Thursday, 28 January 2021 17:32

Why I ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS ‘suffix’ the phrase “It is what it is” with “for now”

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And most don’t.

Which to me is a massive mistake right out of the gate.

I’ve written about this before, but the thought struck me to write to you AGAIN about it, so here I am now doing just that (and I think really, with the way the world is thinking collectively, what it needs right about now is a massive kick up the ass to do more – and think POSITIVE from the inside out as opposed to just words).

Anyway, this “it is what it is saying”. . .

Look, most people just use it when there is something they would like to change about their life, but CANNOT – and have NO idea on how to either motivate the person in front of them to change their live, or do so THEMSELVES.

Usually a combo of the two, I’ve found.

You’ll find that without exception, every time the average person is in a rut, he may “want” to, on the outside, change things, but then reality hits – hard.

“It is what it is”, he shrugs . 

Maybe it is, my friend.

But I know one damn thing.

Saying just that and nothing else IRRITATES the HELL out of me.

It is also why I’ve STOPPED talking about anything important with most people, problems, nuisances, annoyances (hey, we all got ‘em), because a) I usually draw a giant blank with most people (they have not experienced half or less of what I have so they’ve got no idea HOW to respond or what to say), b) because the average nutzo out there wants to hear just that “it is what it is” and then lament about it and c) because saying just that isn’t exactly the most productive of things to do.

Adding the “for now” on makes a huge, huge difference.

Let’s say you don’t like where you’re living at the point.

Until you can change that reality (could be an apartment, country, city, whatever) – “it is what it is”.

But if that is what you think, and nothing else, chances are nothing ever WILL change.

If you, however, take that statement, and think internally, for now, but like hell it will REMAIN that way.

I will CHANGE it.

IF that is what you think, then you may or may not need to add the suffix externally.

But even those that think that way, a rare breed would be well served by SAYING the suffix too – so as to leave your subconscious in NO doubt about what you want, and how you want it.

“When” is something I’ve never paid attention to. My deadlines just “happen”. In the flow!

But all the results I’ve created and attracted in my life (wrt things I did not want, or things I was forced to change or what not – well – NONE of that would have happened if I sat on my big ole rumpus and said “it is what it is” and then nothing).

(not big rumpus now, hehe. But you understand the point!)

Take ACTION, and do so NOW BRO.

It’s those baby steps that will get you to the GOAL …

Fitness wise, fitting into those dream jeans might be a long, long way off – NOW.

Will it be that way forever?

You decide.

Doing ONE perfect pull-up may sound impossible. Right about NOW. Especially when your chinning bar at home can’t support your weight …

(it happens!)


The future, my friend, only YOU and only YOU can choose.

It is what it is – for NOW.

And that, more than anything else in my opinion is what people need to hear GLOBALLY TODAY.

Tell as many as you can!

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I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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