Sunday, 04 April 2021 07:03

Who am I?

Rahul Mookerjee


"Mou Hua The". 

And many other names, of course (that list, remember) - mostly uncomplimentary, and some uber complimentary. 

(Mystery is another that comes to mind!) 

(So does Velocity, hehe. Thank you, Vince!) (He didnt give me the name - long story, but ...) 

Its interesting. This morning I had a lucid dream with "numbers" so prominent that for a minute I forgot I was dreaming! 

Some dreams ARE that real! 

But anyway, the specifics of the dream are something I'm still trying to decipher. 

But as I sit here, writing this's interesting. 

Some of the emails that I send you (from the other site) are not "visible" - to the general "public" as it were. I dont know if logged in customers can view them, but if you're logged out - what was happening this morning was that the posts were not viewable. 

Admins can view, of course - but only when LOGGED in. 

And being the login to the Rahul Mookerjee vault is controlled probably more strictly than Fort Knox is to keep Bozos out (it's only for paying customers and those I approve to sign up) - some of the posts weren't viewable for whatever reason by the "outside world". 

I have no idea why this is happened, and am sending a few emails about it right as of now. 

For now, I seem to have "hacked" the problem temporarily and the last email I sent y'all should be visible on the other site. 

Golly, I can just imagine this though. The Bozo wondering what is being written about him that he cannot see, hehe. 

(Actually, the 0 Excuses Ship has a LOT on him). 

But anyway, (and no, the ship isn't public either) - as I was "hacking", I was thinking. 

Who am I. 

At the sage ole age of 40, that question is still interesting to me! 

Writer. Fornicator (according to a certain idiot who coined the phrase last year for me, apparently). 

IT guy. 

"Expat worker in China" (back in the day with expat salaries etc). 

I'm trying to think ... ah, erotica writer. 


Bodyweight exercise FANATIC and GURU. 

Coach - both fitness wise and life wise. 

Motivator. Inspirer. 

Poet (it seems to started a few days ago!). 

And many, many other things ... 

At the age of 40, I still can NOT nail down who I am. 

Perhaps that is why I get so irritated by jobs etc, and the Bozos at interviews that ask RETARDED questions like "who are you". "What do you want to do with your life". "Where do you see yourself ten years from now"

And so forth. 

Perhaps these jackasses would be better off focusing on what I can do for THEM as opposed to ask idiotic questions because "oh, look, a guy with all those skill sets is coming to US!" (and then of course low ball on salary etc). 

(And really, it ain't like those idiotic jobs were planning on keeping me my entire life. Like, dude, none of your damned biz, is what I've wanted to say and have often SAID to such nimrods). 

Anyway, that was a long, long time ago. Jobs and job interviews - I cannot remember the last time I went to either! 

Quite literally, hehe. I was canned from one for not showing up, and though the story was long there too, the point begets - Rahul Mookerjee doesnt do jobs, and won't do them, and never has managed to stick with jobs, much to the detriment and consternation of those forcing him to (trying to).

I'm an uber philosophiical mode (mood) today as you can tell ... 

Now, where was I. 

Ah, yes, employment. Freddie. That job. My FIRST job. Now those employers are ALL people I've gotten along with like a house on fire! 

And indeed, thats because they looked past the bullshit and hired the PERSON, not some meaningless moronic HR like resume. 

And of course, they didnt low ball. 

As Freddie told me, "You dont work cheap, do you". 

That I dont. 


Anyway, where am I going with all this. 

I suppose to tell YOU that to nail down who you are is an exercise in futility if you're a DOER. 

You are, as Dr Maltz said in Pyscho Cybernetics, YOU. 

Thats all!

And therefore, comparing yourself to others is an exercise in FUTILITY, in any way, shape or form. 

Look at doers down the ages, and you'll see the same is true for them. 

Ole Benjamin Franklin, the so called womanizer and guy who said there was nothing wrong with older women, and the guy you know most for being on the dolla bill.

It would surprise most to know that he could probably do a workout out of BattleTank Shoulders if I gave it to him. 

Most of his writings have not made it to the public eye. 

Same thing for Emerson. 

Napoleon Hill. 

They may be known for ONE big thing, but there's much, much more to these men than just one thing. 

Perhaps that is why they are truly the greats, and never really got along wth much of the world, much like true and real leaders never do. 

Anyway ... 

End of the 800 plus word philosophy session, hehe. 

Lets get BRUTAL and down to brass tacks now - my BEST product ever is right here - Animal Kingdom Workouts

Grab it now, and remember that the two things I spoke about above - physical and the metaphyscial - go together. 

There ain't no way you can seperate the two - it simply isn't possible. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - We should be done with the glitch on the other site soon, I dont know. Depends upon what happens down the road. Gash, first the emails, now this, hehe. Anyway, always a new peak to conquer!

(And sales are working normally, so buy away).