Sunday, 04 April 2021 09:14

Why Bozo Schofield ended up in the emergency room one night (according to him)

Well, according to the Bozo, he wasn't in the emergency room, but a "private hospital" for assault. 

Apparently someone robbed the Bozo (I believe his girlfriend, since even robbers know there's nothing to got from a less than empty pocket, hehe) ... So he said. 

Personally, I think he done pissed off the wrong people, and Charles ("RT Bingham" according to the Bozo) (or "Charlie Bandana", another one of those inane names he concoted apparently)  seemed to agree with that too. 

"Probably someone got sick of the Bozo's nonsense" was what he said

Then the Bozo ranted further about "I'm going to mention your blog as the reason I'm being attacked because you said I paid my way out of execution". 

Which is wierd and bizarre indeed by his standards even, because till date I never said that. 

(Even if I did, why would anyone care is beyond me)

He was deported, yes. He did drugs yes. He overstayed his visa yes. 

But execution? 

Even the famous and notorious "camps" in China wouldn't want a lunatic like B.S. anywhere near them! 

So he first got packed off to Hong Kong, then of course once his stay ran out he stole money to run away to the Phillippines, and finally Charles took pity on him and flew back to Ole Blighty where he's been apparently, according to him "butt bouncing in Birimingham" since. Whatever that means, ugh. 

But anyway, Donald Trump my friend, is the very best ever, and I hate to bring up here (he, I and ANY doer should NEVER be mentioned along with Bozo Schofield, because ...) but I have to. 

Trump once made the comment about "disinfectant might kill the plague". 

And thats all he really said. 

And think of it, why do people wash hands etc galore and claim it stops this stupid thing, or lessens chances or what not? 

Now they're jumping up and down about some ridiculous vaccine again ... 

But anyway, thats all he said, and Bozos around the world of course took it literally and started - literally - pumping bottles of disinfectant and Bleach and Lysol or what not up their rear ends. 

Yet another one of those moments where you gotta goggle and say WTF. 

And, appreciate Trumps UNINTENDED marketing GENUIS. 

Which most wont, so I wont bring it up further. 

But really, and from what I heard, the Bozo took that to heart too (I only learned about this months later) and did the same "except with a finger". 


But he doe sthat anyway all the time if you get my drift, but that was the reason why. 

Anyway, lunacy aside (though really, Bozo Glyn ain't the only one thats done that! Check out the news etc on it) ... my contempt for this dumb ass plague from China has been well known and "advertised" galore (not to mention the mask wearing lunacy and panic). 

This silly vaccine and what not. 

And I wonder when the worl dwill wake up to what Trump, yours truly and many other visionaries (though it's common sense to be very frank!) have been saying all along, that being lockdowns kill nations more than anything else. 

And yet ... 

But anyway, I can't promise you anything about the plague from China, except that, and my customers KNOW this for A FACT - a strong immune system quite literally eats the damn thing for breakfast, craps it out, and is done with it. 

And that, my friend is that. 

And the best way to build a rock solid punch proof immune system is by working your body from the inside out with exercises that make your heart thump like there's no tomorrow. 

And RAPID quick workouts that tax the whole body. 

And the BEST I have in that regard is the following - Animal Kingdom Workouts - and Advanced HIll Training

Get on these two, and you'll probably never get not just the plague, but any silly flu or what not, and that, my friend, you MIGHT find out, is a fact - JACK! 

I'm out. Grab these course now, my friend. Truly a GOLDEN opportunity to strike while the IRON is HOT. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The Bozo has one of those monkey jobs waiting for him, and this recruiter is driving me insane. If anyone knows his wherabouts and if hes finally got off his weekend bender, do let him know - thank you!