Wednesday, 03 March 2021 09:14

Me, the CRAVEN HEAT - my GOALS - my dESIRES, and the RAVENS ALONE!

Its already getting to be hot as heck in this here neck of the woods. 

I'm sitting here SWEATING, panting and the sweat pouring OFF, BRO!

I ain't had a sip ot water. 

I ain't taken my damn shoes off. 

I ain't done none of that. 

A lady next to me was saying "2 PM is too late". 

Like hell it is! 

She was referring to some maid or what not, I believe, but damn - thats a sign from the Universe to write to YOU and so I am. 

Now, I wrote to you about the INSPIRATIONAL recollection in China yesterday and oddly enough the same thing happeneed today in the park - exact same spot - exact same so hot that no-one was there, and the few there RAN away!

Deja VU!

I was talking goals to myself. 

The SONG was ringing in my MIND. 

"Rising up, hanging tough, staying hungry!" 

Mr T from Rocky IIII!!!!!!!

And I was focused on that stupendous goal of mine, doing pushups and PULL=ups - some of the toughest ever workouts from BAttletank Shoulders. 

These BOOKS were forged in the HEAT OF BATTLE - so much so that ordinary folks would RUN away. 

Only the ravens were there. 

This time, three of them as opposed to one flying high in the past. 

This time, THREE flew over me. 


And more birds flew as I returned home, my goals well and truly in THEIR minds too! 

The Raven was CROWING!

And in a good damn way. 

Anyway, there were two skinny whippersnappers out there looking at me from afar. 

One wanted to join the Gym. 

The other said the following. 

"come here, boy! I'll show you what a gym is!" 

He waited for me to finish my set of pull-ups. 

He walked over, did a set of 5 chin ups. PErfect form. 

Other dude shook his head. 

"I can't do that!" 

Then they moved over to the machiens. 

I walked up to the bar. Knocked out PULL-ups! 

Dude #1 looked at #2. 

"I can't do that!" 

And oft they went, hehe. 

And so it should be!

Train like a beast my friend. 

You and your goals. 

And you never know. 


(and once you reach the pinnacle KEEP hanging tough and staying hungry, or esle you'll go downhill. Been there, done that, and am GRATEFUL for the lesson tshirt)


Rahu Mookerjee

PS - Pick up the best damn compilation on pull-ups here. 

PS #2 - No, I ain't gonan spill the goals on my beans as yet, or is that the other way around? 


But really - like me - BRUTAL - and STUPENDOUS - watch this space for more, and ya ll will be the FIRST TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!