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Saturday, 12 June 2021 07:14

Why both size and "shape" matters,hehe.

I know, I know. 

But I'm talking clubs. 

And not the Glyn Schofield like "club" he hangs out with the dudes, or the club he loves on the hockey field, or anything like that. 

It's the Jori we're talking about here. 

Indian clubs!

The Gada and the Jori for what it's worth along with a climbing rope - are PRIME training exercises in any old time Indian wrestler's routine, for one. 

Real wrassling, like Persian wrestling, Iranian wrestling, Greco Roman - and what not - anything but the highly enjoyable pantomine the WWE and it's muscle bound China kow towing monsters are. 

Although I have to wonder, rather than backfire on the otherwise very "loveable" John Cena (who I and scores of others have roundly criticized for the recent kow tow) - it might actually end up helping him. 

Given the number of countries that are saying the same thing now, hehe ... 

But yeah, in general Hollywood needs to grow a pair - big time. 

Some of the Chinee heroines seem to have more balls than Hollywood in general, to be honest. 

And as for what I wrote about earlier in Korea? 

Well, watch the Meg - the Chinese actress (Fan bing bing? Not sure) - does that same gesture all the time. No, it's not "by chance" as the Bozos and feminists would have you believe, everything happens for and is done for a reason, especially in china. 

Or anything China dominated or influenced. 

Anyway, Indian clubs for one. 

While climbing rope is a superlative exercise - and one I'll write about in books upcoming (believe me, there are entire workouts you can do just that way that will fry not just your upper body but legs too if you can believe that - similar to what I mention in Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD - yes, those workouts give you cardio - and fry the legs too!) . . . this is about clubs. 

The "gada", for what it's worth is a massive mighty mace. 

If you visit the 0 Excuses Fitness System page, you'll see the great Gama of India standing there with it. 

But the jori is an infinitely, at least in my opinion - MORE VALUABLE training tool. 

The gada - especially the heavier ones work better as one time lifts. 

Make no mistake, they build strength and power like few other exercises can, especially if you swing from shoulder to shoulder (caution - NOT for beginners or those think "think" they're strong because they can bench an elephant - these maces wil humble the strongest of men very quickly, and injure too if you ain't careful). 

So will the joris - Indian clubs. 

And they'll rehabilitate and focus and build sold, superlative, tensile strength in the shoulders and ligaments like NO other exercise can. 

Other than handstand pushups, but these joris tax the shoulders in way few other movements can and have been used for centuries by Indian wrestlers to build shoulder strength and stability - believe me, the latter is important whe you're doing real lifting and wrassling for one. 

Remember those Chinese girls digging into my shoulder years ago and me squealing with pain? 

(and them giggling. lol at the fat phock who couldn't take Chinese massages?) 

It was cute, actually. 

Now, you could press poke and prod all day, and you wouln't hear a peep out of me, but my traps? 

Now thats another story!

While they don't hurt like before, they still stay sore as heck, and these Joris swung right will build and STRENGTHEN - and get this - relax the shoulders, traps, and upper body like never before if you do it right. 

And plenty more. 

REmember, less is more when training this way. 

There is not only an art to it, but a SCIENCE to it. 

And it will all be outlined in the book on .. ah, in Lumberjack Fitness, that book whose name causes SO much confusion. 


But I'll leave the name what it is! 

Last, not least, remember size and weight isn't necessarily the same as it would feel if you're parked on your ass lifting dumb-bells (emphasis on the first) - or on your back (flat) pounding out benches with easy to handle barbells. 

it's different. 

Trust me, and you'll see int he book- less is MORE. 

Ditto for shape. 

Difffernent SHAPES will tax your entire upper body differently with the weight distributions and such - again, an entire science to it I'll talk about in the book which many are waiting for with, as a customer put i t - BATED breath! 



OK, I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul mookerjee

PS - Remember, this book will be real man training x 100 - NOT for beginners or even intermediate folks - it'll be an ADVANCED Book. 

If you are starting out, do so here FIRST - and keep at it for a while - and then, and only then get this (when it comes out). 

Tuesday, 20 April 2021 09:02

The hallmark of a SUPERB trainer!

For Shoulders like Boulders!, a customer left a review - a great one!

"An excellent book by a superb trainer/writer. If you're at all interested in bodyweight conditioning, you need to get your copy of this book"

That is a quote not quite verbatim, but from memory. 

And as I sit here, still dripping with sweat after brief workout #2 (Animal Kingdom Workouts leg special - in fact, I did 30% of one of the workouts from the book), I not only feel like an animal, but I'm GONE. 

I have nothing left!

For now, hehe. 

Until my bridging mini workout later. 

And I'm getting ideas galore for all my different projects I've got stacked up, ready to go as it were. 

And I'm sweating buckets. 

My legs feel like JELLY. Literally. 

And that is why I'm writing this to you. 

When I used to train my daughter, and indeed when I do (well, when I do it) NOW? 

She says the same thing!!

And she complains up a storm, hehe. 

Yes, I could sit here and tell you everything is perfect, especially given SHE is the STAR of Kiddie Fitness. 

But, it sometimes isn't. 

She needs to be pushed. 

YOU do too, my friend. 

I do too, and I do it daily!

The hallmark of a good trainer, in my NOT so humble opinion - and I'm RIGHT (how humble eh) is NOT what the lovely Jassy asks her trainer to do, and he does ,salivating while he's at it in the Jim. 

"Rub my shoulders after each set", she instructs. 

Which may work for Bozo Schofield and his "femdom" posse ... (though they're not really into femdom. They're into "topping from the bottom" and trolling, which is a completely DIFERENT Thing, hence the women RUN away from them as fast as .... well, the Jim from me!). 

Or me from chrome and fern. 

But anyway, thats the reality of modern day trainers most of whom don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. 

I once asked one of these dudes, a strongly built man, to drop and give me 50. 


(great question that - if I asked YOU - could you do it?) 

And note - I didnt just tell him to do it - I was going to do it WITH HIM. 

I'm not the sort of person that tells YOU To do something, and then wimps out myself. 

No sirreeeeeee.... 

The "Trainer" couldn't get past 10 proper pushups, and the extended arm pushups? 

Forget about it!

That, my friend, is the sad reality of the JIm Shim where they pander to clients, but don't get them fit and strong - and supremely HEALTHY. 

Yours truly doesnt. 

I dont pander to anyone. 

I PUSH people - to their limits, and beyond!

I go hard - brutal!

And I say it like it is. 

Most of this does the opposite of "endear me to everyone". 

So be it. 

And the results I give my clients, my friend, even the most grudging one of them - and even the crankiest ones of them . . . admit are out of this world. 

And that, my friend is that. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS- To answer the question posed in the title? 

"It's when your clients are CURSING you throughout the workout, hehe, to make it EASIER, and you don't!

"And then praising you to the heavens after that!" 


But it's true!

Sunday, 18 April 2021 08:22

How the China Health Organization finally caught up with yours truly "pioneer"

Actually, my friend, it isn't so much just me that has pioneered what I am talking about, or any of what I talk about. 

I've learnt from MANY people either directly or indirectly - and I've gone on to better some - and some not as yet, but I will. 

Not that it matters. 

I will still give credit to each and every person I've learnt from and that has truly helped me for as long as I live - because thats how it should be!

But anyway, the W.H.O - one of the most profoundly USELESS and SPINELESS "we love kow towing to China commies" organization (and even they've come out and pretty much said China spread the plague - I mean duh! Now that took a while! Wonder if the Bozos there actually you know, THINK and have a brain and some common sense. Those of you and us with the above have been saying this forever, and it's only now some of the world is STARTING to wake up) there ever was, is, and will be - which I like to call the C.H.O - China health organization has woken up to some things health and fitness wise. 

I did not know of this before, of course but I received the following from John Walker, a DOER And a great customer in the United Kingdom today - - 

Back to training, in this month's Men's Fitness magazine there is an article about how the W.H.O. is now recommending what is being called "exercise snacking" in which you take small "bites" of exercise throughout the day, to combat our "sedentary lifestyle" seems I've heard this somewhere else "ah yes" now I remember, isn't it how you've been exercising for awhile now, must be nice to have W.H.O. finally catch up to with you and underscore what you are doing as a great way to keep fit.

Now I must admit, I didnt know that. I believe I once sent in an article in 2017 to Men's Health and Fitness or something in Oz, I dont know if it was accepted (I never heard back) but thats all I know about them. 

But yes - I've been doing and advocating brief "mini workouts" forever!

And I have been doing them forever too. 

YES, even when I climbed the hill all those times per day, I'd do bridging as a mini workout at night before dinner!

And these days, stuck or chained to the keyboard as I am? 

I do these as a primary means of not just keeping fit, but keeping the motivation and ideas flowing. 

Lots of people get their great ideas in a shower - so do I sometimes - but I get most during my workouts when I'm focusing on something else which is how the subconscious works anyway. 

And of course, it's a great way to keep fit. 

Dont get me wrong - you can do one MASSIVE workout per day and then nothing that day other than maybe gentle walks and errands around the house, stretching and isometrics or what not. 

And you'll do GREAT. 

But mini workouts hit you differently, and cannot be beat either. 

Heavy lunch, you say? 

Well, do 50 pull-ups two hours afterwards, and tell me where it went ... 

And so forth. 

Not to mention they're TIME effective if you do it right. 

It' amazing I gotta say this, you know. The entire world has nothing but time at home right now and people still complain about having no time, but anyway, time effective as well. 

So where is YOUR excuse, my friend? 

Hell, even the WHO - or CHO has endorsed the Rahul Mookerjee way now!

High time, hehe. 

"About time" as most people would say. LOL. 

On that note ... 

I was telling John he's an incredibly articulate and erudite person - unlike most other people these days. I think we were discussing Wacko Schofield or something, and how he got left behind when they were "doling" the brains out (on the dole - pun intended, heeh)

Here is part of what he said. 

Erudite, now that's a word that you don't hear often these day's, in fact I doubt many people even know what it means, why do I say this? Well in an interview for a job I was applying for there were many tests to see if you were worth employing, one of the tests asked the question what does erudite mean, according to the HR Manager who was interviewing me, of all the hundreds of people she'd interviewed over the years I was one of "four" people that actually knew what erudite meant, one wonder's what people are being taught if only four people out of several hundred know what erudite means.

Now, he's right on that one!

And it's a pity. 

Much like REAL old school training producing real results, same thing is happening with language and everything else around us (society included). 

Anyway, for those of you staying sane during the hen basket madness going on - check out one of the very best books I've writtten on exercise - that will literally make you join the ranks of the super humans  if you do it right. 

Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

And I'll be BACK!


Rahul Mookerjee

Monday, 29 March 2021 18:46

Why Rahul Mookerjee and 0 Excuses Fitness don't welcome or cater to lily livered poltroons

Got the first of many comments today to share wth you (I'll be sharing all in future emails, but for now, lets go in order) for my new book "Profound Handstands "70% Gorilla 30% Human". 

James from planet Venus apparently wrote in to say this - 

"Not a bad book, but the author forgets he's not training us to become Army members. Just way too tough! One of the workouts left me depleted for days! While it's not a terrible book, the price! It's too expensive. I wont be buying again". 

Honestly, man (or woman, given the tone of his rant), I dont get it . . . 

If I give it to folks easy, they complain it's too easy (though really, I don't do easy - what I teach LOOKS easy,  but is anything BUT - though it will look easy to you too when you can do it). 

When it's tough, stuff that gets results people bitch about "we dont want to join the Army". 

Like dude, nowhere in any of my books do I say you need to or want to join the Army, but really, THESE are the workouts which not just stalwarts from the Army and Special forces globally use, but also champ boxers, wreslters, ironmen, martial artists etc - - and believe me, my workouts have FLOORED many a great man and woman from those above categories, and thats saying a hell of a lot. 

The price, well, I've spoken a lot about that before - and I'm not going to get into it again. Suffice it to say though that the price on this will go up, up, and UP. 

And for "why" - well, I dont feel like typing it all out again - there's plenty in that regard on the blog etc. 

But by and large, this guy speak of being depleted for days. 

I suppose he means ONE day, since he bought the book on Sunday, a day (or night) after it was released . . . 

Second, isn't that a good thing? 

Why the heck would someone want workouts that don't challenge him or her? 

It befuddles the mind, at least mine, as to why someone would buy a fitness product and expect to be mamsy pamsied and handheld, but apparently lots of folks do. 

And that brings me to a point I keep emphasizing. 

Rahul Mookerjee doesnt cater to wusses, Mama's boys, lily livered poltroons and Bozos of that nature in general, and the above should be reason enough why. 

If not, well, get your brain checked. 

And I do ALL I can to REPEL the above. 

With good reason. 

One bad apple truly DOES spoil the bunch . . . 

Anyway, some great comments still to come - watch this space for more!

And you DOERS and real men out there - you'll LOVE this course. 

Grab it NOW


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Jay, a friend of mine when he saw the Facebook page for the biz made the comment about "I train, I go to the gym, but not like YOU! Macho man!

What I wanted to tell him was this -well, why NOT like me, my friend. 

Ain't like you can't work up to it - everyone can - I did - and if I did - so can you!

And the workouts he was referring to were here - Pushups - Reverse Pushups - the best darn exercise EVER!

An oldie, but a goldie. Another one is Animal Kingdom Workouts - which is a MUST grab too, my friend, if you're in ANY way serious about your health, strenght and fitness. 

Thursday, 25 March 2021 06:56

Why I often refer to the Bench press as a "Bozo Press"

Press the Bozo, hehe. 

An interesting thought, but I'll stay away, but anyway, back in the day, a person we (Bruce, my old friend and I) knew was named ...ha, I wont kick ass and take names here. 

Jolly, jovial dude, but (and especially when drunk) he diidnt seem to have all his marbles in order "up there" if you get my drift. 

But he's a great dude!

But anyway, I was skinny as heck back then. 

And Bruce's roommater - this dude we referred to - was BIG. Well, so it seemed to Bruce ... 

And another skinny friend of mine "Tim". 

Back then, we were all so skinny that anyone with ANY size seemed "big". LOL. 

And anyway, when Bruce spoke about him, I was like ... him? He's strong, yes, but BIG? 

"Of course he's big", replied Bruce. "He could bench your skinny ass!" 

Perhaps he could, hehe. 

But he was and is a great dude. 

But the point of this being? 

Well, the bench press is what so the so called real men at the gym tout as the test of real strength. 

Lying on a bench, grunting out reps or assisted reps with inane amounts of weights that blow shoulders out of their clavicles before they start for one. 

That give you lifelong injuries that in some cases make it so painful you can barely lift your shoulders up to put your SHIRTS!

But let's not get into how many injuries they give you, and just how unhealthy the bench is, second only to the idiotic lat pulldown machine at "Jim Shim Pump Dump La La Land". 

Let's get into function. 

Like, really, dude. 

How many times in life, or combat, or anything, do you lie on your back - do nothing except . . . push a weight. 

Maybe in bed. 


Not my favorite position even there! But we won't get into that here, hehe. 

But really, imagine this - you're wrestling a guy - and are trying to throw him off you. 

Straight off you. 

HOW MANY times do you think he'll "play dead" and just roll ove rand let you press him? 

How many times do you think you could get away with a weak grip like you can on the bench press? 

How many times do you think you can get away with an ultra weak sodden CORE lik eyou can on the bench press? 

How many times do you think you could even TRY to push him off before your lower back gives up, and upper back and arms SCREAM - not with pleasure, but pain? 

You get the point, my friend. 

If you really have to lift weights, do so - on your FEET, and hoist 'em overhead like REAL MEN did back in the day. 

But the best thing, by far, my friend, is learn the one exercise that these real men said GAVE them the strength to do what they did. 

Even Doug Hepburn, champ weightlifter and Olympic Gold Medalist (no, he didnt have good genetics, he was born with a club foot) said that handstand pushups were what got him to the insane levels of strength he had. 

And there is a damn good reason he features on the cover of the book for it!

On another note, a great customer once asked me about another fitness guy who put together a course he didnt consider "great" and that he "put together over the weekend" (so it looked like), and I wont kick ass and take names, but after perusing the course, I gotta admit he is (my great customer) - RIGHT!

(Finally - it took me like ages to rifle through that one!) 

Dead on right, although I highly respect the author who wrote the course . . . 

And one of his comments was about the cover, containing an even more respected wrassler of yore. 

"I wonder what <insert name> would think of him using his picture as the cover!" 

Well, I dont know - but I'll tell you one damned thing - if Doug Hepburn was HERE? 

He WOULD put his seal of approval on those workouts - thats for damned sure!

Anyway, thats it from me. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Again, I know I've said it many times, but that discount on compilations will run out very soon. Make sure to grab what you WANT right NOW. 

Thursday, 18 March 2021 07:29

A bonafide real life cuckold got "agitated" cuck style and called yours truly a "cuck"

Lots of you, especially those on the Ship member's area have been WONDERING why I keep using the word "cuckling" as opposed to chucklin. 

Which I cannot do enough of these days it seems, both chuckling all the way to the bank and also at the "prime cut of meat" out there - in terms of being a Bozo "par excellence". 

Or, wanker par excellence. 

Anyway, we're talking Bozo Schofield here. 

And here is the latest rant he sent me (well, he sent this a couple of weeks back, but I am only mentioning it now). 

Remember, this is the same dude that messages women out of the ass - night, I mean, wanting them to "keep him as his servant" - to "press feet" - to "carry her shopping", and so forth, and he usually badgers them with this out of the blue, and when they obviously call him a jackass and decline, he goes to his "Mr Hyde" act and spews vile abuse. 

All on the books and the record. Hehe. 

And a guy that is notorious for paying ladies of the night in China big bucks to .... 

... stick his tongue where the sun dont shine, and do precious little else. 

Indeed, thats why despite the cash he stole from friends to do this this "thief par excellence" has little to show in terms of any actual relationship. 

Let's take a look here (and remember, drink your coffee, or you'll spit this out on your keyboard). 

You are a typical beta cuckold and we know you write books on it. Seeing a real man entering your wife turns on you creepy little twat.

I will be laying hands on you and fuking you up, then having your wife suck me off thank me.

Stay safe fugly.


Oh my. 

Normally, you'd think this sort of thing would make someone's blood boil, but for me? 

I couldn't stop laughing. 

This poor Bozo is self projecting in a manner that truly beggars belief. 

And of course, he never did mention "where those lovely books are that I write on erotica". 

Glyn, do send me the link if you're reading it and I'll post it right HERE. Hehe. Might as well mint more money off it! (more than I already AM). 

But this exact same thing was something he once posted in a group in a drunken manner. 

And then when I told him the next day that "Hey, Glyn, fetishes are normal - we ALL have 'em" - he denied it SO vociferiously that I knew I was right. I had hit the SPOT. Hehe. 

Not that spot, Glyn, lol. 

I mean MENTALLY - I touched a nerve, hence your reaction. 

Anyway, what does all of this have to do with you, you ask? 

It is this, my friend. 

In life, fitness, anything - remember - be YOU. 


The Bozo tries to hide, hide, hide, and all the while his deep desires never go away, do they? 

Same thing with YOU, and fitness my friend. 

You know the gyms aren't giving you the results you want. 

Yet, you continue to patronize them because "your friends and everyone else says" . 

You continue to lift weight because the so called "shamus gurus" say "it's the real deal". 

You contnue to get fatter, have less energy, the man tits keep expanding, and your INNER VOICE tells you to STOP - and do something DIFFERENT. 

That something different, my friend is my producs and courses

I've truly got something for everyone, and my results speak for themselves. 

A ONE time investment, and value for your entire life . . . 

Really, listen up bro. 

There is nothing to be ashamed of if you secretly want to ape me and do pull-ups. 

NOthing to be ashamed of, if, as Charles Mitchell, a great customer once said "I can't do fingertip pushups as well as you!" 

Absolutely nothing at all! 

We ALL want it. 

We have ALL been there. 

And we including yours truly - we have ALL learnt by standing on the shoulders of GIANTS. 

Fitness wise,tom tomming aside, that is me my friend. 

The rest? 

I leave up to YOU! 

As a great customer once said "the bodyweight exercise guru is WAITING for you". 

But he won't crawl over broken glass to beg you to DO the thing, thats for sure!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I mentioned this to my lovely "significant other" and she giggled in that sage way only women can. 

Her comment? 

If he wants to tangle with an angry ape, so be it. 

And yeah. I'd rather be called an ape or "Da Xing Xing" than a cuck, hehe. 

PS #2 - Think Schofield is the only nutjob out there? Think AGAIN. 

Here is what a guy from Nanjing in China told me on Facebook a year or so ago when I still used it .. .(I was promoting Gorilla Grip). 

"I build a strong gorilla grip by choking the gorilla daily". 

I'll leave the rest up to your imagination. LOL. But really, another reason why I quit social media - it's right there! 

Anyway, my friend, don't "choke the chicken". 

Do as Rocky did - and CHASE it. 

You'll build stamina like NEVER BEFORE. 

Tuesday, 09 March 2021 08:04

The Ab roller workouts I just DID.

And it left me torched, my friend - well, somewhat torched, and while most of that was due to the ape like workout I did yesterday, this contributed. 

Speaking of which, the looks I'm getting with my chest bursting out of my shirt these days (literally, I've been on a shopping spree for new T shirts and shorts - the former is too tight around the upper body, and billows around the waist, and the latter - well, I'm dropping ANOTHER size!) ...  and giving away old stuff etc (well, trying to - but I managed to give a lot of it away) (no I dont do it for money) ... I'm starting to look more and more like an APE

An actual ape. 

As I once told my little girl years ago when monkeys showed up at the park where I was training, and the entire populace scattered like roaches in light. 

Scurried, I should say, much like what happens in China when even a DROP of rain falls ... the entire country RUSHES for cover. 

God Forbid even a tiny drop of rain ... ah, but Schofield knows a lot about tiny drops. LOL. 

Anyway - I told my daughter this. 

"They don't mess wth me!" I laughed. "They just think it's another monkey monkeying around!" 

And they didnt, actually. One look at me, and the monkeys take off for other more interesting pastures - people with backpacks, food etc. 

Reminds of me of "Manki Point" I visited in Kasuali, INdia in 2009 or so I believe. 

A monkey snatched a lady's handbag STRAIGHT out of her hand and she emittted a yowl louder than the Bozo does every night when he ...ah. I'll stop. LOL. 

(But he's on a bender again, from what I gather from friends). 

Anyway, so I got done with an EQUIPMENT based short workout for a change (other than the chinning bar, though I'm abotu to go hit that soon too). 

No, Bozo, not "that sort of hit to the backside". 


But this workout, my friend was something that Teddy Roosevelt did in the White House years back - or a variant of it. 

And truth be told, it left my triceps and upper abs BUZZING. 

Most people, even "fit people" CANNOT do the ab roller well when they first start. 

In fact, if you try rolling it out fully, you'll likely crash flat on your face. 

And if you're too FAT - then you'll shake like most do when they first get into the table position shown in Pushup Central - except in reverse. Like a maple leaf in Toronto, or something like that. 

Or, the handles will BREAK as you do 'em (so remember, if you get this equipment which I highly recommened, please do not "infest the thrift stores" and hang around in alleys etc waiting for handouts, or "20 dollar you know what offers" like Bozo Schofield does). 

Please DO get it from a decent fitness store ... 

But anyway, and back to being overweight. 

Or, you won't be able to do it, period! 

And my friend, there are literally so many variant workouts you can do with this that Ic ould write a book on this alonel I might just do that, actually.... 

But anyway, Lumberjack Fitness will contain THIS equipment amongst many others. 

And it's a book almost done, but the computer has got a touch of the Bozo too apparently from afar, and once things calm down on that front, I'll have it out to YOU! 

I know MANY of you are anxiously awaiting it. 

So am I. 

Patience, grasshopper - good things come to those that wait, hehe. They truly DO! 

But on that note, there is an exercise even better than the ab roller (which if done right along with other stuff, will give you the ripped ab look within a few days flat and leave your ENTIRE BODY torched within a few minutes). 

The "extended" arm pushup shown in Pushup Central

Remember, the magnum opus on pushups, which along with Animal Kingdom Workouts and Jump Rope Mania! is probably my best ever. 

Then again, they're all special. 

But even GETTING into position in that one is so tough that I wouldn't recommend you try it until you get good - damn good - at some of the other variants therein. 

And it requires no equipment, obviously, but is modeled on the same action. 

And if you mix and match these two - oh - my. 

Speaking of which, I'm off to do just that. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The Bozo claimed "A book in pishups. Really! Boring ... Badly written too!

Find out for yourself right HERE, hehe. 

PS #2 - for you marketers out there, the Bozo is possibly truly manna from Heaven (or others like him). LOL! Feel free to mention him in your newsletters too (from what I see someone already DID, hehe). The more the merrier, as his one time friend Charles (who he trolls being "Charlie Bandana" or Charles Rutherford the XXV) said, LOL. 

PPS - (edit) NO mention of ab training would be complete without the BEST damn course on ABS right HERE - Corrugated Core. Check it out NOW. 

Wednesday, 24 February 2021 06:58

500 pushups VS 100 pull-ups?

Received a great, great question from Gary in the U.S. (Montana??) on "rep numbers" when doing high rep bodyweight stuff. 

He had other questions too, but I'll post the relevant one here - 

(He's a "Zero to Hero!" buyer, so his other questions were in that regard) 

"If I do 500 push-ups daily - when I can. Which is better. 

Or, should I aim for doing more pulluups till Iget to my goal?" 

And that was his question - and it's a great one!

(His goal in terms of pull-ups is 100 pull-ups a day, and he's bought the first book on pull-ups i.e. Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

Now, this is a great question again!

Back in the day when I was "el Tubbo", I used to do 500 pushups. 

I set a goal to do them daily. 

I didnt quite get there daily, but in 30 days (it was a month long goal) Id say I cranked out 500 on at least 25 or 26 of those days in my living room in the winter

I'd be sopping with sweat. 

And I'd do them slower than I do now (in the 0 Excuses Fitness System I pound out 250 like nothing in 20 minutes flat, but remember - I didnt know what I do now back then - and remember - I was much fatter back then!) but I still DID 'em. 

Pull-ups, I would do maybe 20-30 and be done with it. 

I'd do 'em on thick bars outside . . . 

In itself, this is a great lesson of who is truly big and who is truly FAT. 

Or, a myth buster that "fat" guys cannot get in shape by doing tons of pull-ups. 

But anyway, so if I had to choose? 

Both great goals, both will get you in great shape. 

If I had to choose? 

Well, it's like a choice (my daughter once posed this question) - if I had to choose BEER or my daughter, which would I. 

"Of course you, honey", I responded. 

"But ... thats like asking me if I had to choose between breathing or drinking water!" 

Of course, it isn't like that, but it is - sort of! 

Same thing HERE. 

BOTH goals should be there in your mind. 

BOTH exercises should be uppermost, first and foremost! 

And aim to get good - damn good - at BOTH!

Having said all that, if it's 500 pushups, ultimately, those make you stronger overall in a way pull-ups can't, and tax the entire body in a way pull-ups cannot, so I'd have to choose that 

But tough one! 

100 pull-ups a day gives you grip and core work like pushups - well, the grip part - and upper back part - and the PULLING MOTION cannot really replicate. 

So, I dont know! 

Do BOTH is what I would say .. 

Last but not least, there is no "equivalent". 

People say "1 pull-up equals 10 pushups" in terms of strength. 

No it doesn't. It doesn't the other way around either. 

Drop these asinine notions if you got 'em my friend. 

I can make ONE pull-up tougher than a hundred press ups, or FIVE, an accepted number in "Jim Shim La La World" pushups way tougher than 50 pull-ups. 

And so it goes, my friend. 

Great question though - thanks for sending it in!

In the meantime, remember that Pushup Central is really starting to ROCK my friend. 

PIck it up now - and remember, please, please, PLEASE leave reveiws - honest and genuine ones. I dont so much "want" 5 star reviews as HONEST reviews. 

(Of course, if you think I'm the Michelin of Fitness like some customers and great trainees do - then by all means - click those 5 stars!). 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Here is the link again for Pushup Central. A must grab!!

Sunday, 21 February 2021 19:11

Why Advanced Hill Training is modeled on the mighty JAGUAR

And not so much my favorite animal (well, favorite BIG cat I should say) - the tiger. 

Favorite animal are the mighty GRIZZLY and the tiger both! 

Both find a mention in my courses, of courses - one in the course on building massive "Shoulders like Boulders!" and the second in the classic and immensenly popular Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

Jaguars and leopards too - I love 'em, especially the former, and more on that later. 

Cheetahs for some reason I never took a fancy to. Many bestselling authors have though - most notably James Hadley Chase who wrote the classic book "The Vulture is a patient bird" about a madman recluse deep in South Africa (the jungle) - and a diamond that a group of city slickers along with a gorgeous dame attempt to retrieve. 

The Jewel of Borgia, or something it was. A jewel into which you could insert poison and then twist, and within 12 hours the person would die. 

Or pass, on, whichever. 

But the madman in the book had a cheetah right next to him - and this seems to have been copied by many a Bollywood potboiler too, where the baddies for whatever reason seem to love cheetahs. 

Dont get me wrong. 

It's a bad ass, sure. It can run like the wind!

And I could have put the cheetah on the cover of the book and made a ton more sale sthan I do now, but I WON'T. 


Well, first a bit on the much over hyped in my opinion LION. 

My buddy Vincent and me have an ongoing argument about who would win between a tiger and a lion. 

I say a tiger any day of the week. 

He used to say that too, but he saw a match in Thailand or someplace where the tiger got it's butt kicked, but that was just one match, I keep telling him. 

Tigers are the KING of the jungle in my opinion, lions a distance second - and the male lions are downright LAZY, I'd say. 

They don't even live int he jungle! 

All looks and no "roar" (against the tiger that is, of course!). 

But anyway, I still remember a visit to the zoo back in the day. 

Mr White Tiger was sleepily staring at visitors through the enclosure. 

(but dont be fooled - a madman jumped into the enclosure, and he was a goner almost instantly - true story in India). 

Mr. Lion was a huge male lion literally snoring after a massive meal I'd imagine. And he was least bothered or interested by the visitors gaggling at him. 

But the jaguar. 

Locked up in a steel cage for whatever reason, and I felt for this magnificent BEAST !!

The tiger is the KING. 

The lion is proably the laziest. 

The Jaguar though my friend is just a MEAN mean cat - and you can see it in its eyes!

Even BABY Jaguars look like they're ready to pounce and do what they do best - KILL!

The tiger has a spiritual look to it. 

The jaguar - nothing doing!

That damn thign roared at me through the cage, and I felt awe and a CHILL (in a good way) go up my spine. 


The real deal! 

And jaguars, my friend, are probably the perfect example of strength, speed and stealth in a small(er) package - not to mention I believe they have the strongest bite force amongst the big cats ... 

And the speed ... the DEMON SPEED!

I dont know. 

But the "mean come GET IT!" vibe I get off those lovely jaguars is in part what caused me to name it after these royal beasts. 

And that, my frind is that. 

Train like a cat and do the uphill sprints - and YOU too will understand what it means like to be SUPREMELY fit - and feeling like a WILD CAT ready to pounce all day long! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Not to mention, if you're one of the types that loves to burn the candle at both ends, then you absolutely DO NEED that course! 

Monday, 08 February 2021 06:42

Charging "high prices for pictures you took at home" and how to reduce DOMS (especially in them LEGS!)

Holy Mary. 

Which one should we start with first? 

Well, lets start with the first first. 

Remember the nutjob who claimed my book on isometrics, the "missing link" that connects all my other great books - and an awesome book in it's own regard (indeed, this book will teach YOU the SECRETS the old timers used to build their prodigous strength beyond belief) was "too expensive" because the "quality of pictures was poor"? 

Or some such rot ... 

Here is the comment again - 

Honestly, one of the worst fitness ebooks I've ever read (and I've read quite a few); it's a simple bunch of static stretches and bodyweight exercises. A shallow recommended programming, and the photos quality is simply unwatchable. And never, never all of this for € 46!

Not recommended

Well, well, well. 

As I said before in another post - how dare I put out a book on isometrics that does just that i.e. talk about isometrics. 

Lets take the definition of isometrics again ... 

An isometric exercise is a form of exercise involving the static contraction of a muscle without any visible movement in the angle of the joint.


How dare I, hehe.

How dare I put out information that was good for the Great Gama, Alexander Zass, Bruce Lee, and many others... 

But his main beef wasn't with the course. 

What he really meant was this a) too expensive and b) "you took the pictures at home and didnt hire Sylvester Stallone's make up artist, producer, director, and an entire crew to take the pictures, make it purdy and so forth". 

What a joker! 

Now, we've covered the price part before. 

(btw - I dont know where he got the "46 Euro" price from!) 

Simply put, as an awesome customers, one of the very BEST, John from the UK said . 

"You cannot put a price on knowledge". 

And then, "fitness books are about the information, not the typos or lack thereof" 

(The first in response to the price thang, the second for Animal Kingdom Workouts) 

(both paraphrased) 

But in Mamma Mia (the commenter)'s case, he was really upset about the "looking like a movie star" guy not taking movie star pictures. 

I mean really. 

Lets get REAL FOLKS! 

These courses ain't about looking like a pretty boy! 

And hence, this comment on Corrugated Core ... 

This is functional core training, not your usual get "buffed for the beach" nonsense.
This is hardcore training for a hard core, if you're after performance above pretty, then this is for you.

Sure, some of my books - such as Advanced Hill Training have pictures taken outdoors. 

So does Battletank Shoulders

But some dont. Corrugated Core for one. 

If it can be done indoors, why go outside? 

Is that not the entire point of the 0 Excuses Fitness System for one?  (i.e. the ability to get in workouts anyplace, any time - and with NO Excuses?) 

Anyway, for those interested, no, I won't be hiring any make up artists in the near future. The girls dont seem to mind it, and if the guys do, well, thats ok. LOL. 

And in any case, getting back to it - fitness books are about the knowledge. INFORMATION! 

(not information about turning into a movie star, heh)

Anyway, lets get to DOMS now. 

I've spoken about my legs being sorer than SORE - HECK - by doing 500 Hindu squats a couple of days before? 

And it's really hitting me now, hehe. 

For some reason I get DOMS more than the next person does ... 

And this info I'm about to give you is just as applicable to heavy weight squatters (you should not be doing that in the first place) as it is bodyweight trainees, or the average ole couch potato that jumped off his perch (and hasn't in years) and climbed a hill like yours truly did with Ann Lee back in the day. 

And it left me hammered for DAYS. 

Anyway, right now it's mostly thighs

And it's nowhere near the soreness most people get when they START out with Hindu Squats, when they can barely WALK the next day after 40. 

I've seen grown men that can squat kangaroos and elephants in the gym COLLAPSE the next day. Literally! 

(dont know why the "roo" came to mind, hehe). 

Maybe because of it's prodigous LEG strength! 

But anyway, exercises #11, 12, 14, 16 and 17 in the book on isometrics address the legs specifically, and will literally stretch out any soreness you have within the space of less than a minute. 

And that, my friend is yet another benefit of this wonderful, wonderful and once in a lifetime course. 

That being - getting back to it - ASAP! 

We all hate missing workouts as much as the next person - and I'm sure you know what I mean here. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember to pick up the perfect complement to this course HERE

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