Thursday, 01 April 2021 05:35

The odd tale of "Medam" Cicy and "Madam" Andrea.

Back in 2019, I was on one of my numerous factory visits in China - this time for green tea - or so I ... THOUGHT! 

This factory was a new one I hadn't worked with before, and when I found them online, I contacted them - and then quickly got the contact information etc of the salesperson handing my "case". 

Which was a certain lovely indeed 23 year old girl "Andrea". 

I really should title this email "why the idiots who think I'm jumping every girl's bones I meet are pretty much dead on wrong for the most part", or something like that. 

Actually, they're not wrong so much as they have "no clue". 

And hence the Bozos wanking around with wankers and beer bottles in hand late at night pestering women about "can I be your servant". 

Anyway, Glyn the public welfare nutjob will LOVE this if he's reading. 

Glyn, my little fella, ears perked please!

*pat on head* 

Anyway, pats aside (ugh) this lady seemed OK to deal with initially until when crunch time came. Before that, she was friendly as ever, and I flirted a little with her "business wise", but I always had the feeling of "something wasnt right in terms of the professionalism standpoint". 

Something wasn't right, and sure enough, when "push came to shove", there was an argument. 

I hate to say it, ladies, but business is business, and on that one, she was WRONG. She promised somthing, and didnt do it. Bottom line. 

And she was BRAZENLY unapolegetic about it, which you'll understand later why. 

Or part of why. 

Anyway, when it all came to a head, she introduced me to her "lao ban" (manager). 

And there we're introduced to "Medam" Cicy as she prounounced it, a lady who I've disagreed with on just about everything, but yet done and do business with, yet at the end of the day have a cordial and functional relationship, a lady who HATES what I say and think about China, yet doesnt hate ME, and has done all she can to help me ... 


Maybe, but also a lesson in two things - one, business is business. And two, there's always room for compromise and moving ahead. 

Lest you think there was any romantic whatever in all this? 

You'd be dead WRONG. 

Every time either she and I have brought the topic up indirectly even for OTHER People, it was like a "dead fish" feeling. 

I never thought of her "that way". 

And Cicy, for her part, could truly care less about it. 

Well, I wouldn't say that. She does care, from what she told me about being fat, and (when I was gypped out of some money by a woman in China, the comment about "is she beautiful"?) . . . 

But for the most part, talk anything like that to her, and she flat out doesnt "care". 

She isn't necessarily offended, or not. 

To her, it's "so what". 

What really lights her BRAIN UP and why I love her? 

It's MONEY! And the chance of making a new biz deal, which hey, I get it. I have the same excitement every time I make a new biz deal too ... 

Anyway, Madam (so she loves to be called) Andrea deleted me off her list, and later when I saw her profile picture one day - the WORK picture? 

Believe it or not, it was Andrea with her "man" - literally - on a leash. 

And if that doesnt make Bozo Glyn Schofield whose currently pestering Dominas in the UK to do inane things for free JUMP straight out of his chair, Cheetos flying, beer crashing, I dont know WHAT will! 

And if that isn't enough of a lesson on why I ALWAYS keep, for the most part, business seperate from pleasure, and why YOU SHOULD too, there will never be enough reason. 

(And enough for the idiots who claim "he cheats on his wife"). 

True, I've failed in the second last regard occasionally. 

Sometimes, those girls get past your defenses, which in my case were never ever up anyway. Hey, my wife did! 

And the only time I've been involved in business with either my wife, or other women where "feelings" of whatever nature were involved. 


Dont get me started. 

Massive disaster x 1000 ... .(in some cases, that disaster lasted for YEARS. Super UGH). 

And therefore, if there is one thing I caution everyone to do, even the Bozos if that makes sense, is to keep business SEPERATE from pleasure. 

Believe me, the two do NOT mix. 

Anyway, where am I leading up with all this you might think. 

I dont know ... 

Maybe as Panourgias, a great customer once told me "Sexy legs and hills!" (I think he said "mini skirts", hehe). 

So maybe it's a pimp for my Rolls Royce fitness system, which of course has (interestingly enough) an entire chapter dedicated to nothing but training - on hills - and an entire one dedicated to MASSAGE as well (sorry, for those thinking, there ain't no hanky panky there either). 

Or maybe it's a pimp for Advanced Hill Training ... 

But to be honest, it's just one of those "gut spills", or brain dumps, whichever you call it, and I felt compelled to share it with you, so I did. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - HERE is where you can pick up Pushup Central - a "cold and SOLID" course that will keep you BRUTALLY HONEST if I might say so. I realize the wording makes no sense, but get the course, and it will. Nothig hammers you quite like pushups do!

PS #2 - I was supposed to write a book about Cicy and Andrea, especially her typo of "kissing a foot" (I honestly have no idea where that came from (one of those "she'll never live it down" comments, but we were discussing books, I believe, of a certain nature that Andrea loves - and I believe I do too in the right environment - and of course the Bozo does too, but NOT Cicy. It was a typo, I really think it was. yet, the typos are who we ARE, hehe, without even knowing it). Anyway, that book never got written. Maybe in the future!

For now, we'll stick to fitness on THIS here site, haha.