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Like a JUDGE would.

And unless you’re the sort that prefers to “let it go anyway”, because “she (or he) is always right, and there is no point arguing, and ...”

Yours truly does the latter on occasion, but in a way where I dont really lose directly, but set myself up to WIN later.

And I always have.

Kinda cryptic eh.

But it is what it is.

And what THIS EMAIL is all about ain’t that. I’ll expound more on that later.

For now, and recently Bozo Schofield sent Charles (same dude who railed against pull-ups while secretly trying ‘em out and who said I couldn’t have my opinion when it comes to mainland China and a lot more ... though he claims I mis quoted him. No I didnt. I’ve got the screen shot bro) some shots of a page where I said “a person was too fat to do pull-ups and complained”.

“Fat Phucks” was the term I used, which seemed to have hit home though ... ONE, I did NOT mention Charles my name, and two and despite his assertions to the contrary – the email wasn’t even about HIM.

It was about the same bozo I wrote about that demanded a refund for the book on the best damn exercises ever because “some of the exercises were similar to what is in 0 Excuses Fitness”.

Anyway ... point of this, you ask? 

Well, this same person ... Charles, I mean, I could have asked him the following when he gave me the guilt trip of “I thought we were pals. How could you do this to me?”

well, first off, bro, I didnt do anything until I was provoked ... and even then, all I did was state FACTS in terms of pull-ups. If that offends, sorry, but I’m not going to either stop having an opinion on China and their bullshit and neither will I stop having an opinion on pull-ups and bodyweight, and I WILL tom tom both opinions until the “cows come home” or “pigs fly” whichever you prefer.

Actually, it’s not tom tomming, but whateva.

But second, and more importantly. 

We’re pals, right?

But you did NOT think of telling me about the Bozo’s trolling when he first sent you those gifs, did you now?

“Yeah, I think he sent me a few”.

Yeah. Right. A few. Having a few chuckles on my ass.

Hey, it’s all good bro. Dont get me wrong ...

And then of course the time when you, the Bozo, and some other nutzo joined a WeShat group, were kicked out by Steve the admin, and then you claimed “Glyn was kicked out of the group” when all three were.

For inane trolling, nothing else.

Hey, bro.

All good.

We sometimes have a go at each other.

I get it! 

But the point is, and you yourself have said it – GOOSE – and GANDER.

If you can excuse racism, which you do on a daily basis (and dont get me wrong – if thats what you thought about me, perfectly well an good. NO complaints from yours truly!) - then I can talk about pull-ups and fatsos, no?

I’d think the latter would be far less offensive to most people.

Perhaps we can ask Mike Tyson, or Herschel Walker, two people whose sheer dint of results has caused even you to admire ‘em ... ?

Or perhaps you could ask ME?

Of course, I know. How dare I. What do I know. Hehe. I’m an idiot.

I know, I know.

(I can hear name #1113 coming along, hehe).

But really, he ain’t the only one doing it.

SAME thing with my wife. My Mom.

They all get pissed about THIS.

That when it comes to get things done – Rahul Mookerjee gets them done, and ultimately finds a way to GET what he wants, outselling all the bozos and nutzos in the process that claim about “giving freebies away”, “being more helpful on social media sh-edia which I do NOT even use now” and other rubbish.

Ebay she bay. And so forth. Hell,I ain’t even gonna sell on Amazon no more probably in 2021. That decision is by no means made, but it’s in the making as it were.

Point is though, bro.  

Please DO listen up.

If you TRULY do want to put all this in the past, and admit a fact that you already know, that the real issue is the Bozo, then I’m willing to do it.

I am. Really.

I’ll let bygones be bygones.

But, point is this. You have to listen to the other side too bro. Can’t be all one sided.

Same thing for fitness routines.

You cannot, for instance, keep touting the benefits of (and here we ain’t talking Charles either) of “pump and dump” (ok, preen and pump, I know) until the pigs fly out of whoever’s ass being better than short and intesne bodyweight workouts.

Because they just aren’t.

Deep down inside these people know it itoo, or they’d never TRY it. Hehe.

OK, so did I piss off enough of the bozos as yet.



Well, good.

HERE is where you can jump on the BEST Damned fitness system ever. Try it – DO the thing – and you SHALL have the power!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – HERE is the best book you can pick up pull-ups, bar none.

PS #2 – I know. “Rahul is always wrong”. Hehe. I know, I know.


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Wednesday, 23 December 2020 16:55

More on PERSONAL Responsiblity

I believe I wrote a thing or two about that on the other site ...

But as I finish that last “don’t build websites anymore unless it’s REALLY something that pays me WELL and the client is someone I’d like with me long term” – I gotta say this.

And this will be of interest to said client “from Rwanda”, I believe, if I have got it right but I might not have ... who is no doubt reading this as I type this almost.

I have not one, or two websites. I got PLENTY, bro.

And I just got a new one up a while ago.

Anyway, on another front, I missed a payment for one of my BUSINESS websites.

The due date was around the middle of the month. My credit card wouldn’t work. It often doesnt due to a technicality that I had to contact the bank to sort out (Which to their credit they DID) ... but in the meantime I requested those guys to keep my site up and operational for 2 weeks more.

(to give me time to pony up)

(funnily enough or perhaps not – they gave me a discount that month for a great review I wrote for them. It was nice of them and entirely unexpected and the review was TRUE, so I wrote it. I certainly didnt expect any monetary return from it. Of course, life being what it is, I got the discount, but lost the ... ah, but we’ll get there).

They couldn’t give me the extra time. 

Against policy.

Which I completely understand!


Let me repeat this.


And they, along with the folks I host THIS site on are the best damned host I’ve had the pleasure to work with in a long, long time. For many reasons! Oustanding support for one ...

So what did I do?

I didnt rant or rave. Piss or moan. OR whatever.

My card issue wouldn’t get sorted until the next month.

Waiting a month for the other site to be online would incur business losses.


I took it on the chin 

Took a complete backup of my site BEFORE the account was “auto deleted”. And thats how to do it, my friend.

And bear in mind, this was just 2 weeks, not SIX MONTHS AND counting as a lot of these guys emailing me are delinquent for.

I have no idea why, but people seem to think “online = easy and turn on / off”.

If it were that easy?

Why not do it yourself, bro?

Ah I know.

How dare I say it?

But I did, because it’s TRUE.

Its about taking responsiblity, my friend.

And ignorance of the law (though honestly speaking there was no ignorance here – there was just you being “cheap”) does NOT mean you can openly flout the law and demand the right to do so.

Ain’t how it works pally.

And thats what I gotta say about that!

Before I go – taking responsbility for your PERSONAL fitness is obviously another major YES – or should be. Start by investing in the best damned fitness system (completely home based, and ZERO equipment of any nature required other than a floor) right here – the0 Excuses Fitness System.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – As for my own other site hosted with some other guys? I made a promise to the hosts that I’d be back with them, and I am. And I – as usual – cannot say enough good things about them. Professional and courteous – and great, great service. That is how it should be!

PS #2- The SAME Thing applies to those who “forget” to renew their SHIP membership, or “their card suddenly stops working”. Hey, I get it. Life is what it is. But life isn’t emailing me and demanding to be let back in without even a “mea culpa” of sorts. And guess what, chances are if you’re not genuine in the first place you will NOT be let back in ...

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I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m brutally honest, and that it is THE Way to go in life.

If people get offended, or they dont like you for saying it like it is, thats their problem.

Sure, this isnt the “easiest” approach to take by far.

But in life, long term, it in my not so humble opinion is the ONLY approach to take – that produces RESULTS, bro.

Solid results.

And keeps you doing your own thang and following your own worthy goals as opposed to some rubbish someone or ther other “deems” you should do.

Por ejempelo, my ill fated stint in Muscat, Oman (truth be told I never wanted to go there, but oh well. Mistakes, mistakes! We all make ‘em)

My Hindi is not that great. I admit it.

My Bengali is even worse. I mangle it in a way most (who think it’s my mother tongue) would be horrified to hear.

But I do know one Hindi saying, that being what a colleague at THAT Job told me.

“Insan Galtiyon ka putla hai”

A man (or a person) is a puppet to his MISTAKES is the literal translation.

What it means is we all make mistakes. Live and learn!

Anyway, the only reason I took that job other than roundly pestered to do so up and down, left right and center etc was that they were willing to give my wife a job, and that would make the minimum wage CRAP they were offering me slightly more bearable.

The deal was they’d do in three months.

Yet months passed, and there was no movement.

It was evident they wouldn’t keep up to their end of the deal.

One fine day, apparently my wife had enough of being polite with them and told them to piss off in no uncertain terms.

“Then I dont want it”, was a response she wrote to an email. Which I only learned of AFTER it was written and from the portly GM who to be frank could do with a dose of frankness himself.

(I still remember him pseudo threatening me when they fired me as in “they have family, so I’m not calling the cops on him”. Yeah. Right! Not like I had actually done anything that would warrant that or believe me they’d be all over my ass, much like ... ah, but we’ll get to that in another email later, hehe).

He called me into his office one fine day and pestered me up and down about “is this the way to behave”.

As if yours truly needed to learn “how to behave from a person that couldn’t and wouldn’t keep up to his end of the deal” (of course, he didnt have any real authority, but thats another tale altogether).

Anyway, they kept me asking me “why I let my wife send the email”

And I kept saying “dude, I ain’t got a clue”.

Because I didnt.

Apparently the rest of my brutal honesty there was so believable that they fired me for it.

But this wasn’t believable.

And of course, I was pestered roundly later by my family etc as to why “I let my wife do this”.

And when I tell her to do something, Mamma dearest pesters me “how dare I even DARE to tell a woman to do anything”.

Cant win for losing, hehe.

And wouldn’t try!

But really, that brutal honesty is what has always driven me.

Dad probably never thought the beating he gave me in fourth grade would make me take it to such extremes, but I DO.

The one positive side effect of something I do NOT condone in ANY situation except the most extreme – violence against kids that passes off as “spanking”. Right! My ass was sore for days hehe.

(but those were the old days, so it was done ... school was even worse).

Anyway, it led me to a far better place down the road ... a few months later ... yet again.

Circumstances shaped up so I was back in ... you guessed it!


And my beloved hill, hehe. So much for the efforts made to derail that process, hehe.

Anyway, just what the hell does this have to do with fitness you might be asking.

Well, it DOES.

My products are written in the SAME tone.

The same brutally honest frank barebones tone – and facts that deliver RESULTS.

Some people don’t get it.

“Cesar”, a guy that bought the initial paperback version of Fast and Furious Fitness bitched up a storm over “Pushups – Reverse Pushups – the BEST DARN EXERCISE EVER!” when it was released and he bought it.

Apparently because some of the exercises were the same as in 0 Excuses Fitness, it had no value and he wouldn’t want to keep it.

Asinine indeed. It was evident he just did a quick look through the book and then had “buyer’s regret” or whatever it is impulse buyers often encounter...  

That did teach me one thing though – to RAISE the price of the book ASAP.

I was running my usual 50% off for a while since the book had just been released. I often do that.

And I instantly raised the price back up (for that book and Gorilla Grip) - - and voila!

Serious customers for a serious price.

And thats how to do it, friend.

Stick to your guns – ALWAYS!


Rahul Mookerjee


PS – And thats really why the price for the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship is going up by a whopping TWO HUNDRED BUCKS come next year. Be pissed or not, I could care less. That is just how it is going to BE, friend.

PS #2 -Read a REAL review from a customer that gets it on the book above ...

The exercise in this book is quite difficult to master but once you crack it, it will blow you away at how good it makes your entire body feel, I’m 63 and let me tell you, this one exercise has done more for my overall wellbeing than anything else I’ve ever done. A masterpiece, thank you.

– John Walker  (from the UK).

PPS – Being politically correct and telling white lies is something that has always been quite alien to me. Truth be told, it wouldn’t have been fair to my wife anyway. Truth be told again – f*** it. If I didnt do it, then I flat out didnt bloody do it, and thats just he bottom line, hehe.

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It’s well known (at least to my list – which really are those that MATTER to me) that I’m a highly spiritual person. And that despite my outwardly “uber macho” “logical” side that everyone sees, there lies an entirely different “beast” inside.

Nah, I ain’t referring to a Bozo Scofield like beast, hehe.

But I’m referring to a man’s many sides.

A human being’s many sides – and most of us never acknowledge either our many sides, or what we truly want, and the many wonders that never cease to amaze once we “give in” to our true desires.

As I continue to sink deeper into the Universe, create new businesses, write new books etc – the wonders never cease to amaze!

And amazingly enough those supposed to be the closest to me think the exact opposite.

What a dolt, they go.

Hehe. Thats the most polite of terms these nuts use ... but hey. As I thought about it this morning, the phrase “letting go” came to mind.

In the past I’d have trouble letting go.

This time?

IT just went.

End of caring.

And thats a great way to deal with negativity around you, but it needs practice, and I’ll talk more about it later, but for now, tingling?

Numbers adding up in all the right places (I ain’t talking sales!)?

And that FEELING?

Well – it’s SPIRIT talking to you my friend – IF you recognize it.

As it spoke to me, I’ll tell you about the tingle I’ve been feeling in my arms when doing the dead hang these days, and it’s AMAZING.

It’s a different sort of feeling from the STRONG feeling you get on normal thick bar dead hangs I’ve mentioned in the book on pull-ups.

This is more like a refreshing-cum-strong tingle.

IT literally refreshes your entire arms from up to down, and the ENERGY CRACKLES thereafter!

And there is a special combo of exercises that I have discovered you gotta do for this to happen – and I’m not going to reveal what exactly right now. Stay tuned – but hint – the exercises themselves ain’t nothing new – it’s how you do ‘em.

As they say, its not so much what you do, but HOW youdo it.

And in terms of exercise, lets say the best damned fitness system ever, its HOW you do it.

If I can’t hear you breathe across the room while doing any of this, or even my other workouts in the other books, you ain’t doing ‘em right bro.

It’s just that simple.

Thy breath is thy POWER, thy CONNECTION to the Universe, the source of INFINITE power and possiblities and everything.

And I’ll leave you be on that note!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I’m off for some more arm tingling pull-up workouts right now. Join me by cracking off some ADVANCED pull-ups as I describe in the ADVANCED course on pull-ups.

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You on this list know why!

But I will say it yet again – videos are something Rahul Mookerjee does NOT WATCH.

I repeat. 


I mean, I’d like to stay out of the “bozo” category, and the minute you stare non stop at anything that kills your imagination (TV, soap operas, inane and idiotitc promotional videos, or those “trying to make some sort of inane point in a long winded and overly showboaty manner” and so forth are PRIME EXAMPLES OF THIS) is the minute you slide further towards inertia and BOZO like behavior 

And “boredom” and complaining galore too.

Michelle, a friend of mine (or ...w ell, FB friend) once told me this.

“I am not the type of person who complains about where I live!”

(That being the PRC).

Last night, she messaged me out of the blue.

“Hey how are you"

I could tell that part was a formality. She needed someone to .. .

“Have you watched the videos”, she went three times without even allowing me the chance to do so (becuase deep down inside she knows I won’t, hehe).

Anyway, she sent me three links one after the other.

Bear in mind this person only talks to me either when she sends lengthy voice notes – or – you got it – videos.

In the “friendship” thus far I think it’s the first time she’s ever typed because “her English is supposedly too weak” (but it isnt weak when she speaks, hehe) 

So we got to talking.

“I’m bored!”

“China is so boring!”

OK ....

“I’m an interesting girl! I am not like most Chinese girls ! I travel all over world!”

And I tried to switch the topic to something interesting that being hiking.

“DG hiking is nothing compared to where I’m from!”

Apparently the “mountain” in her hometown in taiwan is far “better”.

It probably is, to be honest.

But really, hiking never gets boring my friend.

Neither does LIFE.

You have to FIND something to do. You gotta MAKE YOUR OWN LIFE interesting, no matter what.

I Could tell you a bazillion things to do within the confines of a room in that regard!

It’s not a matter of “boring”.

IT’s a matter of not being open minded enough to ... ah, but whatever.

What do I know, I told her.

And she bought it. Hook line and sinker.

“I’m just the fitness guy”, I tittered. “Maybe thats why I like hikes, foot massages (I dont, actually) and the like”

(I DO like body massages though)

(and thats why I put out a section on MASSAGE in the 0 Excuses Fitness book)

but really, the video she sent were LONG.

I watched about a few seconds of one.

That was enough.

Some inane nonsense about some tom tommers claiming “Taiwan is a much better place to live than America” – and then dissing America (curiously enough he’s American) in favor of China, Taiwan etc.

Punctuated by the most asinine and juvenile music ever.

So much for interesting and well traveled “different” ladies.

I rest my case.

And on a side note, as my friend from the Marines rightly said.

“Taiwan exists because of it’s friends. Simple. “

And it IS that simple.

Maybe thats what causes all the angst as well, hehe.

Anyway, thats that for now.

I dont like videos, but sometimes they’re necessary.

Last one I watched was of a guy taking apart a water dispenser.

Now that was cool. Learned me a NEW TRICK, hehe.

A do at home kinda thing.

And I believe I watched a Trump video (part of it) about going out and voting, but he made it interesting.

“Maybe you’ll vote for me, and maybe you won’t”, I remember him saying.

And after reading all this, maybe you’ll stay on my list, and maybe you won’t.

Maybe you’ll invest in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, or maybe you won’t.

Or maybe you’ll just send me more inane idiotic vidoes and wonder why I Dont reply to you.

All good either way, hehe ...

And thats truly that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Monday, 30 November 2020 11:58

How far ahead are YOU?

One of the things that I always ask everyone (well, on my coaching calls that is) in terms of progressing at anything (life, fitness, workouts, relationships etc) is this.

HOW FAR AHEAD are you – right now – of both the herd and yourself?

Por ejempelo, lets say you got a goal to do 100 pushups at ONE shot.

No breaks.

Perfect form.

No sagging.

Just up and down, up and down ... (no pun intended, hehe, especially given that email on supposed porno or what not).

Chest to the floor, back up. ALL the way.

A 100 of those suckers at ONE GO.

Now, you know the how of how to get there – or if youdont, Pushup Central will teach you. The techniques, I mean!

But really, when you DO the thing.

ARE you doing ‘em throughout the day?

ARE YOU doing what you can?

ARE YOU doing the isometrics if you can’t do a single pushup?

ARE you focusing on different variations?

Most of all, and this encapsulates all of the above – how much do you really want it?

If you do, you’ll likely be doing all of the above, and then some.

Ahead of yourself.

And the herd, that tries once a day and gives up.


I know which side I’d rather be on. 

I dont know if you guys have noticed, but I have my writing done in advance too.

To prepare for that rainy day where I dont “feel like writing” (which of course never happens, but just in case).

Do YOU have that sort of seriousness about your LIFE – and BUSINESS?

To make plans -backup plans – and all of that in the flow?

No, that ain’t contradictory!

If you do, I can tell you which way you’re going in life.

It’s UP.

And if you don’t, you are either stagnant, or going down, and they’re both the one and the same thing.

All fo rnow!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – It’s been said it requires 10,000 hours of practice to really get good at something. I often say that absolute mastery of an exercise is something VERY FEW, if ANY people can achieve, including the great Bruce Lee who did thumb pushups for hundreds of reps per set!

How about a handstand thumb pushup??

(Note – dont try it!)

And so forth.

Point is, if you want to achieve, then DO. And do more than the herd, and outdo yourself too. It shoul dbe a competition with YOU first, and then the rest !

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In came a comment from Bozo Schofield, whining as usual.

“No-one likes you!”

“The gorilla, the marine, Chuck” ... and on went the list.

Dont know about gorillas and “Chuck” is what Itold him , but the marines and high powered lawyer may have a different opinion on this, hehe.

But anyway, here is what my Dad (with whom it’s well known I dont agree upon anything at all, except those few things that yes, he WAS right about – slipped in “in between” and quietly, hehe, that stuck with yours truly).

Back in the day, when I was working for Freddie, at least in the “initial days of the job” I was doing my damndest to stand out – and make a case for myself.

Freddie hired me on gut and because he liked me.

(sorry, bozos, hehe)

But, the reason he presented to his boss was my I.T. knowledge and he needed a website built, and so forth ...

... And I was starting to get a little too aggressive with my follow ups on this with my managers (well, with “the” managers I should say, since I reported directly to the GM i.e. Freddie) ...

And in a moment of self doubt (back in those days sometimes it did crop up, hehe) I mentioned it in passing to my father when he was asking about it I believe.

“It’s not your job to be liked”, he commented quietly. “You’re there for your career!”

Actually, it was emailed to me now that I recall ...

... and of course, much to his probable and potential consternation, his other piece of advice on “toning it down” was completely ignored (i.e .the part about “sometimes you have to bottle it up andbe politically correct” and “white lie”).

I went the whole humpty, as I always do, have done, and WILL continue to do as I mentioned in that last “there” e-mail ...

And it shows, doesnt it?

IF something is right, then I say it no matter what.

If I didnt do something, such as “get an infamous email sent way back in 2012” that I was accused of, then (maybe it was 2013) I WILL say I didnt, and I WILL stand my ground regardless of what jobs I might get canned for.

As I discussed with Charles Mitchell a few months ago, at the end of the day you have to be able to look yourself in the mirror.

The only way I can do that is if I a) stick up for what I believe in , b) do the right thing no matter what and c) STICK TO MY GUNS!

C) is often times the most important.

No, I ain’t “preaching” here, friend. It’s TRUE.

Fitness wise, same thing.

Despite the hordes gravitating to the gyms and weights in the hope of fitness nirvana, I WILL point them down the 0 Excuses Fitness route anyway.

Despite the nuts benching cows in the gym and hurting their shoulders beyond repair, I WILL continue to state the benefits of handstand pushups until the cows comes how to roost (was that rooster, hehe).

And so forth.

It ain’t about sales. I’d probably make more – way more if I catered to the sheeple out there

But I ain’t gonna do it.

Thats not me.

It just ain’t me!

Never has been, never will be.

What I give you is what I do – and what works – flat out works – better than ANY OTHER bodyweight exercise program out there even!

And I am prepared to go the extra mile or five more, hehe, to back that up!

All for now – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System here.

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I’m not going to mention WHO.

Because if I did ... well, nothing actually.

But I ain’t gonna mention the persons by name on this one, if just to see how many of you have been paying attention to “el cavemano”. Hehe.

Over the months, years, and so forth ...

... And here it goes.

“You’ve spoilt my whole life!”

And so goeth the chant from two people, and also the one and only BOZO Schofield, and if you’d boil his insanity down to one thing, it is this.

“Rahul has always done what he wanted, and ultimately (even after he went through hell occasionally) GOTTEN what he wanted somehow”.

And it’s true.

Could be workout wise, me losing that spare tyre (or 10, hehe) I once had around my waist.

Could be financially, and pulling rabbits out of the hat when NO-ONE expected it.

Hit ‘em when they dont expect it, hehe.

My wife had THIS to say about me at that job I once worked at. THAT job.

“Khota sikka”.

Now, I had no inkling what this meant.

“It’s a Hindi expression”, she replied. “It means someone who can pull a rabbit out of the hat, or a Houdini when ALL is lost”.


I’ve always been a big game player.

I do NOT shy away from BIG challenges, but the small, routine ones?

As Dr. K famously said, I’m not much of a one for Mickey Mouse stuff, hehe.

And that shines through in BattleTank shoulders – and “Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER stud within a matter of weeks” – and Animal Kingdom Workouts – and literally ALL my fitness stuff and other writing.

I go the whole humpty friend. I either do it or I dont. No middle ground!

But anyway, the same people who said what they did ...

The profoundly loony and moronic Bozo? Well, enough said on him.

The other person was one who always HAS to have her own way no matter what and make others do her bidding and a person who hasn’t earned a SINGLE dollar, rupee, RMB, or anything in her life – and yet tells others how to do it.


Like a bald man giving yours truly advice on how to grow hair, hehe.

The other person?

Well, despite her many stellar qualities she steadfastly refuses to either acknowlege or realize, she has to blame everyone else BUT her for her current position in life.

And I’m not going to get into specifics here.

But point begets.

If YOUR own life ain’t where you want to be, bro, then STOP BLAMING others for it either consciously or not.

YES, some of us have it tougher. Always have.

YES, the cards aren;t always dealt FAIR in life.

But guess what.

Thats how the cookie crumbles, brah.

If you take longer to get good at handstand pushups than I did, or do it much quicker – well – thats how it is!

From Christ to Edison to Ford, all the men that have really accomplished anything of note have done so ONLY after surmounting temporary defeat of the MOST frustrating, disappointing, obstinate and stubborn onces.

That is not me saying it. It’s Napoleon Hill in “Outwitting the Devil”.

And he was right.

Think of that line anytime you’re down, my friend, and if you’re truly a person that gets it, and one of life’s doers, you shouldn’t need any more of a pick me up other than this!

Gotta go now, but I’ll be back with more soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Fitness wise, I already gave you the link for some inspiration. But life wise? Well, I’ve put out Gumption Galore, a collection of my best tips of yore ... and if you print that little sucker out and keep it by your bedside, I can guarantee you one damn thing.

You’ll never ever run short of inspiration again!

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And I mean consciously acknowledging, of course!

Anyway, I just asked my “wife” (if I can even use that term for her, hehe) the following.

“Do you mind running the coffee pot through the wash?” I mildy queried.

Being I did the laundry, and she was doing the dishes anyway, I thought it was a fair enough request ..

“No!” she yelled back at me. “You'll kill me if I break that thing!”

“Kill you??”

She meant it tongue in cheek, of course. But the gist of her entire argument boiled down to “what if I break it accidentally”, and “what your reaction will be”, and other such utterly irrational things ...

After all, she handles glass far more delicate than that daily!

Bad mood. Mood swings. Et al. All adds up to irrational behavior at times from the best of people.

 Now, in the past this would have led to a shouting contest.

“How dare you react like that”, I'd have said.

She'd have yelled back with some insult or the other. Childish, but in the “heat of the moment” all matters.

And nothing would have come out of it – nothing productive that is!

And thats another reason why yours truly caveman avoids political debates as well. Or discussions with any but those that GET it. And can recognize FACTS and FACE 'em them fair and square!

We're seeing th epolitical drama play out right now w.r.t President Trump refusing to “vacate” the Oval office.

While I highly doubt Trump of all people will refuse to do this (he's too smart!) - I think the reason he is vacillating is because he wants to “win even after he's lost” from a persona l standpoint.

He wants to keep his most core supporters energized. He wants to get donations etc for either this “fight” in the courts (to be frank, it was always a losing battle with no evidence) ... and probably if you read the fine print, for further Trump political campaigns etc.

Now don't get me wrong fellas.

I love Trump. 

Always been a massive supporter, and still am, but THIS sort of behavior and these antics?

I mean, to me its clear that there was monkey business going in in terms of the elections, but unless that can be PROVEN – well – the courts ain't gonna accept it.

And delaying transfer etc even during the best of times is NOT a very President like thing to do, regardless of political affiliations!

If this was a business deal, I'd be fully behind Trump doing what he is.

He's actually doing the right thing for the future Trump brand in many ways, but for the country right now?

I dont think so, my friend.

If you've lost, and you can't prove that the elections were rigged, well, by all means say they were.

But repeatedly delaying cruical transfer of power is NOT the best thing for the country – any country – especially in these times of the Chinese plague 

And of cours,e the reactiosn from the pro Trump camp these days are ILLOGICAL to say the least.

Emotional “how dare you” responses, and insults.

And there's no point going down that line.

What does it accomplish – zilch all, I'd say.

And in my case, jumping back to the “S.O” scenario, she calmed down almost immediately thereafter.

Sometimes, my friend, it pays not to react!

And by hiding your strength, and biding your time, and doing so sensibly.

Anyway, I'd rather stay focused on my goals.

And one of them is something so “outrageous” that even my most ardent dectrators will be hard pressed to believe I pulled it off.

If those of you thought the 2018 'ending' was a miracle – well, you ain't seen nutting yet, hehe.

And no, I ain't gonna let the cat out of the bag just as yet

Tell the world what you're going to do, but show it first! ;)

Fitness wise, same thing.

You! Fit! You can't even touch your toes properly!” I heard people sneer often because of my naturally tight hamstrings. 

Um ...

First thing you know, that isn't necessarily a matter of fitness. IT's a matter of properly stretching, and you'd be surprised to know some of the fittest people on the planet have the tighest hammies for one.

Not a deal breaker by any means.

“You! Lose that much weight! It'll never happen!”

And rather than get into the debate of if it will – channel that “emotion” (reaction) and make it happen – andthen enjoy the illogical “my jaw dropped” style responses coming your way.

They'll do all they can to discredit you and not believe it happened, and at that point YOU can laugh at them – and how!

And thatsmy point for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up 0 Excuses Fitness right HERE.

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Tuesday, 17 November 2020 08:38

How yours truly got to America

I still remember it.

Opening the envelope, and leaping for joy (internally).

The unthinkable had happened. I got a scholarship to an University – and given yours truly's truly “terrible” (according to most), in “12th grade”, who woulda thunk it?

Of course, they did say that I got the scholarship based upon my tenth grade grades which were (miraculously) 98 percent overall in my exams, and pretty much very close to 100 in certain subjects.

Of course, the lead up to this “miracle” was anything but spectacular.

Yours truly flunked all the “prep” exams that were held for this purpose.

Yours truly's “long suffering” Dad showed up and said the following “Good results in History and Math”, but “what about the rest”.

In a serious and stern manner that made me feel like Balaams ass was being led to the slaughter, hehe.

And in a manner that made me dig my heels in MORE (internally).

Hey, I never got the point of NOT being allowed to study what you “wanted”.

I liked History. I liked Math. I like the Arts. And yet, because those were “girly” subjects, and “there wasn't a career in them”, I was pushed into something I absolutely detested, that being the Sciences.

Anyway ... in tenth grade, I believe my Math score was 90.

That wasn't good enough.

My tutor remarked “we were expecting better of him”.

OK ....

If there is ONE reason I detest modern day academics that prioritizes ROTE over everything else (creativity be damed), it is THIS!

And it's also why I tell my daughter that all I care about in terms of her life is that she should be fit, healthy as a horse, DO WHAT SHE WANTS – and be good at sales, COMMUNICATION and negotiation so she can truly “sell her way through life” as I do!

I started late.

Maybe thats a good thing in many ways as the struggles allowed me to learn more than I would have otherwise.

I had and have zero “support”.


But, I'd like for her life to pan out differently in those two regards.

Will it? Who knows. We'll see!

But anyway, with all the out of state tuition and all that, the scholarship was how I made it to Univ.

And of course, two years later I lost it.

I was back to my beer swilling “F grade” getting ways, hehe (nah I ain't “proud” of it, but it is what it is!).

Anyway, thats part of how I got to the US – or should I say “Univ” as that would be a better descriptor, really.

But here is the one university that I'll never regret going though.

The school of hard knocks.

The school of REAL life.

The pain of LEARNING – in the toughest manners possible.

God gives his toughest battles to those that can handle it” 

So said Sanjay Dutt, an Indian film actor I greatly admire (not so much for his movies, but his STYLE).  

A true fighter, drinker, smokers, and womanizer til lthe end ...

.. and even the women that hated him had this one thing to say about him,

“But he maintains himself. He's in damn good shape!”


'nuff said.

Anyway, that off my chest (honestly I'm not sure why I felt compelled to say this now! It popped up in my mind while meditating, and so I said it) ... here is where you can go to pick up the BEST damned fitness system ever – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Do so now – you'll never regret it!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – Pull-ups were a regular part of the “Indian Terminator” (back in his days) workout routine – even if they weren't quite always done in the style I do 'em. And the RIGHT way to do 'em – well – you can learn that right HERE – Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

PS #2 – Some of you seem not to be getting my emails – check your “junk” folder if you just signe dup and aren't getting my comminiques (sometimes I do use them fancy words, hehe).

Or, perhaps just re-sign up with a different email address ...

If all fail, let me know and I'll see what I can winkle out.

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