Friday, 05 March 2021 07:51

Shout out to my great, great customers from the great AMAZON - and lotsa more updates. . .

Well, lots of updates that I ain't mentioned here, or written about, but I Really must! 

And I'm doing that now. 

And updates that despite a wonky and supposedly almost brand new Asus constantly crashing in the most inane manner possible - and the most annoying manners (it seems the computer has a plan to act up - and again, you dont want to know HOW) in the most annoying manners possible every time I DO something on it - I got DONE. 


And if there is one company to avoid, it's Asus. 

Admittedly Winblows is doing all it can to squeeze money out of it's customers by ruining hard disks etc so more people "buy a new laptop". The number of laptops around me crashing are legion. Wonder when the same thing will happen to phones, but I hope it doesn't! 

Probably will, though. 

So it might not be Asus alone - but actually, it IS for a large part. 

I bought this damn thing at the "fag end" of 2018. 

And it started acting up the way it is in 2019. 

Of course, taking anything to a warranty center is utterly useless as what matters is never covered, and "these crashes" aren't covered either. 

Typical wishy washy China made crap with "all glitter and no gold". 

I've been a Toshiba customer for over two decades, and cannot recommend them enough. 

They weren't selling online though for whatever reason when I bought this Asus - on the recommendation of a so called friend and equally wishy washy guy who did biz with me in the past, later got pissed off at me calling the Chinese out for what they are (after they spread the damned plague) - and deleted me etc. 

And the laptop he recommended was equally wishy washy it seems. 


Anyway, that bit aside, the updates, ah, but Amazon first - and again, thats a company as you know I VERY highly recommened, and I dont recommend many! 

You on this list might wonder why I bring up customers from there here. 

Well, in the past I used to write to them directly using the "reply" button which Amazon has removed NOW. (for a few months). 

So thats one reason, but the main reason is - well - Amazon is a great place to buy and sell books. 

And other items. 

And lots of people have "Amazon as their jam", and thats great - I sure don't got an issue with it! 

And of course, the Bozos leave inane reviews there we can all laugh at, hehe. 

But remember, and this starts the update portion for 0 Excuses Fitness (the site). 

One, lot of you have asked me about the 20% off discount I give to ALL customers on the site. 

I can't do that on Amazon, as their system doesn't allow discounts (probably because Amazon prices are the most competitive out there anyway). 

But I CAN do that on my site. And DO. (for the first purchase). 

And here's the point. 

PAPERBACKS are available on the site, and YES, if you order paperbacks on my site, they WILL be delivered via Amazon. 

So it's like you order from Amazon, except you get the books at an additional 20% off (again, just  the first purchase). 

Some of you know this, some don't so I figured I'd tell you. 

Next, we're now accepting - and this is BIG - credit cards DIRECTLY on the site. 

In the past what I did was use Paypal, or I'd have invoices sent out and folks would then use their cards or whatever to pay the invoice. 

Now, you can do that DIRECTLY on the site ... 

And of course, the Bitcoin option is there on the site for those of you that want it. 

Now, back to reviews. 

As of late - a day or so ago, I've implemented a system where in you (with your purchase) will get a LINK via which you can REVIEW the product. 

And, it will be shown on the site as well (after the reviews are posted). 

So, thats another neat little thing - in the past, you guys emailed me your reviews, or put it on Amazon. 

Both those ways are fine for you that is "old fashioned" - hey, I get it. I am too! 

Can't beat the "hold" of a paperback. Despite my push on digital, despite everything being done digitally on my site since it's inception, nothiing beats paperbacks for some people - many people - and - I get it - and agree! 

And let's see ... 

In the future, I'll be adding in "wish lists" and a lot of other stuff to the site too. Stay tuned! 

For now, pick up some old school trainining right HERE - Animal Kingdom Workouts - and Barnstormer Shoulders

And, if you're interested in a COLLECTOR's ITEMS - the FIRST edition - paperback of Fast and Furious Fitness - well -you'll see the option on the site - so get it NOW, because I only have like 8 of them left or so. Yes, you can still get 'em from Amazon, but they won't be the same collector's item with the same cover etc this book has - so if you're one of the many that is interested in how it all started, and want to own the product "because I want it" - well - do so NOW. 

And thats it from me. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Here is a great little inspirational read to start your day - 16 Inspirational Fitness ReCollections. 

Remember, our Fitness Central, Fitness Pioneer and the like products are all uber motivational as well - you'll love 'em!

(they ain't cheap tho. I know. And they won't be).