Rahul Mookerjee

IN case he’s reading it, and from the teeth gnashing I can hear across the pond, yes, he is!

And the point of me saying this is to ...well, rile him up a little more, but also have mercy on him

As Glenn once said about a certain idiot “Thomas”, “we’ll let him be for now”.


Curiously enough, or maybe not Glenn (a stellar dude!!) was who I gave “Keeping it Real in China” to, and the Bozo got it from him.

Now without further ado, here it is 

Bozo Schofield, here it is.

If you’ve had enough, say th efollowing PUBLICLY. Hehe.

“Rahul, you’re right. I’m indeed a jackass that did everything you said, and what the others have said too.

I’ve never worked out in my pathetic little life, and I apologize for trolling you on Amazon”.

Now, in case you, my dear Schofield don’t want to say it?

Hey, no problem.

Say the opposite, and fume a bit more.

On Amazon at that. Honestly, you’ve got no idea how much money you made and make me, so please – keep going (ther’es another G right there, hehe).

Now, Gorillas aside, you could also say the following.

(please do NOT, I beg you, repeat the name of the gorilla part that turns you on the most. It ain’t the BLACK HAIR, I’ll say that. Hehe).

“Jahapanna, Tussi GREAT HO!”

And please do not even think of doing what the guy did in 3 Idiots after saying that to the “3 idiots”, hehe.


Anyway, your call.

Do a Tony Grieg.



(and for those reading – that “satirical” groveling on the cricket field by Greig, should NOT, I repeat NOT be taken as something negative against ole Tony. He was a GREAT – we ALL MISS HIM! And he was a real man, unlike ...ah, but you get my drift!).

Anyway, I’ll be back soon.

Until them, feast yerself on the Gorilla Grip series …


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And now, I think that should be THAT for the day. Off to count a G or so!

PS #2 – Bozo, in case you’re wondering, NO, your emails don’t reach me. Your IP is blocked. And so are all the other alternate ones you use, hehe. Unfortunately much like your public trolling, and attempts to besmirch yours truly lovely indeed Gorilla like reputation, redeeming yourself needs to be done PUBLICLY too.

If not Amazon you name the platform. LOL.

Seriously guys. This Schofield is the best. Lmao.

Bozo Glyn.

I promised myself I wouldn’t write about him or mention him today.

But as I get done (just got done) with a massive protein filled “lunch” (too late!) I gotta say this.

(six eggs, hehe, or maybe 7, all boiled).

Speaking of which, Humpty Glyn.

He looks exactly like TWO eggs on top of each other, one small, and the other round.

And hence the comment which is so spot on from a customer that truly GETS IT, John from the UK,

“Glyn Schofield, you’re a clown. Clearly you’re never trained in your pathetic little life!”

That he is my friend.

That he is!

A circus joker if any…

And he’s interested in gorillas too.


He sent me those weird emails about cucks and gorillas … ugh.

The Bozo is indeed interested in the very part of the gorilla that you and I would never even think about.


Anyway, on that note, Animal Kingdom Workouts. Gotta pimp it.

I did.

So whats the story, you ask.

Well, my daughter has the GRIP and the “girl” part down, hehe. Not to mention the gift of the gab!

And sans the girl (as far as I can tell), Ive got all the above down pat.

I truly AM grateful for everything, my friend

Including Bozo Schofield. Hehe.

But the G’s aside, and G strings perhaps, hehe, you’d be surprised at another one of my businesses that makes me more money than this one, and which is ostensibly the polar opposite of the one HERE.

Always shades of GREY!

Another G.

What do we call that?

When you have two letters repeateing?

Alliteration, I believe. We love it. So Do I.

Hence Corrugated Core, and all the Gorilla Grip books …

Or, Pushup Central.

Should be NPC though. Not politically correct!

On that note, Bozo once told me to "get a grip". I wonder what he's thinking now, lol. 

Anyway, I met a lady back in the day before going to the PRC in 2004. I was gonna say girl, but I said lady. She’d want me to, hehe.


She was a customer at the company I worked from. Had traveled from the US no less.

Looked me straight in the eye, and shook my head – and damn!

It wasnt the “soft” handshake you expect from women.

It was a solid handshake, so much so that my fingers were done crushed, hehe.

“Man, she’s got a strong grip” I told a co-worker later.

But curiously enough, when I gripped her hand in a not so strong grip (I made sure to do it gently), and remember these were pre Gorilla Grip days, what did she say?

You got a strong grip, boy!

Not “boy” … but you get my drift!

And that was sage indeed.




There I go again, hehe.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee aka …. M. Hehe.

PS – Pick up the Gorilla Grip compilation here, yes, in case you didn’t notice, you ladies can do it TOO! Better than men almost in many cases!

PS #2 – Lots of G’s – INDEED!

Napoelon Hill outlined one of the following reasons (two, actually – therewere many, but I’ll mention TWO) as a cause for failure, or people not succeeding “yet” in The Laws of Success, and Think and Grow Rich.

Even if munee doesn’t interest you, well worth a read!

William Munee, the name pops up in mind, the crabby and yet inimitable Clint Eastwood that last I checked at the age of 80 plus could do one arm pushups and then some …

(if that doesnt shame the average tubby modern day male, I dont know what will?) 

Anyway, he said the following.

One, wrong choice of spouse (he then went on to say that if either wife or husband let their interest for the other die out in them, it is on them).

Of course, the book wasn’t about divorce or one of Hill’s many failed relationships!

But that, my friend is exactly how things are sometimes.

Ever wonder why a lot of successful people are not just divorced ONCE, but twice, or several times?

Even the old timers. Even those “not from this day and age”.

It is not just “the modern lot”.

Some stay married, sure. Divorce ain’t a pre-requiste for either success or failure in my opinion!

But the second reason he stated was also this – “You cannot make excuses for your failure by saying “its because of your spouse, or smelly sock, or cruddy life, or so forth” …

(I’m being farcial here, but thats the point he made).

(no spouses aren’t smelly socks or what for the overly literal minded).

Anyway, many on my list have wondered, and I’ve never told ‘em, but I will now.

And a certain Carol often asked me.

“If she hates you that much, wont support you, why not divorce you and be done with it?”

Well simple enough.

Carol knew why.

But put in the same boat, Carol herself reacted differently. Her ex wanted a divorce, and she didn’t want to give him one.


She did it.

Most cannot!

What do I mean?

Well, my friend, MENTALLY moving on from anything – disappointment – heartbreak – anything and using the residue of that emotion, or the emotion itself to spur you on to greater success is probably one of the many lessons this lady taught me, and she had no idea she was doing so or things wouldn’t have turned out the way they had!

But either way.

When I’ve wanted a divorce, my wife didn’t grant one.

Ditto for when she wanted one – well – I didn’t “not grant one” so much as “not be physically there to sign the papers”, but it didn’t happen either way.

Mentally though, yours truly done moved on a long time ago.

I believe my wife is 80% or thereabouts.

And that, my friend is truly what matters – the mind 

Mind truly over matter!

Now, don’t get me wrong.

Divorce, seperation etc are not a “set in stone” thang.

Individual situation the way I see it.

It aint good, bad, it ain’t his fault or hers, it ain’t something to be avoided or attracted, it aint any of those.

It’s what works for you – either individually or as a couple.

I mean, whose to say that the husband made a mistake, as I keep getting told?

Maybe I did in a way. But I was nothing if not flat out HONEST in certain ways, including the one area which really, really kills my wife inside and which she will never be able to understand, and what she thinks I NEVER understand (but I do).

And I was nothing if not flat out honest about my past etc, so much so that I blabbed it out on Google Talk the first day I”talked to her.

Hehe. True story!

It sure wasn’t her fault either. Her candor, verve and honesty attracted me in the first place.

To me, sometimes people make mistakes, and you move on if you so choose.

Simple as that.

Right? Wrong? Bad?

Are all the divorcees, divorce lawyers, guys that divorces etc any of the above?

I don’t think so my friend.

I just think that to err is human.

Thats all!

Moving on doesn’t imply not living together, not providing financial support, not takin care of kids, or any of the above.

I remember Maria, my “Jie Jie” once telling me that maybe the reason my wife was leery of divorce was men in China, at least, not giving their ex-spouses any money after divorce despite the courts asking them to.


But it happens both ways.

There have been cases the man is forced to pay when the woman earns 6 x him in the Communist Republic of NewYork, for one …

And as far as yours truly is concerned, money ain’t what it’s about. Never eve rwas.

I’ve given her, and continue to give her money. 

That ain’t it for me…

Life, despite what it might seem like to some on my list is about SO much more than money my friend.

So much more … 

And long answer short again?

Michael (not the General) Harding (he on my testimonials page) once told me not to divorce because with a kid you never really divorce.

Coming from a divorced guy, I find that … well. Apparently according to him his wife wanted it, and he granted it, but sometimes he thinks he shouldn’t, and what not …


I Dont know, man!

It is what it is for me – for once I won’t addon “for now”, hehe.

But I do know one thing.

And something which is going to sound completely unbelievable given my background and proclivities right about NOW, hehe.

I have no plans of shacking up with someone, or getting into relationships or what not.

Yes, never say never. I know!

But I’m sick of the mess to be honest.

Again, indidivual thing.

But much like MR T, living and TRAINING alone to me is what it’s all about.

No, for those asking, I’m not a full convert to the MGTWO movement, but they do make certain points the rational minded can’t argue with.

Read The Rational Male for more on this. Marc the African Silverback Gorilla recommended it, and you know that if THE one and only GORILLA, hehe, right down to the brawny shoulders does so, he’s doing so with good reason.

And so it goes.

And if you’ve got past all this without yawning. Goodie!

But it had to be said, and now I have, so for those with this question, guess where I’ll direct them in future.

Best savethis one before the computer crash, hehe. Seems that is getting more and more common by the day. Dani, my translator told me the same thing happned to her system, and I can understand the frustration.


As Charles said, “at least you know how to fix it”.

To which I’d respond the following.

“I don’t just know bro. I learned, and it wasn’t in college either”

School of hard knocks, and that is the best school ever, and on that note, grab some “school of hard knocks” products right HERE, bro.

Or sis.

They’ll get you in the best damned shape of your life, no punches pulled.

Guaran-damn-teed, and I don’t know about you, but ID ont say that a lot about life in general!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Stay (or get, actually) in tip top condition without investing a whole bunch of time either by doing what I tell you in Advanced Hill Training. Sometimes,my friend, more is indeed less!

PS #2- Build Gorilla like forearms via the exercises right HERE, and the BRAWN on your shoulders via the movements detailed HERE

I should have named this post “Am I a rascal”?

But, I didn’t for whatever reason. The “PS “ of the email has shown up in the subject. Always unexpected is yours truly!

But it’s true.

Anyway …. that might sounds strange from a bodyweight EXERCISE, health (True and LASTING health from the inside out lik eONLY I – I repeat, ONLY I can give you) and fitness guru, but its TRUE.

Yes, it is!

Anyway, hark back to a “time”.

I gave my (really) lovely little girl a big wet kiss on the cheek.


She revolted.

“Youre a rascal!” she went.

If you were thinking this isn’t my daughter, and a little girl at that, you’d be forgiven for thinkning it was an adult “Princess” that said that. Hehe.

Some have in a giggly manner, and my daughter is more “adultish”than she knows.

My crime was …?

Giving her a “wet” kiss. She prefers “dry” for whatever reason where you “don’t let the lips” touch the cheek, and only the upper portion of does, or some kiddie something!

Lot of things we can learn from kids, especially special ones like mine.

I let her get away with a ton. Some things that admittedly would put her in hot water with just about anyone else.

But, end of the day I see ME in her.

That ain’t saying she’s a copy of me or what not, but she’s as close to it as it gets!

And given the relationship yours truly has with family, parents etc, and given she’s the only one I truly do care about, well …

Id rather handle her the way I should have been handled myself

Through the mind, hehe. Not mindless beatings and asinine and idiotic threats.

Like Bozo Schofield the one and only, hehe. Makes me laugh some of the stuff he STILL says. (in his mind, which I can read. YES!).

Now, where was I?

Ah yes.

I’ll answer the question.


Or, YUS!

And many a girl would too, hehe.

But despite “bad boy” being #3 on the 1210 long list of names that I’ve been callled (yes, that damn thing grows daily the more Schofield writes and his thingie shrinks. LOL. TMI!) … “rascal”for some reason ain’t ther.e

Maybe it’s there.

I Dont know 

Word search didn’t find it. Perhaps I mistyped. Very probably, hehe.

And I continue to misttype too, as thos ethat get it chuckle.

As one of my best customers said.

“Good fitness books ain’t about mis-spellings or what not. Bozo Schofield, you’re a clown”.

Sage! (that wasn’t the exact comment, but it’s close enough).

And its there for all and sundry to see …

But anyway, yours truly rascal is out.

But before that, why do they call me that?

Well, end of the day this rascal FINDS a way to get what he wants, hehe.

And in my rascal like way, I got into the very best shape of my life, hehe.

Without anyone even noticing.

Learn how here.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – For the trolls out there, visit Animal Kingdom Workouts, hehe. Lots for you to learn, and troll from.

PS 2 – Thats the one course that ain’t been trolled as yet. Perhaps even the monkeys amongst us HUMANS and REAL MEN know that some things are sacrosanct, hehe.

Anyway, check out the review I referred to above.



This is one of your best books to date, clearly you understand what it takes to create the perfect beast.

Mastery of one’s own bodyweight is so much more important than some random goal of adding 10kg to your bench press.

Moving your bodyweight with strength, grace and power is how the human animal was built to move.

People, do yourself a favour and buy this book and learn the lessons in it so you too can join the ranks of the superhumans. Yet another masterpiece Rahul.

Warmest Regards

John Walker.


Again – sage bro. And thank you – keep it coming!

And like you said, train hard until your last BREATH!!!!!!!!

It’s funny.

You on this list know “how it BE at home” (when yours truly is there).

Paradoxcially enough, even when the problem isn’t there (yours truly, hehe) – the problem persists.

Like a lingering plague no-one wants to talk about (I aint referring to Covid “show vid” here either) but its there.

A festering sore, or wound if I may.

And of course, yours truly is the target for all of it externally in many ways.

Internally, it’s a WHOLE different ball of wax for all involved.

Now, what do I mean by this?

Well, that thing my Dad tried to instil me growing up about “if you can do more, you’ll be expected to do more”.

Of course, when it came to pay or benefits, no mention was made of the same.

Hey, fair enough. He’s got his own ways of thinking … which apparently work for HIM.

Not for yours truly they never have.

And my wife is of the same bent of mind, whether she admits it or not.

Personally, though for me, I’ve never quite understood this, and to me it conjures up one word long term.

EXCUSE. Big time!

I mean, I get it.

If a person, especially a family member is having a tough time, you SUPPORT that person.

Curiously enough for me, all my life it’s been the opposite.

That is fine.

But when “you can do more” translates into the other person being entitled and flat out LAZY – well – it ain’t on bro.

My wife and mom often use the excuse of “you ran away to China!”

Um, not.

I didn’t “run away”.

Second, thats exactly what the infamous by now Schofield told me in one of his lengthy rants.

“Abandonedhiswifeandkids” was what he sent me.

Apparently this joker missed the part about “what he did”, “how he stole money from friends – trusted friend – hit on their women despit ebeing rebuffed”, “roundly trolled people like yours truly (of course, he didn’t bargain on the Black Mamba giving it back, hehe”, did drugs, got deported, used and abused women (literally!)” and so forth …

(and kids? Last I checked, I had only ONE. LOL Maybe, as my Dad once asked me "we only know you have one wife. I hope there aren't any more!LOL" - maybe in a strange corner of his mind the Bozo thinks that too. After all, he left that hilarious review on Kiddie Fitness, LOL). 


He saw someone living the LIFESTYLE, and he was envious. Lol.

But anyway, all that aside back to it.

I might not be the perfect anyone.

But I do know one thing.

If you do more – you GET MORE in return.

That could be either now, or down the line, but it’s an Universal Law my friend.

You can hate me for saying it, but from the incomparable Emerson to the one and only Napoleon Hill to Henry Ford and Donald Trump, ALL achievers know it.

And that getting more might not come from the person you “expect” it from. 

Trust me on this one, my friend.

The Universe has a way of dispensing justice in a way NO-ONE can argue with, and the next time you deal with a person, you should make sure you keep this truism in mind.

Again, trust me!

But anyway, fitness wise its simple.

I wouldn’t ask you to do anything I don’t do myself, and haven’t TRIED and tested.

I wouldn’t give you ANYTHING that doesn’t work.

I wouldn’t tell you to do a damn thing I don’t do myself, and do well! 

And I know, and will tell you this – the more you put into it, the more you SHOULD expect, and the more you WILL get on my Systems, my friend.

‘Tis that simple …

Get on the stick NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - In a strange sort of manner, this might actually increase the opposition against yours truly. LOL. Funny how it works! 

Well, those of you used to “The Throne” – the “Room of Honor” – the whatever various video “sh-deos” call it (you’re very well aware of my general distaste for these damned videos!) might point out several.

One being what I thought for many years, that being “it’s dirty”.

Not really.

Thats what the Chinese think about Western toilets too, and it’s not necessarily true …


No imagination and upset tummies please!

Some may say its hard to get into.

Some may say … but NONE will think of this, lol.

Or perhaps you did.

My wife apparently (from what I understand - - she still has NOT given me full details on it) got into an accident of sorts.

I think I wrote about it before, but she was on a two wheeler or something, and then a car came in front of her, and then she “hit a speed bump” or something, and the damn thing almost fell over on her right ankle.

Women have the most annoying and aggravating ways in general, as many of you know!

Like Panourgias from Greece does, hehe.

“I can relate to what you say about women! I’ve had troubles with them. Women are the same everywhere!”

Sage, lol.

And of course, the great John Walker, one of the best ever, with his commment about how his wife tells him not to exercise so he wont get a heart attack.


And he figured he’d be better off NOT discussing that with her. As he said, “talking to a brick wall would make more sense. LOL”.

Anyway, my wife when I asked her a couple of weeks ago (And apparently despite being a fitness expert – unofficial – back in the day, the tendon still hasn’t healed, and yours truly thumb popping out in the handstand position in FREEZING cold weather did the next day, or that evening – ‘nuff said??) had the following to say.

“Nunya biz!” she replied in a gay sort of manner.

No, Schofield, not THAT gay. You know, the UK uses certain words differently.

Despite what you might hope, hehe (being Schofield is the type that is so desperate that he hits on his so called best friends’s women galore, and while they all call him an idiot, some do get temporarily suckered in until the Hannibal emerges, and emerge it does LOL)

But yeah, this ain’t about women. Neither is it a rant against ‘em.

How dare I.

They’re always right. LOL. More ways than ONE!

LOL again.

Anyway, as I asked her today about the injury I posed the question.

Remember, my lovely wife is another one of those people who thinks “The Throne” is dirty, hehe.

And that the Asian style is a far better way.

It IS, to be honest. Even I’m a convert after I wrote and tested Animal Kingdom Workouts!

And I’ve been doing those workouts a while, but what I’ve learnt NOW in terms of constipation and such like most people experience?

Well, Panourgias introduced me to some great books on it for one.

But yours truly has learnt some things NOT in those books he WILL be putting out in the near future!

Yes, Panourgias. Those books on LIFE will be coming out (in the meantime, perhaps Zero to HERO! Is one you might enjoy).

But anyway, point of this?

What if your ankle is sprained, and you gotta take a dump, or plain ole use the bathroom Asian style?

Well, I don’t know …

One legged squats or the ability to to do ‘em wouldn’t work so well there either, hehe.

(Probably why I keep telling people to focus on the BASICS. Really, the advanced stuff is great, but the basics are what count!)

And if my wife had been working out regularly instead of pooh poohing it, she’d likely have recovered a lot faster.

Ah well, what can I say except “the brick wall would make more sense”.

And I ain’t got a cast iron head.

Black heart, thick skin, but no cast iron head as yet, lol.

As for Glyn Schofield, I can tell he’s thinking about that right about now. LOL!

And on that note, I’ll endeth this one. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I think I’m done trolling the Bozo back for now. Don’t want him jumping off a building or something. I need him and his posse around for the future too, hehe.

PS #2, - But really, he’s another one of those STINK BOMBS I mention in Animal Kingdom Workouts. Literally. I’ve experienced being in the same room with him. UGH. And I don’t mean bad breath either!


PPS – I was gonna post this on the other site, but this one came to mind. Such is life, in the flow ..

Wednesday, 27 January 2021 07:34

Why reinvent the wheel, my friend.

Growing up, “easy” (especially when it was accompanied by “money”, hehe) was something (a topic) that while not explicitly “forbidden” to talk about, it might well have been.

There is “no such thing as easy money”, I was repeatedly told.

And every time I actually did something and made (decent) money it was either “useless” or “I didn’t do it the right way”, or, and most of the time (how dare I say it, I know. But I AM, hehe) it was the usual nonsense of “earning money needs to be a lifelong GRIND (as life does apparently too according to some people)”.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

This isn’t the MAJORITY of people in my family.

Those that were smart tested the waters globally, and moved where it was EASIEST to make money as opposed to making half of that, but doing so in a grinding annoying manner that never really “works” – and then saying “if you do it in this country or place you’re better”.

Maybe at putting up with a lot of BS you are, yes.

But I’ve NEVER – I repeat – NEVER understood two things (and with my immediate family and myself, that has always been a bone of contention).

First, why life – and earning money needs to be a GRIND.

The bank accepts a deposit of $1000 just the same my friend.

You could grind for a month and make it, or you could send out an EMAIL and make it, almost in the same breath. No-one is going to ask you “how much time” you took to make that money, eh.

The proof is in the pudding!

And even when I showed that proof (which was always a losing battle, and I gave that up a long, long time ago to be fair) to these “people”, they’d sniff and reply with “I haven’t seen anyone like that”.

Well, great, but I just showed you one, and many, I’d say, and then of course they’d yell like banshees.

“We don’t want to discuss all that!”

OK, Great.

Second thing?

This morbid and idiotic fascination some have with reinventing the goddamned wheel.

Por ejempelo, I remember an instance when I was “ye small”, and crowing about my achievement at some silly video game or the other.

It wasn’t so much Nintendo and Donkey Kong as it was another one of those bulky computer games we had BACK in the DAY.

But anyway, I did well.

I said it.

Much like I say it HERE, hehe. 

Much like I say and SHOUT from the rooftops that my products are INDEED THE BEST OUT THERE – and my customers – most of ‘em – are the GREATEST!

Matt Furey I believe it was who very truly said you can’t be shy as a dormouse when selling your stuff, and yet that is precisely what the vast majority of people in THIS here world are told to do, either wittingly or unwittingly.

(Hence the brief snippets from my background. You guys can probably relate to the poverty conditioning! (and the “oh, they’re rich, but we’re not!”)) …

But anyway, my mom shrugged her shoulders.

“Why not build it, Rahul”, she asked. “Whats the use in just playing it?”

Um ….

Because it’s already built?

Because other than a few silly plaudits, what would I GET from building it?

The same way I’d get nothing from working Bozo jobs I’ve been badgered to do all my life …

Ultimately, for me, it’s always been about the PRIZE – the POT OF GOLD (it better be genuine too, hehe) – at the end of the “rainbow” or slog.

And if I don’t see that, guess what.

I ain’t gonna do it.

Nothing against those that DO, but it ain’t me – sorry.

And the same thing fitness wise.

Like, does your BODY really CARE how long you pound it into the ground, and how many injuries you get on the road to getting “so called” fit?

Does your body display them as a badge of honor?

Is it not better to do BRIEF workouts throughout the day that get you into super duper SCINTILLAING shape in the privacy of your old home with NO investment?

Maybe a chinning bar, but you don’t even need those if you don’t want ‘em!

And so forth.

Just why everyone has bought into the garbage of life being a hassle is BEYOND me.

Maybe in certain countries like Venezuela, and to a certain extent countries like India, life IS a hassle in many regards (daily life).

You can’t control that – sure.

But you CAN control your own life – and your own thinking!

Your thinking, my friend, is indeed your CITADEL.

And in these times of plague “shague” and all this other rubbish (hint – I recently BLOCKED the Google news app on my phone because I was getting tired of all the BS that shows up on a regular basis. I mean, really. Denzel was RIGHT when he said “it’s 90% bullshit”, but it’s entertainment, but now? It’s 100 percent PROOF horseshit, and it’s NOT entertainment either, so STUPID has the “sh-news” become these days. I know some of you out there feel the same way!) … THAT is the best thing I can tell you.

Life, my friend, was never meant to be a slog. You were meant to ENJOY life.

Thats just as simple as it gets, and you KNOW IT!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up some of our SUPERB products and courses here (they WILL get you in the best shape of your LIFE!).

Tuesday, 26 January 2021 07:54

Why I love Mel Gibson

So much so that I’ve shortened a lady Melanie’s name to “Mel” on a social be-dia site I post on . LOL.

Not really. That just happened. Mel. Melanie … you know.

But anyway, Gibson, another one of those admittedly and self proclaimed bad boys, and he came out with a quote recently apparently about this.

“Liberals hate Donald Trump because they hate God”.

I also believe he said “the only reason they do so”.


He did!

Now, yours truly has never made a secret of his very atheist tendencies.

I don’t believe in God, Jesus, Allah, Shiva, Parvati (and really, I can’t keep up with the sheer NUMBER of them Indian Gods and Goddesses!) - or Chinese versions therein, or ANY GOD.

I do believe there was a guy named Boddhi dharma at SOME point who traveled from India to China to spread Buddhism.

I do KNOW and believe that “Tai Chi” in China came from an ancient Indian Southern martial art, and this is fact, no matter how much the Chinese deny it.

The Chinese, my friend, are masters at COPYING and then RIGGING.

‘nuff said (the orignal martial art is deadly. Tai Chai for Duffers? Not so my friend – maybe at the highest levels it can be, but put a Tai Chi guy against a boxer, and I’ll take the latter any day.

And a Chinese UFC guy did just that, and got pilloried for it (and banned by the government and such).

This ain’t about him though (and Tai Chi is great for general stretching etc, and it “looks nice and flowing”, but thats about it. I see it all the time in the parks and such, their robes and all look pretty cool, but in an actual fight, I’d just grab one of those flailing arms and take him DOWN. Haha).

Anyway . . .

So Gibson, huh.

The archetypical BAD Boy.

A guy everyone loves to hate.

A guy that had a drinking problem. Big time. Woke up, had 7 beers, and then went on set – and no-one even knew he had those beers.

No-one knew when yours truly drank beer and took his Calculus exams, and aced them. Hehe.

But I only had two small BEASTS at most (but they packed a punch, but Gibson apparently had the “tinnies”!)

And he had 7. In the AM.

Yours truly only did it close to 4 PM, and years later, he’d hear the General tell him that “in the military we can’t drink until 4, but after that, all bets OFF!”


But anyway, I do remember a couple of college days staying drunk all day and starting at 6 AM.

But Gibson was hardly in college, hehe.

But anyway, the two reasons I MOST like him.

Hell, I had forgotten about Gibson entirely until for whatever reason I saw the quote yesterday.

(And, I keep saying quotes about that infamous “Delhi Police VS Rahul Mookerjee” kissing case way back in 2009 which the great Justices of the High Court rightly and finally THREW out. Justice Muralidhar is a man for the ages, and not just in this regard – I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, and NOT just for THIS case!)

(Maybe the Universe speaketh to me in forked tongues, but yours truly hasn’t quite gotten why and what. Any ideas? Let me know fellas, hehe. And remember – we were accused of kissing (husband and wife) – but we didn’t even kiss. LOL .It was insane, and retarded, and for those interested, I’ll be happy to share the High Court link to the entire sorry tale!)

Cost me a packet, but hey. All worth it at the end . . .

Anyway, two reasons.

One, his Trump like style (and I do this myself) of attacking back no matter what, and how many people are against him.

Two, his Trump like and Houdini like and Rahul Mookerjee like style of somehow managing to rise from the embers and ashes at the end of the day.

Bloody, battered, bruised. But a WARRIOR!

Thru and thru. I respect that!

(I haven’t seen Braveheart. But I’ve seen Passion of the Christ, a movie that gave me nightmares for days. It ain’t easy to do that either!)

(Ben Settle’s gory books that he writes and that I haven’t bought are another examples of the thin lines between GENUIS and (what others might consider) insanity. But Passion of the Christ, well, that is probably how it happened back then, and Settle probably has a reason for writing what he did in those books as well!)

(I admire both men highly, as you know).

Anyway, the last I saw of Gibson was “Get the Gringo”.

Popcorn flick if any, but I enjoyed it, if just for Gibson’s acting.

And thats point numero THREE.

I love the guy’s WORK.

Say what you like about a man, but his ATTITUDE towards life – and his WORK – are what COUNT.

I might not agree with Gibson on everything, but his work?

Is top notch, and has always been so.

And that, my friend, along with that never say die attitude is something you gotta admire.

Same thing for me.

You may or may not like me. You may think I’m extreme. You may think I am “overly this and that”.

You may think I should tone it down.

You may think I should be a “good boy” instead of bad.

But through all this, I believe the bottom line is my WORK.


And they shine through, bro.

Sure, those on my list LIKE me and buy from me.

But they wouldn’t keep doing so “unless they saw something in me” (actual quote from Panourgias, a repeat customer in Greece I believe …)

They wouldn’t do it when money was tight and products expensive … unless the books were damn good, and challenging.

And so forth.

My products, my friend are truly the best there are out there. Trust me on this one – if I say something – I mean it.

And last, but not least, the price thing …

“Why do I offer a 20% discount for your FIRST purchase off the site and not any more later”

Well, first off, I don’t like doing discounts, period. I keep my prices high to weed out the … well, wait.

On the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship page I tell you the types.

Quite a lenghty list that!

But other than that hey, I get it. Times can be tough for some people. And for those people that keep fighting and DO the thing and contact me nicely about it – hey – I work with them.

And I’ve done so in the past, and will continue to do so.

Because, as Glenn from Australia said, I CAN. Hehe.

(that was about me drinking too much beer or something)

And perhaps, and to end this …

Because it’s all about vibe.

If I feel a good vibe, thats really what matters.

I Realize that sounds overly esoteric but it truly is not.

Ok, I believe thats the end of this lengthy rant, completely contrary to what most “gurus” advocate about sending short and pithy emails daily.


Pick up what might just be my best book ever – right HERE – Animal Kingdom Workouts (from yours truly “truly offensive”, hehe).


Rahul Mookerjee

P S- Pick up the pathbreaking 0 Excuses Fitness System as well while you’re AT IT!


“Why, Rahul why!”

This chant has been uttered by many a Bozo and Nazi feminist, and anyone (a very long list of people) that don’t like me (the list grows – unlike a certain sausage, LOL) …

“Why do I do what I do”

“Why am I the way I am”

Well, to all these people I’d smile and say “well, cuz…”

But sausages aside (no it ain’t what you’re thinking – and while it’s Spanish, yes, it ain’t what you’re thinking there either) . . . let me get into it a bit on Schofield Blowfield.

Who’d probably literally blow and eat his …

(The Chinese actually do that with tiger “sausages”. Really. They breed tigers to make soup from …!)

Anyway, years ago, the Bozo and his trolling habits were well known to me as administrator of the “Keeping it Real” WeShat group I administered.

And I watched him (often silently, before rebuking him later – which of course he had no choice but to accept, hence the secret trolling he did me for years before he “ousted himself” pretty much) relentlessly just BULLY folks until they literally cried.

He thought it was a badge of honor.

Clearly he aint “met me” (he has once, but he was nothing but scruplously polite there, hehe).

Clearly he ain’t met my buddy from the Marines.

And clearly he ain’t met the 0 Excuses gang.

We don’t take bullying. In fact, we attack back x 1000.


And we don’t think very highly of bullies to start with!

But anyway, there was a dorky type of dude “Andy” in the group (I won’t reveal his nick here).

And Bozo relentlessly trolled him (while spreading false and untrue rumors about “Roney”, and some of that were downright malicious really. Bill probably done forgot. I Dont know. But he made tons of stickers of him too, and so forth …) to the point he couldn’t bear it.

Not everyone is of the same bent of mind as yours truly is in that regard, so I remember dude breaking down often.

And it was just plain ole BULLYING.

Bozo was told to stop, and he did, but he started up again soon enough.

And if there is one thing I can’t stand it’s bullying.

He did it to me.

I let it go.

He did it again.

I let it go, for old times sake.

But he truly done “dug his own grave” in 2020 with his inane nonsense.

Just so y’all know, the Bozo ain’t the only one I’ve targetted i.e. called out. There is a very long list of trolls I have called out in the past too on OTHER sites, in person etc . . .

He’s just the most insane and recent one (most left me to my caveman devices after they realized they were making me money, not the other way around).

Anyone, Segis. Sausages, you ask.

Well, he sells some great sausages in China – imported especially from Spain apparently.

He also doesn’t have an inkling I’m mentioning him here.

But much like with Bartolinis (and Susan helped me a LOT – thank you!) - this is a shout out to HIM – and if anyone wants to do business in that regard with a reliable, friendly and great guy – let me know – and I’ll “hook” y’all up!

Some great food he sells, especially from the pictures (from what I gather Spain has fine women, but fine pork too, hehe. )

And so it goes . . .

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Build plenty of “powerful sausage” on your ARMS and chest with THIS course right here – and of course – don’t forget PULL-ups!


That book seems to be writing itself as we go along!

(I should call it TWENTY commandments though, as there are just so many LESSONS to be learnt from it).

But though I’ve sent you a few emails about it, and though “how to deal with trolls and the infamous by now Bozo Glyn Blowfield” WILL be part of it – probably a very ling Chapter, the Senorita might well too!


I should say LOOOOONNG.

Pun not intended. LOL.

But anyway (and most of you probably didn’t even notice that VERY unintentional typo I INTENTIONALLY left in there) … she sent in the following sizzler of a review for a book I wrote in 201...I believe it was 2017, but the “ideas” and what I wrote in the book have been a part of me since I was a child pretty much.

This book is NOT related to fitness, and NOT on this site. It’s another business. But the basic topic (or premise of the book) was how to attract (not chase) the women of your dreams in a certain type of relationship (which the Senorita has literally no idea about - well, she knows NOW, but I’m the one INTRODUCING her to the lifestyle basically).

And I won’t post the whole review here, but I’ll post a relevant part.

(something the trolls and Bozos that run after women saying “I want to be your servant” – that was one of Schofield’s pet themes in China should read, but even though they will read it, it will fly straight above their heads).

(Both heads)

The secret? WE WOMEN ARE NOT OBJECTS.  When you (man) can understand that simple phrase, you will have the girl of your dreams (and, of course, if you are not an asshole).

If you want to know more … of course, read the book.

Anyway, thats part of the review.

But we ain’t talking WOMEN here (although you know one thing bro. When yours truly RIGHT WING and highly “anti social” and anti Nazi feminist gets praised by … um, women! Something must be right).

Either that, or I love Spanish women. Hehe.


Chinese women too.

But if Jeff Bezos can dance around with his Senorita … LOL.

But anyway, again. I better not start. Or I’ll be writing books on that too!

The point is SALES. 

And you can only sell well, my friend, when you KNOW your customer.

“Ankush”, a guy I knew back in the day asked me the following when I quit THAT job.

“How many customers do you have on your list”, he asked.

Wrong question, for reasons I won’t get into here.

But then he asked what was pertinent, and something I REMEMBER until this day.

“How many can you just call and TALK TO?”

He was damn right too!

In terms of YOU on this list?

I have no doubt I can call or email any of my customers at any time (well email at any time, call maybe at a mutually convenient time) and ask for help if I need it – or discuss world affairs or politics- or do “bro talk” about women – or fitness – or so forth!

And I’m sure they know they could too!

That level of “comfortableness” didn’t come from simply bashing out emails daily.

It comes from getting to KNOW your customer.

And therein lies another very important point.

In the Gorilla Grip review on the Amazon UK site, one of the three star reviews complains about “less details”.

I’ve already critiqued that review ad infinitum, and truth be told, it was an honest review so I never panned it – simply “critiqued it”.

(yes, there IS a difference)

But a lot of peiople complain about this.

Charles the friend, you’ll remember ranted once about “you just say just do handstand pushups and just do it!”

Well, two things.

First, the devil is in the details, and if you read the books, you’ll know bro.

And second, more importantly.

In this case, what works for the goose might not for the gander.

There is simply NO way I can put workouts in a book that EVERYONE can just blindly follow and make great gains.

I can give you the outline, and I can tell yo uwhat to do.

How long to do it for.

How many sets, reps.

But beyond that, bro, YOU gotta take the initiative.

YOU GOTTA understand that YOU hold the reins of YOUR life and fitness. NOT ME!

And last, but not least, YOU have to tailor things to your personal needs and requirements.

And that, my friend is as simple as it gets.

All for now. Remember, if you want personalized coaching – it won’t be free – but you can apply here, and if I deem you’ve got what it takes – you’ll not just be welcomed aboard – I’ll do so with open arms, hehe.

The more the merrier!

(Sorry, Charles. Had to use that one. LOL).

(But I doubt you got a trademark on it, so I should pretty safe, hehe).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember, if you jump aboard the SHIP, you get access to ALL our products for a LIFETIME assuming your membership stays active. Do so NOW!

PS #2 – I haven’t yet thought about introducing the book here, but if there is interest, I might re-do the book and do it – let me know!


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