Rahul Mookerjee

Well, lots of updates that I ain't mentioned here, or written about, but I Really must! 

And I'm doing that now. 

And updates that despite a wonky and supposedly almost brand new Asus constantly crashing in the most inane manner possible - and the most annoying manners (it seems the computer has a plan to act up - and again, you dont want to know HOW) in the most annoying manners possible every time I DO something on it - I got DONE. 


And if there is one company to avoid, it's Asus. 

Admittedly Winblows is doing all it can to squeeze money out of it's customers by ruining hard disks etc so more people "buy a new laptop". The number of laptops around me crashing are legion. Wonder when the same thing will happen to phones, but I hope it doesn't! 

Probably will, though. 

So it might not be Asus alone - but actually, it IS for a large part. 

I bought this damn thing at the "fag end" of 2018. 

And it started acting up the way it is in 2019. 

Of course, taking anything to a warranty center is utterly useless as what matters is never covered, and "these crashes" aren't covered either. 

Typical wishy washy China made crap with "all glitter and no gold". 

I've been a Toshiba customer for over two decades, and cannot recommend them enough. 

They weren't selling online though for whatever reason when I bought this Asus - on the recommendation of a so called friend and equally wishy washy guy who did biz with me in the past, later got pissed off at me calling the Chinese out for what they are (after they spread the damned plague) - and deleted me etc. 

And the laptop he recommended was equally wishy washy it seems. 


Anyway, that bit aside, the updates, ah, but Amazon first - and again, thats a company as you know I VERY highly recommened, and I dont recommend many! 

You on this list might wonder why I bring up customers from there here. 

Well, in the past I used to write to them directly using the "reply" button which Amazon has removed NOW. (for a few months). 

So thats one reason, but the main reason is - well - Amazon is a great place to buy and sell books. 

And other items. 

And lots of people have "Amazon as their jam", and thats great - I sure don't got an issue with it! 

And of course, the Bozos leave inane reviews there we can all laugh at, hehe. 

But remember, and this starts the update portion for 0 Excuses Fitness (the site). 

One, lot of you have asked me about the 20% off discount I give to ALL customers on the site. 

I can't do that on Amazon, as their system doesn't allow discounts (probably because Amazon prices are the most competitive out there anyway). 

But I CAN do that on my site. And DO. (for the first purchase). 

And here's the point. 

PAPERBACKS are available on the site, and YES, if you order paperbacks on my site, they WILL be delivered via Amazon. 

So it's like you order from Amazon, except you get the books at an additional 20% off (again, just  the first purchase). 

Some of you know this, some don't so I figured I'd tell you. 

Next, we're now accepting - and this is BIG - credit cards DIRECTLY on the site. 

In the past what I did was use Paypal, or I'd have invoices sent out and folks would then use their cards or whatever to pay the invoice. 

Now, you can do that DIRECTLY on the site ... 

And of course, the Bitcoin option is there on the site for those of you that want it. 

Now, back to reviews. 

As of late - a day or so ago, I've implemented a system where in you (with your purchase) will get a LINK via which you can REVIEW the product. 

And, it will be shown on the site as well (after the reviews are posted). 

So, thats another neat little thing - in the past, you guys emailed me your reviews, or put it on Amazon. 

Both those ways are fine for you that is "old fashioned" - hey, I get it. I am too! 

Can't beat the "hold" of a paperback. Despite my push on digital, despite everything being done digitally on my site since it's inception, nothiing beats paperbacks for some people - many people - and - I get it - and agree! 

And let's see ... 

In the future, I'll be adding in "wish lists" and a lot of other stuff to the site too. Stay tuned! 

For now, pick up some old school trainining right HERE - Animal Kingdom Workouts - and Barnstormer Shoulders

And, if you're interested in a COLLECTOR's ITEMS - the FIRST edition - paperback of Fast and Furious Fitness - well -you'll see the option on the site - so get it NOW, because I only have like 8 of them left or so. Yes, you can still get 'em from Amazon, but they won't be the same collector's item with the same cover etc this book has - so if you're one of the many that is interested in how it all started, and want to own the product "because I want it" - well - do so NOW. 

And thats it from me. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Here is a great little inspirational read to start your day - 16 Inspirational Fitness ReCollections. 

Remember, our Fitness Central, Fitness Pioneer and the like products are all uber motivational as well - you'll love 'em!

(they ain't cheap tho. I know. And they won't be). 

Do y'all on the list remember an ex girlfriend from way back in the day in New York that was traveling with me back to the ole "Sip" if you get my drift? 

(Mississippi, for those that don't) 

We were flying, as opposed to the Greyhound we took on the way UP THERE. 

And the first thing, of course, I did when moving out of my apartment was give, give, give. 

There was a lot of stuff we had bought (women seem to want to buy the whole damned store every time they shop!) that we hardly ever used - and we gave most of it away to (oddly enough up there in a little bitty town in NY State) to our Indian neighbors. 

Dude wouldn't take the beer though! 

So we had Miller Lite literally sitting in the garbage dumpster, hehe. 

"Sad day", as a friend Rueben said. 

Hey, I couldn't take those 30 packs on the plane, and I sure couldn't drink 'em all befor ethe flight either. 

It's funny though. 

I got a notice once from the management in that complex and a hefty FINE too for "disposing of a package" in the wrong dumpster or something. 

I think I got something delivered, didnt shred the damn package or what not as the rules were, or whatever. So long ago, I can't remember!

But it's funny. 

The Communist Republic of NY has it's own rules, but as you can tell (those on the list for a while) from the notices yours truly once received in China for - get this - dumping beer bottles in the TRASH CAN - Commie dictatorships are a kind unto themselves. 

Oddly enough the ladies (and guys) dumping dirty diapers and empty packs of "fags" right on TOP of the damn bin, they're too lazy to open the lid apparently didnt and doesnt' get censured though ... 

And of course, the great notices Bozo Schofield received for tossing beer "bottling" out of his 11th floor apartment and "bringing women of ill repute back home to lick you know what". 


(I wonder what those poor ladies though. Bozo was a kind even they probably never saw before, and a step "down" for even THOSE ladies!). 

But anyway ... 

So the pink dumbbells. 

I bought a set for the girlfriend during our 6 month stay in NY. 

Of course, she never used 'em even once. 

And they sat there, looking pretty. 

When we were overweight, they were the first things to get tossed out. 

Security said "put in your handbag" if you want. 

"Nah", I said. "We don't want 'em" ... 

The girlfriend started whining about "but those are my pink dumbbells" - and I didnt think that was the time and place to remind her how utterly USELESS They were, and how she had never USED Them int he first place. 

So off we went ... 

But it's funny. 

I remember other instances of being "overweight" on flights. 

One time I carried 45 kgs on a flight out of China to India (this was in 2005 I believe) - when the limit was 30. 

Gotta love Cathay, and the ferry terminals that either never check or say "they'll handle it in HK". 

Of course, Hong kong doesn't handle it either, being "they were supposedt o handle it in China". 

Ah, the travel tips. LOL. should I write a book on that too? 

(Actually, I've got some pretty good travelogues written, but I haven't put them in book format as yet. ) 

(laptop, and all that) 

But anyway ... another instance where I was overweight. 

And my jump ropes which weighed a bomb were the first to go, or so said the cute little gal behind the "Dragon Air" or whatever plane that was. 

No way! 

I tossed my clothes. 

It was winter, I believe then. 

And I tossed some heavy woolens etc. 

"This guy is NUTS", the girls were thinking as they giggled politely. 

That I AM!

But I didnt want to lose my weighted jump rope! 

And to me, thats really what shows if you're serious about training - whether you do it with equipment or not. 

When you're moving, you take special care to move your training stuff well. 

On flights etc , you toss OTHER things away if you need to. 

And, so on and so forth. 

I dont know if this makes sense to you on the list, but it does to me. 

Anyway, onto other things - Lumberjack Fitness (along with a cute little course on handstand pushups with variations I have NOT covered before) are the next two courses that will hot off the RahuL Mookerjee press. 

Once I get a computer that "stands the test of time", hehe. 

And in the former book, you'll have me telling about training with all the implements you can think of. 

Heavy stones. Heavy bags. Rocks. Bottles. Gada. Jori. Chains. And (no, Bozo Schofield, no "whips and chains" here sorry) ... 

And many more I will not detail for now. 

Be looking for that course in a few weeks for now. I dont have the sales page up as yet for pre-orders, but will soon. 

And be looking for the cutie course on handstands too. 

Hey, I might well name it that, hehe. 

And in the meantime, those of you looking to build brute strength like the above things imply - pick up Barnstormer Shoulders HERE

Or, some of my great books on pull-ups, and DEFINITELY These two - Pushup Central - and Jump Rope Mania - and Advanced Hill Training - And Animal Kingdom Workouts!

They're truly ALL must have products. 

Get to it NOW ,bro. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - For inspirational fitness recollections like this one - go here

PS #2 - If TRAVEL interests you, especially in the mighty Himalayas that I went to SO often back in the day, let me know, and I'll see what I can do! Not in the plans as of now I must admit, but I've got some many travelogues and tips and advice on that that I'm going to put it out in a book very soon! So much to do, so little time, hehe. 

Friday, 05 March 2021 05:28

Lumberjack fitness - and SHOULDERS!

I believe I wrote a lot before (well, over the past few days) about the James Hadley Chase book "Believe that, you'll believe anything?" 

In fact ,last night I had a re-read of it "just because I wanted to". 

I LOVE James Hadley Chase. 

I dont own all his books, but I want to - if I can ever find them in print! Not that easy apparently ...

Which of course, is a theme with my customers as well, many of them telling they want to own all of MY books - except for fitness and motivational reasons obviously. 

It truly is a roundabout!

Anyway, the "villain-cum-sort of good guy" in the story "Vidal" is a pygmy basically. 

Less than 5 feet tall, but he's built like an APE. 

MASSIVE barrel chest - and TREE trunk like legs - and though he's short, he's got a grip that would make most grown men cry Mama within seconds. 

Like mine, I'd say. Hehe. 

(Nah, that ain't an idle boast either for the "Doubting Thomases" out there - there is a reason I wrote Gorilla Grip and named it what I did - because it truly WILL give you that ape like GRIP you want). 

Anyway, Chase describes his shoulders as being "MASSIVE shoulders - the shoulders of a wrestler". 

And talks about "the man's brute strength and power" as well. 

And for good reason, as you'll find out if you read the book. Not easy to fight against a hurricane for one! 

But anyway, lumberjacks ... 

In the "Rambo" series, Stallone was asked how he chose his look for the fourth movie (which in my opinion is the best of the lot). 

The last one is ok, but they kinda overdid it on the gore, I thought. 

But IV "Rambo" is a CLASSIC in my opinion, and again one I saw in the theater. 

In the first movie, Stallone looks "in shape. 


Though he looks good, it's the unhealthiest he EVER was in his life (STallone admits as much himself). 

And the third "look" was "boobybuilder central" look - except he marketed it damn well, and Stallone can cary pretty much any look off, because he does it right. 

But anyway, when asked about IV, he said the following. 

"I wanted a big, lumber jack like look". 

And then he goes on to reveal the SECRET behind looking big even if you ain't naturally. 

(No, it isn't just training the back and legs for those of you that might be thinking - and YES, if you've been paying attention, I've TOLD you the secret in these emails). 

But anyway, I love his look in that movie. 

And lumberjack style training will get you in great shape and every movie worth it's salt has it in some way, shape or form .. 

Could be Rocky II

Ghayal (the Hindi movie). 

Or ... many others!

Rocky IV! 

Chopping wood outdoors will give you a physique most people would KILL for, and you'll build lumps of muscle so quickly you'll wonder "where they've been hiding". 

And this sort of thing WILL be on the book with training with implements. 

Along with medicine ball training, and a host of other equipment (the ab roller for one, and jump ropes of varying WEIGHTS too). 

And much, much more(yes, Gada and Jori too). 

That book will be MASSIVE indeed ... 

But anyway, if you want to build those barnstorming shoulders - like Doug Hepburn had? 

Well, I've got you covered in Barnstomer Shoulders. 

And if someone like Doug Hepburn puts his seal on the approval on the ONE exercise the course really "pimps" along with pull-ups - - then , my friend, you KNOW it's the real deal. 

Yes, ole Doug credits handstand pushups for his STRENGTH - and he did them all day long out there on the beach on a log while workin gas a lifeguard too !

Turning yourself upside down regularly is something I highly, highly advocate ... 

And the physical benefits are beyond belief. 

So if you're looking for a course to build shoulders like they look like they belong on an ape, or lumberjack, or combo therein, or WRASSLER - go HERE

And I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Pull-up COMPILATION along with the much vaunted FAQ section available HERE

Its already getting to be hot as heck in this here neck of the woods. 

I'm sitting here SWEATING, panting and the sweat pouring OFF, BRO!

I ain't had a sip ot water. 

I ain't taken my damn shoes off. 

I ain't done none of that. 

A lady next to me was saying "2 PM is too late". 

Like hell it is! 

She was referring to some maid or what not, I believe, but damn - thats a sign from the Universe to write to YOU and so I am. 

Now, I wrote to you about the INSPIRATIONAL recollection in China yesterday and oddly enough the same thing happeneed today in the park - exact same spot - exact same so hot that no-one was there, and the few there RAN away!

Deja VU!

I was talking goals to myself. 

The SONG was ringing in my MIND. 

"Rising up, hanging tough, staying hungry!" 

Mr T from Rocky IIII!!!!!!!

And I was focused on that stupendous goal of mine, doing pushups and PULL=ups - some of the toughest ever workouts from BAttletank Shoulders. 

These BOOKS were forged in the HEAT OF BATTLE - so much so that ordinary folks would RUN away. 

Only the ravens were there. 

This time, three of them as opposed to one flying high in the past. 

This time, THREE flew over me. 


And more birds flew as I returned home, my goals well and truly in THEIR minds too! 

The Raven was CROWING!

And in a good damn way. 

Anyway, there were two skinny whippersnappers out there looking at me from afar. 

One wanted to join the Gym. 

The other said the following. 

"come here, boy! I'll show you what a gym is!" 

He waited for me to finish my set of pull-ups. 

He walked over, did a set of 5 chin ups. PErfect form. 

Other dude shook his head. 

"I can't do that!" 

Then they moved over to the machiens. 

I walked up to the bar. Knocked out PULL-ups! 

Dude #1 looked at #2. 

"I can't do that!" 

And oft they went, hehe. 

And so it should be!

Train like a beast my friend. 

You and your goals. 

And you never know. 


(and once you reach the pinnacle KEEP hanging tough and staying hungry, or esle you'll go downhill. Been there, done that, and am GRATEFUL for the lesson tshirt)


Rahu Mookerjee

PS - Pick up the best damn compilation on pull-ups here. 

PS #2 - No, I ain't gonan spill the goals on my beans as yet, or is that the other way around? 


But really - like me - BRUTAL - and STUPENDOUS - watch this space for more, and ya ll will be the FIRST TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!


If there is one term you could use to describe me above all, my friend - it would be this. 




I say it like it IS, my friend. 

And I'v enever been shy about doing so, regardless of the consequences. 

In 2017, I remember my buddy and myself from the Marines drinking beer and having the conversation about whether the Trumpinator or myself was MORE brutally honest. 

"I gotta give to Trump", I laughed. "If there is ONE person walking the face of this planet who is MORE brutally honest than I am, it is him!" 

My friend winked back figuratively. 

"Not so fast, Rahul! It's by no means a foregone conclusion!" 

He was probably right. Hehe. 

All my life, I've been this way. 

Either hated or LOVED. 


Exteme way of living. 

"Extreme ways have helped me, have helped me every time!" 

"Extreme places 've been that never seen any LIGHT!" 

"Too many heartaches too many ... too many different things! YOu wouldnt even believe!" 

(The credit song for the Bourne Series. Kudos Matt Damon - for a dude who couldn't do a single pull-up when he started, and this was AFTER becoming famous - he knocked out 33 or so in a set for th eBoune series!). 

My own family - same thing, hehe. 

Most would rather steer away from me as far as possible. LOL. 

And thats OK! 

But anyway, that email gate saga, which you on this list no doubt remember. 

During a job in the Middle East my wife angrily shot off an email for some reason too irritating to explain here to the GM of HR. 

Nope, she didnt ask me before doing it. 

And of course the next day I got blamed for "why my wife sent it". 

They were all expecting me to say "sorry, I knew it, I'm sorry for letting it happen" 

Or, castigate my wife. 

But here's the thing. 

She was RIGHT in the reason she said it, if not the way she did it. 

So I stayed silent. Didnt say anything either way. 

As for #1? 

Interesting how it works. 

When I tell a woman to do something, the Nazi feminists scream bloody murder, and when I don't, I'm told to tell 'em. Hehe. 

can't win for losing!

Anyway, I told dude (he was overweight as heck by the way) how it was honestly. 

"Like dude, really. Yes, thats not the way to do things, but I truly had no idea!" 

I was grilled later on why I didnt' just tell the white lie. 

(curiously enough by a person who growing up once asked me "what I'd do if I supported someone (a cricketer - this was during the infamous Australia India "monkeygate" saga and a ball supposedly touching the ground or not) and didnt want to say they might have made a mistake (MIGHT)". 

(Would you stay silent, or would you just say he's right). 

(I chose the former option as a 13 year old). 

Because, as Charles Mitchell once famously said (one of my earliest and greatest customers, though they all are!) 

"That's not you!" 


That ain't me. I don't tell white lies for the most part, if at all. 

I could give a rats ass less about consequences - so long as IN MY HEART I know I'm doing the right thing and can (as Charles the friend told me) "sleep easy at night" - THAT is what counts to me - and the Universe, and everyone KNOWS IT. 

And it's interesting how things come full circle!

The latest review on Pushup Central from John Walker in the UK starts with the following. 

"Brutally effective". 

And he's damned right on that one. 

Go HERE now and read ther est of it - and dont just click - GET the damn course - and GET cranking on it, BRO! 

It's that damn good!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Another course I recommended to John was Jump Rope Mania! Pushups go great with jumping rope and vice versa. It was good enough for the greats, and still is, and this combo is good for YOU. Jump - literally - on this NOW and GET THE DAMN COURSE!

(All of you on this list, I mean. Really - that combo is WORTH IT!) 

PS #2 - Did my wife apologize? I'll let you guess, hehe. But guess who got blamed anyway. LOL.

I cannot stop laughing as I think about the messages the dame in China sent me (well, she's actually someone I knew before) - from Glyn. (a few years back). 

He was one of his infamous benders as he is now, and some of the stuff he's written about "Goddess, I want to buy you things, be your servant, and obey every order" was met with an incredulous "WTF". 

Poor Josie wasn't well accquainted with the Bozos fetishes, or fetishes in general and probably still isn't. 

Anwyay, the Bozo was roundly rebuffed. 

She laughed at him. 

And of course, Dr Jekyll+ Mr Hyde (which he is NOW, hehe) emerged. 

And he told her some of nastiest stuff you can think of - even trolls don't usually get this nasty. 

There is a reason, my friend, that Hannibal Lecter and the Bozo would make great cellmates. 

actually, not. 

The former was at least SMART. Smart as heck. 

The lattter is a buffoon x 100, and makes no pretensions about being one. 

But anyway, she blocked his ass. 

And he tried contacting her again, but couldn't. 

You'd think what he said would be like acid in her veins, and it was. 

But this older lady understood the truism of "Remove that which you do NOT want in your life, and you get what you DO want" - something I keep telling you on this list about. 

And thats why yours truly roundly blocked the Bozo as soon as I heard back from him last year on social media, email, list etc. 

Everything he CAN do goes straight to trash. 

Even his IP's are blocked ... 

And there is a reason behind it which should be obvious by now, but after all the blocking, you'd think he would give up - but no, he keeps posting inane reviews on Amazon for books he hasn't bought - and even people that are NOT into fitness are tittering at him right now. 

All great fun, and makes me SALES (as a friend said, "must be great for your bottom line"), left right and center every time he trolls. 

Poor Bozo, heh. 

But thats a reason I'm so ruthless about calling people out on BS - on making sure people that get my products DO the thing - or making sure I only get those that VALUE quality and aren't just looking for free, cheap, or instant gratification. 

And one of the ways I do it is putting out the best products out there. 

The best for the best, and, as a customer recently said, if you want to learn from a Master, a true Master at his craft, the name is Mookerjee, Rahul Mookerjee. 

And the other way? The law of repulsion. 

Believe me, the sorts I mentioned above - I do NOT want ANYWHERE NEAR me - or my  life - or my business. 

and so should YOU, my friend. 

We truly ARE the sum of people we hang out with, fitness wise or otherwise. 

Anyway, more such wisdom available here - Gumption Galore - and Zero to Hero - from a LIFE standpoint. 

And from a fitness standpoint, you KNOW where to go, hehe. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember to pick up what is possibly my BEST book ever - Animal Kingdom Workouts - and start applying what is in there NOW. Write back and let me KNOW how you DO!

PS #2 - I'll keep you posted on Bender Bozo, hehe. 

Sunday, 28 February 2021 11:11

What you CAN eat - while working out!

This might come across as a surprise to many of you on this list, and indeed many that are reading it - given my preference for NOT eating "when most people tell me to". 

Given my GREAT gains on an admittedly (so the idiots and experts) say a shitty diet, and breaking cardinal rule #1 of eating (I mention this as the SECRET - or one of them - to super fitness and even "ripped" if you want that in the Simple and Effective Diet - which by the way is GRATIS with your purchase for the 0 Excuses Fitness System). 

And on that note, some free entertainement first. 

The "Glyn Files" as a friend of mine and REAL STRONGMAN - and a DOER in life -a nd FITNESS put it, hehe. 

Latest on that is that the Bozo apparently gave up after his bender last night, but apparently not. 

Seems to be on a weeklong bender (poor UK, hehe). 

And though his stuiff, signups etc go straight to "trash" I occasionally check Trash, because some of my best customers are from the UK and I dont want email signs up etc landing in the "trash". 

Many reasons why folks don't get emails ... And NOT all of them are because they dont want to get 'em (but yeah, if YOU signed up, and don't get the email, and do NOT ask me WHY, then you WILL be deleted, because it shows you dont WANT to hear from me bro). 

More on "repelling what you dont want there" (from me). 

But anyway, the Bozo is ready to implode into a fat, chubby, bloated mess of "eww". 

Latest names he signed up for with? 

Other than "RahulisafitnessGod", of course, which I mentioned last night. 


It's absolutely hilarious - given the next name he signed up with for was "Bozo Schofield" (he copied and pasted a customer name to an email address which of course went straight to junk because it's a non existent email, hehe) ... 

The Bozo truly IS projecting. As he always does. LOL. 

Funny part, even if he meant that for me, I'm not exactly the most favorite, or even close to it, person on my own Mama's list. LOL!

Anyway, I was chowing down on corn between sets of pull-ups, and I remember my wife once telling me the following back in the day (she picked up some roasted corn on a cob for me). 

"Don't stand upside down!" 

(this was said in Hindi!) 

"After eating! Your stomach won't magically digest it! I'm not cleaning up the puke!" 

Now, I can understand why she said that - I often tell my little girl not to do that. 

And yours truly does NOT workout on a full stomach, or ANYWHERE NEAR IT for reasons I've specified a lot of times. 

But, SOMETIMES, somethings ... 

Look, I was mid way through the workout, first off. 

And second, if it's a couple of bowls of boiled corn, that digests pretty quickly when you're doing the REAL thing. 

I dont think it would have made me puke (though yeah, I stopped doing handstands because my wife then would have a coronary, lol - and immediately switched to)? 

That old favorite - and a KILLER exercise that makes men out of gym bimbos, bozos, preeners, posers, pumpers and the like REAL QUICK. 

It's mentioned in the Animal Kingdom Workouts course, a course that will (according to a customer) truly make you join the ranks of the SUPERHUMANS. 

And, according to me, you'll never have erectile dysfunction and "I want a stud in the bedroom, not just GYM!" complaints and snickers about "women only want men who can do THAT thing well!" problems again once you get on that course, but for now, this ain't about putting the big V outta biz, this is about YOU - and the bear crawl. 

And I remember telling my daughter, grinning from ear to ear. 

Well, the bear eats - and ends up shitting at the same time, and moving, doesnt it? 

And look at monkeys. 

Chowing down on bananas all day while swinging from limb to limb. 

BIt extreme I know. 

And no, I dont advocate YOU to jump into a workout while or after a heavy meal, but sometimes, a bit of a snack if you need one? 

(I dont - I did not then either - I just love me some roasted corn on the cob!) 

Go for it. 

The Earth will still revolve, hehe. 

And that, my friend is that. 

Be sure and pick up the course on isometrics and pushups as well - both complement the above one perfectly, as does the compilation on pull-ups

I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Had a great conversation a while ago with a great guy "Dejon" . Shout out - kudos to YOU bro! 

(yes, yours truly DOES get on the dumb phone sometimes, hehe). 

I once dated a chick who said exactly that. 

I couldn't believe my ears when I first heard it. 

But it did give me an indication of her temper, which of course attracted yours truly "hot tempered" (way more than I am NOW) to her back then. 

She ended up becoming ... well, my wife, and we all know the story there. 

She also drank vodka on the first date ,I believe or the second. 

I know I drank 5 bottles of Foster's beer that first date (after the movie and the shennanigans and "my own movie", hehe). 

And she became a die hard wine lover down the road and vodka lover too. 

Not quite as much as I drink, and not quite as much as Ann Lee loved BEER, but she can put away a fair bit, I believe ... 

But anyway, it's funny - I was talking last night about why Idont try to convince people. 

Well, I never tried to convince my wife of drinking, or that I'd stop when I got married, or none of that. 

I didnt even say I'd lop my long hair off. - that she did manage to get me to do, but it grew back open. 

I should say "grew back", but a gust of wind suddenly SHOOK the door I'm next to and it opened as if by :magic" and the Spirit. Truly strange and GREAT things happening today after that isometric workout!!

I'm going to go open it again soon, but for now? 

Really, that is why I have this list etc - for people that at least have an open mind internally. 

If you're willing to listen, then you might just benefit, and benefit way more than you have fitness wise in the past. 

Not to mention get in the best shape of your LIFE, my friend. 

Start right here if you so choose. 

And remember, if it's "I'd love to" - I dont want it. 

IF you come to me saying "YES, I WANT IT!" - then I want - YOU!


Rahul Mookerjee

This is an interesting one, my friend - or maybe not - and while I've been this way for most of my life, I'm being MORE this way as I "age" (if you can call it that, hehe). 

If you can call looking and feeling 10 years or more younger than I am - and in better shape than I ever was - "older" ... 

But anyway, I was deleting things out of my life today. And online. 

You'd be amazed at how much TRASH piles up without you even realizing it. 

So was the case with my WeShat - and I was deleting useless groups and junk off my list I didnt need - and people. 

In most cases, these people had deleted me without so much as a "ok, bye". 

I returned the favor, albeit with a silent thought of gratitude for the good they DID do in my lives when they were there, and to wish the best. 

Thoughts truly are things. 

Letting go truly DOES WORK!

In some rare cases I messaged the person again and asked "why". 

And in ALL these cases, my faith was vindicated - there was some reason they did it - not related to me. 

One being the usual "mistake" excuses. HA!

And two, the weShat limit of 5000 contacts. 

And there might be other reasons, I dont know - but these people added me back with an apology. 

Some folks are worth following up on so I do it. 

Vast majority? 

I delete without a thought (other than the one I mentioned above). 

Same thing for ridiculous groups I keep getting added to I do NOT want to be a part of. Cesspool of negativity are most WeShat groups, especially those with a ton of expats in there, all bored and drunk most of the time... 

Let go of what you don't want or doesn't fit your purposes any more - happily - and you'll be amzed how quickly what you DO want manifests!

anyway, where am I going with this? 


THIS, my friend, is the reason (and many have asked) why I dont try and "convince" people of the FACT that bodyweight is, always was, and always will be far superior to the ridiculous machines and routines at the Jim Shim. 

"Why do you mention what you do about price on the opening page"

One person asked me the above. 

Well, same reason Jose ... 

To keep the IDIOTS at bay. 

And more importantly, you wouldn't think so, but a LOT Of people that come to this site and sign up for this (and other site's) newsletters are already "convinced" that its their way or the highway, and other than "trying to prove the other person is wrong", they have no other purpose to be on the list. 

For these folks, I just hold the door wide open. 

If you're Balaams ass with heels firmly dug in, and NOT willing to keep an open mind (I said OPEN, not CHANGE) to anything, then, well, I can't make that horse drink. 

And, it also means what I have to offer is not for you. 

So, lose lose for us both. 

As for convincing, I can only do that if even a sliver of openness is present in said mind - and my books and products and RESULTS do all the convincing you'll ever need. 

Not to mention what former boobybuilders, current customers and the like say ... 

But if that mind is CLOSED - well - I could write several books on convincing alone - you could read 'em from top to bottom, sideways, upside down, and until the cows come home, and it ain't gonna do a damn bit of difference or good. 

Because ...well, the obvious. 

So thats why, my friend. 

And if you're still here after all that, and are willing to give some of the best damn fitness routines on the planet a SHOT - go here!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Best damned fitness system you could ever want with results the gym trainees can only DREAM of - right here - the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

I dont know, my friend. 

It befuddles the mind - at least mine! 

(I know, what do I know. Hehe. Yours truly sits at home and does nothing eh). 

But really, people EVERYWHERE seem to be taken this already inane "we're too busy" spiel to an extreme. 

You see it all the time. 

And most of the time, these "too busy" people are the ones making the LEAST money and getting the MOST frustrated, and when you call 'em out on it, of course, how dare you?! 

Is there something to be "proud" of to unconsciously ape the mannerisms of Korean Soap operas, for one, where everything is either a drama, yelling contest, or "Oh My GOOOOODDD! Oh, nooooooo!" 

Right down to the running around ... 

Sure, it irritates me to see people (on the rare occasion I'm THERE around 'em) do this. I try not to be around people who can barely even talk to you for a minute a day without checking their phones for the latest gossip or what not. 

I cannot STAND to be around people who refuse to accept the truism of "take a deep breath and let things FLOW". 

I cannot stand to be around FAKENESS. 

Because I keep getting the feeling that this business is (busy-ness) "manufactured". 

He who has nothing to do usually looks the busiest, my friend - and MORE TO THE POINT, doesnt shy about telling other people about it - or complaining about it. 

Don't get me wrong. 

It's great to be busy - truly busy. 

But if you're that busy you can't hold a conversation with ANYONE for even a minute or so without checking the dumbphone or gabbing on the phone then I suggest you do something ELSE with your life altogether (or take a long deep Look at it). 

Of course, how dare I. 

I'm just "the fitness guy". 


And on that note, you so called busy folk and REAL busy people - thats why I'm here. 

Fitness routines that get you in shape in FIVE minutes or less - or LESS THAN ONE minutes - I repeat, less than ONE - when you begin. 

Go here to learn all about 'em! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Once you're halfway or so through the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and have started to do good - pick this course up here too. It's the advanced version. True, you could do great with the basics all your life, but THAT course there is truly the JAGUAR in terms of fat burning and "belly shrinking workouts!". 

PS #2 - Quote of the day (and I just did some of this on WeShat) - "Let go of what you do NOT want - make a conscious decision to do so NOW - and watch the GREAT literally FLOW into your life so quickly it KNOCKS you over!" 

True dat, my brother. True DAT!

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