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Sunday, 28 February 2021 11:11

What you CAN eat - while working out!

This might come across as a surprise to many of you on this list, and indeed many that are reading it - given my preference for NOT eating "when most people tell me to". 

Given my GREAT gains on an admittedly (so the idiots and experts) say a shitty diet, and breaking cardinal rule #1 of eating (I mention this as the SECRET - or one of them - to super fitness and even "ripped" if you want that in the Simple and Effective Diet - which by the way is GRATIS with your purchase for the 0 Excuses Fitness System). 

And on that note, some free entertainement first. 

The "Glyn Files" as a friend of mine and REAL STRONGMAN - and a DOER in life -a nd FITNESS put it, hehe. 

Latest on that is that the Bozo apparently gave up after his bender last night, but apparently not. 

Seems to be on a weeklong bender (poor UK, hehe). 

And though his stuiff, signups etc go straight to "trash" I occasionally check Trash, because some of my best customers are from the UK and I dont want email signs up etc landing in the "trash". 

Many reasons why folks don't get emails ... And NOT all of them are because they dont want to get 'em (but yeah, if YOU signed up, and don't get the email, and do NOT ask me WHY, then you WILL be deleted, because it shows you dont WANT to hear from me bro). 

More on "repelling what you dont want there" (from me). 

But anyway, the Bozo is ready to implode into a fat, chubby, bloated mess of "eww". 

Latest names he signed up for with? 

Other than "RahulisafitnessGod", of course, which I mentioned last night. 


It's absolutely hilarious - given the next name he signed up with for was "Bozo Schofield" (he copied and pasted a customer name to an email address which of course went straight to junk because it's a non existent email, hehe) ... 

The Bozo truly IS projecting. As he always does. LOL. 

Funny part, even if he meant that for me, I'm not exactly the most favorite, or even close to it, person on my own Mama's list. LOL!

Anyway, I was chowing down on corn between sets of pull-ups, and I remember my wife once telling me the following back in the day (she picked up some roasted corn on a cob for me). 

"Don't stand upside down!" 

(this was said in Hindi!) 

"After eating! Your stomach won't magically digest it! I'm not cleaning up the puke!" 

Now, I can understand why she said that - I often tell my little girl not to do that. 

And yours truly does NOT workout on a full stomach, or ANYWHERE NEAR IT for reasons I've specified a lot of times. 

But, SOMETIMES, somethings ... 

Look, I was mid way through the workout, first off. 

And second, if it's a couple of bowls of boiled corn, that digests pretty quickly when you're doing the REAL thing. 

I dont think it would have made me puke (though yeah, I stopped doing handstands because my wife then would have a coronary, lol - and immediately switched to)? 

That old favorite - and a KILLER exercise that makes men out of gym bimbos, bozos, preeners, posers, pumpers and the like REAL QUICK. 

It's mentioned in the Animal Kingdom Workouts course, a course that will (according to a customer) truly make you join the ranks of the SUPERHUMANS. 

And, according to me, you'll never have erectile dysfunction and "I want a stud in the bedroom, not just GYM!" complaints and snickers about "women only want men who can do THAT thing well!" problems again once you get on that course, but for now, this ain't about putting the big V outta biz, this is about YOU - and the bear crawl. 

And I remember telling my daughter, grinning from ear to ear. 

Well, the bear eats - and ends up shitting at the same time, and moving, doesnt it? 

And look at monkeys. 

Chowing down on bananas all day while swinging from limb to limb. 

BIt extreme I know. 

And no, I dont advocate YOU to jump into a workout while or after a heavy meal, but sometimes, a bit of a snack if you need one? 

(I dont - I did not then either - I just love me some roasted corn on the cob!) 

Go for it. 

The Earth will still revolve, hehe. 

And that, my friend is that. 

Be sure and pick up the course on isometrics and pushups as well - both complement the above one perfectly, as does the compilation on pull-ups

I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Had a great conversation a while ago with a great guy "Dejon" . Shout out - kudos to YOU bro! 

(yes, yours truly DOES get on the dumb phone sometimes, hehe). 

I once dated a chick who said exactly that. 

I couldn't believe my ears when I first heard it. 

But it did give me an indication of her temper, which of course attracted yours truly "hot tempered" (way more than I am NOW) to her back then. 

She ended up becoming ... well, my wife, and we all know the story there. 

She also drank vodka on the first date ,I believe or the second. 

I know I drank 5 bottles of Foster's beer that first date (after the movie and the shennanigans and "my own movie", hehe). 

And she became a die hard wine lover down the road and vodka lover too. 

Not quite as much as I drink, and not quite as much as Ann Lee loved BEER, but she can put away a fair bit, I believe ... 

But anyway, it's funny - I was talking last night about why Idont try to convince people. 

Well, I never tried to convince my wife of drinking, or that I'd stop when I got married, or none of that. 

I didnt even say I'd lop my long hair off. - that she did manage to get me to do, but it grew back open. 

I should say "grew back", but a gust of wind suddenly SHOOK the door I'm next to and it opened as if by :magic" and the Spirit. Truly strange and GREAT things happening today after that isometric workout!!

I'm going to go open it again soon, but for now? 

Really, that is why I have this list etc - for people that at least have an open mind internally. 

If you're willing to listen, then you might just benefit, and benefit way more than you have fitness wise in the past. 

Not to mention get in the best shape of your LIFE, my friend. 

Start right here if you so choose. 

And remember, if it's "I'd love to" - I dont want it. 

IF you come to me saying "YES, I WANT IT!" - then I want - YOU!


Rahul Mookerjee

This is an interesting one, my friend - or maybe not - and while I've been this way for most of my life, I'm being MORE this way as I "age" (if you can call it that, hehe). 

If you can call looking and feeling 10 years or more younger than I am - and in better shape than I ever was - "older" ... 

But anyway, I was deleting things out of my life today. And online. 

You'd be amazed at how much TRASH piles up without you even realizing it. 

So was the case with my WeShat - and I was deleting useless groups and junk off my list I didnt need - and people. 

In most cases, these people had deleted me without so much as a "ok, bye". 

I returned the favor, albeit with a silent thought of gratitude for the good they DID do in my lives when they were there, and to wish the best. 

Thoughts truly are things. 

Letting go truly DOES WORK!

In some rare cases I messaged the person again and asked "why". 

And in ALL these cases, my faith was vindicated - there was some reason they did it - not related to me. 

One being the usual "mistake" excuses. HA!

And two, the weShat limit of 5000 contacts. 

And there might be other reasons, I dont know - but these people added me back with an apology. 

Some folks are worth following up on so I do it. 

Vast majority? 

I delete without a thought (other than the one I mentioned above). 

Same thing for ridiculous groups I keep getting added to I do NOT want to be a part of. Cesspool of negativity are most WeShat groups, especially those with a ton of expats in there, all bored and drunk most of the time... 

Let go of what you don't want or doesn't fit your purposes any more - happily - and you'll be amzed how quickly what you DO want manifests!

anyway, where am I going with this? 


THIS, my friend, is the reason (and many have asked) why I dont try and "convince" people of the FACT that bodyweight is, always was, and always will be far superior to the ridiculous machines and routines at the Jim Shim. 

"Why do you mention what you do about price on the opening page"

One person asked me the above. 

Well, same reason Jose ... 

To keep the IDIOTS at bay. 

And more importantly, you wouldn't think so, but a LOT Of people that come to this site and sign up for this (and other site's) newsletters are already "convinced" that its their way or the highway, and other than "trying to prove the other person is wrong", they have no other purpose to be on the list. 

For these folks, I just hold the door wide open. 

If you're Balaams ass with heels firmly dug in, and NOT willing to keep an open mind (I said OPEN, not CHANGE) to anything, then, well, I can't make that horse drink. 

And, it also means what I have to offer is not for you. 

So, lose lose for us both. 

As for convincing, I can only do that if even a sliver of openness is present in said mind - and my books and products and RESULTS do all the convincing you'll ever need. 

Not to mention what former boobybuilders, current customers and the like say ... 

But if that mind is CLOSED - well - I could write several books on convincing alone - you could read 'em from top to bottom, sideways, upside down, and until the cows come home, and it ain't gonna do a damn bit of difference or good. 

Because ...well, the obvious. 

So thats why, my friend. 

And if you're still here after all that, and are willing to give some of the best damn fitness routines on the planet a SHOT - go here!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Best damned fitness system you could ever want with results the gym trainees can only DREAM of - right here - the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

I dont know, my friend. 

It befuddles the mind - at least mine! 

(I know, what do I know. Hehe. Yours truly sits at home and does nothing eh). 

But really, people EVERYWHERE seem to be taken this already inane "we're too busy" spiel to an extreme. 

You see it all the time. 

And most of the time, these "too busy" people are the ones making the LEAST money and getting the MOST frustrated, and when you call 'em out on it, of course, how dare you?! 

Is there something to be "proud" of to unconsciously ape the mannerisms of Korean Soap operas, for one, where everything is either a drama, yelling contest, or "Oh My GOOOOODDD! Oh, nooooooo!" 

Right down to the running around ... 

Sure, it irritates me to see people (on the rare occasion I'm THERE around 'em) do this. I try not to be around people who can barely even talk to you for a minute a day without checking their phones for the latest gossip or what not. 

I cannot STAND to be around people who refuse to accept the truism of "take a deep breath and let things FLOW". 

I cannot stand to be around FAKENESS. 

Because I keep getting the feeling that this business is (busy-ness) "manufactured". 

He who has nothing to do usually looks the busiest, my friend - and MORE TO THE POINT, doesnt shy about telling other people about it - or complaining about it. 

Don't get me wrong. 

It's great to be busy - truly busy. 

But if you're that busy you can't hold a conversation with ANYONE for even a minute or so without checking the dumbphone or gabbing on the phone then I suggest you do something ELSE with your life altogether (or take a long deep Look at it). 

Of course, how dare I. 

I'm just "the fitness guy". 


And on that note, you so called busy folk and REAL busy people - thats why I'm here. 

Fitness routines that get you in shape in FIVE minutes or less - or LESS THAN ONE minutes - I repeat, less than ONE - when you begin. 

Go here to learn all about 'em! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Once you're halfway or so through the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and have started to do good - pick this course up here too. It's the advanced version. True, you could do great with the basics all your life, but THAT course there is truly the JAGUAR in terms of fat burning and "belly shrinking workouts!". 

PS #2 - Quote of the day (and I just did some of this on WeShat) - "Let go of what you do NOT want - make a conscious decision to do so NOW - and watch the GREAT literally FLOW into your life so quickly it KNOCKS you over!" 

True dat, my brother. True DAT!

Often times, when I move out of my apartments in China, I leave things behind. 

I could probably sell them to make a few extra bucks - or more - for instance, the clothes dryer I left behind would probably be TAKEN as well if I tried "reselling it". 

Instead, the first thing I did was ask Miss Summer, a neighbor of mine. 

(who, incidentally was the one that offered me a monkey job at a pay WAY higher than what most people get offered at - yes, I did it for a while too!). 

She has two kids. 

So, I figured she'd need it, and I asked her - for those, and the other things I had lying around. 

She didnt want it, but it felt good to ask ... 

The only thing I sold before moving in where I am now is my old "mobile charger" - battery pack, actually - and that was only because someone WANTED it. 

Rest of my stuff, I still remember my landlady asking me  in a surprised manner. 

"You dont want any of this", she asked. 

"Nope. You use it, or the next person can!" I replied. 

Better than tossing it out in the trash!

Maybe one of the reasons life has always ultimately flowed for me is because I GIVE freely. 

When I left my apartment in New York, it was a like a garage sale we offered the neighbors. 

Lamps. Tables. Chairs. Everything we had, we pretty much either gave Salvation Army, or our neigbors. 

Except the beer, which our curiously enough Indian neighbor didnt want, hehe. 

"sad day", I remember my friend Rueben saying when a lot of BEAST ICE was tossed in the TRASH, hehe. (along with a set of pink dumbbells my then girlfriend had - security on the plane wouldbn't allow it, and I'm glad). 

She bitched up a storm about her pink dummies tho ... 

But anyway, this morning the door ... as I was doing handstands, 15 minutes ahead of time. 

I was doing a workout straight out of Battletank Shoulders, and was breathing HEAVY. 

150 squats out of the way, and I was really getting into my HSPU's... 

Yet, I knew it. 

Instantly jumped down. 

For months, I've been trying to give my old laptop and camera etc (amongst other things AWAY) but havent been able to find the right people. 

Yesterday I did. 

An organization that helps poor kids globally I believe (in schools and such). 

There were plenty of people that wanted it for a "low price" they'd pay me. 

I didnt give it to them. 

Yes, yours truly in THIS TIME when most are "scrambling to make ends meet" (so they believe) GAVE it away. 

Lots of old memories in the camcorder. 

Trips. My own graduation which pretty much only my ex filmed. And the trusty laptop - cannot say enough good things about it. It lasted eight years - more than what I can say for the crappy Asus I have now, which gave up within a year or so! (pretty much - China made - any surprises??). 

Toshiba is the BOMB. 


But anyway, I gave 'em away. 

Stood outside in the "garden". 

Wished it all away, and being the stuff all still works, I hope it can be USED by someone. 

I knew it the minute I saw the person. 

A smile makes a difference!

He showed up BANG on time - or 15 minutes ahead, which is fine, and GREAT. It's what I'd do. 

Eager, but NOT over eager. 

The minute I spoke to the guy who picked it up I KNEW it was the right decision - as I knew all day long yesterday - and yet more "weight" was lifted off me - my shoulders - though there was none on it at first!

Now, what does this have to do with YOU you might ask. 

Well, simple. 

We want, want, want - and thats not necessarily bad - but how many of us GIVE - with an open heart? 

Freely, of our time, wisdom, posessions, everything? 

Sure, if you're the Bozo reading this, it doesnt need to be taken to extremes. There is a limit to everything 

But in today's me, me, me world - it's good to take time to consider "them, them, them" SOMETIMES - if just to let the GOOD flow into "me" - and "my life". 

Trust me, the Laws of the Universe are inescapable my friend. 

And on that note, and in the flow, I'm off to RECOVER a bit. 

Back soon! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - One of the great things about the 0 Excuses Fitness System is it gets you in FLOW, and how. Watch me literally BLISSED AND BLESSED at the end of the workout - you'll feel it! 

(and follow along too!)

(the best you can). 

PS #2 - The ex I spoke about is no longer with us due to the China plague. Though we both moved on about decades ago, I knew she would APPROVE of what I did today - and I did it for more reasons than just ONE. 

Thursday, 25 February 2021 06:59

Why I absolutely love being called a FAILURE

Yes, despite everything Mr. Black Mamba has done, he gets called that a lot of times still. 

Amazingly enough, a customer on this list once called me that! 

This was a while ago, and even more amazingly? 

He loved 0 Excuses Fitness - and he bought it - and he cannot say enough good things about it!

Yet, according to him (he once told me this) "I was a failure in "other regards" because I didnt have a house and a car". 

Now, this is SO amazing - such mind boggling idiocy that I did some research. 

And sure enough, while this man is rich - richer than Cain (maybe not Croesus though, hehe) - he works a .... JOB. 

End of the day, he ain't FREE. 

He has to report to a BOSS. 

And I think the "Freeeeeeee to do my OWN Thang on my own time, wake up int he morning and ENJOY TAKING MY TIME to smell the roses and write these emails, and piss off drinking beer, or taking a walk around the apartment complex or climbing the hill or what not while HE is stuck in the office" vibe was what really got him. 

And he wouldn't admit it, of course. 

But thats fine. 

There are plenty like him. 

And let me tell you one damn thing bro. 

If I had set a goal to have a house and a car, I'd probably have ten of them by now. 

Yours truly doesnt back down from goals HE WANTS. 

But a house and car (the latter being a LOSING investment and one NOT needed in China) hasn't ever been high on the list! 

But anyway, it's interesting. 

Two things. Or three. 

One, that meme I sent out about "Can a person stand on his OWN TWO LEGS when his house, car, fancy degrees or what not are taken AWAY FROM HIM?" 

Two, what Emerson rightly wrote about in the Laws of Compensation, that basically being "I feel worry when the newspapers praise me too much, but as long as people speak AGAINST me, I know I'm enjoying at least a modicum of SUCCESS" (paraphrased). 

(and thats why I love the bozos and my haters, hehe). (and there are plenty salivating at the bit waiting to be LET OUT and ar ereading this, hehe). 

And three ... 

It's interesting, but these people have never condemned or even thought of condeming that ONE THING - that thing I keep writing about for YOU - that YOU should be doing - that YOU were put on this planet to do - and that YOU can do better than anyone else!

Much as they hate me, they have to acknowledge that one thing (it ain't necessarily fitness either, though thats a side thing yes - but the wolves often bay there too, hehe). 

Anyway, this here wolf LOVES being criticized - and called a failure. 

And is a huge Ralph Waldo Emerson fan. 

every time I get a negative idiotic remark, I LOVE IT. 

Because mentally, it frees me to go out there and KICK ASS - usually at a certain point down the line (as happened with Bozo Schofield) - the person who is SAYING the negative things. 

Except, I'm the black mamba that takes his TIME. 

Anyway, workout wise you on THIS list know what an awesome book Isometric and Flexiblity Training is. 

And of course, the better it is the more idiots it attracts. 

And here is another gemstone of a comment I got on this. 

(this is similar to Mr Mamma Mia who sent in basically this - but in a longer format!) 

"It's just bodyweight stuff. Just stretching! I'm sorry I bought this!" 

That was the sum and substance of it. 

Nothing else other than that - but hey. 

He seems to be clamoring for a refund as well, but guess what. 

He WILL NOT get it. 

No refunds, as clearly stating on the policy page. 

And second, "Michael" (so he says his name is) Brown apparently didnt read the part about it being a book on isometrics (bodyweight and stretching) and uh .... 

The idiocy of it all. Hehe. 

I thought of educating him, but thought better of it after that. 

Keep 'em coming folks - I love it!

"I' luvin it!" 



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Pick up the best damned course there is out there on pushups right HERE. I CHALLENGE you to find one better!

PS #2 - I'd post the uber positive stuff Mr First Guy said about 0 Excuses Fitness. For a change I won't. Hehe. Let the hate come in! 

My wife often gets frustrated with me when we live together (which as you know ain't all that often) not just because I dont live with her, but when I do, I dont "sleep with her". 

Not as often as she would want, at least. 

(God knows why she would, given the amount she complains about me, hehe)

(then again, I DO know. LOL). 

But anyway, she ain't the only one. 

Anne, a lovely lass I knew WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY back in the day kept asking me. 

"Why you no enter me!" 

And Ashley, another girl I knew back in the day would keep complaining about "is this make love!?" 

Or, "I want have sexy!" 

My wife made the great comment about 

"We Women want STUDS in the bedroom, not in the gym! Women only care about THAT exercise!" 

Reminds me of what Matt Furey's wife once told him about "not wanting a man whose a stud in the gym, but a DUD in the bedroom"

Great, or greater minds think alike. 

And given yours truly has a very "colorful" history for the most part .... 

But anyway, it's true. 

I'd rather conserve my seed like the great boxers and wrestlers of yore did. 

Bozo Schofield trolled Pushup Central as me being "Rahul Tyson". 

Poor Glyn. I can hear him CRYING in frustration in Mommy's dingy basement which she's ready to boot him out of, but hasnt because he's just so ham handed and PATHETIC - but he also made the comment "We know you write books on cucks!" 


But he never tell me WHICH book yours truly wrote on cucks. 

IF anyone can. please tell me, and I'll post it here. Might as well make more sales for it hehe. 

But really - with the feeling I get that I wrote about on the other site? 

Why would I want to "do hanky panky in China" (as Ann Lee once famously got upset at me about - and remember, she was a beer/hill girl) when there are far better alternatives? 

As for spouses - why on EARTH would I want some when there are FAR better alternatives? 

YEs, I know this sounds out there, but here is the fact. 

Napoleon Hill wrote about the same thing in the chapter on Sexual Transmutation in Think and Grow Rich, that being most men do NOT succeed before 40 (thats one reason, not the only reason) because of their tendency to "sow their wild oats". 

And right about now, I dont wanna sow any. 

Not to mention, it saves me a fortune in potentail kids, hehe. 

The one time I did recently (years ago) sow seed was a SPECIAL TIME IN my life - and it resulted in the best thing ever for me, and the BEST KID I could ever have asked for - a true GEM, a true LODESTONE, a true SHINING STAR - a true ASS KICKER - a true STUDDETTE that at the age of 7 could whack Bozo Schofield so hard he'd never get up again to troll, and sof orth ... 

She is just lovely is my daughter - truly so! 

And anyway, I'm out. 

But you know why now, hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - For workouts that feel better than sex go HERE. Hey, even Bozo Scofield will like it - plenty of "quickies" in it. 

(I heard he doesnt do quickies tho. His tongue is usually perenially "ass deep" if you get my drift. But hey, to each (her) own!). 

PS # 2 - - I wonder if Bozo knows the BEAST HE UNLEASHED, and I AM JUST GETTING STARTED. YEe - HA!

Picture the following, my friend. 

You wake up in the morning after a night of "drunken revelry". 

You want nothing more than to wake up in PEACE and QUIET and calm - and yet, your wife, significant other, or perhaps your neighbor upstairs chooses that very moment to start clanging pots and pans, or drilling HOLES right above you. 


I've had that happen many a times - wake up in the morning, and some Bozo decides 7 AM in the morning is the time to let 'em drills run amok!

Or the pots and pans, or what not. 

Of course, telling them not to do won't accomplish squat. 

"How dare you". 

"Thats life" they'll yell, before going back to their natty little desk jobs and their perception of LIFE. 

OK, great. 

But there IS something you can do, my friend. 

Anyway, continue the picture. 

You're pissed. 

You go about your day, and suddenly everything "starts to go wrong". 

You meet people, and they react to you negatively. 

Even though you didnt say anything to them, or do anything, and they didnt either. 

You wonder why. 

Whats up, you think. I woke up in a great mood, and now . . . 

And now, befor eyou know it, YOU are DOWN! Big time. 

Suddenly, you do something that makes you feel great. 

Could be anything, really. 

Going for a brisk walk. Jog. Reading something motivational to the extreme (I often do this if I have to!). Visualize. Or just I dont know, whatever works for you. 

Suddenly, the birds CHIRP outside. 

And the world suddenly "looks to be a better place". 

You walk into the same room again, and these same people greet you differently!

What was different, you ask? 

Consciously, nothing. 

But subconcsiously, is a different thing. 

Now, picture yours truly in China in ... I can't even remember when - but I was broker than a .... I dont know, I never use the term broke, but "the reservoir" wasnt half full at that point if I might say so!

(I dont use the term broke for a very good reason). 

(neither should YOU, even if you ARE). 

Off I went to climb the hill at 11 Am in the morning. 

A gaggle of schoolkids showed up with their lovely teacher "Sophie" (I think thats her name, but I'm not sure). 

They took one look at me, and scattered like the wind. 

"Mei Guo Ren! Mei Guo Ren! USA! USA!" 

What they were saying was "Amercian! American!" 

(as if there is any need to say that. There's plenty of expats now in China, and foreign devils are hardly the center of attraction as they used to be once- unless you're in the Boonies, which I was NOT). 

But that isn't why I am telling you this. 

Their entire vibe was (and they didnt say this, but they did later) - - MONEY! 

"Here comes the rich foreigner". 

Curiously enough, many times, they saw OTHER expats - dressed nattily, to a T, with bling on them, girls hanging off them, and all that. 

(when I told my lovely wife about that, she scoffed, of course. "you have no money!' was what she said! "Nothing in your pocket, and yet they follow you!) 

(My lovely wife didnt realize how well she explained the power of the SUBCONSCIOUS. Maybe I'll write a book about it some day with that being the title "Nothing in your pocket, and yet they follow you in DROVES) 

Yours truly used to climb in an old "worn" T shirt andshorts. 

I still have those Domoyos shorts! 

But (and this hasnt been mentioned in the book on fitness recollections) - they didnt give THEM the same "look". 

I got it - regardless of the "outer". 

This, my friend, speaks volumes onto many things ... but for now, this is the KEY to attracting what you WANT in your life. 

And it's a key I explain in Zero to Hero, as soon as you dive into the book - it's right there. 

It's also mentioned in the 10 (should I say 20??) Commandments of Succesful Sales, and yes, sales - anything - any result is possible!

And YES, you CAN influence how other people react to you WITHOUT SAYING A WORD TO THEM!

In fact, you could outwardly do NOTHING. 

(You dont even need to write an email if you don't want). 

And they'd still do it. 

Sound astounding? 

Maybe to you, but not to me. The power of the MIND is unparalleled, my friend, and if certain Laws are followed, and YOU harness the POWER - innate power of your MIND - things will flow for YOU like never before. 

Anyway, before I end this one. 

People have had just that reaction (well, a lot of people) when they read my stuff. 

"Great stuff!" 

"But he's going to charge me for it! And he's going to charge a LOT for it". 

They're right, actually. 

And I plan on continuing to do so. 

For the life of me, I cannot understand why these same people would happily fork over money for (lets say) the "brew of their choice" or "restarauant" or other "passing fancies" which really are a "one time dopamine satisfy thingy" - - but pass up on the same "price" for something that will last 'em a LIFETIME and bring results like nothing else. 

Not all people, of course. 

There's plenty that get it!

But there's plenty that don't - and it's to them I am writing this. 

To those people - the unsubscribe button is there for a reason. Do use it! 

And I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul mookerjee

PS - More motivational reads here - Gumption Galore! (but really, NOTHING beats the feeling I get from reading Barnstormer Shoulders!). 

I've had liver trouble for a lot of my life, my friend, 

Elevated blood levels, bilirubin (whatever that is), and other "alarming signs". 

Until the age of 36 or so, and starting I believe 19 ... 

Of course the beer was to blame. Hehe. 

(I dont think so. so said certain nuts who claimed to be "in the know"). 

Certain docs that had bellies expanding so far down their pants you'd wonder how they ever managed to walk to class to complete all those degrees these docs have to (and there are a lot). 

(curiously these same docs overlooked what my lovely wife said i.e. it being "predisposed to an extent" in my family. Of course, the beer was the sole culprit! 

No excuses, really. 

But to those readin this that whine about genetics and "Im a big guy" when they're FAT - yet another wake up CALL for YOU!)

I'd rather someone like my Grandfather who was trim without being skinny till the day he passed on! 

Some of these doctors, really! 

Anyway, they prescribed me meds (which I never took) - told me not to drink beer (which I DID anyway) - told me (perhaps the most surprising of them all) to not go swimming because it "exerts" the liver, and other such ROT. 

yet, none of them spoke about deep breathing and REAL exercise, done right. 

Intense exercise done in spurts, which can (yes, even "that", hehe) literally improve your life and fitness and health BEYOND belief. 

Don't just go by what Paul Braggs, old time strongman and physical culturist had to say about "your breath is your power". 

And what Eugene Sandows said about "movement is life. Once you stop moving, you die". 

And any of the other guys back in the day. 

Go by science if you would!

The results... 

And yet, people despite these docs not exactly being in the best of health themselves put so much faith in them you'd think they were God. 

Dont get me wrong. 

By no means am I saying drink up every night like I used to. 

True, there ARE ways you can still make gains, but I dont recommend that sort of thing (the drinking up - I DO recommend the Jaguar lifestyle, or "cougar" if that suits ya, hehe) long term at all. 

Can't keep burning that candle at both ends. 

But really - the docs would probably get back with "So what! We make money and have degreess!" 

(and I get it - I respect that. I'm a huge Munna Bhai MBBS fan too!) 

And I'd ask them if they could do even half of what they should be preaching exercise wise. 

Or even TEN percent. 

Hell, some of these doctors are so far gone they couldn't do a plank if their life depended upon it. 

I dont know about you - I sure wouldn't want my doc on the phone telling his Mom to order whiskey and stuff for the house - not because of the drink. But because of his own lard ass!

I mean, for Jesus's sake - PRACTICE, my friend, what you preach! 

I was told I'd die by 30 if I "kept my drinking up". 

I increased it. 

I dont seem to have passed on, or anywhere near it post 40, hehe, and dont plan on it either!!

And most of all, the MIND. 

As a customer recently said, the "innate power of your mind". 

None of these docs talk about it, which is a huge mistake. 

Believe me, Emil Coue, French shrink (I couldn't spell pysciatrist, hehe) once said the following. 

"I'm getting better and better every day". 

And repeated with emotion, his patients did get a hell of a lot better, even without extra treatment!

Trust me - the mind does and can an dwill work miracles if you let it. 

Of course, don't be going talking about that to wives and significant others or friends even who will diss you and say "that mind stuff doesn't work!" 

But look. 

This dude I'm talking about had the plague (he tested positive). 

So did his wife. 

And a week or so later, he is fine, but his wife has long term COVID. 

Enough proof right there? 

(He told me when he got it that "there was no way the little bastard would survive against his immune system") 

Damn RIGHT! 


And these men make it all worth it, my friend - truly! 

And thats that - back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Life's a trip eh. 

Thats some trippy ass shit, Holmes!

- Training Day ... 

And as I finish 25 pull-ups, I gotta tell you that ... 

... that as usual, and obvously I wasn't there, but my wife is hollering at my daughter (or so it would seem. How dare I ever say it, hehe). 

"You're acting like a bull!" she screams at her. 

(In Hindi, "sand" means bull, its pronouced "sa-uh-nd" and what she meant was acting "wild like a bull!"). 

I had to laugh, if I heard that right. 

I think I did.

It's funny. 

When I was young, I used to get bullied and hammered all the time, and when I dared to give some back, I used to get hammered at home. 

Now my daughter does it ... 

Except SHE is the "bull". 

I find it interesting how no-one ever talks about the guy that slapped her in full view of everyone - when yours truly was the only one that backed her publicly (in 2018). 

I find it intereting how its only her aggression they focus on, and the fact that its far better to POUND than be POUNDED. 

True, it's not good to turn into a bully, but she's not turning into a bully. 

She just dont take no shit, my friend. 

And amongst the other gems my wife told her, one was this. 

"So you know good English! So what! What will you do in the world with just English!" 

I didnt say much, or anything. 

How dare I. 

But really ... same inChina. 

When I tell the Chinese that outside China barely anyone speaks or cares to speak Mandarin (no, what the idiots scraping by in China tell you ain't reality) - they throw a hissy. 

Blow a valve. 

How dare you, they say. 


But it's true. 

I mean, if it's Spanish or French, I'd sort of get it ... 

But Hindi????????? 

Outside the subcontinent, NO-ONE, most of all INdians included speak it - ALL the INdians I know overseas seem to take a perverse pride in "showing off their English" and NOT speaking Hindi! 

Chinese are better in that they at least stick to "China is best, Chinese is best" and won't speak English even in America. The other extreme, hehe. 

But even Chinese, outside China, Japan etc - virtually no-one cares two hoots if you can speak it. 

English, my dear friend is indeed the lingua franca of the world and will remain that way for the forseeable future. 

Anyway, what I love? 

That while the idiots and Bozos (not my wife, but the real BOZOS) continue to get pissed at Shoulders like Boulders! - my little girl picks up on it somehow. 

That pesky old subconscious and it's power. It travels across miles and continents!! 

"Brahma bull!" is what I told her when she got pissed. "You should be proud Mom's calling you that". 

I can just feel the daggers in my back now. 

But it's true. 

Much like Charles Mitchell said about "Mr Handstand pushup" being a great name for me - think of this. 

A 7 year old girl doing what most GROWN MEN wimp out at just upon hearing it. 

Handstands, and getting called a BRAHMA BULL - a ragin one at that! 

And as I tell my daughter. 

End of the day, when it boils right down to it - it's far better to kick ass than BE kicked yourself, and thats just the bottom line, my friend 

Maybe I'm overprotective in that regard, Idont know. 

But Id rather that than turn into a mushy lardass (her, and me both). 

Anyway, if your kids are stuck at home and going bonkers - this course will help them blow some steam off ... 

And I'm out, having blown "mine" off. Hehe. 

(my steam!) 


Rahul Mookerje

PS - But I'm off to puff like a locomotive a bit more now - come join me! 

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