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The last bastion, or the last stand, I often like to call the 90's, before it all started to fall APART. 

Before the world started to go to hell and a time when men were men, women were women, men were real men that did a hard day's work and werent shy about downing a beer - or two - or ten at the end of it (well, they had the Tom Tom's then as well, but near not as many!) - women would be happy enough to take care of the child and let the man do what the man does i.e PROVIDE... 

Normal times, natural times. 

Times of great, heady optism. 

REAL times. 

I should know. I grew up during those times!

Anyway, the name Bevan probably isnt' familiar to most of you. 

Except a few of you "Poms" reading this, hehe. 

He was - is - one of the Aussie cricketing greats, and in many ways a pioneering force and influence in what was then still a novelty and not cricket for the purists ie. "one day cricket". 

Which the purists scoffed at as being "wham bang thank you Ma'am", and now weaned on an even more whammy diet of T20's and T10's, they all love the ODI with 50 overs!

Persoanlly, I thought one day international cricket provided the perfect match between wham bang thank you man IPL and other such 20-20 leagues which are over in three hours - and test cricket which spans out over 5 days - or is supposed to. 

Tests were supposed to the boring, puranitical version of cricket. 

Odi's were supposed to be for the hipsters, slick shysters, dashers!

Anyway ... 

Bevan was a pioneer fitness wise in an ear where beer bellies and drinks galore after a game were still rampant in cricket. 

But more than that, it was his attitude towards chasing tall, tall targets - and WINNING - which was nowhere near as common as is on the batter friendly highways they prepare these days for cricket that really in my books sets him apart - and the way he went about it. 

The Aussie cricket team of that time was probbaly the greatest ever. 

Led by Ice man Steve Waugh, they had dashers and stylists at the top in Mark Waugh, Ricky Ponting, and hitters galore like Andy Symonds and so forth - any ONE of whom could change and turn a match on its head on his day. 

Someone always seemed to!

And down at the last of the specialist batters - they had -well - another ice man - Michael Bevan! 

He was not a six - or boundary hitter. In an era where clearing the boundary is the norm (today) - that might sound pedestrian. 

In HIS era, hitting the boundaries was considered "required" to keep up with chasing tall totals. 

Indeed, it is in a way. 

Bevan though hardly ever hit any - - and his record stands out as - STILL - being a batter that has helped his team win MOST times when chasing - or damn close. An average to be damn proud of, even when compared to today's batters that are molly coddled and provided with every form of assistance they can get, right from rules favoring them - to pitches - to balls - to heavy bats that can be swung very easily - and so forth. 

Thats not criticizing today's great guys, it's just me "saying" what is . . . 

But anyway, Bevan won many a match for his team when chasing tall totals, when the rest of the dashers had failed!

He did this in a way most people could barely understand. 

He did it by running - and focusing on the 1's and 2's - which down the line, turned into BIG ones! 

When chasing 300 plus run totals, which was HUGE back then, you didnt see Bevan focus solely on the big goal. 

He had it in mind, yes. 

but he focused on the 1's and 2's!

He understood, better than most, the truism of two things. 

One, a big goal can be taken care of if you focus on the small victories and tasks that add up to a lot. 

He focused on converting each ball into a run. 

ONe run into two. 

The 2's into 3, boundary if possible. 

He literally, my friend, ran the opposition ragged!

Two, that a bear can be eaten - one bite at a time!

A target of 300 in 50 overs was HUGE Back then, and you'd need to get 6 an over for it to happen. 

Which was tough back then too. 

Bevan focused on each ball ,and the runs he could milk from each ball! 

It was sheer genius, the way the Aussies started with a blaze, then consolidated in the middle overs, then went for one final push in the end. 

And usually won. 

From impossible situations. 

I remember a match against the Proteas in the late 90's where ... the target was 284. 

The Aussies were 90/4, ALL their star batters gone. 

Bevan And Steve Waugh, hardly a one day batter - were there. 

I still remember turning off the TV saying "oh well" - though I didnt think they had lost, I didnt think they would win either!

I remember my Dad saying "all over" as well!

Next day, we woke up - and lo!

Bevan 100, Steve Waugh 90 something - they won!

Another mammoth chase in that series, 333 was done in a similar manner by grafting 90's from Ponting and Darren Lehmann - another classic!

This is not to educate you on cricket, friend. 

It's to tell you the value of GRAFTING, something often ignored, but something leading to HUGE results if done with persistence. 

The Aussie cricket team of that era had IMMENSE Self belief. 

It would NOT be overstating to say they "knew no defeat". 

They truly never thought about it - and the results showed. 

POnder all this as you start your day - go about it - or head on to bed. 

You might achieve some spectacular things, my friend, if YOU take these lessons to heart!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Do also read the 10 Commandments of Physical Success in the 0 Excuses Fitness - to me, thats the most important part of the entire book!!!

PPS - It's the small actions that lead up to big things being "normal" friend, and even bigger goals being set, which is how it should be. 

7 - 10 emaisl for me a day is normal while most people struggle with sending one daily without fail! 

Think about that - and how I GOT THERE! 

I didnt get there by starting out this way. 

I started out with one a day. 

I wanted more. 

I upped the ante some. Stuck with it 

Then before I knew it, I naturally expanded my "area of comfort" or comfort zone or whatever it's called. 

Stuck with that. 

And so forth! 

There is a very valuable lesson to be learned in this - fitness wise too!

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I saw a post the other day somewhere - I believe on WeChat about China complaining that "the US is being too strict by banning student visas etc in increasing numbers from china". 

They were pretty blunt about it, and did not use polite language either (China) as they never do (of course,when WE call the China plague what it is i.e. the China plague, they throw a hissy fit!). 

I think they said "cultural warfare" or some nonsense. 

Typical Global Times Tom Tom b.s.. 

A person commented as follows 

"Yet, students from overseas still cannot return to China". 

So true!

Neither can most people even if they want to. 

You have to have the vaccine for once. NO CHOICE! And to add insult to injury, it has to be the China approved "Sino" vaccine which to me is utter hypocrisy and a case of, much like the much Tom Tommed security law in Hong Kong last year, China trying to impose it's will upon the entire world in general. 

That law says amongst other things you could be sitting in the US writing an op-ed on China, and not say what the CCP tom Tom's (all BS) - and they'd be within their rights to arrest you upon landing in HK the next time. 

Of course, they claim the law isn't "intended" for that purpose. 

Somehow I beg to differ, given the reality of what is going on in Hong Kong. So sad to see whats happening there!

Anyway ... 

Goose and gander is an alien concept for China, and many companies too I believe. 

One of them being Payoneer which I often use - though not for super important payments etc. 

Always have more than one option, and I showl do. 

But, I still use 'em, and they're important to me, but I knew - as soon as the logo changed to a "rainbow" logo that "bad" things were in the offing. 

They recently went big, and public I believe. Which I applauded them for! 

They did it in 2020, I think. 

But anytime this in your face tom tomming the "rainbow" spirit goes on, there's trouble brewing. 

If just for the liberal mindset behind it. 

Not saying Payoneer is this or that, just saying ... 

But lets stick to facts!

Inexplicably, they blocked my account a couple of days ago. 

I emailed them. 

It's been 3 days, and no-one has bothered to get back to me other than a stock response I got on Twitter after raising a bit of Cain, but even that, you could tell they dont really care. 

I swear, customer service everywhere! It's become much like companies telling you "dont ask for customer service" because first thing you know, they dont tell you anything you do not already know by looking at the site or whatever (will orders come today? Will they be delivered? Customer service spits out the same thing that the computer in front of you is right now, so where and what is the point??)   ... and second, theyre increasingly being manned by copy and paste robots from God knows where (actually I know very well. Hah). 

I sent them POLITE emails 

Nothing rude at all!

And of course, they never got back. 

I'm sure they'll get back with somethig about being too busy or "the plague from China". 

How dare I say that, they might even say. 

Well, guess what - thats what it is, and thats what I WILL say no matter who tells me not to. 

And I done got the red ass today... 

A couple of days ago, I logged into my Payoneer account, and it wouldn't let me login with the "account blocked" error. No incorrect password attempts made, nothing at all out of the ordinary - I've been using Payoneer for a few years now, but haven't ever encountered this issue.

No biggie, I thought. Probably random system checks or something - it happens - so I figured I'd email them and see.

Given the appalling level of customer service I've received thus far from several big companies (companies you'd think were "bulwarks" in this and other regards) i.e. customer service these days is like talking to a "bot of sorts" that simply spits out the same damn information you can see on the screen in front of you, I was a bit leery of doing this with Payoneer.

But, the last I contacted them I believe in 2018, their service was fine - a bit slow, but ultimately OK.

It seems to have changed now.

Not only have my emails not been answered/acknowledged for three days plus at the time of writing this, but my Twitter etc have also all gone unnoticed.

Since Payoneer doesn't appear to be much interested at all at looking into this, I'm posting here - any ideas why this could have happened? No transfer out of the ordinary, nothing at all to be quite honest ...

Speaking of which, I wonder why one has to sign up twice i.e. once for Payoneer itself, and the the "community"?

I read recently that Payoneer went public - not sure if this is what happens when a company goes "Big", but I've seen plenty of cases of it happening, them forgetting their customers that GOT THEM THERE - and then crashing. Sad if that happens to Payoneer, but guys (Payoneer!) - please at least GET BACK TO ME on this - this delay is most appalling and something I can't quite comprehend.

(yes, I know, Covid and so forth, but we are ALL dealing with that!).

Please let me know.

Rahul Mookerjee


Now, I'm sure some - especially the shrinking violets and lily livered poltroons would tell me "caution!" 

Dont call 'em out - they handle your money!

Much like when I had the issue with HK immigration with them stopping me willy nilly for something that was THEIR Fault, period, THEIR fault - I believe I've explained it all here - I was told then "dont file a complaint! Your money is in Hong Kong!" ... 

Um, sorry, but no thanks. 

If I feel I've been wronged, I could truly give a rats ass less. 

And a short while after the above post, which was curiously "subject to moderation" - the Twitter guys piped up with the stock response. 

Dont you just hate it when customer service gets back with "Hey! Hang in there!" 

Like fix the damn problem already and THEN get back to me with solid results, not airy fairy nonsense about "Hi How are you" and long flowing lines about empathy - all thats all good, but results are what count, friend. 

I was amazed though to see the warning I got from Payoneer privately. 

Please note, that it is prohibited to start discussions related to customer support issues specific to your account. These discussions will be removed from the forum. All customer support inquiries should be submitted directly to Payoneer Customer Care.

You can search for a solution in our Support Center, or here on the forum and if there is no answer you are looking for, you will see a contact us button. Or you can contact on Twitter or Facebook.

Please do not start multiple discussions related to the same topic, comment on the same thing multiple times or post similar replies to various topics that are unrelated to your discussion. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

On the surface of it, you might agree, but ... 

Well - here's my reply!


While I understand what you're saying and am perfectly happy to abide by the "Regulations" on this one - here's a couple of other things -

1) What I posted wasn't just related to my account - I'm pretty sure others may have, or are experiencing the same thing as well.

There are also others that have posted SPECIFIC questions with regard to their account - see this (url chopped) - (see Yuri (Nov 2020) 's post) - but not sure if their posts were removed - evidently not?

2), and more importantly, the only reason I posted here is because no-one seems to be interested in getting back to the support request I sent in on Monday. It's now Wednesday (three days) - and other than a stock "in process" response on Twitter, I have not received a response.

Personally, I believe in goose and gander i.e. if someone is allowed to post certain content, then the other person should be too. Simply being "critical of Payoneer" (which is a good thing in that it helps any company improve their services) ... shouldn't be grounds for banning the post.

However, I'm not debating that so much as requesting you once again to get back to me on my support request.

Thank you!


For reference, the post in question that I was referring to ... was a post about an user posting an exact message he got from their customer care, verbatim, about a card or something not working. 

Except, he wasn't critical of Payoneer. 

This strike a bell, folks? 

Liberals, and the 'my way or the highway', anyone???

And to me, thats simply not acceptable. 

We'll see what Payoneer does on this one!

On another note, I've been recieving some ultra furious responses to my last email about "when the looting starts, the shooting starts". 

My friend, if you'd even READ what I wrote there, youd know it's the opposite of racist. 

Liberals don't do a good job if at all of either reading or comprehension. 

And here is the thing. 

True, it is likely CERTAIN elements in both BLM And the current madness in South Africa that are taking advantage of the situation. 

But then why don't we see the black community in general speak OUT against them - why don't we see the black community in general say "Hey, BLM started out along the RIGHT LINES, but it's morphed into anarchy, hurting the very people it claims to support. Not on!" 

Same thing for Islamic terrorists. 

Why don't we see more Muslims condemn Hamas? 

Oddly enough, when it's China and the atrocities in Xinjiang, they stay quiet too! 

Goose and gander truly is an alien concept these days. Truly so!

The last interaction with Payoneer has truly left a bad taste in my mouth. 

If they think thats how to grow a company, more power to them!

Anyway ... 

I'm out. 

But before that, remember one thing - as the Sheriff said in First Blood, part I. 

People start fucking around with the law, all hell breaks loose!

Of course, Sheriff was in the WRONG THERE.

Thats different. 

But Rambo my friend, did eventually get put in jail. 

The law, my friend, just must be followed - there are no two ways around this. 

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Almost forgot to Tom tom the best damned fitness system out there - eVER - here it is - the 0 Excuses Fitness System. 

Plenty of long videos included too!

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I gotta say this.

I never expected this from Amazon, a company I've roundly praised up and down as being the most reliable ever.

I've gone on record many times saying that if Amazon says something - come rain, hail, shine, or the plague from China, it will be DONE.

Yet, over the last few days, Amazon has disappointed me in a way I never thought it would.

They aren't alone by a long shot. Plenty of other companies have too.

But I never expected this from Amazon, and much like Bozo Schofield stabbing me in the back after I helped him out numerous times, THIS is what hurts the most - I have been probably one of the most vocal supporters of Amazon thus far and they do this to me.

Two days ago ,and I mentioned this in another email, a delivery guy marked an order as delivered when it never was.

I waited for it to show up. It never did.

After getting on live chat with Amazon, within 5 minutes it showed up.

Today, they were supposed to pick up a return.

They promised they'd do it by evening.

They never did.

A couple of hours before the deadline, I contacted them.

Their response?

Amazingly enough, they got back to me with "you canceled the pickup!"

And they continued in this vein for HOURS.

When I asked them to email me the chat transcript so I could escalate it to a higher "level", they put off doing that for AGES.

It's only now after damn near the entire evening wasted that I have the email.

And still, they did not email me ALL of it.

First it was "we can't email you"  - then it was "we can't email all of it" (which is not on given ... I've got tons of transcripts emailed to me within a moment's notice of asking).

Then after they stopped blaming me because I refused to accept blame for something I did NOT do?

(I mean, why would i??? I scheduled the damned pickup, why would I cancel)?

Then they claimed it was a "tech error".

It wasn't.

They NEVER once got around to admitting their real problem ie their delivery guy messed up. For some reason, the customer is no longer king at Amazon - the delivery guys are!

And it's at their whims and caprices that orders either get delivered, or dont - and if they dont, they get marked as delivered anyway.

The customer gets blamed for canceling pickups when the delivery person was too damn lazy to show up ...

Amazon, for some reason, NEVER wants to blame the delivery guys, which to me is inexplicable. I mean, arent the paying customers the ones that count?

Same thing for book reviews.

They allow Bozo Schofields to post reviews for books the Bozo never read or bought . . . ANYONE can regardless of whether they bought the book or not.

Inexplicable, and back to the "everyone is having problems now" BS?

Hell, I understand problems.

I deal with plenty myself, but this dishonesty from a company like Amazon, refusing to honor a deal and refund my money - refusing to "Compensate" me for all the hours spent with their profoundly usless customer service who specializes in disconnecting me at every turn and then getting another guy or gal on the line that doenst even know what the issue - and most of all, flat out refuse to do what Amazon is famous for?


None of this takes anything away from anything I've ever said about Jeff Bezos.

The man is a phenom.

Yet, many dont do it, but he's stepping down from the position of CEO later on this year.

And I guess it's all already going to the dogs.

Anyway, it is what it is.

No-one is bigger than the Universe which sees all.

And Amazon isn't "bigger" either.

Maybe customer service have been told that insulting customers and blaming them while Tom Tomming their delivery and other stuff is the way to go.

So be it, if they think thats the right thing to do.

I dont.

And unless this resolves itself and they eventually do fix it (I still have not given up hope), it's the last you'll hear me praising Amazon.

I'll still do biz with them - WHEN ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

And that my friend is that.

I dont know if they realized it, but they just lost a most valuable customer - and one of their biggest supporters.

Drop in the ocean?

Yet, my friend, they all count.

They all count!

And I'm out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - As of now, we're still doing paperbacks through Amazon, and that wont change for a few months most likely, so if you want to order paperbacks - by all means do so - just email me your address too please. (since the form doesnt allow entry of addresses for now). Thank you!

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Lots of you have been hit by the infamous troll (not Schofield, again on this one). There's plenty of his ilk.

And lots of people have one or more of the reactions -

Back down.

Get pissed off - upset - angry!


Secretly check websites etc to see "what the person is up to" (like the Bozo does me, oddly enough. He's on block on all social media, yet he's so obsessed with me he can't keep away hehe).

Quite literally!

Or, worry. (will it hurt sales, what wil lpeople think, and so forth).

And more ...

Trolls can literally ruin lives in some cases, and have in many.

But guess what.

Its if you LET THEM.

Give a troll power, and he'll wield it. In the most unfair of manners (you'd think).

But that power, my friend, is mostly mental and trolls dont get it - and most people don't either.

For example, the attacks made on yours truly - not just by trolls - but people of various shapes, hues, genders, colors and more ...

Nary a day passes by without me getting attacked in some way, shape or form.


And nary a day passes by when I Dont WANT to!

Sounds odd, I know.

But the minute I see people NOT hating on me - the minute I see I'm going down!

As Emerson said in the Laws of Compensation, "I'd rather have BAD things written about me than honeyed words of praise everywhere".

And you don't have to look further than one of the most successful men in history (since certain wack jobs reading this will say "Oh, he doesnt have 2 million followers on I-blew-Tube!" or some such inane nonsenscial
social proof), US President Trump to see the truism in this.

He ain't the only one by far tho.

And yes, the elections were stolen, and the real Prez in my book is Trump.

Anyway, these trolls are mostly lonely and broke people at the end of the day my friend -usually trolling away in Moms basement for cheap thrills (to them).

When the Bozo infested Charles's house, until the infamous break up - or after it, I remember Charles angrily telling me.

"He sits here, he messes the room uip, he doesnt clean after himself, he eats all my food, he drinks all my beer, and doesn't pay for any of it!"

Quite the unwanted house guest was the Bozo, and I suspect after getting thrown out, face down in his underwear on the street he too knows it.

So do the cops in J ... Jieyang??? I forgot, but I think thats it!

But anyway, before that?

"Oh, Glyn's alright. He sits in a room and trolls people all day and night, but other than that he doesnt do much".

Well, Charles, you're right.

Hannibal, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde all rolled into one.

He's the king of trolls yes (or the third gender King), but they're all the same essentially, and you, my friend, would be an idiot NOT to profit from them!

Maybe I'll put out a book on in in the future - stay tuned.

But as for perfect houseguests, Charles then mentioned a certain other friend "Nick" who was the exact opposite of the Bozo in he kept the place neat and clean, asked before bumming all of the beer etc, paid for what he ate, offered to help in the cooking etc - like a good houseguest should!

"Now thats what you call a good house guest!" he said.

I agree ...

For now, remember there are many ways to beneift, and immediate financial gain (although that DOES happen a lot) isn't just what I mean.

Trolls can boost your biz long term big time.

And one secret to understanding this is that no-one, not even trolls themselves are perfect.

Far from it, bro.

Always an axe to grind ...

Anyway, more on that later.

But thats why I dont mind the troll attacks as much as I perhaps should. Again, more later, but I had to get that off my chest.

Anyway ..................

Lets end with a question from "Patrick B" (last name withheld upon request) who found me through social she-dia.

"Why should I buy from you? Can you convince me?"


My answer -


If you'r enot convinced by now, assuming you're on the list, you never will be. So please, do NOT Buy no matter what!

And two?

If you're not on the list, and not following me on social media, do so NOW.

And if you're not convinced then, well, the Internet's a big place my friend ....

Sorry, but I'm not going to bend over backwards to convince nuts who never ever will.

As for this social media thing, yes, I dont use it a lot.

I've started as of late, but I'm not really using it for sales.

More to say "on the spur of the moment" things such as what I did about MMA fighter John Wren, truly a REAL HERO in my book.


And thats basically the reason why ...

But above all, stay on the list -its the real McCoy!

I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Tuesday, 04 May 2021 11:32

Why I love "Auntie" Gong Li

Gong Li, for those not in the know is one of the best known Chinese actresses.

Though she says "no matter what others say I am Chinese", fact is she's Chinese born - but Singaporean NOW.

Take that for what you may!

I cannot for the life of me understand or support Tom Tomming of any nature, even if it's just so she can continue making her millions in China.

And admittedly, she's a good actress I feel. Better than a few others I've seen ...

(nothing to me though, beats Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, and nothing, not even Gong Li, would disguise the fact that Mulan and "The Meg" were both biased, tom tomming piece of trash "perfect exampe of Hollywood ass kissing" TRASH).

 But anyway ...

So I dont like Li because of her comments about ...well, I said it above.

I dont like the tom tomming, and the way she pussy foots around "sensitive issues".

I dont particularly like some of the characters she's played, and indeed, reading a list of top 10 quotes by her, I must say I cannot find anything I particularly agree with.

But there's something about the gal.

I gotta say it.

She's ... NATURAL!

And I suppose that, along with her cute "Hanneeebal" accent (natural again, hehe - she ain't that great at English) in Hannibal Rising is one reason I love her!

More than all the fake actreses out there, there's natural about her and then some.

She turned into a lard ass at a certain point years ago.

And hey.

As Carol said, when a woman is in love - two people deeply in love - they, especially the woman, puts on weight.

Aint that the absolute truth, hehe.

And Li was with a husband or something, or a male lover at any rate at that point.

And again, her look.

I've made no bones about the fact that this asinine Chinese preference for bone skinny women is WAY OTC.

Beyond limits.

Chinese men, from what it seems like SKELETONS -not real women.

Dont get me wrong.

I'm not a Bozo Schofield style "junk in the trunk" fanatic, but a woman - and a man's gotta be natural!

(That current trend, that I spoke about - Uniqlo or what not where Chinese babes apparently have to fit into clothes meant for teens.

JUST - UGH!And retarded to say the least).

And Li seems to have reduced her weight some, and now, on her current Wiki page?

I dont know, flat out gorgeous is what I thought!

And NATURAL - which is what I like, despite disliking a lot else about her.

That, and she's a poor girl that finally made it big.

I dont know how she did it, or who helped, or what not, or any of that jazz. Fact is, she did it ... (though fact also is, in China, very few, if any people, make it big without governmental support, and if they do get too big and dont toe the line - well, what happened to Jack Ma happens to them, hence Li's cautious statements I believe).

Dont believe me, do your own research.

As for Chinese MALE actors?

Gotta admit I like ... ZERO.


Nothing against them, as I told a person I was talking to, but they look unnatural - girlish, even.

I don't quite prefer that look.

Nothing against those that do or consider them "Hamsum"  (for context, Bozo Brummie is a 10x fatter version of that sort of "sickly sweet Korean soap opera male star" right down to holding handbags, sniffing Posteriors, and then some).

I freely admit for one I ain't half as Purdy as those dudes are. Promise. I really am NOT!

Anyway ...

The natural look fitness wise is what I like and rail against the artifical pump, tone, buff, preen, shine and massage until the cows fly home.

Natural ways of working out.

If you gotta lift weights, natural weights!

Gotta go to the gym?

Natural gym, as dude told me all those years ago.

And there it is, my friend. There it is.

You just cannot beat NATURAL!


Rahul Mookerjee

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I mean , really. 

Normally he's up in arms sending me inane rants, comments etc about him being a "blow-innaire" or what not (the terms he comes up with, I've gotta really stop and wonder!) - but this time? 

When he's getting literally money tossed at him (dancing monkey style)? 

Which of course he believes is the epitome of professional jobs and what not, so I dont get it - Ada and I dont either. 

I believe this Ada also helped the Bozo would with 5000 bucks once - which for the life of Charles, me and several others couldn't figure out why - but that was the Bozo pulling the "sorry ole me" trick on her, I'm sure. Hey, even I fell for it initially and I ain't an easy man to fool. 

But I also only showed him what I wanted to in terms of the fitness and other businesses, hehe. That GUT is never ever wrong!

Anyway, Glyn, if you're reading this ... 

All we're trying to do is get you a job. 

We hope you'll straighten your life out, though truth be told, if Ada hadn't badgered me up and down I wouldn't be writing this or saying it as I have on WeShat etc (ask those in the know, and they'llt ell ya). 

We hope, but it might well be a vain hope! 

(Ada is the recruiter, for what its worth). 

Anyway ... 

If yall hear of the Bozo, let me know! 

But beyond that, the main reason I'm writing this is "getting back". 

LOTS OF you still have not gotten back with your review of Isometric and Flexibility Training - one of my most revolutionary courses as yet jam packed with info that has never been put together in the format I'm putting it in now. 

And lots of you have NOT gotten back with the Animal Kingdom Workouts review ... and many more! 

And, if you have questions in general - remember - Bozo or not - I'm always here - for YOU!

And that, my friend is that. 

Back soon


Rahul Mookerjee

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Well, according to the Bozo, he wasn't in the emergency room, but a "private hospital" for assault. 

Apparently someone robbed the Bozo (I believe his girlfriend, since even robbers know there's nothing to got from a less than empty pocket, hehe) ... So he said. 

Personally, I think he done pissed off the wrong people, and Charles ("RT Bingham" according to the Bozo) (or "Charlie Bandana", another one of those inane names he concoted apparently)  seemed to agree with that too. 

"Probably someone got sick of the Bozo's nonsense" was what he said

Then the Bozo ranted further about "I'm going to mention your blog as the reason I'm being attacked because you said I paid my way out of execution". 

Which is wierd and bizarre indeed by his standards even, because till date I never said that. 

(Even if I did, why would anyone care is beyond me)

He was deported, yes. He did drugs yes. He overstayed his visa yes. 

But execution? 

Even the famous and notorious "camps" in China wouldn't want a lunatic like B.S. anywhere near them! 

So he first got packed off to Hong Kong, then of course once his stay ran out he stole money to run away to the Phillippines, and finally Charles took pity on him and flew back to Ole Blighty where he's been apparently, according to him "butt bouncing in Birimingham" since. Whatever that means, ugh. 

But anyway, Donald Trump my friend, is the very best ever, and I hate to bring up here (he, I and ANY doer should NEVER be mentioned along with Bozo Schofield, because ...) but I have to. 

Trump once made the comment about "disinfectant might kill the plague". 

And thats all he really said. 

And think of it, why do people wash hands etc galore and claim it stops this stupid thing, or lessens chances or what not? 

Now they're jumping up and down about some ridiculous vaccine again ... 

But anyway, thats all he said, and Bozos around the world of course took it literally and started - literally - pumping bottles of disinfectant and Bleach and Lysol or what not up their rear ends. 

Yet another one of those moments where you gotta goggle and say WTF. 

And, appreciate Trumps UNINTENDED marketing GENUIS. 

Which most wont, so I wont bring it up further. 

But really, and from what I heard, the Bozo took that to heart too (I only learned about this months later) and did the same "except with a finger". 


But he doe sthat anyway all the time if you get my drift, but that was the reason why. 

Anyway, lunacy aside (though really, Bozo Glyn ain't the only one thats done that! Check out the news etc on it) ... my contempt for this dumb ass plague from China has been well known and "advertised" galore (not to mention the mask wearing lunacy and panic). 

This silly vaccine and what not. 

And I wonder when the worl dwill wake up to what Trump, yours truly and many other visionaries (though it's common sense to be very frank!) have been saying all along, that being lockdowns kill nations more than anything else. 

And yet ... 

But anyway, I can't promise you anything about the plague from China, except that, and my customers KNOW this for A FACT - a strong immune system quite literally eats the damn thing for breakfast, craps it out, and is done with it. 

And that, my friend is that. 

And the best way to build a rock solid punch proof immune system is by working your body from the inside out with exercises that make your heart thump like there's no tomorrow. 

And RAPID quick workouts that tax the whole body. 

And the BEST I have in that regard is the following - Animal Kingdom Workouts - and Advanced HIll Training

Get on these two, and you'll probably never get not just the plague, but any silly flu or what not, and that, my friend, you MIGHT find out, is a fact - JACK! 

I'm out. Grab these course now, my friend. Truly a GOLDEN opportunity to strike while the IRON is HOT. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The Bozo has one of those monkey jobs waiting for him, and this recruiter is driving me insane. If anyone knows his wherabouts and if hes finally got off his weekend bender, do let him know - thank you!

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Yall on this list know that when bodyweight exercise fanatic, fitness Guru and indeed many others things "el supremo", Rolls Royce "best of the best" style says something - he damn well means it. 

And I'll tell you right now, that ... I'm ... 

Well, let me back up a bit. 

There was a Bollywood movie once I cannot remember the name of for the love of Mike (hehe). 

Right now, I can't. 

Nothing is ever lost though, as the Magic of Believing said, so it will come back to me. 

But the name of the movie isn't as important as the tale behind it. 

Two boys from grinding poverty from the SLUMS of India (no this ain't the insanely idiotic Slumdog Millionarire movie either, and no yours truly didnt grow up in a Bombay "chawl" either - that was the great Emraan Hashm's character in the 2008 blockbuster Jannat) have a DEEP DESIRE. 

To be rich and one day become the crimelords of the damn slum, who apparently even in real life control it. 

I still cannot remember the name. Bhool Bhulayia? I dont know, probably not, but it's a massive and famous for this reason slum in Mumbai. 

Anyway, they start early by indulging in minor pick pocketing etc.

They get put in jail. 

A sadistic jailer heaps all sorts of indignites and suffering upon them - but they refuse to let their WILL And SPIRIT be broken! 

Years later, the two young men are released - strapping young men. One that THINKS, and the other that is "hot headed" to a T and doesn't think much - he just "does". 

Shades of yours truly in both of 'em, I thought. (minus the crime part obviously). 

They hatch their plans silently, and rise up to control the slum - their dream for years and years and years. 

Then they want to go to phase two of the plan, exact revenge on the jailer. 

Guy numero uno sees him sitting in a restaurant with a cup of tea, hands shaking, the ravages of TIME - Father Time - along with the fact he got fired from his job as well when the "power that be" found out about his atrocities and coulnt' find any other job other than minimum wage security guard crap . . . 

Suddenly, all plans of revenge fly out the window. 

He drops him a quarter, shakes his head, and then (doesnt even grin!) heads home in his large SUV to his gorgeous gal. 

This same thing has been the subject of many a book, not the least of which the Sidney Sheldon bestseller "Master of the Game" - I believe? 

I can't remember, but its the tale where a lady is jilted, thrown in jail, had her baby aborted, and makes it her mission in life to destroy "Charles" the unfaithful husband but when she sees him sitting there in a dreary, captive marriage, she forgets all thoughts of revenge. 

Thats revenge enough, she thinks! 

Guy #2 in the movie isn't that "forgiving" tho. 

He asks #1 "why". 

Later on in the movie, #1 renounces crime. 

#2 says he will FIGHT till he dies, and sure enough, he does. 

#1 goes on to live a happy and fruitful life with a bonny baby and more. 

Now, lessons in all this? 

One, revenge is a dish best served cold. 

Two, it's best not to SERVE it all. 

Three, vendettas aren't worth it in most cases. 

Yet ... in SOME cases, I disagree with what the great Dr Maltz said in Pyscho Cybernetics about revenge being truly "a scalpel that heals all wounds". 

Lets say Hitler. 

Would anyone in their right mind forgive a maniac like that? 

Or, people that want to hurt you - destroy you - no matter what - when you did NOTING to them (the opposite, actually)? 

Well, that is the story with Bozo Schofield, who is currently the laughing stock of England in many ways, and I'm just getting started. 

He thought I'd wilt under his invective as so many others have. 

Bring it, boy, is what I told him then - and do NOW. 

YEars passed. 

I tried to dismiss his stuff as the (as his friend Charles said) "the ravings of a certified and known lunatic". 

(I addded the certified part). 

But some of the latest nonsense he's sent me, well, I've had truly had ENOUGH NOW. 

So here is the last message to Schofield in this regard. 

Continue down this path bro - thats fine, if you so choose. 

But be prepared to reap the whirlwind. 

I dont mince words, or say something lightly. 

I have NEVER ONCE lost a war in my life, and today I (openly) declare war on YOU. 

And two others I won't name here, but will when the time is right. 

There's still time, Schofield, to back down in your little cubbyhole in the basement, but that time runs out at 00:00 today. 

The choice is yours, bro. 

And no, for the idiots that are thinking I'll drag this idiot out of his hole and get physcial - sorry, but no, I wouldn't dream of doing it. 

I wouldn't dream of getting my hands dirty with that sort of human tripe, trash, and indeed pure GARBAGE. 

Even if he came up to me, I'd knock him back down into the hole and then some. 

Anyway, point is this. 

Revenge is NOT an emotion conducive to progress. 

Rage might be, and has been for yours truly his entire life, but only because I've channeled it RIGHT. 

But revenge,vendettas - best avoided due to obvious reason. 

Unless it's absolutely essential in which case you go full bore, full steam ahead. 

Anyway, I've gotten that off my chest!

So fitness wise, rememmber this. 

Keep the GOAL in mind. 

You'll have many minor setbacks along the way. 

Hell, I know I did! 

But always remember, what counts is winning the WAR - not the battle! 

They sure did think of it right when they said "RAW IS WAR!

And on that note, I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And in case you're the sort that is into physical combat sports - well - HERE is the one and only course to turn you into a human beast, bar none. 

And THIS course HERE

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