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On stopping doing what made you a roaring success in the first place, and more.

Today is a Holi-day in India. Apparently yesterday was too from what my lovely wife says (I sure as heck dont know, and could care two figs less either way!!) . . . 

No normal holiday either. 

Holi, the festival of colors, and I've made NO secret of my utter distaste and dislike for Holi  - the so called modern day version of it at least. 


Well, pelting passerby's and just about anyone in general with colored ballons (of water) from the balconies. 

Throwing nasty color at people that do NOT want to play Holi with you and say they dont want to. 

Being rowdy and a lout and using Holi as an excuse. 

And many more things. 

No, I'd rather stay away. 

As I said on the other site, these sort of shennanigans AND UTTER DISRESPECT would get people shot or worse in most countries, but India? 

Its sad, but a country that is purportedly aiming to be the next big thing after China accepts this mess for what it is. 

Dont get me wrong. 

Pelt colors and what not all you want - but whatever happene dto th eword consensual? 

Some guy going to work, and you just pelt him with colors and laugh at the poor chap (he was my tutor in tenth grade, and a solid guy!) who has no option but to walk around in wet clothes all day? 

I mean - get the F real! 

And when I say that? 

How dare I, hehe. 

How dare I disrespect Indian culture, the bozos go. 

Well, newsflash bro. It an't Indian culture anymore than "freedom fries" are American culture (real American culture). 

It's HOOLIGANISM. Plain and effing simple, and I'll say it too. I damn well WILL. 

Holi was supposed to be played with simple dabs of color an merriment between those that celebrate it, not everyone in general. 

Diwali was never intended to be the MESS it's turned into in recent years (pollution central for one). And a vulgar display of "burning cash". 

Anyway, my wife was telling me about the rowdies and louts at the park - I've got plenty of experience with those, hehe but we'll get into that later. 

Apparently she took my little one to play with the other kids. 

She did - they did - they had a whale of a time, but the rowdies were trying to pelt my wife with balloons etc. 

What losers! 

Of course, it's INdian culture. How dare I!

For a change something which my family in general and I agree upon, it's LOUTISH behavior the BRATS AND BRUTES and newly rich etc employ on Holi. 


Then some couple wife knows was trying to pelt her as well. 

From their balcones. 

I mean, Jeez, lady, at least have the balls to come DOWN and do it (of course, how dare I. The plague from China will get her!). 

But I asked her why the latter couple did it, being they know her. 

Somewhat at least. 

"Maybe they're newly minted money types". 

Doesnt seem like it, I said, shrugging. 

But it brings to mind an interesting point (and no, the current xenophobia against foreign devils in China is NOT Chinese culture either bro - you can thank Xitler and company for that!). 

STOPPPING doing what made you successful in the first place and turning into something you're NOT. 

The stories are legion of Indians and Chinese having their land bought by the government at insane prices, and then they throw away their milllions in and on frivolties, having NO clue how to use their money or save or invest. 

Literally, I've seen mansions that lie - VACANT - with no food - so much did they waste their money! 

Classic eh. 

And they aint the only ones. 

Sly Stallone was guilty of this after Rocky succeeeded big. 

ALL The movies he made after that were flops until he finally wisened up in Rocky II and got back to being REAL which is what made him the success he is TODAY. 

Being himself and being real. 

Until then, it was all fake BS and Sly will be the FIRST to admit this himself. 

Hes in hallowed company. Yours truly in 2019 lost track as wel to a degree. 

Admittedly I kept writing, kept producing books etc. 

Admittedly I didnt forget about the business. 

Admittedly I had several other profitable irons in the fire, and it happens sometimes. It's happene dto Napoleon Hill too - him of the pathbreaking Think and Grow Rich who let success go to his head (I didn't let it go to mine, even when I was making sales beyond my wildest dreams!) and its happened to tons of others. 

But no excuses, I wasn't going full steam on it! 

And I figured it out the hard way multiple times in my life. Trust me! 

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. 

Hill fell, so did Sly, so did I at a certain point, and we all thankfully realized the error of our ways. 

Anyway, what does this have to do with you and FITNESS? 

Well,one of my best and greatest customes Charles Mitchell once said the following. 

"The reason you ain't as rich as Jeff Bezos is becuase your books aren't for everyone. Most people would say "F that" when they look at your stuff ! your training is not for pansies and pussies! Keep challenging us, and never become a trainer that goes easy to sell more books". 

"You could, but that ain't you!" 

I'm amalgamating two quotes and writing in my own words but WORRY NOT! 

I will NEVER EVER do that. 

My man cave may be made of gold, but it's still a damned man cave, and I still take a dump daily on a normal "throne" and clean the damned thing myself. 

(no Bozo Schofields please! Hehe). 

Thats another thing he asked Josie. 

"Can I clean your bathroom Madam". 


Really, Glyn!

The things people love ... and get off to. 

But anyway, my workouts will only get tougher if anything else. 

PROOF is in the pudding - decidely UNBOZO like pudding. 

Check it out HERE


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And no, the introductory price won't last forever so if you're smart you'll jump now on this TREASURE TROVE and get it NOW. 

PS #2 - Bozos and louts understand one damn thing - the power of the FIST and muscle, hehe. The LOOK. And to get that sort of look - well - Barnstormer Shoulders will DO it for you! 

(Remember the old Fast and Furious Fitness page - I mentioned it there too, and it's damned TRUE). 

PPS 1 - But really, back to LOUTISH nonsense - my aunt - one of them - once made the point about "well, they throw snowballs at us in NY too!" 

Maybe thats bad too, but it's NOWHERE near as bad. Trust me! Naughty kids is one thing, adults engaging in this sort of thing?


An adult "male" TUSKER

Both priceless and unpadronable. 


An adult male tusker on the RAMPAGE!


So says Rahul Mookerjee! And I'm damn right on this one (and everything I say, because unless I'm not, I keep my trap SHUT, hehe). 


PPS #2 - I WILL kDSCN0627_BW.jpgeep saying it, and for those that will bitch and moaon I care NOT about offering SO CALLED Indian, Chiense, Bhutanese, Bozo-nese, Westernese, Martianese, Poop-nese, Peking-ese, Ape-nese so called frigging cultures. Akel ke Dushamn as the lovely wife says. 

PPS # ... - My tutor in grade 10 was a great Sikh gentleman. And amongst many other outstanding people of that faith I've been priveleged enough to know, thats why (another reaosn) I love Sikh culture. Forward thinking! 

MR Bhalla even called me after the 911 attacks to find out how I was. Now thats a true dude! Thank you, Sir!

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