Thursday, 24 December 2020 11:31

Why looking at BOTH sides of an argument is KEY to resolving any sort of argument, no matter how minor or major ...

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Like a JUDGE would.

And unless you’re the sort that prefers to “let it go anyway”, because “she (or he) is always right, and there is no point arguing, and ...”

Yours truly does the latter on occasion, but in a way where I dont really lose directly, but set myself up to WIN later.

And I always have.

Kinda cryptic eh.

But it is what it is.

And what THIS EMAIL is all about ain’t that. I’ll expound more on that later.

For now, and recently Bozo Schofield sent Charles (same dude who railed against pull-ups while secretly trying ‘em out and who said I couldn’t have my opinion when it comes to mainland China and a lot more ... though he claims I mis quoted him. No I didnt. I’ve got the screen shot bro) some shots of a page where I said “a person was too fat to do pull-ups and complained”.

“Fat Phucks” was the term I used, which seemed to have hit home though ... ONE, I did NOT mention Charles my name, and two and despite his assertions to the contrary – the email wasn’t even about HIM.

It was about the same bozo I wrote about that demanded a refund for the book on the best damn exercises ever because “some of the exercises were similar to what is in 0 Excuses Fitness”.

Anyway ... point of this, you ask? 

Well, this same person ... Charles, I mean, I could have asked him the following when he gave me the guilt trip of “I thought we were pals. How could you do this to me?”

well, first off, bro, I didnt do anything until I was provoked ... and even then, all I did was state FACTS in terms of pull-ups. If that offends, sorry, but I’m not going to either stop having an opinion on China and their bullshit and neither will I stop having an opinion on pull-ups and bodyweight, and I WILL tom tom both opinions until the “cows come home” or “pigs fly” whichever you prefer.

Actually, it’s not tom tomming, but whateva.

But second, and more importantly. 

We’re pals, right?

But you did NOT think of telling me about the Bozo’s trolling when he first sent you those gifs, did you now?

“Yeah, I think he sent me a few”.

Yeah. Right. A few. Having a few chuckles on my ass.

Hey, it’s all good bro. Dont get me wrong ...

And then of course the time when you, the Bozo, and some other nutzo joined a WeShat group, were kicked out by Steve the admin, and then you claimed “Glyn was kicked out of the group” when all three were.

For inane trolling, nothing else.

Hey, bro.

All good.

We sometimes have a go at each other.

I get it! 

But the point is, and you yourself have said it – GOOSE – and GANDER.

If you can excuse racism, which you do on a daily basis (and dont get me wrong – if thats what you thought about me, perfectly well an good. NO complaints from yours truly!) - then I can talk about pull-ups and fatsos, no?

I’d think the latter would be far less offensive to most people.

Perhaps we can ask Mike Tyson, or Herschel Walker, two people whose sheer dint of results has caused even you to admire ‘em ... ?

Or perhaps you could ask ME?

Of course, I know. How dare I. What do I know. Hehe. I’m an idiot.

I know, I know.

(I can hear name #1113 coming along, hehe).

But really, he ain’t the only one doing it.

SAME thing with my wife. My Mom.

They all get pissed about THIS.

That when it comes to get things done – Rahul Mookerjee gets them done, and ultimately finds a way to GET what he wants, outselling all the bozos and nutzos in the process that claim about “giving freebies away”, “being more helpful on social media sh-edia which I do NOT even use now” and other rubbish.

Ebay she bay. And so forth. Hell,I ain’t even gonna sell on Amazon no more probably in 2021. That decision is by no means made, but it’s in the making as it were.

Point is though, bro.  

Please DO listen up.

If you TRULY do want to put all this in the past, and admit a fact that you already know, that the real issue is the Bozo, then I’m willing to do it.

I am. Really.

I’ll let bygones be bygones.

But, point is this. You have to listen to the other side too bro. Can’t be all one sided.

Same thing for fitness routines.

You cannot, for instance, keep touting the benefits of (and here we ain’t talking Charles either) of “pump and dump” (ok, preen and pump, I know) until the pigs fly out of whoever’s ass being better than short and intesne bodyweight workouts.

Because they just aren’t.

Deep down inside these people know it itoo, or they’d never TRY it. Hehe.

OK, so did I piss off enough of the bozos as yet.



Well, good.

HERE is where you can jump on the BEST Damned fitness system ever. Try it – DO the thing – and you SHALL have the power!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – HERE is the best book you can pick up pull-ups, bar none.

PS #2 – I know. “Rahul is always wrong”. Hehe. I know, I know.