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I'm pretty sure I'll get a lot of backlash over this, but that in mind, here goes.

Here is a comment I recently read from an Indian national cricketer on being forced into lockdown shockdown in Brisbane apparently where they are playing the Aussies.

(And you on this list are well versed with my views on wearing masks, lockdowns etc. Believe me, I have not worn a mask since the so called pandemic that China spread started, and I've avoided situtions when I NEED to wear masks, because I dont believe in “panic shanic” and so forth ... and, well, we've been over this haven't we?)

but it's hilarious.

"We are locked up in our rooms, have to make our own beds, clean our own toilets. Food is coming from a nearby Indian restaurant which will be given to us on our floor," members of the travelling Indian contingent described the hotel as to The Times of India.

Now before I continue, here is what a female Aussie cricketer said on this.

(curiously enough, the dudes haven't been responding. HA! Either way, LOL)

?? - the Aus and NZ women’s teams did their quarantine in the same hotel last year. Here’s a shock - we survived....

So said a certain “Alyssa Healy”.

I haven't followed women's cricket as closely as I follow men's (I know, I know. How dare I).

So, I am not sure, but I think she's the captain of the ladies's cricket team, or something to that effect.

I DO know she's a well decorated player, and has recieved awards etc, so she's a “somebody” in that regard.

But it isn't so much the complaint itself which is funny and which I don't necessarily disagree with.

I'd be PISSED. Big time.

Seems they are too ...

But “making our own beds”.

“Cleaning toilets”.

And so forth, hehe.

I know housekeeping does all that in a hotel (perhaps at home too for some people, but yours truly hasn't any such luck in YEARS).

Yours truly “caveman” probably wouldn't WANT IT either.

Last I was in a hotel was before the plague in January.

And housekeeping literally had to pester me to (as the Chinese say) “Qing” (please) get the room cleaned, beer bottles taken out etc after three days.

And the bed made, hehe.

I still remember the giggles the girl gave me.

Maybe the purpose was different, but hey.

A few days of living alone and doing the things mentioned doesnt hurt no-one, even if you're NOT a caveman that is admittedly allergic to maids, housekeeping etc clanging doorbells and showing up JUST when you're about to write something.

And what not.

I would rather just do it myself.

So I have.

So it is in the military for one, and so would say Mr T who “lives alone and trains alone”.

SPOILT brats is the term that comes to mind here.

And I'm sure Sunil Gavaskar if he is reading this would agree to “some extent”.

So would another former India player Irfan Pathan who keeps urging players NOT to complain as Alyssa healy did – when they're getting to travel, PLAY, and be handsomely compensated for it while the whole world?

Well, you know that part of it.

But perhaps the Punteer, the one and only Ricky Ponting said it best when he said you don't see the Aussies, who are putting up with it too complain.

Neither did the Indians complain when the same thing, or close to it was done during the Indian Premier League (held in India). NO-one did, actually.

Mollycoddling and being SPOILT brats in a country with cheap labor is one thing, and they DO have the right to be that.

I wouldn't be that though. Hehe.

Fitness wise, I want NO PART of such pampering and mollycodding.

Those that expect something for nothing.

Those that expect me to “go easy on them". 

The fat asses who complain about “me saying just do it” when I tell them to just lose weight ... and so forth.

Anyway, thats my take on it.

Get on with it, bro. It's just that simple. And a few days of caveman like living never hurt anyone. Who knows, you might learn to make beds like those ladies do all the time for us (not me, but you get the drift LOL).

I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can find the MOST brutally honest fitness system that just flat out WORKS – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

PS #2 – Goose and gander. But that isn't a concern for many that complain!

PPS - My living quarters, sans maid and such aren't actually so nasty (for those, and I'm sure certain women are wondering that are wondering). But, more on that on the other site, hehe. 

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I can still hear it.

A bunch of friends and so called well wishers telling me (in days bygone) “Life would be a lot easier if you got along with your family and did what they wanted you to”.

I’m glad they told me that. It only made me more determined to do my own thang and blaze my “muh” hehe own trail!

Which I am ...

You could replace “fall guy” in my case with black sheep. Skeleton in the closet, albeit one with meat on them bones, hehe.

But no matter what you call me, the overwhelming “rally” (I’m borrowing one of my beloved PG Wodehouse terms here) in the Mookerjee family (at least this one) is this.

“Rahul is always wrong”

“something bad happened? Rahul must have something to do with it!" 

If the sun rose int he West tomorrow, Rahul would be to blame, hehe.


I still remember a time in 2012 when I figured I’d try and make it work with family (well, it was 2013).

My daughter had just been born. Due to my familys prior antics and a host of other reasons, we had just returned from the Middle East.

Pregnant wife, not that much money (though we had enough to eat etc – dont get me wrong!) ... and of course, no transport either since I sold my car off before moving there.

(Which in hindsight was another one of those moves decided to hamstring yours truly, but hey. All for a good “cause” at the end of the day, the way it turned out!).

And of course, a mother that wanted full control of the baby.

We had got back from some inncolulation or the other. Two month old little girl in my wife’s arms.

And of course, Mommy dearest and wifey dearest got into it again over “who was going to do whatever to the child”.

I gotta side with my wife on that one though – she was right. Mommy’s version was to shove chocolate down her gullet pretty much as soon as she was born. NOT a good idea!

And when all was said and done, or while it was being said and done, Daddy dearest piped up.

“I told you to take your beautiful wife away from here!” he said.


First thing you know, I wasn’t even directly involved in the decision to BE There in the first place. Sure, I did it, but I tried choosing the path of least resistance although I didnt want to.

For a short while, hehe. A fox doesn’t hide it’s true colors for long!

And one thing led to another, and the free bird returned to being free and living A-lone in China.

But it’s funny.

The infamous email episode I’ve mentioned in past emails where I wasn’t even consulted or directly involved, and most certainly did NOT give an “ok” to – and did not even KNOW about until it happened.

And yet, of course, guess who got all the brickbats.

(I didnt hear the end of that for MONTHS afterwards. UGH!)

If you’d ask my Dad why, he’d say “because thats just how it is”.


Maybe in your reality, Dad. I know thats how you prefer it. And thats fine, but I dont.

I’d rather prefer the “Colt Severs” way.

That show wayyyyyyy back in the day that I’m sure ya’ll remember! The “Fall Guy”.

I cannot remember the name of the actor? Hasseloff? Nah, that was Baywatch.

Boobiewatch, hehe.

But this guy was equally beefy, strong as heck, and used to sit in hot tubs smoking cigars with women by his side.

My type of guy.

Fall guy. I think he was a stuntman per his “job” and a bounty hunter “by night”.


He lived a life full of excitement – much like yours truly.

He was the fall guy, yes, but he lived on his OWN terms.

And lest you think this sort of thing is limited to you and him and a few others, think again.

IF Amazon, for one, the most successful company in the world by far goes belly up tomorrow, it won’t be Bezos’s senior team or his wife (who controls 30% of the stock now) (ex wife I shoudl say) that will be blamed.



(On that note, feminists reading this - has there ever been , or will there ever BE a "fall girl"? Not that I know of, hehe. So much for Goose and Gander?)

Of course, do something right and make Amazon into the success it is, and he gets castigated by the majority for offering low wages and crappy work conditions.

Hey, no-one FORCED anyone to work at Amazon, did they?

But anyway.

President Trump for one.

The man’s been nominated thrice for Nobel PEACE prizes and has brokered historic peace deals in the Middle East for one that NO prior president, at least not in recent times has.

Bush. Obama. No-one.

Trump did it.

The reaction?

He gets called a war mongerer for rightly pointing out the real threat to all of us – the PRC leadership. (and the PRC in general).

When he wants to send $2000 checks to people instead of giving it to other countries and being blocked by the Democrats, he ends up getting the flak for it.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, but thats the life of a fall guy!

And yet, how many people at the end of the day can lay claim to doing even a quarter of what he’s done, experienced what he has?

I rest my case.


And I’d rather that life than the “plain staid ole boring life”.

I’ve lived life on my own terms all my life and continue to do so.

I’ve been to places and done things most wouldn’t do in two or three lifetimes.

SO has most likely Trump, and a lot of the other fall guys mentioned here either directly or indirectly.

If you march to your own tune – well – guess what.

It ain’t easy, but it’s rewarding in ways the “beaten path” can never ever begin to give you!

Anyway, where am I going with all this?

Well, it’s this my friend.

My REVOLUTIONARY fitness methods do NOT require you to be the fall guy for one red second – or cent, hehe.

EVERYTHING I give you has been tried and tested by yours truly WAYY (in some cases years and years) before I ever put pen to paper on it.

(In other words, yours truly has and is very willingly the fall guy, guinea pig, and anything else you can think of for EVERYTHING I give YOU).

Therefore (another reason) I do not offer any refunds on anything.

If you do what I ask you to fitness wise, I GUARANTEE that barring a seismic earthquake, global tsunamis, mass plague and what not – you WILL Get to your fitness goals.

And truth be told, you’ll get to ‘em even if the above happen!

And that, my friend is something I can SIGN my name to (and do on the sales pages).

Get on the shtick NOW my friend. Start living a life full of JOY, abundance and fitness.

The way it was always meant to be.

Do it – now!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Hilarious, but true. I usually start any and all conversations with my Mom with the following “Yes, I know it’s my fault”. Might as well cut right to the chase eh. LOL.

PS #2 - Funnily enough, if you ask all parties involved in the family thing I mentioend above TODAY as to "if it ever happened", they will hem and haw and say no. When pushed, theyll say yes it happened, but "so what". Of course its Rahul's fault. And even though he wasn't directly invovled, he got the short end of the stick on it anyway. 

It's hilarious, really. 

I used to get pissed off about it before, but now? I welcome it and LAUGH about it. LOL. Some things - thats really all you can do! Makes for a damn good story too, hehe. 

PPS - And in terms of being a pioneer, iconoclast, much hated fitness and bodyweight guru, and a host of other (1114, actually) things ... well, here are 51 MORE pioneering, bucaneering, and unashmaedly SWASHBUCKLING fitness tips to get you in the best shape of your life. Have - at!

PPS #1 - Rule #1. No matter what you do -ENJOY it and then dO IT! I sure do, hehe. 

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I remember it.

I was 14 years old or so. Something like that.

And the cop came up to me. Plainclothes cop, and a damned nice fella, or so it seemed.

He was polite as heck anyway . . .

“Can you come with me”, he asked me out of the blue. “Our boss wants to speak with you”.

Who are you, I asked.

Apparently he was the “Constable” on beat or something in that part of New Delhi (back in the day). 

And apparently his “boss” wanted to see me, though he wouldn’t tell me why.

And the boss was the polar opposite of the guy that took me to him.

Rude, abrasive, condescending and IMPOLITE to a T.

Not only did he not tell me why he brought me to the tent, but he pestered me up and down for inane details (inane because he wouldn’t do me the courtesy of telling me WHY he hauled me in).

Just wouldn’t tell me.

Bully boy to the extreme as compared to the other cop.

Good cop, bad cop. Strike a bell? Hehe.

(Anyway, yours truly has had a long history with Delhi Police, most notably so that high court case which is still very much there all over the Internet, despite 2009 being a LONG time off (or 2008 I believe it all happened in)).

He let me go finally.

“What the fuck would I want to do with you”, was what he told me, minus the English F bomb, but he used a local variant of it.

I went home. Told Mom about it.

She was “worried”, but not because of anything else other than “the cops must be right!”

Remember, the cops were “right” when they booked me for “kissing” (I didnt even kiss, LOL) my own wife too!

And remember, it does no good to protest and speak of RIGHTS.

So says yours truly’s family . . . until the shoe lands on the other foot, and then of course . .

but anyway, Dad didnt say much initially. 

Took me to the guy. TO “find out” what I did.

Nothing, said the cop.

Excruciatingly polite - - I couldn’t believe it was the same guy.

Apparently there had been a string of car stereo robberies around the place and they thought despite “knowing I didnt do it” that I might have, or some such bullshit.

And of course, back home my Dad said “I wouldn’t like what he was going to say”, but he said it anyway, and said “my long hair was the reason”.

Well, I still have it for a reason Dad. And it aint the girls as you once so nicely told me. Hee. Hee.

(Like you very rightly said, "they'll like me anyway", hehe. Hey. Gotta give credit where credit is DUE!)

But anyway, I like cops in general.

They’re generally good people and have a tough job to do.

I’ve spoken about being “stopped” randomly at night in the Southern United States, and I could have complained about that. But I didnt.

I co-operated with them, and till date, they’ve been nothing but polite to me.

Not so the police officers that took me in India during that “kissing case”.

And certainly not the police commissioner who claimed “I’d never get a job in IT” (before then going on to rip his own guy a new one behind the scenes).

(Before the High Court intervened, and we all know what happened then!).

And certainly not the guy who questioned me all those years ago ...

Anyway, I still have those nice (not) memories.

And for whatever reason, I thought fit to bring it up.

Stereotyping, my friend, sucks. But it happens . . .

And so long as the person who “has to do it” is at least halfway polite and somewhat semi-apolegetic about it, I’ll take it . . .

. . . with a pinch of salt, or a grain of it.

Point of all this, again?

Well, much to your surprise my dear reader this time none really.

Other than “brain fart” and my long hair.

But here is the best damn fitness System out there anyway - - - The 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Potbellies have been known to disappear almost over night when on this program, and more . . .

And I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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It’s a common thread.

Could be Napoleon Hill

Could be Edison.

Could be steve Jobs.

Could be yours truly.

Could be ... well, the security guard in India that got laid off early last year, started a shop selling snacks or something, failed, and then ...

... I was waiting for it.

Although he was TRYING To do something else, although he did NOT give up, although he had a vision, guess what.

“His family lost faith in him”

Which is expected, myfriend ...

I dont know if you’ve read Napoleon Hill’s life story, but you might be surprised to know the personal life of a man that motivated literally BILLIONS and continues to do so.

Or any of other achievers above.

Now, the bozo jokers and “English teacher in China” and excuse makers, and other fools will chime in.

“If he (or she) can’t motivate his own spouse ...”

(While conveniently noticing the NOT so obvious – which is what I wrote about a few emails ago about leading by example, and the RESULTS – and the OBVIOUS – i.e. my own daughter being motivated from a YOUNG, YOUNG age, and doing all the RIGHT things without being TOLD to).

It’s not their “failure”.

It’s the fact that most have NO VISION, period.

And refuse to get one when told so.

Which explains the state the world is in today. 

Everything for these people is either one of two things.


“Right inf ront of you” i.e. the here and now, but they forget the successes and failures of the past – big mistake – and the WONDROUS future. Even bigger mistake.

If you’re going on to bigger and better, for one, don’t be surprised to fall out with friends (most) and family (all, I’d say, if not most).

If you’re doing the thing, don’t be surprised to be trolled (you should welcome it, hehe. I do).

(for more reasons than one).

And fitness wise, same thing.

When you’re going places the same people that laughed at you and said you were fat won’t miraculously congratulate you.

Theyll sniff and say “oh, it was easy for him!”

“Oh, muscle sticks to him like shit on a stick!”

And other idiotic, asinine remarks.

Which would be better off in the Book of Non Achievers and Bozos, hehe.

Anyway, enough of that.

To pick up the most effective and indeed MOTIVATIONAL fitness system ever, go right here – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Truly the best. Get it, and you will SEE why.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pay special attention to the intro video, which most skip. Remember, digital download (or both digital and paperback) is the way to go for this one!

PS #2 - And please, PLEASE, do NOT get back to me saynig "I dont know what he's talking about". Yes, you DO. STicking your head in the sand won't make facts disappear tho brah!

PPS - By the way, dude's a success six short months later, and was featured on the news -shnews too ... 

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Tuesday, 05 January 2021 09:40

It was right under my NOSE, and I ignored it.

We often don’t realize the very treasures that lie before our EYES, do we?

Could be life. Could be biz. Could be relationships. Could be anything!

Ole Napoleon Hill said it the best.

“Your big opportunity may be where you are NOW!”

Unfortuntely back in 2003 I hadn’t read Hill’s books.

Or Claude Bristol’s books.

Do my own thing?

I was just happy to have a great job (well, it paid me well, that I’ll say) in china!

I was just happy NOT to be home (you on this list know about my childhood, why etc).

And I was happy to go straight from college to China basically, and more.

But hell, one of the best training tools was right there inf ront of me.

I still remember standing there on the fourth floor of my apartment building (no elevator).

And looking at the red lantern on top of that hill ...

I’d look at it. I’d stare at it.

But I never bothered to find out (despite my love of hills) to find out where it was!

I’d run around the block. 

Those were my smokin days.

And I’d fail miserably. Couldn’t do two rounds, and I’d wheeze up the stairs after that and I’d think I got a workout.

I’d get frustrated as heck with (despite the positive notes about my forearm strength etc from a lot of people) the BALLOONING weight (despite me lifting lots of weights).

And my lack of flexibility, endurance, and deep down inside I knew, as “Maria” once told me.

“You’re fat inside!”

Well, she was RIGHT. And I was nowhere near the tubbo status most people out there are (I mean those that are fat, or unfit, or what not).

She bodyshamed me.

But she did it in a cute way, hehe.

My Jie Jie is nothing but not honest (elder sister, hehe).

But anyway, life has a way of taking us to where we HAVE TO BE.

Our destiny.

We all have one.

How we start and get there is the “intrigue and SPICE” – of LIFE!

And for me, that first date in Qi Feng Park in China did it.

And the spectacle remains in my mind.

Ann Lee floating up the hill, yours truly gasping, panting, wheezing and barely making it up as other girls giggled at the foreign devil (admittedly a “handsome” one apparently).

And the admonition later as she gave me a massage.

“You can do this daily!”

That look in the eye !

And that set it all off ...

But remember, my friend.

Fitness wise ,same thing.

Do you realize, for instance, that the ONE exercise you can do to get in and stay in great shape doesnt require a chinning bar?

Yes – pushups!

Do YOU know that squats (Hindus) done right will fry off lard off your body quicker than every before?

HAVE you EXPERIENCED the sheer thrill and exhiliration that comes from doing BEAR CRAWLS and other ANIMAL KINGDOM WORKOUTS?

For most people, the answer is no.

And for them, I’d say ... you’re ignoring a fitness treasure right before your very eyes!

There is NO better time to say this than now, with the plague and what not sweeping everywhere globally.

Plague Shague.

My rear end.

I’ve never been in better shape and FELT better – without a mask. Hehe.

And thats it from me.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW, my friend. Really. Don’t postpone it thinking “money will come in later”. Nothing ever DOES. IF you gotta and wanna do something, strike while the iron is HOT. Get it DONE – and NOW!

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Friday, 01 January 2021 08:02

“Jo Dar Gaya, Wo Mar Gaya!”

Sage indeed!

'Twas a milk store, I believe or some such thing. 

The guy selling behind the counter wasn’t wearing a face mask, and a lady was in line (well, she was buying something or the other "mustard oil" I believe but I ain't sure).

The lady asked him “why he wasn’t wearing a face mask”.

No doubt the guy had been asked that 10,0000 times already.

And of course, he was irritated.

Curtly he replied “Jo Dar Gaya – Wo mar gaya”.

And I AGREE with dude.

Apparently this caused a massive flutter on certain social media circles (El -Freak-o-book for one), and a contact forwarded it to me. Yours truly does NOT watch videos, but this one  I just had to .. 

For reference, this line is from a famous Hindi movie (wyyyyyyyy back int he day when I was growing up “Sholay”).

The big fat baddie who made girls dance on broken glass or the baddie would “chop the hero’s arms off” or some such thing (I can’t quite remember the story) said this.

He was apparently a man to be feared. Bandit no less.

Replete with his army of thugs as well.

The cops were scared of him!

So a couple of freelance “bounty hunters” were hired to get him.

Do they? Do they not? Does one fall in love? Is it typical Bolly “sholly”? Am I commiting a massive FOLLY by spending time watching it?

Well, you watch, and you decide my friend.

But point is this.

HE said this.

“Whoever gets scared – DIES”.

And he was RIGHT. So right!

And it’s SO applicable today.

Ever think or wonder how Hitler and his bunch of thugs turned Germany into gigantic “Nazi boiling pot”?

Or how it started (Hitler was known as a lunatic initially) and how the infamous Gestapo became so powerful?

Or how Xi’s Gestapo in China is equally, if not more powerful?

And how dictators all over the world come to power, and RULE with an iron fist?

Two things.

One, brainwashing. Repeatedly.

Repeat a lie enough times, and a man will BELIEVE IT.

And TWO?

Well, FEAR.

And the same thing is what China banked upon.

They spread the damn thing with much thought and foresight.

They KNEW the panic this would cause because of how it spreads ... (and even the, it’s not nearly as deadly as the bozos make it out to be).

And ... I’ll take my chances, thank you very much, no matter where I go and where I travel.

If I HAVE to wear a face mask, I will. Some airlines don’t even allow you on without a face mask, even domestically.

But the minute I dont have to, I won’t.

And I suggest YOU do the same thing my friend.

Live life OPENLY – unafraid – and UNWORRIED about what people might “think”, “do” or what not.

FEAR is indeed what killed more peopel than anything!

And on that note, I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure and pick up the two following two courses – Shoulders like Boulders! And battletank shoulders – and why do these have relevance? Well after doing the exercises therein, you won’t have any FEAR left in you!

Just take a look at the sales page. THAT LOOK IN THE EYES! Enough said, bro!


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One of the Bozo (Schofield the one and only)’s rants was this (I believe he said this a sa comment on my pathbreaking book (ok, that one wasn’t pathbreaking, but the tips WERE and ARE!) “Fitness Pioneer”)).

A book where the picture has been called “handsome and wild” by many.

A book where the picture represents something far more important to yours truly.


Although it might not seem nigh apparent from the picture (but it will if you look carefully. That LOOK in the eye!)

Anyway, thats also why it pisses the Bozos off (not just their leader Schofield, many others too).

And out of a string of seemingly random, disjointed “lunatic central like” comments straight from “Hannibal Lecter” central, the jewel in his crown of lunacy was this.

“He cheats on his wife, so what can be do to his friends”

He should have applied the latte rpart of that comment to HIMSELF. Hehe. Enough said on that one. And if you’ve been on this list, you KNOW it’s true. Proof’s in the pudding.

But really, the first part speaks of jealousy and impotency.

Not everyone is an “alpha male wearing many faces”.

I get that. Most sensible folk do.

The Bozo doesnt ...

And many others don’t.

But so let me go on record stating one thing. My wife, and I dont care who it is – all women – the tag “marriages” changes them.

Even “committed relationship” is different from marriage.

Yes, even in these days of “drive through” marriages and divorces galore bro.

A switch goes off in their minds. Period!

All becomes as Mother Nature intended it to be, or SHOULD become, and with the convoluted line between feminism and Nazi feminism, we’re left with a mammoth and massive mess.

Not the sort of mess Scofield gets off to regularly, ugh.

But the mess that we call well, dysfunctional relationship.

IF there is ONE piece of advice I could give all men?

IT wouldn’t be as the “MGTOW” crowd says “stay away from women”.

True, you could do that and make gains if thats your thang, but let’s face it, most alpha males and men in general want some, so staying away does no good.

Trick’s two fold.

One, sexual transmutation like Napoleon Hill spoke about in Think and Grow Rich.

And two ...

Do everything – but don’t sign on the dotted line, hehe. 

Stay with her your whole life. But the minute the paper shows up ... watch out!

Yes, I know.

Yours is different ... until she is.

Let’s hope so bro.

And I wouldn’t necessarily try to twist your arm (mentally) to get you to believe me. Experience can sometimes be the best teacher and often IS.

But anyway, I dont make a good husband. I admit it.

Because I refuse to wear the “controlled by wife and mother” puppet tag.

Yours truly is a FREE bird.

Always HAS been.

What happens when you cage a bird up?

It withers up and dies - - before getting extremely moody.

Same for yours truly and his freedom, which is what that picture represents.

And anyway, I DO make a great partner of a certain type, hehe.

Well, two types.

One, you guess. LOL.

And two ?

EXERCISE partner.

I’ll push you during training you – and in all my books and courses, guess what I do.

I PUSH you.

I do not CODDLE you.

I PUSH you to lose weight. To get STRONG. REAL STRONG.

To be a bigger, better and healthier version of yourself in ALL Regards.

You’ll hate me while I do it.

You’ll probably hate me while I and for saying it.

But really, my friend.

You’ll LOVE the results.

And thats all I gotta say about THAT.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee


PS – Pick up the best damned fitness system right HERE - The 0 Excuses Fitness System

PS #2 – I’m a very “unstable” person. Thats reason #2. So say the bozos and everyone like ‘em, hehe.

PPS - And thats why I asked my wife to "live together: first. She wouldn't. And I figured, as usual, I'd go with gut .. and. HA! 

But really. All for a good cause, heh.LEsson - LEARNT!

PPS #1 - John was right when he said I'm a rare breed that believes in and has figured out HOW to live life on his terms ! But you can too my friend. SO CAN YOU! 

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Tuesday, 29 December 2020 18:03

Jahapanah, tussi GREAT HO!

So went the line ... and in English, I believe it translates into “your honor (said in a funny sort of way – or Emperor, actually now that I think about it) , you’re GREAT!”

Accompanied by a podgy little man pulling his pants down at Ladakh in them snowy heights with “three idiots” and a gorgeous Kareena Kapoor looking on.

And that was the end of the movie “3 Idiots” afte which the credits rolled, but NOT before the following line showed.

“do what you love, and the money will FOLLOW”.


Neither did I like the movie, and nor do I entirely agree with the line.

I’d add on MANY caveats to it!

But the movie was a massive commercial success (which prompted yours truly to at least give it a look see). And Aamir khan say what you might is a class act, and one of the by far most professional actors in the entire wide WORLD.

Really, he is ... and versatile and capable too!

I’m more the action thriller “Ghajini” fan when it comes to Khan (that Khan, at least).

But anyway, the movie revolves around three college students.

And two of them are subject to the usual guilt trips and doing what they dont want to do career wise from their parents, of course.

“We bought you an AC with our savings, and now this is what you do with your grades!”

Cameth the guilt trip from one’s Mama when he flunked exams in the first year.

(Sounds familiar to me both in terms of flunking and guilt trips etc. Hehe.)

Not much different for the other boy.

The third, Aamir is something of an engima, and a mystery. 

Not only does he NOT spend any time studying (the other two dont either) – but he TOPS every exam.

Pure genuis, they say, and we never see his parents.

Years later, after they all graduate, Aamir disappears, never to be seen or heard from. But a mysterious employer and supposed billionaire if I recall right “Phansuk Wangu” or something calls the two idiots up, and another Bozo like guy (the guy who finally pulled his pants down to acknowledge the other man’s superiority – some silly college prank that!).

No-one knows who he is.

They set off to find out with typical Bolly wood drama added in- - more than I Care to recant here.

But they finally find him.

Their long lost friend, that is.

And picture their surprise when they find out that THIS is the mystery employer!

Dude #3 used to call out Aamir all the time in college for this and that, and say he’d earn more, etc etc.

And he always came in #2 in the exams.

And when he finally tried to upend Aamir one last time ... well, he couldn’t.

And he finally acknowledged it in the way described bove, hehe.

Like I said, I didnt much like the movie, but it was a roaring success, so they must have hit a raw nerve. HA!

And looking into my crystal ball right now, I see the infamous Bozo Schofield doing something like that very soon. Not the exact physical action of course.

But something like that.

And when you’re truly “sees” somethign in a crystal ball either while dreaming or awake, you can bet your “Betsy” that yours truly “seer” sees RIGHT. It usually comes true.

That don’t mean I want the bozo or anyone to DO that to me, of course (in front of me) 

I’m not that sort of dude.

Really. I dont rub it in generally!

(And more so NOT with the Bozo because he LOVES that sort of thing privately. Youd just have to ask him to drop the soap and hed drop the towel too. UGH).

(But since he’s the Bozo, I’ll use him on the other site to ramp up sales – been doing that a while actually, and no not just he fitness sites either. Hehe.).

But anyway ...

Often times I’ll get into disagreements with friends and thats fine.

I only really say something definitively when I know I’m right. If I dont know, or I might be wrong, I keep my big mouth SHUT.

Por ejempelo, a friend of mine recently disagreed big time with the reality of the Trumpinator not being re-elected.

I Explained patiently to him.

But he didnt get it.

So I let it be.

Hey, we all have our own opinion.

Mysteriously, now that Jan 20 draweth near he never talks about it any more given whats going on.

And no, I ain’t gonna rub it in either by sayin g”I told you so”.

That is NOT me.

In fact, it’s the opposite. If I’m proven wrong on something, I’ll be the first to admit it – man up – and say it!

But most aren’t that way.

And fitness wise, same thing.

There’s been a lot of fools running their mouths about pushups for ages.

Then they buy the book finally to see what “ole Rahul is all about”.

Grudgingly, they get on my pushy path and follow my pushin’ ways ...

And they ACKNOWLEDGE that my stuff works, and better than their previous stuff!

Do I name them here?

Have I?


Will I?

Doubtful, unless they want me to.

That aint me!

But really, thats the lesson here.

If you’re wrong, sac up, and TAKE it – and move on.

And if you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground, and have NO clue in terms of what you BE talking about, best not to say anything at all ...

Alrighy, enough of this brain dump.

Remember one thing.

The CLOCK is ticking.

That 0 Excuses Fitness SHIP membership gets you access to everything, the whole shebang for a pittance of $799.

You know that already, I’m sure.

But what you may or may not know is that the price goes up by two hundred SMACKERS come Jan 1.

So hurry now – and get in while the going is GOOD.

Or risk havin to ... nah, not that, hehe.

But you get my drift!

Do it, my friend.

I look forward to welcoming YOU aboard!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Ahoy 2021! I can’t wait!

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I must admit - -I had a bit of a chuckle this morning (or this evening, actually).

I was chattign with a friend and customer about an upcoming (or current, as the case might be) purchase.

And part of our conversation was about his (as he says) wife of 28 years (almost).

And how she actually feels his training is putting him MORE at risk of a heart attack then the other way around i.e not training and being more prone to a heart attack is probably the more rational and sensible way of looking at it

And dont get me wrong – the Mrs likely knows this, but her “concern” is likely overriding any rational thinking she has on this one!

Which happens quite a lot, or all the time with a lot of ladies once “relationships” and marriage become part of the deal.

I should know, hehe.

Training, just don't get me started on that!!! The Mrs believes that at 63 (64 also in July 2021) I should have stopped years ago and she says that all this exercise will probably give me a heart attack or a stroke if I'm not careful, I have tried to tell her that exercising will probably prevent me from having the heart attack or stroke but it's like talking to a brick wall in fact I'd probably get more sense out of a brick wall if you know what I mean

... Is what he said. (I’m quoting the relevant part of the conversation).

And my response?

I must admit I had a chuckle or two at the "brick wall" comment - I feel EXACTLY the same way talking about anything, not just exercise, hehe with my wife or my mom for that matter. Yes, I've been living alone pretty much for the past 8 or so years (probably 10 actually) ... I couldn't ever take the "we're always right" thing that women always seem to pull on us men in some way, shape or form.

(again, relevant parts of the conversation quoted).

He had this to say about my living alone - - and I must say this – bud I dont blame you for feeling that way, hehe.

You live alone, buddy, after 27 years of marriage (28 in July 2021) that sounds like heaven to me, I often dream to myself what living like that would be like after nearly 30 years of having to consider how what I say or do will affect my other half.

It can get to you, but on the other hand, some things are what they are, especially if you’re in one of the more lockdown ravaged parts of the world which this dude is in - - everyone’s just going plumb damn crazy.

Except us serious trainees who KNOW this is all mostly panic beyond the initial problems, and who know the value of real training!

As I told this person.

“Don’t try to explain it, buddy – or you might actually end up getting a heart attack trying to explain than not!”


But it’s true!

Rang so true when I Read it too ...

And thats what YOU gotta do when the bozos from Gym Shym La La land show up claiming a bunch of nonsense like “bodyweight exercises are only good for endurance and not strength”.


Or, “cardio at a steady rate for 30 minutes at 80% of my target heart rate is the ideal way to lose weight”.


Or, “pushups are worthless!”


And a very merry Christmas to these people in la la land, or the looney tune bin, and to try and reason with these people is an act approaching lunacy anyway!

So dont even try! :)

But anyway, on other fronts.

Yours truly has been BUSY as a bee this morning pounding out books, not one but two.

Not for the fitness biz. The other biz.

One is 10,000 plus words in the offing, and the other is 7 k plus words already. Yes, when I get down to it – I get down to it – and I brook NO excuses.

Not w.r.t life.

Not exercise. Not fitness. And not my work! (which for me is FUN).

Fitness wise, a couple of other things.

John Walker from the United Kingdom asked me if I was goin gto put out a book on training with traditional Indian maces and clubs amongst other things.

“Gada and Jori” basically I believe is what they call ‘em.


I DO train with these, and I WILL put out a proper book on it in the future – stay tuned.

I’ve already done one on jump rope training, of course ...

Another one I want to do is the ab roller ... another great gadget, and one I believe Roosevelt used when in the Oval office, and for good reason.

He used to get his ENTIRE family involved while exercising.

Smart man!

Of course, he probably parried the “you’ll get a heart attack” thing off more times than he’d care to remember!

And on yet another note, some of you have signed up with multiple email addresses, and are yet NOT able to receive our emails.

And that sucks – I know.

But truth be told, there isn’t much that can be done about it, unfortunately. Email providers have their own whims and fancies, and my own gmail account is unable to receive emails from my info@.... account for whatever reason!

(but I'm having it looked into anyway. Multiple people have contacted me about it, so ...) 

So if you dont get emails from us – remember they’re all posted right her eon the blog as well.

And thats that for now. Back soon! (and I’m back to my other two books).

So much to DO, hehe. An dI’m loving it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The compilation on pull-ups is one hell of a book and it’s been getting some REAL interest as of late. Check it out right here - - Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD – to SUPER STUD – WITHIN WEEKS! (0excusesfitness.com)


(and remember, paperback options are there too!)


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Is usually a recipe for disaster, and then some.

For most people, because following the GUT doesnt come naturally to most people (or if it does, the urge is SUPPRESSED).

Now, when you follow the gut it may seem like (to the Bozos out there) that “you do nothing”, or there is “no plan”.

Or things may seem random.

But when those results come, they COME!

With the speed of a black Mamba striking, hehe.

And thats how the Universe and it’s plans work, but back to what I’m saying above.

People have an annoying (and strange, to me) habit of PROCRASTINATION, and then raising all sorts of Cain about it.

Por ejempelo, my beloved and lovely wife.

She’ll wait until the last minute for ... say, when the groceries are about to run out.

When they do, it’s time to blame Rahul for not stocking up in advance, and of course, all the things he DID Stock up on in advance are nigh forgotten, hehe (things that are still LASTING).

Or, if she’s in the mood to do cleaning.

Which only ever happens when it hasn’t happened for ages and the work just PILES Up for ages.

I dont know why, but the concept of “doing things a little daily” (or bit by bit) is alien and uncomfortable for a lot of people ; the majority, actually, and no it ain’t just “my wife”.

Yeah, I know.

Yours is different, right?

The most hard working until she’s not, and so forth ...

Well, lets hope she is bro.

But the point isn’t so much her or my wife. Point is people do this with their FITNESS.

They wait until (as a certain Tracy once told me) “things get out of control”.

Of course, for her, every thing is out of control, hehe. She’s cool though! 

And gorgeous too, hehe.

But waiting until that belly EXPLODES out of your pants, or the man boobs really droop down is never a good idea my friend.

Do somethign NOW.

No, tomorrow never comes!

Get off thy DUFF and do something NOW, so you dont complain later.

Thats as simple as it gets my friend.

And with Christmas and everything going on, and people eating more than they should (and no, I’m not buying into the “majority of world is going hungry for Christmas” nonsense the leftist media is spreading either. True, the plague from China has wrecked things and plans royally, but still!), this needs tobe said ... now.

Get on the best fat burning program there is now, my friend.

You won’t have to worry about “later” if you do the thing NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Along with the above program, make SURE to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System right HERE. (Right now, bro! No sense in delaying that decision ...) 

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