Sunday, 24 January 2021 12:51

Why INSULTING your list can sometimes be an excellent idea

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 I know what y’all gonna think when you get this.

That Mr. Handstand pushup did one too many, hehe. Or drank one too many. Or fell on his head. And is off his rocker finally!

High time eh. LOL.

(No, Sco-Blow, I mean NOT That high time!)

That came out as “rocket” the first time I typed it. Hehe.

But anyway, I’ve falled on my chin while doing handstand pushups so it wouldnt be a first!

But hear me out, please.

When I say insult, what I mean is ...well, NO insult to be frank.

I just sent out an email about … making love of all things on another site.

One of my numerous sites, and obviously NOT a related biz.

But it was not so much about doing the deed, as NOT doing it.

A combo therein.

No, I wasnt talking about sexual transmutation either as Napoleon Hill did in Think and Grow Rich.

Some portion of the email might be considered as graphic by some, mundane to others.

Downright BORING to some (yours truly even tho I wrote it).

But end of the email, the post script included the following. . .

“I wrote this email to weed out the NON-BUYERS, and there BE too many of them on this list. If you’re one of them, please do leave “silently” and I’l lmake sure the door does NOT bang you in the ass on your way out”

I believe I said “hit you”, not “bang”.

I also believe I BOLDED The “NOT”.

It was actually a very polite request.

Velly velly.


The result was spectacular tho …

A list no more than – get this – 61 people.

One is yours truly, so 60.

NO LESS than – I repeat – no less than 35 unsubscribed.

I haven’t checked emails as yet. Probably a ton of hate email in the Inbox, which I welcome. Hehe.

In the same breath almost, that email made me $495, some of which are recurring payments.

The amount itself might not sound large, my friend.

But when you have a list of 60, an 35 bail, it speaks Volumes to the efficacy of two things – one, saying it like it is, and two, catering to the DOERS, not the if’s, but’s, maybe, no money’s, and so forth.

I cater to Mei.

Mei’s. Hehe. (meaning women in Chinese, or little sister).

But NOT “maybe’s”.

I cater to those with a GOAL and purpose in life.


Not idiots with no aim other than to troll. 

And most of the people that quit were either non buyers or Blowfield’s, or Blowfield wannabe’s.

I Say the last because Glyn “Blow everyone in sight” is truly the BEST troller – from the bottom.

Truly the best I should say.

He could give you lessons how to troll, and LOSE money …

Have an account almost always at ZERO. LOL. Or -ve.

As one of his best friends said “always a step away from being homeless”.

Perenially broke. LOL.

Hey, if he could get his head out of asses long enough to actually troll with a brain, he might make something off it …

But anyway, thats the email I wanted to send now, and have.

True story that

happened a while back.

And, why do I bring it up here of all places?

Because fitness wise, it applies brah.

People need to be TOLD like it is.

If someone is FAT and out of SHAPE and cannot hang on to the chinning bar for any length of time, guess what.

They need to hear just THAT.

It might not be an insult. It might be said nicely. But they may take as an insult, but guess what.

IF its true, it needs to be said.

You’ll see I do PLENTY of them in “what is probably my best book till date” (customer words) - - Animal Kingdom Workouts.

But again, like I Said on the page, it NEEDS TO BE SAID.

Not just this.

A lot of the other stuff I said there on the page DESPERATELY needs to be said, because people NEED To hear it.

If it pisses them off, well and good. Not the sort I want anyway.

But those that GET it – the DOERS in life – will JUMP to action, my friend.

If thats YOU on this list, get the book NOW.

(and no, this here email isn’t one designed to drive non-buyers away. Hehe. Some others are, but not this one. And truth be told, NOT every email I write is with that intention in mind, but sometimes, it needs to be done).

And that’s that for now.

The BOZO be a stewing. Hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

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