Tuesday, 21 February 2012 05:42

On economy blues, and what YOU can do to change things

The economy is a talking point with just about everyone these days. Chances are excellent that you've experienced the "economy blues" at some point yourself - and chances are excellent that a lot of you know someone whose going through a tough time themselves. Job losses, sky high inflation - all these are contributing to more and more depression amongst people, and not without entirely good reason. And I should know - I've felt the same way many a times before.

And yet, the cold, hard fact is that there is very little to be accomplished by feeling down, getting depressed, complaining and the like. So why not focus on something that YOU can do for yourself - something that makes YOU feel BETTER. And that something is moving your body - exercise, any form of exercise. And it doesn't have to be the exercises I mention in Fast and Furious Fitness (although those will get you feeling better in a jiffy) - it can be swimming, sports, lifting weights, heck, just about anything that gets you MOVING. Move - or start to move, if you haven't done so in years - and I guarantee you that you'll feel better post doing so. 

And that feeling is what leads to overall IMPROVEMENT. When you feel better about yourself, your depression lifts, and you shake off the blues. Your health improves, and you have more energy to do POSITIVE things - think POSITIVE - and act accordingly. Other hand, when you are constantly down in the dumps, it becomes that much harder to do anything good - or right - for yourself, and you keep going downhill. Not good.

Jumping rope is a fantastic way to shake off the economy blues, or just about any blues. Get through a good rope jumping workout - and I assure you that you'll be buzzing and wanting to do MORE. And whats more, rope workouts are one of the quickest and most effective workouts there. They say 10 minutes of rope jumping equates to 30 minutes of running - and with good reason - and this is WITHOUT the pounding that running puts your body through.

Don't believe me? Well, pick up a copy of Fast and Furious Fitness, and go through some of the routines I've mentioned which involve jumping rope - and watch your mood lift, and your overall health levels rise dramatically. And if jumping rope is not "your thing", well, no worries there either - the book contains enough exercises, and something for everyone.

In a nutshell then - get moving - feel better - and then DO things that change your life for the better as opposed to staying down and doing nothing. And thats really all there is to it!

Best regards,