Thursday, 04 February 2021 08:41

The flame that BURNETH the BRIGHTEST . . .

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And that can never be extinguished, no matter what . . . 

No, I'm not just talking a deep desire to get fit my friend. Those of you with that desire would likely already have DONE the needful. 

My thoughts here are something different, but not really, and as I literally "write in the flow", this was inspired by a flame - literally - burning in the darkness - as I boiled my tea in a way I normally don't. 

Now, the flame was turning BLUE. 

Which is great. 

Blue, by the way is one of my favorite colors! 

The color of SPIRIT, or so I believe. Peace, harmony and BEING ATTUNED To the SPIRIT while having a flame burneth inside of me ALL the time. 

And therein, my friend, I explained "my flame" to you. 

What is YOURS? 

WHAT is that ONE thing you have always wanted to do (maybe more than one) -but never HAVE? 

Maybe you dont even KNOW what it is, or if you do, you're scared to acknowledge it or believe "that sort of thing is not possible for me, or can never happen". 

Well, you're sadly mistaken my friend if you believe the last. 

The other two are very common though. 

And what is amazingly often enough the MOST common is that people dont even KNOW what they want out of life. Don't feel bad if thats you. Yours truly never really had a crystal clear vision of any of it until the age of 36 or so, and it's only really crystallized in the last couple of years. 

Napoelon Hill, that VISIONARY was RIGHT about the ages of 40-50 being the most productive for a man (due to the reasons mentioned in Think and Grow Rich). 

(and one main reason he mentioned was "sowing your wild oats before that", which most men do, or (more commonly) want to do). 

Huge mistake, unless done right, and I believe I have done it right! 

But Bozo like "chasing women" and (in his case) sticking his tongue where the sun dont shine only guarantees one thing - well - more Bozo like results like HE is getting 

And thats what Schofield wants so thats fine by me, hehe. 

But YOU, my friend, would be well served by figuring out WHAT that burning flame is for YOU. 

I could tell you what it is for me, but it wouldn't necessrily resonate with you. We're all different. 

Figure out what it is - and then BELIEVE - and then ACHIEVE. 

Get - AFTER IT! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - In Zero to Hero, the VERY FIRST "introductory Chapter" gives you a HUGE clue into the what and "how" of what I've said above. Pick it up NOW. 

PS #2 - Fitness wise, if you really, really want to do it, guess what? You'll find a way, and them obstacles will MELT away . . . 

(But thats only if you REALLY want something)