Monday, 22 March 2021 06:27

What I told my daughter about squatting - and reclining on the porcelain throne.

I've often told my daughter the most important thing to do after waking up is NOT check the dumbphone, despite her love for it. 

"You need to let your thoughts settle down first. Give it ten minutes or so", I gently admonished once. "You don't want to turn into a dumbass, do you?" 

She glowered at me. 

"I'm not dumb!" 

"I've given it 10 minutes!" 

But really, my friend. 

The worst thing you can do for your brain creatively is start staring at gadgets as soon as you wake up, no matter how urgent it might be or what needs to be done, or the gossip "sh-ossip" or what not. 

Instead, take a pen and paper, and write down you rTHOUGHTS. 

In cursive preferably. 


These free tips I keep giving you, my friend are so worth their weight in GOLD - that its another reason I get irriated at the ass clowns talking about my products being expensive. 

I mean, look at what you're getting for NOTHING bro. 

Certainly way better than what is out there, I'll say this much. 

I could probably put all of this into several books, and maybe I will at some point. 

But for now, some might say "why would they buy your paid products if you give them so much for free". 

Another DUMB comment made by idiots who know zilch all about how the Universe works. 

The more you give, my friend, the more you get - from somewhere. 

It may not work the way you thought it would - and it may not come from where you think it might - and indeed often times it comes from people you'd never imagine would give you anything in their wildest dreams, but as I sit here counting the sales on another site, I had to write this to you! 

But anyway, I Told her the following. 

The most important thing you can do for yourself, honey when you wake up is SQUAT. 

As shown in Isometric and Flexiblity Training

After squatting for at least FIVE minutes (most adults today can't do half a minute if they tried) - - WRITE something. 


I've no idea if she'll take the above two to heart, but I do remember squatting with her sometimes back in the day, so I know she picked up on that part of it. 

Kids love to ape, hehe. And they should! 

Natural mimickers ... 

As my friend from the Marines said. 

"No matter what you do, she'll ape you!"

But really, even for you, getting into that position, my friend is the most important thing you can do for yourself - and I don't just mean "getting things moving" before you recline on the throne, one of the unhealthiest pastimes ever. 

I mean spiritually. 

I mean opening the entire body up (ahem, if the Bozo is reading this). 

I mean your joints and legs and entire body getting more flexible and limber. 

I mean the hamstrings opening up ... 

I mean many things. 

And all mentioned in that amazing book I spoke abou tup there, but last, but not  least, my daughter has a tendency to "talk while on the throne", and I remember my wife once telling her about "you just impart wisdom when you're on the THRONE". 

Well, it's hilarious. 

I've done a lot of my best thinking on the THRONE!

And ancient Kings and perhaps Queens too used to hold court while on the throne!


Anyway, you know what to DO NOW, and it ain't recline on the throne either. 

Whether or not you'll DO is up to you, of course. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - That compilation on pull-ups is waiting, my friend. And remember, I plan on jacking the price UP at the end of the month. I dont make promises lightly, and it is what it is, and if this here email hasn't shaken you out of your utter inertia and got your DUMPUS - RUMPUS, sorry, lol (I'm writing as it comes) in GEAR, I dont know what will. 

Jump on this now, my friend. Truly the best ever in terms of pull-ups.  (and remember the discount we have going on the compilations too).