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Not so much to catch a glimpse of Sly's rugged forearms again ... but because, well, it's old school, it's ACTION - REAL action, not the make believe action they show these days - real stuff I love - from the old guys - done old school style!

As a certain Vince Palko once told me back when I still got on FB - "good to know the old guys are still around!"


He's right. He's one of them!

In a world where old school values are rapidly failing, where you're either a third gender or not - (as opposed to men being men and women being women and God forbid anyone says "that is natural!") ... well, Sly is often called a dinosaur.

But he's also the "last man standing".

In cricket, in life, sports, business, movies ... the dude (or lady) who takes it to the LAST ball, the LAST over, the LAST scene, the LAST ... well, chapter if I may - he - or she - is usually the one that ends up getting the plaudits, money, success - and rightfully so - the rest fade away ultimately.

Truly great people stick it through thick and thin to get to where they want to be.

They know, like a certain "Ms Dhoni" in India - that if you take the damn match to the last over, the last ball, then ANYTHING can happen - and if you're well set by then, which you are, if you've taken it that deep yourself, then chances are you will pull off the win, a stunning one at that.

Dhoni pulled off many for India!

I know I was dreaming of a certain Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly, another dynamic opening batting pair in India that broke, set and shattered many a record this morning ... anyway, WHERE the fuck was I.

ah yes, the Expendables.

So, I dont even know if it'll get mae. But hey, Rambo V got made - maybe this will too!

And the one guy I'd really like to see in the franchise - and I'm sure they've thought of him too?


I remember a great interview, lots of fun that Steve Austin once did (he's ALWAYS fun) - it's probably floating around on Youtube or something even NOW. And in there, he mentioned the Expendables (first movie in the series) - and how "great, now I'll be known as the guy that broke Sylvester Stallone's neck!"

Which apparently happened because sly is huge on making his stunts look real, punches "for real" (Dolph Lungdren reportedly once punched him "for real" during Rocky IV, and he had to be taken to hospital!) ...

Which is how it should be, and so, well, accidents happen, they did during that series, and many others!

Dysfunction and chaos at it's very best - producing great results. Hehe.

We'll get to dysfunction later, for now?

I'd say Iron Mike definitely deserves to be in there too with all the other old school guys!

"Your kicks vs my fists", and then that famous peekaboo style he has STILL Got ...

That was in one of the IP man movies he did - and damn, dude gave a pretty good account of himself against the top martial artist in Hong Kong.

Which is to be expected.

Give me a top level boxer that can MOVE - predict how the opponent will throw a punch, or kick and react before that - and I'll take a boxer anyday over a martial artist in a street fight.

Not always, but most of the time - all else being equal, you can't beat boxing (and wrestling).

Martial artists will be the first to tell you that as well.

Those kicks look great, but they're also great to get someone off balance - IF you can see it coming, of course!

And I dont know, maybe bring back Jean Claude Van Damme too! He did GREAT I thought in Expendables 2 as a believable villian - I love most of his work, so what can I Say (not so much Steven Seagal though, I've never really liked what he's done).

Chuck Norris, Van Damme, and Iron Mike.

And hey, in his prime, I'd bet on ole Mike ANYDAY in a fight against either one of those two (which is NO disrespect meant to either one of them, both top level sold martial artists till this day, but Mike Tyson in his prime, man, that was something else altogether! A certain Brad Pitt lived to tell about it...)

Anyway - random thoughts from me.

Some more -

If you really want to know what people think of , or maybe "associate with you" or see you as, or what not ... see what they save your name in their dumbphone as. Hehe. Or even on the flip phone

I'm different in this regard in that I've always, and still, save names of people by their first name, and thats that.

If they're there for a reason then I put something else after the name like "visa guy" or something like that.

But it's always interesting to see how others call you "Yukit" (supreme planner in Hindi) or "Ma'am's husband" (which was downright hilarious, dude that does my visas, I mean OK, "Ma'am" was the one that was doing all the co-ordination when I was in China (well, until 2016 or so), then happier times ended, I did it myself, I still do - OK, she found him at some agency, and so forth, I got her to do some business through him, so from all those angles it makes perfect business sense - and no, despite what some idiots might think, nothing else going on - but still, I was like dude, at least save my name as ME, I've been paying you for damn near seven or so years now straight...hehe).

Not that he meant bad.

He didnt.

But it's hilarious often!

Random thought numero two - or "dos" for our amigos reading this?

Well, if you ever get to know people's passwords, which obviously I dont advocate hacking into etc, you'll know what is REALLY dear to them - whether they know it or not.

Ditto for what they sing in the shower, the words they often use, and so forth. The mighty subconscious manifests itself in different ways my friend.

You just have to be agile enough to spot it.


On the Pushup Central page, Iron Mike is one of the guys I mention - a LOT.

And with damned good reason.

If there was one exercise that he did repeatedly, ONE exercise that turned him into a BEAST incarnate during his hey day - one exercise that Herschel Walker did, and still does - and MOST doers do - it is the good ole pushup.

Nothing replaces it.

Do it enough, do it daily, do it multiple times daily, do it often, you'll feel a POWER you cannot get from ANY other exercise.

Truly, the oldest exercise around probably, and for a damn good reason.

If you want to be a monster, a human BEAST - then you have to do what is mentioned in Pushup Central, period, no two ways around it.

As a certain customer once said about the book "you'll truly build INDESTRUCTIBLE humans" with this course!

So it is, my friend. So it is.

But agility - Tyson was as agile as a mother goose as well my friend.

And Jump Rope Mania - and some of the hidden tips, tricks, techniques and of course the damn WORKOUTS in the book are a great way to getting YOU there too.

Pushups and jumping rope just go together, I dont know why, but they DO.

Next, remember to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System too, it's a baseline for damn near everything, much like wrestling is a baseline for any other combat sport you engage in/practice.

Unless you prefer putting the cart before the horse of course...

And since this has gone on for long enough, I'm out.

But hey, I've been thinking about it since last night!

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Oh yeah, dysfunction, this morning I was thinking about my family, the number of rapidly burgenoning nieces and probably nephews too, hell, I dont know - that "Uncle Rahul" has .. (I prefer Rahul, hehe) ... and never gets told about.

Not that anyone in my so called family tells anyone anything, the father's side of the family is never even mentioned, no-one knows what goes on there - mother's side, well, always mentioned, but always kept secret too - ah well, families, dysfunction, I'm sure y'all reading this can identify to an extent, but I really doubt most people have dealt with the level of dysfunction that is present in yours truly's "family".

Except the real doers, they have, and then some.

OK, enough for now.

All the BS that goes on these days, the "you're good!" BS when you aren't, the feel good nonsense that is supposed to attract nirvana, magical results without you doing much and what "everyone" wants i.e. a pot of gold x 1000 (or a million, hehe) to themselves - it's permeating through to kids big time.

Something I often wish I could tell my wife (no point telling her much of course, or anything) is this - go easy on it when it comes to KIDS.

I wrote about this this morning.

It's one thing to brainwash yourself as an adult knowing you're doing so and being cognizant of your own failures, and refusal to CHANGE or accept what YOU Did wrong.

Evey adult has the right to make choices for himself or herself...

But kids, especially young kids?

I keep hearing my wife tell my daughter for one "You're the best!" - when she isn't.

"You're so slim!" when she's GAINED Weight over the past couple of years. (or last year, or what have you).

And so forth.

Now, dont get me wrong.

Being POSITIVE is what should be done, and NO, I am not advocating the polar opposite either - what happened to me as a kid, and what happened to the wife, and all of our generation with "way too much tough love" than was required or necessary (and we're seeing the results of all that pent up animosity now in the world TODAY are we not?) ...

But there is a limit to everything, excessive cossetting and molly codding is harmful, downright injurious to health - both mental and physical - and accomplishment of ANY NATURE, either as a kid or adult.

Saying "you're the best" when you're not even trying ... well, that leads to be being lazy and a sense of self entitlement which I unfortunately see developing in my daughter (though I do nip it in the bud often).

What I wish people would say more?

You CAN be the best.

Not "are" when you're not.

Now if you ARE the best at something, then so be it - but chances are you wont feel the need to say it then or even will say it - your results will speak for themselves in many ways.

Sure, you CAN say it at that point ...

But saying you're making a million dollars when you're broke, saying "you have it all" and "feel good vibes" when the reality is the polar opposite, all of this tends to have the opposite impact long term and a far more deleterious impact/effect than most realize.

Sometimes, tough love is exactly what is required, and I get it till this day, and would NOT have it any other way.

I've mentioned how as well! (if you have been paying attention to these here dispatches, hehe). And I'm super tough on myself personally - in all regards - till this date.

No, I'm not a perfectionist, I would not advocate you be one either, but I do things per a schedule, I have DISCIPLINE, I "get her done no matter what" and a host of other unsexy things that people ignore, but are really what "in the the trenches for YEARS" lead to you becoming the best, and staying there.

The best for the best fitness wise, as I'm proud of saying.

And the results speaketh for themselves, my friend.

Back to fitness?

Kiddie Fitness is the BEST resource - by far (again, like I keep saying, I challenge you to show me one better) - if you've got kids , and indeed these movements - most adults wont be able to do them properly starting out - especially balance wise - that need more exercise than screen time, and most these days DO.

0 Excuses Fitness, and all of our other products are by far the best when it comes to fitness for adults and other verticals.

And what I wish people would hear more, daughter included.

You CAN be the best, but you have to put in the Time, the effort, the HARD WORK, the unsexy stuff.

Ah, but how dare I.

How can I even say that, the marketers here will say, you're killing sales that way!

so be it.

I'd rather sell to those that GET IT.

And not make false promises, overpromise, underdeliver - I'd rather keep up to the 0 Excuses Fitness mantra of underpromising big time and over delivering by the same damned magnitude and then some.

Alright, enough for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

"You've got the hair, boi" !

So said Tyrone Eric Milalkuwhat Blanks, him of the "floor humper pushups". hehe when we were discussing my prowress at a certain area despite being unfit as PHOCK during my college days, and his lack thereof (well, relatively speaking, he still did pretty good with the black girls, I'll give him that, for some reason he kept calling me the rainbow pimp though!).

(that link up there says spiderman pushups, but that wasnt what he was refering to - more on that in Pushup Central. If you are truly interested in Eric's description (his nick name) - then go HERE).😁😁

 Anyway, this isn't to tell you about my hair, or the bald spot at the top of my head most dont notice (not because I try and hide it, its just the way it is).

My wife tried "in vain" to get rid of it.

All those nights spent working on Dongguan Expat with Major General Michael no doubt contributed to it.

"You know, Rahul, I've got this bald spot on the top of my head which is getting BIGGER with every passing minute", I remember him saying - before I finally got the key to fixing why Google Ads would not display  on PhpNuke.


Those - them - were the DAYS!

Now, I am not saying this because "I'm an odd dude" either.

That was some fool who didnt obey rules in my group, got kicked out, then bitched up and down about it.

It isn't to tell you about my prowress in bed.

It isn't to tell you what to do and what NOT TO DO beauty or hair wise. I'll leave that expertise up to the Metrosexual Bozos like Glyn Schofield and apparently a sizeable proportion of so called men out there...

IT ant my area of expertise. It never will be. I dont WANT it to be either, so go ahead and put raw egg yolk in your hair if you want (supposed to be good for it, hehe) - or rub your face up and down with banana peels as the wife does (that one caught me by surprise. Supposed to be some sort of facial, yet that skin doesn't clear up no matter what, could it be fitness related - ah wait. How dare I go there!).

(actually, a LOT OF problems, including skin are related to fitness, specifically, CORE FITNESS - get that core in shape, you might be surprised to find out it ain't just mouth ulcers and digestive issues that go away - your skin, your breathing, ALL of it improves if done right. More on this in Corrugated Core (if you can spot it!)).

I do it well ... two reasons, one, like Nicholas Cage in "The Rock" - "almost blew the house up when I was 11" (not really, hehe) - I love to experiment.

It ain't got nothing to do with money either, I'll often use shampoo for laundry detergent, the hair dryer to dry a pair of stubborn johns - and so forth - I'll often use things not so called meant for "this purpose" for that - end of the day, its like food, all "mixes in your stomach" as the wife loves to say, no need to get too fancy - same thing with soap. Hehe.

Its just a simple memory.

When I was a little boy, I went swimming with my grandad in a big ole lake, and thats mentioned in 16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections as part of the rest, I believe.

And I remember him washing his hair out with soap as we showered post lake (and post pool - we did both - 430 AM morning calls!).

Gotta give it to him - 70 plus, waking up every damn morning, working till 10 ...

Gotta give it to me too- but hey, whose counting the gotta gives. Hehe.

Anyway - point of this?

Isn't the hair, or my grandfather's memories (really, I just do it sometimes, nothing to do with him or the memory, just seems to make sense for me) - is this.


Your workouts were not meant to be staid and boring.

No, that aint an excuse to be lazy and lethargic and skip out on high rep squats saying "they're boring".

You follow certain guidelines - the base lines laid out in 0 Excuses Fitness, there is NO GETTING AROUND the fact that fundamentals MUST NOT BE IGNORED!

But you experiment, my friend.

Thats why I give you such a wide variety of workouts in all my books - truth be told, if you use your brain, you could come up with an even wider variety of workouts tailored to YOU - if you really try, and want to.

It's EASY, once you get into the spirit - or hang of things. Thangs. Hehe.

Lots of memories pumpin in post shower - TMI?

Nah, I dont think so.

I'm out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The girls never seemed to mind the bald spot, hehe. So much for Dad droning on about "I'm sure they'll find you cute without the hair"!

Ah, the hair, something everyone so called close to me has tried me to get to shed - unsuccessfully at the very end.

So it BE.

Can't stop a man from doing what a man wants to, ultimately, why some people would want to beats me, but hey.

And thats the bottom line cuz... I said so, hehe (nah, cuz - is - IS!).

I really should create a new category on the site "stretching" along with many more. Project on hold for now though - maybe soon! So much to DO . . . so little TIME . . . Hehe. Gotta prioritize!

Anyway, I dont know if Van Damme patented those splits, but he might well have.

It's also basic training in Karate, Taekwondo etc (part of basic training) - if you haven't done it with partners forcing your legs open (no puns please) - then you ain't really trained any sort of martial art, period.

Unless you consider boxing to be a martial art where it's not heavily emphasized...

But anyway - this one stretch, my friend - I've been taking it easy for the past couple of days, and haven't done a lot exercise wise (though what I did do is enough to kick most people in the can anyway) and so something was off, I felt it today.

I did squats, pull-ups - and animal kingdom workouts - felt great - but something was still OFF.

I couldn't pin point it, then instinctively I dropped down into the splits. Something I could never ever even start to do - not even when I was training Taekwondo as a kid without being assisted, let alone properly.

Today, I can get almost all the way there myself (side splits).

And the key isn't just "getting there" - its how you do the damn exercise.

If you're slouching while doing it, you ain't doing it right.

The focus should be there and felt on the groin, hips, lower back and core - truly the seat of POWER in your body!

You might not think its a lot.

Let me tell you though, those of you that haven't done it, even sitting in that position with a straight BACK - will have your heart beat go UP within no time at all.

If you bend any which way - caution. You might feel muscles you haven't worked in years as beads of sweat trickle down your sides.

Wait a minute, you say.

There's no cardio here, it's just splits!

But trust me, my friend, it isnt just that.

You BREATHE right while doing any exercise, it becomes cardio to an extent, and when you're in that sort of position, and get good at it, you will understand why it's needed to execute those flying kicks and such - but also the way it works EVERYTHING in the entire body.

I only did this for a few minutes before writing to you - I'll do it for longer later, but my lower back, core, all is aligned again.

And I feel great.

It isn't the only exercise by far that works the entire body.

The "Rahul Mookerjee patented" squat in Isometric and Flexibility Training - another one!

When I was young - my Dad once told me my back would hurt if I sat in that position.


I couldn't even get into it - ditto until the age of like 40.

Yes, thats right, I couldn't do it even when I was in the best shape of my life at 37 but today?

I can literally teach entire classes while squatting in that position, and not "feel it" at all.

Trust me, there is a skill to getting off that position using your legs alone and not your hands (try it the next time you rise out of your chair for one).

Isometrics, my friend - there is a reason the old timers relied on them extensively and used them damn near daily.

So should you, they work the whole body and take your health and fitness to newer, far more SUPREME levels.

Get started NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

Tuesday, 23 August 2022 05:43

Why it ain't just politics either

Over the past few years I've been hearing this all the time.

"The politics is just crazy!"

(these days).

Every time I talk about current events with people (which I rarely do these days except with those that get it, a very select list, dwindling by the day) - I hear it.

The political situation is just insane!

(this when I'm talking about war - the future - what is happening around us- and so forth).

My response is always the same.

Though I dont always say it, I keep thinking "politics"?

If it was just politics, chances are I wouldn't even know about it.

The level to which people in general love to stick their heads in the sand and "pretend" what is going in the world "wont affect them" or "isn't happening" or "its just politics!" - is just mind boggling.

Look, when you have buildings collapsing around you, when there is war at your doorstep (I'm not saying there is necessarily for everyone, but again, look at the world for the past few years, what things have been leading up to and so forth for years, I've been saying this for years, people have stopped laughing now. Hehe) - then its not just politics is it?

Sometimes, talk needs to be taken seriously.

As they say in the South, if he SAYS something, he'll probably do it!

I'm talking real men here, not Bozos like Glyn - you get the point.

Its yet another "stick your head in the sand hoping it doesnt happen to me" thing people do unconsciously - I guess I can't blame them from a certain standpoint, I'm all for focusing on what you CAN change and so forth, focusing on what you DO want instead of what you don't - but you do so with one foot in the real world, completely ignoring reality as I see so many people doing ain't how you do it.

For those that will listen, at least. Most wont and that is fine.

And that brings me to fitness again.

It ain't just talk either my friend - some may dismiss what I (and anyone who is the real deal) says about being phat - about not being able to do pull-ups properly if you have excess flabbage around the midsection or too much junk/baggage in that damned trunk - about what I say about core fitness - and so forth.

"I dont need all that"

"I'm just an every day person"

"Its just all talk!"

These are the things people SAY.

But really, when it comes to the point you're walking down the street wishing you had that corrugated core - or the X taper to your body - or thoroughbred legs - when you're too ashamed to take your shirt off at the beach because of your mammoth boobies (I'm talking MEN here) (and believe me, I've been there, I know what it feels like!) - when you wish "you were as fit as him" - when you wish "you looked that young" - and any other host of thoughts - - then it moves beyond just talk.

When you have back pain - shoulder pain - a constant rundown feeling - and so forth.

No, my friend, it aint just talk.

When real men talk, there is a reason behind what they're saying, and its almost always rooted in solid, pure PRACTICALITY.

Take this advice as you may, dismiss if you want, but it's nigh true

And fitness wise if you can relate to what I Said above, well, thats what my products are there for.

These resources will truly get you in the best shape of your LIFE, my friend, and they will help you at no matter what stage you're at NOW.

And the best - and only, really, place to start - is the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Yes, despite having a plethora of products I could point you to the bottom line is this - you need a foundation FIRST, or that building will collapse.

And therefore, I point you to where I am.

Start NOW.

Start TODAY.

SEIZE the day - the moment -the opportunity - it is NOW - to become the "best you" possible.

And let me know when you do it!


Rahul mookerjee

Wednesday, 29 June 2022 08:22

So, Sophia just called me a pyschopath!

Yes, her, the lovely Gorilla Girl. 


Well, it all started with her sending me a video - which I hate. I didnt watch it, argued about it, political stuff, and she wouldnt reply, so I gave her the equivalent of a heavy handed slap down - kinda like whats going on in Ukraine right now (the video was politics discussing that). 

"Really, Sophia. I dont care which side of the argument you're on", I told her. 

"But at least dont ignore, discuss it like an adut!" 

Instead of saying "I dont know" (when she does) - instead of watchig moronic dumb videos that destroy what is left of her brain (I told this) - instead of acting like a moron incarnate - I told her this - and more. 

The ice was finally broken when I said she was acting like a juvenile. 

Juvenile, she said - or perhaps giggled. "Am I that young"? 

Women, gotta love 'em. 

Vladimir Putin once made the comment about women bitching up a storm because "they can" and how it shows weakness. 

"Maybe it's not the worst thing for a woman to be weak", he said. 


I kinda agree with him there. Hehe. 

But anyway (i've always had the same thought myself, and if any alpha male out there says they haven't, theyre fuckin lying through their teeth, stained or not) ...

With regard to thie conflict in Ukraine, I've expressed my views AT LENGTH on this before, so I wont do so again. 

But, bottom line - few questions . . . 

One, what would have happened if the Russian brought a military alliance right to the US's doorstep - say Mexico? 

I dont think the US would or should have just sat back and let it happen (although with Sleepy Joe letting illegals overrun the country, aint no tellling THESE days) . . . 

The US has gone to "war" for far less. 

Iraq had its problems, sure, but flip side - like CHina - it was also the most functional of the Middle Eastern countries, women had the most rights there, there weren't any overt restrictions etc like in the rest of the Middle East etc, Saddam was surprisingly tolerant of other religions... 

All facts, and EVERYONE - I repeat - EVERYONE knew there were no WMD's in Iraq! 

Yet, the coalition destroyed the country. 

Afghanistan, hell yeah - invade it - I support that, because they sheltered Bin Laden. And the Saudis, the real culprits financing the whole mess getting away scot free the whole time.

Can YOU, the reader argue with these facts? 

Vietnam - I wont even go there. 

My point isnt "it's right or wrong". 

My point is it happens. 

My point is it's stupid to poke the bear - period - unles you're another bear. 

And my point is all the meaningless sanctions - all the poking going on - will only escalate matters until it comes to a point of no return. 

Trump was DEAD on right in that Nato members should pay for their upkeep, and his threat of withdrawing the US from that treaty was valid. 

And if that had happened, this invasion would never have happened - or the "military operation" or whatever both sides call it ... simply because there would be no military risk to Russia. 

Putin could care less about the EU.  (and if Ukraine says tomorrow they wont join NATO, this "conflict" wil end that day. Dont believe me? Watch if it happens!) 

It's NATO he's concerned about, and why poke a bear thats never really ventured beyond it's own area, neither does it want to- is beyond me. Only an idiot would do it. 

Now that the bear has awakened, well ... 

(China, now thats different, but I've always maintained Russia is NOT a threat to the whole world - they want their Soviet Union back, but thats it! - and when have you seen them go all over the world the way China is?). 

It happens, period, and to pretend you're living in utopia is utter foolishness. 

Anyway, no, none of this was why she called me a pyschopath. Hehe. 

Apparently her friend (male) once called her that because she wanted to sleep on a mattress full of money. 


"He's an idiot with no money", I laughed back. 

Hey, lady's got it spot on with the visualization! 

Anyway ......... the REAL question I've been asking her for days is why she doesnt like Gong Li - a Chinese actresss I cannot get enough of, even though her movies, a lot of them are shit. 

But she's just so delectable, desirable and CUTE - and SEXY! 

And I could write books on her, Id probably sound like a simp too Hehe. 

But as I made comments about how "I want to do this on her face" and "she's so SOFT and womanly" - and other such ... lust fueled comments (I wont tell you what happened after that - not fit for THIS site or kids, hehe - Sophia is the GIRL tho, hehe) ... 

THAT is what she called me a pyscho for. 

When I flippantly claimed "Id give my life for her". Hehe. 

I wouldn't, obviously, she didnt get that. 

Maybe she did. 

But the REAL reason? 

She hates my PROBING messages. She has said theyre annoying, force her to think, study and more... 

And THAT, my friends is the nub. 

DOERS - yourself included and master planners - without trying - get called this all the time. 

Is there a fine line between brilliance and being a pyscho? 

Well depends upon your definition of the latter. 

But if admiring a mighty fine Asian (Chinese) dame and sleeping with a shit ton of Chinese women, all equally delectable ,gets me called that - so be it. Hehe. 

Not like Sophia really minds anyway... ;)  

Apparently she doesnt like Gong Li. 

Which lovely women ever liked the other. 

"she's so arrogant!" 

"She slapped Zhang Yi Yi and cheated on him!" (to which my response was if whoever this dude is - I didnt even know till I googled - dumb enough to let her do all that and get away with, he deserves it) 

(she doesnt even like this Yi Yi guy, so..)  

"Maybe you're right", she finally conceded. 

"She has more positive than negative!" 

We all do, Sophia. 

Then I had to explain to her it wasn't about right or wrong, just a discussion - an open and honest one. Albeit with sex involved. 

Anyway -when you become a doer FOCUSED on and OBSESSED on a certain goal, people will call you a pyscho. 

Get used to it. 

I've been called much worse. 

But I get results, friend. 

And fitness wise, if you want to learn how this pyscho does things - go here - The 0 Excuses Fitness System

Enough - back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee


Wednesday, 01 June 2022 06:10

The good ole V.C.R . . .

It's funny, these conversations we have in our head - often turn out to be exactly that in real life!

I was telling my friend - or, talking to him, rather about everything going on - global politics, and what not - and how strangely enough or maybe not, during the War of Bangladesh, it was the US that sent in a battleship to intimidate the Indians and "stop" them from "liberating" Bangladesh (because of the the pro Pakistan US stance) - and how the Soviets tailed it wth their subs instantly, and how it became just another showdown between the two superpowers at the time ... 

(Kennedy didnt much like India though, I believe, hehe). 

... How India after independence in my opinion - staunch and unwavering started off on the wrong foot by being hopelessly pro Soviet (Nehru I believe was a great poet, but a piss poor leader, as for Gandhi, my opinion of him is very well known - I dont think for one minute he was the man responsible for Indian independence as is commonly claimed, it was the guys who DID - who actually FOUGHT - that were responsible, not Gandhi who even in prison had a nice lifestyle at the time and ...) ... but anyway, how India made a lot of mistakes, numero uno, or one of them being literally making a gift of TIbet to China, refusing the chance to join the UN security council and so forth "let China do it" - "Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai" nonsense (the Indians and Chinese are brothers, yeah, in poetic la la land, thats a great utopian concept, real life works differently) - and how if India had been more pro West at the time (Though given India just got its independece from a Western power, thats understandable!) - India would be, economically at least, most likely in a far better position than now, and many other things. 

I remembered an argument I had with my good friend Vincent about this one 

I was talking to him about how the guys that really DID in India i.e. that FOUGHT against the colonial Brits - how they had to literally flee to Germany to seek help - NOt because they were Nazis, or pro Nazis, but "your enemy's enemy is myf riend" - and oddly enough to Russia as well (USSR then) to seek help, neither country really gave any sort of help but they did some covert things behnd the scenese, allowed these guys to get private militias together and so forth - and how my friend then said I could never support that. 

Which I guess from his standpoint, he's right. 

I get it. 

But you do what you gotta do, from an Indian standpoint back then, these guys did what they have to, if they didnt, the country would never have gotten its independence, period. 

Whether or not thats a good thing or bad is debatable for SOME people (some people make this argument about look at Hong Kong under the Brits, their economy and such - but a tiny city and a huge country - different!) , for me, I'd rather my independence as yall know! 

But anyway - - they've made some pretty good Bollywood movies as of late on all of this, all remembering the old days when things were real. HA!

And I was telling someone "there's really no Bollywood crap song and dance etc there, you can fast forward past the one song or so in it" ... 

Fast forward? 

Now it's pretty much "drag the slider". Heh.

I caught myself in the nick of time, then remembered the good ole days when we had VCR's - do yall even remember those days. Hehe. 

We used to pop the cassettes in and either (in my case) record WWE (F) back then Monday Night RAW! (is WAR!) because i had to work that night, or even younger than that, the weekend movie would be delivered by "Star Videos" next to our house, hehe, and we'd all watch it together as a family... 

I believe I still got ONE DVD player lying around somewhere, the other I gave away brand new (even DVD players are hardly used these days!). 

Anyway .......

Interesting memory that. 

I dont know why I felt compelled to share it, but when I did 0 Excuses Fitness, when I Started, MOST people, even those that were and are KNOWN superstars in fitness - did NOT - I repeat, NOT have ebooks or products out on the scale I do. 

To me, I saw it coming, and I built the entire site based upon the "e concept". 

Download - and enjoy - and have access to it via your account. 

And of course, for the dinosaurs out there like you and I (that word is copyright the great Brooks Kubik, hehe) - we have paperbacks and hardcovers. 

One of those SHOULD be delivered to my daughter today, Mystery of the haunted school or whatever it was she ordered from Amazon (seems she does most of the ordering even at 8 years of age, lol). 

Anyway - fitness wise, dino way is the best way to go. 

Tried, tested, just flat out works, as you see the world "go back to the old days" more and more, remember some of us that never moved forward in some regards. Hehe. 


Grab the System and the 5 great videos here

And leave a review!


Rahul Mookerjee

Last night, I had an interesting conversation with the daughter, whose truly growing up to be, despite a couple of other "best efforts" - "little Rahul". Hehe. 

Chip off the old block as John Walker rightly said! 

In that conversation she referred to my wife (her mom) as "Class dene wali". 

For a minute this floored me, though I understood the Hindi. 

It basically, in Hindi, when you say someone "class deti hai" or "deta hai" means - he's taking the piss out of you - or giving you a dress down - or whatever terminology you choose to use - I choose to use the good old fashioned British term "lecturing". Hehe. 

Except, her Hindi is not that good - neither is mine, hers is a little lower on the totem pole, but hey - she's learning Spanish (of course my family wanted her to learn french - go figure huh - one of the most USELESS places to be in my opinion, I would never learn French! - and since I couldn't tell her directly - I used the old mind and got her to do Spanish, which is USEFUL and a damn practical language to learn, and she is! She's doing great at it too) . . . anyway, in Hindi it's "class leti hai", I told her, laughing. 

Then I asked her who this nickname was for, though I had a pretty good idea. 

"Mommy", she giggled back. "Always yelling away!" 

Hey, I get it. My wife over the past few years is like an air raid siren, like a Russian warplane booming in to tear everything to smithreens, just ... I dont know, the typical Nazi feminist "yelling all day long for no real reason". Ugh. 

And in the case of the daughter, always "giving her classes". Hehe. 

Which hey, I dont get away scot free either, I remember asking her how her (my daughter's) swimming classes were going (since I'm not there) - and she replied "fine", and wouldnt give me more details because "Dad gives me too many annoying tips on how to swim, how to do this, do that!". 


That I do!

But we'll get to all that ... 

I then asked her "if Mommy is that, what is your Granny" .

"Lecture deni wali", she giggled back. 

In Dysfunction Central, which is essentially the "family" my daughter is in - there are two levels of escalation - one, the wife - two, the "grandmother" - and given the prattle and incessant DRONE emanating from these two all day long (utterly useless and impractical, most of it, if not all) - I dont blame the daughter for the nicknames. Hehe. 

(apparently Granny's lectures are even worse than Mommy's - the prattle and "drone" even longer, which I sort of agree with, with my wife it's mostly emotional BS (which dont get me wrong, that plays into the Nazi feminism big time), once you get past that, she's quite alright, with my Mom, it's true Nazi feminism Central). (been that way all her life).

yours truly got one too. 

"What is Dad" I laughed back. 

"You're the green tea dene wala!" she responded. 

Or riposted... 

i.e. I'm the green tea supplier. 

Hey, I'll live with that. 

I got my daughter started on green tea at the age of six months. Hehe. I still remember her "bottoms up" with a green tea glass as if it was beer - LOL - tilting the head back and drinking it all up at one shot - like I do with my beer - classic!

I love my little girl. The only bright spot in my entire so called family! 

Anyway - I even named the business after her - so I'll live with the nickname. I like it, actually!

(I'm also the guy who makes it for her, fills up her glasses etc. Hehe). 

Much like I like the Mr Handstand pushup, Ironman, and some other monikers I've been called. 

Much like I LOVE the rather uncomplimentary names I've been called, that list has "swollen" to over 2000 now ... 

(there's a lot of "puns" - intended or not - in this here email you might think, but please - none applicable). 

Anyway, great minds think alike. 

On that note, nicknames? 

I remember a colleague in 2007 (in India) once calling me Rambo for my grip early in the morning. 

"Feels like shaking hands with Rambo!" he went. 

Another guy went as such "It feels good to shake hands with him, it feels like shaking hands with a MAN!" 

LOL - I'll always remember those comments!

Anyway - where was I - ah yes, great minds, and as a subscriber on this list Ben wrote back with an email titled "nicknames", I knew I had to write to YOU about it!

He's been called "Big Ben" , "Thor" , and Tarzan amongst others - as well as "Von" something (a nice German sounding name, hehe - and given him imposing bulk, the "Von Bulk" fits him to a T!). 

I'll take my Da Xing Xing moniker. Hehe. (i.e. Gorilla in Chinese). 


Frivolites aside, I was chatting with Ben the other day - actually, last night - oh, by the way, I finally managed to get WeShat to unblock my ID, turns out it was a problem at my end, apparently the VPN or what not wouldn't let me access their link or whatever. So , not the end of an era there apparently! 

Now, I've written to you about how Ben has pre-existing injuries - nasty ones - how he broke both his legs back in the day, had to have steel rods inserted in them - and so forth. 

Yet, he does, and does DAILY. 

His form on squats was what I noticed first, and as I wrote about before, that was BEFORE I knew the extent of his injuries, given what he is working with, he's got plenty of leeway on form - which truth be told his form isnt that bad, he just can't go all the way down in terms of squats. 

Which is fine. 


I've - and he has too - seen perfectly healthy guys muck it up WAY WORSE. 

Personally, I feel most people can and should do squats - their entire life. 

And in proper FORM!

But yeah, if you've truly got pre-existing injuries such as implants which (ouch!) dont let you go all the way down in squats, then you do what you have to - you improvise, adapt, and OVERCOME!

That is what Ben has done. 

(a true DOER). 

And he doesnt prefer squats so much these days as he does other exercises - his favorites? 

The Animal Kingdom Workouts style of training/conditioning - and hey - Tarzan - or Big Ben - what have you - I dont blame you, bro. 

Thats another one of the most brutally effective training programs out there - martial artists for one use those sort of training regimens all the time, and there's entire FIGHTING techniques built upon that sort of thing as well. 

If you've seen Bloodsport, and the guy from Africa jumping around in a squat, you'll know what I mean. 

Thats monkey style martial arts...

But anyway, if you can't do squats, alternatives? 

To me the squat and pushup reign supreme, period. 

There is in my opinion NO alternative to heavy duty high rep squats - NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING - gives you the core and mental work - and the fat blasting effect you get from squats done in high reps. 

The motion "ass to grass" cannot be replicated as well by any other movement. 

There is a reaon the Gama did these daily without fail. 

Ole Steve Austin once said "if you only have time for one exercise, squat. I dont care what else you're doing - if you squat heavy, you'll grow!"

And that truly is the bottom line Steve-o. Hehe. 

He's right tho. Look at what Matt Furey said in Combat Conditioning about "if you're not doing squats, you're not really doing combat conditionng". 

He's right. 

But again, alternatives? 

Frog walks for one are brutal - frog JUMPS - ultra so!

I often do these between sets of squats and jumping rope. 

Then you have Ben's favorite step ups - which many great athletes have used over the ages as well. 

Then, "box jumps" - where you put a box - or small sitting table or whatever in front of you- and just JUMP up and over it - and back again. 

GREAT workout, although not one I'd recommend for everyone. 

Then, another one I have not spoken about a lot - but will be there in Advanced Plyometrics - lunges done in a plyometric manner. 

These REALLY make you sore!

Last, the "knees to chest" movements I keep talking about in Corrugated Core .. 

Lots of alternatives, all pretty brutal - but none replaces the almighty squat in my opinion, much like what I wrote about yesterday in terms of pull-ups - nothing really replaces the good old fashioned PULL-UP - with palms pointing OUT. 

Anyway - thats the ramble for now. 

Hope you enjoyed it. 

Trust you did. 


I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System HERE.  

PS #2 - Bloodsport was a great movie! Ole Donald himself loves it, he once told his son, I believe then 13 to "skip past the rest of the movie" and get straight to the fight scenes. 

I dont blame him. Hehe. That is what I watch all the time myself!  (and the (in)famous Van Damme "I") 

(true, Bloodsport isn't real life fighting as in you dont just stand around and wait to be kicked, haha - true, it was more of a Van Damme showpiece than anything else, but Van Damme himself is an accomplished kickboxer for one, and the movie, well, it just worked on so many levels, especially Bolo Yeung, just CLASSIC!)

(y'all should see ole Iron Mike going at in in the IP man series. Fists vs martial arts, hehe. And I'll take the fists ANYDAY in real life!). 

I just noticed a middle aged lady do it, by all means and by far she aint the only one. 

I have no idea why, but even physically NOT unfit people (note I didnt say fit) - I've often seen them climb, even one flight of stairs, even if that flight of stairs has like three stairs - by "grabbing" on to the railing for support. 

For dear life. 

To someone like me who climbs hill daily, whose always the one to take or sprint up those long subway stairs, laptop in tow, hair flyng, while the rest of the "so called sane" folks on the escalators look on with a mixture of boredom and "wtf" (little do they know that could be their workout for the day!!) ... 

.. it just seems insane. 

Why would someone do that? 

Maybe if you're REALLY sick and infirm, or if you're Glyn whose so pudgy moving an inch without waddling out of breath is a chore - I get it in that case. 

Him climbing stairs, it's like a B 52 bomber descended on the building - and not in a a good way either, like a past landlord once commented about my "building shaking workouts"! (more than once. Hehe) ... 

But either way, why? 

IT's laziness, combined with the mental thing about "oh my god, stairs - too tough!" 

I can never once, even in blazing heat and humidity that would have made most strongmen wilt right there and then - climbing steep hills 4 or 5 times "this is real hill climbing, as a student of mine once remarked"  - thouht of holding on to railings, even when I was dizzy and ready to pass out. 

Many did on that hill! I always remember looking back at them and thinking "WEAK" (dont get me wrong, it happens, but just one time - like, TOUGHEN UP!). 

Funny part, I saw this lady when thinking about something completely unrelated, that being how women want everything "now". 

Like it's always super urgent. 

"Budget for it!" theyll yell at you, while of course ignoring they never told you in advance. 

Apparently the ATM must keep floweth(ing). Hehe. Not so much the beer though for Nazi feminists, they can't stomach it (oddly enough, I haven't seen ONE single person in my family other than myself and perhaps one of my cousins really guzzle that beer!) ...

but really, I wonder - though I've never asked, no point. 

"What if its a REAL emergency" - and you've already drained what is there for so called emergencies. 

Of course, Nazi feminists aren't exactly known for thinking. 

YOU though CAN be - you can PROFIT from this madness, but of course, youve gotta be willing to spend what it takes to - or INVEST what it takes, I shoudl say - to learn from the best at combating it. 

I could literally give a lot of these Tom Tom's at Mgtow Central lessons to learn that they would never ever forget!

Oh my.

Anyway - if you're the sort that holds on to the railing for dear life like Bozo Schofield for one does while climbin stairs - just - dont - period. 

It makes you look like a sissy, period, pun intended. Very much so!

And it's STUPID. 

Stair climbing, one of the best workouts out there - best way you can prepare for them is do them, run 'em, SPRINT them ... 

All detailed in Advanced Hill Training, a book you must get NOW. 

A book that was rebraned as Eat More - Weigh Less as well ... well, that was the latter name, before I changed it back to the original. 

Couple of reviews, now, one I've already shared before - 

A great mini review for “Eat More – Weigh Less”, and more… (0excusesfitness.com)  

And the second .. 

Mike Watson writes in - 

Great little book - thank you so much, Sir!

Simple movements that really help in getting rid of excess fat, not just around the midsection, but the whole body is what this book boils down to. The author has written it in his usual "crisp, concise and down to earth" style, and its a classic book that will never go out of style (either). Neither will the movements in it.

I have not purchased this author's other books, but plan on doing so as soon as "the wife" permits, heh.

Hey, man - thank you! is all I can say to that, and he's damn right, it's an overall body training regimen, not just "legs" or core or whatever. 

And takes nary fifteen minutes, come to think of which, if you can go that long (pun, hehe) - you're already a stud. 

Anyway ............ 

We started with stairs, went on to budgets, then reviews, and somewhere in the middle Nazi feminists. 

Remember one thing - it's always prudent to budget for things that MATTER. 

Like my upcoming book Squat 101 - or another ass kicker, Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness

Or, Proft Troll (y'all will LOVE these, juicy details on a certain someone you have NOT heard before for one, but much like the book on Nazi feminists, it teaches you how to PROFT from someone attacking you and how!!) .. 

Or so  many others I've got on the backburner, including "Advanced Plyometrics". 

If y'all have ideas  for new books (I'm already at work on Isometrics  - Volume Three) - let me know!

And anyway, budget for those books - but get what you need NOW. 

And that is the 0 Excuses Fitness System, my friend - simply something you MUST have if you're in ANY way serious about fitness in any way, shape or form. 


Go HERE to get it. 


Rahul Mookerjee


And how this applies to FITNESS, my dear friend. 

Last night, I got into it with a good friend - not in a "bad" manner, but we seem to get in each other's faces quite often - which isn't entirely a bad thing so long as its done "in the right spirit" if you get my drift. 

I sent him a meme about some idiot that apparently VP Harries supports - i.e. some transgender dude that was participating in women's swimming - on the female team - and apparently won a host of awards as well - competing against women - which is obviously a BS competition, as "her" horomones are all male, and that gives "her" an advantage anyway! 

Incredibly, we are starting to live in a society where it's becoming normal for four year old, no less, in Scotland to "question their gender orientiation" or some rot, where "same gender or is it sex? Or what is the word now??? bathrooms" are or "should" be the norm, where apparently even sports competitions aren't spared!

Dont get me wrong, if some guy wants to be a woman (Bozo Schofield being one shining example of this lunacy) - - by all means, do it. I'll support their right to do so. 

But there is a line and limit to everything which the current US leadership for one, easily the most pathetic ever - and one that has literally made the U.S. a massive laughing stock all over the world - seems to have forgotten how to draw. 

Not that Sleepy Joe or Hyena Harris could draw much of anythign anyways. 

But adoption by same sex couples - a huge NO for me. 

Ditto for transgender sports competitions against "normal" males or women. It just don't work that way, friend. 

Of course, I'm in the minority there apparently!

My friend claimed "it wasn't everyone that thought the US was a laughing stock". 

"Anyone with any brains can see what the current leadership is doing", I retorted. "The U.S. was RESPECTED under Trump? Now? Just look at when Putin chose to attack for one, he knew no-one would do a damn thing about it!" 

This was a friend who had claimed prior to the invasion that "Russia wouldn't dare to do what it's doing". 

He would not listen to me when I said China is actively supporting Russia financially, so they could care two hoots less about the sanctions - most of them toothless anyway, and the energy section isn't included anyway. 

He wouldn't listen when I told him the Russians might not have money, but they have a DAMN strong military in many regards. 

Therein lies the marriage of convenience, I tried explaining, he parroted some line from CNN to the contrary. 

She En En. Hehe. 

Now, of course, he is being forced to eat humble pie - again. 

"Rahul, you're just a God!" he went in an irritated manner. 

Really, I tittered back. 

"Yes. You think you know it all, you think you're like God!" 

Um, I've never belived in God, I told him. So that statement makes no sense, even if I did, I'm certainly no superhuman - I simply make use of my brain, while the world in general doesn't. 

(and subconscious). 

His next statement validated what I said. 

"You think everyone around you is an idiot, me included!" 

I tried telling him "I never said that" (I didnt, and I hadnt thought it either), but of course no dice. 

"I'm off to work", he grumbled. "Not like you sitting at home doing nothing!" 

Which was another interesting point, one I keep bringing up. 

Despite it being the internet / dumbphone era, people have become - or always were - so dumb collectively that work is only work if you grind it out for hours under the sun picking cotton (metamorphically speaking). 

I've never understood this, bro. 

:Lets say you make $500 a day, lets say you make it by sending out two emails and goofing off the rest of the day - - - and lets say you make it by working 10 hours a day. Or more. 

The money looks the same in both cases, no? Feels the same, no? Buys the same things, no? 

Just why people have this idea that money needs to be earned by crawling on your elbows through broken glass or what not mystifies me, but hey ... 

... I could honestly care less. 

If someone wants to work at 5 different convenience stores and claim "thats the ticket" - then thats fine by me. 

I'd rather do it my own way. 

And I'd rather people consider it "not work" - less competition for me. Hehe. 

This, my friend, is the same thing fitness wise. 

200 squats and 20 pull-ups is more than what most people can do in a week. 

For me, I breezed through it like it was nothing (so would a lot of YOU reading this, i.e. the 0 Excuses Fitness converts). 

Took like what, I dont know, 10-12 minutes all in all. 

And it burnt fat, built muscle, gave the ole midsection another tune up from the inside out, and much more, and all QUICK. 

Fitness, my friend, doesnt mean you need to spend all day in the gym, or hours on the treadmill. 

Ain't nothing wrong with quick and dirty workouts that not only accomplish the same thing, or MORE - in way less time. 

Think about it... 

When I told my friend (this same guy) what a great customer of mine once also told me, in a different aspect i.e. he said his immune system would whack covid (it did!) - I told my friend (when I had the flu) my daily squats and deep breathing would banish any so called virus ... he got sarcastic again. 

Bear in mind, he is obese, and claims "he has no time to workout". He's got time for hours to chat to people on the phone, but ask him to change a car tyre, he doesnt do it for weeks, then drives on a flat to the store to get it changed, and complains when the damned thing tears. 

I mean, really, dude, I told him. Just call AAA or something if changing a tyre is so much hassle (I suspect he doesnt know how to do it). 

All this doesn't take away from the fact he's a great friend. 

Has had my back many a times before ... 

But every time I talk about my workout, he goes back to the God motif. 

"You're Mr Fitness, Mr Karate, how could I ever compete!" 

Dude, just get fit yourself, I keep telling him quietly, but of course, the sarcasm never stops coming. Hehe. 

I also told him I have never trained Karate, only Taekwondo. 

"It doesnt matter! Judo, Karate, Taekwondo! They're all the same!" 

To say the above statement is utter lunacy would be doing it a disservice... it's utter lunacy x 100. Oh well. 

"You think you know it all!" (back to the "God" motif)

Which is funny, because one can sense the underlying impotence and disdain for what I do and how I do it in his tone - yet, one can also sense he knows the results. 


Poor dude. 

Caught between a rock and a hard place... 

Anyway - I dont care what comments you get, my friend. 

Just remember, RESULTS count. 

Whether you work smart - or just "hard" - is, well, up to you ... 

And I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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