Thursday, 25 February 2021 06:59

Why I absolutely love being called a FAILURE

Yes, despite everything Mr. Black Mamba has done, he gets called that a lot of times still. 

Amazingly enough, a customer on this list once called me that! 

This was a while ago, and even more amazingly? 

He loved 0 Excuses Fitness - and he bought it - and he cannot say enough good things about it!

Yet, according to him (he once told me this) "I was a failure in "other regards" because I didnt have a house and a car". 

Now, this is SO amazing - such mind boggling idiocy that I did some research. 

And sure enough, while this man is rich - richer than Cain (maybe not Croesus though, hehe) - he works a .... JOB. 

End of the day, he ain't FREE. 

He has to report to a BOSS. 

And I think the "Freeeeeeee to do my OWN Thang on my own time, wake up int he morning and ENJOY TAKING MY TIME to smell the roses and write these emails, and piss off drinking beer, or taking a walk around the apartment complex or climbing the hill or what not while HE is stuck in the office" vibe was what really got him. 

And he wouldn't admit it, of course. 

But thats fine. 

There are plenty like him. 

And let me tell you one damn thing bro. 

If I had set a goal to have a house and a car, I'd probably have ten of them by now. 

Yours truly doesnt back down from goals HE WANTS. 

But a house and car (the latter being a LOSING investment and one NOT needed in China) hasn't ever been high on the list! 

But anyway, it's interesting. 

Two things. Or three. 

One, that meme I sent out about "Can a person stand on his OWN TWO LEGS when his house, car, fancy degrees or what not are taken AWAY FROM HIM?" 

Two, what Emerson rightly wrote about in the Laws of Compensation, that basically being "I feel worry when the newspapers praise me too much, but as long as people speak AGAINST me, I know I'm enjoying at least a modicum of SUCCESS" (paraphrased). 

(and thats why I love the bozos and my haters, hehe). (and there are plenty salivating at the bit waiting to be LET OUT and ar ereading this, hehe). 

And three ... 

It's interesting, but these people have never condemned or even thought of condeming that ONE THING - that thing I keep writing about for YOU - that YOU should be doing - that YOU were put on this planet to do - and that YOU can do better than anyone else!

Much as they hate me, they have to acknowledge that one thing (it ain't necessarily fitness either, though thats a side thing yes - but the wolves often bay there too, hehe). 

Anyway, this here wolf LOVES being criticized - and called a failure. 

And is a huge Ralph Waldo Emerson fan. 

every time I get a negative idiotic remark, I LOVE IT. 

Because mentally, it frees me to go out there and KICK ASS - usually at a certain point down the line (as happened with Bozo Schofield) - the person who is SAYING the negative things. 

Except, I'm the black mamba that takes his TIME. 

Anyway, workout wise you on THIS list know what an awesome book Isometric and Flexiblity Training is. 

And of course, the better it is the more idiots it attracts. 

And here is another gemstone of a comment I got on this. 

(this is similar to Mr Mamma Mia who sent in basically this - but in a longer format!) 

"It's just bodyweight stuff. Just stretching! I'm sorry I bought this!" 

That was the sum and substance of it. 

Nothing else other than that - but hey. 

He seems to be clamoring for a refund as well, but guess what. 

He WILL NOT get it. 

No refunds, as clearly stating on the policy page. 

And second, "Michael" (so he says his name is) Brown apparently didnt read the part about it being a book on isometrics (bodyweight and stretching) and uh .... 

The idiocy of it all. Hehe. 

I thought of educating him, but thought better of it after that. 

Keep 'em coming folks - I love it!

"I' luvin it!" 



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Pick up the best damned course there is out there on pushups right HERE. I CHALLENGE you to find one better!

PS #2 - I'd post the uber positive stuff Mr First Guy said about 0 Excuses Fitness. For a change I won't. Hehe. Let the hate come in!