Rahul Mookerjee

You on this list have probably got the idiocy a certain nutjob from God knows where (I wonder if it's Brummie Bro-field on drugs or what not, could be, from the nature of his messages!) about "sir can I please you" - and "Sir what do I do next " - all in response to a few auto emails the system (not me personally) sent him. 

It's bloody obvious too those are auto emails ... 

One to confirm his signup, the other to confirm his email address (I only want the most committed and serious people signing up as I don't like to spread my fitness seed to plants that dont want it). 

If the above sounds like a strange way of saying it, this guy who sent me the bove emails would identify, because what he is looking for is a "male dom". 

Bozo Schofield was drunkely pestering Josie to be his Domina. (female dom). 

That extend your body, hands , "unmentionables" and humiliate you, and do everything that (as Glyn claims) "I'm not into that at all!" (so vehemently did he deny it when I asked him in 2015 - an innocent online question that I knew I had my sissy, hehe) or you'd never admit you want done to you "in the bedroom". 

That thing I wrote about ONE line I say without thinking causing a conflagaration, hehe. 

Its true!

Because it hits home. 

And while I could speak tomes on the Bozo's compatriots here, I wont. 

The point is, this Sir bullshit. 

Half of the time its crazed, sex starved, attention starved lunatics like the above. 

And the other half, it comes from the subcontinent where everyone is either Sir or Ma'am, regardless of whether or not you actually respect the person (in most cases they HATE the person). 

I've never understood the logic behind most colonial hangovers, and while some are quaint and funny, most aren't. 

"English Wine and Beer shops" for one are a pestilence. I'd rather have 7-11 as opposed to government controlled prison like liqor stores where you toss money in through the bars and they rudely toss whatever they want back at you (unless you're luckly enough to actually, you know, select what you want...). 

And so is the inane Sir or Ma'an nonsense that goes on. 

I mean, I get it. Respect and all that. 

but to me, it's about two things - VIBES - and what you feel (one and the same thing actually), and all the honorifics in the world or lack thereof don't disguise and never will and can disguise VIBES. 

There's plenty of ways to be respectful by using my or anyone's first name. 

Sure, if it's someone like a cop stopping random dude on the street for whatever, then I get it. I totally do!

But something like this, where I'm "up close and personal with you", much like if you were shooting the bull with me over a few cold ones - Sir??

I dont know. 

I've never called anyone Sir in my adult life as far as I remember. 

Not friends, not customers, not anyone. 

And I prefer "Rahul" above all, or any of the other names on that almost 2000 list, hehe. 

Call me an A-hole, but not "sir". LOL. 

Ditto for "Uncle". 

Carol the student kept asking me what her daughter should call me. 

I kept saying "Rahul". 

Carol kept saying "Uncle" (at first). 

Uncle Rahul. 


I'll take Rahul, hehe. 

Ditto for my daughter. 

It's DAD which is fine ... and if she wants, I guess, after growing up, Rahul. 

And that, my friend, is my view on that. 

More soon!


Rahu Mookerjee

PS - And Sir doesnt do video calls, and Rahul the A-hole forgot to link his premier flagship product in the email above, so I'm doing it now. 

Here you go, fella. 

The Rolls Royce of Fitness.

PS #2 - Uncle Bob didnt mind the "Uncle", lol. But it was funny, a gal "Rohini" and me going "Uncle Bob, Uncle Bob..." 

(I coined the song)

(it's one of those things. LOL hard to explain!)

I gotta say, the sheer stupidity is mind boggling. 

Last week I've been posting about how this entire BLM movement while it may have started off with some valid points has degenerated into two things - 1) looting and arson (and pretending it's ok to do so to the very people in many case that are supposed to be the same "race" as them and 2) and more importantly, it's turned into the most racist movement ever - like a "colored paralled to the JIm crow era". 

Don't get me wrong. 

SOME people of ALL races are racist, yes. 

(Por ejempelo, Bozo Schofield who copied my line about "he has friends of other races so he ain't racist" - the Bozo said that while trolling me very viciously with racist memes, which points to the sheer STUPIDITY of a certain Glyn Schofield in Bozo La Land who would do GREAT with a certain "Jill"). 

Wacko Jill we'll call her. 

On one of these discussions, she was going on and on about some rubbish about "white supremacy". 

And really, give me a frigging break. 

This isn't the era of Jim Crow, and neither is it the era of the Britsh Raj,or the era of the Belgian King Leopold (truly a horrible person I'd say). 

And no, Winston Churchill to me will ALWAYS remain one of the greatest leaders in history despite what he said about Indians. 

Henry Ford is probably my #1 man along with Jeff Bezos to learn from despite receiving the Nazi Eagle or what not from the Nazis. 

Some things have to be seen - IN CONTEXT. 

And I'm sorry, but in today's day and age I personally (beyond a few idiots that are omnipresent in ALL Races, and I've given fine and stellar examples in that regard) see NO evidene that any sort of white supremancy exists anywhere beyond the KKK and certain fringle lunatics in Germany and so forth. 

If anything, the so called minorities are being pandered to. 

I HATE that. 

Equal footing all!!!!!

If you can get the job done, then YOU are the man - regardless of color creed race or what not!

Like they say in the Marines, it ain't about any of that. 

Like the great Herschel Walker and Denzel Washington and Ice Cube (note how these guys have all ACHIEVED - ON THEIR OWN) and yours truly keep saying, this BLM B.S . is just that BS. 

In fact, Walker has come out very strongly in support of Pres Trump and I ROUNDLY AGREE!

But back to wacko JIll. 

I pointed all this out to her in a very sensible, polit eand sane manner. 

She ignored it for weeks. 

Of course, she's "too busy" eh. 

Right ... 

And when she did reply - today - she replied with another question and that irked me no end. 

If there is ONE thing Nazi feminists do above all, it is IGNORE the questions the RATIONAL MALE asks in ANY DISCUSSION, and attempt to twist things around and obfuscate them with meaningless horse tripe. 

Horse manure. 

Bozo like idiotic questions that are emotionally oriented and have no BEARING ON THE DEBATE!

Here is what I posted to her - 

Ah, .... but Linked - Out has deemed my post "sensitive" and not suitable for China (no wonder being that the PRC has the most Nazi feminists of any country I've ever been to) .. so I can't paste it here. I'll do so later, but that is the gist of it. 

Cry me a effing river, Jill, or "Madam Jill" as you Nazi feminists prefer!

(And I'll make money from it, thank you very much). 

And HOW to do that may sound impossible, but it's in the upcoming book on it, 46 tips so far. 

And trust me, if there is ONE MANTLE I want TO DISMANTLE, it is this one. 

Nazi feminists. UGH!

NOT regular feminists - but NAZI feminists. UGH again. 

Anyway, enough on that. Remember we have TWO copies of Fast and Furious Fitness - the Collector's Edition sitting around so if you want in, jump on board now because once gone, they are GONE. 

No more reprints for this one. 

I'll autograph it if you want - just ask, and it will be done. 

And of course, the Nazi feminist questions are all "one liners" designed to tease and irritate, so when you see it, CALL 'em out on it!

Thats another one of the tips ... 

Aight, enough of this. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Ever notice how it's only blacks that are jumping up and down about it? What about Indians - hispanics - Chinese - you dont see any of them involved in this rubbish. I wonder if Horsey-faced Jill thought of that!

I know, I'm "so rude". 

Sage question indeed, my friend. 

I posed one earlier too I believe about "the most vulnerable spots on your body". 

But anything, when I ask you this, I dont mean insanity i.e. I don't mean running away from wild animals or trying to outrun an actual Ferrari or Jaguar, or even Henry Ford's 1940 model. 

I dont mean cheetah or gazelle. 

That, my friend, despite the pictures on the Animal Kingdom Workouts page simply wont happen regardless of which traning programs you're on or will be on, because until we get genetically modified if that happens, humans can never outrun a grizzly for one. 

But, there is a very good reason it's shown on that page...

This is not about Animal Kingdom Workouts, so back on topic we go for a change. 

I'm talking run as fast as in .... 

Well, perhaps my little girl running for her dumbphone the minute it's allowed hehe (not the slow waddle back once times up). 

(I wrote about kiddie dumbphone addiction yesterday, and it seems my "prayers" have been heard. Whether or not my comments helped, I do not know, but hey, the end result counts eh!) 

(And I'd never get credit even if it did help, but I'd get the blame if it didnt. LOL. Sound familiar guys??) 

Or, me running for the bathroom fresh back from a trip to HK - literally off the bus, tearing up the stairs. 

I had to GO if you get my drift, and while I had am empty botlte handy, I couldn't take a leak in front of all in the bus. Glyn might but I wouldn't!

Though the Chinese, some of them have no problem doing it, but then again, in a culture where women putting their dirty feet up on Starbucks tables is accepted ... and takin gcraps in subway stations is accepted (all true stories - reserch if you not believe me) .. what can I say. 

Or, changing diapers on airplane and other trays. UGH. 

But anyway, thats another example. 

Or, perhaps the one and only Bozo "on public welfare in Birmingham" infesting poor ole Blighty Glyn Schofield when he (she?) seems rear ends "open" in front of her. 

aka the Oxford Bozo (he claims he now goes to Oxford). 

I truly, truly feel sorry for Socks-ford. 

Even dirty socks have their limits ... 

And no, that ain't me indirectly commenting upon Oxford, which is, has been, and continues to be one of the most prestigous educational institutions in the world. For a reason. 

It's me commenting on Bozo's "School of Hard Knocks and Dirty Socks". 

Hard knocks being ...well, you get the drift. 

But anyway, all this jovial stuff aside, you understand what I mean now, no? 

And if you had to do it - could you? 

For most people, the answer would be if you answer honestly - NO. 

And these same people would give me an angry retort. 

"Why would I ever need to do that"? 

Well, my friend, you might well need to down the line given how the world is going, but even if you didnt the fact begets that - 

One, most people, even advanced trainees would be well advised not to do this right off th ebat.

And two, if I had to choose ONE method amongst all my superior fat smelting methods and techniques and exercises and what not - it would be this. 

Three, it ain't too simple. 

Four, it's only for super advanced, and even those people cannot just "work up to it" - you do it a certain way. 

Don't believe me? 

Think anyone can do it? 

Well, yours truly when he was a phat phocker (I dont know why, but many Chinese use the "phock" experession and replace "u" with "o" - could it be Bozo Glyn "round posterior" influence?) once tried, and remember this was when I was "thick" and could still do pull-ups and pushups like no-one's biz, and DID do 'em - - - and ended up with a nasty calf strain that lasted for not days, but weeks. 

I could barely hobble home, and I Was driving home!

Anyway, my friend, we all know and are intereste in smelting fat off our bodies at record speeds, about eating more and weighing less, and NEVER worrynig about what we eat (in terms of weight loss). 

And that is why I put out Advanced HIll Training in 2018. Right smack dab middle of Chinese New Year, no less. Year of the OX that time? Not sure! 

some memories are the best!

And I renamed it from Eat More - Weigh less to what it is now to keep the Bozos away. 

And that, my friend truly is a SUPERB course that you MUST invest in. 

Do so now, and let me know how it goes!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - There is a reason I wrote about "most vulnerable part of the body" shaking workouts a while ago!

I'm pretty famous in my family for one thing - being extremely "lassiez fairrer" in terms of parenting (yes, I know, I got it wrong - Tai Po's as usual) (but as a certain kid recently asked me "Dad - didnt you ever LEARN anything at school" (with regard to "complete nouns" or "proper nouns" or "common nouns" - I've no idea what any of that means) - grammar and punctuation and apostrofees and other nonsense ain't really high on my bucket list of "to do things" unless I MAKE IT). . . and two, for not really "dictating to my daughter" what to do (unlike our own childhood growing up!). 

I'm pretty sure everyone can relate to "how it was before". and the polar opposite brattiness it's turned into now, and the China plague has made it worse with people being cooped up at home and kids being forced into unnatural routines etc (I'm sure China planned that too, of course!) and of course the blasted dumbphone. 

Anyway, the parade of copywriters on LinkedIn constantly jumping up and down about "good copy" and "good grammar" and other absolute rot in my opinion never fails to amaze me!

SALES is what counts, and sales - especially in many verticals has got NOTHING to do with tai-pos or the lack thereof. 

In other words, I've probably made a LOT more money than my lovely (not) English teacher at school who used to reprimand me for looking outside the window during class (when I DID show up that is) at the "ice cream seller" (non existent - I was day dreaming, or dreaming perhaps). 

Same thing in college .. 

As a great customer noted, and many others have - fitness books, and "how to books" in general ain't about Steven Spielberg presentation, hiring Sly Stallone's make up artist to touch up before the damn photos, and they certainly aint about typos. 

Though I WILL say, my books contain very few, but there may be some that slip through and no, I am not going to hire "copywriters" for it! 

No way!

It's insane, but I get asked for that all the time despite it being blatantly obvious to even the meanest intelligence that ... yours truly does his own copy, and does it better than most others out there, and is probbaly the most humble about it too. (hehe). 

But anyway, point of this isn't me- it's kids in general. 

And these unnatural routines being forced upon kids globally, and the school teachers etc running amok and not really doing their job worth a damn (though I dont blame them in terms of online classes - impossible those are, I should know!) ... guess what they turn to to "escape the reality". 


That addiction, my friend, is one of the most dangerous out there, and I'd put it right on par with drug abuse or severe alcohol addiction, or smoking ... 

Because for one, it destroys the brain - and imagination - and when that goes, everything, including your ability to communicate well, get alone with people, and THINK for yourself - be INDEPENDENT - everything goes straight out of the window. 

If you've got kids, this past year and THIS year has probably alerted you to the "brat hiding within" eh (when it comes to kids). 

And dumbphone addictions, it's becoming damn near impossible to tear them away from these blasted devices. 

From what I can tell, my daughter's no slouch in that area either. 

I can but marvel at the amount of screen time she gets in - and she ain't the only one by far. ALL the kids I'm seeing these days have become lazy, pot bellied, fat, and slovenly - in our time, we'd get punished in no time. 

Often brutally. (or what you'd think is brutal). 

Now, of course, it's the polar opposite and a crazy world indeed. 

But I gotta say, I mean even me ... I can't do the computer for more than two hours at a stretch, and I'm doing creative stuff. If it's inane vidoes etc, I draw the line at about half a second and I dont even start to be honest. 

I'd go BONKERS with that much dumbphone in my life, and kids are as well. 

You, my friend, gotta combat this. 

If your kid turns into "super brat" as soon as you tear him and her away from the phone - well, you gotta clamp down. 

And getting them to do physical activity is the BEST thing you can do for them, even if you're at home.(or they are). 

Which is pretty why there is so much demand for Kiddie Fitness for one, as well as the adult version in many ways - the Rolls Royce of Fitness. 

The family that works out together indeed does "stay" together in more ways than one. 

And other than that, make sure to limit dumbphone time etc for kids as far as possible. Their hippocampus (did I get it right?) for one will thank you! 

Oh my. 

Insanity everywhere, maybe thats exactly what China planned. 

Come to think that IS what they planned. 

And I've been saying it for ages. 


Anyway, thats the message. Take it or leave it, but it's true ... 


Rahul Mookerjee

Wednesday, 21 April 2021 11:22

Why I love Pradeep Rawat - and GHAJINI!!

The first an actor you've probbaly never heard of, let alone like, dislike, admire, follow or not ... 

And the latter of course an Aamir Khan (we've all heard of him!) starrer - Bollywood potboiler - and though yours truly doesnt do Bollywood, Tollywood, or Holllywood - quite frankly I dont care for the crap coming out of ANY of these (these days) - if you ask me what my favorite Bollywood flick of all time is? 

I'd choose this one. 

Why ?

It's not one of Khan's most acclaimed works, for one. It was panned by the critics big time. It's a remake of a Telegu movie I believe, or Tamil, and THAT was a remake of the Memento, I think ... 

But it's a massive box office GROSSER (was, and still is). 

It brought the masses to watch it like nothing else did! 

And while Pradeep Rawat might be and often is mistaken for his damn near look alike in Taare Zameen Par (now the critics loved that one!) and while Dangal and 3 IDiots are  Khan's more acclaimed works - for me? 

Ghajini forever!

I hope they do a remake.

Sequel, I should say. 

But anyway Dangal is the wrestling movie ya'll have all heard of, where he makes his daughter wrestling champions in uber traditional India, and 3 Idiots - well, I didnt quite "love" the movie to be honest - just normal!

Taare Zameen Par was the first one I watched while dating my wife (and groping her apparently  - naughty me). 

Great concept I thought, but again, not a movie I'd remember - the critics did tho, and still do! 

But Ghajini, and Rawat - the latter brings menace to the role of the villian like NO-ONE Ive ever seen before in Indian cinema, not even the great Amrish Puri (famed villian of yore, no longer with us on the earthly plane). 

I dont know how. Maybe it's Khan's famed perfectionism shining through there. Goo don him!

He's a legend in India. 

But Rawat, especially when he  keeps getting pissed over the "patient with short term memory loss trying to kill me - I'll SHOW YOU!" flanked by menacing looking burly GOONS (apes) is one to watch!

The sheer menace he brings to the role is in my opinion unparalleled, except for Anthony Hopkins in the "Silence of the Lambs" series... 

And back to the movie - it's non stop action from the word GO - and it's BRUTAL - right from the moment Khan sticks a pipe into a baddie, and finishes off by smashing the chief villain's skull in - literally. 

Gory, yes. 

Visceral, yes. 

Not so much that you can't watch it though - and again, thats why I loved the movie - ACTION!

And, as a friend said about Rambo II when he first saw it 

"Perfect Movie! It has romance, a little, not too much, and plenty of masala action!" 

Thats Ghajini to a T done professionally like only Aamir can. 

Right down to the 12 packs he sculpted at the age of almost 60. 

I must admit, though Aamir looks great in the movie, I'm not a huge fan of that look. 

He did a fine Sly STallone I'd say - but he missed the crucial "work the forearms and traps like nobody's business", while focusing on the FRONT of the body - and dont get me wrong - maybe thats what he wanted to do!

But Sly is Sly - and in my own unhumble opinion - on a different plane altogether. There is NO-ONE like him - man's a true legend - and no, before you ask, I don't support Rambo being remade with an Indian actor Tiger Shroff in the lead, because - not because I dont like "Tiger", but because ... legend cannot be duplicated, and I believe my words will be proven when and if the remake occurs. 

Anyway ... 

In Ghajini, the man is a "MOM" man on a mission. 

Much like Denzel, another legned in Man on a Mission ... 

And he's out to catch the baddie, and thats all he thinks about, eats, sleeps, dreams and has tattoeed on his body. 

He wakes up. 

And what he does next? 

He jumps into pushups!

Then treadmill sprints!

Then pull-ups. 

Some of them are done in a way I wouldn't advocate. 

But still, you dont see him boobying around at all in the workout scenes. 

And that, my friend, is part of what he did in REAL life to get that look too - along with a solid diet. 

So thats that on Ghajini - if you're into action - find it with subtitles - and watch!


Rahul Mookerjee

... That I'd highly recommend to YOU, my friend. 

Now, I dont know if you the reader is a James Hadley Chase fan, but I am. 

And much like all the other writers I sometimes recommend (with good reason, I might add), no, I dont get anything from mentioning Chase, or Napoleon Hill, or Claude Bristol, or.....

They're the greats!

Anyway, without further ado, two of my favorite Chase books - 

"Believe this, you'll believe anything!

And "Consider yourself dead!" 

I think I've mentioned both before - yes, I have, on the other site. 

But briefly, the SECOND one is the one I'd choose if I really, really had to choose my friend. 

The first one is a prime example on ...well, women and their "follibles" if thats even a word. 

And if you're eagerly waiting for the book on Nazi feminism which a lot of you are, you might do worse than read what "Vidal", the "ape like tycoon" in the book says about women, when he does, and how he does. 

When she's complaining about some inane stuff, he ignores her. 

When she's ranting about "illness", he tells her she needs to spend more time exercising. 

And while the soft sop Clay Burden does his best to be a "cuck" and put up with all this, eventually he realizes he's been played for a FOOL. 

A prime sucker!

The story of course is something else. 

But the book is a great read even if you're just interested in women in general, hehe. 

And the second? 

It's even more brutal!


The Italian tycoon who'd do anyting for his daughter, even one that is mentally sick in certain regards. 

And Frost, the tough ex army, ex cop ... six feet something lean and mean machine who does NOT scare no matter what. 

Lu Silk, the hired gun ... 

It's a classic - but for me, the way Grandi goes out of his way to do ANYTHING for his daughter, his PRincess, his little girl - that resonats with me!

Big time. 

Anyway, James Hadley Chase wrote books with tough men, beautiful women, flashy cars, lots of booze and cigars, fist fights, murders and more. 

Those were different times. 

Not sissified times like now. 

Those were times when men were REAL MEN and women were real women as opposed to the parody of either they've become now (I mean either!). 

And it was a "get tough or else" time. 

My workouts, my friend, are a throwback to THAT era. 

Yes, you either love me or hate me. 

And my workouts are a throwback to that era. 

Brutal, down to earth, simple, and do they work? 

Heck yeah - and they'll make MONSTERS out of MEN if you let it!

And on that note, if there ever was a course like that - it is this - Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

I'm still feeling it, a good half hour or so after my shower!


Rahul Mookerjee

Saturday, 17 April 2021 07:56

"Hello. Are you a author or a writer"

I received an interesting one from Vicky in China - though I've no idea why she sent it over. 

(Hopefully not "monkey writing jobs" - one can never tell with these idiots). 

(On that note, I recieved another wacko WeShat message from another "Vicky" - also in China - asking me for the nth to do dancing monkey jobs which I simply won't. Ugh). 

But anyway, THIS Vicky (the third one was the one that called foreigners "cheap" and what now while being the first in line to snap up "red packets" or other stupidity - basically a female version of the Bozo) .. actually asked something decent!

And it made me pause and THINK. 

Because it's the first time I've been asked that!

are you a author?

or writer


Well ... 

If you were to ask me off the bat? 

I'd say writer. 

Then I'd pause and say PUBLISHER. 

Because to me, there is a huge difference between a writer/author, and a publisher. 

In all my writing ventures I call myself a PUBLISHER for the most part, although "who I am" is a writer, to me. 

But in actuality, I didnt really know the difference between a writer and author, and never bothered to find out. 

To me, it boils down to "if you write a book under your name", you're an author. 

If you publish it, you're both. 

and if you just write, well, you're a writer .. 

Other than that, I'v enever stopped to consider it!

And I wonder why she's asking me that. 

But it brings that ole story up about piegon holing, which I hate. 

"Starving author" 

"Foregin devil" 

"He doesnt go to an office so doesnt work" 

"Drink beer and send emails" 

"Just bodyweight exercises, so of course they're useless" 

"How can pushups build any strength" ... 

Or any of the other things one "automatically assumes" which in reality are the exact opposite ... 

Why someone would ask me what she did is beyond me. 

Maybe there's a reason. We'll see!

But for the fitness side of things? 

Bodyweight exercise guru - and someone that does it - and keeps it real - and encourages, even exhorts YOU to do the same!

Anyway, this is a quick one. 

Maybe I'll write more on it later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P S- Remember, the BIGOFFER discount code expires TODAY - so if you want it, get on the ship NOW. 

This morning, I uttered ONE sentence 

All I did was ask - very politely. 

ONE line. 

6 words. (in a language still apparently "20% alien to me") 

I didnt demand. 

I didnt ask. 

I didnt ...well I DID request, and what I asked for was paid for by me, I'm the one that has always been "using it", and ...well, the specfics aen't important, and they make nil sense, so much so that Bozo Schofield for once would agree. 

But lets swtich tack!

A couple of years, or maybe more ago, the Trumpinator made the following comment about a (I believe at the time over the hill) German model "Heidi Klum". 

She's no longer a 10, or something like that was ALL he said. 

Thats it. 

And the social media FRENZY that one line whipped up - oh my!

SJW's, bozos, white knights, virtue signallers, Nazi feminists, regular feminists ... oh my!

It was like he started WWIII for something he said, and then forgot most likely. 

Same thing with me this morning, and the aftermath. 

"The one sentence that caused a conflagaration!" 

It's always been that way with me, my friend. 

When talking to idiots and morons, I rarely use more than  a few words, if I talk at all. 

Guess why Bozo Schofield was so pissed at me? 

Because I complained to Charles at the time (his friend) that he was "driving me insane with his beat around the bush nonsense". 

Of course, Charles despite knowing the looney tune Glyn is had to tell him. 

And there starteth that "war" - though I dont want to dignify the term with the Bozo. 

I'd rather fight a war with equals, hehe. Or those BETTER than me. 

In which case if I lost, I'd learn!

But anyway, this is about what ... you ask? 

First, a treatise on the mind I suppose if you can understand what I mean. 


Well, that ok. 

"I'm a toxic male", I hear the women cry, while unsubscribing in droves. 

Fair enough, sis. 

But maybe the INITIAL section of Zero to Hero will explain it all - for those intelligent enough to read between the lines and those that want it. 

Other than that, my wife made the following comment the other day I believe (or for the past few years). 

"You keep going on about Trump and Modi!" 

Well, I do dole out high praise when it's warranted. 

(and actually, I rarely discuss politics or anything with her to be honest because anything remotely halfway logical "I'm now in a bad mood because of you!") 

Not so much the latter as the former, though the latter is likely even more of a marketing genuis in many ways, and many ways not. 

And I've been knowing for crisp criticism when it's warranted. 

Thats it, my friend. 

You either love me, or hate me. There's never been any "in between" from the age of 5 (so I've been told, hehe i.e. the minute I was old enough to actually SPEAK). 

It's a natural thing ... to an extent. 

ALL of us can develop this skill, and this, my friend is one of the keys to unlocking powet of any nature within yourself if you get my drift. 

Some may say I'm speaking with forked tongues ... 

So be it. 

The upcoming book on Nazi feminism will (or should) explain it all. 

In the meantime, in all the madness, remember the 30% discount code is STILL active and valid. 

For a change, Mr Mercurial hasn't pulled it as yet. 

But I might soon, so rush now and get your thang on while you can, because once its gone ... it truly is "gone with the wind". 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Once they're gone, they're truly GONE. 

I know. 

Stupidity exists everywhere, so we gotta ignore it. Which I do, really. For the most part it dont affect me none unless ... 

Well, let me explain. Hehe. 

Recently I heard the following from my cute little 7 year old (almot 8!) 

"Dad, you are polluting the planet even more than the rest of the people!" 

"With my farts", you mean, I joked back. 

(running joke, kiddie joke that never fails to crack her up). 

"No! Because you dont care about plastic polluting the earth!" 

What she meant was I dont stand outside my home wherever I am in the world supporting Great Greta Thunberg whoever she is (idiot par excellence according to me) or what not, or cry up a storm about the oil pipelines that the Trumpinator authorized, that Biden then stopped, and that the States are now rightfully FIGHTING against (I mean really - employment, folks! And we have Hiden BIden wanting raise tax on corporates and what not! IDIOICY!) . . .

Anyway, she only said it because Joo Tube is brainwashing her ,but thats easily undone. 

I did it and her mother probably has too. (hopefullt, hehe. You know how that goes!)

But anyway ... 

In 2000, I believe this was ... 

At an Exxon Mart in Mississipi run by a phat phock with jowls so big you could have been forgiven for thinking it was a bovine rumpus or what not, I went in to buy beer. 

A 12 pack of Southpaw, I believe. 

"You can't buy it with this", proclaimed dude, who apparently took a dislike to me the minute he saw me (I felt it). 

White dude. 

I asked why. 

"We dont accept NY state driver;s licenses!" 

I asked this idiot again just why not - I mean if it's only to card people ...  and why the "Socialist Paradise of New York " with an admittedly FAR MORE helpful DMV than I found in MIssissipp for one (perhaps thats just my experience in Schentectady, I dont know) drivers license couldn't be used to card people.  

"Look, Mister, it's a private store, you dont like , you can leave" 

OK ... 

As his cheeks turned purple or something, I left. 

Girlfriend showed up. 

Bought the beer. 

With NO carding (though she was one of these gals that look 20 years younger than she is, and she was around 20 something, and looked not a day over 16...) ... 

Then another incident, curiously enough again at Exxon. A subway there. 

Apparently the admittedly gorgeous black dame prepaing the sandwich didnt do my ex's right, so she said later, and it looked kinda messy - I dont know. 

Mine looked fine, but what do I know about dill pickles, mayonnaise or what not or even if it's done right. 

All food goes into the stomach according to me, so if it doesnt "look good" then so what so long as it tastes good, but I do have to admit there was something off about the ex's sandwich, but I don tknow - bad hair day maybe, or maybe the two gals hated each other on sight. 


Third incident, again at Exxon!

Some fat white chick made the comment about my girlfriend and me aruging, and that (without knowing the history) I was "treating her like crap". 

I wasn't. Neither was she. 

We were getting into it Italian style. 

"Private store, you can leave!" was how it ended. 

We left, and went to the bar next door, continued the argument in the car. 

Security dude came over and told us both "This is a private lot, so we'll have to ask you to leave" WITHOUT taking sides or giving a fig less about the argument. 

Smart guy. Hehe. We both calmed down eventually. 

But I dont know, I guess the reason I keep up bringing up cops, BLM etc. ?

It ain't to curry favor with anyone, I'll be damn sure about that. 

Or I should say, I WANT to make sure ya'll know that. 

Its because of this - people dont realize how good they have it sometimes ... 

In China, they can literally arrest you and throw you in jail WITHOUT A trial for something you didnt do. 

I ain't talking politics or political statements either. 

Friend of mine I wont mention here got thrown in for six months in a hellhole because he "got into a fight and retaliated". 

That is all, and he didnt start the fight. CCTV shows that. 

Yet, in he went. 

I wont mention his name here because his girlfriend is apparently still in the PRC. 

He finally got deported and showed up back Stateside, and all is well since. 

Then anotehr dude who was idiot enough to smoke reefer at a bar and proclaim that "his connections" would save him. 

They didnt. 

He is still in. 

No names again - obvious reasons. 

I wonder if people in general realize how lucky people are to live in a country, where EVERYONE, illegal included have RIGHTS. 

Including apparently the right to vote illegally in certain states (dont get me started on "Dead voters"!) 

And where the cops whether they like it or not HAVE To wear body cameras, follow a set procedure, abide by LAWS just as YOU need to, and so forth ... 

Going by all the bitching and moaning I dont think they do. 

Anyway , fitness wise, I dont know ... 

The book on isometrics, for instance, has attracted plenty of people. DOERS ane the Bozos both. 

The latter who keep carping upon the quality of the pictures and how its "just bodyweight exercises", 

How dare I put out a book on isometrics, and it be about ... GASP! Isometrics!

And the former, of course the doers praising it and rightfully so by saying "what looks easy is anything BUT". 

No prizes for guessing which side of the line I'm on - firmly so! 

All for now. 

I hope that explained why I keep bringing certain topics up - because I really, really think the cops get more flak than they should for one, and well, a drop in the ocean, I know, but every little bit COUNTS!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Two copies left for The Collector's Edition of Fast and Furious Fitness, Hurry, as this won't last foreever!

PS #2 - Most of the books are also in Kindle format now, not all, but 90 plus percent, and I'llbe 100 percent done soon.

On Pinked-Oo I was reading something about a girl with like a bazillion followers, I believe, complaining up a storm about when she was in college (I assume), and the cops being called on her "because she was suspected of shoplifting". 

Its a long whiny post, so I wont post either it or my response here, but in short, she had her receipt. 

yet, she couldn't find it in her bookbag, was arrested, then on the way to the precient or whatever (I can'r remember exact details - but I'll point you to the post if you like) she "found it" miraculously and nothing happened, and she won a civil lawsuit, or what not. 

I guess she was charged, then she found it. 

My reaction was, OK, so you had the reciept, couldn't find it, then somehow found it later upon being charged (after being arrested apparently)? 

I dont know ... 

Something doenst ring true. 

And I'm positive the men in blue would have given her time to rummage through her backpack, bookbag, handbag, purse and God knows where else for it before deciding to charge her!

But it brings to mind several incidents. 

One, I was walking back "home" i.e .my dorm room from a late night coding session with a certain great pal of mine Bruce. 

4 AM was the high time at the time, hehe. 

I was suddenly flagged by a passing patrol car, and told to "stop" for no reason. 

OK, so I did. 

"Sir, I need to check your bookbag". 

No reason given. 

I smiled. 

"Sure", and handed it over. 

Dude almost looked embarassed. 

"Thanks!" he said, and the very manner in which he said it made me feel he was sorry for having to "do it even though he didnt want to!" 

(slow night? I dont know) 

He did a cursory check, didnt inspect any of the outlying pockets, and handed it back with another thanks, and made off to get in his car as if to say "Sorry, now you can get back to the beer" hehe. 

I shook his hand, thanked him, and asked him why. 

It was about drugs. 

Now, I COULD have wailed about rights, why they were stopping me for no reason, why they wanted my student ID and not my driver's license, and what not ... 

But I didnt. 

It's a vibe thing. 

And it's basically "sometimes people think what they do for a reason, and it ain't because they want to either". 

Then the incident outside Bond Hall. 

I was right outside the dorm. 

Suddenly, cop car pulls up. 

Two beefy dudes (one looked straight out of King Kong, hehe) got out. 

They said nothing except "Sir, you have to wait". 

I was late for class. 

I asked why. 

No answer. 

Tons of black dudes were passing by, and looking at us "we knew it" expression!

Me, I had NO idea and was somewhat irritated, but hey. Whatever. 

5 minutes later they received a call or something. 

"Sorry Sir!" 

and they made off to catch the suspect who had apparenly bailed from some scene somewhere (so they told me before leaving). 

I "fit the description" because, well, "el amigo, or hombre". LOL. 

OK, not fair. 

I could have waile dup a storm. 

But really, why. 

Isnt it just easier to co-operate and be done with a mess that clearly even the men in blue dont really want to do? 

And even if they have "bad intentions" and you can feel it, there is obviously no point in fleeing or what not from the scene, whether you did something or not. 

Stay calm, lose the battle, win the war, and court cases! 

Common sense, my friend, seems to be sorely lacking in this BLM "arsonist" movement and many others (Antifa) and thats one reason apart from the idiocy I dont support what the movements have morphed into. 

I understand others may have a different take, and thats fne, but I'm not going to shy away from saying it like it is - and that, my friend, is the bottom line on this one. 

Off now - be sure and check out the book on isometrics here (getting plenty of attention as we speak!) 


Rahul Mookerjee 

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