Rahul Mookerjee

NO disrespect towards the ape - pound for pound, one of the mightiest animals there is, my friend. 

Do the Bozos at the "Jim Shim" know that if a baby chimp were to take your finger and SQUEEZE, you'd scream like a little baby (an adult would?). 

Yes, I dont care if you can bench Manhattan either!

And ape like upper body strength is what you should aspire to - and what my courses, modeled in part on what the mighty APE does is what Battletank Shoulders - and Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD - within WEEKS! give you! 

And of course, my best book ever most likely - Animal Kingdom Workouts (this one is another must grab NOW - remember that discount BE ticking). 

But I've written a a lot about copying yours truly as of late? 


Yes, I think I have! 

Rightfully so, but here is the thing. 

Yours truly makes no pretensions of the fact he TOO had to learn - somewhere. Someplace. 

He too - put in the hard yards, and still does. 

Sure, he learned on his lonesome, but it's still learning! 

And he did ALL he could to learn from those he aspires to BE - or "used to aspire to be" in whichever field. 

No I ain't talking money either. 

There is more to it than that, bro. 

And here is where most people get it WRONG. 

When they see something they LOVE - they COPY. 

Yet, copies are never authentic my friend. 

The TRUE YOU - the REAL, UNFETTERED YOU is what is authentic and what ultimately DOES THE TRICK. 

And the difference between copying and truly DOING while following lies in not just bettering the Master at something (I want all my students and great customers to do this!!) ... it's FOLLOWING. 


Following the right way. 

You LEARN fromthe other person while remembering that as Dr Maltz said in Pyscho Cybernetics, you are YOU - no-one else!


And this, my friend is the KEY most people miss. 

Incorporate this into your life today, and watch how things start to CHANGE - FOR YOU! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Fitness wise, this is why I don't hand hold and molly coddle. I give you the tools and workouts to succeed, but only YOU can succeed, my friend. YOU have to tailor things to YOUR own "tastes" and remember that "not one size fits all". Enough said! 

PS #2 - And if you're one of the ones being copied and trolled and therefore hated because "the haters can't DO" - well - ENJOY - THAT is a sure shod sign of success, or getting there, more than anything else, hehe. 

This is going to be personal, even more so than a lot of my posts. 

But you know the REAL reason that - other than incompetence, and the knowledge that these sniveling pansies couldn't get it up if they tried, and haven't done anything remotely resembling what a REAL MAN would do other than trolling in the darkness of the basement with grubby Cheetos bags and empty beer bottles strewn about (and panties if you're Bozo Glyn Schofield on public assistance in the UK) these idios troll and attack? 

Its HATE, my friend. 

They hate - truly everyone and everything. 

Like Hitler did. 

We all know what happened with him, of course! 

Claude Bristol said it in the Magic of Believing. So have plenty of others. 

"Do NOT use the power of the subconscious for evil, because it will come back to BITE you in the ass". 

Those are my words, but that is the import. And the drift. 

Speaking of drift, and drifters ... oddly enough, that is exactly the impression I got of Bozo Schofield the first time I saw him. 

A guy willing to drift along with the seas of life trolling away, drinking until the next monkey job, sticking his tongue whereever allowed, a guy that was and is AIMLESS and GOALLESS in life, has nothing to aspire to, and so forth. 

The sort of guy who in Rambo I the Sheriff didnt want in town (except of course, there the Sherriff miscalculated, and how!). 

"First thing you know, we got a whole BUNCH of guys lik eyou in this town. Thats why!" 

So says "Sheriff Rahul" with his Texas cowboy hat on (to the Bozo). 

But I remember feeling it. 

When I first met Charles and Glyn in person ... 

It was sutble, but it was there. 

The hate, the jealousy ... "how dare this "dirty Indian" speak English better than us". 

How dare he be in top shape and FLAUNT it. 

How dare he ... 

India, for those that dont know is a country which most people outwardly "admire". 

But talk to a lot of these fools, and you'll see what they REALLY think of the country. 

"those dirty black people". 

Oddly enough, the Chinese are at least honest enough to say it!

Probably why Charles kept saying "even a Chinese born in America couldn't teach English as well as "real Americans" can". 

When quizzed on his definition of real Americans, he kept silent. 

Bozo Schofield, to give credit where credit is due, was far more sophisticated about it. 

True Hannibal Rising! 

I wouldn't have guessed the first time we met, but when the two of them trolled me with those memes, the racist memes, I KNEW. 

It wasn't just jealousy - The Bozo trolled the picture of me on Shoulders like Boulders, hehe, and many others - but it was the RACISM that stood out. 


And this happens to achievers of any race, in any country. 

The minute you try and (do) break out of the "bunch of crabs in the bucket", the rest will subconsciously try and pull you BACK. 

But anyway, "he's so arrogant!" 

He's so confident!

So pompous!

That V shape to the back! 

ALL - LACED - with a feeling of utter inferiority deep within (hence the books on pull-ups getting the most flak from the Bozos along with Pushup Central , hehe, and hence Charles telling me petultantly "your emails dont help!" - like the Chinese telling their ESL teachers "how to teach", hehe). 

Well, my friend, thats fine for me. 

I thrive on this. 

Lesser people woudl wilt. 

I dont - I attack back x 10000. 

Always have, always WILL!

How dare I. I know. But I did, and WILL!

And will - NEVER - be a pussy ass trainer either, hehe. 

Anyway, I hope this provided you on the list with some insight into the Bozos mind. 

What people do NOT say openly is truly what you need to FEEL and CONSIDER!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Oh, and remember to pick up the book on pull-ups I've been "ranting" about all day. Do what I tell you - and you'll turn into a super duper stud at pull-ups nigh on (so it will "seem") overnight, willy nilly ... 

PS #2 - Oh, the key to pulling this off? Be sure you can BACK that SWAG up, bro! THAT is how you can truly attack back x 10000000. 

I could probably chokeslam Bozo through a brick wall if I wanted to (I dont - I'd rather not get my hands "dirty". I'd rather "take it out without trying to get any of me" - thats a dialog from the movie Recoil, hehe). 

But really, as Karl Gotch said. 

"Talk's cheap, but MONEY buys WHISKEY!" 

So true, my friend. So true! 

Get on the train NOW

PPS - Here is what Bozo sent me a while back. 

(around a couple of weeks, I believe,except his dumb ass forgot that he sent it to me before). 

How dare a person like you slander someone like me? As Chuck said you are just jealous because of everyone who makes it in China. Chuck hates you, Kate too. Everyone you've sucked ass and then betrayed hates you.

Chuck hates you. Kate hates you. Glen too. Charles. The gorilla. The marine. The high powered lawyer.

Nobody buys your books, you have 4 followers- one is me, the other Chuck, the other you, the other a shell account.

You have no friends, no life, your wife is sick of you bullying her into English.

Chuck told me all. I have your number and address so if you don't stop acting trolly, Rahul I will be laying hands on you and fuking you up,



Poor cuck - oops, I mean CHICK - I mean CHUCK - no, this ain't aimed at "Chuck" is all I can say. The Bozo did send me this too. 

"You are a typical beta cuckold!" 

(notice the part about "sucking ass". LOL) (then he signs up with a nick "IpaidtolickKate'sass"). 

Poor Kate...

But really. 

"How dare you!" 

"Everyone hates you!" (poor Schofield and the self projection, and he forgot I THRIVE on it. LOL. 

Anyway, point and case. 

Or, if you're not Bozo Schofield, case and point. Hehe. 

Sunday, 14 March 2021 06:16

Do people "change"?

"Times change"

"So do people!" 

I can hear it right now ... LOTS of people say it. 

And they're probably right in many ways - if we're talking the majority of people out there. 

I dont know, my friend, but yours truly? 

This morning, I took another trip down one of those memory lanes I so often do. 

On another site. 

And some delighful memories they were - of me interacting with people - expressing my truest and "basest" desires - and doing so in an environment MEANT for that. 

(Note to Bozo Schofield reading this - badgering women late at night asking them if you can be their servant with wacky profile images on WeShat doesn't mean "an environment meant for expression". It's called trolling and inane, idiotic frustration laced "I can't get any unless I pay for it, and even then I can't "do the thing" if you get my drift" BADGERING). 

But anyway, change ... 

I notice it all the time. 

People keep "trying to be what they aren't". 

Could be yours truly's "lovely wife" on Korean soap operas all the time (interesting how that works, with me being in China for years, and finally she's "getting on the train too") ... 

Could be people I see around me all the time APEING me - despite claiming they don't. 

(the stretches from Isometric and Flexibilty Training are one prime example of this - people ape ALL the time, while simaltaneously dissing the fact that these exercises DO work - and how! I mean really, fella. The GREATS used them - I use them - need any more proof?? 

And if these idiots say "yes, we need more proof", and you point them to them doing it ...ah, but I'll stop. It's just ASININE, the way morons and Bozos think). 

Anyway, it could be anyone. 

Bozo Schofield wanting to be a stud, and seeing me talk to women all the time, and so late at night he gets drunk "wishing he could do the same". 

And there's a bunch of idiots out there just like that. 

They all "want"! 

But anyway, back to change. 

Yours truly has ALWAYS been a cave dwelling "anti social" sort of person - a person who you either love or hate. 

That hasn't changed, and never will. 

He's always been a bodyweight exercise fanatic, and he's only gotten BETTER with age. 

Mr Pull-up - Mr Handstand Pushup - and so forth. 

He's always loved doing pull-ups and pushups, and other bodyweight stuff, and he continues to in his cave. 

He's ALWAYS LOVED to write, and has been doing it ever since he's been a little kid, without even knowing it. 

Some of the stuff was torn apart. 

Like  Shantaram, the bestseller - when Greg Roberts wrote it in prison in Germany, the massive manuscript was torn apart not once, but twice ... and yet. 


Most of it was looked at as so what? 

"Its just writing! Anyone can do that!" 

Yet, the same idiots and Bozos who said this never "did it" and quietly aspired to be the person who DID it - me - and yet, never did. 

I've ALWAYS counseled people - uplifted - without even knowing it. 

Of course, the Bozos and morons out there would say the exact opposite. 

Thats fine. 

You either love me, or hate me!

BUt my point is this, my friend. 

Look at any great achiever - in any field - and you'll see they STAYED TRUE - to their CORE VALUES. 

Even Hitler, that jackass of the Century succeeded in a big way for a while because he stayed true to his core values - his abonimable core values if I might say. 

Of course, that great force of the subconscious he used for PURE EVIL - came back to bite him in the ass, and how. 

Same thing for trolls etc, to varying degrees, and levels (if anyone knows this better than Bozo Schofield himself, I'm yet to see it). 

But anyway ... 

Great men and women have many things in common I've spoken about a lot. 

The one thing I haven't so much touched upon is staying true to WHO THEY ARE - and THEIR CORE VALUES!

And thats why, as I told Charles Mitchell the other day, I will NEVER become a "pussy trainer" no matter what. 

True, I could have "sold first", and I'd have done a damn good job but that ain't me. 


I make DAMN SURE what I'm telling others to do is TRIED and TESTED for YEARS AND YEARS. 

And then I sell it - at high prices. 

It ain't for everyone either. 

Only the ultra serious. 

But thats me! 

And as "fake" and "wannabes" spawn all around me, and indeed EVERYWHERE, that is the best piece of advice I can give YOU. 

Be YOU, my friend. 

There is only ONE you - for a damn good reason!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember, Zero to Hero contains many such nuggest of wisdom and achievement - be sure and pick up the book now. 

PS #2 - And fitness wise, don't delay the purchase for the ADVANCED book on pull-ups. Remember too, that discount won't last forever - I'm pullin it next week. So, get on the train NOW my friend.

PPS - "When are you going to come full circle, John?" 

That discussion at the start of Rambo III when Stallone is "trying to be something he isn't - says it all!

A perfectly working Toshiba at that, one that is FAR better than this "new" laptop I've been using for less than a fraction of the time (although to be honest, WInblows has a lot to do with it crashing etc). 

But anyway, let me back up. 

You on this list know the sigh of relief - and the SHEER JOY AND HAPPINESS that washed over me towards the end of Feb, when I gave away two items. 

An old camorder. 

A perfectly functional laptop. 

To a CHARITY no less. 

They plan on using it in schools etc. I dont know, but I knOW for a fact they'll do something good with it. 

For a long time, I hung on to to both for sentimental value. 

One, I bought when I had my FIRST JOB. 

And two? 

Well, that laptop was where many of my products were created, released and sold! 

For a long time I held on to them. 

This year, I released them - because it was TIME to, for various reasons. 

Like I said, the sense of happiness I felt at giving it away was beyond none. 

Now, these guys didnt take clothes etc. 

And today, as I gave a CRAPLOAD of perfectly GOOD clothes away (which I no longer wear due to some odd reason) - I felt much the same - 9 out of 10 (but a lot of that 9 is because I'm exhausted from a tough workout and the guy interrupted me during writing, heh - or it would be 10). 

Nothing if not canny is the dude, an he repeatedly asked me if I had an old laptop lying around. 

Or shoes. 

Or cameras!

IT was like he was reading my mind. 

But either way, I laughed at him twice. 

First, for the old shoes part. 

"Dude, why would I keep those? If I dont wear, if they ain't useful to anyone, I'd TOSS 'em", I told him. 

"But you can get something for them", he went on. 

"I dont want it". 

I handed him a crapload of old DVD's and my old DVD player. 

Here, take it, I said. 

HE goggled, and took it, scarcely able to believe his luck. 

"I dont give anything that anyone else cannot use", I said. 

He didnt believe me, and then asked about the laptop - again. 

"I've already given it away", I said. 

I then explained the how's of how I did it. 

He shrugged. 

"For how much", he asked, as if it was the most routine thing to ask. 

Nothing, I replied. 

He asked again. 

"For freeeeee??": he goggled. 

Then he badgered me for phones, and I said I ain't got any old one lying around to give. 

Actually, I do. 

One of them. Which I don't and will never use, but which I have other plans for. 

Finally as he went, I'm writing this to you, and why ? 

One, this is nothing against those that prefer to hold garage sales rather than "give". 

Or "exchange". 

Or, sell on She-bay or what not. 

I'd rather just give though for the most part, and there is a damn good reason behind this. One sentiment, and one decidely NOT SO. 

And second? 

Fitness wise, do you understand NOW why I give you SO much - and yet ask so little in return? 

You on this list are literally getting value beyond compare, my friend. 

quite literally. 

And the reason I do it - is well, what I've mentioned above, and even the FREE stuff you get from me, my friend will propel you along the path to greatness - if you LET IT. 

And part of "letting go" is letting go of what you have in your wallet to get something GOOD for it - something of VALUE. 

Way too FEW people are willing to do that, especially these days, when panic runs rampant. 

And as I told this dude I never wear a mask (he did) - he goggled again. 

Sage, those looks! 

But anyway,  if you're one of the select few that doesn't constantly see money flying OUT (and whines about how "my money just keeps disappearing") - rather, the opposite - and KNOWS when there is VALUE For the taking at a "cost that is WAY too LESS", then start by investing the Rolls Royce of Fitness right here, bro. 

And write back - and tell me how you do! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - PIck up another product or two while you're at it. Remember, there's a discount A AWAITING! 

(and remember, I'm going to pull the discount by next week, probably Monday MORNING bright and early - therefore, do what the smarties are DOING, and get your thang on NOW.). 

Friday, 12 March 2021 06:38

That sheer feeling of ABUNDANCE ...

If there is one subject that people grip about the most, my friend it is this - MONEY. 

Yet, if I were to tell you that most, if not ALL millionaires, or even those you might consider succesfull didnt just start out with less than a pot to piss in. 

They started out, my friend, FEELING like millionaries when the "zeros" in the bank account didnt quite show it (the opposite, actually). 

Ask ANY one of them, and you'll see. 

I've been saying this for years - capture the winning FEELING - and you're off to the races no matter what. 

No, the economy doesn't matter. Neither does the plague from China, and no, money is not "tight" and NO, being "broke" isn't as much of a reality as you THINK (regardless of what the vast majority of folks reading this might think). 

Yours truly has always lived in the flow, and had a life of plenty, and no, I wasnt "given" that life. The opposite, actually! 

But really, I don't get it. 

I hear people gripe all the time about money, money money. 

Perhaps to a degree it makes sense in the recession we're facing now - according to the sh-news, at least - I dont believe in using such silly idiotic terms - but people gripe about money in the best of economies and the worst. 

I've made no secret of the fact I laugh at those who consider my books and products "expensive" or what not, but this isn't about that. 

This is about the FACT that men's minds above anything else create "hard times" - recessions - and the like. 

If you THINK right - things will be RIGHT. 

And the sheer feeling of abundance and gratitude I'm feeling right now for a seemingly tiny thing is beyond compare, and made me write this email to you. 

Of course, we're not back up to speed on email, so for now, it's only the ultra faithful that will see this. 

But you'd think that email being my primary source of "abundance", and that being choked off due to reasons completely beyond my control (temporarily - we should be back up to speed sometime next week) I'd be fretting etc. 

Not so, my friend. Ive never felt better!

LAst year in October, I believe, one of my sites for the other business was taken down - again, reasons out of my control. 

A month later it was back up. 

Like nothing ever happened. 

There is a reason, my friend, I mention the tale of Edison in Zero to Hero, where his lab - UNSINSURED, much like yours truly - burned down one night. 

His wife was devastated. 


"So what", he replied. "We'll rebuild the next day!" 

THAT, is the attitude my friend - and no, it doesn't mean he didnt "care". 

He cared way more than most people would have. 

Except, he channeled it RIGHT and eventually years later, came out on top. 

And was remembered and is as a GREAT for the ages. 

Alright, my friend. 

In those words above lies the key to success - - at ANYTHING. 

See if you can find it, and make sure to pick up Zero to Hero NOW. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Newbies, for some reason are still getting the emails, but the regular list isn't. Worry not, will be sorted soon. Emails from the site should also be going fine, so if you're buying something, which you SHOULD, as that DISCOUNT is waiting (though I dont know, I might pull it very soon) ... do so NOW, and remember - the products are YOURS to download immediately for those of you that want the e-books! 

(Paperbacks, do shoot me an email and "let me know" after you pay and Ill do what is required). 


Wednesday, 10 March 2021 11:06

(Why) I feel blissed and blessed!

I just do, my friend. 

And I often - usually do. 

Those times when I spend either by myself (or when I can, with my daughter) - those times spent doing NOTHING whatsoever, with NO interruptions whatsoever, with NO-ONE around to bother me, no bells clanging, idiots wailing and whining, no Bozos pissin and moaning ... (well, actually not the last. I enjoy the Bozo as much as I do an awesome LAUGH!) ... and many other things and times when I'm A-lone - doing usually precisely nothing. 

Its probably some of these times when I've produced some of my best stuff!

Today, my email is "out of commission". 

I've got so much to write, which I Could here, and send it over to you. 

While doing handstands,  I wanted to write about why (and my daughter loves this one and indeed TOLD ME this - as did many of my CUSTOMERS) - handstands done RIGHT are the "toughest thing to learn" for most people. 

And when we get into ADVANCED handstands, thats amping the level up another notch! 

And then we get to PROFOUND level, the course on which has not yet been put out, but will - someday. 

Someday, someplace, sometime.... 

For right now, this is a signal from the Universe that says I need to rest, and I'm doing so today (though of course, I never "completely take off"). 

But ... all of us DOERS need to RELAX once in a while. 

Believe it or not, despite all my chest thumping (rightfully so) and the bellicose nature of some of my emails, I'm actually a fairly easy going person. 

Easy to get along with. 

NOT the sort of person you'd want to marry, hehe, but definitely the life and soul of the party (for whatever both of those two things are worth, and I dont do the latter too often either!). 

I'd rather sip my beer - preferably Corona or Stella - sitting on my balcony, sunning myself like an old man ... 

Or, I'd rather walk in the garden and stare at the ducks for hours. 

Or I'd rather workout for long hours, and be left in peace. 

It's all meditation and "connect with the Universe" time for me, and I value this sort of thing so much that I cannot begin to put a price tag on it - much like my "reassuringly expensive" products, which I really - sometimes I look at the prices, and wonder "damn, I'm giving this away for damn near free!". 

Or, Gazdooks! 

Or, Golly! 


I know the lookie lous and idiots out there think the opposite, which is fine, because I ain't in the biz of convincing morons, and do all I can to repel 'em. 

But anyway, I'm back to lying down right now and doing precisely nothing - and sometimes YOU TOO would be well serve dby doing what Claude Bristol said i.e. "go into nothingness" and "thy problems will fade away":. 

And if you dont have problems, "thy BLISSED feeling will amp up several notches". 

Believe me, when you get to the point you can truly meditate for hours and not think anything, you're getting someplace. 

(I wouldn't advise doing what Boddhidharma reportedly did tho). 

But anyway, in this blissed and blessed mode, I've given you a blessed offer that won't last too long - that being, and this is mentioned when you checkout on the site, ANY order over $350 - any order - paperback - digital -duplicate - whatever - gets 15% OFF. 

Flat out, no questions asked, you dont even have to enter in a coupon code - I've set it to be done automatically for you, and you'll see that on the page as well. 

So while I can't promise how long this state of affairs will last, I CAN promise it won't be long. 

Jump on this now, my friend - in a BLESSED state of mind! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - No, this ain't to "pay for email" - for those that might think so (believe me, I had an idiot once write in and ask me "why should I pay for training materal when you make it for "free"). Someone should have asked this ass wad if laptops, servers, website development, and the sweat, blood, tears and toil - and most of all EXPERIENCE and knowledge was to be gotten for "free", and if so, why he didnt just "get it for free". 

PS #2 - Oh well. Back to feeling BLESSED. And this PS was written before I wrote the main email (or post, since I'm not emailing today). 

(I'm going to be getting back to emails and "infesting the Inbox" pretty soon again, don't worry, hehe). 

PPS - No "why": in terms of the magic figure - thats just how it is, and it's an amount I think fits the bill nicely, and is "fair and square", really. No why in terms of "how much off" either. Thats just how it is, friend. Go with the ...FLOW! 

(I just gave you several keys to super achievement in this email for FREE, btw). 


I never, my friend - in my entire life have stressed over, or even "consciously" fretted over TWO things. 

One, "the plan via which a certain goal will be accomplished". 

And two, "what will happen tomorrow, and worry etc related to the same". 

Knowingly or not, I've always lived in the present for the most part. 

And - in the FLOW. 

Things just "happen" with me. 

Now, the key area where I didnt really focus as much as I should have in my 20's and thereabouts was this- concsious goal setting. 

This, my friend is the most important part of all this. 

Consciously setting a goal and BELIEVING it - without being a "Doubting Thomas" and wondering "just how the heck am I going to do this" is key to anything. 

Don't get me wrong. 

Plans are damned important. 

And you need 'em. 

Yet, as Napoleon Hill rightly said in Outwitting the Devil, isn't it better to leave the actual planning to a "power" that knows WAY more about it then us mere mortals? 

I'm paraphrasing, but thats the gist. 

And I agree. 

I've always done that all my life, and things have always WORKED out. 

Including in terms of fitness. 

Of course, belief is key - which is what most people need to work upon. 

Believing that you WILL achieve the goal - no matter how "removed from current reality" it looks right NOW in the PRESENT. 

Believe me, some of the things I've done (no, they ain't necessarily related to money either) ... I'd never have in my wildest dreams imagined those things would happen to me, and yet, WITHOUT any conscious thought, they did. 

Such is the power of living int he FLOW. 

Business wise, folks often ask me why I "write when I feel like it". 

And why not have a set schedule every day when emails go out at a TIME on the dot, etc. 

Because, two things. 

ONe, I live in the flow. 

And two? 

To me "when I feel like it " isnt what it means to most lazy asses throughout the world. 

To most people, subconsciously those words means "put it off till the last possible moment". 

To me, it means giving my subconscious a creative job, and it doesn't just respond with one email. 

It responds with usually 4 or 5, hehe. 

Overdeliver while underpromising is not just my mantra. 

YOUR subconscious does it too . 

And is doing it NOW. 

Anyway, I cover the life part of this in coaching calls etc. 

But fitness wise, my friend, there it lies. 

Set the goal FIRST. 

SEE it happen first. 

FEEL it happen first. 

And then, my friend, in this case you don't even need to worry about a "plan". 

I've laid it all out for you ... 

You simply need to browse through our products, and find what fits you best NOW. 

Not what your conscious mind tells you. 

What you FEEL. 

Your FIRST choice. 

Do it now, my friend. 

The rest will "come" if you let it. 

And that my friend is one of the most valuable things I could ever tell you, and I have now!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember, Pushup Central is REALLY rising up the charts as we speak! 

PS #2 - As I look at the title of this here email, I Realize that I forgot to address part of it! 

Well, no-one thinks I dont plan because the plans are so perfect when they do arrive! 

And so it shall be for YOU if you let it. 

Saturday, 06 March 2021 08:02

When to be a sentimental shamus

Or sentimental anyone, so listen UP. 

Yours truly is probably one of the most sentimental folks out there, especially when it comes to old books, old authors, writers, exercise, fitness, sometimes old women (usually not - and by "old" I dont mean age, I leave the hags to the Bozo, hehe) ... 

... and the exact opposite when it comes to many other things, jobs being one (where I got a steady salary, sometimes gobs of it). 

Gobs aren't the topic of this email tho - well, gobs of sentiment are. 

And way too often, you hear of folks "holding on to the past" in the name of sentiment, my friend. 

I once knew an old couple whose son had passed on (in a war that most of you probably have never thought about). 

And though he had been "gone" for years and years and years, the old lady still kept his room exactly as if her son was right there. 

Made his bed. 

Kept his pictures in "just the right spot". 

His clothes folded. 

And so forth. 

A perfect mother, and a doting one at that ... except, it didnt let her MOVE on. 

And it affected HER - the "living" as it were. 

This theme has been used to great success in movies - a recent one being an idiotically acted movie where a couple keeps re-enacting their daughter's death, even though it happened years ago - or in GREAT books - Pyscho Cybernetics gives you a similar example I believe - or a book I'm currently reading "The Guilty are Afraid". 

The incomparable James Hadley Chase, a salesman par excellence in additon to bestselling author (the two usually go together) and probably a fitness champ too gave me the Sentimental Shamus title. 

A dick and (no, Glyn, not that dick) and a cop are in a hotel, the cop "hates old fogies that come to hotels and poke their nose where it doesn't belong" (I can relate - HA!) - and the dick responds with a wry "Don't knock it. You'll get old someday too. There's a reason they live in hotels!" 

And so forth ... 

But anyway, sentiment. 

And you dont necessarily gotta be a shamus either. 

There is a time and place for it - and a time and place to LET GO. 

One part of my life I haven't and will never let go is my workouts, all out there ALONE either in blazing heat, or pouring rain, or biting COLD - or a combo and more - on the hill. 

Or anywhere, really. 

My 500 pushup workouts. 

My unique Battletank workouts ... 

And many, many others ... 

And the MEMORIES associated with them - truly inspirationa!!

And of course, on that note, if you TOO are as sentimental about 0 Excuses Fitness and Rahul Mookerjee as I am - fitness wise - then you'll want to get your hands on the Collector's edition of Fast and Furious Fitness

No, it's nothing you haven't seen in 0 Excuses Fitness, but really ... 

... it's the FIRST BOOK I wrote on fitness. 

And that alone, to me makes me want to drop the offer and just keep the few remaning copies ... just for old times sake. 

But I am not - I am passing it on to YOU - so if you WANT it - let me know - but remember - time BE limited. The clock be ticking, and once these are gone, they're GONE - with the wind, so to speak. 

And so am I - fo rnow. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Get old someday? Well, we ALL will. Key is to age like you never aged, my friend. And the right sort of physical activity is how you do that. 

Get you some HERE

Well, lots of updates that I ain't mentioned here, or written about, but I Really must! 

And I'm doing that now. 

And updates that despite a wonky and supposedly almost brand new Asus constantly crashing in the most inane manner possible - and the most annoying manners (it seems the computer has a plan to act up - and again, you dont want to know HOW) in the most annoying manners possible every time I DO something on it - I got DONE. 


And if there is one company to avoid, it's Asus. 

Admittedly Winblows is doing all it can to squeeze money out of it's customers by ruining hard disks etc so more people "buy a new laptop". The number of laptops around me crashing are legion. Wonder when the same thing will happen to phones, but I hope it doesn't! 

Probably will, though. 

So it might not be Asus alone - but actually, it IS for a large part. 

I bought this damn thing at the "fag end" of 2018. 

And it started acting up the way it is in 2019. 

Of course, taking anything to a warranty center is utterly useless as what matters is never covered, and "these crashes" aren't covered either. 

Typical wishy washy China made crap with "all glitter and no gold". 

I've been a Toshiba customer for over two decades, and cannot recommend them enough. 

They weren't selling online though for whatever reason when I bought this Asus - on the recommendation of a so called friend and equally wishy washy guy who did biz with me in the past, later got pissed off at me calling the Chinese out for what they are (after they spread the damned plague) - and deleted me etc. 

And the laptop he recommended was equally wishy washy it seems. 


Anyway, that bit aside, the updates, ah, but Amazon first - and again, thats a company as you know I VERY highly recommened, and I dont recommend many! 

You on this list might wonder why I bring up customers from there here. 

Well, in the past I used to write to them directly using the "reply" button which Amazon has removed NOW. (for a few months). 

So thats one reason, but the main reason is - well - Amazon is a great place to buy and sell books. 

And other items. 

And lots of people have "Amazon as their jam", and thats great - I sure don't got an issue with it! 

And of course, the Bozos leave inane reviews there we can all laugh at, hehe. 

But remember, and this starts the update portion for 0 Excuses Fitness (the site). 

One, lot of you have asked me about the 20% off discount I give to ALL customers on the site. 

I can't do that on Amazon, as their system doesn't allow discounts (probably because Amazon prices are the most competitive out there anyway). 

But I CAN do that on my site. And DO. (for the first purchase). 

And here's the point. 

PAPERBACKS are available on the site, and YES, if you order paperbacks on my site, they WILL be delivered via Amazon. 

So it's like you order from Amazon, except you get the books at an additional 20% off (again, just  the first purchase). 

Some of you know this, some don't so I figured I'd tell you. 

Next, we're now accepting - and this is BIG - credit cards DIRECTLY on the site. 

In the past what I did was use Paypal, or I'd have invoices sent out and folks would then use their cards or whatever to pay the invoice. 

Now, you can do that DIRECTLY on the site ... 

And of course, the Bitcoin option is there on the site for those of you that want it. 

Now, back to reviews. 

As of late - a day or so ago, I've implemented a system where in you (with your purchase) will get a LINK via which you can REVIEW the product. 

And, it will be shown on the site as well (after the reviews are posted). 

So, thats another neat little thing - in the past, you guys emailed me your reviews, or put it on Amazon. 

Both those ways are fine for you that is "old fashioned" - hey, I get it. I am too! 

Can't beat the "hold" of a paperback. Despite my push on digital, despite everything being done digitally on my site since it's inception, nothiing beats paperbacks for some people - many people - and - I get it - and agree! 

And let's see ... 

In the future, I'll be adding in "wish lists" and a lot of other stuff to the site too. Stay tuned! 

For now, pick up some old school trainining right HERE - Animal Kingdom Workouts - and Barnstormer Shoulders

And, if you're interested in a COLLECTOR's ITEMS - the FIRST edition - paperback of Fast and Furious Fitness - well -you'll see the option on the site - so get it NOW, because I only have like 8 of them left or so. Yes, you can still get 'em from Amazon, but they won't be the same collector's item with the same cover etc this book has - so if you're one of the many that is interested in how it all started, and want to own the product "because I want it" - well - do so NOW. 

And thats it from me. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Here is a great little inspirational read to start your day - 16 Inspirational Fitness ReCollections. 

Remember, our Fitness Central, Fitness Pioneer and the like products are all uber motivational as well - you'll love 'em!

(they ain't cheap tho. I know. And they won't be). 

Do y'all on the list remember an ex girlfriend from way back in the day in New York that was traveling with me back to the ole "Sip" if you get my drift? 

(Mississippi, for those that don't) 

We were flying, as opposed to the Greyhound we took on the way UP THERE. 

And the first thing, of course, I did when moving out of my apartment was give, give, give. 

There was a lot of stuff we had bought (women seem to want to buy the whole damned store every time they shop!) that we hardly ever used - and we gave most of it away to (oddly enough up there in a little bitty town in NY State) to our Indian neighbors. 

Dude wouldn't take the beer though! 

So we had Miller Lite literally sitting in the garbage dumpster, hehe. 

"Sad day", as a friend Rueben said. 

Hey, I couldn't take those 30 packs on the plane, and I sure couldn't drink 'em all befor ethe flight either. 

It's funny though. 

I got a notice once from the management in that complex and a hefty FINE too for "disposing of a package" in the wrong dumpster or something. 

I think I got something delivered, didnt shred the damn package or what not as the rules were, or whatever. So long ago, I can't remember!

But it's funny. 

The Communist Republic of NY has it's own rules, but as you can tell (those on the list for a while) from the notices yours truly once received in China for - get this - dumping beer bottles in the TRASH CAN - Commie dictatorships are a kind unto themselves. 

Oddly enough the ladies (and guys) dumping dirty diapers and empty packs of "fags" right on TOP of the damn bin, they're too lazy to open the lid apparently didnt and doesnt' get censured though ... 

And of course, the great notices Bozo Schofield received for tossing beer "bottling" out of his 11th floor apartment and "bringing women of ill repute back home to lick you know what". 


(I wonder what those poor ladies though. Bozo was a kind even they probably never saw before, and a step "down" for even THOSE ladies!). 

But anyway ... 

So the pink dumbbells. 

I bought a set for the girlfriend during our 6 month stay in NY. 

Of course, she never used 'em even once. 

And they sat there, looking pretty. 

When we were overweight, they were the first things to get tossed out. 

Security said "put in your handbag" if you want. 

"Nah", I said. "We don't want 'em" ... 

The girlfriend started whining about "but those are my pink dumbbells" - and I didnt think that was the time and place to remind her how utterly USELESS They were, and how she had never USED Them int he first place. 

So off we went ... 

But it's funny. 

I remember other instances of being "overweight" on flights. 

One time I carried 45 kgs on a flight out of China to India (this was in 2005 I believe) - when the limit was 30. 

Gotta love Cathay, and the ferry terminals that either never check or say "they'll handle it in HK". 

Of course, Hong kong doesn't handle it either, being "they were supposedt o handle it in China". 

Ah, the travel tips. LOL. should I write a book on that too? 

(Actually, I've got some pretty good travelogues written, but I haven't put them in book format as yet. ) 

(laptop, and all that) 

But anyway ... another instance where I was overweight. 

And my jump ropes which weighed a bomb were the first to go, or so said the cute little gal behind the "Dragon Air" or whatever plane that was. 

No way! 

I tossed my clothes. 

It was winter, I believe then. 

And I tossed some heavy woolens etc. 

"This guy is NUTS", the girls were thinking as they giggled politely. 

That I AM!

But I didnt want to lose my weighted jump rope! 

And to me, thats really what shows if you're serious about training - whether you do it with equipment or not. 

When you're moving, you take special care to move your training stuff well. 

On flights etc , you toss OTHER things away if you need to. 

And, so on and so forth. 

I dont know if this makes sense to you on the list, but it does to me. 

Anyway, onto other things - Lumberjack Fitness (along with a cute little course on handstand pushups with variations I have NOT covered before) are the next two courses that will hot off the RahuL Mookerjee press. 

Once I get a computer that "stands the test of time", hehe. 

And in the former book, you'll have me telling about training with all the implements you can think of. 

Heavy stones. Heavy bags. Rocks. Bottles. Gada. Jori. Chains. And (no, Bozo Schofield, no "whips and chains" here sorry) ... 

And many more I will not detail for now. 

Be looking for that course in a few weeks for now. I dont have the sales page up as yet for pre-orders, but will soon. 

And be looking for the cutie course on handstands too. 

Hey, I might well name it that, hehe. 

And in the meantime, those of you looking to build brute strength like the above things imply - pick up Barnstormer Shoulders HERE

Or, some of my great books on pull-ups, and DEFINITELY These two - Pushup Central - and Jump Rope Mania - and Advanced Hill Training - And Animal Kingdom Workouts!

They're truly ALL must have products. 

Get to it NOW ,bro. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - For inspirational fitness recollections like this one - go here

PS #2 - If TRAVEL interests you, especially in the mighty Himalayas that I went to SO often back in the day, let me know, and I'll see what I can do! Not in the plans as of now I must admit, but I've got some many travelogues and tips and advice on that that I'm going to put it out in a book very soon! So much to do, so little time, hehe. 

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