Sunday, 28 March 2021 09:15

Several Glyn Bozo Schofield (7 at last COUNT) WANNABE's unsubscribed . . . (it struck home)

First, I Say wannabe's, because compared to the Bozo-ness of the Glyn we all chuckle at, there are NO OTHERS that come close - - can come close - or ever will. 

In terms of sheer lunacy and idiocy, he truly does take the cake (and he eats a lot of it too looking at that massive ponderous belly of his, and worse, from areas you wouldn't dream of ever "eating" anything from - he truly is the "pits" if you get my drift on that one). 

NO, I AM NOT lying on this! 

In fact, in the near future I'll share a tale of a Domina he pestered to "let her be her servant" (after a certain lady Josie roundly blocked and booted him figuratively off her WeShat list). 

But anyway, what with the sudden "spate" of unsubscribes? 

Well, for some reason, the "my wife called me a bull" email - which I started off by saying is NOT a PG rated email and is NOT intended to be quite obviously - caused this. 

Along wth one sale for the book so far - the paperback at that. 

Clearly what I wrote about yesterday i.e. I'd rather have ONE genuine customer than 100 idiots holds true. 

And clearly, mention the Bozo = sales. 

The most astounding this? 

I'm simply being honest in terms of what I say about the Bozo - in fact, he's proved it publicly himself. 

In terms of what my wife says? 

It's hilarious, but again, I'm just being honest!

In terms of everything I do, say, and will ever do, say and have ever done, and said - it's this - I'm brutally honest to a FAULT and I will only be MORE that way in the future. 

You either love me, or you hate me, and the list of haters and lovers is legion. 

But anyway, here is why I dont lose any sleep over unsubscribes and even welcome them - a few reasons - 

One, these people aren't buyers. They're wankers. 

Two, they COMPLAIN up a storm, but dont do the thing. 

Three, they're usually the "how dare he" and "it's too easy "sort (but can't do a lick of what I tell them to - um, Bozo, not backside lick - themselves). 

Four, they CLOG up the list. 

Five, like attracts like, and I dont want to attract nutjobs like that. 

Sixth, they're usually sensitive to a T, and their "women" (so they think, hehe) probably complain all the time about them not "lasting in bed" and therefore, as i thought it would, the "bull" part pissed 'em off even though I very CLEARLY said the email wasn't meant to be sex-ual in nature or have sexual inneundo. 

And seventh, well, the truth hurts. 

There, my friend. 

Thats seven reasons right there. 

I've no doubt there are 7000 more, but hey - thats enough for now. 

Pick up what is my best damned book ever, my friend right now - Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

I'll see you when you join the ranks of - truly the - SUPERHUMANS!


Rahul Mookerjee 

PS - This book isn't for skirt wearing Schofields. if that ticks off the Bozos, so be it, but I'd rather be honest up front. This book is for REAL MEN, REAL DOERS, so if you fall into that category get it NOW without a moment's delay, else click AWAY even faster.