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The last bastion, or the last stand, I often like to call the 90's, before it all started to fall APART. 

Before the world started to go to hell and a time when men were men, women were women, men were real men that did a hard day's work and werent shy about downing a beer - or two - or ten at the end of it (well, they had the Tom Tom's then as well, but near not as many!) - women would be happy enough to take care of the child and let the man do what the man does i.e PROVIDE... 

Normal times, natural times. 

Times of great, heady optism. 

REAL times. 

I should know. I grew up during those times!

Anyway, the name Bevan probably isnt' familiar to most of you. 

Except a few of you "Poms" reading this, hehe. 

He was - is - one of the Aussie cricketing greats, and in many ways a pioneering force and influence in what was then still a novelty and not cricket for the purists ie. "one day cricket". 

Which the purists scoffed at as being "wham bang thank you Ma'am", and now weaned on an even more whammy diet of T20's and T10's, they all love the ODI with 50 overs!

Persoanlly, I thought one day international cricket provided the perfect match between wham bang thank you man IPL and other such 20-20 leagues which are over in three hours - and test cricket which spans out over 5 days - or is supposed to. 

Tests were supposed to the boring, puranitical version of cricket. 

Odi's were supposed to be for the hipsters, slick shysters, dashers!

Anyway ... 

Bevan was a pioneer fitness wise in an ear where beer bellies and drinks galore after a game were still rampant in cricket. 

But more than that, it was his attitude towards chasing tall, tall targets - and WINNING - which was nowhere near as common as is on the batter friendly highways they prepare these days for cricket that really in my books sets him apart - and the way he went about it. 

The Aussie cricket team of that time was probbaly the greatest ever. 

Led by Ice man Steve Waugh, they had dashers and stylists at the top in Mark Waugh, Ricky Ponting, and hitters galore like Andy Symonds and so forth - any ONE of whom could change and turn a match on its head on his day. 

Someone always seemed to!

And down at the last of the specialist batters - they had -well - another ice man - Michael Bevan! 

He was not a six - or boundary hitter. In an era where clearing the boundary is the norm (today) - that might sound pedestrian. 

In HIS era, hitting the boundaries was considered "required" to keep up with chasing tall totals. 

Indeed, it is in a way. 

Bevan though hardly ever hit any - - and his record stands out as - STILL - being a batter that has helped his team win MOST times when chasing - or damn close. An average to be damn proud of, even when compared to today's batters that are molly coddled and provided with every form of assistance they can get, right from rules favoring them - to pitches - to balls - to heavy bats that can be swung very easily - and so forth. 

Thats not criticizing today's great guys, it's just me "saying" what is . . . 

But anyway, Bevan won many a match for his team when chasing tall totals, when the rest of the dashers had failed!

He did this in a way most people could barely understand. 

He did it by running - and focusing on the 1's and 2's - which down the line, turned into BIG ones! 

When chasing 300 plus run totals, which was HUGE back then, you didnt see Bevan focus solely on the big goal. 

He had it in mind, yes. 

but he focused on the 1's and 2's!

He understood, better than most, the truism of two things. 

One, a big goal can be taken care of if you focus on the small victories and tasks that add up to a lot. 

He focused on converting each ball into a run. 

ONe run into two. 

The 2's into 3, boundary if possible. 

He literally, my friend, ran the opposition ragged!

Two, that a bear can be eaten - one bite at a time!

A target of 300 in 50 overs was HUGE Back then, and you'd need to get 6 an over for it to happen. 

Which was tough back then too. 

Bevan focused on each ball ,and the runs he could milk from each ball! 

It was sheer genius, the way the Aussies started with a blaze, then consolidated in the middle overs, then went for one final push in the end. 

And usually won. 

From impossible situations. 

I remember a match against the Proteas in the late 90's where ... the target was 284. 

The Aussies were 90/4, ALL their star batters gone. 

Bevan And Steve Waugh, hardly a one day batter - were there. 

I still remember turning off the TV saying "oh well" - though I didnt think they had lost, I didnt think they would win either!

I remember my Dad saying "all over" as well!

Next day, we woke up - and lo!

Bevan 100, Steve Waugh 90 something - they won!

Another mammoth chase in that series, 333 was done in a similar manner by grafting 90's from Ponting and Darren Lehmann - another classic!

This is not to educate you on cricket, friend. 

It's to tell you the value of GRAFTING, something often ignored, but something leading to HUGE results if done with persistence. 

The Aussie cricket team of that era had IMMENSE Self belief. 

It would NOT be overstating to say they "knew no defeat". 

They truly never thought about it - and the results showed. 

POnder all this as you start your day - go about it - or head on to bed. 

You might achieve some spectacular things, my friend, if YOU take these lessons to heart!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Do also read the 10 Commandments of Physical Success in the 0 Excuses Fitness - to me, thats the most important part of the entire book!!!

PPS - It's the small actions that lead up to big things being "normal" friend, and even bigger goals being set, which is how it should be. 

7 - 10 emaisl for me a day is normal while most people struggle with sending one daily without fail! 

Think about that - and how I GOT THERE! 

I didnt get there by starting out this way. 

I started out with one a day. 

I wanted more. 

I upped the ante some. Stuck with it 

Then before I knew it, I naturally expanded my "area of comfort" or comfort zone or whatever it's called. 

Stuck with that. 

And so forth! 

There is a very valuable lesson to be learned in this - fitness wise too!

Saturday, 07 August 2021 08:49

It's all a bloody mess, friend.

And of course, there's no better quote of the day for 2021 than that. 

Thats probably what a lot of you think too looking at whats going on. 

I rarely read the sh-news. It gives me things to write about occasionally, but after the past few emails with the Joe Biden rubbish, I'm OFF it again. What a nightmare!

Lets stay sane, safe, and sensible, and fitness wise, which is why YOU are HERE - well, this is the link we need to ALL focus on. 

And if you gotta share something, via social or whatever, share this. 

Remember, another one of those great 10% coupons for dong so. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

It's hilarious, isn't it friend. And it transcends politics - into LIFE. 

A perfect example of what I mean here would be a person who is probably the MOST unfit a person has ever been to be President of the United States of America ,the "leader of the free world that forgets where he is half the time" - and is a doddering old fool apparently that doesn't like any of his opionins challenged even a LITTLE. 

Look at the out of control crowds when he speaks, and look at Biden desperately trying to control them when protestors show up. 

"Let him speak!" 

No-one DOES let the protestor speak, of course!

The most baffling, or perhaps not, thing with Creepy Joe is his tendency to look like he's going to have an aneurysm anytime actually, you know, ASKS him something or challenges him on something - anything. 

"Come on!" is his angry, baffled response, like a cranky Grandfather woken up from a siesta. 

Or, he'll challenge other old men to pushups and running and what not. Crazy! 

It's hard to believe that (in my book) one of the, if not THE best damn Presidents the US ever had, the Trumpinator, is only a few years younger. 

True, he got upset too, but he didnt throw a fit - never!

He engaged with people - very vociferiously and vigorously, but he kept the conversation going as opposed to Biden who you can just see HATES being challenged on his BS. 

He ain't the only one either. 

I've seen a long list of Tom tom, assking Bozos and liberals act this way. Especially those who think "their way is the only way in life". 

"Maybe you know another way, but I haven't seen it!" 

OK, so why not let me explain it!

"I dont want to hear it", they holler. Be sensible!

Sensible my ass. 

When sensible is refuted logically, these Tom Tom's take refuge in yelling and theatrics like Creepy Joe does. 

Advances, or tries to advance bloody mask mandates while ... he pays people more to stay at home than actually, you know, go out to work. 


It really is!

I cannot believe even Liberals are that stupid (maybe they are?) to believe that lockdowns aren't the real killers in terms of economies. A third grader knows this!

Yet, the vast majority of sheeple don't know it apparently - or don't care anymore. 


And why just Biden, friend. 

You've got a sitting VP "Hyena Harris" who blatantly lies when asked questions half the time and cackles like a hyena to boot as if to say, how dare you ask me!

Of course, Biden was probably the one she got it from. Ever seen the debates in 2020? 

Every time Biden was asked a question he couldn't answer, he first laughed in a "guffaw" sort of manner (cross between a hyena and an elephant with a fish craw stuck in its throat) - a wierd, creepy sort of "haw haw haw" laugh (Harris is no less creepy though to be frank) ... and then blew his top. 

Boggles the mind - truly the mosy dysfunctional admin ever this!

How we ALL miss not just the Trumpinator, but the uber solid and dependable Mike Pence...

Anyway, I'm glad to report there are still plenty of us sensible folks out here. 

Yours truly being one. 

Precautions, friend, not panic!

Governor Ron Santis in FL - has my highest recommendation - GOOD MAN!

Governor Abbot in Texas. 

And other "conservatives" who really should be called "sensible folk". 

I dont get it, this constant panic, madnes. 

Just what the heck are people thinking, friend. 

It boggles the mind!

Anyway, yours truly has always been up for an argument. 

And usually I win it - because I'm uber logical. 

The tom tom's call it "useless logic". 

Because it doesn't agree with their Tom Tomming and Tom Foolery, hehe. 

So be it. 

I am going to continue to rail FOR what I consider is the most important thing for all of us - FREEDOM!

Remember, folks. 

Bottom line is this - when America does well, the rest of the civilized world does too. 

So no, to the Tom Tom's claiming "it's just US politics", it ain't eitehr. 

It's LIFE!

Anyway, had to say that. So I did!

And remember, the pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness WILL end by tomorrow, given both phone and laptop are back to "normal" - for now, heeh.

So get your orders in while you can before the price goes up, up, up!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Thursday, 05 August 2021 15:30

Panic Central... ?

I cannot believe the lunacy I'm reading about. 

A nurse told her husband to get vaccinated, or move out. 

Alarmed Louisiana Residents Turn to Vaccines in 'Darkest Days' of Pandemic (yahoo.com)

Like, hell what about the guy's right to CHOOSE?? The Nazi feminist forgot that one, it seems! 

(you can bet if SHE didnt want to take the panixine, and the guy forced her to move out - oh boy - what a huge hue and cry it would cause, both "because she's a woman" and because she's got the right to choose. 

But guys don't? )

Phock that, friend.

I mean, really!

Yes, LA is experiencing a surge, but have these idiots and Tom Toms forgotten that Israel, very proudly Tom tomming itself as a leader in vaccinations, 95 % rate or what not - THEY are now havin g a huge resurgence as ever? 

Have these medical professionals ever considered the FACT that a) these panixines are not fully tested, b) there are side effects, sometimes FATAL - and c) you can still get the damned China virus anyway?????

Anyone that dares to speak out against the mask nonsense - is labeled "spreading misinformation", yet Fauci who spreads more rumors than an old lady on speed every day (his latest is that "new variants worse than the Delta variant will come" - is thought of as "sensible"? 

The very same guy who most likely sent money to the CCP to MAKE THIS Damn virus?? 

I mean, folks, have YOU considered that despite the Tom Tomming the CCP is now doing i.e. "shutting down borders so people can't travel internationally" - have yo uforgotten what they did when this whole damn thing started? 

They covered it up at home, silenced voices that dared to speak out - THEIR OWN PEOPLE - and they let peopl etravel willy nilly to spread it to the rest of the world!

Amazing how people forget these things so quickly, eh. 

Then again, the Bozos, Liberals, and Tom Tom's dont think a lot at all ... 

My stance on this madness is the same as it's always been . 

Precautions, not panic. 

THe minute you panic, the minute you're GONE. 

And the minute you join the ranks of the sheeple, friend. 

I mean, I dont get it - at least if the damn vaccine would work, I'd take it probably - or I wouldn't be critical of the idea, but with the Communist City of New York considering mandating EVERYONE to have a vaccine or else, the country of Bangladesh (a friend of mine is there) saying they'll do it, The steps taken in France and ITaly ... I mean, it all alarms me. 

I'd rather a free state like Florida - and preferably one like TEXAS!

Anyway ... 

Had to get that insanity off my chest. 

I've got it off now. 

But really, when parents of young kids are moaning in parks (my wife told me this one, I dont know if she said exactly what the other lady, but I think she did). 

"Why don't we all just die once and not suffer!" 

This from a housewife apparently whose lifestyle staying at home wasn't even that much impacted - except - gasp - she had to actually take care of her kid as opposed to fob it off on someone else. 

Pathetic, just so frigging pathetic, the way a lot of people have "given up". And "await death". 


FIGHT my friend. 

RISE UP - its the only way!

And remember, that pre-order - time's a ticking. Countdown starts now, there's about 4-6 more hours left I believe before I pull it. 

Get in while the going is good - NOW. 

See you "on the other side" - I mean that in a good way, hehe. 


Rahul mookerjee

It's nothing short of hilarious, friend. 

The Bozo has given (as y'all know) my email address to the chick he stole money from "Mandy whoever" who like many others was gullible enough to fall for the Bozos scammy words and such. 

And while I thought it was 5000RMB, now it's apparently 500000 RMB he stole. 

The 0's keep inflating like the Bozo's flatulent butt... LOL. 

Anyway, whats funny is he's given her my email address, as if "I'm in some way associated with the Bozo". 

No, my friend. I am not. 

The Bozo is counting on me posting these publicly to somehow "wriggle" out of the fact that he not only did drugs in China, Hong KOng and the Phillippines - he also looted money from women, made physical threats against many of them - and finally got kicked out of the Phillippines (though he would have been thrown in PRISON if it hadn't been for "Mandy" and his friend Charles). 

A certan Roya Saaednia will bear testament to this, as will many others. 

Here's what I just got. 

Hi, Glyn,

    I am very glad that you could talk with me peacefully this time.I have dreamed this moment for long time.
   I don't want to bother your future life,just saying good bye to old life.
 Here is my bank detail:

(Beneficiary Bank): ... 
(Beneficiary Name):....
(Beneficiary Account number):....
(Swift Code): .....
(Bank Code): ....
(Bank Address): ....
     The owned RMB50000 should be around pound 6000,or US$7800.You remitte to my above account as your convenient currency. 

     I bless your parents and Families are all good.And I pray you getting someone cherish you from deep heart. Wish your business better and better in the future. :)

    Best regards!


Truly, Bozo Butts should be in for Ponzi schemes or something ... 

... Except it's just too stupid, the Bozo's way of dealing with it is as follows - 

She emails "him". 

He calls her up after seeing the email reached the address he gave her (mine). 

And then of course, she emails back thinking its "Bozo's address". 

I'm sure either the Bozo or they're both waiting for a response from me.   (though it seems it's the Bozos's usual drunken trolling goin gon) 

It won't come, hehe, but I'll keep YOU guys posted on the sorry tale... 

Anyway, it jives with a piece I was reading recently about trolls and how they are pretty much the modern day of success. 

Yours truly has dealt with them all my life, and it's like the other dude said "from the age of 24, from blog to blog, success to success, the trolls followed me, desperate for attention and spreading their lies". 

Except Bozo "Boozo" Schofield isn't just desperate for attention. 

He's plumbed the bottom. 

Clearly the 5000 or whatever he stole has run out.   (I dont know, I Thought it was 5000 yuan he stole, maybe that was from another person! Seems he stole a far larger amount from this chick. 

Or, I should say "essentially stole") ... Fraud, basically. 

Now he's "on the lam". 

And should be reported to the UK authorities anyway - wasn't he on the lam anyway on bail for drunk driving anyway? 

Yes, I believe he was - if they'll look it up, they'll find it. 

Anyway, Bozo Glyn, Jeez. 

Man the eff up, "be a man for once in your life" and at least deal directly with the girl on email ... 

But then again, that would require balls, which he ain't got. Hehe. 

Anyway - I'm out. 

But - Animal Kingdom Workouts, my friend is truly the BOMB! 

And an anti troll course if there ever was one in more ways than one. 

Grab this now, you the REAL trainee will love it!


Rahul Mookerjee

Monday, 02 August 2021 09:26

Mandy and the Bozo

Great things are happening - and will! I keep seeing the number NINE everywhere!

OF course, for someone who plays great, great emphasis on his GUT, soul and everything else - and "coming full circle" which I've written about SO OFTEN in all my books .. well, the non fitness related ones, I believe, but the message is there nonetheless. . . its important!

Maybe not to you readers, I dont know. 

But anyway, I once knew a girl named Mandy. 

An older lady. 

Hehe. Snicker. Cougars on hills and stuff, I know, but she is NOT mentioned  in the book on recollections - not THIS ONE!

There's another one in which she IS mentioned. 


Just recieved this. 

Subject line - Best regards from Mandy China

This is Mandy from China.
I am still not sure this e-mail is your personal e-mail.Whatever from the day I rescued you from Philiphine ,I didn't care about the ending between us.
Everyone has joyful and depressing monents in different life periods.Whatever still glad that you are finally prayed by God and get normal and stable life.That's the best wish from me from the beginning.I have once prayed thousands of times.Now it's the day.
I adore you for one thing you could keep walking as long as you could do everyday.That's good life habit.Keep the insisting and be yourself,follow your heart.
Hope you don't break my dream to come back to home to visit my mom, helping me the first time and last time from you.

Best regards!


I thought this was the Bozo who sent this. Hehe. 

Anyway, the "Rescued from the Phillipines" where he was drowning in drugs - I think they were getting ready to kick him out - and then she contacted Charles (his friend) to fly him back. 

Dont know, but thats suspiciously what it sounded like to ME, heh. 

And it doesn't seem to be Bozo who sent this, or wrote this. I can feel it!

Anyway, the "ending between us". 

This was, if memory serves right, the same chick from which Glyn stole "5000 RMB" by acting all innocent and "the blue eyed boy that just lost his job", and other rubbish, and fleeced her money. Chinese girls can be so simplistic at times!

Wonder if Mandy is reading this. Hehe. 

Poor Mandy - she's still in La La Land from what it seems!

But anyway, from what the Bozos posted on Freakbook, he ain't planning on returning to China. 

Of course, he never posted the tale of his deportation. 

I'll do that someday!

- Anyway, just thought I'd ask Ya'll what you think of THIS latest lunacy. HEhe. 

Maybe he's trying to work some wierd fetish in with Mandy as he was with his friend's girlfriend. 


I'm out. Thought I'd update y'all! 


Rahul Mookerjee

P S-  I was going to do a Lumberjack workout, but saw this, had to send it in. 

But y'all should get the pre-order now, because IT WILL DISAPPEAR VERY SOON!!!!

PS #2 - The Mandy I knew was "Mandy Dong" 

Nah, the last name isn't anyting but a Chinese last name, hehe. 

The Mandy that sent this is a Chan, I believe. Not sure, she never sent her last name, which makes me think Bozo is up to being a "female" again, but hey. Who knows! But I think thats the name, hehe. Poor Bozo. Can't get the "dongs" he so lusts after even from email, hehe.

PPS - As for the poor MOther? Dont EVEN GET me started on butts and Bozos there, ugh. Talk "old and cruddy"! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

As I read about Simone Biles withdrawal from the Olympics due to "mental health issues" or what not - I had a bad feeling. 

Not so much the "right wing" comments made about her in terms of not supporting the country, ceding space to the Russians and so forth ... 

I dont think it's about that - to me, thats not the feeling I got. 

I've never seen the lady Tom Tom the left, or take a knee, or any of that nonsense, so it ain't about that. 

But to me, this constant reliance on "mental health as a crutch", constantly whining about depression as an excuse - constantly bitching about "I need time for myself and to hell with my work and responsibilities" and so forth ... all of this to me paints a picture of a mollycoddled and overcoddled bunch of frigging BRATS. 

Might be acceptable as a kid. 

I dont know, we got the hell beat out of us for being that way if we dared to!

Kids these days - the polar opposites. 

But you'd think adults would be better - not so, my friend. 

Bozo Schofield is just one of a long line of lunatics - another one wrote this morning about how "you're not indisciplined or lazy! You're just facing internal resistance!" 

It's this exact same pandering I hate - this exact same nonsense you hear a lot of the self help gurus spout - who curiously and oddly enough, or maybe NOT - used the exact OPPOSITE philosophy to build THEIR OWN BUSINESSES UP!

Just do it, in short!

Biles ain't the one throwing a hissy either in sport and pissing off due to mental problems or what not. 

Look at cricket, for one (I dont know much about gymnastics other than it's a great workout, and my advanced book on pull-ups contains some of the exercises gymnasts do - Fast and Furious Fitness does as well if you read between the lines - and of course, Shoulders like Boulders - and Battletank Shoudlers!) ... 

(Ever seen how a gymnast is built? Wonder how he - or she - got there? 

Ever seen how wrestlers are built? Wonder how he - or she - got there? 

It ain't pumping boobies at the Jim. 


I could give you advanced gymnastic books right now that would make one arm pull-ups look easy peasy for one. Trust me, I did them myself at the age of 26 - I know!) 

And this link when (and ESPECIALLY this one)  someone called the great "table pushup" gay might be interesting ... ) 

But anyway, cricket. 

I remember Jonathan Trott, a highly popular English cricketer quitting in the heat of the Ashes battle beteween Oz and England. 

"I have mental issues", he whined. 

Marcus Trescothick, another potential England great if not for his mental health nonsense was the same. 


To hell with talent. 

IT's about perseverance, gumption and CHARACTER!

The Aussies are as tough as nails (except the Tom Tom's that ran away to China) and so was that cricket team back then led by Iceman Steve Waugh. LORE!

Graeme Smith from South Africa. TOUGH BASTARD!

Jacques Kallis - 10 times as tough probably! 

Kevin Pietersen who the idiot ECB dropped due to calling out Bozos for what they were i.e. Bozos - toughest of the tough - gave it back like nothing to the Aussies INT HE HEAT OF BATTLE!

Yet, we dont hear about these people. 

We hear about the bozos whining about mental health and shedding tears. 

Let me tell you one thing, friend. 

It ain't about mental health. 

It ain't about using depression as a crutch. 

It's about you being a SISSY i.e. when times get tough - YOU look for an excuse, and I might as well be writing to Simon Biles or any of the individuals above. 

I've never once been afforded the luxury of anything like this. 

All my life, I've taken action when required - and when a battle was there, I never backed down. 

Got my ass beat on many an occasion - handed out an ass whipping on a few others too!

Trust me, when that Gorilla Grip reallty gets in, it does NOT get off. 

Like my buddy from the Marines told me (see the sales page for more) "You've got an unnatural pull to your grip - once you get him - pull him towards you - you've got him - he's gone!" 

(remember, this from a guy that outweighed me like David vs Goliath, lifted massive stuff all his life, not just the Jim either, did bodyweight, was in the Marines et al) 

Some might think I'm letting my secrets out here. 

No I ain't. 

Because if you know how to, there's counters for being pulled as well!

The DOERS know!

But anyway, my buddy. 

He was once in a situation where they stuck a knife in his back. 

Perilously close to his kidney. 

I think he was held captive for days as well. 

Had to smear camel shit on his face to "get out of there" - yes, what PG Wodehouse wrote about in comedy i.e. "Bertie smearing his face with boot polish so he could escape off the boat with the Negroes" in "Ask Jeeves", I think? wasn't entirely comedy!

Comedy only works when it's based upon real life, and Wodehouse was a genuis in getting to people's feelings. FEELINGS!

But with all this, what do you think he would have done, or where would he have gotten if he moaned about "I'm feeling depressed". 

He didnt. 


He got on with it. 


And thats what needs to be done. 

I mean, Simone, come on! 


And if it was a torn muscle or something, hey, I get it (though I've heard of people competing with broken ankles and far worse!) 

But this weak, sorry ass cop out of mental health - sorry, but it doesnt cut it for me. 

Ever see the Russians for one use this as an excuse? The Bulgarians? The Indians? Ever heard the Gama when he was 9 years old competing at Hindu squats against accomplished adult wrestlers, BEATING them at squats for hours - then being bed ridden and unable to walk for  a week (true story) - complain about "feeling depressed"? 

Not a chance, friend. 

He went out there, became a PHENOM  - the likes of which no-one has been able to match until NOW. 

Probably never will eitehr. 


Not mollycoddled sissified brats pandering to the depression bandwagon (grossly overpaid in some cases). 

Anyway, what do I know... 

But I DO know this, my friend, that much like what happened to the young Gama, if YOU overdo it when you first start with HIndu squats, you're in for a rude, rude awakening, friend. 

I remember I pounded out 100 the first time (or close to it) and was walking wobbly for days. This AFTER all the hill climbs I did!

So watch the videos, read the book - and start easy!

And use proper form. 

And most of all, more than anything else - show gumption and CHARACTER, friend. 

The world needs YOU. The world needs IT. 

Most pertinently, YOU NEED IT!

It's what will help you over the coming years more than anything else - trust me!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - When I had my thumb injury, and many others - one of the most painful ever for most people, I was still pounding out fingertip pushups by the dozen - with the injury. 

With my sprained "front of foot" (a huge golf ball like LUMP) - I'd walk up them hills! 

Truly the Ironman - and NONE Of it would have come without mental strength. 

When I spoke about those travails in Gumption Galore and the book on Nazi feminism, I wasn't whistling Dixie out of my ass. 

NEVER did I have the crutch of "I'm depressed, so I need help" - never ever!

And never would I want - LOSERS "whine about doing their best". WINNERS GO HOME AN DFUCK THE PROM QUEEN!

Not me saying that. 

Sean Connery saying that to Nicholas Cage in "The Rock" when Cage was whining about "I'll try" or some nonsense. 

I've been having dreams galore my friend - vivid ones at that! 

Can't wait to see what the day brings - good, bad or ugly. 

But I thought about writing about this to you before loppping off last night, so I am now - and oh, if you haven't, remember to take advantage of our special offer going on - I see, as I check my emails, lots of you have already done so - "if you buy something using the coupon I sent out yesterday" - I'll match it! 

That offer, as mentioned has expired now - but thanks to all of you that stepped up - and took action! 

Anyway, to me, that - what I'm about to tell you, in this "tea inspired" email of mine is the endearing image of Glyn Bozo.

Despite his typical Tom Tomming, despite all the nonsense he posts on Freakbook etc - THAT is the real Glyn. 

Face down, in his underpants, on the roads in Jieyang I believe - drunkenly snoring without a care in the world - after being kicked out of Chuck's beer house. 

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it that morning a couple of years ago on my phone - or actually, it didnt surprise me. 

Nothing Glyn related ever does! 

And Chuck told me the entire story i.e. how he threw a hissy fit, trashed their house, made overtures to chuck's girlfriend - all of these things (oddly enough, that girl kept inviting the bozo back - must be a sucker for punishement. Ugh) of course, weren't news to me. Every three months, the Bozo used to go "loco" i.e. Hannibal or Dr Jekyll - or was it Mr Hyde?? - and do things that would keep most people away from him for a lifetime, even more oddly, he's just show up later sober and say a whiny "sorry Chuck", and Chuck would forgive all. 

Made for the ages that "partnership" was! 

Made for each other? 

Anyway, the latest was that the Bozo got kicked out of Chuck's house - showed up drunk again - broke into "The Chuck's" beer house (he made damn good beer - say what you might about Charles, but he made damn good beer!!) - and drank all of it up. 

Got found out, and got picked up - literally- by the seat of his pants, and got thrown out - where he slept it off apparently. 

When he came to his senses, he whined to the cops about how "he got thrown out". 

Most places, the cops would boot him out too. 

The China cops took pity on the fat foreign devil sweating nasty buckets and bullets under the blazing hot sun - asked Chuck and Kate to take him back. 

Doubt they ever did. 

I remember telling Chuck specifically NOT TO. 

Anyway, say what you might about Chuck agin - but dude makes damn good beer. 

He's not a thief either. Honest guy - despite his China Tom Tomming and constant "overtures" to me to NOT say it like it is (which of course, I wrote about here) ... 

Sad he had to go the "Tom Tom" route as well, but hey, to each his own. 

True, he wasn't exactly overly honest about the Bozo's racist trolling which he knew about for a long, long time before I came to know of it. 

Bozo claims he started it. 

Did he? 

Till date, I dont have a definitive answer. 

But I dont think he did. Chuck probably chuckled a bit at them and never told me, but he's not the sort of dude that you'd call racist. I wouldn't at least! 

These things can be FELT - plain and simple. 

Anyway, that to me is Glyn Bozo's legacy in China basically - of course, from there, he got kicked out for visa overstays, then did drugs galore in Hong Kong's ghettos, stole money and trashed places there - and then finally almost got booted out from there as well (if they had the National Security Law back then, Bozo would be in for sure - though NOT because of "anti China" behavior - just general and utter lunacy) - and then Chuck was, for some reason, kind enough to fly him back to Ole Blighty. 

Anyway .... 

Dont know why I felt compelled to tell you that - since last night? 

But China, my friend, despite the fact they spread this damned pestilence and were fully prepared for it ... has changed a LOT since 2019. A lot, I'll tell you that!

From mandatory (practically speaking, since you can't really do much other than step out of the house if you ain't been panixated - no subway, no Didi Taxi, no restaurant or what not) panixations to enforced qurantines, to foreign devils getting anal swabs upon entry and much more - and of course, the Orwellian surveilliance everywhere been taken to giddy limits ... 

... Lots of countries and places have, for one. 

But China, and these Tom Tom's running around - remember one thing. 

With mandatory 14 day quarantines at your own expense, I dont think a lot of these Tom Tom's will be doing visa runs etc any more i.e. pop off to HK and then back again to "reset" your 30 day or 60 day stay or whatever you get on the visa ... (which was intended to be a business visa, never a "stay" visa as a lot of these Tom Tom's did, running around on business and tourist visas for ages) . . . 

Think about it. 

14 day hotel stay - where you can't put foof outside the door, period. 

On both sides of the border if I've got it right. 

Then another 14, or 44 at your apartment, and then rinse, repeat. 

Even the Tom Tom's wouldn't put up with that - the smart ones. 

True, they may eventually work out a system for these sort where visa runs or whatever are exempted, but given the visa runs themselves are quasi legal in the first place, I dont think so. 

And given that all visas issued pre-March 2020 are invalid anyway - and given that new business visas etc aren't being issued without very stringent requirements (you have to have the China panixine for one) - life for these Tom Tom's has become very interesting. 

Sure, for those of us - or them - or you (lots of Tom toms reading this) that were already in China then - yes - visas were extended month by month on a humanitarian basis. 

But China starting June stopped doing that. 

i.e. we've basically given you visa free stay for over a year. 

Now it's time to pack up, go home fellas, and if you gotta return, do so legally, and with a real visa. 

I dont blame China for doing that. 

Most countries would - and should (unless you're Hiden Biden who seems to revel in inviting a bunch of illegal immigrants in at the border daily with open arms - in most cases people that add NOTHING to the American economy. Strange, but predictable - with Sleepy Joe in charge, that was always going to happen, especially when he batted it off to Kamala who hasn't even been to the border, and laughs like a hyena when she's questioned on it!) . . . 

Some of these Tom Toms's got a monkey job willing to give 'em a visa. 

Some of them got married (pleasssssssssssssssssssssse Madam!) 


I remember a Chinese dude in NY once asking me "why I didnt get married to her" or some nonsense to "get a passport or what not" (though he wasnt aware of my immigration or other status anyway - he just assumed I was going to "have to leave"!) . . . 

I told him, nothing doing. 

I dont marry for passports, visas, or stays - period!

That may be overly "moralistic", but in some things I am that - simplistic as well!

Chuck from what I hear once did that for some student loan nonsense. 

Hey, good on him. To each his own! 

I would NEVER do something like that - not because of right or wrong - well, actually it is that. It's just plain WRONG, simple. 

Gaming the system - and while sometimes its acceptable, to me, getting married for something like that would spell out LOSER in big capital letters - in RED at that - to me. 

And some of these Tom Tom's started a company tom tomming about "Nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww is the best time to do busines in China" (it ain't either). 

But in general, most of them have quietly left with their tail between their legs, quietly steaming about how the country they Tom Tommed could do this to them. 

Get real, fellas. 

China doesn't need Tom Tom's of that nature - its the Tom Tom's who have got NOTHING back home and wouldn't be accepted back home as anything but bottom of the barrel scum and losers that need it!

And no country will give you free visa extensions forever - simple fact of life. 

What I dont like most about the Tom toms? 

Well, their blatant hypocrisy for one - like HERE

And two, of course, the way they diss their own countries attempting to pass themselves off as Chinese "we" - and their OWN countries - their great democracies like Australia and the US - as "them" - and saying everything bad about them possible, while Tom Tomming the evil Chinese regime. THAT is what I hate the most. 

And of course, telling those of us with a voice to keep it down. 

Fuck that. 

Never have, never ever will regardless of where I might be! 

Friend, here's the fact - you'll never ever be Chinese!

Simple fact of life ... and it's YOUR countries that allow you to go to China in the first place with those long term visas and what not (which have all been invalidated as of now).

And you turn around and bite the very hand that feeds you!


Anyway, I had all this on my mind since last night. 

Now, I've told you. I feel better! 

And thanks again to all of you that stepped up and TOOK ACTION for the great "once in a lifetime "offer we had going on yesterday - much appreciated!

I'll probably do something like that soon again ... 

As for now remember - Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness is the next book out - hot on my heels as it were!

Pick this up now - remember to use the code for the discount on the pre-order we have going on! 

I'll see you soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - All of this of course, probably comes as news to the Bozo. All he really recalls is "waking up in his underwear" in the middle of the street, no passport in hand (apparently he owed Chuck lots of money, and Chuck wasn't going to return the passport until he paid up or some rubbish - which Idont blame Chuck for, hehe) . . . 

For the ages, this one, and the Bozo. Hehe. To read, simmer and stew. 

But hey, as Bill said, my friend. 

"If you hadn't done what you did to Rahul - then maybe he wouldn't be doing this to you now!" 

Goose and gander, friend. 

Roney was a smart dude who YOU trolled - made nasty comments about - and besmirched his character multiple times. You've done that to too many people, Glyn ... 

Anyway, enough on that. Back soon!

(I'll share the pics soon on Instagram or what not. Rarely use it, but might as well! Including some specials which even Chuck doesn't have a clue about - like the credit card the Bozo was doing crack or what on. Hehe. All in the offiing!)

PG Wodehouse, I love you!

I just got a review on another site, for another book that Daniela (my translator for the book) might as well have written to Glyn Bozo. 

Here it is - - 

As always I am writing this review from a vanilla perspective.

The first interesting thing I notice from this book is the "affirmations". If you believe in something and feel it, it will come to you. Of course, affirmations are only a part of it, don't be lazy by just sitting and waiting for the magic, you have to make it happen!

In this book, you will find all the tricks you need to find the perfect dominant woman for you, in a way vibes are a part of it, the other part, just adore her and understand she is the best that can happen to you and show her that!!

Race, religion, body type, culture, etc, nothing of that matters. You reader, need to know, it is all about THE VIBES! and respect of course. Communication is always the key in every relationship vanilla or not.

Now, the book is NOT fitness related. Completely unrelated niche, so I wont mention the name etc here. It's actually a book on relationships, building relationships of the sort Glyn Bozo so desperately wants, but can't get - because he of course, does all the wrong things!

What she meant by the "vanilla" part was this - that although the book is tailored towards the BDSM community (the sane folks doing it in the privacy of their own homes or fetish clubs or what not - NOT known lunatics like Glyn Bozo) - she read - and revieiwed it from a "normal" i.e. vanilla perspective. 

(Vanilla is slang for "normal aka "not fetish"' in that community) 

What she meant is, the information in the book and the affirmations really DO work -and they would work just fine even if you're just looking for a decent fulfiling relationship (either man or woman) - and not all the extras the Bozo craves (but never gets). 

She's given me other reviews on similar books too. But the Bozo? 

Well ,for one, he's the laziest person ever alive. 

Simply sitting and trolling (like Chuck said "all he does is eat my food, drink all my beer, mess my place up - and TROLL all day long sitting in a room!" and as Ada said "pathetic!" - and as a host of other people have said - and As Im saying - he's just plain LAZY with a capital L) ain't gonna make your dreams come true, pal. The opposite, if any, and thats what happens with Glyn.

Not only is he too lazy to affirm anything beyond "I want to drink" but he's also too lazy to actually read, and his vibes, well, lets just say Hannibal would take off for the hills as well upon meeting him. 

Just a huge ugh is this dude, and thats all he attracts... 

Respect? Glyn Bozo? Enough said!

And of course, communication - his is limited to the one or two lines and few words we all know! 

But anyway, Bozo Schofield aside, here's the point - and something I didnt mention before. 

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Rahul Mookerjee

I sent a lengthy email to Google's CEO this morning - one of many, which unlike at Amazon (kudos Jeff!) - will probably never be read - or responded to - other than the rote copy and paste nonsense I keep getting from 'em. 

Their service in short - is just pathetic. Google takes the very dubious honor in my opinion of having the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE out there globally - and thats saying a lot given the number of companies I deal with daily and comparing it to their shitty service. 

Anyway, I've already gone into details before on that in emails etc. 

Let me just say there is a REASON behind first, the founders of the company giving Google up (at that point - it was doomed I thought - and given whats happening now, it's on a slow but steady decline which could be precipitated ANY MOMENT). There is reason behind a lot of the VP's of the company and other people in senior leadership positions quitting because they just weren't happy with the direction the company is goin gin. 

Unlike at Amazon, where Jeff Bezos remains, for now, firmly on the board in a leadership role (essentially the new CEO reports to him) - with Google, I think it's the new CEO Sundar Pichai and he reports to the Board, but it's unclear, at least to me, if the founders Larry and Sergey have anything to do with the company now. 

Perhaps not - probably not from what it looks like. 

More to the point though, here's the thing. 

With big tech being SO BIG - there is no way you can simply "use someone else" because there is no option. 

For instance, a lot of my customers have told me that there is no-one out there putting out books and workouts like mine, so it's either my books or workouts - or none for them (since they prefer REAL MAN workouts). 

Which is true!

But ... it's different with big tech. 

Not choosing or choosing to buy fitness products from me is one thing. 

With "not using Google", it would mean I'd have to stop using their search, emails, everything else they offer - which has becom so big that there isn't much compeition other than Amazon, to whom I'm steadily moving over to in every regard. 

There is a MONOPOLY. 

that is never good. 

Because monopolies anywhere, my friend, are either promoted by dictatorial regimes - or they LEAD to dictatorship in some way, shape or form (Google's customer service is a prime example). 

Not only that, there is too much CONTROL everywhere - starting from this mask wear nonsense everywhere (which granted, not all of us wear, but still - you HAVE to in some places!) - to vaccine passports and other nonsense (people are protesting against that though - which is good) - and RULES imposed by cumbersome goverments everywhere i.e. "it's my way or the highway " and customer service - dealing with unique situations? Forget about it!

It's just pathetic how our freedoms are being stripped away, our data being mined daily, and people lik eyou and I - and indeed people in general - there ain't a damned thing you can do about it, my friend. 

So, where am I going with this? 

I dont know ... 

I dont so much care about the side effects or negative effects - if there are some positives to be gleaned from the relationship. 

Amazon is the best at mining data, and knowing what customers want. Way better than Google or anyone else out there.

But there are just so many benefits out there for the business minded person that want to do biz with them, so I do ... 

But other than them, I dont see ANY big Tech company that offers the same "benefits - losses" ratio. 

Anyway ... 

As I'm off for another frustrating round of paperwork that should never have been had to filed in the first place, I'm out. 

And remember - last day for Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness to be offered at the price it is. 

It WILL go up after that - so reserve NOW if you want in 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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