Friday, 05 February 2021 08:44

You need to snap your MIND OUT OF THIS LETHARGY!

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This morning when I woke up, I had another of those Napoleon Hill moments. 

He writes in Outwitting the Devil about how he was forced to stay in hiding for a year, maybe more due to his fear of being assasinated (for a biz associate of his callng mobsters out for what they were) and how he for more than a year "never left the house without a pistol in hand' (at night). 

Every time a car stopped outside the house, I'd carefully scrutinize its occupants for a while through the basement window, and only when I thought it was safe did I .. 

After a few months of this experience, my MIND began to crack. 

And these are a few quotes from the book "Outwitting the Devil" you must read, my friend. 

It APPLIES today. 

And it applies to a lot of you living under these inane and retared lockdowns, especially in Europe etc, but also India, Asia etc. 

If you're a wackjob in China reading this that claims "but China is open" (and this ain't even about CHina) - well guess what. 

It may be open, but business ain't exactly booming, and neither is travel during the busiest part of the year. 

'tis a FACT Jack. 

Anyway ... my own experience obviously has got nothing to do with the specifics of HIll's situation. 

But like I said, I've noticed, and continue to notice ALARMING (in a very good way) parallels between Hill's life and mine, hehe. 

(except for the many marriages, hehe). 

I might as well be a reincarnated version of him in many ways - which to me would be an absolute and complete HONOR. 

There are few men I admire more. 

And anyway, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. 


Big time. 

Many reasons. 

But I was just ... I dont know, DOWN. 

Didnt feel like doing squat. 

Thought "oh god, this day is going to be terrible". 

And so forth. 

Lets put aside the hocus pocus of feeling good daily on auto pilot the idiotic self help books teach you. 

Life doesnt work like that - not real life. 

And I paced around the room. 

Like Hill did on the hill all those years ago!

The moon shone brightly in his case, the light did in mine. 

SNAP OUT OF IT, Rahul! You gotta get your BRAIN out of this lethargy thats affecting most of the world!


You've got a job to do - motivate - inspire - continue to do what you do BEST!

It didnt happen instantly. 

But a few rounds around the house, and a song or two later, I was FIRED UP. 

I opened the computer. 

(what beautiful English, as the Chinese say, hehe)

OK, so I turned it on. 

But anyway ... 

No air conditioner to "open". 

And I got to it and I've cranked out some great stuff for ALL my busiensses within less than an hour. 

Thats about 5000 words in all, I'd say. I think 5540, but not sure. 

But anyway. 


I FEEL GREAT - and buzzed. 

In a short while I'm going to workout - handstands and pull-ups

And I'll feel even better. 

This, my friend is one example of how to do it. 

See if you can relate!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Be sure and pick up Gumption Galore! and Zero to HERO! which for YOU are prime reads for days "like this". No, ranting and venting on social media ain't gonna cut it bro ...