Monday, 22 March 2021 05:32

Does marriage "soften" the individual?

I still remember the time when I gave my daughter a dumbphone, something I was advised roundly NOT TO. 

And something I often thought about a lot - but ultimately gave in. 

Let me tell you, I ain't no fan of the dumphone or smartphone or any damn phone, and even less the inantiy and videos that go on all day long. 

But at least my daughter watches a lot of educational stuff on there, which is better than nought I gues (and certainly better than the rubbish going on out there in the world TODAY). 

So I took the plunge, restored an old phone of mine to factory state (finally! That damn bootloader just wouldn't WORK for the life of me! Took me four hours plus...) and gave it to her. 

My old xiaomi it was, I believe. Lots of memories, all gone obviously - but very much alive in my mind. 

As if they were yesterday. 

As my marriage in 2008 was, a "covert" affair which neither family knew about, and when they did, no-one was too happy about it. 

And of course,we all know how that "ended". Hehe. 

Nothing if not interesting is my life, as ole Milan Bujak told me (i've got a situation going on there too!). 

Its odd though, and I dont know if he realizes it (I do business with him) "Milan" is not just a city in Italy. In Hindi, it means "meeting". 

And given the websites I host with him, I wonder if it's truer than I'm writing. 

Anyway, esoterism aside ... 

The question begets. 

"He's married now! He's over 30! He's got a kid!....." 

And so forth. 

And then the usual "he still hasn't settled down! Still wild! When will he ever!" 

Marriage, my friend, DOES have a way of taming even the wildest of horses. 

Even my wife despite the state of whatever relationship we're in now (I'm not sure what to call it!) DID manage me to get me to chop off my beloved locks, hehe. 

I'm sure ole Benjamin's wife did too at a certain stage! (the guy you see on the dollar bills, hehe). 

But it's funny, right down to his quotes about "why spoil a young girls life when you can make an older woman very very happy" ... the similiarties between him, me, and any other achiever in any sphere of life. 

Passion, committment, spirituality etc aside. You'll notice ONE damn thing. 

None of them lived "with a partner" for long. 

if they were forced to, they eventually broke out whether they consciously wanted to or not. 

It's amazing. 

I originally wanted to "live" with my wife. 

She wanted to get married. 

I thought I'd give it a shot. 

Hey, why not. 

Adventurous as always is yours truly! 

And then of course, the Delhi Police saga, the royal mess, but anyway ..  where was I? 

SOME of us beasts, my friend, can never ever be tamed. 

We'll be stallions no matter what. 

The world will "hate" us for it, but they'll also think about the million things we have DONE and they haven't (while cursing us for it, hehe). 

And thats fine. 

Takes all sorts! 

But yes, marriage, and the influence of a woman does tend to tame the toughest of men in many regards, but not all. 

Yours truly is a shining example, and so is ole Ben. 

I could give you tons of other examples too. 

Curiously enough, you'll notice they're all DOERS and achievers in life, at some point, in some area ... 

Now anyway, where am I leading up to this. 

Certainly not asking you to date older women hehe. 

Charles the former friend once made an idiotic comment to me about "you like older women with three kids". 

Hey, even if I did, what is wrong witht hat? 

It's about the mind, BRO. 

It ain't about age, looks, or anything else. 

Only an idiot would think that about either men or women. 

Thinkers know different!

But he didnt say "flab hanging off tummy". Hehe. He left that to the Bozo... 

Now, the nub of all this. 

Even if you're married, even if you're being tamed in many regards, there IS ONE thing you can do to turn back the ravages of time. 

To turn back Father Time, as it were, and reclaim your MANHOOD - become an unstoppable STUD again. 

Become the way you were "back in the day". 

When you feared no-one, when obstacles were there to be SMASHED THROUGH. 

When you were a BEAST INCARNATE!

And the way to do that, my friend, is by engaging in primal, BASE, and tough as heck workouts that get you there. 

Believe me, Animal Kingdom Workouts is the course to do it, and when you do it, you'll beome a beast automatically. 

They might not "know it", but they'll feel it! 

Just trust me on this one! 

Anyway, back to my daughter. 

I didnt know I "unleashed the beast" when I got her the phone! Hehe. 

She loves the dumbphone way more than she should, including cuddling it like a baby .... LOL. 

Anyway, more on that later. 

Reclaim thy manhood NOW my friend. 

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Rahul Mookerjee