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Friday, 03 February 2023 05:39

The type of guy (or girl) I respect the MOST.

The other day - last afternoon, actually, the wife was in one of her very rare good moods - and the lunch she dished up, my! 

It sure did prove the good mood, and she demanded to know where the daughter's "leads" (her way of saying headphones) were. 

For some reason the chip off the old block runs through stuff pretty quick, unlike her old man who seems to reuse certain things till you cannot use them no more. "Thats a perfectly good car", as Jeff Bezos - well on his way to becoming a billionaire - once said about his beat down Honda! Hehe. 

I respect guys like that - not for driving beat down cars, or being practical alone - yes, those reasons, but because .... they did it THEMSELVES. 

Bootstrapped, ok, Bezos had help from his Dad initially which is more than what a lot of us get, but still - he is to me the modern day version of Henry Ford, and that takes some doing. 


"I'm buying it", I went. "But I want to get a good quality one, like the one I have, not just one of those cheap ones". 

When I told the wife how much it cost, after she asked - she grinned and shook her head  - "I'm not spending that much". 

And then. 

Partly in  jest. 

"Buy one for me too!" 

Anyway, story behind this - I want to get the daughter the same headphones I have - good quality - and the guy that advertises them or used to, at any rate - a Bollywood actor I hardly ever watch, I've barely seen any of his movies. 

But, guy's in SHAPE. 

Real shape. 

He's a dancer. 

Yes, he does tons of pull-ups! 

More than his fitness though - he STRUGGLED. 

His family did all but disown him for not bending to their desires. I can identify for sure, and I can identify with the old Maruti Zen he literally lived out of while struggling to make it big which he finally made it "in some regards" big. 

I'm sure he remembers those days. 

I'm sure he wouldn't exchange the struggles for ANYTHING. I know I wouldn't. If you ain't run from pillar to post, been at the very edge of desperation with one foot hanging well over the cliff of utter, abject failure then you aint lived in all regards, and you're not qualified to talk about any sort of success, period. 

I should know. Been there, done that - in the trenches. Thats the sort of dude I respect - big time!

Anyone that makes it on their own - I respect that person. 

And like I told the wife. 

"Shahid Kapoor advertises it. It's a vibe. He wouldn't just sell shit..." 

And I know. 

It's a vibe, hard to explain, one of those things, you cannot fake GENUINE people! 

Anyway ... the old Zen. 

I had one of those, a golden colored Zen, and when I first got it, it might well have been "Punchy" the Dog in Rocky Balboa that the teenaged son  (Lil Marie's son) did not want to get initially. 

Beat down, depressed, dead, not unlike the dog that shows up next to me EVERY TIME I work out - even when I shoo it away. You've seen that dog, I've shooed it away but it keeps coming back, and I've decided to accept it for now. Hey. Some things!

That car - nothing worked except the engine. I still remember driving it up without brake fluid up the hills of India, if you can do that, now you've got some serious balls (driving on those narrow Himalayan roads - just Google if you dont believe me. Hehe). I still remember a case where I almost pissed my pants driving in the jungles in the dark, lost ... Anyway thats a tale I've covered before, but for now? 

The ZEN. 

And yours truly at that time, truly phat phocker. Hehe. 

There's a famous photo of me on Instagram, chowing down on snacks with a beer in hand at 11 AM in the morning - from one of my favorite places to visit. Hehe. 

Those of you on Instagram have seen it. 

And for now, here's the trip down memory lane you must read about - - A 5 day road trip to Dalhousie/Khajjiar - Team-BHP

This will be part of the travelogues series I plan on coming out with soon - which will have details on my travels back Stateside (yes, the US is a massive country with lots to see!) - China (another massive country) - maybe Russia someday in the future too. And more - and India, of course. 

For now, thats that. 

And remember, for hard hitting life info that works unlike what the self help so called Gurus tell you - Zero to Hero! - and Gumption Galore are the tickets. 

Thats that then - enjoy the link above! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Notice the calves in the photo. Some might call me "strong" - indeed, many did back then- reality though, I was PHAT. Hehe. Lesson coming from someone thats been there - and done that. 

Listen to me, YOU will catapult yourself from woefully unfit to the ranks of the elite too ... 

Ps #2 - I was sort of forced into selling the trusty Zen when I moved to the Middle East for a short period, something I shouldn't have done, but running on the beaches, and them boxing workouts were cool! 

But I still remember almost crying - literally - when I sold it off. 

So many hours invested into rebuilding that car, standing around for hours in the hot sun with mechanics, learning everything I could about cars from it .. 

I know the guy I sold it to, he still has the car. 

Hehe. some things, OLD is truly GOLD!


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Tuesday, 24 August 2021 07:11

More on the power of GIVING.

... that most people don't DO ...

Over the past few days, again. 

I've been giving, my friend - without a thought. 

A couple of days ago, I gave away an old oven of mine. Still functional for the most part. 

Yesterday, I gave away (gasp!!) - an old flat screen T.V. - and a perfectly functional, almost brand new DVD Player (yes, some people still use 'em!) ... 

I believe I also gave away a laptop and camcorder a few months ago - both working. 

Then if you add in old mattresses, old clothes, all stuff people would normally sell at garage sales or what not - hey, I get it - the combined value would probably be a lot. 

BEcause remember, the time is "now" when people are hurting - therefore its now that things are valued more - and therefore, to me, we should help more -those that can, incredibly people globally are doing the opposite, trynig to get more. 

Dont get me wrong. 

Nothing wrong with being a blase capitalist. I'm one myself!

But, there is a time to mint money - and a time to give, and the latter can, should and must be done first. 

Within a few hours of giving away the TV / DVD set, probably the most valuable of the lot, a business deal I had been postponing for a while just came to fruititon. I could have done it before, I didnt. 

I've heard stories like this galore. 

Matt Furey was once trying to sell an old van of his, I believe, couldn't or something - and then he just I believe GAVE it away. 

Again, functional van. 

And within a day or two of that happening, hell, I believe later that night, same thing happened to him - a business deal on the backburner for a while he had forgotten about came to life. 

Trust me, "it's not just Rahul". 

Dreams, Universe, all these are very physical and tangible concepts!

Anyway, phases end - new phases begin. 

And if YOU are ready to end the "unfit" phase in your life, and make giant leaps into the future, my friend - then start by investing in the 0 Excuses Fitness System right here. 

Trust me, best decision you'l ever make!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I blessed all items in my own special way, I truly hope they're helping those that need it (I know they are). 

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Thursday, 15 April 2021 16:32

Think BIG - or not?

A while ago, I wrote about a post which was based upon the nimrod like question a lot of employers ask "where are you going to be five years from now". 

Basically, heck, I said most people dont know where they will be five HOURS from now, let alone 5 years. 

Asking them to set goals they've never set on the spur of the moment (if they had those five year plans, they likely would not be applying for a job with these employers anyway, and they know it very well) is tough even for a doer (sometimes, you just dont know where you'll BE as opposed to "want to be" and even if you ask "where do you want to be" - well - thats none of anyone's business except the person's). 

Classic case of NEGATIVE energy being spread around and demotivation by the employer i.e. you have to stay in our Bozo job, because guess what, you'll never make anything of yourself except in an indirect "paper pusher" sort of way or personally (depending upon if it's a question on a jackass form or some jack/jill ass asking you). 

The post is here

But, I realize, as always, I missed a tiny little something ... 

An elderly gentleman (I'd assume, heh) from OH asked me the following 

"Dream big or NOT? Think big or not?

He said it in a large paragraph, but that was bascially what he asked. 

He replied to the email in question above while asking (he's behind on the emails, and with all the emailing going on as of late, do I blame him? Hell no! )

Well ,let me clarify ... 

I've always told EVERYONE to dream big. 

Precious few listen. 

Even fewer believe. 

I've always said think big - have big goals. 

Those big goals though, setting a "X" amount of time in which you gotta there is almost always counter productive for most people. 

For instance, someone that can't do more than 10 pushups now, and thats his entire workout for the day, and its hard for him. 

If you ask this person "when he'll get to 500 pushups" or how long, you're setting him up for failure in a way. 

And indeed, if the person over-focuses on the number, he may well end up failing. 

I advocated baby steps daily towards the big goal. 

Which is the whole point. 

Most people "crash and burn" after the initial excitement of a huge goal, so in those cases, I'd say its far better to set and focus on doable daily goals. 

If you're Rahul Mookerjee or his ilk that does mini workouts throughout the day, and writes books galore, and is chained to the keyboard, and deals with a lot else too, perhaps you could keep focusing on the big goal too. 

Most people though, just get frustrated when they "over focus" on the big goal, which is my entire poiint. (and therefore drive that goal AWAY in that regard). 

Most people aren't ready, willing or even able to take the massive action that results in achieving massive goals quick. 

Which is fine in my opinion. 

It ain't how long it takes you or even HOW you do it - so long as you GET there, at least that is how Id look at it . . . 

So thats what I meant, my friend. 

Hope that helps - and there's more very "actionable" self help tips in Zero to Hero!

And for motivation - Gumption Galore. I might put out a second edition on this one "sometime". 

All depends. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And even for huge goals and huge action taken daily, "incremental" huge improvement daily is always the KEY.

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Thursday, 25 March 2021 06:25

The million dollar "Magnum" question.

I've been asked this one many times, most of the times by angry WOMEN. 


The female of the species is indeed deadlier, until they find out they're not . . . 

But anyway, here is the question .  .  . (and the question of "a Magnum pointed at my head", or an angry woman demanding to know "why" ... well, I'll take a raincheck on that one, hehe. I'll plead the 4th too!). 

"If you had to choose between me (a girl) and your damned beer, which woul dyou choose!" 

I've heard this one a LOT, hehe. 

"You love beer more than me!" 

And so forth . . . 

Well, if I had a 747 pointed at me, and I had to answer no matter what? 


A nice cold frosty beer. 

It never lets you down, no matter what. 

End of the day, I'm sure all real men would agree with me on this one! 

But anyway, that brings to mind another one of those "Magnum pointed at you" questions (btw ... this was John Walker who coined the "if you have a Magnum pointed at you" - one of my great customers from the UK) . . . or two . . . 

One, and its a real, real toughie and a serious question indeed. 

Handstand pushups or pull-ups? 

Well, I dont know. 

Off the cuff? 

Right NOW? 

I'd say pull-ups, but that don't mean the former exercise isn't tough or doesn't have great benefits or so forth - it probably has as many if not more benefits!

If asked why, I'd probably say I dont know - or - more accurately PERSONAL preference. 

And they should BOTH be done TOGETHER - always - forever - your entire life!

And the #2 question is even tougher. 

Regular pushups - or handstand pushups! 

This is one Charles Mitchell wrestled with, of course, as he read through Pushup Central and finally chose it as a book over Battletank Shoulders - and again, that ain't by ANY means a "diss" against the latter, which he rightly said the workouts within will turn you into half gorilla, half human. 

But for me? 

Regular pushups, if I really had to choose, and why? 

Because of the sheer variety, myf riend. 

Because they give you a leg workout from HELL. 

And the ones done on your back - well - (and yes, you can do pushups on your back!) - they will BLOW you away with how good they make you feel above anything else!

Truly the BIG DOG of fitness are pushups. 

And if you're a Bozo reading this complaining "just pushups" and "we know it all" , well, might as well unsubscribe now - because what I'm offering ain't for you. 

It ain't for lily livered poltroons, pansies and so forth. 

Neither is Animal Kingdom Workouts - which is an EVEN MORE BRUTAL book in terms of the workouts!

You'll see what I mean when you get on em! 

And for now, I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember that 20% discount on compilations - take advantage of it now - and pick up Barnstormer Shoulders while you're AT IT.

PS # 2 - My daughter seems to be drawing me a Statue of Liberty drawing with the lady holding - you got it - a COLD BEER - a frosty FOAMING ONE at that in her hand. Hehe. Now thats a tough choice, beer or daughter, but I'd choose the latter, but like I said and I told my daughter this - - honey - - we dont need to make those extreme choices, and I'm damned glad we dont! 

Amen, hehe. (even if I say so myself). 

Anyway, if you've got a beer belly from too much drinking on what not - well - THIS course is what the doctor ordered, along with THIS ONE

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I ain't in Texas as of now, but I did some reseach right quick and what I saw made even my "wearied" eyeballs goggle. 

Due to the recent mess with power etc (which seems to be mostly fixed by now from what I hear from people I KNOW living there) - electric had shot up to something like $9000mwh from $20/MWH. 

Like a 10K $ increase. Damn! (Government there or something finally put a cap on it, or it might have "Risen" further). 

Cold weather has hit MOST of the Southern US this year, but damn, in Texas, the #1 energy producing state and a very independent state for the most part - that would be the last place I'd imagine a power outage like that to happen. 

Like I said though, always stay prepared!

Then I read something on the sh-news about some billion dollar gaffe or something about Citibank. Apparently they sent some folks close to a billion green 'uns "by mistake:". 

Like, WTF? 

How does that even happen? 

I can tell you, I ain't seen one red cent of it, hehe. 

But really, it's another reason why I rarely if ever read the sh-news these days. Except to check on what Trump is up to! 

I mean, does this even sound believable (the "by mistake" part)? Not to me, my friend. 

Then from what I hear from my lovely wife back in India, the petrol (gas) prices there have risen to record highs never seen before. So has almost everything else for that matter. You'd think that India, being in the grip of the China plague much like America is, where nothing is really still back to normal or anywhere near it would have LOWER gas prices, but of course, big government can't deal with the hit to their under the table moolah, hehe. 

And in INdia, and again from what I hear last year they imposed a "Corona" tax on beer of all things! 

(liqor as well). 


A man can't drive without the government sneering at him, and neither can he enjoy a drink without that happening. 

THAT is their mentality, and it all adds up to panic, panic, and more panic. 

Sadly enough, I seem to be in the minority when I say this, because the sheeple in general don't believe it. 

Anyway, I try and not buy into this "its too expensive" stuff. 

First thing you know, the minute I do, my OWN prosperous mindset goes down the toilet. 

Like Napoelon Hill said, keep a mind tightly closed against any and all negative influences!

This doesn't mean don't acknowledge REALITY - do so - but you could do without reading some of the BS the "sh news" serves up on a regular basis, that I will say! 

Money, my friend, at the end of the day is spiritual and is ENERGY that flows to you. 

The more you "hoard" or treat it with a panic mindset the more it will RUN away from you. 

Much like the girls do from Bozo Schofield, hehe. 

But thats actually an apt metaphor and one Napoleon Hill uses in Think and Grow Rich as well where he states the methods of getting rich are not dissimilar in many ways to those you would use when wooing the maiden of your dreams. 

And the first and most important key is this (and most miss this) - it starts in your MIND. 

The deepest recesses of your mind is where it starts . . . 

Once you get that right, you'll never bother about "being broke" again or "running out of money", because you'll truly understand it's all a state of mind. 

True, this email may cause a lot of you to rant and rail against my saying this, but it's true - money - and all "material substances" on our great planet are formed FIRST AND FOREMOST - and ONLY - in the mind! 

And as to why this is true - and why deep emotion is really the key to all this (i.e staying prosperous no matte rwhat) - well - Zero to Hero explains that bit in the very first Chapter itself, I believe. (that, and the Henry Ford and Henry Kaiser statements that I've included in the book).  (a few from those great men). 

Get it if you so choose, and along with "10 Commandments of Succesful Sales" - be sure and APPLY the lessons learnt to your life too!

Let me know how it works for you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - These are the times when you really go back to the basics, even those that have been reared on the Jim Shim. I mean, I'm hearing from long time gym addicts looking to install pull-up bars at their houses, and good on them for finally coming around to the TRUISM of pull-ups being one of the best yet toughest exercises out there. And to address and GET OVER the "tough" hump - get my course here - and start applying - now!

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Wednesday, 10 February 2021 08:37

Top 10 reasons I found (off the cuff) to be GRATEFUL!

Without further ado, and without further explanations on the "Law of Gratitude", or the power, or the sheer importance of this - which most ignore - lets dive straight into it. 

I dont know, right off the cuff ... 

1. I'm grateful to have the ability to LEAD. It is in part what has always landed me the positions I like - and enjoy - and it is again in part, a reason I'm doing what I am today (just one reason, but an important one). 

(I would replace the word ability with "opportunity" because I believe we ALL have the ability, and we create our own opportunities if we do the thing, and take the steps required to achieve what we WANT out of life)

(and I dont know if you can feel the happiness - for no reason- coming off these words!) 

2. I'm happy to have the ability - or opportunity for ...well, nothing and EVERYTHING! 

There is so much abundance!

3. This damn green tea I'm drinking. It's by far the BEST I've had in a while!

4. The ability to keep myself in top shape, and learn from the best  - by DOING, not so much by getting instruction - and then "bettering the Master" in many ways. 

There is a reason that my customers say my courses are truly the best out there, better than a lot of gurus, and they pay big bucks for them, and it ain't vanity or Tom Tomming. It's fact

5. I'm grateful to be able to inspire and help YOU on thi slist!

6. I should have said this above and first, but I'm grateful just to be able to TALK to you on this list - for yall to be part of the small but elite 0 Excuses Fitness family (or for those that choose to be, the SHIP!). 

(Fear not - the "small" is expanding very rapidly. Hehe. ) 

7. I'm grateful to have a functioning BRAIN - but more importantly, I'm - and this should really be #1, though they all are! To have the opportunity to read Napoleon Hill and Claude Bristol's books - and in the "contemporary era" although he ain't self help or fitness, the great Ben Settle. Believe me, I'm not his customer. HE and I dont know each other from Adam, but great minds think alike my friend. We all "are". And I've always been a huge believer in what he says - his philosophies of doing biz - and on life in general. 

And while I won't say "he is the reason behind my success or not", I WILL say this - when I need motivation (yes, I'm human too!) - then I go to his blog, and I read. Anyway, shout out to him - he's a great guy - I know that and we ain't even met. 

And one of the best sales persons I know, heh, and the reason is self explanatory. 

Gotta give credit where it's due. I thought of emailing him directly, but telling you on this list would help him more, so I'm telling YOU! 

8. I'm grateful for the "gift" of always having shelter over my head, food in my stomach, and even in the direst of times, beer in hand, hehe. I'm being facetious for the last one obviously - but ... it's TRUE. 

True, I am the one "responsible" for this through my thoughts. But still ... I gotta say it! 

And anyway, I wanted to give you 10 reasons, but I gave you 8, hehe. 

I dont know why, but I'll stop here. 


And that should be #9, hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And to make it even greater and better, remember that it's only when you're in top physical shape that you vibrate like the WILD CAT you were always meant to be. Find out more here!

PS #2 - The "opportunity" to learn from the school of hard knocks. YES! YUS!

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Friday, 05 February 2021 08:44

You need to snap your MIND OUT OF THIS LETHARGY!

This morning when I woke up, I had another of those Napoleon Hill moments. 

He writes in Outwitting the Devil about how he was forced to stay in hiding for a year, maybe more due to his fear of being assasinated (for a biz associate of his callng mobsters out for what they were) and how he for more than a year "never left the house without a pistol in hand' (at night). 

Every time a car stopped outside the house, I'd carefully scrutinize its occupants for a while through the basement window, and only when I thought it was safe did I .. 

After a few months of this experience, my MIND began to crack. 

And these are a few quotes from the book "Outwitting the Devil" you must read, my friend. 

It APPLIES today. 

And it applies to a lot of you living under these inane and retared lockdowns, especially in Europe etc, but also India, Asia etc. 

If you're a wackjob in China reading this that claims "but China is open" (and this ain't even about CHina) - well guess what. 

It may be open, but business ain't exactly booming, and neither is travel during the busiest part of the year. 

'tis a FACT Jack. 

Anyway ... my own experience obviously has got nothing to do with the specifics of HIll's situation. 

But like I said, I've noticed, and continue to notice ALARMING (in a very good way) parallels between Hill's life and mine, hehe. 

(except for the many marriages, hehe). 

I might as well be a reincarnated version of him in many ways - which to me would be an absolute and complete HONOR. 

There are few men I admire more. 

And anyway, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. 


Big time. 

Many reasons. 

But I was just ... I dont know, DOWN. 

Didnt feel like doing squat. 

Thought "oh god, this day is going to be terrible". 

And so forth. 

Lets put aside the hocus pocus of feeling good daily on auto pilot the idiotic self help books teach you. 

Life doesnt work like that - not real life. 

And I paced around the room. 

Like Hill did on the hill all those years ago!

The moon shone brightly in his case, the light did in mine. 

SNAP OUT OF IT, Rahul! You gotta get your BRAIN out of this lethargy thats affecting most of the world!


You've got a job to do - motivate - inspire - continue to do what you do BEST!

It didnt happen instantly. 

But a few rounds around the house, and a song or two later, I was FIRED UP. 

I opened the computer. 

(what beautiful English, as the Chinese say, hehe)

OK, so I turned it on. 

But anyway ... 

No air conditioner to "open". 

And I got to it and I've cranked out some great stuff for ALL my busiensses within less than an hour. 

Thats about 5000 words in all, I'd say. I think 5540, but not sure. 

But anyway. 


I FEEL GREAT - and buzzed. 

In a short while I'm going to workout - handstands and pull-ups

And I'll feel even better. 

This, my friend is one example of how to do it. 

See if you can relate!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Be sure and pick up Gumption Galore! and Zero to HERO! which for YOU are prime reads for days "like this". No, ranting and venting on social media ain't gonna cut it bro ...

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Thursday, 04 February 2021 08:41

The flame that BURNETH the BRIGHTEST . . .

And that can never be extinguished, no matter what . . . 

No, I'm not just talking a deep desire to get fit my friend. Those of you with that desire would likely already have DONE the needful. 

My thoughts here are something different, but not really, and as I literally "write in the flow", this was inspired by a flame - literally - burning in the darkness - as I boiled my tea in a way I normally don't. 

Now, the flame was turning BLUE. 

Which is great. 

Blue, by the way is one of my favorite colors! 

The color of SPIRIT, or so I believe. Peace, harmony and BEING ATTUNED To the SPIRIT while having a flame burneth inside of me ALL the time. 

And therein, my friend, I explained "my flame" to you. 

What is YOURS? 

WHAT is that ONE thing you have always wanted to do (maybe more than one) -but never HAVE? 

Maybe you dont even KNOW what it is, or if you do, you're scared to acknowledge it or believe "that sort of thing is not possible for me, or can never happen". 

Well, you're sadly mistaken my friend if you believe the last. 

The other two are very common though. 

And what is amazingly often enough the MOST common is that people dont even KNOW what they want out of life. Don't feel bad if thats you. Yours truly never really had a crystal clear vision of any of it until the age of 36 or so, and it's only really crystallized in the last couple of years. 

Napoelon Hill, that VISIONARY was RIGHT about the ages of 40-50 being the most productive for a man (due to the reasons mentioned in Think and Grow Rich). 

(and one main reason he mentioned was "sowing your wild oats before that", which most men do, or (more commonly) want to do). 

Huge mistake, unless done right, and I believe I have done it right! 

But Bozo like "chasing women" and (in his case) sticking his tongue where the sun dont shine only guarantees one thing - well - more Bozo like results like HE is getting 

And thats what Schofield wants so thats fine by me, hehe. 

But YOU, my friend, would be well served by figuring out WHAT that burning flame is for YOU. 

I could tell you what it is for me, but it wouldn't necessrily resonate with you. We're all different. 

Figure out what it is - and then BELIEVE - and then ACHIEVE. 

Get - AFTER IT! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - In Zero to Hero, the VERY FIRST "introductory Chapter" gives you a HUGE clue into the what and "how" of what I've said above. Pick it up NOW. 

PS #2 - Fitness wise, if you really, really want to do it, guess what? You'll find a way, and them obstacles will MELT away . . . 

(But thats only if you REALLY want something) 

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And most don’t.

Which to me is a massive mistake right out of the gate.

I’ve written about this before, but the thought struck me to write to you AGAIN about it, so here I am now doing just that (and I think really, with the way the world is thinking collectively, what it needs right about now is a massive kick up the ass to do more – and think POSITIVE from the inside out as opposed to just words).

Anyway, this “it is what it is saying”. . .

Look, most people just use it when there is something they would like to change about their life, but CANNOT – and have NO idea on how to either motivate the person in front of them to change their live, or do so THEMSELVES.

Usually a combo of the two, I’ve found.

You’ll find that without exception, every time the average person is in a rut, he may “want” to, on the outside, change things, but then reality hits – hard.

“It is what it is”, he shrugs . 

Maybe it is, my friend.

But I know one damn thing.

Saying just that and nothing else IRRITATES the HELL out of me.

It is also why I’ve STOPPED talking about anything important with most people, problems, nuisances, annoyances (hey, we all got ‘em), because a) I usually draw a giant blank with most people (they have not experienced half or less of what I have so they’ve got no idea HOW to respond or what to say), b) because the average nutzo out there wants to hear just that “it is what it is” and then lament about it and c) because saying just that isn’t exactly the most productive of things to do.

Adding the “for now” on makes a huge, huge difference.

Let’s say you don’t like where you’re living at the point.

Until you can change that reality (could be an apartment, country, city, whatever) – “it is what it is”.

But if that is what you think, and nothing else, chances are nothing ever WILL change.

If you, however, take that statement, and think internally, for now, but like hell it will REMAIN that way.

I will CHANGE it.

IF that is what you think, then you may or may not need to add the suffix externally.

But even those that think that way, a rare breed would be well served by SAYING the suffix too – so as to leave your subconscious in NO doubt about what you want, and how you want it.

“When” is something I’ve never paid attention to. My deadlines just “happen”. In the flow!

But all the results I’ve created and attracted in my life (wrt things I did not want, or things I was forced to change or what not – well – NONE of that would have happened if I sat on my big ole rumpus and said “it is what it is” and then nothing).

(not big rumpus now, hehe. But you understand the point!)

Take ACTION, and do so NOW BRO.

It’s those baby steps that will get you to the GOAL …

Fitness wise, fitting into those dream jeans might be a long, long way off – NOW.

Will it be that way forever?

You decide.

Doing ONE perfect pull-up may sound impossible. Right about NOW. Especially when your chinning bar at home can’t support your weight …

(it happens!)


The future, my friend, only YOU and only YOU can choose.

It is what it is – for NOW.

And that, more than anything else in my opinion is what people need to hear GLOBALLY TODAY.

Tell as many as you can!

And be sure to pick up some pathbreaking and the greatest ever fitness products right here.

I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Check out my latest compilation of fitness tips HERE – Fitness Pioneer – Volume TWO.

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It’s getting nigh on HILARIOUS.

And though I read about this last year in India, an unusual country to say the least, I never ever thought it would extend to Bali.

A tourist spot of all places.

Apparently lao wais (don’t know what the Indonesian term is, hehe) are being “punished” with 50 pushups for not wearing a mask, and apparently 15 if you wear it incorrectly

Yours truly has never been one for breaking the law, no matter how RETARDED it is. Anywhere in the world!

Wherever I live, I make sure to follow the law or I don’t go there (in terms of these bloody MASK-SHASK regulations).

People in general choose to run scared and wear ‘em.

That is their business, not mine. I don’t. And I don’t go places where masks are MANDATORY.

In China thankfully now they aren’t, but of course, we all know who spread this damn thing. And with the anti foreign devil sentiment even in China, well, tho it’s not mandatory, you’d be surprised at the ruckus people create if you’re NOT wearing a mask.

Anyway ..

From Foreigners Forced to do 50 Push-Ups for not Wearing Masks in Bali - Sentinelassam

Lest you think I’m making it up.


A Video footage circulating on social media shows tourists in T-shirts and shorts being made to do the exercise in sweltering tropical heat as masked security officials stood over them. Meanwhile, more than 70 people paid a fine of 100,000 rupiah ($7), however, about 30 foreigners said that they did not have the cash, hence they were ordered to do push-ups.

Those who were not carrying a mask had to do up to 50 while those who were wearing a mask improperly were punished with 15 push-ups.

Um …

Well, first off.

Sweltering heat.

I wonder if the good Indonesians know of the workouts yours truly accomplished daily in even more sweltering heat, and the SUPER HEALTH it got me into. Hehe.

Five climbs up that hill in weather far more sub tropical than on Bali.

Think rain at any minute. Soaked. And then you’re soaked again the next minute in the HEAT AND humidity.

Kelly was right when she told me “This is real hill climbing!”

So were the other two ladies (I know, yours truly Lothario, hehe) who said “Sir, you’re really killing it – you’re an IRONMAN!) .

But anyway, for the vast majority of people out there.

Indonesian and expats alike?

I’d say it’s a great punishment.

Except they may collapse on rep #1. LOL.

The average pot bellied “man” couldn’t do a pushup to save his life, let alone one PROPERLY.

(Asians aren't immune from this these days either. Gone are the skinny days!) 

Curiously enough some of the foreign devils in that picture look all pumped and toned from the Jim Sim.

Highly doubt they’get past FIVE perfect REGULAR pushups – and five is a good number for Jim Shim maniacs!

Apparently five reps in the Jim Shim means you’re “Strong”.



So yeah, good punishment for most.

But really, for the 0 Excuses Faithful, we’d LAUGH at such stupidity and wouldn’t think TWICE about doing it.

Even with the intrusion on civil liberties and what not.

Which I HATE, but thats how a lot of Asian countries India and China included are.

Back to that ole rant about RIGHTS – and GUN RIGHTS.

When thy personal LIBERTY is threatened, thy got but one option (no, not storming the capital or not following the law, but the law shouldn’t make you do pushups in the first place!)

(Then again, giving the world is turning into Lardass Central, maybe thats a good thing in a way!) 

But if it does?


I’ll crank 50 out all day.

Much like my friend Lilly (a guy) told me …

“If he doesn’t think you can do ‘em, drop down and show ‘em!”

End of story.

And please – stop the panic, folks!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Heard that “Hidin” Biden is going to make masks mandatory in the good ole US of A too if you’re going to federal property, or interstate travel too. Ugh. Never thought he’d be a good leader, and with his 17 HIGHLY retarded actions (reinstating the US back in the Paris accord is another MORONIC action), well, he’s proving me right on DAY ONE.

Anyone else feel this way?

(I know you do. Speak up!).

PS #2 – I don’t plan on going to Bali either, no thank you. They can keep their tourists!

PPS - Goose and Gander, anyone? I didnt see any ladies doing them pushups, hehe. 

(I know, I know. How dare I! They're ladies! But really, folks! THINK. GOOSE AND GANDER!) 


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