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Thursday, 18 February 2021 10:04

Why I avoid NOSY parkers like the PLAGUE From China

So, a lot of time folks come to me. 

"What are you doing" (or what do you do), they ask. 

They look at what I do. 

Hmmmph! Thats useless, they say. Why do you do that? 

In the past, I told them, and wasted precious energy and the SPIRIT trying to explain to them nutjobs. 

That it's about three things - 1) doing what I love while helping people 2) getting my just DESSERTS For it and 3) well - connecting to the Spirit which is how in a sense of relaxed flow I get so much done, even when everything outside is seemingly going topsy turvy. 

If you're in "God's" (or you could say Universe, as I do), literally NOTHING can be topsy turvy, and everything IS positive. 

No, I dont mean the idiots who jump up and down and ignore REALITY. 

I mean those that take reality, and force it to conform to THEIR STANDARDS AND EXPECTATIONS, NOT what someone else imagined for them. 

GOal setting is the only way I know of this can be done, while you ignore everything outside it and the barrage of negativity you are sure to get even if you do NOT announce your goals to the world. 

"I'll teach you", I used to tell 'em. 

Hmmmpphh! How dare you charge? 

And therefore, my friend, when someone - anyone - asks me what I Do - I tell them - NOT. 

I tell them I ENJOY LIFE. 

Which curiously enough is what I do daily x 100. 

x 1000. 

As everyone was meant to, but precous few DO. 

With that in mind, lets take a look at what John (the customer I wrote about in my last email) had to say - (again, continuing the conversation about freebie seekers and such). 

I am pasting the relevant portions of the message beneath. From the horse's mouth as it were!


back to the various shit heads who feel aggrieved that because you can find "most" of the things you teach online for free? Then you should not charge for your knowledge, experience or skill either.
Well people if that is true then what is your problem? If you truly believe that you can learn all you want/need to know online, then why are you wasting your time writing and sending stupid pointless emails that achieve nothing and serve no valid purpose, life is just way too short to waste it with this absurd diatribe, if however you realise that you cannot learn everything online and you're ready to "really learn" from a master of his craft, then the name is Mookerjee, Rahul Mookerjee.
Anyway my friend hope all is well with you, take care, train hard and don't let the bastards grind you down.  
Yours truly - - 

As for the idiots out there (the cheapskates and freebie seekers) - they're usually too lazy to get even the free stuff and use it. Obviously experience has no substitute as well, and it's the jealous lot that look for a reason to bicker and tear down because like with the Bozo, thats pretty much all they have and attract into their own lives.

Yes - best to stay AWAY from such sorts - and you're spot on - it's an utter waste of time dealing with them!

(other than help others LEARN what to avoid, hehe)..... 

Well, my brother, that says it all, and if the cheap skates bugger you about Rahul Mookerjee, a true MASTER OF HIS CRAFT and the GAME too - and FITNESS too - well - you know what to tell 'em! 

For now, its adios - be sure and grab your dream product HERE


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And again. Pick up Animal Kingdom Workouts NOW. It truly is that good. I'm telling you! 

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Tis amazing, my friend. It's amazing! 

When I first went to China in 2004, the company I was working for put me up at a four star hotel "Winnerway" for the night. 

And though I loved the room, they did all they could to RUSH ME OUT of the room ASAP the next morning. 

Wouldn't even wait until the check out time of 11:00 AM lest the hotel charge extra (for another day). 

Then they RUSHED me into finding an apartment - on the spot pretty much, with the first rental agency they chose. 

I paid for all of this myself (not the room, but the rest of it). 

Curiously enough my boss who hired me got the reverse treatment. Company put him up and was GLAD to put him up in a hotel for more than 2 weeks while he "scouted" around to find the best location for his family. 

They paid his rent and everything too, which was more than what 10 employees of that office made in a month. Hehe. 

But anyway, I'm not talking about the boss. 

The HR manager was your typical bean counter, and from the minute I refused to take on extra and unfair responsibilities (she was not even my boss!) - she hated me with everything she had. 

I could feel it. Hehe. And she made my life a living hell, unlike Perry, the next HR manager who liked me as much, and the next boss, who liked me too. 

(All evens out, and I'm sorry to say - but I want to say it again - I left that second job in a manner I should not have - live and learn - but they took it well!). 

Anyway . . . 

When I returned to China thereafter in future years (as yall know, I did some work in India after that) - I always either consciously or unconsciously stayed at NICE hotels. 

Even when I didnt have a lot of money - I made sure the initial trip was "pleasant". 

And I usually stayed for at least three days and didnt feel guilty about it in the least. 

Inevitably, the time went WELL (even after I checked out of the hotel). 

I often wondered why. 

Years later, I read Napoleon Hill's book "Outwitting the Devil", and understood immediately the importance of putting yourself in a PROSPEROUS environment first mentally and then physically to prosper. 

Your definition of prosperous might not be 5 star hotels when you dont have much in the bank except FAITH. 

Hill's was, and mine was too - and is - and will be - regardless of what the future might bring or hold! 

Except I know what it holds. 

And anyway ... money aside, the same applies to fitness. 

Want to get in the best shape of your life - then learn from the best. 

Want to achieve the BEST results - extreme results - then learn from one whose "Mr Extreme" been there, done that, got the T-shirt, and has several more. 

And so forth. 

With all this in mind let's take a look at a reply a regular customer of mine sent in from the UK (this was in response to an email I sent out about cheapskates) - 

(the email was entitled what a whiner and moaner whose first langauge is clearly NOT English told me i.e. "I'm tired of thi scrap!!) 

(it's posted on the other blog too for "posterity")


W. T. F. I don't understand either, you're offering a "service" just like a Michelin Starred Chef at a top restaurant, if I want to experience what that Michelin Starred Chef has to offer? I book a table at the restaurant, order from the menu eat my meal and pay the bill whatever it is, after I've eaten I feel satisfied that I've experienced something that not everyone has the opportunity or the means to experience, either I want the experience or knowledge or whatever it is or I don't.
If I do want what is on offer then I pay the price, if the price is too high??? Then I have a choice to make, I have to balance what means the most to me, the experience, knowledge or whatever it is or the money either way the choice is mine.
If I decide the money means more to me than the experience, knowledge or whatever I cannot bellyache later that I've missed out on whatever was on offer and tell the person selling the service that they're wrong for trying to make money from the service on offer.
I cannot understand why some people think nothing of spending a fortune on fine dining, cigarettes, booze or whatever but when it comes to training knowledge and experience those same people expect it to be free, well good luck with that.
Rahul my friend you must have the patience of a saint because I would not even bother replying to these morons.
I for one feel lucky that you feel I'm worthy of your help and I would never expect nor ever ask you to give me your products for nothing.
Yes, you are more than generous and you give me very favourable discounts but I have too much respect for you and myself to expect something for nothing.
People need to wake up and smell the roses, there's no such thing as a "free lunch".
Warmest Regards
And that, my friend truly says it all. 
He knows that value means value. He isn't "afraid" to spend - invest - money when he sees greatness and great products that will help HIM (and you) further along the path to his and your goal. 
He doesn't see lack - he sees OPPORTUNITY. 
He doesn't complain about price. He finds a way to GET IT (the discount I gave him is WELL DESERVED, by the way). 
(and no, I don't do discounts in general). 
And so forth. 
"Wake up and smell the roses folks". 
How true, my friend. 
How true!
Rahul Mookerjee
PS - HERE is my response - 

Hey John -

Thanks for the email! Yeah, there's a bunch of nuts out there as you can tell - - I didnt really reply at length to the person, mostly on the list (but he (he's acting like a "she" though, hehe) is on the list, so he probably saw the response, but he's still on there!) . . . but yeah. People are willing to fork out a fortune for stuff like Apple phones etc - but (like you say) the equivalent in training, and somehow they balk at it.

Then you have those that pay a fortune in gym memberships that end up lying unused for more than half of the year (this can be statistically proven) - and yet, a one time investment in a book that will build gumption not just mentally but physically too via all the right ways is "too much".

Truly a case of misplaced priorities!

I mean, there is obviously no issue with wanting to enjoy the finer things in life - I myself do (Corona being my favorite beer ;)) but the complaining which is mostly "jealousy" about "how dare he sell products and make money from home" is just - to me - and obviously you too - RETARDED. If these people would spend half their time (that they did whining about others) in improving their own lives, they'd go a long way towards making their own lives better!

Anyway, thats why I've put out motivational products as well and talk a lot about the spiritual side of things in my emails - in the hope that people "see the light" in that regard (nah, I dont mean in a "Jesus" sort of sense but you know what I mean!). All this talk about "recession" and "tough times" are just that talk - if you recall what happened during the Great Depression in America in the 30's, it faded away as quickly as it began (I believe Roosevelt and his method of changing people's THOUGHT had more than something to do with it!) - and the sooner people in general "get it", the sooner we can all return back to normal in the present.

I used to be and probably still am one of the most impatient people out there in many regards, but I seem to be mellowing out as of late (I think especially over the last few months). Perhaps ever since I turned 40, haha.

Thanks for your kind words - they mean a lot - as far as the discounts go, no problem if it means "genuinely helping someone out" (such as in your case) - as you know though, there's a lot of jackasses out there that are timewasters, so I keep my prices high etc to ward 'em off (thats one reason - the rest you already know :)).

Keep training hard!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Wednesday, 17 February 2021 07:00

Dare to . . .

Back in the day, when I was a little kid, or I think maybe around 10 or so, I was trying to get onto a CAMEL. 

In India of all things. 

And that damn thing shook, shuddered, and I was scared out of my WITS. 

A caustic comment was made by someone I won't mention who said "He can fight in school, but he can't get on a camel!" 

Well . . . 

I dont know many men that like getting on camels for one, other than camel herder or our friends from the Middle East who "came in on camels, drive luxury cars, and in a few years will likely be back to camel back riding again". 

It also reminds me of a certain person in that part of the world who reportedly when the business was down rode around on donkeys no less prospecting new business (back in the day). 

Truly no limits to persistence! 

But anyway, the point isn't camels. 

I was once scared SHITLESS of horseback riding, but I've done that too. 

Swimming? I believe I was scared when I started, and right now, you could dump me in the ocean and I'd happily swim around without fear of "Megaladon" sneaking up behind me. 

Believe me, the fear of the ocean is what MANY people still have NOT gotten over. 

Other hand, yours truly is scared of heights - when looking down. 

Oddly enough, when driving, I can negotiate tough roads in the Himalayas that would make experienced drivers puke with NO PROBLEM or vertigo. 

Unless it's that time I never wrote about, or maybe I did, when I "blew a valve" so to speak when I was surrounded by Rambo like dense forests in a tiny little car - and them forests had TIGERS in them. Lots of 'em! 

Visit Uttarakhand if you can - well worth it! 

Or, if you're a Jim Corbett fan which I AM. 

But anyway, the point isn't my "activities" so much as life. 

I dared to go to China when everyone told me NOT to. I still maintain that despite what the CCP is doing NOW, it was one of the, if not THE best decision I ever made. 

I got married when I was again -t old not to. Did that work out? 

No, but do I regret the decision? Not for a minute. 

I was told to NOT work any of the jobs I chose, and choose a more conventional career path. 

Did I? 


And I'm damn glad I didnt. 

In China, tons of idiots told me to stick to "teaching English": (which I admittedly got paid more than them at) and "forget about anything else". 

Stick to the hourly wage, get drunk later and forget about it until the next class which you curse and get through, get back home, pass out, and such as it goes. 


Not for me, Jack. 

My point is this - my friend. 

Not necessarily to dare to be DIFFERENT. 

It is dare to be YOU. 

Which is something most people aren't. 

When you find the real you is when REAL happiness will emerge my friend. 

Be you - unapolegetically - and never back down from what you want! 

Never believe you can't get it! 

Fitness wise, same thing. 

I was told "I could never do this" or ":never be so slim and strong" or "never do pushups like the champs (oddly enough, even though I did them with NO prodding from a young age LIKE a champ)" and so forth ... 

I was told "my books and products would never ever sell". 


I was told "you need to hire professional photographers". 


I was told "it's just fitness". No-one will buy!


And so forth. 

Point isn't me tho, it's YOU bro. 

DARE is the word. 



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I want to see you say not just say "yes". I want you to say YUSSSSSSSS! And fitness wise, dare to dream that the fat will be CHISELED off at warp speeds - once you get on the Jaguar of all training programs here. Believe me, the proof is right there on the page as well, but if you're one of the lot that automatically says "price" or "it won't work", then it probably won't, and isn't for you. 

Doers, get the course NOW

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The sound of the glass shattering, my friend - has been turned into an iconic sound by Steven "Stone Cold Steve Austin" Williams a long time ago. 

If you ain't heard it, you have truly been living under a rock, hehe. 

But really, he started off with a different entrance song I believe, but now, the lovable Texas rattlesnake we ALL love is associated with three things. 

Beer, the middle finger, and breaking the GLASS! Hehe. 

And these three things, along with a host of other stellar performers (DX being #2) and the brain behind all this (Vince Mc Mahon) truly catapulted the WWE to levels that no sports entertainment biz anywhere has ever reached and ever will. 

The 90's were indeed a special time- I should know - growing up! 

Heady optimism and realism as opposed to the rubbish out there TODAY. 

Anyway, beer bottling? 

Well, the good ole Bozo was once accused by his management (at a dancing monkey school - apparently he was on the 11th floor or something and was tossing beer bottles down when trashed) of "breaking the beer bottling and causing a good ole mess". 

Apparently they wrote it that way. 

Gotta love Chinglish. 

In addition to this, he was accused of "bringing women of ill repute home regularly". 

"He bring the woman home" was how they said it. 

Now, the latter was confirmed by the Bozo, and he steadfastly denies the former. 

Who knows. But Chinese "gardens" can be wierd about that, I'll tell you that, hehe. 

Cut to a scene where yours truly once recieved a stern notice from management saying the following (for reference, I was on the first floor and couldn't have tossed bottles out if I tried) (and if I did they'd land on GRASS) . . . 

"You are breaking bottle and disturbing the peace of man. You are cauing mess for cleaning lady, and us have the great headache, please do no, the neighbors is disturbed during the beautiful time of rest" 

There was more, but (and I've got the actual notice still) - but it ended up with them having a hissy about "we'll call the police if you dont stop". 

Now, what was THAT All about? 

Well, in China, they have garbage CANS - not dumpsters. 

Which are often empty. 

And late at night (caveman) would often throw his beer bottles - into, well, the trash. 

Sometimes they could clank against each other and break. 

Management wanted me to "reach in" and put them in gently. 


Only in China would someone say that! 

I never did. 

And my lovely Taiwanese neighbor threw a hissy, and probably someone in management was on their period or what not, and so that notice. As it turned out, all that happened was my landlord gave me a call through the rental agency, asked if he "might request something" - I said sure - and he told me - and I said sure, I won't put them in the trash. 

Only in China do you leave trash lying either on top of the bin or OUTSIDE it. God Forbid you put it inside. 

Lest you think it's just beer bottles, think again. 

I recieved a similar notice sans the police part from my management a couple of years later about .... my TEA leaves of all things in the ... how dare I. Trash, hehe. 

Apparently Rahul didnt "straining well enough first please". 

China, you beauty. LOL. 

All true stories. 

The lovely Qin Kun, who you have read of before, told me the following when I informed her of it. And sniffed dismissively to boot. 

"This not USA! China police have better work to do! "

And she didnt say it just once. 

"Police have other job in China!" 

Well, she was right. If you call the police in China "because your neighbor's TV is too loud", or "he broke a beer bottle in the trash and it woke you up", they'll likely laugh at you and hang up, hehe. 

Worlds apart from what we know, and expect in our "Western" civilizations. Hehe. 

I'd choose the latter,but hey, to each his own! 

But yours truly wild and beer bottles have always been a great match, hehe. 

And many a beer bottle has indeed consciously shattered if you get my drift, but never in an apartment complex consciously. 

More on that, and graveyard beer bashes later! 

(yes, that has happened too. LOL). 

Anyhow ...why do I tell YOU all this 

I dont know! 

Brain dump, plus a bit of light hearted banter. 

And to learn how to life in the flow like I do, do what Zero to Hero tells you, and you'll be well on the way to doing so! 

And to learn how to fry fat off your body effortlessly, WHILE on the infamous beer pizza diet - go HERE

And thats it. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember to pick up the Rolls Royce HERE

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Sunday, 14 February 2021 09:08

A leader rises from the ASHES . . .

Was what my buddy from the MArines told me last year when the Dongguan Employment WeChat group was getting rowdy. 

Getting into politics etc which on a Chinese social media platform unless done right is a no no, and usually even then for obvious reasons. 

No, they dont so much care about Trump and all that - but the discussion eventually spills over, as most do, into other areas too if you get my drift. 

Nothing can be discussed in a vacum. 

Anyway, one line from me was all it took. 

"Thats enough". I said, while laying down the LAW. 

In a very polite manner I thought. 

Instantly, everyone hushed up. Back to normal. 

And my friend wrote the following. 

"A leader riseth from the ASHES". 

Much like the Phoenix, I thought ... 

Why do I bring this up now - well, because I was doing, I just realized what every great leader does himself. 

In the privacy of his own room. 

TALKING to himself (or herself). 

A Practice that Bozos globally deem as unimportant and useless, and something virtually anyone who is excellent at anything does regularly. 

What was I on about? 

Well, not so long ago, 0 Excuses Fitness was nascent, and taking off (and before that Rahul Mookerjee). 

The site ... 

Now, I've mentioned how in the past I didnt put all I had into this business. 

And I didnt! 

And not so long ago, I was doing GREAT not just in this biz, but a couple of other ones I started three or so years ago. 

I mean, the money was FLOWING. 

And ... guess what. 

Despite knowing what Claude Bristol said about never resting easy, I ignored it unconsciously (despite reading the book still!). 

Guess what happened. 

I FELL - and a business amongst those three is no more. 

True, the plague had something to do with that eventually which I cannot control. 

But, really. 

The message in all that was this - the same as given to Napoelon hill all those years ago.

"You've been a stubboron student! Learn that you will find happiness by helping others find it! You have had to be cured of your affliction through disappointment and temporary defeat" .... 

Mostly verbatim that. 

But, I was also grateful for having made the mistake. 

But really. 

The business - the fitness biz was going great without even me marketing a lot, or investing in it. 

Little did I know, my friend, that as Hill said, success has a keen sense of trickery, and it takes great delight in tripping up a person when he is just within reach. 

That obviously hasn't happened with the fitness biz, which continues to SOAR to heights hitherto unachieved, but thats only because I realized my mistake - picked myself up - was grateful to have made the mistake - and went on going - with the knowledge that "making a mistake is fine - repeating it is NOT". 

And of course, it gave me more on FAITH

And having FAITH. 

I've INVESTED more in this business in 2020 than any other year, I'll tell you that - and the resutls in a so called depression have been mindblowing, and continue to. 

As I move along to my NEXT Goal the Universe keeps telling me this. 

"OK, you seem to have learned your mistake". 

"You're on your way to that goal now, but will you REPEAT the mistake?" 

"Will you neglect the ONE Thing you truly LOVE and make money from, not so much because it's just love of money, but beause you love doing it - and are great at it?:" 

It hit me like a flash - again. 

I was given the chance. I was given the money. The everything! And yet ... 

Who knows where THIS Biz would be NOW if I hadn't made the mistake? 

Though the other businesses made me more, I wasn't enjoying it really like I do this one. 

Oddly enough, when I became a "fat cat" a while back, I neglected THIS business ... 

Other hand. 

Where would I be without the knowledge I got from the mistake? 

And more acknowledgement of the sage Napoleon Hill saying. 

"every disappointment, every defeat, every temporary setback carries within the SEED of an equivalent or greater benefit" (note he said "seed" - not "flower". But the SEED of success). 

Life, my friend, is a great teacher - if you LET IT. 

And that, my friend is the lesson for this one. See what you can get from it! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - For more such life changing wisdom - truly - pick up Gumption Galore HERE!

PS #2 - Tell the world what you're going to do, but show it first. Therefore THAT goal shall be told to YOU later, hehe. 

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Friday, 05 February 2021 10:30

Staying positive VS acknowledging REALITY!

This is going to hit home, bro. 

And it's going to be even more anti self help guru shuru style stuff you see out there about "Law of Attraction" and all this other stuff. 

There is a reason, my friend, I do NOT - I repeat NOT - talk about "laws of attraction" or success (not that there is anythign wrong with calling a book that - Napoleon Hill was right to call his that!) in Zero to Hero, or any of the 51 tips in Gumption Galore

Its because these names lure people into a false sense of security. 

Unless you KNOW what you're doing, these laws can backfire and put you on the back seat. 

Sound familiar to some of you? 

I thought so ... 

(there are "laws" far more important than that ...) 

But anyway, I was talking to the lovely Cicy today ... and she was asking me about my equally (dont ask me who is lovelier, hehe) wife. 

"Why you dont want to stay with her! She's so beautiful!" 

And I have no doubt my wife would say the same about her ... at least the FACE

But women aside, I told her this .

"Because looks aren't everything, Cicy"

In other words, beauty is indeed skin deep. 

I say that ALL the time on a certain other site, and NO, this is NOT - I repeat - NOT - "just for my wife" either! 

This is in general, and my wife probably feels the same about yours truly, except she'd probably use expletives. Hehe. 

And probably does ... 

But anyway, that aside, we were discussing other things. 

And of course, the plague. 

Cicy is under the firm belief that the CCP didnt spread it. 

Being she's member of the CCP, well ... (albeit a very friendly, helpful and LOW ranking one and a SMART one, hehe). 

But anyway, she told me what she does usually. 

"Everything is very good! Business always going up, up, up!" 

Actually, I said it BEFORE she did. 

"YEs, I know, Cicy", I said laughing. "I know everything is always velly good for Cicy". 

Her response was to ask "why not look on the bright side always". 

I could paste what she said, but thats what it boils down to. 

But there is looking on the bright side, my friend, and there is REALITY

Which often bites, hehe, and even more so if you IGNORE IT. 

And unless you're a CCP member (obviously biz is always goo d- HA!) ... and if you're living REAL life which most people are, then you're just as likely to get afflicted with a case of the blues as the next person, and rightfully so. 

Point is this. 

You can visualize all you like, bro. 

But IGNORING the PRESENT will not - I repeat - NOT - make it go away. 

The secret - the REAL secret you're not being told is something quite else, and something obvious I've mentioned here several times if you read between the lines, and it's mentioned in probably the first few tips and indeed ALL in Zero to Hero!

And, Gumpton Galore as well. 

If you can read between the lines that is (well, it's there in PLAIN sight too. Haha. No "pay me more money" here. Hehe. Once you get the book, you've got it - now if you want more, thats a different story). 

Point being, you can't just ignore reality and say "all is well" when it's not. 

All ....  be well is what you can and SHOULD say, if you get my drift, and while none of this might make much sense, think about it - and it WILL. 

I've just given you the answer to the "fill in the blanks above". 

So much for sales shales, hehe. 

And last, but not least, sometimes you have to TALK. 

If there is an issue you need help with - TALK to the other person. 

If you're genuine, and really "need the other person to do something for you which is within his or her own power to do", then chances are they will. 

Dont believe me? 

Well, I just had a case of someone doing just that for me ... 

And more on that later - but for now - "talk" shouldn't be interpreted as "piss and moan" incessantly. 

Some of you great, great customers out there have emailed me privately and asked for discounts - and I've always given them - and guess whart - did it make me think "any less of you"? 

Not a chance, my friend. 

Not a chance! 

If you're a DOER, I'll be able to tell, and Ill most likely work with you wherever possible. 

It's the DO NOTHINGS and freebie seekers I can't stand. 

Alright, enough of this garble. 

Lets end up with one of those sales pitches you guys are so damn familiar with - Get in the best shape of your life NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - "best" as well, hehe. Hey, if Bozo Schofield copied it...! LOL. Talk about something even your biggest detractors and Bozos can't NOT copy, lol. 

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Well, those of you used to “The Throne” – the “Room of Honor” – the whatever various video “sh-deos” call it (you’re very well aware of my general distaste for these damned videos!) might point out several.

One being what I thought for many years, that being “it’s dirty”.

Not really.

Thats what the Chinese think about Western toilets too, and it’s not necessarily true …


No imagination and upset tummies please!

Some may say its hard to get into.

Some may say … but NONE will think of this, lol.

Or perhaps you did.

My wife apparently (from what I understand - - she still has NOT given me full details on it) got into an accident of sorts.

I think I wrote about it before, but she was on a two wheeler or something, and then a car came in front of her, and then she “hit a speed bump” or something, and the damn thing almost fell over on her right ankle.

Women have the most annoying and aggravating ways in general, as many of you know!

Like Panourgias from Greece does, hehe.

“I can relate to what you say about women! I’ve had troubles with them. Women are the same everywhere!”

Sage, lol.

And of course, the great John Walker, one of the best ever, with his commment about how his wife tells him not to exercise so he wont get a heart attack.


And he figured he’d be better off NOT discussing that with her. As he said, “talking to a brick wall would make more sense. LOL”.

Anyway, my wife when I asked her a couple of weeks ago (And apparently despite being a fitness expert – unofficial – back in the day, the tendon still hasn’t healed, and yours truly thumb popping out in the handstand position in FREEZING cold weather did the next day, or that evening – ‘nuff said??) had the following to say.

“Nunya biz!” she replied in a gay sort of manner.

No, Schofield, not THAT gay. You know, the UK uses certain words differently.

Despite what you might hope, hehe (being Schofield is the type that is so desperate that he hits on his so called best friends’s women galore, and while they all call him an idiot, some do get temporarily suckered in until the Hannibal emerges, and emerge it does LOL)

But yeah, this ain’t about women. Neither is it a rant against ‘em.

How dare I.

They’re always right. LOL. More ways than ONE!

LOL again.

Anyway, as I asked her today about the injury I posed the question.

Remember, my lovely wife is another one of those people who thinks “The Throne” is dirty, hehe.

And that the Asian style is a far better way.

It IS, to be honest. Even I’m a convert after I wrote and tested Animal Kingdom Workouts!

And I’ve been doing those workouts a while, but what I’ve learnt NOW in terms of constipation and such like most people experience?

Well, Panourgias introduced me to some great books on it for one.

But yours truly has learnt some things NOT in those books he WILL be putting out in the near future!

Yes, Panourgias. Those books on LIFE will be coming out (in the meantime, perhaps Zero to HERO! Is one you might enjoy).

But anyway, point of this?

What if your ankle is sprained, and you gotta take a dump, or plain ole use the bathroom Asian style?

Well, I don’t know …

One legged squats or the ability to to do ‘em wouldn’t work so well there either, hehe.

(Probably why I keep telling people to focus on the BASICS. Really, the advanced stuff is great, but the basics are what count!)

And if my wife had been working out regularly instead of pooh poohing it, she’d likely have recovered a lot faster.

Ah well, what can I say except “the brick wall would make more sense”.

And I ain’t got a cast iron head.

Black heart, thick skin, but no cast iron head as yet, lol.

As for Glyn Schofield, I can tell he’s thinking about that right about now. LOL!

And on that note, I’ll endeth this one. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I think I’m done trolling the Bozo back for now. Don’t want him jumping off a building or something. I need him and his posse around for the future too, hehe.

PS #2, - But really, he’s another one of those STINK BOMBS I mention in Animal Kingdom Workouts. Literally. I’ve experienced being in the same room with him. UGH. And I don’t mean bad breath either!


PPS – I was gonna post this on the other site, but this one came to mind. Such is life, in the flow ..

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Wednesday, 27 January 2021 07:34

Why reinvent the wheel, my friend.

Growing up, “easy” (especially when it was accompanied by “money”, hehe) was something (a topic) that while not explicitly “forbidden” to talk about, it might well have been.

There is “no such thing as easy money”, I was repeatedly told.

And every time I actually did something and made (decent) money it was either “useless” or “I didn’t do it the right way”, or, and most of the time (how dare I say it, I know. But I AM, hehe) it was the usual nonsense of “earning money needs to be a lifelong GRIND (as life does apparently too according to some people)”.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

This isn’t the MAJORITY of people in my family.

Those that were smart tested the waters globally, and moved where it was EASIEST to make money as opposed to making half of that, but doing so in a grinding annoying manner that never really “works” – and then saying “if you do it in this country or place you’re better”.

Maybe at putting up with a lot of BS you are, yes.

But I’ve NEVER – I repeat – NEVER understood two things (and with my immediate family and myself, that has always been a bone of contention).

First, why life – and earning money needs to be a GRIND.

The bank accepts a deposit of $1000 just the same my friend.

You could grind for a month and make it, or you could send out an EMAIL and make it, almost in the same breath. No-one is going to ask you “how much time” you took to make that money, eh.

The proof is in the pudding!

And even when I showed that proof (which was always a losing battle, and I gave that up a long, long time ago to be fair) to these “people”, they’d sniff and reply with “I haven’t seen anyone like that”.

Well, great, but I just showed you one, and many, I’d say, and then of course they’d yell like banshees.

“We don’t want to discuss all that!”

OK, Great.

Second thing?

This morbid and idiotic fascination some have with reinventing the goddamned wheel.

Por ejempelo, I remember an instance when I was “ye small”, and crowing about my achievement at some silly video game or the other.

It wasn’t so much Nintendo and Donkey Kong as it was another one of those bulky computer games we had BACK in the DAY.

But anyway, I did well.

I said it.

Much like I say it HERE, hehe. 

Much like I say and SHOUT from the rooftops that my products are INDEED THE BEST OUT THERE – and my customers – most of ‘em – are the GREATEST!

Matt Furey I believe it was who very truly said you can’t be shy as a dormouse when selling your stuff, and yet that is precisely what the vast majority of people in THIS here world are told to do, either wittingly or unwittingly.

(Hence the brief snippets from my background. You guys can probably relate to the poverty conditioning! (and the “oh, they’re rich, but we’re not!”)) …

But anyway, my mom shrugged her shoulders.

“Why not build it, Rahul”, she asked. “Whats the use in just playing it?”

Um ….

Because it’s already built?

Because other than a few silly plaudits, what would I GET from building it?

The same way I’d get nothing from working Bozo jobs I’ve been badgered to do all my life …

Ultimately, for me, it’s always been about the PRIZE – the POT OF GOLD (it better be genuine too, hehe) – at the end of the “rainbow” or slog.

And if I don’t see that, guess what.

I ain’t gonna do it.

Nothing against those that DO, but it ain’t me – sorry.

And the same thing fitness wise.

Like, does your BODY really CARE how long you pound it into the ground, and how many injuries you get on the road to getting “so called” fit?

Does your body display them as a badge of honor?

Is it not better to do BRIEF workouts throughout the day that get you into super duper SCINTILLAING shape in the privacy of your old home with NO investment?

Maybe a chinning bar, but you don’t even need those if you don’t want ‘em!

And so forth.

Just why everyone has bought into the garbage of life being a hassle is BEYOND me.

Maybe in certain countries like Venezuela, and to a certain extent countries like India, life IS a hassle in many regards (daily life).

You can’t control that – sure.

But you CAN control your own life – and your own thinking!

Your thinking, my friend, is indeed your CITADEL.

And in these times of plague “shague” and all this other rubbish (hint – I recently BLOCKED the Google news app on my phone because I was getting tired of all the BS that shows up on a regular basis. I mean, really. Denzel was RIGHT when he said “it’s 90% bullshit”, but it’s entertainment, but now? It’s 100 percent PROOF horseshit, and it’s NOT entertainment either, so STUPID has the “sh-news” become these days. I know some of you out there feel the same way!) … THAT is the best thing I can tell you.

Life, my friend, was never meant to be a slog. You were meant to ENJOY life.

Thats just as simple as it gets, and you KNOW IT!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up some of our SUPERB products and courses here (they WILL get you in the best shape of your LIFE!).

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Tuesday, 26 January 2021 07:54

Why I love Mel Gibson

So much so that I’ve shortened a lady Melanie’s name to “Mel” on a social be-dia site I post on . LOL.

Not really. That just happened. Mel. Melanie … you know.

But anyway, Gibson, another one of those admittedly and self proclaimed bad boys, and he came out with a quote recently apparently about this.

“Liberals hate Donald Trump because they hate God”.

I also believe he said “the only reason they do so”.


He did!

Now, yours truly has never made a secret of his very atheist tendencies.

I don’t believe in God, Jesus, Allah, Shiva, Parvati (and really, I can’t keep up with the sheer NUMBER of them Indian Gods and Goddesses!) - or Chinese versions therein, or ANY GOD.

I do believe there was a guy named Boddhi dharma at SOME point who traveled from India to China to spread Buddhism.

I do KNOW and believe that “Tai Chi” in China came from an ancient Indian Southern martial art, and this is fact, no matter how much the Chinese deny it.

The Chinese, my friend, are masters at COPYING and then RIGGING.

‘nuff said (the orignal martial art is deadly. Tai Chai for Duffers? Not so my friend – maybe at the highest levels it can be, but put a Tai Chi guy against a boxer, and I’ll take the latter any day.

And a Chinese UFC guy did just that, and got pilloried for it (and banned by the government and such).

This ain’t about him though (and Tai Chi is great for general stretching etc, and it “looks nice and flowing”, but thats about it. I see it all the time in the parks and such, their robes and all look pretty cool, but in an actual fight, I’d just grab one of those flailing arms and take him DOWN. Haha).

Anyway . . .

So Gibson, huh.

The archetypical BAD Boy.

A guy everyone loves to hate.

A guy that had a drinking problem. Big time. Woke up, had 7 beers, and then went on set – and no-one even knew he had those beers.

No-one knew when yours truly drank beer and took his Calculus exams, and aced them. Hehe.

But I only had two small BEASTS at most (but they packed a punch, but Gibson apparently had the “tinnies”!)

And he had 7. In the AM.

Yours truly only did it close to 4 PM, and years later, he’d hear the General tell him that “in the military we can’t drink until 4, but after that, all bets OFF!”


But anyway, I do remember a couple of college days staying drunk all day and starting at 6 AM.

But Gibson was hardly in college, hehe.

But anyway, the two reasons I MOST like him.

Hell, I had forgotten about Gibson entirely until for whatever reason I saw the quote yesterday.

(And, I keep saying quotes about that infamous “Delhi Police VS Rahul Mookerjee” kissing case way back in 2009 which the great Justices of the High Court rightly and finally THREW out. Justice Muralidhar is a man for the ages, and not just in this regard – I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, and NOT just for THIS case!)

(Maybe the Universe speaketh to me in forked tongues, but yours truly hasn’t quite gotten why and what. Any ideas? Let me know fellas, hehe. And remember – we were accused of kissing (husband and wife) – but we didn’t even kiss. LOL .It was insane, and retarded, and for those interested, I’ll be happy to share the High Court link to the entire sorry tale!)

Cost me a packet, but hey. All worth it at the end . . .

Anyway, two reasons.

One, his Trump like style (and I do this myself) of attacking back no matter what, and how many people are against him.

Two, his Trump like and Houdini like and Rahul Mookerjee like style of somehow managing to rise from the embers and ashes at the end of the day.

Bloody, battered, bruised. But a WARRIOR!

Thru and thru. I respect that!

(I haven’t seen Braveheart. But I’ve seen Passion of the Christ, a movie that gave me nightmares for days. It ain’t easy to do that either!)

(Ben Settle’s gory books that he writes and that I haven’t bought are another examples of the thin lines between GENUIS and (what others might consider) insanity. But Passion of the Christ, well, that is probably how it happened back then, and Settle probably has a reason for writing what he did in those books as well!)

(I admire both men highly, as you know).

Anyway, the last I saw of Gibson was “Get the Gringo”.

Popcorn flick if any, but I enjoyed it, if just for Gibson’s acting.

And thats point numero THREE.

I love the guy’s WORK.

Say what you like about a man, but his ATTITUDE towards life – and his WORK – are what COUNT.

I might not agree with Gibson on everything, but his work?

Is top notch, and has always been so.

And that, my friend, along with that never say die attitude is something you gotta admire.

Same thing for me.

You may or may not like me. You may think I’m extreme. You may think I am “overly this and that”.

You may think I should tone it down.

You may think I should be a “good boy” instead of bad.

But through all this, I believe the bottom line is my WORK.


And they shine through, bro.

Sure, those on my list LIKE me and buy from me.

But they wouldn’t keep doing so “unless they saw something in me” (actual quote from Panourgias, a repeat customer in Greece I believe …)

They wouldn’t do it when money was tight and products expensive … unless the books were damn good, and challenging.

And so forth.

My products, my friend are truly the best there are out there. Trust me on this one – if I say something – I mean it.

And last, but not least, the price thing …

“Why do I offer a 20% discount for your FIRST purchase off the site and not any more later”

Well, first off, I don’t like doing discounts, period. I keep my prices high to weed out the … well, wait.

On the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship page I tell you the types.

Quite a lenghty list that!

But other than that hey, I get it. Times can be tough for some people. And for those people that keep fighting and DO the thing and contact me nicely about it – hey – I work with them.

And I’ve done so in the past, and will continue to do so.

Because, as Glenn from Australia said, I CAN. Hehe.

(that was about me drinking too much beer or something)

And perhaps, and to end this …

Because it’s all about vibe.

If I feel a good vibe, thats really what matters.

I Realize that sounds overly esoteric but it truly is not.

Ok, I believe thats the end of this lengthy rant, completely contrary to what most “gurus” advocate about sending short and pithy emails daily.


Pick up what might just be my best book ever – right HERE – Animal Kingdom Workouts (from yours truly “truly offensive”, hehe).


Rahul Mookerjee

P S- Pick up the pathbreaking 0 Excuses Fitness System as well while you’re AT IT!


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Saturday, 23 January 2021 08:50

Recreating the life you had “there” … HERE!

What I’m about to say is something that might resonate very deeply with a lot of you on this list, so listen up.

I have been hearing a LOT from people that can’t travel (internationally) or go places etc, and nowhere do I hear this more than in the PRC.

Not about the Chinese wanting to travel so much (Xi has pretty much brainwashed or bullied the majority into the “china velly velly good everything else velly velly false” routine) as expats etc trying to get back to the middle Kinkdom, hehe.

I say kink for a reason …

Anyway, a lot of English teachers keep asking me “when China will open back up”.

They know the answer, of course.

When their own nations do!

And right about now, international travel is exactly, once we’re past all the Biden hoo haa etc where it is when this mess spread to the ROW.


Now, a lot of ESL teachers etc are jumping up and down not just because of loss of income, but because … well, their LIFESTYLE has been completely uprooted and taken away from them.

China has a different lifestyle than most other countries, my friend.

Very different in many ways, especially down to the “deliveries with a smile etc” – yes, there ARE some things the Commie dictatorship does WELL!

Anyway, point is this.

Last night, I spoke with Cicy a friend of mine that has bought into the “xi” line hook, sinker, and ...well, you get the drift.

I wrote about that before.

But amidst everything else, she DID say one good thing.

“Why don’t people try to recreate their lives as it was there – in their own nations!”

Now, that was sage (though she doesn’t know it).

And positive too.

Dont get me wrong.

Not for a minute should we forget what China did to the ROW.

But remember, right about now, the ONLY option is to think positive.

The only way to go is GO … UP!

And as Napoleon Hill said, your big opportunity may be where you’re at now, my friend.

And it usually is.

Believe me, EVERY time I’ve been in a hole anywhere, I’ve applied myself mentally, and I’ve come out tops – no matter what!

It’s happened so many times to “ole Houdini” that I simply cannot tell you how right Hill was!

And fitness wise, same thing.

YES, you CAN recreate the glory of the ole days!

YES, you CAN get into the sort of shape you were when you were “young” – even better!

And I should know.

I was in crappy shape at 19.

WORSE at 21.

Great at 25.


And post 35,36?

Never been in better shape!

So can you, my friend.

So can YOU!

And I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Erecting tenthouses can be fun. More on this later!

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