Thursday, 21 January 2021 09:32

Foreign devils in Bali forced to do pushups for not kow towing to the plague from China.

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It’s getting nigh on HILARIOUS.

And though I read about this last year in India, an unusual country to say the least, I never ever thought it would extend to Bali.

A tourist spot of all places.

Apparently lao wais (don’t know what the Indonesian term is, hehe) are being “punished” with 50 pushups for not wearing a mask, and apparently 15 if you wear it incorrectly

Yours truly has never been one for breaking the law, no matter how RETARDED it is. Anywhere in the world!

Wherever I live, I make sure to follow the law or I don’t go there (in terms of these bloody MASK-SHASK regulations).

People in general choose to run scared and wear ‘em.

That is their business, not mine. I don’t. And I don’t go places where masks are MANDATORY.

In China thankfully now they aren’t, but of course, we all know who spread this damn thing. And with the anti foreign devil sentiment even in China, well, tho it’s not mandatory, you’d be surprised at the ruckus people create if you’re NOT wearing a mask.

Anyway ..

From Foreigners Forced to do 50 Push-Ups for not Wearing Masks in Bali - Sentinelassam

Lest you think I’m making it up.


A Video footage circulating on social media shows tourists in T-shirts and shorts being made to do the exercise in sweltering tropical heat as masked security officials stood over them. Meanwhile, more than 70 people paid a fine of 100,000 rupiah ($7), however, about 30 foreigners said that they did not have the cash, hence they were ordered to do push-ups.

Those who were not carrying a mask had to do up to 50 while those who were wearing a mask improperly were punished with 15 push-ups.

Um …

Well, first off.

Sweltering heat.

I wonder if the good Indonesians know of the workouts yours truly accomplished daily in even more sweltering heat, and the SUPER HEALTH it got me into. Hehe.

Five climbs up that hill in weather far more sub tropical than on Bali.

Think rain at any minute. Soaked. And then you’re soaked again the next minute in the HEAT AND humidity.

Kelly was right when she told me “This is real hill climbing!”

So were the other two ladies (I know, yours truly Lothario, hehe) who said “Sir, you’re really killing it – you’re an IRONMAN!) .

But anyway, for the vast majority of people out there.

Indonesian and expats alike?

I’d say it’s a great punishment.

Except they may collapse on rep #1. LOL.

The average pot bellied “man” couldn’t do a pushup to save his life, let alone one PROPERLY.

(Asians aren't immune from this these days either. Gone are the skinny days!) 

Curiously enough some of the foreign devils in that picture look all pumped and toned from the Jim Sim.

Highly doubt they’get past FIVE perfect REGULAR pushups – and five is a good number for Jim Shim maniacs!

Apparently five reps in the Jim Shim means you’re “Strong”.



So yeah, good punishment for most.

But really, for the 0 Excuses Faithful, we’d LAUGH at such stupidity and wouldn’t think TWICE about doing it.

Even with the intrusion on civil liberties and what not.

Which I HATE, but thats how a lot of Asian countries India and China included are.

Back to that ole rant about RIGHTS – and GUN RIGHTS.

When thy personal LIBERTY is threatened, thy got but one option (no, not storming the capital or not following the law, but the law shouldn’t make you do pushups in the first place!)

(Then again, giving the world is turning into Lardass Central, maybe thats a good thing in a way!) 

But if it does?


I’ll crank 50 out all day.

Much like my friend Lilly (a guy) told me …

“If he doesn’t think you can do ‘em, drop down and show ‘em!”

End of story.

And please – stop the panic, folks!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Heard that “Hidin” Biden is going to make masks mandatory in the good ole US of A too if you’re going to federal property, or interstate travel too. Ugh. Never thought he’d be a good leader, and with his 17 HIGHLY retarded actions (reinstating the US back in the Paris accord is another MORONIC action), well, he’s proving me right on DAY ONE.

Anyone else feel this way?

(I know you do. Speak up!).

PS #2 – I don’t plan on going to Bali either, no thank you. They can keep their tourists!

PPS - Goose and Gander, anyone? I didnt see any ladies doing them pushups, hehe. 

(I know, I know. How dare I! They're ladies! But really, folks! THINK. GOOSE AND GANDER!)