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Monday, 20 September 2021 08:42

"He's such a loser, oh such a LOSERRRRR!"

I love me some good slapstick comedy, my friend, and those of you that know my love for "PG Wodehouse" and his great "Jeeves/Wooster" books (though all his books were great, these are the best known!) know this. 

This extends to movies as well. 

And if we're talking Bollywood (I rarely watch Bolly, Holly, Molly, Or Tolly wood - Dolly wood? Now thats a different tale, hehe, getting woodies with "Dolly's" ... ah, wait, I'll leave that to Glyn, hehe. But, Dolly wood I believe it is in TN named after the lovely Dolly Pardon, I did go there once, liked it!) ... the Houseful series warrants a huge mention. 

I once wrote on Twitter that the much "me too" maligned (and it's all BS most likely) Sajid Khan I believe is a genius bar none. 

He truly understands two things -when you "sell" anything at a level 6-8 year olds find nigh hilarious, then things HAPPEN - movies become super hits - and sales BOOM. 

That sort of entertainment is what does it for all of us, takes us away from the real world, rum dum, and so forth ... 

And in the first installment of the movie, one of the male leads is a loser - prime loser. 

HE gets married after ages, woman leaves him for another man on his wedding night. 

Goes to a friends house, ends up in bed with his friend of all things ... 

Tries to clean the house, makes a royal mess of it. 

Doesn't sound too funny, does it? 

Nah - it don't - but SEE the movies, even without subtitles, you'll find it so hilarious your sides will ache while laughing. 

The last "Houseful 4" wasn't that great. 

But the first three, all hilarious capers, all themed on similar situations, and just I dont know, if you're into slapstick, a must watch!

Now, in #1, there was this background song that kept playing. 

"He's just a loser", the song went as the hero kept "failing". "Oh what a loser...!" 

In real life, dude's anything but a loser. 

One of the #1 Bollywood stars, I think ... 

But that song if anything reminds me of Glyn, on his insane rants since this morning apparently. 

And the most insane of them all? 

Apparently he's messaging chicks (Ada Wong being one) with this sort of thing. 

"Im so GLAD you won't have sex with me, or do anything with me!" 

"Madam, I want to feel CLOSE TO YOU!" 

And other such inane rants like he sent JOsie about "being her servant". (we covered that before, but what we didnt cover is he told her, or someone apparently "not to do house work so her hands would stay soft" or some, I mean really, this guy takes INSANITY to a new level altogether). 

Just reading these nonsensical texts, doesnt a weird vibe permeate? 

No wonder women block him left, right and center (and the opposite with your truly). 

Hey, even if you gotta be a cuck and simp, do it right - Bozo fails to get even that right. 

And I fail to understand, something even the simpiest of all simps would do i.e. take some if it's offered on a platter (albeit from fat 60 plus year old women he's chasing apparently) ... not so for the Bozo who prefers "mouth in ass - male or female" - and hand to wanker. 

his own, at that. 

Apparently he prefers "vise like grip" as he keeps saying. 

No doubt he's drunk as usual. 

And we'll see what he does for this upcoming "Troll Anniversary" - an event unto itself we'll celebrate here with some gigantic goodies, more on that later!

But for now, really... what a LOSER this guy is!

And no doubt if he'd follow some of my tips in Zero to Hero, he'd at least PROGRESS along the path to becoming a "better loser" ... but then again, he's too lazy to do anything, so we'll leave that one be!

But truly, that book above WILL take you (the normal and sane person) from ZERO to HERO status if you DO what is told there. 

And that, friend, is that. 

Pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System too while you're at it - truly the winner of all winners out there! 


Rahul Mookerjee

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So says a monkey at a dancing center - a lady who I removed from one of my wechat groups once for violating rules. 

And, of course, she responded with ... this - first up. 

"fuck u" 

That is what she responded with first up, no kidding. Hehe. 

To say I didnt take the conversation further was an understatement. 

Neither did I respond back- some things, some people - are NOT worth it. 

Now, today, I saw the same person - out of desperation for SOMEONE to take her classes (given the China crackdown on illegal teachers has just intensified, as has the "all learning centers need to be NOT for profit" campaign that Xi has started recently - in short, "becoming the new North Korea" as someone told me rightly) ... posting this. 

"chinese lessons available for both Chinese and foreign citizens!" 

Interesting she used the word citizens. 

But really, in a Buy and Sell Group (where wackos pester each other to buy things on the cheap rather than GIVE - away!) ... she posted this. 

Admittedly group admin allows ads on Friday. 

But still, I wasn't goin gto reply, but it was too much. 

The Chinese learning Chinese? 

Do they do so, I asked. 

The flood of responses I got - oh my. 

People say they're "busy". 

Yet, I've always said the busier they say they are, the freer the are - for B.S. (like Charles's example in the last email). 

The flood of overhelpful responses told me one thing (while I got a warning for mentioning the person broke rule in my other group and was booted) - or two. 

Two, actually. 

One, people have nothing better to do. 

When you've got 10 people pasting group rules accessible to ALL for no reason, well that says it all - not to mention the speed of the responses. 

Bang, bang, bang!

Like Jay Roy (a certain dude from Cameroon whom Victor, a true Tom Tom in every sense of the word tried to pass off as an "American English speaker" because he wore his hat to the side or some rot) once correctly noted, send them a red packet, see how quick they grab it up!

(those are basically tiny bits of $$ for everyone in the group. Haven't seen those in a while which says a lot, but honestly, yours truly ignores it - far better things to do with my time than running after dimes or less). 

Unlike a certain "Vicky" I once knew who Gorilla Girl Sophia rightly put in her place (I believe I covered that story before!? I'vegot so many to tell you!) 

But second, and more importantly, everyone is thinking the same thing I am. 

I can feel it. 

I mean, Chinese paying to learn Chinese? 


And yet, all too scared to say it. As I told Dani (she was like if I saw a comment that stupid, I'd have to say something!). 

If I say something stupid as that I need to make a coment? " - Exactly, but you're a smart girl. China mostly (these days) attracts Bottom of the Barrel "white" Bozos that think their skin color makes them Gods gift to China teaching (it's a monkey job basically - no real teaching) "A B C" to the Chinese, haha (you've heard of the ESL rubbish, I'm sure?).

Plus, a lot of them have painted themselves into a corner, left themselves with no choice but to kiss Chinese ass, and plus China - well - with all the crackdowns on expats now, people are scared to even open their moutb (not all, but most) ...

Damn, if its thad bad in first world Spain, I dont know, <chopped> must be even worse? ? But I went to the <chopped> office here, I went to another stores the other day, all A/C, but yeah, no "office" other than that and of course, I'm sure government facilities in Spain are A/C too!

(Apparently in Spain they're not running A/C in offices to save money! ) (and in China, back when I DID work, its always been a battle to turn on the A/C full blast)

But Spain ain't the only country with lunacy around these days. 

China is #1 in that regard, or close to it, hehe. 

The chinese though - I dont get it. When you turn on the A/C in the middle of summer, even hotter than now, they feel "cold". Same in India, haha. I dont get it, but maybe you've seen that in Venezuela too, since the A/C hardly ever runs, when it does people feel cold.

Or, they "open the window while running the AC to let the climate in". Or, they'll do what Ashley did, complain (when wearing a tiny mini skirt) up a storm about "how cold it is in class" ... .(in summer!).

So, Lunacy Central all over the world - the India thing was years ago, apparently girls complained "my hair flies" when I turned on the AC in the middle of summer, thankfully I had a decent boss who told 'em to ... well, you get the drift. 

Venezeula, Dani probably knows better. 

And China, well, enough said. 

Alright, point of me teling you all this? 

Not really to get you to shake your head and say "WTF". 

Well, maybe it is. Maybe a few chuckles!

We all need 'em!

And, stepping aside from the lunacy, here is the most down to earth, SENSIBLE - SENSICAL - fitness system you could and should ever invest in - the 0 Excuses Fitness System

See you "aboard!" 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The 0 Excuses Fitness Ship, truly a group with no drama, truly no lunacy. And thats how I like it! Hell, I vet people very thoroughly and then some, I've been known to happily decline people on this one too!


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Monday, 29 March 2021 05:56

"Akal ke Dushman"

My Hindi, my friend, is rather weak. 

Some of that is a conscious decision, some not . . . 

I dont know, I'd rather speak ENGLISH, which despite what the idiots in China keep ranting about is still very much the accepted Lingua Franca of the world, and no, Mandarin Chinese ain't replacing it any time soon. 

I remember an Indian hotel owner (I was staying at his hotel in Hong Kong) once tellnig me proudly ... 

"Now it's all Hindi everywhere!" 

I looked at him somewhat sadly. 

The bellicose jingoism was apparent, especially when he spoke English to me shortly thereafter. 

No it aint either. 

In fact, Indians in the US do everything they can NOT to speak hindi apparently - apparently the English is a badge of honor or some such nonsense, I dont know. 

But that aside, I dont see Hindi or any Indian language replacing English anytime soon either. 

Abla Espanol, senor? 

Now Spanish, yes, that along with French is a damn useful language to learn. Perhaps Italian too if we're talking a certain "Senorita Daniela " or "Princesspa Dani". Hehe. 

But Hindi, Chinese, I dont think so (though nothing against the languages or ANY language - by all means learn and speak it if you want to!) 

Anyway, loosely translated, that translates to "enemy of brains". (Or "brains of enemy" if y'all wanna go literally literal on me. As with Chinese, Hindi is sometimes "the other way around" if you get my drift). 

(No, Bozo, not that other way) (I'm talking to Bozo Glyn) 

What it means is what my wife keeps yelling at everyone all the time "Use your common sense!" 

If she was told that herself, of course "how dare I". 

So I just listen (when I do, which ain't often, hehe) and giggle internally. Not a Schofield style giggle, though he fits the expression to a T! 

Schofield, my lovely unpaid marketing intern - but please, please stay away from my feet and other body parts bro. And my laundry. Hehe. 

But anyway, some of what my wife says sounds EXCEEDINGLY rude to my "Western" ears. 

Then again, some of what - or most of what - mainland Chinese do, and how they say it does too!

For a long time, I used to get irritated. 

But then I realized it's one of those culture things. 

For instance, the word "brat" might not be "insulting" to say to a kid (for you and I) if the kid is acting that way. 

But to my wife, for instance, it sounds somewhat insulting . . . 

(And to the Bozo, of course, he wants bratty females in his life. LOL. Poor chap). 

(As Alonzo rightly said in Training Day, ain't nutting free in life, son. Not even "nuttin" - LOL again). 

So, I suppose it's one of those culture things, and of course, "Im suppose to know all this", but the next person isn't, because, well ... LOL again. 

Anyway, I dont know why I felt compelled to impart this bit of wisdom to you right now? 

Perhaps because I'm in a JOLLY ole mood, so jolly that I forgot I had to pull the discount on compilations first thing in the morning today. 

Being I wake up at 11 thats hard to do . . . 

But anyway, it's done now. 

No more discounts on compilations for the forseeable future - those that aren't "akal ke dushman" - those that used their common sense and got in while the going was good - well goo don YOU!

Those that didnt, well . . . wait for the next one!

(But I'll give you a discount anyway if you email me politely and ask - but IF - and this is a big IF - and ONLY IF - you deserve it!) 

(if you're a doer, you might get one. If you're a Bozo and pisser and moaner and whiner, you aint gonna get nuttin)

But anyway, here's the real reason I guess I said this? 

The price on Profound Handstands is currently at less than $70, which given the wealth of info jampacked into as FEW words as possible (in itself a skill that) is a THROWAWAY price that makes me feel I'm "giving the house" away. 

Indeed, if I remember right, the original course on shoulders "Shoulders like Boulders!" is priced higher than that, and Battletank Shoulders certainly is too. 

But Profound ... won't remain at the price it is forever. 

This is a SPECIAL introductory price, my friend, and for Bozos with no common sense it means that price won't last. 

So get your thang on while the going is good bro. 

And thats that for this one. See you soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Also, check out my best course ever right HERE


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Friday, 15 January 2021 10:25

Whats a bozo?

Short one for once, hehe. 

The lady I referred to int he last post got back with this. 

"Whats a Bozo". 

And I was like ... lady, if I gotta explain THAT to you, then you're missing the entire point of the post to begin with! 

And probably why she's stuck dealing with idiots and bozos as well. You know what they say about ATTRACTION. LOL. 

Anyway, this email will likely hit your Inbox very soon after the last one, as I wanted to give you up and update on this. 

But this lady aside, this is a PRIME reason I do NOT get on social media anymore. 

LinkedIn being one exception, but even that I get on only VERY sparingly, and only for another lady whose posts are interesting. Actually interesting, hehe, not so much the content, but her THOUGHT is ... 

(which of course precious few peope will have actually picked up upon). 

Is it just me or the more I write, the more I get IRRITATED at the idiots and bozos out there? 

How can people be so damn STUPID? 

Or "brainless" ... 

But they are 

And thats why I got off social media in the first place. 

I can just hear people telling me now. 

"Don't say you'll do it! Just do it! "

To which my response will be this. 

"I've done so on MOST social media (except occasionally Freak-o-Book but some people choose to stay in touch with me that way, so ...) (sometimes yours truly decides to be JUST that less of a hermit, hehe) ... and I'll do on this too - but on MY OWN TIME". 

Actually I don't get on LinkedIn at all now, to the point of not using it. 

Company page etc on there is all BLANK. 

And so it SHALL BE. 

Those that want my stuff can sign up for the list - or just flat out GET the stuff

Curiously enough some of my BIGGEST and repeat customers are NOT on the list. 

Which in itself speaks Volumes, hehe. 

Smart guys all of them. 

Not that it ain't smart to be on the list - but ah ... thats more a marketing related thing I'll get into. 

And for those that have a problem wth me saying "I'll do it on my own time" - - I got this to say. 


And on that note, HERE is the program that will GIVE YOU that UNSHAKEABLE, animal like CONFIDENCE SEEPING through every pore of your body when you LOOK them in the eye and say it - Animal Kingdom Workouts

Get after IT - NOW - BRO! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Social media, and the buffoons that populate it, UGH! 

PS #2 - Just do it? To those that say I dont, ever take a look at THIS page? LOL (not to mention the products?) (or the idiots that whine about me telling them to drop the FAT and just do it when I talk pull-ups?) 

PPS (Edit - and I normally dont edit) - Maybe I'll introduce "Chloe" to the one and only BOZO NUMERO UNO - Bozo Glyn Schofield! More on that later as he gnashes his teeth reading this from his padded cell with internet. 

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Thursday, 12 November 2020 08:49

The Troll Pioneer Speaketh!

Dear Reader, 

OK, so I just can't stop chuckling. I was going to leave this one be, but as I look at the list of the comments “the Bozo on public welfare in the UK” has left on some of my books (I think he passed out before he got through the entire list, hehe), I just had to bring it up again.


And why YOU as a genuine customer MUST leave reviews (or the trolls will).

Not that it bothers yours truly. In fact, I was wondering and scratching my head at where the sudden spurt in sales came on a site (or a subsidary of it) which I NEVER promote my stuff on in early October or so.

Now I know. Hehe 

Anyway before reading this one (if you haven't already) – read THIS piece. And then, go on with the rest of today's email.

Which to be frank is to showcase the Bozo one more time.

After all, Glyn Scofield the bozo and druggie on welfare in the UK (and possibly “virgin” at the age of 40 or so hence his inane jealous rants about “Rahul is a stud” and “Rahul cheats on his wife” and even more inane messages daily on WeShat asking me “how many girls added my wechat when I climb mountains”) deserves more than the passing mention I've been giving him.

So you've read the earlier email, yes?


Here then, are some of the reviews he's posted (posted for posterity).

(for Pushup Central)

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 28 September 2020

A whole book dedicated to... how to do pish ups. Really?

My response (since Amazon won't let me do it) – yes. Really. Snicker. Pushup Central. So it's about pushups ... snicker.

For Fitness Pioneer, a book where I posted an admittedly “handsome” selfie of myself as the cover – which by the way is something I HATE doing (taking selfies))

Being as I'm something of a pioneer myself, I thought I would try Rahul's book. Utterly, utter drivel spurting from the mouth of a barely literate mad men. He cheats on his wife, so what can he do to his friends? Avoid this book.

My response - - Yes. Indeed. A troll pioneer, as we can see.Not to mention probably the #1 troll right now on WeChat, twiddling away furiously as we speak, read or type ...

(and though this was addressed before, the jealousy? And “do to his friends”? What does any of it have to do with fitness or the price of fish in Germany for that matter?)

Indeed insane, as the bozo himself says. Hehe.

On the compilation on pull-ups ...

Although reportedly a jealous and self loathing illegal worker in China, I thought I would purchase the jewel in the crown of his works. Sadly, I was more than disappointed. Feeling pity for Rahul as he clearly is unwell in the mind with his strange lies about highly respected and successful people, I hoped his book would be ok. How wrong I was. Beyond awful.

My response - “strange lies about people”? As far as I recall, the book contains references to ONE person, yours truly ...

Jewel in the crown? Hehe. The Bozo must be on one of his drug fueled binges ...

(but he did say one thing right, that he WAS an illegal worker in China. Hehe. Dancing monkey more like ... seems he's lost track of time as of late as well, hehe). 

On Animal Kingdom Workouts

 I keep going back to Rahul's work as I have so much money to burn. Disappointment yet again. His writing style is very poor and the content focuses only upon himself.

Well, gee whiz brah. It shows the author doing exercises, yeah. What else would a genuine purchaser expect from a book on fitness? Certainly not the lurid “raunchy” novels the Bozo gets his dirty little paws on (some probably written by yours truly, hehe), and complains about being a “cuck that can't get it up” (which according to what I've heard from more than one person is true. His email sent to me in that regard probably was too, hehe).

Money to burn ... Hmmm. Wouldn't Amazon UK show the book as being “bought”? Hehe.

More than likely this bozo got a hold to a friend's account and used it to post (and is now no doubt being “hunted” by that same person as we speak, hehe).

And so forth. I was going to post MORE of the reviews here, but I did it for two purposes.

One, it should give you a chuckle. MORE than one person is obsessed with yours truly and his truly wicked ways (caveman like as well) and as the Bozo says “loner like ways” ... but Bozo Glyn Scofield is truly at the top of the heap.

Gotta give credit where it's due, hehe.

And two, a call out – or shout out – to ALL you customers out there to take a few minutes out of your time – and leave a review.

Really. Please.

An honest review.

And really, I am NOT going to “make you famous” if it' a genuine review. Chances are I'll take the feedback on board, and gladly so.

Take for example the review posted HERE -

Now, do I agree with the review?


And I've written about it before.

But I would never, ever in my wildest dreams dream of “dissing the review” simply becuase it was something I didnt agree with (and if you want more on this – do a search on the blog, and you'll find my thoughts on this).

But really, and as I said before.

DO leave a review. If you don't, the trolls will!

And that latter part might not be a bad thing for yours truly.

In fact, it isn't to be honest.

But to those looking for honest reviews, and those that still LIKE to read reviews (my wife still does for whatever reason, for one) ... well, DO leave a review, and a genuine one at that.

You will be doing the entire community a favor by doing so!

And thats all I gotta say about that. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Don't forget to pick up 0 Excuses Fitness right HERE (Curiously enough the one book he forogt to review, along with the videos, but I have no doubt he's getting to that right NOW as he reads this, hehe) – 0 Excuses Fitness System.

PS #2 - For you trollish types that have nothing better to do than TROLL, here is the link to my YouTube page - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRfQncNP-R0mETIOgNKkU1w


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It's nothing short of hilarious, friend. 

The Bozo has given (as y'all know) my email address to the chick he stole money from "Mandy whoever" who like many others was gullible enough to fall for the Bozos scammy words and such. 

And while I thought it was 5000RMB, now it's apparently 500000 RMB he stole. 

The 0's keep inflating like the Bozo's flatulent butt... LOL. 

Anyway, whats funny is he's given her my email address, as if "I'm in some way associated with the Bozo". 

No, my friend. I am not. 

The Bozo is counting on me posting these publicly to somehow "wriggle" out of the fact that he not only did drugs in China, Hong KOng and the Phillippines - he also looted money from women, made physical threats against many of them - and finally got kicked out of the Phillippines (though he would have been thrown in PRISON if it hadn't been for "Mandy" and his friend Charles). 

A certan Roya Saaednia will bear testament to this, as will many others. 

Here's what I just got. 

Hi, Glyn,

    I am very glad that you could talk with me peacefully this time.I have dreamed this moment for long time.
   I don't want to bother your future life,just saying good bye to old life.
 Here is my bank detail:

(Beneficiary Bank): ... 
(Beneficiary Name):....
(Beneficiary Account number):....
(Swift Code): .....
(Bank Code): ....
(Bank Address): ....
     The owned RMB50000 should be around pound 6000,or US$7800.You remitte to my above account as your convenient currency. 

     I bless your parents and Families are all good.And I pray you getting someone cherish you from deep heart. Wish your business better and better in the future. :)

    Best regards!


Truly, Bozo Butts should be in for Ponzi schemes or something ... 

... Except it's just too stupid, the Bozo's way of dealing with it is as follows - 

She emails "him". 

He calls her up after seeing the email reached the address he gave her (mine). 

And then of course, she emails back thinking its "Bozo's address". 

I'm sure either the Bozo or they're both waiting for a response from me.   (though it seems it's the Bozos's usual drunken trolling goin gon) 

It won't come, hehe, but I'll keep YOU guys posted on the sorry tale... 

Anyway, it jives with a piece I was reading recently about trolls and how they are pretty much the modern day of success. 

Yours truly has dealt with them all my life, and it's like the other dude said "from the age of 24, from blog to blog, success to success, the trolls followed me, desperate for attention and spreading their lies". 

Except Bozo "Boozo" Schofield isn't just desperate for attention. 

He's plumbed the bottom. 

Clearly the 5000 or whatever he stole has run out.   (I dont know, I Thought it was 5000 yuan he stole, maybe that was from another person! Seems he stole a far larger amount from this chick. 

Or, I should say "essentially stole") ... Fraud, basically. 

Now he's "on the lam". 

And should be reported to the UK authorities anyway - wasn't he on the lam anyway on bail for drunk driving anyway? 

Yes, I believe he was - if they'll look it up, they'll find it. 

Anyway, Bozo Glyn, Jeez. 

Man the eff up, "be a man for once in your life" and at least deal directly with the girl on email ... 

But then again, that would require balls, which he ain't got. Hehe. 

Anyway - I'm out. 

But - Animal Kingdom Workouts, my friend is truly the BOMB! 

And an anti troll course if there ever was one in more ways than one. 

Grab this now, you the REAL trainee will love it!


Rahul Mookerjee

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First, I Say wannabe's, because compared to the Bozo-ness of the Glyn we all chuckle at, there are NO OTHERS that come close - - can come close - or ever will. 

In terms of sheer lunacy and idiocy, he truly does take the cake (and he eats a lot of it too looking at that massive ponderous belly of his, and worse, from areas you wouldn't dream of ever "eating" anything from - he truly is the "pits" if you get my drift on that one). 

NO, I AM NOT lying on this! 

In fact, in the near future I'll share a tale of a Domina he pestered to "let her be her servant" (after a certain lady Josie roundly blocked and booted him figuratively off her WeShat list). 

But anyway, what with the sudden "spate" of unsubscribes? 

Well, for some reason, the "my wife called me a bull" email - which I started off by saying is NOT a PG rated email and is NOT intended to be quite obviously - caused this. 

Along wth one sale for the book so far - the paperback at that. 

Clearly what I wrote about yesterday i.e. I'd rather have ONE genuine customer than 100 idiots holds true. 

And clearly, mention the Bozo = sales. 

The most astounding this? 

I'm simply being honest in terms of what I say about the Bozo - in fact, he's proved it publicly himself. 

In terms of what my wife says? 

It's hilarious, but again, I'm just being honest!

In terms of everything I do, say, and will ever do, say and have ever done, and said - it's this - I'm brutally honest to a FAULT and I will only be MORE that way in the future. 

You either love me, or you hate me, and the list of haters and lovers is legion. 

But anyway, here is why I dont lose any sleep over unsubscribes and even welcome them - a few reasons - 

One, these people aren't buyers. They're wankers. 

Two, they COMPLAIN up a storm, but dont do the thing. 

Three, they're usually the "how dare he" and "it's too easy "sort (but can't do a lick of what I tell them to - um, Bozo, not backside lick - themselves). 

Four, they CLOG up the list. 

Five, like attracts like, and I dont want to attract nutjobs like that. 

Sixth, they're usually sensitive to a T, and their "women" (so they think, hehe) probably complain all the time about them not "lasting in bed" and therefore, as i thought it would, the "bull" part pissed 'em off even though I very CLEARLY said the email wasn't meant to be sex-ual in nature or have sexual inneundo. 

And seventh, well, the truth hurts. 

There, my friend. 

Thats seven reasons right there. 

I've no doubt there are 7000 more, but hey - thats enough for now. 

Pick up what is my best damned book ever, my friend right now - Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

I'll see you when you join the ranks of - truly the - SUPERHUMANS!


Rahul Mookerjee 

PS - This book isn't for skirt wearing Schofields. if that ticks off the Bozos, so be it, but I'd rather be honest up front. This book is for REAL MEN, REAL DOERS, so if you fall into that category get it NOW without a moment's delay, else click AWAY even faster. 

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Lots of you, especially those on the Ship member's area have been WONDERING why I keep using the word "cuckling" as opposed to chucklin. 

Which I cannot do enough of these days it seems, both chuckling all the way to the bank and also at the "prime cut of meat" out there - in terms of being a Bozo "par excellence". 

Or, wanker par excellence. 

Anyway, we're talking Bozo Schofield here. 

And here is the latest rant he sent me (well, he sent this a couple of weeks back, but I am only mentioning it now). 

Remember, this is the same dude that messages women out of the ass - night, I mean, wanting them to "keep him as his servant" - to "press feet" - to "carry her shopping", and so forth, and he usually badgers them with this out of the blue, and when they obviously call him a jackass and decline, he goes to his "Mr Hyde" act and spews vile abuse. 

All on the books and the record. Hehe. 

And a guy that is notorious for paying ladies of the night in China big bucks to .... 

... stick his tongue where the sun dont shine, and do precious little else. 

Indeed, thats why despite the cash he stole from friends to do this this "thief par excellence" has little to show in terms of any actual relationship. 

Let's take a look here (and remember, drink your coffee, or you'll spit this out on your keyboard). 

You are a typical beta cuckold and we know you write books on it. Seeing a real man entering your wife turns on you creepy little twat.

I will be laying hands on you and fuking you up, then having your wife suck me off thank me.

Stay safe fugly.


Oh my. 

Normally, you'd think this sort of thing would make someone's blood boil, but for me? 

I couldn't stop laughing. 

This poor Bozo is self projecting in a manner that truly beggars belief. 

And of course, he never did mention "where those lovely books are that I write on erotica". 

Glyn, do send me the link if you're reading it and I'll post it right HERE. Hehe. Might as well mint more money off it! (more than I already AM). 

But this exact same thing was something he once posted in a group in a drunken manner. 

And then when I told him the next day that "Hey, Glyn, fetishes are normal - we ALL have 'em" - he denied it SO vociferiously that I knew I was right. I had hit the SPOT. Hehe. 

Not that spot, Glyn, lol. 

I mean MENTALLY - I touched a nerve, hence your reaction. 

Anyway, what does all of this have to do with you, you ask? 

It is this, my friend. 

In life, fitness, anything - remember - be YOU. 


The Bozo tries to hide, hide, hide, and all the while his deep desires never go away, do they? 

Same thing with YOU, and fitness my friend. 

You know the gyms aren't giving you the results you want. 

Yet, you continue to patronize them because "your friends and everyone else says" . 

You continue to lift weight because the so called "shamus gurus" say "it's the real deal". 

You contnue to get fatter, have less energy, the man tits keep expanding, and your INNER VOICE tells you to STOP - and do something DIFFERENT. 

That something different, my friend is my producs and courses

I've truly got something for everyone, and my results speak for themselves. 

A ONE time investment, and value for your entire life . . . 

Really, listen up bro. 

There is nothing to be ashamed of if you secretly want to ape me and do pull-ups. 

NOthing to be ashamed of, if, as Charles Mitchell, a great customer once said "I can't do fingertip pushups as well as you!" 

Absolutely nothing at all! 

We ALL want it. 

We have ALL been there. 

And we including yours truly - we have ALL learnt by standing on the shoulders of GIANTS. 

Fitness wise,tom tomming aside, that is me my friend. 

The rest? 

I leave up to YOU! 

As a great customer once said "the bodyweight exercise guru is WAITING for you". 

But he won't crawl over broken glass to beg you to DO the thing, thats for sure!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I mentioned this to my lovely "significant other" and she giggled in that sage way only women can. 

Her comment? 

If he wants to tangle with an angry ape, so be it. 

And yeah. I'd rather be called an ape or "Da Xing Xing" than a cuck, hehe. 

PS #2 - Think Schofield is the only nutjob out there? Think AGAIN. 

Here is what a guy from Nanjing in China told me on Facebook a year or so ago when I still used it .. .(I was promoting Gorilla Grip). 

"I build a strong gorilla grip by choking the gorilla daily". 

I'll leave the rest up to your imagination. LOL. But really, another reason why I quit social media - it's right there! 

Anyway, my friend, don't "choke the chicken". 

Do as Rocky did - and CHASE it. 

You'll build stamina like NEVER BEFORE. 

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