Rahul Mookerjee

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, and it's true. 

Friends and family, my friend, are often times one of the biggest reasons why a lot of people "think" they cannot succeed, or hold back from doing what they want, or ... 

Fear of criticism. Fear of negativity. Fear of "what will they think". 

Fear, most of all, of the reaction they might get for being different. 

Yes,it sounds astounding, but THAT is a very common fear people have internally despite saying exterally that they "want to be different". 

Those that truly are different usually just "are" without saying it. 

And perhaps the most astonishing part of all this is .... they're sabotaging their own and perhaps your success too - and how? 


Without "wanting to" .

Ever seen crabs in a bucket, my friend? 

The ONE crab that tries to climb out and the litany of others trying to drag it back in? 

(Mark Twain would be proud of that above statement, and if you ask why, well, read Twain) 

(Or, read what he said about spelling and grammar). 

But anyway, lets give you a very clear example. 

Why did Bozo Schofield make up his mind to troll me the minute I trusted him enough to show him one of my websites? 

Until then his Bozo ass hadn't thought of Googling me, because "why should he Google someone he thought was a nobody". 

Perhaps I should have remained one in his eyes, hehe. 

But I was trying to do what I Do best i.e. help and motivate, of course, little did I know. LOL. 

Sometimes even yours truly gets fooled by these Hannibal Lecter types. 

(though he's nowhere near as bright). 

Why did the "friend" Charles not tell me about his trolling when he saw it? 

Because deep down inside, Charles is ...NOT racist. Hehe. 

No, he aint. 

It wasn't about "him hating me". 

Deep down inside though, there was this "how dare he be a fitness guy and in shape". 

I sensed the vibration the first time I met him, and I was telling everyone how alcohol is alcohol regardless of calories, and he made the comment about me being a "fitness guy". 

But I looked into his eyes, and I saw it. 

Though nowehere at the level of the Bozo, hehe. 

For him, it was about "how dare this guy try and climb out of the ESL bucket (which I never really got into - always something "dragging me out of it"". 

Obviously you might or might not have Bozo Schofield's in your life. 

But "friends" and family, my friend, often subconsciously "hate" and sabotage our chances of success more than we realize. 

Hence the truism of what Claude Bristol said in the Magic of Believing. 

Go and tell no man! 

Or, Napoleon Hill.  (in all his books)

Tell the world what you're going to do, but SHOW it first. 

Because if you don't follow this - those energy leaks will sabotage YOUR SUCCESS. 

Do you recall me telling you about the two guitars - one in my room - and one in my daughter - that mysteriously start chiming when we enter our respective rooms, regardless of the space/time continum? 

Yes, I did tell you! 

And some may have branded me a looney tune for saying it. 

Which is perfectly fine. 

Mine still chimes. 

But hers didn't. 

She didnt follow my advice of "don't tell anyone" about it from what I gather ... 

Anyway, this ain't about vibrating guitars and all that. The mysteries of the Universe I will leave for another she-male, hehe. (email) 

But the point, jokes aside, fitness. 

If you're a lardass that wants to get to stud status at pull-ups, you'd be better off by not telling anyone about your goals, methinks. 

And certainly not ranting about it to people that DO the thing, and do it far better than you and do it far better despite their handicaps which you do not and never had most likely. 

Same thing the Belly of Buddha. 

Do it first. 

Then tell the world about it!

And thats what I do - and did!

Out for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - PIck up the Jaguar of all fitness systems - youll see a sleek "not fat hehe" cat on the cover DOING the thing, and only then telling YOU To do it. In fact, you'll find you will feel I am right there WITH YOU as you read!

PS #2 - Almost forgot the friends part. Remember, you are who you surround yourself with from a subconscious standpoint. This holds true for EVERYONE. And if you've got nutjobs all around you, best thing is to go QUIET - and go INTERNAL. Believe me, I've never had any success without doing things from an internal standpoint. At anything! And right as of now, I can count the number of true and real friends I've got around me as ....probably ONE or two, but no more, and they ain't the ones you'd think they are either ... 

I can just hear people say it ... 

What an A hole Rahul is! 

How insensitive can he be!

And, thank you for saying that - to those that are. 

I realize a lot of my hard knock stuff may come across that way, but it's also stuff like that that seperates the bozos and wannabes and losers from the DOERS - and WINNERS - at anything, life, fitness,whatever. 

Anyway, earlier on this evening I was going to expound on my opinion on why that movie I watched "yesterday" i.e. "The Meg" was the most utterly horrendous and USELESS (other than giving Statham some more goggling fans in the mainland, or adding on to his existing base there - which - along with a hefty pay packet is why the poor chap probably agreed to such tripe. For an actor of his screen presence, caliber, and chops - he must have been literally moaning at having to carry the film - and it shows at the end when he does a strange "eyebrow waggle" with a little girl and says "I need a vacation! Oh my!" (he didnt say "oh my", but it was evident) but I decided not to, and leave it for a movie site. 

As for Statham, again, admirable acting - and hey. I need a vacation after sitting through that abomination and I can only imagine what it must be like to act in it. 

The crux of "horribleness" and ineptitude and shoddy acting in that movie was Li Bing Bing, who goes through the entire movie with a "see how less I Care" attitude, and it shows. 

Even when she does the equivalent of "litte dick" with her forefinger and thumb to show how little she cares if her ex makes it out alive or not (she didnt mean dyck by that, but thats what it reminds me of the gesture - porno and such - except she does it in such a borrrrrrreeeeed manner that even if one were to make that association - it would do NO good whatsoever). 

Anyway, we'll let that be for now. 

But, the "see how much I care" is pretty much what I get after reading most posts on social media. 

Enter this beauty (part of it) 


It’s time for me now.

Over the last five months, with the nightmare we’ve lived through with my dad’s illness and supporting my mum with her health problems and adjustments, I have totally neglected myself.

I’ve put on over a stone in weight and I haven’t done any exercise for five months, and if I’m honest I’ve been drinking a tad too much too.

So now I need to get a grip and get back on track. Before all this I was careful about what I ate and I exercised six days a week. But it’s hard to motivate myself.

I could do with an accountability buddy. I intend to do a HIIT session on the elliptical today. Can somebody check on me later to make sure I did it?


Now, really - her Dad was terminally ill, so if she just said "its time for me, and ranted about it" - I'd get it. 

(not sure about whats happening with her Mom, but again, I get it)

Really, I would ... 

But the thing of drinking too much, neglecting oneself, and then "telling the world that she needs to get a grip and get back on track" - why not just DO IT? 

Why not do what Napoleon Hill says i.e. Tell the world what you're going to do, but SHOW IT FIRST!

And I dont know -there is a WHINY vibe coming off that post. 

Last, but not least, accountability buddies? 

I mean, if you're posting about it publicly, why not just do it? 

Alien concept to most people apparently who need the drama and "hugs" and "shows of support" ... 

I dont know - every time I've ever asked for support in that regard (back when I still did) - I got - well - deafening silence. 

Or idiotic comments along the lines of "we dont understand what you're going through". 

And you know what? 

I'm glad that happened - because it taught me to rely upon myself - and MYSELF ALONE. 

Inner strength, my friend, is the only real strength you ever need. 

As for hard to motivate onself, especially when one is fat - this is a typical excuse the MOANERS give me all the time (this lady didnt tell me - but I'm saying those that piss and moan). 

I mean, Jesus. 

Isn't the fact that you've put on that much damn weight and turned into a bonafide lard ass enough to motivate you? 

She's got time to drink up, but not work out because she is "not motivated" ... 

I mean, shit. 

I'd look at myself in the mirror and want change NOW ... 

Anyway, thats me. 

I would recommend a dose of Gumption Galore to this lady, but of course. How dare I "sell". HEhe. So, I said nothing. 

And in any case she probably wouldn't do the thing anyway, so ...

And that concludeth THIS particular "rant" if you can call it that, but it really isn't. 

I'll get back soon. Perhaps with another "review" of a movie or something, hehe. We'll see!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If only this lady knew about the JAGUAR of all fitness programs ...

PS #2 - As for "having no time" - I have ALWAYS had time for exercise. It doesnt matter if I'm busier than a bee, or not, or "depressed" or not - or having a rough day - or got up on the wrong side of the bed or what not. Personally I know very well that your body is your temple, and the minute you neglect it is the minute TONS Of other problems pop up in your life. Pity I'm one of the few ones that thinks that way! 

Wednesday, 10 February 2021 13:22


Picture the following, BRO. 

I mean, it could happen anywhere. 

The UK. USA. China. India. Anywhere! 

A man walks out of his house. 

On the way, people avoid him like "the plague" (because he isn't wearing a mask). 

Then he shows up at a store, where the cashier (a guy) doesnt much care and another dude next to him is maskless. 

There is a line or something at the store. You (well, the dude) is at the front. 

There's a mess at the store, and it's taking longer than usual to dispense "brew" if I might say so, hehe. 

A lady shows up! 

"I forgot to wear a mask I forgot to wear a mask", she wails. 

She jumps the queue - something yours truly is very vehmently against, and will always FIGHT for. 

It burns my ass up to see people jumping queues, and Im not shy to say Ive gotten into massive arguments over it before (and obviously won). 

This time? 

I'm just staring at her like she's NUTS. 

Plumb damned nuts. 

Me, or my friend, or dude, or what not. 

She keeps hollering. 

Puts a makeshift cloth on her nose. 

Finally I tell the storekeeper, laughing. 

"dude, just serve this nutjob first". 

I didnt say nutjob, but I was laughign so much she got pissed. 

"You should wear a mask", you know. 

She was within 2 feet of me. 

I couldn't help but laugh more. 

She moved away. 

got her stuff. 

And ran. 

Dude beside cashier guffawed. 

"If she is that worried, why the hell come out to the store anyway! Go home, get your mask and then come!" 

And  as people "scattered" all around me (except the sane ones) because of this mask rubbish, or anyone - believe me, a friend of mine had to get COVID tests taken for a simple cough or his employer would fire him - it's insane the panic - I gotta laugh. 

And did. 

And I'd do it anywhere in the world. 

My friend, THIS is what I gotta say. 

**** this panic. 

Let's start LIVING!

And if there is one message I can give you to as I prepare to tuck into a delightfully "goaty" hehe meal later on, I gotta say this. 

Stay safe - don't panic - and stay healthy - and remember - health - is indeed WEALTH! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Those on the Rolls Royce of fitness knows the SHEER STUPIDITY of it all. I mean, China spread this, and look at what people are doing - themselves - spreading the panic further! Gotta give it to Xitler and co for "reading minds" globally, hehe. 

But really - folks. Precautions - NOT PANIC!! I'm weary of sayng this, but please - the more we panic (or the sheeple in general do) - the LESS likely one will EVER get back to any sort of normal! 


I mentioned, I believe, in an email or so prior to this how I love to feed the fish in my garden. 

Or, "look at the ducks" for ages while feeling the sun beat down upon me (if it's summer, obviously in the late afternoons). 

The wind blowing off the water, the fish swimming nearby, nary a soul around ... 

Right smack in the middle of a bustling metropolis, you "get away from it all"! 

The Chinese may be masters at deception, but sometimes they use that to good effect in their own country, and these tiny oases are something I absolutely LOVE LIVING IN. 

Yes, my apartment buildings have never had elevators. 

Yes, I got great workouts lugging massive boxes, suitcases and what not up and down. 

Yes, cases of beer too - before I figure out the Chinese to get it delivered, hehe. 

But I love it. 

But anyway, Chinese women, the women you'd think of (so says everyone) as being the most materialistic out there? 

Well, Venus - a girl I knew - once made the following comment to me when I mentioned feeding the fishes, and if she did it too. 

"I dont like!" 

When pressed for more, this is what she said. 

"I like two things! Man and money!" 

When asked for what she liked better? 

"Munnnneeeeeeeeee!" she replied with a huge grin. 

Again, specifics aren't important here. 

But women, my friend, and this is one reason I'm bringing this up are great, great "masters" at using their imagination to achive something they REALLY Want. 

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned", and believe me, I've seen it all my life! 

And in my own case, the fury would have felled a lesser man (or person). 

It truly would have ... 

It's that ability to, as Charles Mitchell said "think clearly" that has always caused Mr. Houdini (I gave myself that name, hehe) to not just survive, but THRIVE. 

Same with any achiever of note anywhere. 

And it isn't just women. 

The legion of haters I have, that would like to see nothing better than me FAIL - or six feet under- is LEGION. 

And the core base of supporters I have is equally fanatical about me. 

You either love me, or you hate me, hehe. 

But anyway, Claude Bristol talks about the power women have to "visualize" (which most of them do not even realize, and use incorrectly). 

Some don't. 

Helen Keller. Marie Dressler. Mother Teresa. Again, the list is legion! Joan of Arc... 

He goes on to explain this in more details. 

But believe me, when women WANT something badly, they'll do their damndest to get it - any sneaky way or not - and of course, how dare men argue. Hehe. 

And if they can't get it, that wound will FESTER. And they'll hate you for it, and project that hate unto others too ... 

Anyway, why do I bring all this up you ask. 

Ah, yes. 

That odd connection. 

We are what we are at our core, whether we know it or not. 

And perhaps the reason most (not all, but most) Chinese women haven't caused me too much "Strife" is that they KNOW this is a wild horse that cannot be tamed no matter what. 

A man might be down, but the crux lies in determining, and ultimately only HE can - whether he will STAY down. 

As Rocky said, it aint about how hard you can hit. 

It's about how hard you can GET hit - and keep moving FORWARD. 

Thats how WINNING is done ultimately. 

It may take eons, or not, but adopt an attitude like that and success shall be yours, either physically or not. 

Either in this life or the next, hehe. 

I love the Gladiator

Anyway, thats enough ramble for me. 

Get into "gladiator like SHAPE" with the exercises HERE. Some of the gladiators of yore used just these workouts!

And don't forget to pick up Advanced Hill Training and Pushup CEntral - courses enough to bring even the mightiest to their knees within seconds, hehe. 

"Sir, you're really killing it!" 

And I'm out! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - DO check out the shoulders compilation and read through. You;ll FEEL so motivated that you'll eitehr buy or you wont. Maybe you will, maybe you wont, but I'd recommend getting the motivation for "free" anyway!

PS #2 - But yes, there is a REASON the STALLION is mentioned there. We all want to be that RAW, UNTAMED STALLION - That BRUTE! And thats why the stallion is there, and the exercises and routines therein WILL turn you into and make you FEEL like a stallion x 100. Check it out NOW!

Tuesday, 09 February 2021 12:25

On the definites, and more ..

A while ago, you'll recall, well, those of you on the list back then will recall a female wacko that emailed me - or messaged me, I should say, on LinkedIn no less - fast turning into a cesspool of pissing ,moaning, whining, negativity and idiocy the following. 

"What is the price of your course?" 

Book, I believe she said. 

(and the above should tell you once again why I quit all social media, and why I might well quit "Shanked -IN" pretty soon too). 


But anyway, I replied with "look it up". 

The obvious. 

She wouldn't (despite me MENTIONING in the post she replied to!) 

(back then I did actually advertise etc - now, no) 

But then I told her to be done with it. 

She replied back with 

"But I just want to lose 10 kgs. Can you give it to me for 10% of the price?" 

Now, if there ever was an utter example of sheer idiocy and cheapskateness that even Bozo Wackjob Schofield could learn from, this is it. 

A t least he made and makes the excuse of "I need to find my ATM card". 

And probably his wanker too. 

but really, that above bit was just so idiotic I didnt even reply. 

Like, when you go to buy clothes, do you say "I'm only going to wear it for 10% of the year, so give it to me for 10% of the price". 



But anyway, point of this was - she wanted an informal "guarantee". 

A definite assurance it would work for her. 

It will for everyone that does it, yes. Not her though!

But anyway, more on that later. 

In college, a certain great guy Bruce Clark and myself had a contest to spot the "Definites". 

'twas a term coined out of the blue by yours truly! 

You know, we would keep seeing the hippie sorts, Baba sorts, and guys with long flowing beards and the "look" walking by, and one look at them told you ALL you needed to know ie they were high as a kite. 

And the nicest guys around too! 

Bruce would agree, hehe. In fact he DID agree...

But anyway, Bruce - great guy! We lost touch in the middle, but he's safe and sound now ... 

But anyway, so it was a contest to see who'd spot the "definites" first. 

And hot girls too. 

I won't mention the comment he once made to me on that note on this site, hehe. 

But she was HOOOOTTTTT!

Smokin hot. 

But anyway, back to it. 

No definites HERE my friend. 

I.e. whether or you get fit is ultimately up to you. 

I can GUIDE you - show you the way - the right way - and the things to DO. 

I can open the DOOR to lasting health and SUPER STRENGTH and "jaguar" like feline fitness (hey, thats another great name eh) to YOU. 

But ultimately, you and only you decide if you SUCCEED - or you fail. 

No definites, no guarantees, no refunds, and as my daughter says, if "dats" what you want, go haunt someone else's dreams. hehe. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Pick up a hauntingly effective course on FAT BURNING that brings back great memories every time I even look at the page right HERE

Tuesday, 09 February 2021 10:51

Indian WasherWoman FITNESS!

Although a certain Glyn Schofield, the eternal and one and ONLY BOZO would love this book, it ain't out. 

(Remember those inane wacko texts about wanting to be a "servant" he sent? The gal was like, WTF .... "why would anyone want that"!) 

(and if they do, well, thats fine but Jesus,, Schofield, you take lunacy to NEW limits. But I'm lovin it, hehe. I'm waiting for a bit more trollin too ...) 

and I'll probably never put out a book on washerwomen, or Indian washer women. 

Well, actually I HAVE put out a book featuring both Indian vegetable sellers and washerwomen, and how!

Wacky, I know!

But the wackos dont have a clue, hehe. 

But anyway, that book ain't fitness related. A certain "Miss X" would know, hehe. 

Or perhaps she isn't X after all!

She didnt have the X shape though. 

I did, but I worked HARD for her - pun intended - and NOT. Hehe. 

Anyway, to get the X shape here is where you go and I've spoken about that before too (do a search, and you'll find it). 

Yours truly is NOTHING if not very humble, always ... 

But point of this? 

Well, I've written about how being a "maid" in INdia is a great workout at least those ladies "of yore". 

Not sure if the maids now are like that, but probably so. Some things never change in India. 

The White Tiger will tell you more on that. Although I could TOO I'll stick to fitness on this site! 

Now point is this. 

Those "maids" (oh, and I'll stick to that other topic on the other site! ;)) - they actually "clean" in a way that give syou a great workout - and that the average molly coddlled pampered BRAT in India, including adults couldn't even begin to do. 

The West as well. 

China as well. 


Ask the modern day man or woman to get into the Squat the way I teach - - truly PROFOUND and special in a way NOT known except to "Master of yore with long Fu Man Chu beards" in Asia ... and they not only won't be able to do but they will expel FLATULENCE from both ends. 


Now, thats why I have the position in Isometric and Flexibiity Training, which is a not so humble way of asking you to GET  this AMAZIN book with HIDDEN SECRETS to TRUE and lasting STRENGTH in ways you never even IMAGINED of yore - NOW. 

And why I have an EXERCISE modeled on it in Animal Kingdom Workouts that th egreats have all used. 

(skating champs and dancers come to mind for one, but there are many more). 

But really try WRINGING out wet clothes in that position. Or sit in a chair and do it. 

You'll quickly see how it BUILDS the grip beyond anything else! 

Especially if you do it in the special style "Indian washerwomen and MEN" do it. 

All day long. 

And thats not even getting into what they do later i.e. a hammering position with these wet clothes that will kill your shoulders in about 1 minute flat, or less if you're the nutjob wacking around on the bench, deadlift, and such and believe THAT will build strong shoulders. 


It won't. 

And while part of the secret is mentioned in Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) the REST of it will be let out, in future courses. 

Schofield is probably salivating at "let out". 


What a beast I've unleashed. 

Actually, the poor chap brought it on himself. He truly did ATTRACT, hehe. 

Anyway, I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Be sure and pick up the Rolls Royce, the TRUE BEAST of fitness right HERE

PS #2 - Another secret to a CRUSHING APE LIKE GRIP - that insane KUNG FU grip - is working with rice, and I dont mean working in paddy fields (carols aid this, hehe - was a cute way of describing it) - or even EATING it - or hoisting sacks of it. No, the SECRET Is something else. Find out right HERE

Tuesday, 09 February 2021 06:56

"Rahul will drink all the beer you give him!"

My Dad once made that comment about SOMETHING. 

I cannot for the life of me remember why he said that or when, but it was WAYYY back in the day, that I do know. 

Nothing is ever lost or forgotten, as the great Claude Bristol said in the Magic of Believing, and thats a book YOU NEED TO READ - now! I mean, really. It's one of the classics, and most practical books out there ever. 

No, my "salesy ass" gets NOTHING for promoting it, but promote it I will, because Bristol was the best (along with Napoleon HIll). 

These men through their writings have inspired me WAY after they passed on. LEGION

And so shall I, someday. Hehe. 

I know. Nothing if not "humble" am I. 

But anyway, Dad was right. 

There ARE a few things you could beat my ass on, but drinking beer ain't one of them. 

Communication probably isn't either, hehe. 

Remember that line I keep parroting about "that ONE thing that even your worst detractors cannot find fault with?"

Well, I just gave you two right off the bat - and I've given you two more before - and three more no doubt at some stage - and I ...well, you know what I am going to say! 

But so can you, bro. So can YOU. 

Trust me, if I can do it, so can you. 

Now, where I BE leading up with all this, you ask? 

Well, great question!

(on a side note, the only two people I've ever known that could "last" with me in a drinking contest were General Michael back in the day, and my great friend back Stateside now - him who is mentioned in Gorilla Grip at the start, and rightfully so! - and an ex Marine amongst other things). 

But I managed to outdo them too, hehe. 

Got the liver trouble before the age of 30. 

Was told (by Dad), that I'd die if I kept it up. 

Well, truth be told I didnt just keep it up. I increased it. 



And at the age of 36, I finally got that long overdue physical done. 

All fine. 

NOthing doing!

All those retarded medicines or what not designed to enrich no-one but the CHEMIST (which I stopped taking by the way) did NO good. 

Rolls Royce Fitness, and the HILL did it!

I did kinda overdo that too, but hey. Hehe. 

But anyway ... 

Point being this. 

Burning a candle at BOTH ENDS doesnt work for long my friend. 

Eventually your body WILL give out. 

And even yours truly has taken breaks from guzzlin beer, often for the period of a year or so (again without planning it. Much like I quit smoking finally without planning it!). 

That subconscious mind is the best!

And we all have it ... 

But anyway, CAN you make great gains while drinking up every night? 

Amazingly enough, although I say the opposite in my books, and I'm RIGHT - you CAN - if you do it right. 

Proof right HERE

And while I dont recommend it long term - think about how good you'll have it if you cut out the booze or reduce it, and THEN continue with the program. 

You truly WILL turn into the human version of a Jaguar!

On that note, shout out to CHARLES MITCHELL!

My daughter was (apparently) very impressed with the testimonial you left. THANK YOU, SIR! 

You're the best!

And while I'd have liked nothing better than to give Charles (the friend) - the party of his LIFE when we met up, unfortunately he fell asleep. Hehe. Too much Chinese whisky or what not ... 

Anyway, such as it goes. 

Get the JAGUAR of physical trainign here, my friend - AFTER picking up that purring ROLLS ROYCE! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I'll be back again - soon! What a DAY it's been and I'm just gettng started. YOOOOO HOOOOO!

PS #2 - What did my daughter like the best? The part Charles said about "turning into an indestructible human". And so will you, my friend - if you get on the course HERE. Jump on this NOW. 

PPS - One of the complaints oft made about the Bozo (scofield) is that he shows up uninvited at people's houses, drinks all their beers, eats and craps out all their food, makes a royal MESS everywhere, and a PEST OF HIMSELF while sitting in his room with wanker in hand, trolling away. If you see him anywhere NEAR your house, get the "gendarmie". Hehe. 

I wont "kick ass and take names" for once, hehe. 

(that isn't my trademark - but I'm using it. LOL) 

But anyway, a prophetic indeed comment from a man who I once did some business with at THAT company - and then again later down the road. 

It fell apart both times. 

First time, it was the company. Second time, he said it was me. 

"Rahul, you did the same thing to me that the earlier company did", was what he said. 

I actually didnt. 

He was paying peanuts - and he got, well, monkeys. 

(the company - well - much the same thing - but thats a different story there) 

Thats just as simple as it gets, and he knows it. 

But this man was sage, my friend in many regards. 

A comment a couple of days from him went as such - 

"We both know this is a piddly little amount, but the budget is very limited for now. 

For now, lets see what you can accomplish on next to nothing" .

Well, we accomplished - a little more than next to nothing. LOL. 

(Unfortunately I wasn't of the "cheapskates outta here bent of mind" that I am NOW back then. Mistake, I know!) 

(and hence the price rise I've been putting off for some of my products) 

You get what you pay for, my friend ... 

If you want a Royce, you PAY for the Royce. And if someone says you can get the Royce for far less than that, then you best be suspicious at best, and NOT do the deal at worst. 

And if yourself tried to get the Royce for less ...well. 'nuff said! 

(I should rename the 0 Excuses Fitness System to the "Rolls Royce of Fitness!

(come to think of which, I better do that NOW). 

But anyway, thats a paraphrased comment. 

THe amount was tiny, granted. Not even enough to throw a hissy over. But I've got a great memory (as that guy himself said) - and it popped up, and it bears relevance now. 

One of the questions I've often asked of people is this (this is on my WeShat too). 

How would you function if your house, fancy shmancy degrees, cars, everything was stripped from you one fine day and you were told to FEND for yourself all over again? 

Believe me, this has happened in the past. 

And the meme that I posted said THAT is when you get the true measure of a man. 

It doesn't necessarily give me any great pride to say this, but I've been there more times than I care to recall, and I'm sure some of you on this list have too! 

And right now as the plague just doesnt seem to go away (China, you beauty!) - the Universe is asking us this same question. 

It was great when times were a rollicking (tho really, for years they've been going down in many regards. The Universe always warns in advance!) 

But when you have the bare minimum to live on - to survive - to spend - what choices will YOU make? 

CAN you stand up high - hold your head up high like a MAN - and march ahead anyway? 

Fitness wise, and life wise, this is a very pertinent question that needs to be posed, and I'm asking it now. 

I asked it on the Animal Kingdom Workouts page too .. 

Only you, of course, can answer it!

But I know one thing my friend. 

THe hoopla the gyms have fed you is a CROCK. 

No, you dont need machines, gyms, cute trainers, Swiss balls, tai chi dusters, fancy white robes, Baba Shabas and other such rubbish to get in the best shape of your life. 

Folks have been doing WITHOUT all that age for ages. 

So can you, my friend. so can YOU. 

Start today - right here


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Again, HERE is the link. 

Sunday, 07 February 2021 17:39

The most retarded analogy I've ever seen!

LinkedIn, my friend, much like social media in general which I don't get on at all - never ever fails to disappoint. 

Here is a gem of a comment I just got - 

"We need to reopen schools"

People think schools are closed because they are online instead of onsite.

Do we think Amazon is closed because they're online and not in physical stores?

Anyone that makes such a comment expecting to hear "positive feedback" needs their brain checked. 

If they GOT one to start with, that is. 

And while the picture itself didnt necessarily tell me a lot about the person (I can normally tell a lot about the person by looking at their eyes) - I looked at the profile. 

True to form. 

A blooming "ESL" genuis (not) except this time he's in Indonesia, not the PRC. 

I have lived in Jakarta, Indonesia since 2008 and have been working in ESL/EFL education in a variety of capacities during that time.


My response HERE - 

This is the most retarded analogy I've ever seen. In person teaching works SO Much better than online, it ain't even funny! Especially when you're talking younger kids ... It's not like all you gotta do is pick sizes and colors for clothing or what not ...

And really, if someone has an issue with that, they've never ever actually taught anything let alone kids or school. 

CERTAIN subjects - perhaps you can get by to a degree with online teaching beyond a certain age. 

But by and large, try getting kids to pay attention in the first place even IN PERSON - especially in this day and age of dumbphones (which I just read the PRC has BANNED outright in schools). 

So they say, at least. 

Whether or not they also ban the annoying little watches on their hands that feature no less than WeShat the kids keep messaging on is another story. 

Personally back when I was a highly paid dancing monkey (very sparingly!) I had a rule in my class. 

Either the phones stay, or I do. 

A lot of pissing, moaning, whining and groaning later (yes, yours truly Lothario taught mostly females for whatever reason - NOT by choice, but I kinda enjoyed that part of it to an extent) ... 

They'd put their phones outside. 

As opposed to with a few other Bozos who were told to leave or the phones would stay. 

Quality, my friend, stands out - as do principles. 

NOTHING is more annoying than teaching a class anything, and then having them "look it up on the phone". 

I mean, learn from the blasted phone then eh. Why pay me. 


Same thing with the jokers who buy my books and then claim "it's done this way online". 

OK, then learn online. 

They then rant about "how dare I". 

I had a question recently about why I teach handstand pushups the way I do, and I told the person because thats the best way, thats how it is, etec etc (same thing I say in these here emails). 

"But so and so does it this way". 

OK no problem I told him. Learn from "so and so". 

But I want to lean from you, he continued. 

But I want you to teach me this way, he ranted. 

And so forth. 

A roundabout NOT worth getting on my friend! 

And - anyway - - getting back to it - -  online just don't work in terms of teaching ... with kids that is. 

Books, of course is a whole another story. 

And fitness routines with pictures and vivid descriptions etc ... 

But even there nothing beats in person "advice" and coaching, hence the page on that. 

But for the most part, yeah. 

One of the most retarded ever comments I saw up there. I'm not sure what the poster will reply with, but I'll keep you posted!

And on that note, be sure and pick up some products HERE

Truly the best ever in terms of fitness - giving it to you STRAIGHT!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - But no they're not for the cheapskates or those with low attention spans or those that dont want to do the thing. If thats you they won't work for you. Might as well save your dough. But if you're a DOER, by all means - get 'em! 

Saturday, 06 February 2021 07:27

Khota Sikka

My wife other than calling me Mr Handstand Pushup, once made the following comment about me with regard to THATJOB. 

"When he wants the JOB DONE - he calls you!" 

In other words, a money player. 

And hence the book ... 

But the words she used were Hindi. Not English. 

"Khota Sikka". 

And I never quite got around to asking her the English translation for the words, but the above was her import. 

I looked it up today, and it said "counterfeit currency". 

LOL. Maybe that was her meaning too in a way ... 

But really, I dont think so. What she meant was "in a crunch, a TRUE crisis, who do you call?" 

Not necessarily the guy that does the best "normally", or the so called VP of the company or what not. 


You call on the cranky 800 lb gorilla who delivers - with ONE BLOW. 

In other words, a money player. 

The guy who you never notice, diss as being useless etc, and constantly complain about but yet "just keep around because you never know someday". 

And then he produces that sheer brilliance in a CRUNCH situation. 

Trust me, it has happened on many an occasion to me!

ONe recent occasion was in October 2018, when I was literally put on the spot with NO plans at the time. 

And I had to make a choice either way (well I didnt "have to" - but I suppose I "wanted to have to" - and in a way I did HAVE TO - and I DID!) 

And guess what. 

Doors that I never thought would open for me - and the people who were EGGING me on tom ake that same choice never thought I'd have the option (they told me because they thought I had no choice and would grovel - except they forgot one thing. Rahul Mookerjee never "never" has any option even when he doesn't, hehe. And he doesnt do the G word except when counting it!) opened and HOW. 



ATTACK BACK x 10000 and then some.  

That doesnt mean life was smooth sailing from there on in. 

It took me a coupla months to resolve the situation - the actual doing. 

But had I not taken that on the spur of the moment decision - doing what came NATURALLY to me - UNDER PRESSURE - then I wouldn't be where I am NOW. 

True story, Jack. 

I've always been that way. 

The normal BORES me - and I'd rather EXCEL and do whats INTERESTING. 

And tough. And challenging. 

Dr Kolibal had it right all those years ago when he said "you dont need these MIckey Mouse classes! You need a CHALLENGE!" 

At the time I didnt fully understand what he meant. I took it as just praise and nothing else. 

But he was RIGHT. More than he knew. 

Anyway, not all of us are like that - but we dont necessarily have to. 

But fitness wise, think about this - if you're put on the spot - if you have to sprint to save your life - CAN you do it? 

If you were asked to climb up a building to rescue someone you like - CAN you do it? (or climb down)

If you were asked to buddy carry a buddy, or a member of your family up a hill a while - CAN you do it? 

The answer most so called booby building "men" give me on this one is an angry "how dare you". 


But if the answer is no, and it is - well - work on building up my friend. 

It's daily PRACTICE, either consciously or not that builds one up to the point you take QUICK decisions on the spot, and BACK THEM - and do NOT change them. 

It takes gut to listen to your GUT. 

Thats how 0 Excuses Fitness was "born"! I could have well continued on this site ... (so it certainly was NOT born out of "necessity" of any kind). 

(neither is any of the stuff I do. I could well choose to be a highly paid dancing monkey in China - but I dont want it!) 

But really, fitness wise, same thing. 

PRACTICE, my friend is what will make your perfect, and damn near perfect if not perfect - and enable you to become that "khota sikka" we all love, hehe. 

And on that sage note, I'm out. BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If you guys can find a dubbed version of Emraan Hashmi's 2008 blockbuster "Jannat" (Heaven in English) - well worht a watch. You'll get what my wife meant. Curiously enough that was one of the dates I tried to grope her, I believe. Hehe. 

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