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Wednesday, 02 December 2020 12:14

Where BEETH the postman ....

It’s interesting!

Back when I was going to college, or applying, I’d gladly await the letters from the University in the mailbox.

At that time the post came in at 12 noon or so.

And I’d anxiously go down and check the mailbox, and joy be ME when I got something I wanted!

And now, at least in MOST necks of the woods, other than unwanted bulk mail and credit cards etc (actually not even those) – the post?

What is it, some may ask. Hehe.

Anyway, I was chatting with my wife the other day.

And she told me that the “postman came for his “baksheesh””.

For Diwali, which done passed weeks ago (the festival of lights).

Amongst the many strange anachronisms in India, left over from the colonial era is the system of “tips” often times for doing nothing.

And i dont know why people still give it.

I have NO idea!

I can understand if the person does something for you, or even does something for someone, but it’s turned into a “you give me money” thing irrespective of anything.

News Years. Diwali. Any festival in India!

China had this pre 1940, before (and thankfully) it was outlawed.

Not so India, where government employees in particular still love to make a quick and somewhat dishonest buck!

(Despite NM’s claims to the contrary, hehe).

And as he showed, I was reminded of something.

While with Amazon etc, we’ve done away mostly with th epost office, it has it’s uses.

For example, when shipping TEA and large parcels – it’s usually via post!

When I did paperbacks primarily for the biz – again – I’d motor on down to the POST OFFICE!

And so forth.

Old fashioned DOES have a place, hehe, if not the old fashioned “baksheesh” (personally I’m against that nonsense).

Same thing for fitness, bro.

My methods have been called old fashioned, to which I reply “Old is Gold”.

Because it truly IS.

Old fashioned never goes out of style ,and it is what works.

It’s what people have been using for centuries. The Army. Boxers. Wrestlers.

And it’s only as of late that the new fangled spa and chrome (ok, chrome and fern, hehe) nonsense has taken over the world.


Anyway, it depends on what sort of results you want.

If you want artificial, superficial results and FAKE results like the majority of the world has become, then train that way.

You wont hear a peep outta me!

But if you want real results – well ... !!

All fo rnow!


Rahul Mookerjee

Often times, I gotta laugh out loud.

And one of the comments from the Bozo (Bozo Glyn Schofield on public welfare in the UK and probably recovering from his latest you know what fueled binge) NEVER ceases to crack me up.

Well, two things.

“Terrible trash for tom toms”, he goes with regard to one of my books – while then calling himself a tom tom in the next line (after some haphazard workout copying from the “free preview” section of the book, hehe).

Or the blog I suspect ...

Anyway, here is a gem I’d like to reshare.

Please show me evidence that you’ve sold a single book. I am a pound (he sent the sign, which I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get on here) millionare, and can prove it”.

Of course he didnt prove squat.

The “pound millionaire” who has time to haunt all the online forums, troll just about everyone he comes in contact with (and then get beat up for it) – and of course, steal money from his “Friends”, screw them over – well – we’ve been over all that.

As a person I was communicating with recently said on this issue.

“Bozos’s reviews have zero or less credibility. He hasn’t even read any of the books – can he evven read? Maybe he should be slapped across the face, come to think of it, thats probably just what someone should do to him”.

(I’m paraphrasing from memory here, but that was the gist).

I agree. Hehe.

And thats probably the reason behind his repeated “private” hospital visits. Heh.

Last I heard he was bumming around in “Chung King mansions in HK” (the hood if there ever was one and Hong Kong's version of a ghetto - though to be fair there's some nice hotels on the top floors)  and then a hovel in the Phillippines before his friend finally relented and flew his ass back to the UK, so I dont know about fancy hospitals etc!

Unless he’s managed to dupe some poor broad yet again. Yet another rude awakening lies in store ...


But really, an apt response to all of this would be as such.

“Can you prove I didnt sell a single book”?

LOL ...

Silly idiotic questions deserve those sort of answers!

But really, as for evidence, there is a time to ask, and a time NOT to.

For instance, the courts are right in asking the Trumpinator to either “put up or shut up”.

Dont get me wrong.

I love Trump and I wished with all my heart he was the Prez again, but hey. Fair and square bro.

If you lost, he lost, and of course Trump knows all this ...

But fitness wise, there IS evidence.

From 120 to 60 kgs (yours truly)

From customers telling me that my exercises truly build “indestructible human beings”!

From thos ethat have spent their entire life in physical vocations, or dangerous vocations telling me that my workouts are what really hit the spot, and give one the FUNCTIONAL FITNESS one needs to SURVIVE in real life.

And indeed, given what the world is and has come to ...

“Nuff said me thinks.

So the non-Bozos reading this – DO pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System, my friend. You’ll see plenty of proof that the system works and more in the videos – and of course when you first GET on the system yourself!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – As for the Bozos reading this (I’m sure there are others! Schofield said he “something of a pioneer”himself in terms of trolling, but I’m sur ehe ain’t the only one, hehe) – feel free to vent away as well. I’m all ears. HA!


Matty Hayden a legend in world cricket, and a guy I’ve always loved.

A guy that wasn’t given a chance to succeed in India on their OWN turf and yet did it in a manner that boggled both expectation and imagination while the rest of the team fell around him like ninepins.

In cricket, you have THREE (well, mostly) sort of batters.

One, the technicians. The current Indian skipper Virat “hustler” Kohli probably falls into this category.

Then you got the swashbuckling pirates.

Sir Vivian Richards. Kevin Pietersen. Probably Glenn Maxwell in the current Aussie team, though I wouldn’t quite put him in that league just as yet. But I WOULD put him in another league I’ll mention below ...

(And Ricky Ponting, Aussie captain of yore. BOY THAT BOY COULD BAT!!)

Then of course you got the sheer MAGICIANS.

Steve Smith in the current Aussie cricket team looks closest to a magician than anyone else in the world right now!

(I’ve always loved Australia and especially their cricket team, hehe. And it looks like they’ve recovered very well from the bruising ball tampering scandal at the Newlands...)

Speaking of bruisers.

Thats the 4th category.

Massive, well built batters that just stride down the track, INTIMIDATE the bowlers, and simply smash the damn thing out of the park – or BLUDGEON would be a better word!

Matty Hayden falls into THIS category.

Big Matt the bat he was called, and for a good reason!

I dont know if you’ve seen him in his prime, and probably even now, but one look at his upper body – especially that massive chest and shoulders – well – I dont know if he knows who Doug Hepburn was, but damn – he could give ole Doug and some of the current WWE wrestlers some serious, serious competition me thinks. 

Naturally strong man, BRUTE strength like my buddy from the Marines ...


And he smashed many a cricket ball out of the park!

I still remember a “lasting visual” of him getting into it with the Poms, James Anderson I believe it was, hehe.

And while Anderson and Paul Collingwood aren’t exactly “small characters” – well – Hayden positively DWARFED the three of them in that “stare down” (Ricky “Punter” Ponting looked positively TINY in comparison).

Anyway ...

Whats thepoint of all this, you might ask.

This (yet another) trip down memory lane. Hehe.

Especially those of you not into cricket, and more into the “Red Sox”, hehe.

Well, its this my friend.

To build that sort of shoulder strength and POWER – like Doug Hepburn – or ole “Big Matt the BAT” – then you TRAIN that way.

And you dont neglect the mental!

Hayden would often sit on a cricket pitch for hours before the game, VISUALIZING and meditating, exactly the same as yours truly and many others who “get it” do.

Not what youd expect from a man known mostly for his “strength” and batting prowress.

He also cooked “dal” (lentils) in India I believe. I think he also has a cookbook out! Hehe.

Great guy overall – and a legend of the game.

And while I dont think he has an inkling of 0 Excuses Fitness and the lot, my point is this (back to it, yes).

To build shoulder strength – SIZE – and POWER like that – well – you follow and do what the greats did.

And I’ve outlined it ALL for you in Shoulders like Boulders, and Battletank Shoulders.

Grab this now, my friend. It truly IS the “best thing” in terms of developing those imposing shoulders, grizzly like pushing strength, and of course barndoor like “bat lats”!


Rahul Mookerjee


PS – Here is what a customer recently had to say about Battletank Shoulders.

Another BARNSTORMER, Rahul!


Yet again the bodyweight guru smashes it out of the park with "the book" on building shoulder size and power.
Like Rahul's other books this one is elegant in it's "simplicity" (simplistic not easy).
If you like to "train savage" this is must have book!!!
Bravo Rahul bravo.


Indeed, my friend.

Indeed! (Review is on the Amazon UK page for you amazon fans out there).

PS #2 – Why this sudden trip down memory lane about Big Matt of all things? Well – that story about swimming with the sharks and the post I did on it – will never go away from my mind! True MACHISMO, and true “ do it yourself and save your life” kinda thang. Ole style Aussie, like it should be!

PPS – And while I have no idea if Matty Hayden did handstand pushups, I would NOT be surprised if he did. I repeat, I wouldn’t be a damn bit surprised if that wasn’t one of his favorite exercises.

And I’lltell you one damn thing – Doug Hepburn DID do them and has gone on record saying that THESE were the secret behind his prodigious STRENGTH and SIZE!

Believe me, it’s not just strength and size – it’s feeling as well! They make you feel like a BRUISER, like a KING amongst men when you do it right.

Get on the program right NOW, my friend.

What I am going to say here might sound STUPENDOUS to say the least.

But bear with me, as it makes sense (like most of what I say does if you really READ what I am saying and UNDERSTAND).

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen meditation to be touted as some sort of magic “fix it all” for all problems.

I cannot tell you how many times people post on social media etc about NOT being able to do what the “gurus” advocate, that being meditate with NO thoughts and a calm mind.

And then in the same verse, they say “meditate to calm the mind”.

OK, so if it’s to calm the mind ,what if one doesnt have a calm mind already.

Do it, they say.

What about the thoughts (if you’re truly meditating, you should not be “thinking” consciously).

You’re not supposed to have any, they say.

But they dont tell you HOW.

And thats why I term the majority of these Babas and so called spirtualists as CHARLATANS.

Yours truly has been called a “Seer” by many.

Or, a “modern day Gandhi” (and I dont like Gandhi at ALL!).

But really, it’s true, because I go WITHIN and do what is SUPPOSED to be done.

Here is what Michelle, a FB friend posted the other day (I’m posting from memory, but this is the sum and substance of what she said, translated into English).

“Buy essential oils, I try meditate, but can’t calm mind, friend zone, any suggestion?”

What she meant was was trying to meditate, but she couldn’t due to the barrage of thoughts entering her head when she did so, and I’m not sure if the essential oils cured her “issue” either.

Most likely NOT.

But it’s simple, my friend.

Don’t force it 

Curiously enough, the best time to meditate is not when you have conscious goals or things that need to be done NOW and are stressing you out.

Get those things done.

And then meditate, as I’m about to after writing this to you.

Otherwise, and I’ve noticed this – you’ll have more of the thought sof “I need to do this” popping into your mind (because meditation done right FOCUSES the mind on what you REALLY WANT out of life – emphasis on “really” – not what you THINK you want).

Or what you “need”. NO.

And in either case you’ll notice that not only do you feel mentally refreshed, but you feel INVIGORATED and new ideas will pop into your mind seemingly out of nowhere.

And thats that for now. In the future, I’ll share a very special visualization secret that I recently discovered (and that I’ve shared on my coaching calls) which allows you to BANISH all thoughts from your mind as soon as they pop in.

Actually, I’ll share TWO things that I haven’t as of now.

For now, make sure to workout on a regular basis too.

Combine the two, and you can’t go wrong!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Now, I’ve often said that Hindu pushups and squats often put me into a meditative sort of trance, and the effects are beyond what “sitting meditation” can accomplish. Try it, and you’ll see (remember, focus on the breathing!).

PS #2 – and no, the goal isn’t to be Boddhidharam who reportedly meditated for 8 years at a stretch and stared at a wall, and had his eyelids cut off so he wouldn’t fall”asleep”. Whether or not he did that I know not, but for you, focus on PRACTICAL benefits the practice gives YOU. Not what the charlatans claim!

Sunday, 22 November 2020 12:23

Snap, snap. Crackle, crackle ... POP, POP!


I'm not eating peanuts or “crunchy chocolate” (thst I love, hehe).

But, and as I did these out in the park today while stretching, some people looked at me curiously.

Which is NOT something out of the normal, of course.

And as I stretched, and continued my crackling routine, the energy began to flow yet again.

With each pop, I stretched further.

Loosened more, and I was on cloud NINE when I was done. Literally!

This method of “slapping” (which is what I used) the limbs was something most people dont know about, and that I picked up in mainland China.

And to say it has MANIFOLD benefit simply would be to do it a grave, grave injustice.

You could compare your limbs with highways, and once the energy gets choked on them highways, guess what happens.

Mental frustration. Physical frustration and troubles. And of course, the flow stops.

Not good news, bro.

And it ain't done (the slapping) as you might think.

You do slap, but you DON'T. For those of you that know how to slap like an ape, you'l lknow (and no it ain't about swinging limbs either).

It's about somethign I've revealed plenty of times in my coaching sessions.

But being I ain't put out a book on stretching as yet (I will if there is enough interest though), it has never been put in the written word as yet by yours truly.

For now, remember that workouts that simaltanesouly stretch and strengthen are the way to go, my friend.

And that is what all my workout systems are modeled on.

Start by picking up the 0 Excuses Fitness right here my friend.

Get – in – FLOW!



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the much vaunted course on PUSHUPS right here - https://0excusesfitness.com/pushup-central

PS #2 – An oldie, but goodie, which focuses on the “best damned exercise” here just has to be mentioned since we're talking ENERGY FLOW. Get good at these, and not only is it all that you'll be doing or need to, but energy – oh my! Grab it now, and start cRANKING, and you will SEE what I MEAN!

As I finished up the latter part of that workout in my park, I stretched out.

In many ways.

Stretched myentire BACK. Hamstrings.

And of course my calves, and a s I did that patented calf/hamstring stretch so many people have asked me about, I just had to “oooh and aah” a little as the tension left my body, and the BLISS soared.


A man sitting next to the pull-up stand looked at me curiously as if WTF is he doing.

And truth be told, to most people, what I do are sort of different exercises to say the least. At least a lot of the nutzos that show up in the park on weekends with nothing to do but ogle the babes and make silly comments (behind their backs) about those working out ...

Case in point being the missionary joker who once told me to work my mind and not my body.

While Iwas doing pull-ups.

And who, of course, made off like a rocket as soon as my back was turned, and as I finished my set of 8 pull-ups, there he was, gone with the wind.

Must be something to the “twist of my back”, hehe, which told him I was serious, and he'd probably get a sockful of something on the ole geezer if he kept up his BS.

But anyway ...

Most people store a LOT of tension in the traps and shoulders my friend.

And thats commonly known, but did you know the HAMSTRINGS and CALVES are another area where major stress is stored, almost about as much as in the traps, and in many cases more?

And this is not good my friend.

Excess stress in all areas of your body blocks the flow, but most notably these three areas, and amongst them the hamstrings and calves.

Loosen thy hamstrings right (hint – most people do it WRONG) and you will not only experience a sense of bliss that you ain't in ages, but ALL excess tension will flow out of your body.

You'll be loose and limber, and yet strong.

A cornerstone result you'll get from the 0 Excuses Fitnes ssystem.

You'll be less cranky. Less stressed. Less prone to worrying about rot you can't control.

Less prone to get into fights. Meaningless ones.

MORE prone to getting work done, and real work. MORE prone to getting a LOT of goals acocmplished. And so forth.

And even if all that wasn't enough for you, physically my friend, loosening these areas of your body will improve performance in EVERY other exercise you do.

This afternoon, my pull-up numbers improved when I loosened my calves, for one.

May sound hard to believe eh.

But it' true.

Pull-ups, like many other exercises are done by people in the WRONG manner, with too much STRESS without knowing it.

One of the key reasons, for one, a lot of people can't get into a handstand against the wall is excess “stress” - either mental or physical.

Get rid of that and the kick up either way becomes ... EASY, my friend.

Easy Peasy! 

The Chinese (those that get it) know this. In fact, I learned that patented stretch from the old man in China, but he isn't the only one that does it by far.

The lady I've written about at the top of the hill does it. Many more people do it.

And as for the final question i.e. Why I didn't put out a course on stretching alone?

Well ... I might.

But it would be an amalgamation of what I have already taught with a few twists, and truth be told, if you're on my fitness programs, you're likely already DOING IT.

But other hand, always things to learn. New things!

And for now, I cover those in my coaching sessions – for those interested, apply here.

For all the rest, take a gander at our other products right here. And then take action, and pick up a few!

You'll forever be glad you did!


Rahul Mookerjee

Monday, 16 November 2020 07:24

More great reviews coming in – jump in!

So, in response to my call out about taking the time to post reviews publicly (if you buy from Amazon, or some of the other bigwigs) – or privately via email to me for those that have bought off the website, I've been innundated with a FLOOD of responses.


And I'll cover them ALL in future emails!

For now though, I told you what John Walker, a great, great customer of mine had to say about 0 Excuses Fitness in a previous email.

He's also planning on (has already pretty much done it, actually) buying some of my other books – namely Battletank Shoulders, Corrugated Core, and Gorilla Grip (Advanced).

A man that truly GETS it – and he's right when he says that “these workouts styles are indeed unique, and not the run of the mill stuff you find in most other books!”

Indeed, my friend.


And to that I'd add (and did add) – that they get results- and QUICK!

Now, without futther ado, this man also owns a few OTHER books (yes, I have a LOT – and thats just the fitness lot – I haven't even got into some of my other writing on this newsletter, hehe) written by yours truly.

Here are the books (along with what he said) -

 Pushups – reverse pushups – the best darn exercise ever!


A Masterpiece of a book!!!

Format : Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

The exercise in this book is quite difficult to master but once you crack it, it will blow you away at how good it makes your entire body feel, I'm 63 and let me tell you, this one exercise has done more for my overall wellbeing than anything else I've ever done.
A masterpiece, thank you. 


My comments – Spot on, J!! There was a reason I mentioned this oldie but GOLDIE in the last email – and it was to wake some of you out of your lethargy and show you how ONE exercise can indeed be a FULL Body exercises – and one of the best ones ever!

And YES – he's right about how GOOD it makes you feel – I've covered this galore in my books before as well as my emails. Do these in high reps, and it's truly the best “juice” you'll need for youe entire day, and the DEEP BREATHING that goes with this is something else altogether!

(And the trick indeed in that regard!)

And of course, the numerous benefits to your overall FLEXIBILITY and spine strength (a vital area often ignored by a lot of people) – and CORE strength. Remember those comments about people's elbows “bouncing” off my core as a ball might off a wall?

Well – THIS exercise did it for the most part!

Get this now, my friend. You'll love it!

Then the next book he wrote about was the book on pull-ups – Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

(and the claim isn't baseless either).

Brilliant Book On The Most Important Upper-Body Exercise.

Format : Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

Quite simply, if you cannot pull your own bodyweight from a dead-hang till your chin passes over the bar you are not "strong" and no amount of lat pulldowns will correct this weakness.
Buy this book and learn how to do the most important upper-body exercise correctly and you'll never look back.
Brilliant book, thank you.


My comments – Well, he's said it all! Not only are pull-ups a MUST to do for upper body strength – real strength – but if you can't pull your own bodyweight up repetitively in PROPER form – then you just ain't strong my friend. (and you're probably FAT as well, especially around the midsection).

Sorry if that last bit sounds harsh, but it's TRUE.

And last, but not least, his comments on Gorilla Grip, that old (and still) bestseller I've got out there.


Excellent Book On A Very Important Subject.

Format : Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

Hand/Grip training is vital just for survival let alone sports.
If you take the time to develop a strong grip you'll automatically get stronger all through your entire body, the reason for this is simple, you have more brain signals to your hands than any other part of your body.
Buy this book, train your grip and everything else will become easier, excellent book, thank you.


My comments – Spot on, my brother. Spot on! Grip strength is truly the MOST important to develop in ANY endavor – and thats just the “bottom line” as ole Stone Cold himself would say, hehe.

Well, my friend, thats all for now. Grab some of these courses right HERE. I'll see you soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And yes, all available INSTANTLY upon reciept of payment for you “e book” fans out there (and there seem to be a lot!).

OR even fledgling fitness fanatic, of course.

If you've got any sort of worthwhile goals in life other than mindlessly thumbing through the dumbphone and WeShat groups and such, looking for the latest selfies to take, the latest folks to troll, and the latest ...well, whatever the Doritos munching “hand in you know where” Mama's boysl like to ogle or think about (ugh!) ... this applies to you.

IF not, click away right NOW.

But anyway, that being enough of a disclaimer, you on this list know plenty of about Bozo Scofield dont you?

If not, do a search. I can't be (in a language the Bozo “understands”, no less. Hehe) “arsed” to type it out now ...

But anyway, you do know that he got in touch with me, or tried to via a mutual contact early on this year, saying “he was sorry” and sending a picture of me and him together after a meal which guess who paid for, hehe.

Wasn't the Bozo. He never has any cash when it's time to pay.

Yeah. That ATM is always around the corner. And its so with ALL his buddies, especially one you're probably familiar with on this list who once told me “If you ever go out with Glyn, remember this. He NEVER EVER pays”.

Least of Scofields issues I'd say.

But anyway ...

So he keeps “up to date” on what I am writing despite professing to “hate me” and all sorts of other idiotic comments.

And this isn't soi much about being defined more by your haters than anyone else - - that is to follow shortly, but ..

... this bozo trolls via every method possible, of course, like the best troll he is, and when he doesnt get a response, he moves on.

.. and when his mutual contacts list blocks or ignores him he sits there seeting in unexpressed rage and impotence (curiously enough based on the chats this Bozo has with females, this part is physically true as well, not just spritually).

(That could indeed be another best kept secret of his, but I'll leave that be for another time ;-)).

But anyway.

His best kept secret is this (and he ain't the only one by far).

No sireeeeeeeeeeee.

He is just one of the most VOCAL.

And it is this – he's quietly “hiding' (or thinks he is) in a Facebook group of mine.

And while I knew this the minute he joined, I figured I'd stay quiet and let him converse with me as he once did via the most idiotic nick name ever.

HE actually made me some money too, so I figured I'd keep him in there.

Unforunately being the troll he is he wasn't content to stay in there and keep giving me material to USE and profit off, hehe.

The great Ben Settle truly has it right! ;-)

Not that yours truly didnt know that before, but I didnt USE it before as much as I do now, and no, it ain't got nothing to do with anyone else 's products as well which I haven't bought until now (but I might invest in Settle's stuff down the line, and probably will, if just to drop him a line and say “hey man – you truly DO GET IT! Hats OFF!!”).

A dude after my own HEART, right down to his caveman like style.

But anyway, here is how it applies to the categories of folks mentioned above.

You're indeed more defined by those that HATE you with a PASSION, that (as a friend recently told me) “obsess” over you and spend every minute of their waking lives (and probably dream state too) trying to tear you down.

Trust me on this one.

That ole Dan Kennedy maxim of raising your arms up high in the air and sayin gHURRAH, and meaning it every time you get trolled, or some idiotic inane review from a tyre kicker (Gorilla Grip got plenty, by the way!) or something equally absurd holds TRUE.

And while I have not ever completed the physcial actions, it's about the feeling that action generates in you, and I just do it another way ...

... by my WRITING. Hehe. The more I get trolled and “hated”, the more that sales graph rises, and the more I write.

And therein lies the lesson my friend.

Fitness wise, same thing.

The more “they” sayit's “stupid and won't work”, the more you DO IT.

The more they “say your stuff is useless”, the MORE they secretly follow you and wish they were you. Hehe.

And so forth.

And that, my friend, truly is that. Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure and invest in the best damned fitness system out there RIGHT NOW : The 0 Excuses Fitness System.

PS #2 – And no, I haven't removed the Bozo as yet from the group. Actually fun to have in there, hehe.

Quite a few many “why's” there!

But the point begets.

What point, you ask.

Well ... if you've been on my not-so-conventional list for any length of time you know what I'm talking about right off the bat, and won't need to read this (but might enjoy doing it anyway).

But anyway, on with it.

“Nice to meet you!”

(out of the blue, seemingly random, willy nilly)

But they don't do random, my friend. Theres always a plan, always an objective. ;) Sorry, but I borrowed that from the Bourne Supremacy ...

“You too, uh, where did you find me?”

Blah, blah, blah (or so it seems like to me).

And then it comes. And always has.


“So, what do you do Rahul (or Michael, as the Chinese like to call me)?”

“I'm a writer”, I reply.

“Great! How many people in your office?”

“Don't have one”

“Um... where is your office?”

“Don't have one”

“Um...where are your products?”

https://0excusesfitness.com/products”, I reply.

“Um, but where are your products” comes the answer ten times out of ten, or perhaps 9.


And it's at precisely this point that I lose interest, and the reason I said “Chinese” up there is because I've spent most of my adult life there.

No, I don't necessarily buy into the myth of “gold digging Chinese femme fatales” either. They're more practical in general yes. But in all regards!

Anyway, intelligence is all for me, along with an open mind.

And for whatever reason in todays uber practical (so called) world I haven't encountered much of that, either romantically or in terms of what you'd consider “regular” talking.

For instance, I predict certain things will happen.

They do. Like clockwork.

I'll tell people about them before they happen.

They say I'm an idiot (or that I “dont know for sure”).

And yet it does. (I never say anything without reason ...)

And when it comes out in the news a day or so later, the “credibility” attached to the news channel (or not) makes them “believe” whether it's true or not (or not).

And so forth.

'Tis how the average human brain has been trained to function my friend

And I wouldn't say it's necessarily “wrong” either. If that works for the masses, so be it.

But yours truly would rather tune in, and talk to people that get it, and truly DO tune in too (such as you on this list, for instance).

And that in part explains my caveman like lifestyle, athough there are plenty of other reasons.

And now that I've got that off my chest, here cometh the (of course!) SALES pitch.

A blatant pitch as any.

For the best damned fitness system ont he planet, that works just fine whether you're a caveman, introvert, frolicking extrovert, Casanova, Juliet, average couch potato, or simply a pumper and toner looking to change thee wicked ways.

Here is where you can grab it – 0 Excuses Fitness.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – and yes, it truly DOES deserve the moniker of “best damned fitness system” out there. Check out our testimonials for one on that!


Pet peeve indeed, and it’s one of the reasons that I (for years) haven’t bothered to get on the phone with ANYONE, because it’s just so damned AGGRAVATING.

And the problem has just gotten accentuated these days. I don’t know what it is with a lot of folks these days, but “leech” is the term that comes to mind.

Literally nothing going on in their own lives, and an attempt to “vicariously” live through “this interesting person” (yours truly) and that is fine, but only until a level!

Hey, I get it.

I have an unconventional lifestyle. Some say bozo like. Some say rock star like. Most say “I wish I had this kind of lifestyle” And so forth.

And as my fans grow globally (and I’m very grateful to them), so does the other category I mentioned above, and I’m grateful to them too, albeit for a different reason, hehe.

This afternoon I posted something on my Facebook account about the PRC’s insistence on going to war with everyone in the world.

One fine reader piped up. Again. He’s asked me the same question and in the same irritation manner about a bazillion times already via PM, mind you.

“Will they go to war with India?”

My first response was to tell him, dude, I’m not exactly sitting on the cabinet of Xitler am I.

And even if I were. I mean really. Dude. You’ve asked me this about a dozen times, and it ain’t nothing you can’t research yourself and find out.

Basic common sense. And when someone says it like is with the right energy, along come the LEECHERS to leech off your time, and energy.

For freeeeeeeeeee ….

“I’m just worried, so I ask”, he replied in an equally lame attempt to not address the point I made above.

“Worried? More like bored”, I laughed.

“Have a whiskey on me”, I quipped. “Done!”

And this sort of thing happens all the time, more so these days.

Remember the lady who messaged me out of the blue wanting to “just lose 10 kgs, so pay 10% of the price for the 0 Excuses Fitness System”?

I bet you do!

I told her no. Figured that woul be that.

But it wasn’t. It led to questions. More questions. More incessant pestering and badgering. And more rubbish from a person that neither had any intention of buying, even at 10% nor any will to improve herself.

And it is THESE energy leeks that irritate me the most, my friend.

Yes, I spelt “leek” correct!

It isn’t so much the annoyance, the waste of time and so forth, or the repetitive nature of certain BS questions.

It isn’t so much becoming (these people want it) a “question box” for bored idiots (Bozo you know who comes to mind) with nothing better to do than to sit and home and twiddle their thumbs all day, aimlessly either Tom Tomming or listening to the sh-news …

It is that they are looking to get more and more and more from you – for FREE!

“Rahul, please provide your opinion on this!” went a comment on Twitter (apparently I was supposed to judge a T shirt someone made, and for what?).

You guessed it.

Zilch. Zip. Nada. Zero. Ughhhhhhh.

Folks, there ain’t no gravy train here. I’ll tell you that much. ?

You either got it or you don’t, and if you GOT IT, truly have what it takes to succeed and make the best of yourself, then you don’t ask meaningless endless questions. (all questions are answered on the site anyway for those that bother to READ).

You pull out that credit card, and you get the product – and you get to WORK.

That’s just how it goes my friend. Anything else puts you on either the “ugh” or (growing by the day) BLOCKED list – and for a damn good reason!

Ok, off my soapbox for now, but it’s TRUE. Hehe.

Last, but not least, seems that old favorite “Advanced Hill Training” is going GANGBUSTERS these days with people being stuck at home yet again (did we ever leave, Ihear you asking, and I know. I know!). If you’re looking to lose weight RAPIDLY, grab this course NOW.

And that’s that from me. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Check out our course on pushups, another great little course “to do at home in your living room” right Here – Pushup Central.

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