Friday, 27 August 2021 14:07

So now the Chinese pay to learn ... Chinese? So says a Chinese, apparently!

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So says a monkey at a dancing center - a lady who I removed from one of my wechat groups once for violating rules. 

And, of course, she responded with ... this - first up. 

"fuck u" 

That is what she responded with first up, no kidding. Hehe. 

To say I didnt take the conversation further was an understatement. 

Neither did I respond back- some things, some people - are NOT worth it. 

Now, today, I saw the same person - out of desperation for SOMEONE to take her classes (given the China crackdown on illegal teachers has just intensified, as has the "all learning centers need to be NOT for profit" campaign that Xi has started recently - in short, "becoming the new North Korea" as someone told me rightly) ... posting this. 

"chinese lessons available for both Chinese and foreign citizens!" 

Interesting she used the word citizens. 

But really, in a Buy and Sell Group (where wackos pester each other to buy things on the cheap rather than GIVE - away!) ... she posted this. 

Admittedly group admin allows ads on Friday. 

But still, I wasn't goin gto reply, but it was too much. 

The Chinese learning Chinese? 

Do they do so, I asked. 

The flood of responses I got - oh my. 

People say they're "busy". 

Yet, I've always said the busier they say they are, the freer the are - for B.S. (like Charles's example in the last email). 

The flood of overhelpful responses told me one thing (while I got a warning for mentioning the person broke rule in my other group and was booted) - or two. 

Two, actually. 

One, people have nothing better to do. 

When you've got 10 people pasting group rules accessible to ALL for no reason, well that says it all - not to mention the speed of the responses. 

Bang, bang, bang!

Like Jay Roy (a certain dude from Cameroon whom Victor, a true Tom Tom in every sense of the word tried to pass off as an "American English speaker" because he wore his hat to the side or some rot) once correctly noted, send them a red packet, see how quick they grab it up!

(those are basically tiny bits of $$ for everyone in the group. Haven't seen those in a while which says a lot, but honestly, yours truly ignores it - far better things to do with my time than running after dimes or less). 

Unlike a certain "Vicky" I once knew who Gorilla Girl Sophia rightly put in her place (I believe I covered that story before!? I'vegot so many to tell you!) 

But second, and more importantly, everyone is thinking the same thing I am. 

I can feel it. 

I mean, Chinese paying to learn Chinese? 


And yet, all too scared to say it. As I told Dani (she was like if I saw a comment that stupid, I'd have to say something!). 

If I say something stupid as that I need to make a coment? " - Exactly, but you're a smart girl. China mostly (these days) attracts Bottom of the Barrel "white" Bozos that think their skin color makes them Gods gift to China teaching (it's a monkey job basically - no real teaching) "A B C" to the Chinese, haha (you've heard of the ESL rubbish, I'm sure?).

Plus, a lot of them have painted themselves into a corner, left themselves with no choice but to kiss Chinese ass, and plus China - well - with all the crackdowns on expats now, people are scared to even open their moutb (not all, but most) ...

Damn, if its thad bad in first world Spain, I dont know, <chopped> must be even worse? ? But I went to the <chopped> office here, I went to another stores the other day, all A/C, but yeah, no "office" other than that and of course, I'm sure government facilities in Spain are A/C too!

(Apparently in Spain they're not running A/C in offices to save money! ) (and in China, back when I DID work, its always been a battle to turn on the A/C full blast)

But Spain ain't the only country with lunacy around these days. 

China is #1 in that regard, or close to it, hehe. 

The chinese though - I dont get it. When you turn on the A/C in the middle of summer, even hotter than now, they feel "cold". Same in India, haha. I dont get it, but maybe you've seen that in Venezuela too, since the A/C hardly ever runs, when it does people feel cold.

Or, they "open the window while running the AC to let the climate in". Or, they'll do what Ashley did, complain (when wearing a tiny mini skirt) up a storm about "how cold it is in class" ... .(in summer!).

So, Lunacy Central all over the world - the India thing was years ago, apparently girls complained "my hair flies" when I turned on the AC in the middle of summer, thankfully I had a decent boss who told 'em to ... well, you get the drift. 

Venezeula, Dani probably knows better. 

And China, well, enough said. 

Alright, point of me teling you all this? 

Not really to get you to shake your head and say "WTF". 

Well, maybe it is. Maybe a few chuckles!

We all need 'em!

And, stepping aside from the lunacy, here is the most down to earth, SENSIBLE - SENSICAL - fitness system you could and should ever invest in - the 0 Excuses Fitness System

See you "aboard!" 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The 0 Excuses Fitness Ship, truly a group with no drama, truly no lunacy. And thats how I like it! Hell, I vet people very thoroughly and then some, I've been known to happily decline people on this one too!