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Thursday, 15 September 2022 09:34

"You are fat inside"

Chinese girls have this cute, sexy way (to me, at least) of getting STRAIGHT TO THE POINT - albeit sometimes indirectly, and in my case I've always found it so cute that I find it hard to stay mad at them for any length of time.

Anyway ... my "Jie Jie", or lets say "elder sister" in China "Maria".

I'll never forget the two comments she made in 2003 when I first met her on Icq.

Remember those days? MSN messenger, ICQ ... no dumbphones, truly, as a certain "Pooja" said today, and as I've been saying all along, the 90s were the BEST days, HEADY!

She said the 90's generation was the best, which is close though.

Things were REAL back then, including a cute little photo of Maria's, pink shirt, lovely vivacious smile, long black hair (all of which still exists though she claims "I'm old now").

Before y'all jump to conclusions, we've never met in person. Hehe. Sometimes, the best relationships "flower" that way!

Not by choice, by chance.

I bought her a gift on a trip back from India (or to India, I believe) once and was going to meet her to give it to her, but she giggled and told me to mail it, which given she had a boyfriend at the time she was planning upon marrying, and did - was very smart. Girls from Fujian in China are not just gorgeous, they tend to be uber smart too.

Anyway - I'm getting side tracked.

Point of this is, she wanted to "see me", so I sent her a video of my apartment, I believe.

(at the time I was taking a video of a horribly mangled up ingrown toenail with pus oozing out of it that required not one, but TWO surgeries - first one was so so, second really worked - it hurts like a SOB - if you even touched it I'd yell, it happened during massage a lot, some of the ladies high heels would accidentally hit it, and MY! That HURT! (and finally prompted me to seek treatment for it in Hong Kong which I did successfully, never happened again, though I've had swollen ankles etc years later when I was phat) that was I was going to send to my parents to "show them") ...

Along with those two videos taken on a camcorder I got from Walmart in 2002, I think - which I finally gave away in 2021 - a school has it now, though what and how they use it, given the cassettes it uses are no longer around - I've no idea - but along with those two videos, I think I sent her a picture of myself in a T shirt or something.

Not a shirtless picture I sent a certain Cody years later, apparently that was because "she wanted to show her husband" (real reason was SHE wanted to see it. HA!) ... anyway, that's a different story, and a rather A rated one. It also spawned several books, so I guess thats good. Hehe.

But anyway Maria, the first comment was "you're fat inside!"

It did hurt my weetle feelings a bit at the time, I admit it.

This was before I had grown my thick skin, remember?

This was back when I still lifted weights, and here's the thing, the bottom line - Maria didnt mean it in a negative manner. In fact all along she was giggling about "handsome foreigner" "foreigners are big" etc, so it wasn't negative, it was just an observation, Chinglish as it were (Chinese English) ..

Then this -

"your home looks like a hotel!"

That one stunned me, that was hardly China in the 1960's where most lived in villages...

Till date I (when in china) live in that type of accomodation, though it doesnt even have elevators. Hehe. Some things never ever change!

ANd some preferences...

I dont know if Maria would still say the hotel part, but she sure as hell wouldn't say "fat inside". Hehe.

But point of this?

I was a BIG guy at that time - muscles wise.

I used to lift weights, I did pushups etc, but ask me to climb a flight of stairs, I'd be out of breath with all the smoking I did, though I managed to get two heavy ass suitcases (Mom and Dad) up to my fourth floor apartment, it taxed me - big time.

Kinda like Bruce Lee when he fought off all those attackers, yet it left him WINDED big time.

Anyway ......

Ya'll know the entire story of how I quit smoking, then Ann Lee came along months later, and my wife literally - oh I mean my LIFE, hehe - changed.

Point is this.

I did no grip work then, very little if any core work, my lower back was weak, although "looks were good" - I was 24 at the time - externally I was looking "ok" though a little big around the waist, it was nothing compared to what a lot of other people looked like, and I'd get compliments on my "large" forearms (they're anything but TODAY) all the time as well.

There was NO vascularity to them though back then ...

Point is this - real point.

If you're fat, you're fat my friend, and it'll show whether you hide it or not, whether your feelings are hurt or not.

If you're big, you're big, but if you're big and fat, then you're big and fat.

And big doesn't negate the importance of core training and a slim strong WAIST - trim waist I should say, trimmed down to BARE ESSENTIALS.

Trust me on this, core training, there are few things more important than it.

And here is a course that will train your core better than anything you've ever done - Corrugated Core (a much underrated yet SOLID course we have on this).

Combine with Gorilla Grip and the 0 Excuses Fitness System (bought in reverse order) and you're well and truly off to the races.

So am I - for now.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Question of the day, and this isn't necessarily a new one.

I roundly ignore, block, call out a certain person, he still finds ways to follow me and ... well, wants to chat, but doesnt.

It ain't just Bozo Glyn either, there are MANY like him.

There's a lesson there for all of you if you choose to learn. Hehe. Several actually, and while the person I'm referring to here is hardly a "troll" - Profit Troll will have more on this. Stay tuned, it's a book y'all WILL NOT want to miss!

Several "she's" fit this category too, the "stalker" in 2019 coming to mind, but there's plenty more, I've blocked this one girl's number - three of 'em - she signed up with a fourth one (on another list). Hehe. Some people ... (and on whats app as well). The he's meanwhile surreptitiously keep checking out what this cat has been up to.

Ah well, hehe.

Sunday, 11 September 2022 10:32

Ottoman oil wrestling, and more...

Wrestling, that ONE sport I'd recommend to everyone - even if you're just interested in sports for physical fitness - if you're aspiring to be a strongman or ironman - and certainly if you plan on getting into advanced martial arts, or any martial art like ji jitsu, even boxing, what not - wrestling serves as a base, a proper base - for everything, and conditions you like few other activities will).

No prizes for guessing which exercises the ancient Indian wrestlers used - HA!

India, that land of wrestlers, ancient India produced the Gama, probably and likely the greatest of them all - there was a LOT that was solid about ancient India, pity it's the exact opposite these days.

But India isn't the only land "traditionally" known for wrestling prowress and super wrestlers - real wrestlers, not the muscle bound WWE guys (although back in the day some of the WWE guys like the Taker for one had REAL martial arts and fighting background!) ...

Turkey. Think Turkish Wrestling.

Greece/Italy - Greco Roman, anyone?



And closer to home, think "farmer" Martin Burns in the good ole US of A who followed most of the same training methods and techniques as a lot of the other people from the countries mentioned above.

Anyway - the one thing most people will nod their heads at (people in the know that is) - and a secret I did NOT put in either Gorilla Grip - or Gorilla Grip Advanced - a secret that will take your grip strength to new levels even if you're a stud at doing pulll-ups with thick grips and so forth?

Even if you can close grippers and swing heavy ass clubs in sets of 100 without stopping?

Is this - make the damn thing HARDER to grip.

Oil the thing.

No pun.

I just tried gripping a bottle with the pinch grip that way - it was full of water, believe me, if you grip ANYTHING - with oil slathered all over it, it becomes that much harder to grip.

In the past, when people asked me to exercise that famous grip of mine to open hard to open jars, wedged doors etc, I'd ask if I could do it later if I had lotion on my hands. (again, no pun please. Gotta treat those calluses SOMETIME, lotion didnt really do it, but I've got dry skin naturally, that is all there is to it).

These days - NO.

I welcome the challenge!

In ancient Turkey, Rome, India etc - they knew a thing or two about grip training.

Try wrestling - hard enough as it is, and builds an explosive grip without any direct grip work.

Then try doing that when your opponent has OIL slathered all over his body - and do it all day long in competitions.

Trust me, picking people up and throwing them or simply grabbing them that way is a whole different beast than if there was no oil on their bodies.

For those saying "too simple" - well - TRY IT.

Or, try the other secret tip I give you in Gorilla Grip - ADVANCED! which involves a simple edible so simple you'd never think it could strengthen the grip, but it does.

Or try another "so simple" technique I give you in Gorilla Grip - to be done for a minimum of 100 reps per day, something so easy even couch potatoes will pooh pooh.

Well, I've got this to say - and so did Brooks Kubik in Dinosaur BodyWeight Training - -- TRY IT!

And then get back to me.


Thats the reason they oiled their bodies did the old time wrestlers - NOT the reason why most idiots at modern day gyms do it i.e. to preen, pose and pump away like the fools they're training like are...

Certainly wasn't bodybuilding focus either, take a look at their bodies, just raw solid STRENGTH, power and conditioning like no other.

And you TOO can get that way if you follow my lead, and DO what I tell you to in the 0 Excuses fitness System without making RETARDED, ridiculous excuses about price, "no time", too busy or other BS people love to whine about (and it's all BS).

Whether you will or not is of course up to you.

And YOU alone.

I'm out - back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - While you COULD do it, I dont recommend trying this method with heavy weights, especially NOT if you're swinging dem clubs, maces, kettlebells and so forth.

Disclaimer - I've done it.

But I'm advanced, not everyone is!

And even I dont do it all the time, that damn thing can seriously injure you if you dont do it right, but focus right, you'll see why grip training is really the most important thing after breathing, or close to it - next to it. Hehe. The way it makes you FEEL, utterly superhuman!

Saturday, 10 September 2022 13:46

Take the lower body OUT of it

My brother,

And, fellow - or dame, hehe - fitness fanatic - -

What I'm about to say might come across as highly contradictory in two regards, one - to build brute upper body strength, there's many good ways - but none of what I normally talk about involves isolation (never) - and certainly never taking the LEGS away.

If you've noticed, and everyone on my list has for sho - training legs and back hard and heavy is really what builds upper body strength, not simply training the upper body, doing endless sets of bench presses, curls, lat pulldowns and so forth which build fake strength if at all (for the most part - the last exercise being the biggest culprit - that strength neither lasts, nor is it practically useful in many or any ways).

Test yourself on pull-ups and the lat pulldown, chances are excellent if you've got half a brain you'll figure it out on your own, anyway, but now?

What I'm here to tell you?

To build brute upper body strength?

Sometimes, just sometimes, you take the lower body - OUT OF IT - and away - unless it's for balance mostly, and sometimes not even that

My forearms are singing and ZINGING right now, my friend.

I did a fairly long lumberjack workout, lots of club swinging in all directions.

What you might find strange is this - towards the end of it, I sat my ass down, put on some movie or the other - and continued.

What do I mean?

Well, bruce Lee for one had this habit of constantly swinging a dumbbell around at home, no matter what he was doing, every so often he'd lift it, and it wasn't "especially" heavy either.

Its the reps that build that real functional strength, I've said this forever, Lee knew it, of course.

It's NOT one time lifts - thats the lazy man's way out a lot of times - not always, but look at truly fit people, chances are they do lot more other than powerlifting, if they even do that at all.

Anyway, Lee would often swing his club around at all odd hours.

Me, I was sitting there trying not to bash a 10 kg club against the ole puter. Hehe.

And let me tell you, its one thing bringing the hips and waist into club and all lumberjack work and workouts - you should do that - I've said that in Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness amongst other gems you wont want to miss.

But sometimes, you take the lower body out of it, and believe me, you're not isolating - you're still working the entire upper body as a whole.

And it works GREAT as a finisher.

So do pull-ups throughout the workout! MY!

And of course, the classic example of taking the legs away is one of the most brutally effective exercises  out there, sometimes most gym goers cannot begin to do, and run away from - and something even less common than pull-ups.

The almighty handstand pushup, and that one exercise should explain the entire post to you!

And thats the message for now.

Read, apply, and train - HARD!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - My courses dont just give you info NO-ONE else will, I give you the REAL deal, the secrets the gyms and other so called fitness gurus love to keep from you to fatten their own wallets, and keep you - not thy wallet - FAT.


I give it to you straight, not only that - in a manner you must listen to, and cannot miss - and in a brutally frank manner that just flat out WORKS.

And if you haven't gotten the courses above as yet, do so NOW, you simply MUST. Can't miss!

Monday, 05 September 2022 12:05

The whole bodyweight vs "weights" conundrum so many of you have

Something I've never quite understood, pally - or bro, as the case might be.

This whole mania about "am I training bodyweight only" or do I lift "weights".

For some reason, a lot of folks approach training as a "either this or that scenario".

A lot of folks also might be surprised - VERY surprised - to hear that I once lifted weights - in a manner I constantly call out NOW - and I still lift weights - in a manner I highly advocate. NOW, and will forever!

What do I mean?

Well, simply this, friend, as I sit here sweating after WEIGHTED squats, first off, I never said weights are inherently bad.

I'm a huge fan of old timer style training - old school STRONGMAN - real strongman style training, and a lot of that involved weights ALONG with bodyweight, both in equal proportion.

What I AM against is the modern day boobybuilding nonsense, the pump and tone, the constant and silly insistence on the bench being the only "real" indicator of strength, the utterly useless lat pulldown machine, and other pretty much useless ab devices, treadmills etc that are all designed to slim one thing - your wallet, not your midsection.

Not to mention, a lot of that shit is just plain ole unhealthy - dont believe me? Just look at the way you FEEL after doing a lot of those routines, my friend.

Still dont believe me, well, take it from the horse's mouth, a PRO bodybuilder and what he had to say on the Shoulders like Boulders! pages - and he aint the only one by far pally.

THAT sort of thing is what I am very vehemently against.

THAT sort of thing is what I Call out, and will continue to, unfortunately, with the marketing being shoved down your throats all the time on it, THAT is what most people think when they hear weight lifting.

But there's far more to it.

The farmer's walk for one, is a superlative exercise I recommend in Gorilla Grip - and I should have in Corrugated Core as well, as it builds the grip and core like nothing else if done right (in a manner nothing else will).

It involves lifting up heavy objects, preferably thick handled and unweildy, and walking with them for as long as you can. A few sets of that, or this sort of thing here - https://0excusesfitness.com/2021/12/29/weighted-pull-ups-or-not/ (this one had the great Brooks Kubik's approval too when I told him, you know if he approved it, it's damn good!) ... will FRY you beyond belief, my friend.

And done enough times it will fry all fat off your midsection, build a cast iron grip, build traps like a grizzly's, and lumps of muscle all over your body.

Pure weight!

Then, the routines I tell you about in Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness - if you can go fifteen minutes or more with some of those routines - well, you're a stud already.

Trust me, those of you that can squat elephants will be sweating buckets doing some of the routines I advocate with 40 kgs ... those clubs will do that to you,so will maces and kettlebells which are mentioned in the course, my longest as of yet, and thats saying something!

This one will truly be a BEHEMOTH, a bonafide MONSTER!

And even your own weight - is that not "weight" ?

Handstand pushups will make a man out of you, as will pull-ups ...

My point is just this, that there is no "one way" to train.

And if you have to lift, by all means do so - but do so like the old time strongmen did.

Lift heavy ass stones, beer kegs, stuff like that builds IMMENSE and real strength and conditions you beyond belief too if done  RIGHT.

All to be included in Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness ...

And thats the lesson for now, no one way to do things in this regard!

Have at.


Rahul Mookerjee

Friday, 26 August 2022 15:56

Incredibly simple (instant) STRESS BUSTING WORKOUTS!

It struck me as I was going to turn off the computer that what people need more than anything else these days?

STRESS - relief.

Unfortunately people get it from all the wrong source - tobacco, liqor, and other illicit substances (though to be honest tobacco is probably worse than most of those "illicit" substances anyway).

People unfortunately as you can tell from whats going choose all the WRONG ways (and usually wrong people) to "vent on" i.e. "if I can vent on him or her, then I WILL!".

And a lot of people say nothing, yet just "stew" internally.

None of this is good, the reasons are all obvious (and it ain't getting any better anytime soon either - lets face it if you have not already).

Instead of all that, why not focus on "five minutes ahead I'm going to be feeling AWESOME!"

I was going to title this 5 stress busting workouts.

But truth is, there are so many - both mental and physical.

Here's a mental trick I often use - go back in your mind's eye to a PLEASANT memory - go into your mind and SEE what you want "now" (not how much money you want now, as I know thats what people will reply to) - shut off everything else - and simply focus on that imagery, and the feelings that flow forth.

It's called visualization. I talk about it in 0 Excuses Fitness, Zero to HERO! and MANY other books, and it really, really works my friend - even if you just use it for stress relief.

Then of course, you have the meditation techniques mentally.

But hold on, a lot of you here aren't interested in that either (which is fine - physical exercise is often what works best anyway!).

And I aint going to sit here and paint pictures of luxury holidays or excess spending or what not when the source of all the stress is "less money" which it seems to be for a lot of people these days.

Nah, what I'm telling you ABOVE and below costs nothing compared to what you're getting in terms of benefits, my friend.

So here it is -

In no particular order -

100 Hindu squats (or bodyweight squats) for one.

It's simple. Anytime you feel overly stressed, just drop down and start doing 'em - period.

You dont need to worry about rep counts either - all you need to keep in mind is keep it BRISK.

Finish 50 without stopping, you'll see what I mean, finish 100, you'll be BUZZING!

Or, get into a handstand and hold it for a minute at least. The blood flow to your head and neck for one will make you feel a HELL Of a lot better - not to mention this movement often puts you in the mood for tougher exercises and workouts.


ANY of the great movements in Isometric and Flexibility Training - or perhaps Advanced PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training will get the trick done provided you devote a few minutes to it per day - when you're super stressed, you'll literally FEEL the stress MELTING AWAY my friend.

Then the bear crawl, a pick me up like nothing else, and it usually for most people doesn't take more than 30 seconds to work its magic.

Thats four physical exercises, two mental, key thing?

None of it need take you the entire day.

None of it, barring the initial investment in the books costs any money to do - hell, you can do the entire workouts at HOME, so where's your EXCUSE, my friend?

It's sure a lot better than "stewing internally", and worrying about factors you cannot control like economy and so forth, it'll also get you in great shape if you do enough of it.

And you'll be feeling like a billion bucks QUICKLY so you can get on with the rest of your day which is the goal here, not turning into Mr Muscle or anything of that nature my friend (and you can use these throughout the day too!).

And thats the idea for now.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - These exercises are but a few amongst the great ones I promote that will literally make stress whoosh away like air from a balloon, literally. You'll be feeling HAPPY and light and limber after just a dose or two. Try some NOW.

(and thats another great visualization right there!).

Tuesday, 16 August 2022 05:47

Swinging dem clubs. . .

Well, so a great question came in a month or so ago, with all that has been going on, it completely slipped through the cracks - as I review my emails, I find it again!

He's basically asking a very basic question on training with Indian clubs - the "joris" as they call 'em in India (the "gada" is the mace, which is a close cousin to the club, yet, I prefer the clubs over the mace, but you should do both - more on that in the upcoming book Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness!). (which has been SO delayed. Hehe).

Basically what his question boils down to "will it reduce fat" - and "how many reps".

Now, with clubs two things - and I've said this before -

Most people need to do LESS when they begin - NOT MORE!

Let me repeat that - I do not necessarily mean lesser amount of REPS, but the WEIGHT, my friend.

I dont care how much you curl at the gym or what your bench is, these clubs will make men out boys, and humble the strongest of strongmen if used RIGHT.

You focus on FORM - more than anything else, and you dont just do that when you start, you continue to keep that focus as you build up.

For most guys, even "strong people" (and gals too, by the way, yes, like with pull-ups - girls are often better at these than guys! - at least the lighter weights) . . . a weight of FIVE kilograms, approx 10 lbs or so is more than plenty to begin with, and you might even need less than that - ideally, I'd start you off with like 7-8 lbs on each side.

Second, these give you superb, supreme cardio in a way most other exercises cannot.

You might not think so, you might not think "simply swinging a club around will help me burn fat".

But that is where focus and reps come in, bro.

Most people wimp out at 20 reps per arm.

If you use the 10 kg, which is too heavy for most people, trust me (to do right) - and do a 100 reps on each side, clockwise, counter clockwise, believe me, you'll not only feel that heart thudding - but you'll feel a tightness across your entire core (not just abs) like NEVER before.

Those CRISS CROSS abs I talk so much about in the book "Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD within a matter of WEEKS!" - well this is yet another way to get 'em!

Yours truly trains with 20 kgs in each hand, but I've been doing it a long, long time my friend, and I STILL use the 10 kgs and 8kgs on occasion - or more than occasionally.

And remember one thing - or two.

While a set of these clubs is more than enough to give you the workout of your life - legs included - end of the day, this isn't pure bodyweight training we're talking about, and bodyweight ALWAYS reigns supreme.

If you think you're going to skip the pull-ups "because these work the upper back big time" - you're wrong.

Do BOTH - and you'll find your pull-up performance increases dramatically as you get better at these (for those of you weak at pull-ups to start with).

Not to mention, if you're looking to lose fat around the core, with a sensible diet and some isometrics, this is the way to go.

And once you get to the level of doing pull-ups five at a time or more, slow and easy with THICK GRIPS like I do, well write back to me - and let me know, and I'll share it with the world. Thats something, doing pull-ups in high reps with those thick grips especially if you're doing heavy clubs too.

Last, and back to reps.

Dont "get bored" or wimp out on the number of reps.

Like with Hindu squats and pushups, THESE were done in high reps, often for stretches of half an hour or more by the Indian wrestlers of yore, and still ARE.

There is a reason the high reps are there.

And you'll see as you keep progressing . . . why the Gama for one valued these tools so highly.

Alright, enough for now - oh, one more thing. BIG changes coming to THIS site, we're going to be completely revamping it and bringing the layout more in line with the other site.

Ive been working the tech aspect of it for days now, almost done there.

Thats it, eh . . .

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Tuesday, 09 August 2022 08:19

Dog eat Dog World, and how that relates to your FITNESS.

Well, as we come back online after a bit of a "day long" break as it were, I gotta say this.

It's a dog eat dog world, huh.

Been that way for years, except people didnt see it coming - and refused to listen when people that did told them.

Now it's upon us well and truly.

Anyway - you may this is about  me saying "now is the time to get fit with your own bodyweight if nothing else".

And as customers have told me "there is NO time more than now your training methods are more useful, all you need is your own bodyweight, no gym required!"

But while all that is very true, what I'm about to tell you is ... ah, but lets backtrack to a few months ago when I was doing pull-ups in the park, and a friend with two RAMBUNCTIOUS, but not overly huge dogs showed up.

In real life - in my dream last night they showed up too, except they were bigger and more muscular, I could feel the muscle RIPPLE - literally!

Anyway, both dogs are fairly young, one younger than the other.

And both are VERY friendly. Yellow labs both, an ex of mine loved those (she's no longer with us) . . .

"Hi Suresh!" I remember saying.

And just like that, the dogs bounded up to me (dogs and me - I've got a long history there, hehe, right from an uncle once telling me "I was a natural with dogs" in the Indian himalayas when we i.e. a cousin of mine and me befriended the hotel dogs - I remember my sister saying "they're friendly because you feed 'em" - and my Uncle sagely shook his head and said NO - because of the LOVE these boys give 'em! - that was the same Uncle I write about a lot ..) - and one of the dogs jumped up and "high fived me in the chest"

(another Uncle showed up in the dream by the way. Hehe. More on that later).

But that high five, I remember, it felt like a TRAIN hit me - I was almost knocked over, and mans best friend wasn't even running at full tilt.

He simply jumped up from a distance of say - a few "steps away"

I remember thinking back then "woah, what if this dog really RUNS - and then flies up at you!"

Animal kingdom strength is something that when you feel it, you KNOW it - instantly.

It's different from human strength. It feels different, ungodly strength, OUT of this world strength. If you dont believe me, try grabbing a tiny baby chimp by the hand and see what happens. (note - I would NOT recommend any sane human doing this, hehe).

Even if not just strength - then speed, agility, dogs - and other animals mostly - have us ALL beat in those regards.

True, the human being has a brain which he can use far better which puts him on top, and therefore the evolution from chimp to man.

But along the way we lost - or most of us lost - our PRIMAL instincts - what made us REAL MEN.

We became wimps and sissies that claim real workouts and real exercises are too tough to do, we became a group of people looking for and happy to make, and even justify those excuses ...

We became fat and BLUBBERY.

And we became SOFT - at the core - both physically - and mentally. I could write a tome on all this, but the facts bear me out.

Anyway, where was I. I've been interrupted twice while writing this, thoughts in a jumble right now. Hehe. Except maybe thats how it was supposed to be for this one!

Anyway - man's best friend isn't mentioned a lot if at all in Animal Kingdom Workouts - the one book that will truly show you how to workout ANIMAL style - how you can not only get into the best shape of your life, but FEEL the best ever while doing these animal movements.

Lots of people pooh pooh them as being too simple and are then humbled when (if they have the balls to) they actually DO 'em.

Lots of people do 'em, but they do 'em wrong.

Not to mention the ungodly strength you can develop which DOES translate over into real life strength and massive improvement on your other exercises (yes, pull-ups too!) with these movements.

Man's best friend isn't mentioned a lot in the book above - maybe when I come out with Acquatic Animal Kingdom Workouts. Hehe. Doggy paddle and what not.

(though believe me, that is a SERIOUS book in the making).

But the mighty grizzly is.

The monkey is.

The TIGER is (or all cats, really).

And so forth.

Each of these magnificent beasts moves a different way and if YOU the reader want to bring back the BEAST in you- no exceptions - then you owe it to yourself to not just get the course now but incorporate some form of animal kingdom movement in EVERY workout you do!

Trust me, even those of you that can pump out tons of pushups and pullups will FEEL different when you do just 30 seconds of the simple bear crawl for one, and thats only ONE variation of the exercise..

Go ahead and get the course now.

And start developing that ungodly "superhuman like" (as some customers have so aptly said) strength TODAY.


Rahul Mookerjee

Saturday, 09 July 2022 12:29

30 second squats

The sky, my friend - truly is the limit as I wrote about earlier, and there is always something you CAN do - period (other than bitch, moan, whine groan, look at the sh-news - and so forth). 

And in terms of squats, the KING of all exercises (dont get me wrong - the pushup is still the BIG DOG) - here is a variation that is #23 in the yet to be released book Squat 101. 

This is another one of those "past customer ONLY" emails which will be sent to the general list as well, but later. For now, it's only YOU guys that get to see it! (i.e. past customers). 

And it's simple, the how to on this one - yet the way it affects your body is nigh profound to say the least. 

To do these, simply take 30 seconds on the way down on a squat, and 30 seconds on the way up - if you can do either. 

For most people, FIVE seconds down and FIVE seconds up is all they should attempt. 

And do such squats in reps, and in conjunction with your REGULAR routine, my friend. 

If you're done with 100 squats, do 10 this way, and write back and tell me if your legs dont quiver like an aspen Maple leaf in Toronto in the BREEZE ... as "solid" Marc the African silverback Gorilla found out when doing dips, or getting in the position - for the first time. Hehe. Thats another book on the way on dips - nowehere near done though. 

You can always move ahead, and there is ALWAYS something to do. INcluding fitness, yes, in "this time" when people are buckling down, looking to do nothing but survive, yours truly marches on with his "expensive" books - and will continue to, much to the chargin of many, price wankers being numero uno on that list, but this isn't about them - ugh, but thats a pet peeve of mine, I even expressed myself in a video on that one! 

Anyway - where was I. 

Ah yes, squats ... 

Write back - let me know how these squats affect you! 

And remember while the 0 Excuses Fitness system covers squats in depth "you aint seen nothing as yet" - like with the first book on isometrics, hugely popular - now you have the SECOND book (well, you had it a while ago!) - Advanced, Profound Isometric and Flexibility Training - and Volume Three is very much, well and truly in the works. 

Did ya'll see the email on when a certain Sophia called me a pyschopath for ... ah, you will see it soon enough! 

And, an email where a certain ... somebody asked if I ever sold any books. LOL. 

All to come - for now - write back - let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

Saturday, 07 May 2022 09:51

Why most advice given by "laymen" on "back pain" should be ignored - and flat out forgotten!

I have been guilty of not doing the second,  but then again, like the great Napoleon Hill said, there is a positive to everything. Hehe. 

(and as I've always felt instinctively all my life!). 

Back when I was young, I remember a conversation my father and I once had about the now patented Rahul Mookerjee SQUAT. 

Mentioned in the first book on isometrics

It was a position my wife "punished" my daughter with yesterday - for being out of line. (big time). 

"Thats a great exer.. uh, punishment", I muttered as I walked past, trying to keep a straight face. It is! She hardly ever does it, of course - both my daughter in terms of the exercise except when it's squatting challenge with Papa and her mom - "punishing her". 

As she moaned, groaned and sat in a position which if you make it fun she can sit in for much longer than she ultimately did, I remember the excruciating punishments we got when we were young! 

A lot of those punishments could well make it to the third book on isometrics - and they probably will at some stage, along with some special isometrics I'm doing NOW. 

But back to Dad, he was once complaining about his back hurting . 

It was a common lament, especially after climbing a hill - a short one - once. 

"Never again", he'd vow. Hehe. 

But in reference to that position, apparently he sat in it for a while - not the full position - but the partial position - and his back hurt. 

I remember asking him why. 

"Well, you sit in that position", he replied. "Your back will hurt too". 


At that age, I couldn't get into that position, neither could I when my wife made me do it in 2009 - "phat phocker". 

Now, I could spend the whole day in it - easily. 

But this comment, along with a few others ... 

"Lifting pink dumbbells on each hand to "build muscle"" or whatever was told to me. 

Not lifting weights if you're not wearing underwear or you'll get "hernia". 

And other such gems I got while growing up, along with the "he thinks he's soooo strong" taunt that was common - its' no wonder my fitness journey never really took off despite my very best efforts until the age of 25, when Ann Lee, with that reproachful look in her eye literally kicked my RUMPUS into high gear. 

'nuff said on that admirable lady!

Anyway, today my back was "stiff" . 

Lots of squats last night, that 100 squat workout turned into 300, with 200 I did in the AM, that was 500 for the day. 

And more. 

So today, 50 squats, 10 pull-ups, some advanced isometrics in, I wasn't really loose. 

So I got in the squat. 

Sat there. 

Moved around. 

Felt my entire spine REALIGN. 

Slowly, I felt the energy SURGE through my entire body. 


And then I got up, started writing this to you. 

Ditto for the back bridge I explain so often in 0 Excuses Fitness, and the book on "truly the best darn exercise out there", an exercise which makes most men way past their prime "prime" feel better than anything else they have EVER - I repeat EVER - done in their lives. 

Dont believe me - I understand. 

Words are cheap eh. 

Take a look at the testimonials page before you diss, tho ... 

And these back bends are usually thought of as DANGEROUS by not just lay men but most so called "docs" out there. 

The same docs who prescribe meaningless meds and repeated hospital visits and pester/trick most women into having C sections when they dont really need one, and more ... 

The almighty dollar, eh.

Nothing is sacred. 

People dont like me saying it. 

But can anyone say it ain't true? 

Long story short - save the chiro fees, and work on the isometrics, my friend. 

You'll do yourself a favor - big time. 

Thank me later, or not - I dont mind!

"Tis my job to bring you the best - for the best - you. 

And thats what I do daily. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The third book on isometrics is writing itself as we speak, meanwhile, remember, same thing for knee pain and other ailments - IGNORE what most people tell you (and especially fitness wise too).

Wednesday, 06 April 2022 04:12

Handstand pushups and pullups - that old favorite!

I was back to an old favorite this morning after knocking out 200 squats and isometrics this morning. 

I finished the first part of my workout by 8AM which is more than what most people can say about themselves by 8 PM... 

I dont know why - but despite my dislike of waking up in the AM's, workouts? I've always done best in the morning - hills, bodyweight, whatever it is. 

No disturbance, or minimal at least, and then the calm that occurs around 8-9 when even those folks that raise cain in the mornings seem to "take a break". 

Over the past few days I've been dealing with a bit of tendonitis - or tennis elbow, whichever it is - I suspect the former more than the latter, since it doesnt hurt "tennis elbow style". 

Perhaps too much time at the computer, or could be too many pull-ups as well. I've been busy as a bee putting out a lot of courses for the other business - and busy doing tons of pull-ups too. 

All in strict form, focusing on the BACK And grip, not biceps which most people focus on when doing pull-ups (big mistake as I've said in the book). 


I felt my form slipping a bit today around rep #20. 

And instinctively, without thinkin about it, I moved a chair aside, and shot up into a handstand!


I did 5 handstand pushups, slow and easy - stomach touching the wall as I tell you in "Profound 70% Gorilla 30% Human Handstands". (currentl being translated into Spanish as well!!)

Lots of people think that is just an extension of Battletank Shoulders, you couldn't be more wrong. 

The latter course is #2, the former is #3, the workouts in #2 are probably tougher. 

But #3 preps you for FREESTANDING handstand pushups, my friend, and the workouts - well, try them on for size, by no means even approaching "easy" even for me. 

And that should tell you a lot. 

When doing handstand pushups, another mistake people make is not focusing and pushing up with  mostly LATS and again - forearms. 

People focus on "shoulders". 

Which is fine, shoulders are an integral part of the movement, but your LATS - again, that pesky back of the body I be talking so much about do - or should do - most of the work, as with pull-ups with grip taking over when it has to. 

The above might sound strange, but it's also a great way to work kinks etc out of the upper body (not "kink". Kinks. Hehe). 

I remember Uncle Bob once asking me after I got off the plane in China and made straight for the hill, posted about it on FB or something ; he saw it. 

"I See you've already climbed the hill! Great way to work the kinks etc out after that plane ride". 

So it is, my friend. 

So it is!

Life's good!

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The above email contains a LOT of tips. Read carefully!

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