Thursday, 01 April 2021 08:21

More on blocking ... OUT the Negative.

I write about it often, dont I? 

Tell the world what you're going to do, but show it first. 

Keep your TRUE goals - your real goals - to yourself, or a very very select group of people, maybe your Master mind if you have one. 

Do NOT, in most cases, tell sposuses, "friends", significant others and so forth. 

People deem this as being "overly paranoid". 


Ask Marconi for one ,that invented the wireless who was almost "certified" by his friends for they thought he was a loon, so forward thinking was he. 

Or, ask the Wright brothers before they built the airplane, or Edison before the lightbulb, or Einstein, before the theory of relativity. 

The great Jeff Bezos (I was recently talking about NEVER doing business with anyone on a very large scale other than Amazon, for obvious reasons - for the most part) said it the best when he said that the greatest ACCOLADE an inventor - any inventor - can receive is when people yawn and say ", ok, not this again". 

Speaks Volumes as to some of the reactions yours truly gets, hehe. 

But anyway, this morning I literally "heard" bad news from the old homestead.

Turned out a gift I gav emy daugher a while back - something which had HUGE sentimental value attached to it for reasons I won't get into here - something which I've been keeping with me forever, and wanted to pass for a while to my daughter "broke".

The annoyance I felt - was - INDESCRIBABLE.  

It ain't about the money either. 

For the idiots and morons who claim that "I gave my old laptop" away to a charity because it was worthless - well - think - again. 

Same thing with that laptop, which worked so well for me for NINE YEARS, on which I created many a product, which stood thet est of time and travel, and was a Toshiba, and so forth. 

It ain't all about the money, my friend. 

SENTIMENT is priceless, and while this wasn't a laptop I gave her, from the minute I gave it to her, I felt "negatiive forces" working against me and her. 

Obviously the idiots reading this will call me paranoid, but those that call me and rightly so a "modern day Gandhi" or seer or pioneer and so forth will get it. 

"Rahul, if your gut tells you something - nine times out of ten it is RIGHT". 

I knew this from an early age, way before my buddy from the MArines made this statement about a certain landlady I was renting from in 2017. (temporarily). 

Same thing here. 

The people being negative don't even KNOW it, but they hated the "gift" from the get go. 

Indeed, a lot of people hate what I do - hate me - hate my relationship with my daughter (the only real family I have) - - and do anything to complain about it and wreck the relationship, but never quite succeed. 

When your up against the subconscious, my friend, few things can succeed. 

Maybe inanimate objects cannot, but I never put much conscious thought into the gift after I gave it. 

Big mistake. 

Anyway, fitness wise, same thing for YOU. 

Do NOT tell anyone your goals of doing 500 pushups at a go - a very worthy goal many of you have - especially if you're at less than ZERO now. 

Do not, for instance tell anyone you will go down from 120-60 kgs - except perhaps your coach with your best intentions at heart. 

Do NOT - never - tell anyone your BUSINESS PLANS. 

And most of all, never, never let that wall you build around YOUR MOST SECRET AND INNERMOST desires ever be penetrated. 

That, my friend is the takeaway from this one. 

And I'll be back soon/ 


Rahul Mookerjee