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Oh boy.

I just saw a video I HAD to share with you guys.

I don’t normally watch videos in the first place, but this one was special.

The headline itself was special.

A 70 kg (yea, thats right – 70!) arm wrestler beat a veritable GIANT – and one of the world’s strongest bodybuilders Larry Wheels in a MATCH.

A 5 round match.

Rahul Panicker from Kochi was the arm wrestler who did it.

And while he looks FIT and hardly a midget as described in the headline, next to the gigantic Larry Wheels and the even more gigantic bloated muscles ??

It is indeed David VS Goliath, and then some!

The small dude lost the first two rounds, but he’s just getting warmed up it seems. Hehe.

And the match took place in “Jim Shim” of all places with boobybuilders with rippling muscles looking on. 

Round 3, 4 and 5 went to “Rahul”.

And as he walked away from the table smiling, I can’t help but LAUGH.

At all the people who say “size is really what matters”.

Or, “I could pick you up and throw you through the window”.

My former friend Charles comes to mind, hehe.

Can’t do a pull-up despite years of trying, finds every opportunity to criticize me for saying what I do the way I do, supports Bozo Schofield and his racist antic, and so forth ...

... and of course, says “he’s a big guy” when he’s actually FAT.

He’s bigger than me, sure.

But his grip is about 10 times weaker despite the deadlifts he supposedly does.

Now, this isn’t a rant against him or fat guys.

But the point begets.

It ain’t about size, or size of the dog my friend. 

It’s about the size of the FIGHT in the dog!

I still remember an incident in college, where a person named Bruce asked me if I Could arm wrestle him.

That was my pre Gorilla Grip days. But I did do pushups (albeit just one kind occasionally).

“Um, I don’t know”, I said. I was skinny and had a weak ass grip at that point, and Bruce laughed.

“Nah. You do pushups and you could probably beat me!”

And at that point, we never arm wrestled, but knowing his grip strength back then, built from a lifetime of working on cars?

He could probably have beat my ass at arm wrestling despite being even skinnier than I was.

His roommate Vincent was one of the gym gorillas, agood friend, and the same person who once told me that “you can’t be the strongest in the gym” when “Bimbo instructor” in physical education102 or some such BS was trying to get me on the machines and all “pumped and toned” and I threw a hissy (rightfully so).

But he had a weak grip, and I remember beating him at arm wrestling often.

But anyway, back to the video.

I see Larry Wheels’s biceps PEAK.

I see the peak of his biceps RIPPLE and RIPPLE MORE!

As he tries to defeat the much smaller guy.

Who then pulls his arm to the “floor” as it were.

And that, my friend, is all the proof you need in terms of real strength NOT being related to size (in case you needed any more, that is!).

And I don’t know what sort of training Rahul does.

Not yours truly.


But I bet the MAN from Kochi does pushups and pull-ups amongst other things ...

Anyway, thats the David VS goliath story for now.

And to get a grip as strong as Rahuls, or perhaps MORE – if you do the thing – here are the two courses that will do it.

Gorilla Grip

Gorilla Grip (Advanced).

Have at (Oh, and the book on tips is there too in case you so choose!).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure and pick up the best compilation on pull-ups right here.

PS – I was around 65kg when my wife said I was “too skinny and weak”. And people IN THE KNOW said I was in great shape (from following the 0 Excuses Fitness System).

Who was right? YOU decide!

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And how you should too ...

On the other site, and recently I wrote about how to know if you’re dealing with a cauldron of NEGATIVITY.

Towards the end of that email, I wrote about how the bozos, nutjobs, wankers, pissers and moaners, Mama’s boys, Schofields (the Bozos that is), whiners, and LOSERS IN LIFE (and everything else) complain about “you’re so fit because you have good genetics”.

One of the most ridiculous things I heard recently was this.

“You have long hands so you can do pull-ups better”


Lady, (this was a lady) what frigging planet you BE living on.

First off, the size of your hands has nothing to do with anything other than (according to what some people say) whats in your PANTS.

The thumb, or whatever.

I’m not even sure thats ACCURATE.

Second, and more importantly, I have SMALL hands. I’ve often laughingly compared them to female hands and (though they said it was a “little bigger”), my hands were by no means much bigger.

Look at Sylvester Stallone for one, a guy thats achieved more of NOTE and WORTH than the Bozos and MONKEYS out there couldn’t dream of. 

When you think action – who do you think ?


HE IS THE ONE that inspired Arnie, Willis and the rest! (and more recently perhaps Vin Diesel and the lot, and if you’re into Bollywood, whoever you follow there).

Sanjay Dutt for one openly admits to being influenced by Stallone!

And if you see his earlier movies, you’ll notice that he copied Stallone on many of the things he did. It aint’ just him either. Sly is a legend, and a trail blazer – nuff said!

And his hands – and shape in general?

He’s not a big guy. HE’s a SMALL GUY!

His hands are probably even tinier than mine. They did a wax something of his hands somewhere in New York, and a past girlfriend once saw it.

My hands are bigger than his, she said.

And yet ...

Ditto for yours truly.

If I’ve been able to do what I have with crappy genetics, and an even crappier and UNINSPIRING upbringing – what will YOU be able to do?

Herschel Walker, for one – you wouldn’t think it – but he wasn’t a big guy naturally, and no, “muscle doesnt stick to him like shit”. These excuses are so damned pathetic, especially when THE MAN HIMSELF has refuted this bullshit!

And back to it.

I’ve got LONG arms. Longer than the norm.

Monkey arms as it were, hehe.

And they ARE long.

And when doing pull-ups thats another natural disadvantage along with my SMALL hands.

Yet, I made up my mind to become the BEST at grip – and I did.

I made up my mind to get STRONGER than a lot of people triple my size – and in many ways I DID.

Lets see how many big dudes can even get into a handstand and hold for one!

Including you weight lifters and preeners and posers out there ...

I made up my mind to get the Corrguated Core I write so much about – and I did. Tell that to the nutwards who supposedly walk miles daily at 3 AM or some such nonsense on planet “I’m wayyyyyyyy out there, broooooooooooooooo”.

I made up my mind to get good at pull-ups.

And by God, or not, I DID!

You focus on the SOLUTION, bro.

As they say in the Seals and other elite units (including most likely SWAT teams etc).


And get her done.

And thats what it’s about – BRO.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Some of you have said the advanced book on pull-ups is too expensive. Well, hey, I get it. It IS expensive, but it will stay that way (fortunately or not is another story). The solution there is to get the compilation - - and when you compare the prices ... well ‘nuff said!

(But hurry – I might re-price in the New Year).

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Some of you read this in the last email.

But it’s interesting, how things work ...

Yours truly with all the “castigation” coming from “home” (and while the “el cranko” part is well deserved, to be very fair, a lot of the rest of it isn’t).

But then again.

Like strongman Dejon (and he does the REAL STUFF, the real lifts!) said ... you can and should always a measure a man’s worth by the number of HATERS he has.

‘Tis true my friend.

‘Tis true.

And it’s also one prime reason behind “tell the world what you’re going to do, but show it first!”

Anyway, the monkey part was covered in the last email.

If you can be a monkey, so can I!

So she said, so said the “fiery lady from Northern India” (and they make a lot of them fire breathers up there in them neck of the woods, hehe).

Probably what drew me to her in the first place, and I won’t even get into mistakes or not HERE. LOL.

But really, point of this.

My daughter is 7 years old. So getting her to do as much activity as possible is GOOD.

The more she does, the better, especially with all the inane donkey like lockdowns globally.

Really if there was a more USELESS activity which pretty much forces everyone into a huddle together when they don’t want to be, and an activity that kills global economies much like the plague is scathing through the globe, I’m yet to see it.

Not to mention that lockdowns don’t work, period.

They EXCABERATE pre-existing problems, and they do NOT solve the spread of the China plague, or Bubonic plague, or any which anything.

And they weren’t implemented for SARS. They weren’t implmeneted for Ebola. And for some of the deadlier viruses around, and yet now ...

Yes, I get it. This thing spreads differently.

But the bottom line, as I told my “buddy” out there in the park.

Him of the “running” really works! Do you remember? Hope so!

“China done spread this shit and now we’re left dealing with it. What you’re gonna do bro? Mask up and run scared, or just man up, face it, DEAL with it,and MOVE ON!”

And he agreed in full.

He’s not a mask wearer either except when he really needs to ...

But back to it, my wife seems to be getting a little “heavy” around the tummy area apparently (from what she says, at least).

And for a woman who used to have a 13 pack (or 12, hehe) from working out in the field when young – well t hat must be galling!

I wrote about field work in the last email. Well, a few emails ago!

And how it builds fitness like few other things can ...

And anyway, back to monkeying around. 

The sort of workouts I advocate go beyond “just pull-ups” and pumping the lats.

They’ll get your obliques in shape – FAST.

You’ll build a rock solid grip, and start developing that SIX Pack you’ve always wanted.

Indigestion, flatulence, and other issues like insomnia plaguing most people will become a thing of the past.

You will become a real man – or WOMAN – or “in between”, hehe. Whatever it is, it won’t be fake.

And you’ll develop strength and fitness levels, that, as Charless Mitchell, a long time customer rightly said will put you into an elite “0.00001%” bracket.

Get on the train NOW, my friend. Truly worth it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Oh, almost forgot the dancing monkey part. Just saw it when clicking “post”. Them ESL gigs out there for one, hehe. Prime example of bozo like dancing monkey. No wonder that the BOZO himself, Schofield did pretty much that and nothing else to fuel his drug infused rants, binges and what not. But yeah. No worries. I’ve turned her – and myself into PRIMAL CAVEMAN – and WOMAN – with REAL “from the inside” GUMPTION and strength.

Don’t believe me?

Get on the pull-up workouts – and then tell me!

And check out the testimonials on all of this while you’re at it too, hehe.

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So says the cowboy from Texas, hehe. 

"The Hombre from Texas", hehe. 

Or, any of the other (it's crossed 1400 now, that list of names - and someday, I'll write a book on just the list of names I keep getting called, hehe) names people loveeeee to call yours truly. 

But really, back in the day (it seems back in the day now ever since he ranted about my book on pull-ups) "Charles the former friend" and the Bozo himself contacted me about the Bozo. 

Apparenty the Bozo sent Charles more than 200 messages all day long, all night long (which is about par for the Bozo), most of them to the tune of "Rahul is mentioning me! Boo, hoo!" 

I wonder if they knew the chuckles a person Dejon, a real strongman and - me - were having over it, not to mention the world at general. 

Especially the way the Bozo pronounces Chuck - for some odd reason he keeps pronouncing it as "Ch-oo-k". 

I dont know, maybe thats the accent thing coming in ... 

But anyway, English is hardly one of the Bozo's strong points, as his rants on Amazon show, and that sad, given he grew up in "Ole Blighty". 

Anyway . . . 

Why I won't stop mentioning the Bozo, you ask? 

Well, bear with me a MINUTE my friend. 

Yes, I get it. I've responded to him x 1000000 in ways he'd never imagine or dream of, and I'm just getting started. 

I've truly rubbed his nose in the DUST, and continue to do so, and will do so. 

But, bear with me for a minute. Bear with the man with a an elephant's memory talking about the Wacko with an elephant gut, hehe. 

Because ... 

When the Bozo started trolling me and some other people with not just trolls, but despicable memes, racist thoughts, and much worse - NO-ONE (well, certainly not "Chuck" who said "he sent me a few", but oddly enough NEVER once condemned the Bozo for doing it, instead implicitly SUPPORTING him by not doing so) .... NO-ONE Told him to stop or calm down. 

No-one told him that with his various attacks on other folks. 

No-one told him to calm down when he posted those rants and reviews on Amazon. 

If anything, he played the "poor Bozo being blamed" female blame game (given what he is i.e. a cuck at heart, that doesn't surprise me one damned bit) and got away with it on the Chuck and a few other fronts. 

The only person man enough to tell the Bozo to go straight to hell was Dejon. 

A bonafide Gorilla himself, hehe. 

Maybe the reason Charles never told me himself is because "he deep down inside felt the same way about me". 

Or, maybe it's what the Bozo said. 

"Ch-ooooooooooo-ck created the memes!" 

A claim I found specious then, and find insane NOW. 

Charles has some strange thought about pull-ups, sure, and does all he can to convince me that he's "big", not fat. 

OK, great. 

But that doesnt mean he's a troll. 

Quite the opposite. 

But anyway, THAT is primarily why I will not stop - until I deem it the time to stop (or until the groveling apology comes, and it will). 

I'm sick and tired of these idiots (they tend to be Nazi feminist for the most part - either male or female) that do all they like when they're on top, but when someone turns the tables on them x 10000, they whine and moan. 

If you can't take the heat, stay out of the goddamned kitchen. 

Come to think of it, making sandwiches and staying out of the kitchen barefoot is exactly what Bozo Schofield does NOT want to do . . .

Poor chappie. (pie). 


(as the Bozo would pronouce). 

But inanity aside, that is why. 

It's not so much the sales the Bozo makes for me, especially the ADVANCED book on pull-ups which he trolle dby saying "Rahul is a super stud" (even in the trolling, the truth and jealousy sparkles, as it did when he said the book was the jewel in the Mookerjee CROWN of fitness books). 

It's because, as the Trumpinator once famously said, "we will never forget". 

And it's because actions have consequences, and some people need to learn that the hard way, and so they WILL and are. 

And thats why, for those wondering. Hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Oh, almost forgot the "ending pimp" to this - Animal Kingdom Workouts is THE course everyone BE Talking about now. Check it out here. 

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Friday, 26 March 2021 08:27

"It wont happen" VS "Make IT HAPPEN!"

Growing up, I remember the looks of incredulousness on the face of people - often unsaid, when I spoke of goals, or complained about something that wasn't right (and should be!). 

It could be family - friends - even strangers. 

Often times and most times, it wasn't said. 

It was a look of "who does he think he is" - and "how dare he try to change the status quo" mixed in with .... "THAT Goal! YOU??  That'll never happen!" 

Topped off by a look of resignation in terms of "it is what it is" (without the most important part, which is FOR NOW!). 

I've never bought into this BS mentality, and therefore, have been at odds with people that do my entire life, and continue to be, and dont make any bones about the same. 

Why not MAKE the damn thing happen? 

NOTHING HAS to remain as it is - MAKE it happen!

The real DOERS - Henry Ford's that were scoffed at as Doubting Thomases and Edisons told they were idiots that would never accomplish anytihng and scores of others thankfully didnt buy into this BS Mentality, which by the way doesnt just corrupt individuals - its SOCIETY at large. 

Countries, too. 

You may not think so, but entire swathes of people resign themselves to "this will never change in my country".

As the great Claude Bristol wrote about in the Magic of Believing. 

As we THINK, so we ARE! 

(It wasn't him that is given credit for the saying, but it might as well have been him or any of the DOERS out there). 

Say what you like about Communist China, with all their flaws but you gotta give them credit for one thing where it's due - getting their people to believe, albeit they take it to extremes, such as the recent boycott of H & M, Nike etc in china because they RIGHTLY called out China for its Nazism in Xinjaing. 

Jingoism you say? 


Yes, and it aint good in this regard - BUT - they did imbibe their people with the spirit to DO it - even if that means bellicose challenges to the US and the rest that obviously sound and are fake, but given the speed at which China has progressed - you gotta admit that you might not agree with how they did it, but did it they did! 

To an extent anyway. 

Which is betteR? 

NOT doing it, or doing it the way they did? 

Thats a discussion for another time, but for now, this is why I keep telling people to play their cards close to the chest. 

I made the mistake of not doing so too many damned times in my life. 

Tell the world what you're going to do, but SHOW IT first!

Remember, subsconsiously, youll encounter far more negative from people - and in some cases those people dont even know what they're doing. 

You're best off focusing on YOUR goal. Like a horse with blinder on. 

And speaking of horses, and STALLIONS

My compilation on Shoulders will turn you into the STUD AND RAGING STALLION you've always wanted to be, guys - and a MARE - a BUCKING AND REARING "heroine" (as my lovely wife says) for you GALS, but that ain't why I'm telling you think - I'm telling you coz ... 


FITNESS wise, same thing. 

Never think the goal is "too big". 

Now, if you're stuck at less than zero pushups, can barely hold the pushup position - then getting to 500 might seem huge. 

Well, I get it. 

And THIS is why I keep blabbling so often about the Law of Practice. 

DO the thing daily, even if it's in small increments - remember the journey of a thousaand miles which DOES start with a single STEP. 

Do, even if its a LITTLE everyday. 

Take one step at a time, sometimes two, occasionally FIVE. 

Be persistent! 

And you'll get there, bro. 

(or SIS). 

Believe - and make it happen. 

Last, but not least, believe me when I tell you this - Animal Kingdom Workouts is a MUST HAVE COURSE for all of you. 

Truly one of my, if not THE best ever, and if you're letting price stop you - you're sadly MISLED. 

Trust me, this course is pricess, and a MUST have. 

Click on over - and MAKE IT HAPPEN - NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Zero to Hero and Gumption Galore give you plenty more such motivational and SUCCESS tips. Make sure to pick both up NOW. 

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Saturday, 20 March 2021 07:16

My wife wondered "how much I write about her"

A month or so ago, or perhaps two months, I'm not sure - my wife made the following comment to me. 

"I wonder how much you write about ME!" she said in one of those very (rare) moments of self reflection she has. 

She was of course wondering that after the numerous fights, arguments and everything else that goes on both online (and especially when I'm there at home - which is why I live A-LONE for the most part) ... 

And given that I rarely, if ever (at least from last year) engage in pissing contests with her (actually I didnt even back in the day), but I'd get annoyed. 

Now, it's just like whatever. 

Nazi feminism central continues ... 

For some inane reason, that makes my wife think she's "won". 

So be it. 

I'm hardly concerned about winning or losing in such stupid thing - my mind is always focused on those STUPENDOUS goals which I still ain't told you about, and which you would honestly think I'm nuts if I told you!

But anyway ... 

The same thing for most people, I'd say. 

Bozo Buttblower Schofield (who sometimes seems like a bonafide woman instead of a "sissy man") coud well be a Nazi feminist too. 

His dialogs, and the laughable garbage he left as reviews on some of my most inspirational and BESTSELLING books speaketh Volumes to that regard!

But I wonder if he knows other than here how much I "really" write about him. 

He'd be SHOCKED. Hehe. 

Anyway, I reveal all later ... in that regard. 

But for now, where am I going with this?

A, and I've said this before, virtually anything that happens in your life is a GOLDEN opportunity to sell and make money if you know how. 

And if you're a DOER. 

And two, well, that discount I've been offering ends TODAY, I believe ... 

I think it does - yes - I just checked - it DOES. 

So if you're indeed interested in my in depth knowledge of fitness and finding out more - check out the products page. 

Actually, I think you should start here - The 0 Excuses Fitness System

Build slow, go from there!

And remember to pick up some of our great motivational reads; you'll love 'em. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - "He cheats on his wife, so what can he do to his friends!" 

Poor Bozo. The second part of that is self reflecting The first is too, except the jealousy shows from one who "can't get none if he paid for it", hehe. 

Anyway, think about it. The book was Fitness Pioneer - and that was the comment he left. That, more than anything else proves why he belongs in a padded cell far away from Hannibal Lecter (for the latter's safety). 

As Charles his one time friend said "A known lunatic!" 

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Wednesday, 17 March 2021 06:46

What "RB" knew about the value of LISTENING!

Fitness wise, Sly Stallone might never be the paradigm of "bodyweight exercise guru", but he's an inspiration to many! 

And I'll start this one out "from the bottom" as it were. 

The Bozo Bottom, hehe. I cannot stop cuckling - I mean chucklin - as I think of him! 

But anyway he said this about achievement in life - and this holds true for fitness too. 

"You've got something great to bring to the world! It might seem no-one is watching, but just keep on doing it anyway!" 

"The reason I succeed isn't because I'm the best, richest, most talented, and so forth. It's because I keep going!" 

(like the Energizer Bunny, hehe). 

These are a couple of Sly quotes I'm pulling from memory, and it applies to fitness too. 

It might not seem at the time I did the hard slogs up the hill that anything was happening. 

People called me crazy left, right and center and still do, but the results eventually? 

Same thing for you, and say pull-ups. 

You keep trying, people keep "pulling you down, or trying to". 

You keep AT IT, ignoring th eBS out there and especially the moronic pull down machines etc. 

You become part of a select bunch of ACHIVERS and DOERS! 

And eventually, you succeed at a grander level than you ever thought. 

Anyway, what does have to do with "RB", you might ask? 

Well, first off, I've had a great affinity with and for "RB's" - ever since college, hehe. 

Dr Bisland, that great Prof of mine I've always admired (along with Dr Kolibal, another great dude) used the name "Arby Bee" quite often in his great teachings. 

The same guy that once told me "You've got a strange way of doing things - but does it WORK? Hell yes! And if it does, well ...

Brings to mind what another person Michael told me (he of Dongguan Expat). 

"It might not look purdy". 

"But does it WORK? Congrats, Rahul! There is NO plugin for PHP-Nuke as of yet with this functionality. YOU might be the first one!"

All true quotes, bro. 

Any of that ring a bell with YOU fitness wise

Hopefully it does! 

Unfortunately at the time I didnt believe " I could be the first at anything" despite having all the proof to the contrary and a very hefty bank account to back it up too, and - most importantly - NO "strings" in the form of relationships etc. 

Young, single, the world was my OYSTER. It still is, of course! 

But anyway, lets get to RB. 

He was my boss at "that job". 

And he knew the value of LISTENING. 

I still remember a time when yours truly along with the HR Manager and Operations Manager, both earning way more than me (I was woefully underpaid there - I DID get some other benefits, but I had To "wrest" those rather than get 'em!) were discussing sales (obviously my forte). 

I spoke up, was interrupted, didnt speak again. 

If I'm not wanted ... hehe. 

The BOSS spoke up. 


He silenced the rest. 

In his own polite manner. 

"Wait a minute! Let me hear what Rahul has to say!" 

A few weeks ago, I had (since I was new at the job) - for once in my life "asked if I could do something". 

"No, it's your call", said the boss. No need to ask anyone! 

My type of guy, hehe. 

Anyway, he knew the value of listening, and that is the job that I've mentioned in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales, which if you on this list WANT to achieve, you want to get - grab - NOW!

But, here is the point. 

He didn't listen because "I was his favorite". 

Maybe I was at that point,  but that wasn't the real reason. 

The reason was this - he knew I gave it to him straight - and he knew if I said someting in that regard, it was TRUE. 

Which is why I was hired in the first place. 

Same thing with me. 

When I go to seminars, when I read books, when I listen to people talk about how they did things, I dont sit there and say "I know it all". 

Even though MOST of the stuff they say is stuff I've been doing naturally all my life, I do NOT say that to myself. 

I simply check the "do" list. (i.e. I've done it). 

Then I absorb like a sponge, and move on. 

There is a time to listen, and there is a time to learn, and a time to talk . . . 

And right now, I hope THIS particular talk with all it's quotes helped you! 

Anyway, I'm off. Back soon - and in the meantime - if you workout today - make it a super one!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I give it to you straight, no punches pulled in the Rolls Royce of Fitness and the FIVE included videos - grab your copy NOW

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Its already getting to be hot as heck in this here neck of the woods. 

I'm sitting here SWEATING, panting and the sweat pouring OFF, BRO!

I ain't had a sip ot water. 

I ain't taken my damn shoes off. 

I ain't done none of that. 

A lady next to me was saying "2 PM is too late". 

Like hell it is! 

She was referring to some maid or what not, I believe, but damn - thats a sign from the Universe to write to YOU and so I am. 

Now, I wrote to you about the INSPIRATIONAL recollection in China yesterday and oddly enough the same thing happeneed today in the park - exact same spot - exact same so hot that no-one was there, and the few there RAN away!

Deja VU!

I was talking goals to myself. 

The SONG was ringing in my MIND. 

"Rising up, hanging tough, staying hungry!" 

Mr T from Rocky IIII!!!!!!!

And I was focused on that stupendous goal of mine, doing pushups and PULL=ups - some of the toughest ever workouts from BAttletank Shoulders. 

These BOOKS were forged in the HEAT OF BATTLE - so much so that ordinary folks would RUN away. 

Only the ravens were there. 

This time, three of them as opposed to one flying high in the past. 

This time, THREE flew over me. 


And more birds flew as I returned home, my goals well and truly in THEIR minds too! 

The Raven was CROWING!

And in a good damn way. 

Anyway, there were two skinny whippersnappers out there looking at me from afar. 

One wanted to join the Gym. 

The other said the following. 

"come here, boy! I'll show you what a gym is!" 

He waited for me to finish my set of pull-ups. 

He walked over, did a set of 5 chin ups. PErfect form. 

Other dude shook his head. 

"I can't do that!" 

Then they moved over to the machiens. 

I walked up to the bar. Knocked out PULL-ups! 

Dude #1 looked at #2. 

"I can't do that!" 

And oft they went, hehe. 

And so it should be!

Train like a beast my friend. 

You and your goals. 

And you never know. 


(and once you reach the pinnacle KEEP hanging tough and staying hungry, or esle you'll go downhill. Been there, done that, and am GRATEFUL for the lesson tshirt)


Rahu Mookerjee

PS - Pick up the best damn compilation on pull-ups here. 

PS #2 - No, I ain't gonan spill the goals on my beans as yet, or is that the other way around? 


But really - like me - BRUTAL - and STUPENDOUS - watch this space for more, and ya ll will be the FIRST TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!


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Thursday, 25 February 2021 06:59

Why I absolutely love being called a FAILURE

Yes, despite everything Mr. Black Mamba has done, he gets called that a lot of times still. 

Amazingly enough, a customer on this list once called me that! 

This was a while ago, and even more amazingly? 

He loved 0 Excuses Fitness - and he bought it - and he cannot say enough good things about it!

Yet, according to him (he once told me this) "I was a failure in "other regards" because I didnt have a house and a car". 

Now, this is SO amazing - such mind boggling idiocy that I did some research. 

And sure enough, while this man is rich - richer than Cain (maybe not Croesus though, hehe) - he works a .... JOB. 

End of the day, he ain't FREE. 

He has to report to a BOSS. 

And I think the "Freeeeeeee to do my OWN Thang on my own time, wake up int he morning and ENJOY TAKING MY TIME to smell the roses and write these emails, and piss off drinking beer, or taking a walk around the apartment complex or climbing the hill or what not while HE is stuck in the office" vibe was what really got him. 

And he wouldn't admit it, of course. 

But thats fine. 

There are plenty like him. 

And let me tell you one damn thing bro. 

If I had set a goal to have a house and a car, I'd probably have ten of them by now. 

Yours truly doesnt back down from goals HE WANTS. 

But a house and car (the latter being a LOSING investment and one NOT needed in China) hasn't ever been high on the list! 

But anyway, it's interesting. 

Two things. Or three. 

One, that meme I sent out about "Can a person stand on his OWN TWO LEGS when his house, car, fancy degrees or what not are taken AWAY FROM HIM?" 

Two, what Emerson rightly wrote about in the Laws of Compensation, that basically being "I feel worry when the newspapers praise me too much, but as long as people speak AGAINST me, I know I'm enjoying at least a modicum of SUCCESS" (paraphrased). 

(and thats why I love the bozos and my haters, hehe). (and there are plenty salivating at the bit waiting to be LET OUT and ar ereading this, hehe). 

And three ... 

It's interesting, but these people have never condemned or even thought of condeming that ONE THING - that thing I keep writing about for YOU - that YOU should be doing - that YOU were put on this planet to do - and that YOU can do better than anyone else!

Much as they hate me, they have to acknowledge that one thing (it ain't necessarily fitness either, though thats a side thing yes - but the wolves often bay there too, hehe). 

Anyway, this here wolf LOVES being criticized - and called a failure. 

And is a huge Ralph Waldo Emerson fan. 

every time I get a negative idiotic remark, I LOVE IT. 

Because mentally, it frees me to go out there and KICK ASS - usually at a certain point down the line (as happened with Bozo Schofield) - the person who is SAYING the negative things. 

Except, I'm the black mamba that takes his TIME. 

Anyway, workout wise you on THIS list know what an awesome book Isometric and Flexiblity Training is. 

And of course, the better it is the more idiots it attracts. 

And here is another gemstone of a comment I got on this. 

(this is similar to Mr Mamma Mia who sent in basically this - but in a longer format!) 

"It's just bodyweight stuff. Just stretching! I'm sorry I bought this!" 

That was the sum and substance of it. 

Nothing else other than that - but hey. 

He seems to be clamoring for a refund as well, but guess what. 

He WILL NOT get it. 

No refunds, as clearly stating on the policy page. 

And second, "Michael" (so he says his name is) Brown apparently didnt read the part about it being a book on isometrics (bodyweight and stretching) and uh .... 

The idiocy of it all. Hehe. 

I thought of educating him, but thought better of it after that. 

Keep 'em coming folks - I love it!

"I' luvin it!" 



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Pick up the best damned course there is out there on pushups right HERE. I CHALLENGE you to find one better!

PS #2 - I'd post the uber positive stuff Mr First Guy said about 0 Excuses Fitness. For a change I won't. Hehe. Let the hate come in! 

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My wife often gets frustrated with me when we live together (which as you know ain't all that often) not just because I dont live with her, but when I do, I dont "sleep with her". 

Not as often as she would want, at least. 

(God knows why she would, given the amount she complains about me, hehe)

(then again, I DO know. LOL). 

But anyway, she ain't the only one. 

Anne, a lovely lass I knew WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY back in the day kept asking me. 

"Why you no enter me!" 

And Ashley, another girl I knew back in the day would keep complaining about "is this make love!?" 

Or, "I want have sexy!" 

My wife made the great comment about 

"We Women want STUDS in the bedroom, not in the gym! Women only care about THAT exercise!" 

Reminds me of what Matt Furey's wife once told him about "not wanting a man whose a stud in the gym, but a DUD in the bedroom"

Great, or greater minds think alike. 

And given yours truly has a very "colorful" history for the most part .... 

But anyway, it's true. 

I'd rather conserve my seed like the great boxers and wrestlers of yore did. 

Bozo Schofield trolled Pushup Central as me being "Rahul Tyson". 

Poor Glyn. I can hear him CRYING in frustration in Mommy's dingy basement which she's ready to boot him out of, but hasnt because he's just so ham handed and PATHETIC - but he also made the comment "We know you write books on cucks!" 


But he never tell me WHICH book yours truly wrote on cucks. 

IF anyone can. please tell me, and I'll post it here. Might as well make more sales for it hehe. 

But really - with the feeling I get that I wrote about on the other site? 

Why would I want to "do hanky panky in China" (as Ann Lee once famously got upset at me about - and remember, she was a beer/hill girl) when there are far better alternatives? 

As for spouses - why on EARTH would I want some when there are FAR better alternatives? 

YEs, I know this sounds out there, but here is the fact. 

Napoleon Hill wrote about the same thing in the chapter on Sexual Transmutation in Think and Grow Rich, that being most men do NOT succeed before 40 (thats one reason, not the only reason) because of their tendency to "sow their wild oats". 

And right about now, I dont wanna sow any. 

Not to mention, it saves me a fortune in potentail kids, hehe. 

The one time I did recently (years ago) sow seed was a SPECIAL TIME IN my life - and it resulted in the best thing ever for me, and the BEST KID I could ever have asked for - a true GEM, a true LODESTONE, a true SHINING STAR - a true ASS KICKER - a true STUDDETTE that at the age of 7 could whack Bozo Schofield so hard he'd never get up again to troll, and sof orth ... 

She is just lovely is my daughter - truly so! 

And anyway, I'm out. 

But you know why now, hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - For workouts that feel better than sex go HERE. Hey, even Bozo Scofield will like it - plenty of "quickies" in it. 

(I heard he doesnt do quickies tho. His tongue is usually perenially "ass deep" if you get my drift. But hey, to each (her) own!). 

PS # 2 - - I wonder if Bozo knows the BEAST HE UNLEASHED, and I AM JUST GETTING STARTED. YEe - HA!

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