Rahul Mookerjee

Wednesday, 17 February 2021 07:00

Dare to . . .

Back in the day, when I was a little kid, or I think maybe around 10 or so, I was trying to get onto a CAMEL. 

In India of all things. 

And that damn thing shook, shuddered, and I was scared out of my WITS. 

A caustic comment was made by someone I won't mention who said "He can fight in school, but he can't get on a camel!" 

Well . . . 

I dont know many men that like getting on camels for one, other than camel herder or our friends from the Middle East who "came in on camels, drive luxury cars, and in a few years will likely be back to camel back riding again". 

It also reminds me of a certain person in that part of the world who reportedly when the business was down rode around on donkeys no less prospecting new business (back in the day). 

Truly no limits to persistence! 

But anyway, the point isn't camels. 

I was once scared SHITLESS of horseback riding, but I've done that too. 

Swimming? I believe I was scared when I started, and right now, you could dump me in the ocean and I'd happily swim around without fear of "Megaladon" sneaking up behind me. 

Believe me, the fear of the ocean is what MANY people still have NOT gotten over. 

Other hand, yours truly is scared of heights - when looking down. 

Oddly enough, when driving, I can negotiate tough roads in the Himalayas that would make experienced drivers puke with NO PROBLEM or vertigo. 

Unless it's that time I never wrote about, or maybe I did, when I "blew a valve" so to speak when I was surrounded by Rambo like dense forests in a tiny little car - and them forests had TIGERS in them. Lots of 'em! 

Visit Uttarakhand if you can - well worth it! 

Or, if you're a Jim Corbett fan which I AM. 

But anyway, the point isn't my "activities" so much as life. 

I dared to go to China when everyone told me NOT to. I still maintain that despite what the CCP is doing NOW, it was one of the, if not THE best decision I ever made. 

I got married when I was again -t old not to. Did that work out? 

No, but do I regret the decision? Not for a minute. 

I was told to NOT work any of the jobs I chose, and choose a more conventional career path. 

Did I? 


And I'm damn glad I didnt. 

In China, tons of idiots told me to stick to "teaching English": (which I admittedly got paid more than them at) and "forget about anything else". 

Stick to the hourly wage, get drunk later and forget about it until the next class which you curse and get through, get back home, pass out, and such as it goes. 


Not for me, Jack. 

My point is this - my friend. 

Not necessarily to dare to be DIFFERENT. 

It is dare to be YOU. 

Which is something most people aren't. 

When you find the real you is when REAL happiness will emerge my friend. 

Be you - unapolegetically - and never back down from what you want! 

Never believe you can't get it! 

Fitness wise, same thing. 

I was told "I could never do this" or ":never be so slim and strong" or "never do pushups like the champs (oddly enough, even though I did them with NO prodding from a young age LIKE a champ)" and so forth ... 

I was told "my books and products would never ever sell". 


I was told "you need to hire professional photographers". 


I was told "it's just fitness". No-one will buy!


And so forth. 

Point isn't me tho, it's YOU bro. 

DARE is the word. 



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I want to see you say not just say "yes". I want you to say YUSSSSSSSS! And fitness wise, dare to dream that the fat will be CHISELED off at warp speeds - once you get on the Jaguar of all training programs here. Believe me, the proof is right there on the page as well, but if you're one of the lot that automatically says "price" or "it won't work", then it probably won't, and isn't for you. 

Doers, get the course NOW

Tuesday, 16 February 2021 06:23

Digital VS Paperback?

It's no secret that yours truly does EVERYTHING he can .... "awwwwnnnnlinnnnnnee" (as a family member once sarcastically remarked way back in 2003, i believe). 

That was back when India barely had any high speed Internet at all ... And the dial up didnt work too well!

And it would charge by the minute or something, I believe. 

Anyway, yours truly was from the US and he did everything online. He had a cable connection back "there" so obviously old habits die hard. 

And, the whole thing about me being a caveman and so forth... 

(which a lot of other people have called an "artificial lifestyle":, but hey, I'd rather that so called artificial than Shitter, Freak-o-book, Shacked-In and the other garbage out there). 

There is a reason those that get it say I THINK very clearly. 

The more you write, the more you think - and better. 

Anyway, we've gone over all that before. Ole Freddie, and that ... and back to online, YES, it's no secret I prefer digital downloads over just about any other format. 

Recently I bought an audio book, and while listening to voice can be great, I kept thinking - it would be so much FASTER if I could just read - assimiliate - absorb, and implement. 

The sheeple might disagree with me on that one, but you on this list well know my dislike for VIDEOS, audio notes and so forth - if it cannot be WRITTEN out, I ain't doing it. 

But anyway ... 


I love 'em. 

But I dont know why, every time I want to read something, I usually turn on the laptop. 

But I love paperbacks, and one of my goals - this one I WILL tell the "world" about, hehe, because it's not a secret is to get a massive, mammoth LIBRARY - filled with the books I love. 

And I doubt there will be any fiction in there. 

But anyway, more on SO's and why I do digital - digital eliminates the need to have anyone - significant others involved in one's business. 

And doing paperback with Amazon is a fairly reliable option. 

Not that Bezos and Sanchez - the "senorita" if I may say so are involved with yours truly personally, but I love Bezos - and you on this list know that as well! 

No more dealing with SO's that "take the money when it comes", but then barf when issues occur. 

Anyway, as I recently told someone I'm dealing with "bringing wives and signifiant others into business is generally a recipe for utter and total disaster - and CHAOS". 

And it's part of the reason - oh, another reason? 

I can sit at home ANYWHERE in the world, and still run my biz and make money. 

Lots of it at that. 

Truly a business I OWN! 

Can't say more than that, hehe. 

I'm out - back soon - in the meantime, remember PAPERBACKS are very much an option on the site, so you CAN order 'em - they'll be shipped out via Amazon to you within 2 weeks of reciept of monies (or or thereabouts). 

If you've been waiting on a purchase, the time to do it is NOW my friend. 

Do so - and let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Which one of you would like to fill a library with my books? I know a couple of my customers would! 

PS #2 - Remember that thing about feeling grateful? I just paid some bills, and my first thought on looking at 'em? I'm glad I can pay 'em, and I'm glad for them to be here so I can PAY 'em! Same thing for YOU, my friend. When you buy a product, be glad you can BUY it - and remember, the Universe provides to EVERYONE provided you follow a few rules . . . 

Or send long voice notes that the idiots dont have "time to listen to". 

Or, send lonnnnnnggg text notes that make people's eyes water and say "Jesus, Rahul!" 

(Alan is a great guy!) 

Or, as a former boss of mine told me when I was "convincing him to pay me NOW rather than the BS of one month later" (I mean, he got the money NOW, so why not me was what I said in a very eloquent manner). 

"Long email!" was his response. 

And he agreed. 

Back in the day, ole Freddie, a great great guy wanted to cut costs (although oddly enough, we made sure to skim off the top wherever possible - when I say "we" I mean ....ah, but I'll let that be!) 

(nothing like what you may think - but yeah - those "official dinners" and bills tended to ne a bit BLOATED sometimes, hehe, much like yours truly was at the time). 

I'll expound more on that later, but Freddie was a smart dude. 

And he saw somethign in me, obviously, or he wouldn't have hired me in the manner he did. 

But anyway (and yeah, I made a mistake leaving the way I did) ... 

I was the de facto I.T. Manager, and the computers were all running Winblows, and Freddie wanted a free alternative. 

So I said I'd put Linux on the systems. There were a lot!

We spoke costs, and I "convinced" an already convinced man of the costs etc. 

Verbally, we agreed. 

And I said I'd do it. 

"Wait! But what about writing?" , asked ole Freddie, making the typing motion with his fingers. "It needs to be in WRITING!" 


That it did! 

My Dad and Freddie have a few things in common - I do remember my Dad once telling me YEARS ago "IT's not so much how you think as how much you can put those thoughts down on PAPER". 

Sure, he wasn't an advocate of loooooonnnnnnggg emails. Most try and keep it pithy ... I dont. 

But still, despite all the rancor between my "family" and myself, my father did try and sneak in a few useful ditties here and there that have stuck wth me - NOT because "Daddy said so" (HA!) - but because some of it is damned useful from a biz perspective, and I filed it away as soon as I heard it. 

Anyway, I dont write long emails to piss people off. 

I write it to so my opinion - and the logic - and reason - and feelings behind it are all there on paper. 

No-one can turn back and say "I didnt say that" when arguments occur later. 

And in "heated" face to face discussion, people often lose track of FACTS. 

'Tis a fact, Jack. 

There is a reason there are lengthy 100 page contracts for damn near any decent busines endevaor. 

And of course, THAT client from the company and the way he presented his point - I used to write long emails before that too but I learned and picked up a lot from his style too. 

For free. 

Interesting how us doers get things for free, and we VALUE them, and then IMPLEMENT ... 

Anyway, get the book right here my friend. You'll love it - that I do guarantee - and you WILL be able tos ell your way through life with the tips therein! 

And fitness wise, well, that ole Rolls Royce of course. 

Speaking of which, I 'm out for some squats soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember to grab another fitness SIZZLER right here

I talk about a certain client in the 10 Commadents of Successful Sales, that was almost impossible to convince - even for yours truly - which I finally did in a way. 

I mention the entire story in the book, which is a must read if just from a life perspective, even if you ain't interested in making sales of any nature. 

(although I cannot imagine why you wouldn't? Isn't LIFE itself a sale of sorts?) 

But anyway ... this guy later made the following comment to me while doing business (Again) with me. 

"Hey, YOU sold it to me, Rahul!" 

That I did. 

When no-one else could. Including from other companies. 

I still remember "that company" sending me email they got from a competitor company on this. 

Of course, the canny old man probably knew about this too, hehe. He was playin the field, big time. A true salesman! 

But he met his match. 

Again, SORT OF. 

Not fully, but sort of. 

So did I. 

Not fully, but sorta - but I learned a lot from him, hehe. 

Including a certain bit about writing "loooooonnnnnngggggg emails" that everyone from bosses to spouses to colleagues have ranted about, that people say are terrible for sales, and yet here I am, still doing it. 

So much for the so called experts. 

Anyway, I sold him - YES. 

But it was a deal where his investment would be held in "Escrow" (or the equivalent) until a certain portion of the job was done, and so forth. 

And so he was safe guarding himself in that regard. 

COULD i have sold him to do what I do normally in these cases i.e a down payment or no way, Jose? 

I dont know. 

I didnt try. 

Company was more than eager at that point to take him on! 

But to me, (and yes, he DID pay up) it was a great lesson - sales wise. 

95% of the thingsI already knew. 5% I did NOT - and I learned. 

Classic and sage example of YOU NEVER KNOW IT ALL. 

And that, my friend, set the tone for how I price things now, my business dealings etc. 

And why I dont eat lunch for free with students in China or most anyone, unless I really WANT to and like the person. 

I value my time ... 

And to be honest, the reason the guy didnt want to pay upfront wasn't so much being smart and fear of losing money etc if the company up and disappeared one fine day (which given it was halfway around the world could happen - and it had happened to HIM before - he told me the story - another lesson right there! I'll reveal that story later...) 

The reason he was vetting so stringently is because he valued his TIME

He didnt want to invest in a company that couldn't KEEP UP to it's side of the deal. 

Which, unfortunately that company didnt ... 

But I learned some great lessons, and hence my customer vetting etc NOW. 

I value my time equally highly - perhaps MORE so than him, hehe. 

And I've learned a lot from him - so kudos to that dude! 

And that, my friend is that. 

My tea BE a boiling much like his "tea went stone cold" while writing to me, so I'll end this here!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - But really, that is one reason I only want people that get it and dont whine, moan, complain, and piss up a storm incessantly. As certain other folks have said, if you can" "afford" the products (although I dont know why anyone would want to use that word!) - then "thats life". . . 

Anyway, for those that get it - get the best fitness system out there right HERE. Truly the purring Rolls Royce of fitness that will set YOU FREE! 

The sound of the glass shattering, my friend - has been turned into an iconic sound by Steven "Stone Cold Steve Austin" Williams a long time ago. 

If you ain't heard it, you have truly been living under a rock, hehe. 

But really, he started off with a different entrance song I believe, but now, the lovable Texas rattlesnake we ALL love is associated with three things. 

Beer, the middle finger, and breaking the GLASS! Hehe. 

And these three things, along with a host of other stellar performers (DX being #2) and the brain behind all this (Vince Mc Mahon) truly catapulted the WWE to levels that no sports entertainment biz anywhere has ever reached and ever will. 

The 90's were indeed a special time- I should know - growing up! 

Heady optimism and realism as opposed to the rubbish out there TODAY. 

Anyway, beer bottling? 

Well, the good ole Bozo was once accused by his management (at a dancing monkey school - apparently he was on the 11th floor or something and was tossing beer bottles down when trashed) of "breaking the beer bottling and causing a good ole mess". 

Apparently they wrote it that way. 

Gotta love Chinglish. 

In addition to this, he was accused of "bringing women of ill repute home regularly". 

"He bring the woman home" was how they said it. 

Now, the latter was confirmed by the Bozo, and he steadfastly denies the former. 

Who knows. But Chinese "gardens" can be wierd about that, I'll tell you that, hehe. 

Cut to a scene where yours truly once recieved a stern notice from management saying the following (for reference, I was on the first floor and couldn't have tossed bottles out if I tried) (and if I did they'd land on GRASS) . . . 

"You are breaking bottle and disturbing the peace of man. You are cauing mess for cleaning lady, and us have the great headache, please do no, the neighbors is disturbed during the beautiful time of rest" 

There was more, but (and I've got the actual notice still) - but it ended up with them having a hissy about "we'll call the police if you dont stop". 

Now, what was THAT All about? 

Well, in China, they have garbage CANS - not dumpsters. 

Which are often empty. 

And late at night (caveman) would often throw his beer bottles - into, well, the trash. 

Sometimes they could clank against each other and break. 

Management wanted me to "reach in" and put them in gently. 


Only in China would someone say that! 

I never did. 

And my lovely Taiwanese neighbor threw a hissy, and probably someone in management was on their period or what not, and so that notice. As it turned out, all that happened was my landlord gave me a call through the rental agency, asked if he "might request something" - I said sure - and he told me - and I said sure, I won't put them in the trash. 

Only in China do you leave trash lying either on top of the bin or OUTSIDE it. God Forbid you put it inside. 

Lest you think it's just beer bottles, think again. 

I recieved a similar notice sans the police part from my management a couple of years later about .... my TEA leaves of all things in the ... how dare I. Trash, hehe. 

Apparently Rahul didnt "straining well enough first please". 

China, you beauty. LOL. 

All true stories. 

The lovely Qin Kun, who you have read of before, told me the following when I informed her of it. And sniffed dismissively to boot. 

"This not USA! China police have better work to do! "

And she didnt say it just once. 

"Police have other job in China!" 

Well, she was right. If you call the police in China "because your neighbor's TV is too loud", or "he broke a beer bottle in the trash and it woke you up", they'll likely laugh at you and hang up, hehe. 

Worlds apart from what we know, and expect in our "Western" civilizations. Hehe. 

I'd choose the latter,but hey, to each his own! 

But yours truly wild and beer bottles have always been a great match, hehe. 

And many a beer bottle has indeed consciously shattered if you get my drift, but never in an apartment complex consciously. 

More on that, and graveyard beer bashes later! 

(yes, that has happened too. LOL). 

Anyhow ...why do I tell YOU all this 

I dont know! 

Brain dump, plus a bit of light hearted banter. 

And to learn how to life in the flow like I do, do what Zero to Hero tells you, and you'll be well on the way to doing so! 

And to learn how to fry fat off your body effortlessly, WHILE on the infamous beer pizza diet - go HERE

And thats it. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember to pick up the Rolls Royce HERE

Sunday, 14 February 2021 09:08

A leader rises from the ASHES . . .

Was what my buddy from the MArines told me last year when the Dongguan Employment WeChat group was getting rowdy. 

Getting into politics etc which on a Chinese social media platform unless done right is a no no, and usually even then for obvious reasons. 

No, they dont so much care about Trump and all that - but the discussion eventually spills over, as most do, into other areas too if you get my drift. 

Nothing can be discussed in a vacum. 

Anyway, one line from me was all it took. 

"Thats enough". I said, while laying down the LAW. 

In a very polite manner I thought. 

Instantly, everyone hushed up. Back to normal. 

And my friend wrote the following. 

"A leader riseth from the ASHES". 

Much like the Phoenix, I thought ... 

Why do I bring this up now - well, because I was doing, I just realized what every great leader does himself. 

In the privacy of his own room. 

TALKING to himself (or herself). 

A Practice that Bozos globally deem as unimportant and useless, and something virtually anyone who is excellent at anything does regularly. 

What was I on about? 

Well, not so long ago, 0 Excuses Fitness was nascent, and taking off (and before that Rahul Mookerjee). 

The site ... 

Now, I've mentioned how in the past I didnt put all I had into this business. 

And I didnt! 

And not so long ago, I was doing GREAT not just in this biz, but a couple of other ones I started three or so years ago. 

I mean, the money was FLOWING. 

And ... guess what. 

Despite knowing what Claude Bristol said about never resting easy, I ignored it unconsciously (despite reading the book still!). 

Guess what happened. 

I FELL - and a business amongst those three is no more. 

True, the plague had something to do with that eventually which I cannot control. 

But, really. 

The message in all that was this - the same as given to Napoelon hill all those years ago.

"You've been a stubboron student! Learn that you will find happiness by helping others find it! You have had to be cured of your affliction through disappointment and temporary defeat" .... 

Mostly verbatim that. 

But, I was also grateful for having made the mistake. 

But really. 

The business - the fitness biz was going great without even me marketing a lot, or investing in it. 

Little did I know, my friend, that as Hill said, success has a keen sense of trickery, and it takes great delight in tripping up a person when he is just within reach. 

That obviously hasn't happened with the fitness biz, which continues to SOAR to heights hitherto unachieved, but thats only because I realized my mistake - picked myself up - was grateful to have made the mistake - and went on going - with the knowledge that "making a mistake is fine - repeating it is NOT". 

And of course, it gave me more on FAITH

And having FAITH. 

I've INVESTED more in this business in 2020 than any other year, I'll tell you that - and the resutls in a so called depression have been mindblowing, and continue to. 

As I move along to my NEXT Goal the Universe keeps telling me this. 

"OK, you seem to have learned your mistake". 

"You're on your way to that goal now, but will you REPEAT the mistake?" 

"Will you neglect the ONE Thing you truly LOVE and make money from, not so much because it's just love of money, but beause you love doing it - and are great at it?:" 

It hit me like a flash - again. 

I was given the chance. I was given the money. The everything! And yet ... 

Who knows where THIS Biz would be NOW if I hadn't made the mistake? 

Though the other businesses made me more, I wasn't enjoying it really like I do this one. 

Oddly enough, when I became a "fat cat" a while back, I neglected THIS business ... 

Other hand. 

Where would I be without the knowledge I got from the mistake? 

And more acknowledgement of the sage Napoleon Hill saying. 

"every disappointment, every defeat, every temporary setback carries within the SEED of an equivalent or greater benefit" (note he said "seed" - not "flower". But the SEED of success). 

Life, my friend, is a great teacher - if you LET IT. 

And that, my friend is the lesson for this one. See what you can get from it! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - For more such life changing wisdom - truly - pick up Gumption Galore HERE!

PS #2 - Tell the world what you're going to do, but show it first. Therefore THAT goal shall be told to YOU later, hehe. 

Sunday, 14 February 2021 08:23

Free, and the mindset of a LOSER

Some of you might think that I'm talking my products here and freebie seekers and I probably should. 

Bozos incarnate as it were. 

But believe me, sometimes, if you're dealing with a true DOER - and I deal with a few on this list - then you do all you can to help 'em out. 

That doesnt mean you give them products for free but you HELP them. 

I've given discounts to some on this list despite saying I never do and will continue to do so, and the reason isn't making more money later, and/or making less now, or anything like that. 

I recognize these people are doers, and are willing to do EVERYTHING they can to own (in some cases) all my products. 

And I'll help 'em out the best I can. 

But really, here is what I am saying. 

Back in the day, I gave a couple of my friends (this was before I was a believer in the "friends and family are often the WORST for you in terms of downing you and putting you down when they should be doing the exact opposite - but really - they dont know what they're doing themselves subconsciously so don't blame 'em - just don't SHARE your ideas etc with them for the most part!") a copy of the first draft of 0 Excuses Fitness

Which was pretty much the finished version too (I just removed a few pictures from the end of the book since I thought they were superflous). 

They were me at even more lardass status than on the cover of the book on PULL-ups. Hehe. Maybe I should have left them in there - the Bozos would have had a field day, hehe. 

But anyway ... 

You'd think these guys would eagerly devor the book. 

Indeed, here is the statment both made. 

"I'd really like to read it!" 

Years later, they haven't even OPENED the book, because subconsciously a ) "It's just Rahul!" How can he know anything! and b) it's FREE, so it's worthless. Hehe. 

Or, if I did what some other authors do "it's just a dollar". 

It is NO coincidence that I do not talk to these people for the most part anymore because they've always disappointed when I really needed them ... without meaning to. 

They did not mean to do it. 

Right. You read that right!

People do it without KNOWING they're doing it. 

But anyway, not everyone is like that. 

To me, if I get something I want free (oddly enough, most of my life, I haven't "paid" except through my own labor etc, and I've ALWAYS got a just reward) from someone I really admire, I'll give THANKS. 

I'll say I am LUCKY. 

Which I AM. 


And then I'll read the damn thing from cover to cover. 

I'll never stop reading it and telling people how good it is, and how much it motivated me, and got me where I am today. 

Think and Grow Rich, The Magic of Believing, and a couple of books by Tom Hopkins. Dan Kennedy. Many of the greats!

I mean, I did most of these things myself before I read the books, and yet I cannot stop talking about these books. 

THAT is what it's about! 

And THAT is what my own customers know ... 

Greatness demands ACKNOWLEDLGEMENT, whether you like it or not ... 

And on that sage note, I'm out. Pick up some great fitness and motivational products here

I'll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Curiously enough ,one of the friends said "he was too busy", but he found time to read other books he BOUGHT. Go figure, eh. Hehe. 

On another site, I wrote a book about how to attract a specific type of woman to you. 

Not "you" on this list, but men that want "that type of woman". 

The specifics aren't important here except for this - most men fantasize about getting "that type of women" secretly but in real life manifest anything but that. The polar opposite if even that . . . 

And most men are WAY too scared to acknowledge the desire that led to them "wanting" that type of woman. 

I've just given you a massive secret right there that could change your life - for free. 

Anyway, I "tout" my OWN track record there in terms of "auto attracting WITHOUT thinking about it". 

Which is true.

More so than money even ... 

I literally attract that sort - even when I'm sleeping - NOT thinking about it in any way - either consciously or not. 

And I wrote a hugely successful book on it that most on this list do NOT know about. 

What does that have to do with YOU, you might ask. 

Well, it's a good question! 

The "speed" and "ease" of manifestation are things most people have had questions about, and these frustrate MOST people I've met (especially the nutjobs who think they know it all, and are too cheap in invest in products that will TEACH them how to). 

So, let me give you two examples - from the past two weeks. 

One was a committment I had on the 6th. 

I missed it due to reasons out of my control, although oddly enough, this commitment is normally taken care of BEFORE the month even starts. 

So I sent an email saying give me another couple of weeks (to be safe - since I'm a busy guy - but I'd probably get it done on the 8th or what not). 

Guess what. 

The other party gave me MORE time than what I asked for, which was much appreciated!

And without even trying I ended up "showing up" on the 8th and voila - despite not having the situation to do so BEFORE I gave that commitment. 

I didnt even visualize etc consciously, but it happened. 


I dont think so, bro. There ain't no such thing as coincidence, and the same damn thing has repeated itself in various ways, shapes and forms throughout my life. 

"When the student is ready, the teacher SHALL appear". 

Does that sound familiar to YOU? 

And on that note, I recently made a promise to myself to get a book I've been wanting to myself for a while - even though I "know" what the author is talking about, and I do it daily myself, just because "he's one of the greats and I want to get it anyway". 

Guess what. 

It's a rather pricey book. 

And I ended up gettign it last night - without? 

Without paying a CENT for it. 

No, I didnt ask him for it. 

I just GOT It - without paying a cent for it. 

Believe it or not, my friend, the Universe is just waiting to deliver miracles to you provided you set a goal and take action. 

No, for those of you looking to get fit, visualization alone will not get you there, but it's a massive component and indeed where you start. 

Often times, people overlook it, which is an even more massive mistake. 

I mean, Jesus. Would you not want to set off on that cross country journey with the TANK - FULL - rather than "running on fumes"? 

Making money - writing books - selling products or yourself - same damned thing bro. 

"God" won't come to your aid and do the thing for you. 

But the Universe WILL guide you intelligently - and whether or not you have faith - listen - and most importantly do the thing - is up to you! 

Anyway, enough on that. I've got another goal right now which I won't mention here, but I will once it's accomplished. Watch this space!

And fitness wise, get cracking NOW. I mean really, my friend, how long are you going to put it off for? 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - While there, check out the JAGUAR of fitness training too - sleek, mean, lean ... and hungry .... YOU! 

So, another rumor be doing the rounds, this one probably more fact than heresay, but the whiny nature of it bears a mention. 

This being another one of my "out of shower" brain sizzles. 

Apparently "Stormy Daniels" is claiming that while her sexual dalliances with Trump were consensual (and yet she moans about them!) - it was the worst 90 seconds, I believve she said, she ever had. 

Apparently she realized that when the Trumpinator took off his pants or what not, sat in the bed in his underwear and asked her to prove she really wanted it. 

The rest I'll leave up to your imagination. Hehe. 

But "perched on the side of the bed" though as Daniels says he might have been, I have reason to doubt the "worst 90 seconds part". 

Ever remember the Donald comment about men only needing Vigara if the woman wasn't hot enough. 

Well my friends, it's one of those comments that is TRUER THAN TRUE! 

I'll further add to that - and if the woman is BORING, or acts entitled, then unless you're bozo Glyn "salivating like a doggie boy" Schofield, then all the V in the world won't help a real man get it up. 

Probably what happened with the Trumpinator.

I mean, I dont watch porn (used to way back in the day, but now?? No way!) 

And I'd rather abstain for the most part in my cave if you get my drift. 

(and yet, it's insane, but true, but I keep getting called " an Indian porn star!". The wife made the comment, countless other people have, and ...) 

(that thing about being a real man shining through, I suppose). 

And another reason why the Jim Shim bimbettes hate me ... 

But anyway, I've seen Daniels with clothes on (thankfully). 

And, five words. 

she's over the hill. 

Sure, it's about mind, but the vibe from Daniels ain't anything like say, Sunny Leone who can back her shit up. Now if someone like that spoke out, I'd be willing to hear her side of it. 

But this storrmy Daniels gal? 

Her worst 90 seconds of fame, or infamy, hehe. 

Aint got nothing on ole Monica, I'd say! ;) 

But anyway, point of this being this - that "impotence" and wives getting pissed at husbands or boyfriends not stayin hard long enough, falling asleep after a coupla beer and all that is a very real thing. 

And as we who train with Animal Kingdom Workouts, Jump rope Mania! workouts, and Advanced Hill Training - and of course the Rolls Royce of Fitness know - if there is one benefit that should be at the very top rather than bottom as I've put it - it's that men will never need "V" again. 

Dont believe me? 

Dont believe the stories about the Jim Shim addicts coming out and talkin about their shrinking balls and "little brothers" (literally so)? 

Even though it's from the horse's mouth? 

Dont believe me that my workouts do a better job of increasing blood flow to the nether regions and STRENGTHENING the core more than ANY other? 

Well, get on them first and you'll see? 

And second? 

Well, again fromthe horse's mouth - - we'll wait on some of you to chime back SPECIFICALLY on these benefits! 

I mean lets face it guys. 

I'm SURE - 100% that you've experienced an increase in libido and desire after a good steady diet of these movements - it's impossible not to. 

Write back - let the whole world know. The more, the merrier! 

I mean in terms of solo real man workouts, hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And no dirty minds to that last statement either, please. But really - get on the stick - the SHTICK - NOW

Saturday, 13 February 2021 09:53

Men with gumption, or men with MUNNEEEEEEEEEE?

It's odd, but not entirely unexpected. 

It's Chinese New Year right now, and as usual I'm getting the usual "bevy of beauties" at my doorstep, both literal and figuratively. 

And in the vast majority of cases, I fold my hands and say this. 

"No Thank you, Madam". 

I dont care what they might be offering or why. El Caveman prefers to remain as such, and WILL remain as such, and NO force on this here MIGHTY planet can BUDGE HIM. 

(planet of the apes, hehe. dont know why that came to mind!) 

And of course the moronic WeShat messages from girls. 

"Any red packets?" 

(in other words, they barely know me, and want money for ....well, I DO know what. Findom, and that ain't somethign "el cavemen" is really interested in either if you get my drift) 

(I'd introduce them all to Bozo Schofield, he who wants to be a servant for women apparently, but he's got an empty pocket, LOL. Ain't nothing free in life, not even "dominant" women like the Bozo so cherishes and desires, but doesn't GET. Hehe). 

I know I'm an asshole for rubbing it in (to the Bozo and others like him). And I will continue to do so. 

Now, lets get REAL. 

LEt's get serious. 

Karl Gotch, the GOD of Pro Wrestling (and I dont mean the pantomine the WWE is) in Japan and his protege and multi billionaire (I assume, by now, hehe) Matt Furey. 

And a guy (the latter) I freely quote and acknowlege in my books and courses, and a guy who I've apparently bested from the some of the feedback I get. And belive me now and trust me later - I dont know Matt from Adam, but if he were to read this, he'd be the first to say "Good job - IF You did it!" 

And in that regard, I have. 

Becoming a millionaire? 

Not as yet. 

But I haven't set that goal as yet (so I say, hehe. Tell the world what you're going todo, but show it first!) 

Anyway, Gotch apparently wrote an uncomplimentary letter about Furey once. 

Gotch, from what I gather didnt think much of men with MONEY. 

He did value GUMPTION THOUGH! 

"I never charged anyone to learn", is what he says (part of the letter - if you want the rest - let me know). 

All I wanted was (I think he said HEART, but I'm not sure). . . 

Now, Furey. 

The guy gets a lot of flak for a lot of things, most of all the money. 

I dont know - I dont have his products, but I DO know (one of the videos my friend showed me) that he did freely credit Gotch with what he learned. 

So I dont know what the ruckus is all about. 

Ah wait. 

Matt made munnnnneeeeee.

Much like me, how dare he. Hehe. 

But think about it, friend. 

What is LIFE without money? 

Where does the abundance that man is collectively entitled to come from without money? 

What would you do goals wise without money? 

What woud you do In YOUR LIFE without money? 

everything has a price, my friend. 

El Dorado is there, but you MUST pay the price. 

And on that sage note, why I offer discounts etc SOMETIMES? 

Because like Gotch, I value GUMPTION. 

That ain't to say I want freebie seekers - NO. Cheapskates are generally shown - well, the door. 

And they deserve just that. 

But money ain't all, but it's a lot. 

End of the day, GUMPTION, my friend. 

But always remember - what would YOU do without money!? 

I'm out - back soon!


rahul Mookerjee

PS - I haven't even put the links etc in. Let me get back and do it!

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