Friday, 19 March 2021 06:06

The Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove

Well, well, well. 

More interesting things goin gon on the "home" front - email, and another site of mine just went "kaput". 

Again, things beyond my control - but fear not - the Phoenix will rise from the Ashes yet again in that regard. 

(That last one is an administrative sorta thingy - not much control I have over those things. It happened once last October, and took a few weeks to get sorted, but sort it I DID). 

Now, this iron fist in a velvet glove part . . . 

I'm not going all BDSM on you - don't worry. 

But it's something that has often struck others - and people in my groups - and the 0 Excuses Ship, for one. 

Other than the "Keeping it Real in China" group I once adminstered, which I must admit I allowed Bozo Schofield way too much latitude than I should have - and way back in the day, Dongguan Expat, which was as rambunctious and noisy as could be in a Jerry Springer sort of manner (with even the admins firing missiles at each other) - most of what I do is CALM. 

And run with an iron fist, as I mentioned in the other posts/emails. 

I don't tolerate rule breaking, excuses and so forth. 

And Ive got strict rules. 

And yet, people line up almost daily to join the groups. Especially the employment and networking ones, all free ... 

But anyway, I try not to be an ass about the rules in that they're enforced, but not "rudely" if you get my drift. 

In fact, most of the time I dont even participate in discussions etc the members have because first thing you know, if I say something then the chorus starts. "The admin agrees with him/her!" 

So I dont say much. 

But enforce the LAW I do. 

It's the same thing with fitness, my friend. 

I give you those brutally effective workouts - because they WORK. 

Flat out just WORK. 

But I do so nicely, and I work UP to them. 

The basics can never be empashized enough in my books. 

And if you see me in person, and train with me, you'll find out that I'm anything but the strict taskmaster I appear to be (unless you're not a doer, in which case I won't train or be with you, period). 

When doing pull-ups with the CHAMP boxer, Marc, he couldn't do a single one or hang on to the pulling bar without shaking like a maple leaf in Toronto (same for the dipping bars). 

I taught him HOW to do both of these exercises or the Keys to doing 'em. 

We all start someplace, bro. 

Key is being willing to start, and he was. 

Annie, another girl who helped me greatly in the past was once training with me in the park. 

Doin gpull-ups again, and I coached on the monkey bar swings. 

Next day, she showed up with CALLUSES. 

Big time, on her soft palms. 

I could have just laughed it off, what with my constanty bleeding calluses and what not, but I didnt. 

I told her how to take care of them - and that the skin would "toughen" eventually. 

But all of this my friend, doesnt mean I encourage you to slack. 

Slackers get the BOOT, and so do wankers, wackos and Bozos that like it anyway. 

And thats why I mentioned it all in one of the most exclusive fitness groups there is out there - the 0 Excuses FItness Ship

Remember, one time memership gets you ALL here - so jump aboard NOW. 

And that, my friend is that. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Feel the fist of "pain" in your muscle as you do the workouts in Pushup Central - the same workouts the Greats did and do, and I bring to you NOW.