Wednesday, 24 March 2021 05:16

Why being "overawed" isn't the way to go.

Lots of time I've noticed, in fact most of the time that the people that harbor the most animosity towards me are usually the most insecure themselves deep down inside. 

Deep down inside, the feeling of NOT having been there and done that eats away at them. 

On the surface this might manifest as jealousy, or "trying to pull the other person down to your level". 

I'm sure you know what I mean, no? 

Or, if you're young, and indeed sometimes an adult, "hero worship" followed by "I can never be that good!" 

Believe me, I've been through all these phases and then some (sans the jealousy and negativity part). 

For me, it's always been about look at a person- admire him or her - but then get to work - to BETTER him or her! 

And that, my friend, is what people don't do. 

I wasn't always the fitness virtuso I am now. 

Neither did the knowledge get magially implanted into my brain - if anything, I've had to work much harder to achieve any goal of mine as opposed to the average "whining Thomas" out there. 

Yet, I did it. 

Though I greatly admire and learnt from many, many people, at NO stage was there hero worship in the sense "I could never be like them". 

Instead, my thoughts were "why not ME?" 

And then I did it!

But most people I've noticed don't do the thing. 

Yet, they know (and I'm just giving you my example) that I've been there, done that, and continue to do in a way most people cannot, and dont (or think they don't) have the guts to do and never ever would. 

Bozo Schofield for one ... 

One of the most jealous people I've ever known, which is sad - because if he'd put all that energy he spends trolling to good use, he may actually make something of his life!

Ditto for all the other pissers and moaners, how dare he's, negative idiots, those who gab on the phone all day long for lack of anything better to do, those who laugh but it sounds like a FORCED laugh ... 

My friend, we ALL have to learn. 

Nothing just comes or happens. 

My wife told me the other day "everything is so easy for you because you have a good education and speak English". 

Her exact comment was "because you went to the US"

Hmmm .... 

I wonder if most of the Western World would agree with that "easy:" logic! 

It's one of the most stupendously stupid things she's ever said, and I wrote about it. Deep down inside, she knows it as well. 

That ain't to say she don't have good qualities. 

Everyone does. 

But MOST choose to ignore their own good while bringing down or trying to bring down other's good - either consciously or not. 

NOT the way to go, my friend. 

Anyway, fitness wise remember one damn thing my friend. 

A client of mine once had the following reaction in 2009 when talking about Hindu squats. 

500??????? No way! 

It was no wonder too, that the dealing fell APART shortly thereafter. I've never been able to work with people that can't make their minds up - do as Henry Ford did and as I do, and all doers do i.e make a decision and STICK with it (and make decisions quickly and change 'em slowly if at all) - or people that decide they can't do something before they start. 

I couldn't do more than 10 squats when I first started, and this was after YEARS of hiking hills with Ann Lee or without!

I can now knock off 500 or more easy peasy. 

Same thing for pull-ups

Or pushups

Or any of the other great workouts and exercises I teach you

Right now, it may look like I'm top of the mountain, and "you can never get there". 

But you CAN, my friend. 

You can - and here's the thing - you can BETTER me if you really make up your mind to - hey, I did it! 

But remember, I'll be training during that period too, hehe. 

Anyway, thats enough on this front. 

I'll be back soon - in the meantime, make sure to pick up the Rolls Royce of Fitness right HERE


Rahul Mookerjee

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PS #2 - But the email imbroglio over the past few days doesn't mean I've been doing nothing an dnot writing to you. 

I have! 

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