie being fat, doing nothing to improve it, then getting injured (predictable) and running to wifey and mommy to "take care of his grown ass" as it were. I mean at least bear your damn cross without expecting the world to do it for you, but of course, liberals, and that sort - thats a lost concept to them. 

There was not one single comment about "helping others" (which you didnt, by the way - you just whined on incessantly as you do) - it was about you being pathetic as you are. I mean, you got injured. Help yourself my friend. Get to the damn hospital, but dont be a burden on productive members of society (pun intended with burden, there's a hell of a lot of it). 

I normally dont see this guy's emails, but his message on live chat made me dig through trash to get to it - it goes automatically to trash Benny so you're right, I mostly dont even see your garbage let alone "read it". . . 

 I read your stuff from time to time to learn more what not to do and just pass by the constant bitching about your wife. 

Um, no you dont. Thats the part that "gets your goat" (you're precisely the sort of cucked man I do my best to avoid - ugh) - and you're reading for "free nuggets" as most freebie seekers do (but you'll be blocked from the site shortly as well once I get that last bit of software going. Youtube, of course is another story for now...) 

It's a damn shame you have to resort to irrelevant trash talking since you can barely make views on just about any of your videos. Sometimes I just scroll through videos just to see how you do your exercises and you need some serious adjustments especially on your "Jack Lalanne" pushups since your ass is up in the air too much that makes your form off base so you might want to fix that. 

Uhm.... I really dont want to get into asses here, Benny, yours is way bigger than 3 peopel combined, Glyn Included... 

Seriously, guys, I've got comments from women writing in about how my "soles" are more beautiful than theirs, Benny with his "ass comments" - I mean, look, it boils down to two things - 1. Yes, I do have a well shaped ass (well rounded, nice booty as the girls say - dimpled too from the muscle - most martial artists, real fitness guys are exactly the same - from JCVD To Stallone to anyone who does any real fitness as opposed to babbling about it on a free site) - hah. Lots of squats will do it, and 2. Camera angles. But even then, that ass SHOWS when I do pushups ... any sort. 

Benny likes my ass, and unfortunately has all sorts of nasty thoughts about it when I type "ass to grass" - just triple ugh, what more can I say. But please keep those thoughts to yourself Benny, or to Glyn, another confirmed "ass maniac" (are you into scamming old ladies as well Benny? Two of you would get along like peas in a pod, pun intended, though I wouldn't want to see the result of that giraffe partnership)... 

Form? Benny? The guy that can't get his chest to the floor on a siimple pushup, ass to the grass in a squat, clear his chin over the bar for a pull-up let alone hold ...talking about form? 

'nuff said ... lol. 


I thought I've been very public and honest in that I could care two hoots less about views. I'm all about CURATION my friend, and the lesser the better- so long as they're QUALITY folks that dont waste time on Tik Tok and claim they workout (when it shows they dont) like certain idiots I know... 

Some of my videos show a total of ONE view. There you go. One. lol. 

Some zero. 

But this I do know for a fact my friend, my BANK Account shows plenty more zeros after that 1 - more than yours ever did. And thats the metric I care about - its about the four quarters, NOT the 100 pennies... 

I dont think an idiot like him would process all this, so lets skip past it (skipping - hehe - poor Benny can't skip either since his ankles are too shot from the weight. Like the guy in Oman once told me when I was fat, "reduce that weight, it's not going to go on your dick!" (this was when I had a nasty ankle sprain and could barely walk)). 

He was right, Benny... 

Took me a while to get it, so dont worry - one day you will too and you'll say thank you. 

Onwards ... 

Chances are you'll never see this and you're too much of a coward to write back yourself without making a post about it first.

You're right, I would never have seen it - you caught me right before the eventual auto delete my friend. But somehow I'm not sorry I saw it - it just gives me a chance to tweak my systems better. ;) 

And if writing about something makes me a coward, well, best take a look at what you sent my friend. 

Really, this self projection ...lol. 

Last, but not least, the six commandments of Fat Boy's list on how to live life - 

Which one was I guilty of? 

ya'll write back and tell me! 


I just gotta say this, this nonsense of me making up "effed up things about his wife" - I'd like to hear what exactly. As I never once said anything about his wife, or anyone other than "pity" them for having to put up with this massive pestilence in their lives. Like I said, this is why I rarely discuss anything with anyone these days ... 

To end -

1. Completely ignore it
I would have. But you got lucky! Benny's lucky day. His highlight of the week? Hehe. 
2. Write about it and talk shit as if you're the shit even though you're a narcissist.
Nah. My friend, all those comments on the site, all those good things said about me - CUSTOMERS that pay good MONEY for my products said it. Those on my list say it. And I'd rather hear what they have to say other than Bozo sorts like you and other cheapasses ... 
Narcissist? For some one that preens and poses on Tikky Tok "excuse for workouts" thats pretty "sweet" -- next thing I know though, Benny will be paying me money to kiss the tip of my biceps. Dont believe me?It's happened - ask Bozo Schofield. Haha. 
3. Make a video telling 10 people how much of an idiot I am and you can out train me any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
Or maybe 1 person? is that OK? I can think of one right now I could send it to ... hehe. 
4. Use some kind of dumb reference either politically or compare me to a retard or something of that nature.
LOL. The self projection really shines...
5. Write/Record some of the same shit you've already said and act like it's a completely different thing.
6. Find a way to completely trash anything I do or say to make me seem like some dumbfuck who never trained a day in his life and make up some fucked up thing about my wife (which BTW makes you even more of a disgusting human being since you're reflecting on the terrible relationship with your own) 
Well, he pretty much described himself there. I dont need to do it! 
7. Try to outdo me in exercises that even you have hardly any real technique on
Again, from someone that cannot do a pull-up - someone that cannot get chest to the floor on pushups, someone that whines when he's told to do ass to grass on squats... 
I dont want to "outdo" or even train with someone like that - sorry - unless they're willing to learn from someone (me) who is truly a as he's been called (I can see Benny ignoring it) " a master of his craft". 
More to the point, why would I care Penny? 
I mean, I'm here to do business, not wack off to porn - or asses - or whatever - with nutjobs that have no job, no money, no business, do everything for "freeeeeeeee" ... et al? 
All I'm here for is to make sales my friend (in terms of youtube etc) - to teach folks - not to "outdo" you - quite frankly I could care less about that even if you were a super stud - which you're the exact opposite of, but even if you were...
This is exactly why I need to curate even MORE than I do now. Come to think of it, the affiliate system did a fine job of doing it on its lonesome by dumping your initial email in the trash where it belonged, my bad on responding to that and giving you a chance. Ugh. I'm too nice sometimes... 
My guess is within the next week....You'll do either number 1, use 4, 5 and highly likely do 2 or 3. Number 7 won't do you any good and 6 is probably something you won't be able to resist since you love to hear yourself talk like a parrot wanting a cracker. 
I triple dog dare you to even write back and say something and then write about it to your "audience" which really consists of maybe 5 people that have nothing better to do with their lives than listen to a right wing bullshitter who can't even keep a marriage in tact without some kind of drama or pouring hot dog flavored water fuckery about another human being. 
Well, since that you're that bored, I "wrote back". You dont have to triple, double, or quadruple dare me. hehe. You just have to make sure I catch the email before it gets auto deleted - which is within a day as far as I know, but I have to tweak it further - so thank you in that regard. 
I'm not much of a one for flavored water. I'd rather my cold beer. I'll leave the conoctions to Bozo and you - as Bruce Willis said in Expendables Two "are you two going to suck each other's dicks now" hehe. 
BTW, give me one reason on why I should "want" to keep a marriage I am getting nothing from and have got nothing from "intact"? 
I'm not much into self flagellation Benny. I walk away from situations that will never change. Attempting to change a NAzi feminist is akin to beating your head against a brick wall, of course, you wont get that. 
More to the point, I wasn't the one responsible for the current state of the so called relationship. Therefore, I'm not going to be the one to fix it (not that I care two hoots about it anyway). 
I dont live on my wife, my friend - unlike you. And thats all that needs to be said in terms of "pathetic". 
It might also, for those with a bit of brain which you dont seem to have consider this FACT - despite begging, pleading, cajoling from my parents and myself- the wife refuses to divorce me ... I wonder why? 
Hehe. I must truly be a good catch... 
I truly do hold all the aces my friend and I worked damn hard for it. 
Have a great day Rahul and I really hope you can find something original to come up with. 

The very fact you care shows how addicted you are - it'll never go away Benny. Accept the inevitable, pull out wifey's handbag, cajole her, BEG her to get the product for you. Believe me, one look at a real man's site, and she will. And no, I dont even mean that in the sense your warped mind is thinking - what she will think, and KNOW is this - DOER. As opposed to loser. Hehe. 

No, it doesnt mean she will buy my products because I have a nice ass (women love it - unlike those guys that claim theyre handsome but are really anything but - I really AM, my friend - not to mention ripped, rugged, a RED BLOODED MALE (stud) and in better shape than 99.9% of people out there - and Im proud of it since I WORKED for it, didnt come easy) - or because you like it, but because everyone can sense "real man" - and real. And although you're welcome to salivate about my ass and most likely soles too (ugh) - please do not come "near me" with those intentions, as you'll get your own ass handed to you in that case. Really, you LGBTQ faggoty sorts (not everyone is, but the ones that are that way) need to grow up and learn the meaning of goose and gander. Again, it's fine if you have your preferences, I'm all for it, my other business cater to that sort of person - but dont FORCE it down my throat, ugh. Please. Nice please. Or else... 

And thats that. 

Folks, when you put REAL information, REAL stuff out there, you'll attract this sort of nutjob into your life - galore. 

Profit Troll shows you how to profit off these fools - like a Godsend, everytime sales are somewhat slow (for Benny it's always a big fat zero apparently) or every time Glyn needs money, they show up here. LOL. They can't stay away, and its GREAT for the cash register. 

Trust me on this one. 

Anyway. Enough for now. Pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System which is the one and only system out there that will elevate you to beast - or superhuman status if you DO the thing and be real. 

And thats that!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Benny, I truly do want to return either to the States or perhaps Tassie in Oz. China ... well, its great, I love china too, but I'd REALLY like to return to the Southern United States, I love that part of the country. Unfortunately we dont welcome liberal LGBTQ loons like you down there too much so even if I DID want to train with you which I wouldn't in my wildest nightmares - then sorry, nothing doing my friend. 

It's called this tendency most people have to IGNORE what you say - or write - and simply listen to - or read - what they want to. 

Even putting words in black and white in front of these idiots matters not. 

For instance, some of the fools who whine about me calling people fat when they are (fact my friend, sorry if it offends you, but if you've got a big belly that hangeth over, if you can't do pull-ups chin over bar etc - then you're either fat or functionally WEAK - no two ways around it etc etc) ... they'll ignore everything else I tell them. 

They'll ignore the free help I give them, they'll ignore the great products that will get them into the sort of shape they really want to be - like I said yesterday, no-one really wants to be fat do they? Nah, I didnt think so!) ... and since these sort of nutjobs that ignore FACT - and prefer to focus on their warped versions of reality (my wife is a perfect example of this as well) ... there's no real point talking to them. 

No goose and gander, no discussion of any nature, as it's always their way or the highway. 

Now, Nazi feminist women or entitled brats are one thing. 

For instance, Nandini, a girl I met online who claimed to get me a credit card when I wanted one - it was evident from the get go all she was interested in was "something else" - and NOT getting me credit cards, or any sort of business at all. 

Unfortunately, she's boring, fat and a liar who masquerades to be someone she's not, sends out pitures of her "at her best" - and not what she is "now" (which is fat and out of shape) ... and therefore, she never really captured my interest. 

She's great for someone like Glyn though - but wait- he's too cheap, never pays, and she wants one thing as usual - MONEY. 

I remember trying to tell her how she nigh ignored everything I Said, and just got in touch with me when she needed money. 

According to this loon, it's "her right not to respond to whatever she doesnt want to". 

Which is code for saying "I'm not interested in talking". 

OK, fair enough. 

So, I didnt respond to her bullshit asking for money. 

Of course, when THEY want something - they'll keep asking, so she did. 

Then she whined about "how she didnt need my help, how she was independent" and so forth. 

Honey, I never said you were or weren't - the facts pretty much point it out. She's one of those girls constantly latching on to guys for money - and a lot of desperados actually probably send it - and then remove her from their lives. 

I did so - anyway, when I responded to her request with "goose and gander", she retorted back with this "dont talk to me anymore!" 

In other words, do what this nutjob wants, never say what you want, just be an ATM for her, and so forth. 

What a fool. Hehe. 

Nazi feminist idiots usually ARE that ... 

Women aren't the only ones though - men controlled by women are the same. 

It's why I rarely, if ever, discuss anything with family - or "friends" - any more - the only discussions I have these days are business related, and I prefer it like that. 

I dont know what it is with people in general, but the vast majority of lunatics out there see and read only what they WANT to. 

And thats not the sort of discussion that to me is either rational, productive, or logical. 

And therefore, my policy of BLOCKING continues ... - oh, customer service ain't exactly the best either. 

Know when someone will give you the time of day my friend? 

Listen to what you have to say - all of it , read - all of it? 

When you've got something THEY Want. 

They'll find all sorts of excuses to get in touch with you at that point ... 

Life, my friend, is a long term negotiation game. 

So is fitness in many ways ... 

There's ups, downs, there's days you feel great, days you feel like shit, but you keep pushing on. 

And you stick to your guns no matter what. 

Ultimately that persistence wins out - and I, and my followers (I prefer using the term customers, but whatever) are living proof of this. 

If you're interested in our secrets (price wankers not wanted) - then the 0 Excuses Fitness System is your BABY. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I'm BRUTAL about calling folks out. I always have been. Hey, these same folks wouldn't stop to tear me down when I was down and kick me further down - hehe. So be it. The wheel always comes full circle, my friend - and I dont expect no quarters, neither do I take none ... 

I focus on big shiny DOLLAR bills. Hehe. 

Last night, I knew it - yet, I went to sleep in that position anyway. 

I knew when I turned over on my side "something was off". 

And this morning, I woke up with a STIFF, sore neck - the likes of which I haven't seen for months, barely able to turn my head sideways if at all. Hehe. 

We've all been there, along with the stiffness at the BACK OF THE HEAD TOO! 

Traps, etc. Now, maybe some advanced exercises contributed to some of it, but it was poor posture last night, stress, and so forth. 

Most would think "massage" as a remedy that works for this, and deep tissue massage does work, yes (there is a reason why I Dedicate an entire CHAPTER in 0 Excuses Fitness to massage - it deserves it!). 

But what if you dont have someone to massage the knots and kinks out, or just plain prefer not to go for a massage? 

Some of those idiotic machines (the foot massage machine my wife so loves - ugh) might do the trick, but they dont long term - thats UNNATURAL massage. 

(by all means use machines if you have to - no problem, I'm just giving it to you straight, just like machines at the gym - all of it is unnatural). 

The neck bridge explained in the book above (0 Excuses Fitness) is an excellent way to keep stiff necks away but you gotta work up to it my friend. 

And one remedy that works instantly - is something I've shared in the Ship before, a TOP secret method not shared before with anyone outside that group before, yet, I'm sharing it with you on this list now. 

It's so simple you'll "shake your head in amazement" - if you can right now that is. Hehe. 

And you'll feel like a bazillion bucks once done. 

It is this - simply move your head in the  opposite direction from which it's sore. And apply pressure with your hands - as much as you can - in the reverse direction. 

So, you move your head towards the left, but your hands stop it, moving it towards the right. 

This "push of war" between two sides works the neck muscles - or any other you so choose (no, not the one down there, lol) - ISOMETRICALLY - statically - and the principles of dynamic tension apply. 

The more you work the muscle, the more impurities RACE out of it, and fresh blood pours into it - and thus you feel better almost instantly. 

Works in all directions too - up, down, sideways - and so forth. 

And there's plenty of other means too - so simple people pooh pooh at these methods, but the simplest means always and often (not in that order) work the BEST! 

Thats yet another benefit of Isometric and Flexiblity Training - you recover from aches, sprains, and those annoying niggles a LOT quicker when you incorporate these techniques into your routine. 

Remember this the next thing you're sorer than sore, either from poor posture or a tough workout (or too much computer screen/dumbphone time - especially the latter) and barely able to move ... 

And get the above book NOW

Start learning, and incorporating into your routine TODAY. 

Thats that. then ... 

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee (PS - Yes, I'm applying the same techniques to myself right NOW too!). Haha. 

One of my pet "dislikes" (and there are many) about my "significant" other is this habit she's developed over the last year or so to keep staring at the dumbphone when I come in to talk to her (which isn't a lot at all). 

It's her childish way of showing "disrespect" - and she thinks, at the age of 35 plus "it's cool" (know those airheads you see on the phone China style, "eyes glued to the phone" even if a damned bomb burst under their seat). 

Now, her own life - and the way she runs it - utter catastrophe in many ways, and I've discussed that before, the results, or lack thereof, and so forth ... 

But what I want to discuss today? 


And those growing up in these sort of dysfunctional families. 

I should know, hey. 

I grew up in one - and if it hadn't been for the extremely tough love I've received all my life - and my own BRAIN - and a will (back when folks actually had a will as opposed to doing what the Guru on the dumbphone prattles on about) ... I'd be a complete wreck as of now, or maybe worse. 

This morning, I was doing the usual, pacing about in my room thinking of business issues, growing the businesses, and so forth - which the first few hours of every day and indeed throughout the day - I'm THINKING. 

Issues that bother me, issues that need to be solved, and so forth- but what I do NOT do the first thing in the morning is flop down into the sofa, legs spread wide apart, and get on the dumbphone and watch idiocy. 

That has been my wife's life for YEARS now, and unfortunately she's managed to, by virtue of "leading by example" - get the daugher to morph into a future "her" as well in that regard. Ugh. 

I was always very against getting the daughter a dumbphone at the age of 7. There are far better things one can give their kids, of course, try explaining that to a Nazi feminist who runs to the nearest "backed up by a cuckold" Nazi feminist mother in law who will shower her with free goodies if just because "big bad Rahul dared say a word against her". 

My family's been the sort where a woman could literally run rampant over, or even maybe some day "off" a guy - and they'd be like oh the girl must have had a reason, guy did it, they wouldn't bother thinking of reasons or lack thereof. 

Now I'm well used to all of this, but the point is this -kids. 

I'd rather see my daugher play, exercise, do some of the things I do - which the example is right there in front of her. 

Yet, the wife outyells me - and her - in everything, and as my mother correctly says "my daughter is petrified of her mother". 

She doesnt need to be, I keep telling her, but when the wife clutches her closely to her everywhere she goes, the little lamb has no choice but to be petrified of a loony Mary ... 

Sound familiar, this story? To some of you it will ... 

The way these women literally damage kids - then turn around and blame it on the kids - and of course, then men - everyone but their own damned selves, I mean geez, growing up, I was taunted at home big time for wanting to be fit - how stupid is that? 

When I wanted to play soccer, and other manly sports, I was told "I was no good" so we won't buy you equipment to do it (which was basically all I wanted was shoes). 

And so forth. 

I was never shown the way, no example was set - changing car tyres, driving, drinking a beer, all the "manly" things a guy should be doing - or for that matter LIFE, or business. 

My father was always quick to tell me I could never run my own business. 

Yet, he never once told me HOW to do so. 

Maybe because he never managed it himself!

My Uncle took me to his office once - an Uncle who I barely ever stay in touch with "wolf" as he calls me. Hehe. 

I still remember that. 

I dont remember my father taking me to, or even being OPEN about his own office to me ever - or my sister for that matter. For my mom that was always adults talk - of course, she neglected to know this - "kids learn by example". 

Not everyone needs to be a fitness expert, no. 

Not everyone needs to be a visualization guru. 

I might be a lot of those things, but the bottom line - waking up each morning and staring at the dumbphone is one thing - brain destroying. 

And all else the kids see in these households, the way their mothers live, nasty, lazy and ... whats the term? Filthy homes with dishes overflowing, the bed never made, garganturan bundles of clothes constantly piled up - I never saw that growing up, but my daughter does. 

All the time. 

And this "under the wife's thumb" where I "have no say in it". 

So much for letting women be in control and run the show - now thats not to say ALL women are like this. 

I know plenty that haven't allowed their kids a phone till the age of 16, I know plenty who believe in doing their own chores and not ranting about self entitled prima donna "maids" and so forth, I know plenty that believe in WORKING for a living as opposed to "what is the next freebie" I can get ... and so forth. 

But I'm talking Nazi feminists here, sadly, there are a lot of them out there my friend. 


I'll close off with this one quote which I saw and loved - basically one about "anytime a woman breaks up with you, she's betting against your future. It's your job to make her regret it".   

(I see a lot of these quotes, but this one really struck home, I generally don't retweet or reshare these "motivational" quotes though I'm not saying they're wrong or bad, but THIS one - was one of the rare ones I shared, and given so many people liking it - there must be something to it. Hehe). 

I do that everyday with my significant other. Hehe. 

Albeit indirectly, and the way to win against Nazi feminism isnt the direct "brutal" way - that way will get you nowhere fast - if at all. 

The indirect way is explained here, my friend - in the one and only book of it's kind - https://www.0excusesfitness.com/how-to-not-only-combat-and-win-against-but-profit-big-time-from-the-nazi-feminist-disease-plaguing-modern-day-society/

Audiobook here - https://www.audible.com/pd/B0BZWLNKYJ/?source_code=AUDFPWS0223189MWT-BK-ACX0-342669&ref=acx_bty_BK_ACX0_342669_rh_us

And thats that, my friend. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Guys, and this needs to be said - if nothing else, maintain control over your finances. All too often I see guys bending to the whims of idiotic women thinking "on the spur of the moment" with NO long term vision and making purchases etc. One of the keys to success is RATIONALLY evaluating each and every purchase - I've done that for years with my wife, and none of - literally NONE - the things she;s bought or wants me to buy (which I didnt a lot of times) have any long term value, if anything, they have a net long term LOSS. 

"School project. We need these things NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 


Yet days later, the supplies sit there, unused, the dumbphone is the only thing that is used - of course, until the mother decides its time to get off the phone and get the kid to do some homework for a change. 

She complains about my own mother "stocking up" for emergencies (not saying my mom is any less culpable) - I tell her, well, in those days thats how it used to be, old habits die hard, yet rants up a storm when she deems I dont stock up on essentials. 

Essentials that when I tell her show up at home she's too busy on the dumbphone or bitching with the fat ass she calls her "maid" to even acknowlege they're there - and they sit there literally rotting in the fridge, when you tell her thats money wasted, she yells up a storm. 

Truly, I'm seeing the effects of "having it all on a golden platter in front of her". LOL. Hilarious, but sad as well... 

Utter lunacy my friend, and you, the RATIONAL MALE reading this would be best advised keeping control, insight, and even TALK about your business, life and finances to yourself. 

Way too few men do that though unfortunately ... 

I originally wanted to title this "the fine line between abuse and tough love" - which it could be too - maybe I'll title it that on the other site!

But yeah, the relationship - one of the best, if not THE best - certainly the steamiest I've been involved in, and that says a hell of a lot (you know the girls in love when she happily giggles in class "I'm plump" - when you explain plump to her - and freely admits the happiness due to the relationship was in small part responsible for some of the extra, in her case "oh so cute" pounds). 

It ended stormily too - yin and yang. 

And it was the best damn thing that ever happened to me - fitness wise - life wise - in all regards - both the relationship itself and the ending. 

Lets talk fitness, friend. 

I was in my somewhat phat and unfit days those days - though I still hiked hills, but nowhere near what I should have - and certainly not as fat as I used to be before, and people always made a point to tell me about it. 

Apparently my confidence, doing pull-ups even at that weight (yes, getting chin over bar) pissed them off so much that they had to call the fat boy out for being fat - which is what he was - big time. 

It never bothered me one damn bit. 

When I started (restarted) hiking after years, it still didnt bother me. 

When I was with Carol - both of us exercised for reasons other than fitness if you get my drift. Hehe. 

I'm not even going to get into "women love something extra to grab onto" - no - the X shape is what everyone, male/female likes. 

Know when I really, really started to get super fit around 2016 ? 

AFTER my breakup with Carol. 

I felt rage and anger of the sort I never felt towards anyone else - no I wasn't angry at or with her - it was "one of those things". 

I couldn't concentrate - focus - on anything. 

To get this out of my system, I started climbing hills x 5. 

Hiking first twice a day then thrice - then four times. 

Along the way, I kept getting astonished comments about my rapid, almost magical weight loss daily - and when in 2016 (again, reasons not important) I went completely cold turkey off beer - oh boy. 


Now, point being made is this - and it's a common whine a lot of folks have about "hurting feelings" and other crap. 

Sometimes, you call a spade a spade, and that ain't abuse, friend. It's tough love that hits home - and that hitting home- that EMOTION is what channels into your ACTS thereafter and gets you results. 

Unless you're content to be a loser and sit at home and whine while the world passes you by in terms of results in all areas, emotion is key. 

If you ain't fired up and ANGRY about something, chances are you wont achieve that something - period. 

Or, overly enthusiastic about it ... 

If it's not a red hot DESIRE, something you have to DO, though you dont quite know why - it wont accomplish squat. 

No pun intended. 

In my own case, the jibes etc never bothered me. 

Hey, all good. 

What did bother me was the breakup - and boy did I use that rage constructively - though even I did not know it at the time! 

Getting things out of your system physically can sometimes be the best thing you do for yourself!

And I would NEVER Have got into the shape I eventually did if it hadn't been for that ANGER starting a RED HOT FIRE INSIDE OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So if you're one of the many people that gets "offended" if you're fat and I call you fat, and whines about feelings - well, feeling is exactly what this is about. 

What seperates the doers from the fools (see the latest review Pushup Central - THE READER!...) got in that regard HERE ... is taking action backed up by EMOTION which FUELS it. 

Bottom line, friend. 

And that key concept is explained in many different ways over and over again in Zero to HERO!

Further, most of these whiny sorts - the phat, out of shape lazy sorts - have - some very notable exceptions excluded - ole Donald being one - SHIT going on in their lives period, and it makes sense. If you cannot respect your own body enough to the point, as noted Indian actor Akshay Kumar once said "the day I dont train and take care of my body daily - that day is the day I'll break my own body to pieces" - then nothing and no-one will ultimately respect YOU, my friend. 

I dont even know if this makes sense to a lot of people reading it - probably not, but the doers, well, you know who you are. 

As a lady recently told me - I dont care if someone marries a giraffe, just dont make me pay for their love child. Hehe. 

And she's right. 

This fat and lazy sort is exactly the sort that doesnt understand goose and gander, and it shows in their lives ... 

Funnily enough, it was that sort who used to call me out for that - when I was doing far more at that weight than those idiots ever could. 

OK, thats that. 

Take from this what you will - and get in the best shape of your life starting NOW - ZERO EXCUSES!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Another case in point? The ole significant other, and the numerous hired helps she goes through - dissatisfied. 

It's the subcontinent she is in, so for those saying "wow! Maids! She doesnt realize how lucky she is!" - well, they're all "lucky" - if you can call it that - around that part of the globe. Cheap labor and that (yeah right - like the submissive women in China myth - but I wont go there!). 

Is it a coincidence that the in shape (well over 50) worker she hired before (and let go because she got flirty with me - hey, those boobs. I couldn't resist!) used to do a damn fine job, show up on time etc - never take off's without informing her in advance for the most part ... 

... and that the fat Nazi feminist c*** she's hired now is the polar opposite? Ugh! 

I dont believe in coincidences, never have, but thats how it goes, my friend ... 

Again, take from this whatever lessons you may. 

They're all TRUE! 

The "lovely" wife has gotten the idea over the past year or so that it's OK to poke fun of all nature at "Papa" - but not at herself, and never at the daughter - and she's trying to drill this into the daughter. Hehe. 

Now, I love a good natured ribbing. 

But when the jokes center around "he used to be SO fat!" - and "he does 500 pushups daily" followed by "have you done them today" (useless questions from out of shape people who couldn't do a pushup to save their life if they had to) - and the underlying current of negativity and "impotency" (they know I'm heading somewhere - while they remain stuck for the most part and ain't heading nowhere) ... it gets annoying. 

Of course, saying it directly would lead to ... well, you know what. 

So I just grin anyway. 

But one of the interesting things that struck me about the statement? 

She doesnt know how true it is. Hehe. 

Circa my five day fasts where I Do 500 pushups and more - and emerge STRONGER and fitter than ever before, despite what the idiots (people in general) say about "eating three squares a day". 

These, and other fitness (diet related, actually) fallacies are debunked in the Simple and Effective Diet. 

The fitness fallacies are debunked in all my other books

And you know when you get to a point you're trolled by thousands, even your own "family" - you've gotten to a place success wise where most people will never reach in their lives. Hehe. 

And, you know you should trust this cat when he says what he does!

Anyway - to end this short note - today is the last day of that 50% off sale we are having. 

Now, SOME of you have expressed interested, but have not followed through with action. 

Dont be that person, my friend. 

If you say you'll do something, if you say you're interested, then TAKE ACTION, show the world you're SERIOUS about your health and fitness, not just "being on the list for freebies" which to be honest is not what I want, my friend. 

Support us - and yourself. 

And we're giving you all the tools, both financial and otherwise to do so, you'd literally be a nutcase not to take advantage of this despite all my numerous callouts. 

Alright, thats it for now. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Wednesday, 12 April 2023 09:05

Women, logic and MORE ...

Or the lack therof, I should say. 

picture this - 

My mother's operation went well and she was making good progress but unknown to me she has not been taking the antibiotics (she doesn't like taking them???) that were prescribed for her by her consultant.

This only came to light when she had to go to have the wound drained of fluid, it appears her noncompliance has now resulted in an infected wound and there is now a real possibility that if this doesn't resolve itself with the now stronger antibiotics she's been told she must take it could mean another stay in hospital and having the antibiotics through I. V. at 88 years of age you would have thought she would know better, obviously not.

Now, remember this isn't your run of the mill operations, it's a SERIOUS operation- I'm not going to name who wrote back about this (its his Mom) or the specifics of the operation, but it ain't piddly I'll give you that. And my Mom had the same thing happen to her too. 

My mom probably did take her antibiotics as far as I know, unreasonable and completely illogical though she can be on other fronts, but this - man. 

As I wrote back to my friend saying "women and logic dont go well together". 


Need more examples - one that Bozo Glyn would love at that? 

Well, this lovely "maid" that the wife hired that she couldn't praise highly to the heavens when she first hired her (and I wasn't praising her at that point) - is now on the verge of being fired. 

Not necessarily because she has competition from Glyn, hehe. 

But two main reasons. 

One, the more upfront one being this - as soon as my wife hired another maid to do the dishes (dont get me started, this doggone maid fetish everyone in her neck of the woods and apparently some nuts in the UK too have) - this maid got wind of it (because the cudgel fell on ME to find a maid, and I ain't running around talking to maids for sure, so I asked this lady to find another one of her ilk - of course Madam couldn't or didnt - didnt being more likely) - and so I asked another guy to find one, long story short, as with all the other maids she's hired, she didnt get along with her (and she was a crappy worker) and she fired her, and then hired another one of her old favorites. 

I asked her why she didnt hire the old favorite off the bat instead of asking me to find one, of course I did not get any answer other than "I did not have her number" which might or might not be true, but hey, why not just try and find her like she did later? 

Boggles the mind, anyway the other maid - she got wind of it, and of course, women getting catty when another woman steps in their domain is nothing new, as the wife herself says "women are each other's worst enemies" and apparently she got pissed she was being paid less for more percieved work or the other way around and - well - long story short, the wife "done" got the red ass, and now it is what it is ... 

...except, that aint the real reason. 

The real reason is what she snarkily refers to this lady as "your girlfriend" when she talks to me. 

Admittedly I've been ogling her substantial assets of as late, and she's quite the flirtatious sort ... 

Beyond that though, nothing, but women can feel these things. 


And that, more than anything pissed her off... 

It's this sort of knowledge, my friend, the knowledge of the female pysche - as well as a lot of trolls etc which enables me to talk about the mind, put out WORLD BEATING courses like "How to not only COMBAT and WIN AGAINST – but PROFIT (big time) from the Nazi Feminist DISEASE plaguing modern day society. (0excusesfitness.com)"  - or "Profit Troll (0excusesfitness.com)". 

(edit - for the idiots who will no doubt get back screaming "woman bashing" - no I aint' either. I'm being the practical and rational male I always am, and its a WOMAN whose narrated the course above and many of my other courses on audible, and done a damn fine SKIPPY PERFECT job at that - thank you Ma'am!) 

I suppose I could have called them Feminazis as everyone seems to, and benefit more (more views etc) but does that really matter? 

I called them the technically correct term. 

And thats how it will - shall - remain, and its a great time with the 50% off we have going on (only for those on the list tho) to get these two world class and one of a kind courses NOW, and start benefiting from 'em like never before. 

I was going to write to my friend about this, but figured I'd write to all of you about it, so I have now!

And I'll be back shortly. Got through a few pushups and club swings before Bodacious Bhagwati - or "Bhago Darling" (run darling, lol, literal translation) as I call her showed up. 

back soon! I was going to do a 100 pushups, but the assets slowed me down, hehe, as did her lovely legs ...so, 25 fingertip pushups, 100 clubs swings and a few pull-ups in, its back to MORE, I'd tell my friend that too, so I'm telling you too! ;) 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Boys will be boys! Gotta admit, this dame -- she's GOT IT! :) 

PS #2  And of course, the wife won't admit it, saying I'm an idiot for thinking that way and that "it isn't about that, its about the work". 

But the subconscious mind finds way to manifest what you truly desire, my friend, and this is yet another example! Hehe.

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