Sunday, 14 March 2021 09:17

Bounce and Burn Bozo, and Bounce and Burn Workouts!

The Bozo is two things, my friend. Or three. 

One, he's infestng Ole Blighty, and some on the list have asked "where he lives" (in respons eto my latest email on it). 

Two, I dont know where he lives, but I think Birimingham, but I wouldn't bet upon it! 

The Bozo only lives in dark holes he "licks" and Mommy's basement, or on the STREET after being thrown out, face down, out of Chuck's house for stealing his beer. LOL. 

I've got proof, right down to the Bozo going to the cops and begging to be "let back in". 


But I'm not going to post it here. Some things are truly members only for members to have a chuckle at, including the infamous "Josie" screen captures ... 

(But remember, you get FREE access to everythign I offer with one membership to the site - so jump aboard now. Truly VALUE BEYOND COMPARE the bodyweight GURU is offering you HERE ...) 

And three, the Bozo never disappoints. 

Either to give me ideas to write about, or to give me a huge, huge laugh. 

Here is what yours truly just got in the Inbox. 

Name: Birmingham butt bouncer banana boat benefits bozo

Email: piublicASSistance @

Name : rahultheUglypaki @

Email: oxfordbozo

(Bozo got two the fields mixed up the second time around, lol). 

Name: Jose Arias (this was a genuine sign up, by the way) 


Anyway, for new sign ups, emails etc are working fine, it's just the regular list that needs to be tweaked. 

But really, the Bozo. 

Right on target after the racist memes, hehe. 

Anyway, this "ugly Paki" has a lot to teach you and the Bozo, who called him a "fitness God bar none" recently about FITNESS. 

That being, that "butt bouncing workouts" truly do BURN FAT. 

Believe me, the more you shake it, the more you LOSE IT. 

Thats an alien concept to the Bozo shaking his non existent "wang doodle". 

But I'm talking shaking in a good way. 

Workouts that truly make you feel uncomfortable and SHAKE the fat up from the inside out. 

And the best example is jumping rope workouts - and I've put out the best book ever on jumping rope, unlike anything ANYONE has put out there (I challenge you to find one better, much like with Pushup Central, its natural BROTHER) - which you really need to get now. 

EVERYONE can jump rope, my friend - everyone. 

The only exception being, of course, if you're injured - or have pre-existing conditions that do not allow you to use the feet and legs as they should be "naturally". 

For example, people with lower back surgery and ify ou'e got a foot that "acts up" often - then you might be best off NOT jumping rope or sprinting with it ... 

But even then, there's plenty of bounch workouts you can do. (not in the hay, hehe). 

One, mountain climbers, thats a great exercise I havent covered a lot but will be in the upcoming book on SUPER PLYOMETRICS!

Two, Hindu jumper squats ... 

And three, the JUMPING squats I cover so well in Animal Kingdom Workouts in a style that is brutal, simple, and yet NOT seen out there. 

And many others, of course, but these are a few. 

Remember, bounce, burn, and lose is a truism of fitness. 

Get you some now, bro. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The Bozo, much like apes do has a fascination with "bananas", but I wouldn't denigrate the poor ape with the comparison, hehe. The Bozo is more into wang doodles than actual bananes, but on that note - remember - working out like a REAL APE - REAL MAN style will give you strength and conditioning bar none that you can only DREAM of. Get the premier book on it HERE

PS #2 - The Bozo's next step is to finangle someone's "real Oxford email addy "and sign up with it. Watch this space for more hilarity while you get the books ABOVE!