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I’ve often been asked how I get so much writing done – while working out – and living a rather, as “Milan” put it STORIED life . Hehe.

(He didnt use that word, but thats what he meant).

Or, as my mother keeps saying (and it seems she secretly admires the same for certain people – but of cours enot with me, hehe. How could I ever do anything right eh) a “colorful character”.

Anyway, the key is this.

Mindset. Fitness (yes, staying fit extends way beyond the PHYSICAL and health benefits alone).

And you already know about that.

But, what you may or may NOT know is the following.

I can write to you in any “voice”, for instance.

I’v ebeen called a chameleon multiple times, and it’s true. Hehe.

Back in the day when I worked a job, and when they actually wanted PEOPLE with REAL SKILLS as opposed to disposable monkeys as the case is NOW, I’d put the following on my resume.

“Can work with many different cultures successfully”

(or a variant of that, gussied up and all)

(“Gussied” is an expression in the Southern US for those that dont know, hehe).

But anyway, the point is ...

... IN order to truly connect with anyone, you have to understand them first. How they think. How they FEEL. How they react. And so forth.


The whole she-bang.

And its part of the reason why trolling me, for instance usually doesnt just end up flat on it’s face -it (as a customer recently put it) whacks the bozos right across the face and then some.

I can write to you as a woman right now if I so choose.

Or a “sissifed” male.

Or, a “gym goer beating his chest about how the bench press is soooooo much better than handstand pushups” and that the “iron is what really counts and builds real strength”.

Man. Woman. Anything in between (I haven’t done this as yet tho, hehe).

(Because no, I dont have a biz dedicated to in betweens. LOL) .

But the point begets ...

And fitness wis,e this is why the idiots who claim “bodyweight exercises don’t build strength” or “bodyweight is only good when you cant get to the GYMMMMMMMMMM BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” or “bodyweight exercises only build endurance” or “bodyweight exercises get you healthy, but thats it!”

The last puzzles me.

I mean, yes, they’re right on that one.

But thats not all they do.

And if bodyweight truly gets you healthy, and the other stuff doesnt really do it, why would you not want to make the switch? 

Befuddles your struly!

But point is, they have NO INKLING. They’ve never ever done the thing!

The bench presser bragging about how much he can press has likely never done a decent OVERHEAD press in his life, let alone get into a handstand.

The wackos who claim they’re big and strong (but are really more FAT around the MIDSECTION than anything else) and so can’t do pull-ups - - and then claim that pull-ups dont build strength while secretly trying to do ‘em – well, the less said the better !

And so on and so forth.

Lesson in all this?

Dont’ comment unless you’ve been there and done that, bro. And most people have not.

You could, of course – but it would just make you look like an idiot.

And thats what I had to get off my chest.

It’s off now, so I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember to pick up the BEST darn fitness system out there right HERE – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

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Or realizing it, I should say.

But let me back up a bit.

Yours truly has always been headstrong to an extreme and especially if it is something I want.

No matter how trivial. I'll move mountains to get it, and I'm like a horse with blinders on when it comes to these things.

Always been that way, but it's really been this year, as both my businesses take off by leaps and bounds that I've realized the truism of the above saying.

Mike Mahler, I believe it was, him of kettlebell fame that once said on his site that “anything that came between him and his goal (back when he was setting up his biz) was OBLITERATED”.

Big time.

And in my case, it's been Napoleon Hill's advice of “you truly are the sum of the people you hang out with the most” (or are other wise influenced by through any medium) that I truly took to heart in a BIG way this year (and again, it's not that I did not do thi sbefore – it's just been magnified this year).

And I've made no secret of that, of course.

Now, at this point I gotta say something.

NONE, or at least not most of the people I've “removed” from my life are either “bad” people or unsuccesful, or not motivated to do their own thang, or whatever.

Quite the contrary.

Most are great people.

And a lot of them are wildly succesful at what they do in their own lives whether they realize it or not (and those that dont, well, I've gotten tired of trying to get them to realize it, but thats why, of course I ... ah, but we're getting there!).

But when you're having conversations with people and increasingly feel a disconnect, or a feeling of being used as a sounding box for one, it's time to re-evaluate the relationship.

He knows what he's on about”, is the silent cry that goes on in most of these people's minds, so when they want the real scoop or to rant about somethign they're too scared to do publicly guess who they come to.

Thats fine to an extent.

But when it comes to the reverse case, and yours truly needing to rant, nothing doing (or it has to be done their way or the highway).

Not to mention that the vast majority of people out there subconsciously sabotage not just their own success due to what they've been programmed with, but actively get on the “Crabs in the bucket” train when they see someone really going to town in every regard

And in the past, I'd give these people a slight chance.

These days?

Not a chance.

I could care less.

And it's only by REMOVING all negative influences, deliberate or not, conscsious or not that you can truly succeed at the highest levels.

Napoleon Hill said it best in Think and Grow Rich in that you can have ANYTHING your heart desires provided the desire is strong enough and the FOCUS is all encompassing, allowing nothing to come betwen you and the goal! 

And it's true, my friend.

Most won't believe it, but then again, most won't succeed at the highest levels. You that WANTS To, well ... tough decisions need to be made!

And back to fitness.

When I got in the best shape of my life, I got laughs when I made the mistake of announcing my goal to a couple of people (I thought they were my friends, hehe).

(Par for the course, by the way ... and I've written about this before. Human beings tend to unconsciously point out the 100 reasons it can't be done, and neglect the one reason that it can!).

If I had told them at that point I'd be climbing hills multiple times a day, or doing 100 pushups perw workout, they'd have a coronary most likely.

(NB – I actually did 500 pushups a day for a while back in the day, but thats a different story, hehe).

Same thing with pull-ups and the advanced variations I've put out.

I didn't ask if i could do it. I just did it.

And when it gets to the point that you can't have a simple, casual conversation about bodyweight exercises without it being dissed, criticized and mention of gym shym being made (all to an innocous comment about “I did pushups and I feel great!”, for instance) then it's time to reevaluate.

In my case, what was ending up happening was I was subconcsiously getting irritated by these people, and allowing that irritation to sometimes take my mind over.

Bad mistake.

As soon as I PERMANENTLY removed these people from my life – guess what.

The flow not only came back, but increased greatly. Big time!

Do I mean we all have to agree on everything?

Hell no.

But there is a difference between being neutral and negative.

For instance, people often talk to me about their gym routines, and contrary to what you might think, I dont try and push my advice down their throats.

Never have, never will. How they train is their business - - unless they ASK, of course (and sadly enough many of these bozos ask, and don't listen).

But really. Unless asked, I'll actually even give them tips on how to improve in the gym, despite my dislike of modern day gyms.

THAT, my friend, to me is truly staying NEUTRAL.

If you get my drift.

And back to the central focus of this email.

If you're truly, truly looking to succeed at the highest levels at whatever it is you do, you must be ruthless in removing anything that even seems to appear between you and your goal!

It's only then that your faith is truly telegraphed to the Universe, and powers that be – and once that happens – watch out!

OK, my friend. I've got that off my chest haven't I. Hehe.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the very best damned fitness system on the PLANET right HERE – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

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Thursday, 05 November 2020 10:07

Is what I do not “real work”?

I remember Uncle Bob laughing about something once, way, way back in the day ...

.. .about a certain mutual friend of ours.

... the “Major General” (not really, hehe) as it were.

And while specifics aren't important, let's just say Michael did the very thing back then that I do now (and I daresay made a ton of money while doing it).

(Is it any surprise my English name is Michael? Or my other “names” are ... ah, but we'll wait until the other site is back up to go there. ;))

But either way, he made the following comment once ...

... “and get a real job” (he was referring to our friend).

Not necessarily in a BAD manner either.

But get this.

While both of us (uncle Bob and myself) were bored stiff in the corporate world aching for a change, the 'General' was living the change (self created for the most part).

He was working from home. Working his own hours. Drinkning a ton of beer and having a ton of fun (that bit applies to me too, but hey! ;)) ... and most importantly, perhaps, at the tim eI met him making more money than either one of us was for the “hours” he put in (and enjoyed!).

And so forth.

And I get the same thing thrown at me all the time.

“I'm working”, I'll tell someone. Could be anyone.

Oh ok.

Where's your office? What do you do ?

I tell them.

Oh, you write. Great. But whats your real job?

And so forth ...

... Apparently writing and producing the amount I do on a damn nearly basis, and high quality stuff all of it isn't a real job?

What would these people tell me if I told them what Ford once told others?

“Thinking is by far the hardest job”.

Thats right.

Sitting still, focusing your mind on ONE THING WITHOUT DISTRACTIONS – and thinking – ruminating and on that ONE THING – for hours.

Is indeed one of th etoughest jobs out there!

And one that I can lay claim to being pretty good as of late.

Anyway, the same thing happens fitness wise.

Oh, pushups, you hear them sneer. But what about fitness?

You know you need the gym to get fit!

And so forth.

The comments pour forth from the brainwashed, and perhaps more surprisingly so, during the lockdowns everywhere, people haven't figured out to find a way, and are instead ranting on about closed gyms, “depression”, and the like.

Fiddlesticks my friend.

I just got a brief little stretching workout in that would floor most gym goers and Crossfitters from the word go.

Took me about 3 minutes in all, and I BE BUZZING now.

With energy, verve and vigor, and ready to go ... again!

Nah. Not what you think, hehe.

But really, the point stands

These preconcieved notions about “what it is” and what it “should be” are just stupid my friend.

Ditch them today – especially fitness wise. Best choice you'll ever make bro!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is the best fitness system out there (to put it simply and plainly!) - the 0 Excuses Fitness System. And yes, you DO need to grab it NOW.

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I'm a busy man. Yes.

And so said a friend of mine, a person that “digs my writing” as it were.

And a REAL strongman at that. (he recently won a real competition at it. Placed #1 no less!)

More on this later, though . . 

You on my list will recall what a guy named “Jake” once asked me about pushups.

I don't remember the exact wording, but I did up an email on it.

And he got a response, and a good one at that, but the only reason he did was ... he ASKED flat out, without asking “if he could ask”.

And no, that ain't the only reason I aggressively cull the lot above (by that I mean out of my lists and LIFE in general).

Anyway, Jake wanted advice on pushups, which I gave to him. No idea if he implemented it.

But there's tons of people that badger me with the following.

“Can I talk to you for a few minutes”?

“Can I have a few minutes of your time”

And so forth.

Now, remember this isn't family we're talking about.

These are just people that contact me online.

And I'd say that if you wanna “talk to me”, why not just DO it instead of ASK?

Not like I'm going to check the dumbphone unless I want to, anyway ... (and no, repeated calls to “reply to me” won't pressure me into doing it either. I'm a busy man, and the LAST THING I do most of the time is check the damned dumbphone).

And most of the time, these people are just flat out TIMEWASTERS.

Like some guy who contacted me about the blue about supplements and “what I thought of them” and “what supplements I'd recommend”.

I was like, dude. I don't do supplements. They're the most useless thing ever invented after the dumbphone for the most part, and I make that very clear on my sites, no

And this same person contacted me today with the above.

“Hey Raul. How are you? Can I have a few minutes of your time” (apparently he has a “query”).

My first instinct wa to give him a chance, and ask (again).

(Not to mention something - if you ask someone something, at least spell their name right, hehe.Do I care - no . .. but, hehe....)

But the last sentence made me take my decision.

I removed him from my list (sort of, not really. Hehe).

And my posts etc. 

And no doubt, this person would want “Free” infomarion with no intention of using it unless it matched his agenda or ... “is looking for someone to talk to” or ... “needs a shoulder to cry upon” or ... 

Fill in the blanks. 

Whatever it is, I can guarantee you ONE damn thing.

He ain't no paying customer. And not a doer either.

Those that want to buy just DO IT MY FRIEND.

They don't dilly daddle and ask meaningless questions (and I dont know why, but the vast majority of “English” (I use quotes for a reason!) teachers in China that pester me this way – and believe me, I don't even teach English ... so I'm not sure HOW I got into this mess on a coupla my lists ... but then again, thats expats in Chian in general these days and ...).

They just do it.


And time is short.

And time, my friend is money.

IN short (again) – if you want to ask me something via email or whatever, just DO IT.

Chances are that if you just do it, even if you're “just looking for free info”, I'l give you a very detailed answer.

And that ain't no exagerration either, as past customers will testify.

OK, enough for now. I recently told my daughter this “All problems in life can be solved by doing handstand pushups”.

Do at least 50 a day, I told her. 

Spaced out, of course! Througout the day ... 

Blood flow to the brain, and what not, hehe.

And in that vein, I'm off to do some myself soon perhaps. We'll see.

Adios – and I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – But really, fella. Handstand pushups are a great, great exercise, and a workout unto themselves. Learn how to do 'em right HERE: Shoulders like Boulders ...

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And it certainly ain't gonna make you as strong as an ape, my friend.

If anything it might actually SLOW your gains down.

But hold your horses. Let me back up a little ...

... What I'm talking about right now ain't really fitness. That comes soon.

For now though, it's about the ever growing “tribe” of not just haters, but “lovers” ... that blindly try and APE what I do.

I see it on my WeChat all the time. People peeking into my marketing style and trying to do what I do and get the results I do ...

... which by the way has included pestering me to buy said services after I looked at their post, something I absolutely do not, have not, and will never do (and neve rhave done).

Desperation perhaps.

At their stuff not selling, or the services not getting bought.

In some cases its because their stuff is downright crappy (like the guy who recently tried to sell me “China VPN for X amount! Watch all sports on this, brother!”)

But in most cases, the products seem decent enough.

It's the marketing and selling, by far the most important part of the whole process which fall flat on their face.

The desperation shines through, though some do a better job of concealing it than others.

And it never fails to amuse me when I see “Rahul Mookerjee” clones out there that try and ape exacly how I do things and get the precise opposite in results.

Lets take the Bozo for an example.

He even apes my email style right down to the “Best,” and signing off with his full name (at least in some of the rants he sent me, that was the case).

And he's (as a mutual friend said) “obsessed” with me.

As if yours truly was a movie star, hehe, though I've been called that as as well.

But here is the thing my friend.

Apeing me in terms of marketing or even fitness isn't exactly the ticket.

First thing you know, YOUR customer have a different mindset than mine (or your list, or your “besties”, or your nikkas, or whoever you sell to) ...

... And giving them the “Rahul” treatment will likely have the very opposite effect you intend.

(Unless you do it RIGHT, but no, I won't reveal how here, hehe).

And second, and most importantly ...

YOU aren't ME.

And I ain't you.

And neither is anyone me, or neither am I “anyone”. 

I keep saying one thing, the Creator, or Universe, or whoever has made everyone unique my friend.

We all have unique skill sets and talents (look at the Bozo for instance. He's uniquely good at trolling, and yet is too lazy to make a career out of it, but apes me just coz ...).

And the minute we “ape” someone blindly, it shows.

At least, those of us in the know can see.

Unless you really, really do it well and most don't ...

And fitness wise, same thing, and I've said that before of course. I think I said it a day or so ago.

We, my friend, are unique.

Fitness ain't a one size fits all deal.

Doing handstand pushups all day might have worked for Doug Hepburn, but he had his unique situation to deal with.

So do YOU.

And thats why despit ethe barrage of workouts I give you in damn near every book, I do not handhold, and I make that very clear.

Im all about results.

And you ain't gonna get 'em if you ... ah, but we went there, didnt we?

Might not sound like music to your ears, but it's true, hehe.

And on that sage note, I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Oh, almost forgot! While “apeing” ain't good, building APE like strength is definitely what most modern men WANT and NEED (the Bozo is a prime example). Bozo even wrote in to me about how he wished I'd build a gorilla grip. Funnily enough I'm the guy that wrote the book. Fancy that, eh. But really. Train like an ape, my friend - - you'll never regret the pulling and sheer overall upper body GORILLA strength you build! ;)

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Saturday, 19 September 2020 11:27

On truly letting GO . . . TRULY!

And receiving, receiving way, way more than you expected (and in forms you never thought possible!)!

When I first started 0 Excuses Fitness, I was “eagerly waiting for customers”. Every day, I’d check my email to see if I had new customers, and how many.

The sales.

I’d check it every so often during the day on all my various channels.

I’d even check occasionally in the middle of the night so “hungry” for success (at that particular endavor at that time) was I.

Now, this approach paid dividends, sure.

But do you know when my sales really started shooting through the ROOF?

When I really started meeting customers that form the very nucleus of my busines, the very CORE – customers that are REPEAT customers, own most of my books an dcourses and aren’t just avidly waiting for my next product; they’re on TENTERHOOKS For it!

When I truly let go.

And I’ve written a lot about this before.

When you let go is when your desires start to manifest my friend, and the more you let go, the more EFFORTLESSLY and often (amazingly enough) QUICKER than you thought possible.

The more you TRULY LET GO!

And most people no matter how smart or disciplined have a very hard time truly letting go of something they truly DESIRE.

Now to the unschooled, this may sound like a bunch of baloney.

But bear with me my friend.

Yes, if you really, really really want something youll obsess about it. As Napoleon Hill said, it’s impossible to really HAVE anything unless you work up DESIRE for that thing, a WHITE HOT SPARK of desire!

That could be via sexual transmutation. Could be via working out. Could be via just wanting the thing or occurrence or event so damned BAD!

Any which way, really.

But the other side of the coin is knowing when enough is enough.

And letting go.

Truly letting go, which means “stop caring about the outcome”, and HAVE FAITH!

Believe me, there is no desire small or big enough for the Universe to accomplish.

You get what you put into it, first of all.

Second, you only get once you show that you truly don’t “care” (even though you do).

If you’re desperately running after something, chances are you ain’t gona get it.

And if you telegraph “want” as opposed to “need” to the Universe, then guess what.

It will sense both those thing s (or the presence of the former, and the lack of the latter, or vice versa) and respond accordingly.

Like a well oiled machine, the best of them all!

I can recall so many instances of this.

Take for instance a year or so ago

I was craving some pizza. Big effing time!

Some GOOD pizza.

I could literally TASTE and smell the damn thing - - so badly did I want it!

And within 3 days of having this desire Marc the African silverback gorilla “just so happened” to invite me out for pizza – on him!

I had never spoken to him about this before.

I was going to buy a pair of shoes later that year I really wanted, but for some reason Amazon didn’t have ‘em.

And guess what.

Within a WEEK of that desire being telegraphed, the shoes showed up - - from a different source - - at less than half the cost without me even buying em!

Mysterious indeed are the ways of the Universe, my friend, and it’s only when we accept what is, and accept that we have to have FAITH is that when things truly start to turn around for us.

ALL of us, regardless of what we’re into.

And it’s the same with fitness.

Have faith you’ll get a 100 pushups in a row.

Have faith the fingertip pushups will get easier.

Have faith the belly of Buddha will go away.

Provided you put in the hard yards, telegraph intention to the Universe, and truly do let go, there ain’t nothing “impossible” for you my friend – in any sphere of life, and I mean that from the bottom of my very heart!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – HERE is the best damned course on pushups, a course that has been garnering RAVE REVIEWS and then some – Pushup Central.

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This is an interesting subject, and one I’ve not spoken about at length  . . . a lot, at least.

And while I’ve often said that its better to have dreams that sound outrageous (if that’s what you REALLY want to accomplish) and visualize the same repetitively, there is a CATCH.

First, you see yourself where you are NOW in relation to your end goal, my friend.

So if your dream is doing a 100 pushups daily for an entire year, for instance, then you do a reality check and visualize (consciously) where you’re at NOW.

And contrary to popular thinking, visualizing isn’t just done consciously in pictorial terms.

YES, I advocate doing so. YES, it can really amp your results . . . and YES, everyone should be doing it regardless of their current status or goal or whatever it is, because the minute you stop aiming is the minute you stagnate.

As Claude Bristol put it, Success is a matter of never ending application. The minute you stop to rest on your laurels is the minute it takes wings and flies away.

99% verbatim that quote!

But the point I’m trying to make is this, that often times, and for many people (perhaps not all) the goal itself needs to be a manageable one.

Don’t get me wrong.

If your goal is to do 100 pull-ups per workout, by all means have that goal and visualize it, but an “achievable” goal – one that you CAN do, or see yourself doing very very soon is key as well in addition to this.

What do I mean and why am I saying this?

Well, I’ll give you a few examples!

When I was on my way to doing 500 rope jumps per set, for instance (not per workout, per SET) and doing so in decent time, I often thought about getting to that number when I could barely do 100 straight QUICK.

Invariably, and most of the time, I’d fail, often before 100 as well.

But I really started to get results when I thought of getting to 120 per set.

Doing that for a while.

Then getting to 150 per set. And so forth.

These goals didn’t “scare” me as opposed to the “oh my god” involuntary feeling that I got when I thought “500” (although that WAS the ultimate goal and I DID get there).

It’s not just about eating a bear a bite at a time. It’s about eating a slightly bigger bear a somewhat bigger bite at a time.

Milo and the calf.

Progressive overload - - the mental aspect of this while you do what you can NOW.

And so forth. Your beliefs will naturally start to upgrade to the point that your end goal, for instance, stops scaring you and at that point you’ll likely have achieved it or probably will very soon!

And the entire process will be painless as compared to if you do it the other way.

Don’t get me wrong.

Both ways can work depending upon your psyche, but I’ve found way #2 to be far better most of the time.

Now, bear in mind this applies to anything in life.

Business? If you want to make a $1000 bucks a day, and are making barely that in two months now, for instance, then think of making $100 per day first, and work towards THAT. Or $50 per day.

Once you get there, you work UP.

Writing, you ask?

Believe me, I didn’t start out hammering out (for my other venture) 20000 plus words in one day and cranking out books that sell that quickly from the get-go.

Initially when I really got into writing it was an average of 3000 words per day which is still way more than most people can bear to do (or think of).

But for me, its always been something I ENJOY, so . . .

As Cindy so adroitly put it.

You’re a writer, and a fighter!

And this fighter has this to say: upgrade your beliefs NATURALLY my friend.

Don’t force it.

Don’t be itching to jump WAY out of your comfort zone from the get go.

Instead focus on small goals, and ticking them off as you go along.

This advice is contrary to that which most self help gurrrrrruuuuuuuuuussss give you, but it’s TRUE my friend.

Apply it, and see how far you go!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – More such motivational products are available right HERE -https://0excusesfitness.com/products/

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Over the past few weeks, or months I should say, I’ve been paring down my contact list in all regards even more dramatically.

Used to be I could count on the fingers of hand people I’d regard as being close friends.

And now, it’s more like a couple of fingers . . .

I don’t know why, but people have not just stopped (or aren’t) saying it like it is anymore out of FEAR.

Fear of being lumped into XYZ category, or perhaps offending people, or perhaps being polarizing, or perhaps (most commonly) been “seen” differently than they’d “like to be”.

Truth be told, this has been going on for donkey’s years, of course, but whats different now you ask?

Well, the few people (or almost all of them at any rate) that DID say it like is apparently aren’t any more, and not even privately, which is sad.

I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out what I’m hinting at my friend.


The China-zi issue . . .

And no for those of you that think “it’ll hopefully go away” or “it won’t escalate”, I got two words for ya.

Not necessarily what you might think either! ?

It won’t.,

Let me repeat that.

It won’t just like the Nazis never “went away” until they were MADE to.

Then there are those with businesses in mainland China or connections of other nature (family, investments, homes etc).

And they aren’t saying it like it for fear of reprisal from you know who.

Well, first thing I got to say about that is that if you’re that scared of reprisal, and don’t get me wrong, it’s very real given what China does, that probably isn’t the right place for you long term (unless gulags and forced labor are your thing).

And second, more importantly, if you think business wise it will be “all good” and the Chinese won’t take it over, think again.

Think several times.

For starters, any sort of real business in China requires a Chinese partner.

And there haven tons of cases where that partner just flat out took over the company and there was nothing the other person (or people) could do about it.

And THESE days, it’s about the CCP just grabbing it once it gets big enough.

And parroting it as “their own”.

They’ll let you do the hard work. The hard yards.

And just as you get big enough, they’ll invoke some obscure law or something (much like their obscure and meaningless territorial claims) and just GRAB it.

Or kick you out. Period.

Look at what happened to Uber, for one. It didn’t leave on it’s own.

Carrefour . . .

Plenty of other businesses, and on a smaller scale, you may want to read Mark Kitto’s piece on “you’ll never be Chinese” (Google if you need to).

And while I can understand not coming out publicly about it, privately??

Those that privately say nothing about this sort of thing are no longer on my contacts list, I’ll tell you this much.

No, the problem ain’t going away my friend.

No, the problem can’t “wait until the fight is at your doorstep”. It already IS IN MANY ways, and while it’s being pushed back vigorously, it hasn’t gone away by any means.

And other than Prez Trump, Secretary Pompeo (both of whom I applaud whole heartedly for saying things as they are), I see precious few people saying it like it is.

This includes world leaders.

Angela Merkel for one . . . Surprising that Germany isn’t saying anything, or maybe not??

And of course, PM Modi’s curious absence and silence given the Chinese aren’t just not vacating what they took from India, but will probably move in FURTHER as time passes (not a lot of it at that).

Ignoring a problem never makes it go away.

It only EXCABERATES it my friend.

And a lot of people are starting to rant about the ideological side behind this.

And how it shouldn’t be that way.


I can understand everything not being taken from that standpoint, but certain things have to be.

Let’s take a look at the racism row in the U.S. right now.

At the core of it, racism is wrong aint it?

Showl is, I hear you say.

Then isn’t China-Nazism or Nazim or any similar ideology WRONG?

Communism is fine if you’re into it and don’t try and impose yourself on others, but clearly that ain’t what is happening with the CCP!

Anyway, that’s my take on it.

And yes, I WILL Continue to take a stance.

The more people that speak up the better, and if you think your voice don’t count, think again.

Every little bit helps, and no, it doesn’t benefit me financially in case you’re wondering or hurt me.

In fact, and funnily enough certain people have “threatened” to get off my list and “not buy” for my political posts as of late.

And that’s perfectly fine. The vast majority of those people were talkers, not doers.

There WERE a couple of doers, but if my political stance offends you that much, so be it.

I’d rather do the right thing and speak up my friend. As YOU SHOULD, because believe me, this affects everyone.

That holds true for fitness as well.

Your inaction right NOW (if that’s the case) will cost you dear down the line my friend in terms of fitness too.

“Putting it off until tomorrow”?

Tomorrow usually never comes, and those that do know that very well at the core! ?

And so forth for strength training, weight loss and all that.

I WILL continue to say it like is and I WILL Continue to take a stance; not just have an opinion. The time for “just an opinion” is long gone in my opinion.

And that’s that for now.

Stay tuned for another blast on BAREFOOT training and more on what I wrote about before my goddamned computer crashed. GOtta love Winblows!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Saturday, 18 July 2020 13:03

Hide your strength, bide your time

If there is one incident that illustrates perfectly the sheer PRACTICALITY of the Napoleon Hill saying “Every adversity, every misfortune, every unfortunate occurrence carries within in it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit”, it is what is going on in the world today.

Note that the great man did NOT say the flower of full blown success, but the seed from which said plant may be said to germinate.

And astounding as it might sound, the current India – China conflict going on that yours truly has written so much about is a perfect example of this.

Now don’t get me wrong, first off.

Lots of people think I “want” war between the two nations and more.

You couldn’t be more wrong if you thought so my friend. Or if you think so. Or if you even think so in the tiniest bit, way, shape or form.

Unfortunately, sometimes harsh steps need to be taken in order to contain a growing menace that knows no limits and has NO mercy whatsoever. And the same can be said of this conflict.

Everyone knows why, so I won’t get into that here, but rest assured that it’s almost inevitable it will happen.

And the world will get dragged into it, big time.

Do I want it? No. Would I be glad to be proven wrong? Hell yeah! (yes, Charles, there are no prizes for being right as you keep telling me, but are there any for being WRONG? I never did get an answer to that! ?).

But anyway . . .

If there is one truism that emerges from all this, it is what the late Deng Xiaoping, truly a great leader had to say on China back in the day.

And it’s imperialist and other ambitions.

Hide your strength, bide your time

I have made NO secret of the FACT that I don’t regard the CCP and Chinese leadership in general as being even human, let alone have a shred of respect for them.

I don’t, due to obvious reasons.

But, and this alone will probably cause most people reading this to hit “unsubscribe”, he was the very best leader China has ever had. Certainly better than Mao and Xi Jingping, both of whom fit the “buffoon” category perfectly (the former in some ways more so than the latter, but not a lot more).

Conversely, Deng was a practical man.

And it is HE that caused China to literally emerge from the ashes and turn into the rogue nation it is today . . . or should I say, have the economic heft to try and be one.

It is HE that almost single handedly pulled almost a billion plus people out of abject poverty.

And were his methods pretty?

Do I support Tinanemen? Do I support the one child policy? Do I support the hukous system?

Hell no.

But in that day and age, those sort of drastic actions had to be taken and he made those tough decisions, and look where China is today.

And he was a huge, huge proponent of “hiding your strengths and biding your time” until it truly WAS or IS time to reveal them strengths.

Which is a different way of saying what Napoleon Hill did.

“Tell the world what you’re going to do, but show it first!”

AT the right time . . .

And ole Deng, I can promise you, would probably be turning over in his grave right about now if he knew what was going on now.

Ole Deng was NOT a proponent of “imperialism”. Economically, YES, he wanted China to be a force to be reckoned with and then some, much like Japan.

But nothing further than that, I truly believe, and yes, I can’t prove it, but not everything HAS to be proven.

And if China truly was the economic superpower it claims to be, things would have fallen into place a long time ago. It isn’t, and they haven’t, and . . .

But anyway, Deng as I’ve said before is NOT the person responsible for the “Get rich at any costs” or the “To be rich is glorious” sayings both of which are INCORRECTLY attributed to him.

I’ve written about it on both the blogs, but the translation of what he said was “If some people get rich, that is a good thing”.

And he said that w.r.t opening the country up economically, and he was dead on RIGHT.

And he was even righter (is that even a word? Hehe) about the “hide your strength, bide your time” thingy.

When someone comes up to you as you’re starting a goal, or on your way there telling you “you’ll never get there”, or “you’ll never lose that weight”, or “you’ll never be strong enough”, or any of the other BS you might expect, one response might be to tell them (as I wrote in the last email) to go to hell.

Straight to hell.

Do so, but do so mentally, my friend.

Let the naysayers neigh, and always remember, any time someone says “no” they have themselves activated a large percentage of the forces responsible for you to do the exact opposite, and then some.

IT’s happened to me on so many occasiona I can hardly recount them all!

Same thing applies to fitness.

If the studs at the gym laugh at the pot belly you’ve got and your inability to do pull-ups, and call you a bonafide DUD at ‘em . . . well, let ‘em.

First thing you know, they’re right.


Second, get cracking on the courses on pull-ups. WORK towards your goal. Before long, you’ll be EQUALLING if not surpassing the braggarts, and that, my friend, will truly be the time to SHOW your strength as opposed to hide it.

There is a time and place for everything!

And by biding your time, and NOT telling the world about your goals or “reacting” when they criticize you or do your best to bring you down (believe me, I should know!) you eliminate any and all NEGATIVE energy that stands between you and your goal.

And channel the remaining bit  of it wholeheartedly and FULL BLOODEDLY … into your goal!

And as Maximus Aurelius (I believe) a.k.a Russell Crowe said in the Gladiator,

“And victory shall be mine, in this life or the next!”

Armed with that belief and knowledge, there is nothing that can stand between you and success.



Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is where you can pick up another extremely motivational read:https://0excusesfitness.com/gumption-galore/

P.S #2 – Here is where you can take a gander at an extremely popular course of ours:https://0excusesfitness.com/animal-kingdom-workouts/

P.P.S – And here is where you go back to the basics, and you should!

(Edit – funnily enough it seems, and I’ve been saying this too, that India of all nations is following the “hide your strength, bide your time” maxim right about now. At least I hope that’s what they are doing, notwithstanding what their defence minister said!

Are we (those of subcontinental and Oriental origin) “Really all Asians”?

I’ve often been asked if I’m Chinese in mainland China. “You have yellow skin!”

And ole Deng looks half Indian to me to be honest, if you were to take the eyes away . . . and replace them with “bigger” or closer set eyes. Hehe.

Much like my ex boss Freddie, a great guy of Chinese origin and who was often called Indian!

Anyway, enough rambling on my part. Back soon – but hey – the message STANDS! ?).

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It might be a rhetorical question, but it hits home doesnt it? 

Especially for a lot of you gym goers out there that claim to bench the world, but can't hang on to the pull-up bar to save your life (quite literally). 

But anyway, I posed this SAME question on another site, in a different manner. 

That was about "attracting women" and the long line of Bozos standing around on street corners and massage parlors and such with dicklets in hand and what not because they "can't get none at home or wherever, or what not" .. and how I said you dont (on that list) necessarily need to DO any of that. 

Basically, there are certain rules to attracting women (those you want) - and the same thing holds true for WOMEN - except women in general are more attudned to their inner selves and what needs to be done than most men who literally think with their little brains *heads*. 

A certain someone comes to mind, hehe. 

But it ain't about anyone in particular necessarily, but anyway, I posed the very real and RIGHT question. 

More unsubscribes, and in droves. 

And I welcome it. 

If there is one thing I cannot stand more than the DO NOTHING's, it's the DO NOTHINGS that pitch up a hissy upon being told they are do nothings. 

One guy wrote back to tell me "how he'd pay me if I introduced girls to him that would do what I wanted". 


Last I checked I didnt operate a call girl service, and dont have any plans on doing so! 

(And those inane messages I keep getting of "Sir, we have dating services". UGH. Don't want 'em...) 

But anyway, exercise and back to it. 

I mean, lets face it fella. 

You DO want to do 'em. 

And a lot of people secretly look at people that can do the thing - and then make the snarky comments about "how he has it good" and other bullshit, while igorning the facts that they are a) lard asses that cant do the thing and b) too cheap to fork out the bucks to learn HOW and c), and MOST IMPORTANTLY - when someone calls them out for it - it hits HOME, so they throw a fit. 

Like a certain Charles did ... (not the customer obviously) ... for a post that didnt even have him in mind. Hehe. Tells you a ton about the nutjobs "secretly" following every little tidbit of what I say or write, but wont admit it. 

Hey, what can I say. 

All learn from the Master at it ... 

And I've earned the right to call myself not just that - but a SUPER STUD at pull-ups, and I will. 

And so should you (earn the right). 

And we ALL know you WANT to. 

BUt unfortunately, nothing comes without sacrifice, and nothing is free in life (not even pull-ups, hehe). 

"Aint nothing free in life. Jake". 

Anyway, enough on this. I'm out. BAck soon! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Pick up the compilation on pull-ups HERE - -and get cracking, and write back once you get good at 'em. Like with Gautam and many others, I'll share your tales with the WROLD! 

Yes, WROLD. Hehe. 

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