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In middle school, yours truly was getting the heck pounded out of him.

Nothing unusual for a kid who (while admittedly on the smaller side) (and who had his confidence shattered growing up by Mama in every which way – to an extent my father too, but mostly Mama) got it a lot at school.

“Because he didnt accept his place”.

Which, as “they” thought was to buckle down and take it.

Anyway, so fat boy was in front of me. On top of me. And everything else. Hehe.

And as I was getting the pulp squeezed out of me, I did it.

I put the GRIP on him.


Around his neck.

Instantly, he let go.

Went crying to Daddy (his own) who then showed up at school and “complained”.

The result?

Some dumb ass note in an “almanac of sorts”, and an invitation for yours trulys Dad who “menacingly” told him “I dont like going to schools too often!” (like he was the Grim Reaper or something. HA! If only I could tell you the tales of what MEN outside the HOUSE did to him when he talked tall tales and his utter shit) to paddle the heck out of me.

“You should be beaten by the police!” went Daddy dearest. 

(Curiously enough the guys who beat on me were "alright". They didnt deserve that!) 


I’ll leave that one up int he air.

But it did cause two things to happen.

One, the wound festered, and today there is not ONE book on grip out there – but three. Hehe. Four if you include the compilation.

All DOES happen for a good cause, even the tennis player who knew my right hands was injured and yet gave the gorilla grip to a 17 year less than half his size.


I wonder what woul dhappen now (and trust me, I ain’t a big dude even now)

And two?

Dude let go.

And still likely carries the scars on his mind, and his neck ...

Point of all this being – attack, my friend, has always been the BEST form of defense for a reason.

President Trump is a huge advocate of this – and so is yours truly.

I’ve always BEEN A huge advocate of this.

And it doesn’t necessarily mean an all out frontal assault. 

Sometimes, the knives that cut the deepest take a while to do so in ALL Regards, and they dont necessarily do so upfront either ...

But you attack – in whichever way is convenient and suitable at the time.

Because, my friend, the fact begets.

ATTACK truly IS the best form of defense bro.

And in terms of fitness, I’m here to tell you that the DIRECT method works the BEST.

The direct method is ATTACK the problem – while keeping your mouth shut.

(unless you want a host of Bozos passing inane comments).

Do the thing.

GET to a point where you can tell ‘em to sod off, and rightfully so.

And then you’ll truly understand two more things.

A) revenge is a dish best served COLD and b) Revenge matters NOT in life. In fact, it’s best if you “let it go” to whatever extent possible, but if possible, fully.

All of this, of course made a great bedtime story for my kid every time sh easks.

And no, I ain’t gonna paddle her for putting grips or anythign on anyone if that person deserves it.

A quick read through of Kiddie Fitness for one will show you that I’ve been encouraging it ever since I remember. Since age three, actually, when dude whacked her one, and I’m glad to report with me behind her, she whacked him – BACK – HARDER.

Thats how to do it, bro.

Hit ‘em hard – hit ‘em heavy – hit ‘em where it hurts.

And remember that attack is always the best form of defense.

Glyn the Bozo Schofield on public welfare in the UK and running around being a monkey or lap dog teaching ABC to kids who could care less (honestly, calling ESL teaching is doing REAL teachers which they all claim they are, of course and REAL teaching a mammoth and massive DISSERVICE) claims the following.

On my book on pushups.

“Really? A book on pishups and thats that?”

Lets see the Bozo DO the thing.

(Edit - and a customer from, oddly enough the UK, was RIGHT in asking him publicly how many books he'd written. A sum total of ZERO) 

(I swear - it's committed people like HIM that make all the difference and make all this WORTH IT! True WARRIORS!) 

Ditto for his other inane and admittedly hilarious comments which I want more of on Amazon. LOL. But he seems not to want to oblige this time around.

LOL Again.

Or any of the other jackasses who claim “it’s about the mind and why I’m doing pull-ups out there”,

Idiots incarnate the lot of ‘em.

Lets see ‘em do it.

And that, my friend is what matters.

The satisfaction - - not the “revenge”, hehe.

I’m out. 

And I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – One of the most and most immensely satisfying experiences I’ve had that neither one of the nuts mentioned above and a lot of GOOD people reading this will never have – that being to pop off sets of 10 perfect pull-ups willy nilly, helter skelter almost in my sleep. Ditto for handstand pushups,and the rest.

Wanna get there?

Then do the thing, bro. And do the thing.

And you will!

It’s as simple as it gets.

Really, and again. Just friggin DO IT.

PS #2 - I don't generally edit posts, but the exact comment was "You should be beaten with an iron rod by the police". Of course, made by the same person who later exhorted a moron who taught "Clay Modeling" or some such thing and apparently was pissed off I didnt attend his nigh on higly BORING class (that was the only "crime" - as opposed to certain other kiddos who put clay on the picture he had hanging there - right on his nose, LOL) ... no prizes for guessingwho. LOL. 

Sometimes I can't figure out whether to shake my head - - or laugh - - or both. PErhaps thats what I'll do, both! HA!

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I’m sitting here butt naked after a shower.

Well, not really – I have a towel on. But in the freezing cold of WINTER here, consider this a test for myself. How fast I can deliver THIS dose of motivation before my fingers go numb, hehe.

But anyway ... I wouldn’t recommend you do this at home!

Especially if not if the Mrs, Kids etc are around. Yours truly lives alone and is alone even when not alone, so ...

Anyway, I’ll never forget what a friend of mine once told me when I “cried on his shoulder a bit” or attempted to wayyyy back in the day during a tough phase.

Come to the Us, he kept telling me.

Um, but i like China”, I kept saying.

He runs a convenience store. Two or three, I believe, and help while never easy to find was hard as heck those days (and even harder NOW, hehe).

His entire argument boiled down to one thing outwardly.

“you’ll make a lot of money!”

But he never told me how much.

Never offered me a formal job.

Just “your own risk”.

Much like I do in china.

So much for “friendship”!

And of course, yours truly doesnt work jobs. Certainly not ones as aggravating as convenience store checkouts (nothing against the fine folks that do , but I ain’t one of them).

At that point I was going through a tough phase. One of many.

And he kept giving me the “But it’s better than what you have now” spiel.

(and why wouldn't he. Though he claimed up and down "it wasn't for his benefit", the fact was that someone like me, wayyyy over qualified for the position and yet with a "noose around my neck" (or so he thought!) would be a great thing for him!) 

I stuck to my guns. Didnt do it. Truth be told, he wasnt th eonly one that gave me this spiel either!

I told you about my Mom and that job even further back in the day that once wanted me to accept a pay cut.

Or was fishing to see if I took it ... 

Mommy wanted me to with much the same logic.

I didnt, of course.

“It’s better than what you have now!”


After quitting that job, I went to three interviews, and got hired by all three.

Two were night shifts, both with far higher pay packages than at the last job.

And the third ... well, it was THAT JOB!

And if I had listened to my mother, which I wouldn’t have, I’d probably never have written the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales.

And a slide down a very slippery slope indeed would have begun!

Napoleon Hill said it it the best in Think and Grow Rich, and so did Dr. Maltz in Pyscho Cybernetics, two books I highly recommend all of you to read.

(I dont care if you want to become rich or not)

One being Hill when he said “you’d be surprised at the sort of crap a man gets offered for jobs when he’s desperate!”

“Give that man a change of clothes and some money though – and voila. Instant change!”

He goes on to state that women don’t suffer from the same money complexes and pressure in general, because ... well, because of how Nature intended men and women to be !

(All paraphrased as usual, but thats the gist).

And he is right.

My wife once told me I was the sort of person that when I got in ANY sort of fix (not necessarily financial) I did what I had to do to get out.

And then went back to my merry ole ways anyway.

She was right.


How dare I say otherwise! Hehe. 

And last, but not least, Maltz in Psycho Cybernetics.

If you’re the only person cheering for you in the bleachers – but no-one else is ... well, that what counts!

Other hand, if thousands root for you, but if you yourself don’t – guess what.

No use, mi amigo.

YOUR FAITH is what counts – and delivers results.

As it has all my life and continues to.

Alright, my time’s up. Hehe. I’m not freezing though. It’s been 8 minutes.

682 words and counting.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up more motivation here – Gumption Galore. I might just put out another Volume on this!

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Saturday, 26 December 2020 08:11

Doing what you were truly MEANT To

Most people never figure it out over a LIFETIME.

There is that ONE thing our “Creators” or Universe, or God, or what have you instilled in ALL of us that makes us UNIQUE.

Sure, our personality. Our traits. Our character. But other than the obvious, what we DO.

Some of us are multi-faceted. Multi-talented. Genuises. What not. But the point begets.

(Personally I believe we ALL have genuis inside of us, if we're open enough to admit it) ... 

And I’ve spoken about this before. 

What you were MEANT To do – put on this planet to do – isnt’ necessarily any of the following -

- What everyone “tells” or advises you to do (usually you should be doing the precise OPPOSITE).

- What makes the easiest and quickest (or long term stable) MOOLAH

- What your boss at your job tells you to do (you shouldn’t even be working a “job” for a lot of you out there.

- What Mama and Daddy guilt trip, badger, pester ,and ... ah, but we’ve all been there ... YOU into doing. (if you do it)

And so forth.

Here is the QUESTION, then.

What is that ONE thing that even your most ardent detractors can NEVER EVER find fault with even if they WANT to – or try?

This question may require some deep thinking. Some deep thought. I know it took me YEARS to finally understand what Napoleon Hill talks about in “Outwitting the Devil”, and many of his other books.

Hill was meant to write, and inspire.

Yet, he would never stay “consistent” with it until a certain point. 

That little voice in the head often spoke up in times of extreme emergency.

“You’ve been humiliated and placed in this position so you can LEARN A LESSON!”

(Not verbatim, but this is the sum and substance)

“Your job was to compile your findings into writing and INSPIRE others. Understand one thing – you will only find happiness by helping OTHERS FIND IT! You have been a stubborn student and have had to be CURED of this through various obstacles and temporary defeat.

Go NOW, and start what you were meant to do!”

(Hill was compiling the secrets behind TRUE AND LASTING SUCCESS by interviewing those that had been there and done that).

There’s a lot more to it.

But Hill speaks of the two MOST pressing and urgent situations in his life when when all seemed lost, his OTHER SELF woke (because he found the determination to WAKE IT UP)!

And he made two very potent discoveries.

One, the subconscious can solve damn near anything you throw at it – provided you do so in the right manner.

And two, and more (well, equally) importantly, you were put on this planet for a PURPOSE ... And until you keep “avoiding” (Either consciously or not) what you were put on Earth to do – guess what.

You will never succeed at the highest levels.

‘Tis a fact as clear as daylight, Jack. And no, you dont need to die a pauper either as many did.

Money is a different beast, and attracting it, and what not.

I know immensely wealthy people that are NOT happy. I know people that have NOTHING that are HAPPY. And everything in between. So this isn’t about money bro.

Anyway, I was thinking about all this last night.

My mind flashbacked to 2008, I think.

I had started “fastandfuriousfitness.net” at that time.

Just a blog. Getting my feet wet.

Incredibly, people LOVED IT (I didnt have a single product to promote at the time).

I used to give off myself freely on forums, discussion boards etc. IF only I knew how much wasted effort that was. E bay She bay my ass ...

But inexplicably, the flame died (or so I thought).

I let the domain expire. The blog died. I moved on to other things (a nascent web development biz).

In 2010, the bug HIT me – and hard – AGAIN.

I wrote Fast and Furious Fitness, and a few other books in anothe rbusiness venture.

And truth be told, if my wife hadn’t encouraged me to do it at the time I probably woul dnever have.

True, my wife and myself are like strangers NOW.

But, credit where credit is due. If she hadn’t said what she did, albeit unknowingly, and she likely doesnt even remember it, yours truly wouldn’t have done it.

Or it would hav ebeen delayed ...

So, i wrote Fast and Furious Fitness, Gorilla Grip, and Shoulders like Boulders, all NOT as exhaustive as today ( I revamped them all in 2017).

Other than a bit of marketing here and there, I didnt really market myself full steam.

In fact, you will notice that from the earlier posts themselves.

And although I didn’t, again. People signed up for the newsletter. The list grew, and grew, and grew to a bulky and unmanageable (because I didnt manage it!) 15,000 plus.

Inexplicably, I didnt go full bore at the time.

Years passed, but I’d keep writing in this and other verticals. No-one “knew” about it. No-one would have cared anyway.

And I made a few sales here and there, but certainly nothing spectacular.

In 2017, I had an epiphany, and got tired of my life depending on bozo like jobs.

By chance or not, I read Pyscho Cybernetics, a great, great book I recommend for everyone out there.

It changed my life. Literally. So I thought, until I read Think and Grow Rich and “The Magic of Believing” – and after THAT, I devored everything I could find from these authors.

I’ve read a lot, by the way. Both fiction and non fiction. Agatha Christie, Sidney Sheldon. Robert Ludlum. Michael Crichton. Just about any decent fiction, and on the non fiction, and the above?

Ted Nicholas, for one. Ben Settle (his blog etc). And many others (but the above three books changed my life – especially the latter two, and I will never, ever stop tom tomming their virtues. Hehe.)

(Not tom tomming actually).

It was only then that I really went full bore on all of this. 2017, 2018 .... and there were problems. Troubles. Many things!

But life had one last throw of the dice for me.

I still did this in 2019, but nowhere near the full bore speed I should have, and for obvious reasons, that year would probably have really been a good one to RAMP this up.

But I didnt.

I “squandered” the opportunity. But I found plenty of others, much like Napoleon Hill did – if there is ONE person whose life mirrors mine, it is HIS!


I believe I’ve learnt that lesson – the HARD Way.

The school of hard knocks, hehe, and I belive we should ALL go through that at some point or the other.

It’s great READING about others, but it’s only when you actually DO is that you LEARN.

Anyway, Fast and Furious Fitness.

Still have the logo on my site.

Still have the book.

But people know me as “0 Excuses Fitness”now hehe.  (and a host of other lovely names on that burgenoning list. 1112, last I checked!)

The guy who (as Marc said) created a brand out of nothing.

Actually, I’ve created three. Hehe. But the third isn’t public on this site as yet . . . but it SELLS like hot cakes day in and day out.

Marketing genius, or deeply flawed individual – YOU Decide. Hehe.

But the results can’t be denied. . .

Anyway, thanks for reading – if you’re still WITH me thus far, hehe.

This might make it into a book I’ve been writing, but have been MUM about. Stay tuned!

Lesson to be learnt – FIND what you were meant to do my friend.

And then just DO it ... PRONTO.

Life will reward you with BOUNTY, thats for sure! (and I dont mean just money).


Rahul Mookerjee 

PS – This entire email is about 4 pages long, and I didnt include a plug for my products?? WTF?? Well, I’m going to do so NOW. Here are the all time bestsellers – grab ‘em now -

0 Excuses Fitness

Gorilla Grip

Shoulders like BOULDERS!

PS #2 – Why didnt I just pick up on Fast and Furious Fitness in 2017 and go full bore?

Well, two reasons. One, an epiphany – and thus was born the other site (and another down the road).

And another? Hey, I admit it. Even as recently as 2017 a part of me was wondering about “what will they say”.

Hey, it’s normal. We ALL do it. ALL successes you hear of TODAY have been through that phase.

But I cannot tell you how damn liberating it is truly NOT to give a fuck! And I mean TRULY!

Anyway, and either way ... it was the right decision. Hehe. Now we have TWO barnstorming “basic” fitness books (I didnt just update Fast and Furious Fitness – I re-wrote the damn thing and included way more exercises – but the original was always be dear to my heart!).

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When the engine works, but nothing else does

In 2004, straight out of college, that was the “car” I drove.

This was when I was in India, and decided to stay there for a while (well, it wasn’t entirely my choice actually, but whateva). Those were the times the “you gotta work a JOB!” mantra was being fed to me left right and center and without wanting to, i bought into SOMe of it.

But never truly.

But anyway, those six months I was there?

The job I chose elicited criticism from all corners.

How dare I choose a job where I was valued, hehe. As opposed to being a dumb cog in the wheel and doing what the bozos do ...

Not so the car my Dad “allowed me to drive” for a while.

Whcih was supposed to be Mom’s, but she never drove, so ...

Remember one thing though.

You only get the car because you’re “working a job!”

When I wanted to buy beer, or stuff like that for myself, I could hoof it for all they cared.

So anyway, yours truly drove that car for a while. Before he pissed off to China which was of course again roundly criticized, but I dont regret a minute of doing so.

Those were the happiest years of my life!

I know I say a lot about negative stuff about the Chinese government, and truth be told, it’s ALL TRUE.


But same hand, China has some good things too. Some very good things!

And the last thing I did there was drive beat up cars with nothing but an engine in them.

When “giving” me the car (And truth be told, they were buyng a new one anyway, so ), my Dad kept touting one thing proudly.

“The engine is almost as good as new!”

That it was, my friend.

That it was.

Had nary 25 odd k km’s on it ...

But it had NOTHING else.

No brake fluid, which I found out about on a trip to the Himalayas.

A faulty alternator.

A car heater that never worked. And don’t get me started on the A/C. Took me YEARS , literally to get that fixed.

And so forth.

Many other things.

Basically it was a hull with a great engine, but that was about it.

(Believe me if they could have sold it, they would have. But NO-ONE would take that car - not anyone with any knoweldge on cars, even if that be rudimentary, and I suspect Dad knew that)

And the amount I spent on the car (I can just hear my Dad yelling like a banshee “your so ungrateful!” at me) .. well, lets just say I could and should have bought a decent second hand car with that much!

Which my beloved (not) and “lovely” (YES!) wife did tell me to do, but yours truly dumb ass didnt listen at that time.

My wife did give me another sage piece of advice to which I didnt listen either, but anyway, more on that later.

Anyway, I stuck with the car.

And believe me, I learnt a LOT about cars in all those hours spent standing with the guys fixing it, which was damn near daily to be frank.

Growing up, I dont know if you can believe it looking at my macho self now (well, I’ve been that way always to be honest) – but I Was never taught the basics of car maintenance.

I do remember my Dad pushing his old car once when it wouldn’t start ... but change a tyre?

I Doubt he’s ever done that himself in his life, let alone teach me how to do it.

And while I’m not particularly interested in fixing cars myself, I believe this sort of upbringing is guaranteed to make men FAIL initially at life.

But anyway, thats why I do what I do workout wise with my daughter (needless to say I got ZERO advice on that growing up).

And I did learn a lot about cars from that ole car to be honest.

I have very fond memories of it, and I literally shed tears when I was forced to sell it when I moved to the Middle East - - another huge huge mistake in hindsight.

(I did that in private, hehe).

But anyway ...

Fitness wise, is there a parallel?

Well, yes, and NO.

NO, in that fitness curiously enough is the polar opposite of a functional car in that if you got ticker, the rest will WORK.

“You got a ticker problem, kid!”

I still remember Mickey telling Rocky that in II, and he was right!

If you got ticker, you’ll get to 500 Hindu squats in a row and then some, bro. Believe me, you’ll need gumption more than anything else to get there!

If you got ticker, you’ll DO what it takes to get in the best shape of your life despite round criticism from aLL SIDES.

Ditto for life.

You’ll DO the thing, not just talk about it.

So from that perpsective its the opposite, but it isn’t from another – that being – your body in general benefits FAR more from having your heart’s valves blown RIGHT the hell open during workout times.

In other words, INTENSE and quick get the job done, bro.

Not yakking around on machines pumping and toning after every set “because you got the pump”.

That is the most ridiculous way to do it, and it doesnt work in any way I know of, other than to feed thy already bloated ego, hehe.

And the bloated muscles.

Anyway, thats the point really.

See if you can find more!


Rahul Mookerjee


PS – Pick up the definitive course on working out – QUICK – and losing weight even quiker – right here – Advanced Hill Training.

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I remember a convo I was having with my “beautiful wife” (hehe) a while ago about some silly bed or something my mom bought for my daughter.

To be honest, the thing is an abomination tot he extreme.

Even prison cells have better beds (or about the same). It’s the type of dorm room bed where you ca n’t even stretch your arms without banging against something, or sit up without your head clanging against something, or turn over without falling flat off the damn thing.

Now, my Dad’s company apparently assigns “drivers” (chaffeurs) to him and other senior people at the company (news flash – despite him telling us all our lives he was the BOSS of the company – he ain’t. He’s a senior guy yeah, but the DECISIONS aren’t taken by him – nothing major at least!).

(yours truly only found out about that at the age of 34, I believe) ...

But anyway, this dude was laughing at the bed apparently.

The import was, even a guy that earns a fraction of what Daddy does was laughing at the purchase, because it’s ... well, just RETARDED to an extreme. Gotta say it, bro!

But anyway, point of all this you ask?

My wife made the following comment to mine (I said “well, I don’t know so much about him laughing – does he even have that in HIS home?”) ...

“Of course”, she said, with the finality of a man (or woman) bringing a GUN to a knife fight.

“he probably got it, and a lot more in dowry”, she said.

I mused.

She is probably right!

And plus, the company my Dad works for is one of those old fashioned ones where they do take care of their employees, and where loans etc are disbursed if one really needs ‘em (of course, you gotta jump through hoops and such, but whatever) ... so, he likely DOES have something better.

But again, point being this.

One of the reasons my mom and indeed family was SO MUCH AGAINST my marriage initially was the following (one of many bozo like reasons given).

“You’re not fit to get married”

(Apparently Mommy thought I wasn’t fit to become a parent. Only she’s fit to be anything, hehe).

“There’s no dowry coming in since it’s a love marriage” was the REAL KICKER though, and left unsaid, because it would under pin their OWN so called modern outlook, but at the core, thats what they are themselves.

When my sister got married, they threw a gala shebang for all.

And they paid dowry out the ASS despite professing to be “modern” and all this other BS.

Yours truly?

I fought not one, but TWO COURT CASES – ON MY OWN STEAM – WITH MY OWN MONEY – and WITH MY OWN DAMNED LAWYERS – and perhaps most tellingly, with ZERO support to get married!

Not to mention the “honor killing” thing ... which apparently is rampant in India, and whih I could care two hoots less about.

Come to me, is what I say, hehe.

Of course, Mommy dearest in her own Nazi feminist ways wasn’t worried about yours truly getting his ass shot. (lynched more likely, since India from what I gather doenst have much in the way of private gun ownership, unless you're talking "Grandfather" rifles hehe and even those are usually illegal, which SUCKS- I'm ALL for private gun ownership as deterrence! ). 

As an old man said in "Death Wish" (a typical laconic Brice Willis flick) ... 

"If a man's gotta protect what's his, hes gotta do it himself" 

Or as "Angelina" (or perhaps Byzantina or something, I dont know - can't recall - but she was BODACIOUS! .. hehe) said 

"When seconds count - the cops are minutes away!" 

I fully agree, sis. You got it spot on! 

Anyway, back to it. And my situation at the time. 

Your sister might be hurt, she whined. 

No she wouldn’t.

Honor killing target the girl’s family – NOT the guy’s.

And are a HORRIFIC occurence which India has done very little to stamp out.

Ditto for this dowry nonsense rampant in India TO THIS DATE.

Just why the hell “money” is expected from a certain party if they want to get married to another person is frigging beyond me.

“It’s Indian Culture”, they rant.

Much like the bozos in China rant about “This is China” when confronted with facts. ...

In either case, NO FACTS are given to support their arguments.

But anyway, it’s sad my own marriage ended up the way it did, hehe, given what we went through to get married in the first place. 

Maybe I’ll make a movie about it someday, hehe.

(Uncle Bob once asked me to!) 

IN the meantime, folks. Here is the deal.

Live life – ON YOUR OWN TERMS.

Do what works – FOR YOU.

And be brazen, and unapologetic to an EXTREME about it, bro (and sis).

Thats really how you achieve. Accomplish. Succeed. At anything!

Fitness wise too, same damned thing. HERE is where you can find out all about my admittedly BRAZEN methods to get fit – but do they work?

Oh hell yeah they do!

And that the bottom line, as Steve Austin would say, hehe.

Last, but not least, I’d rather go it my OWN way, bro. Folks often tell me “your life would be much simpler initially if you had listened to Mommy”.



But I ain’t no puppet bro.

My FREEDOM and doing what is RIGHT is most important to me. And what I WANT.

I could care two hoots less about social mores which are bullshit for the most part anyway anywhere in the world (but especially so in Asia).

Yours truly contrarian to an extreme, hehe. It’s how I’ve been – how I will be – and how I advise you to be as well!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Gander on at our products right here.

(Did I invent a new way of speaking? Hehe. Well, I got no use for a man who can only speeeeelllllll one way , and the bozo English teachers that will claim incorrect grammar and thus. I’d rather go the Twain route, hehe. )

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Hats OFF!

And this one is a bit of a “drama” related email, and might give you a bit of an insight into my (admittedly very dysfunctional) immediate family.

More than it has already, or perhaps the same.

And a bit of an insight into why I don’t, never have, and never will agree with my father’s (and indeed a lot of men out there, and hey, to each his own) philosophy of “if the wifes happy, everyone is”.

I’d reword it, to be honest.

If the FAMILY is happy – and that includes TWO people – everyone IS.

My Dad’s “truism” may have worked back in the day when men were real men (most, at least) and women were real women as opposed to the Nazi feminist shame central types a lot have turned into these days.

(a lot, NOT all. There’s still plenty of good women out there!)

REAL women, I should say.

But in this day and age?

In the dysfunction we live in today?

I’d say it takes TWO to tango, bro. 

And I’m sick and tired (actually, I GOT sick and tired) of being blamed by either my wife or my mother for this and that, and the usual bullshit, and of course no-one ever listens to me anyway, so whats the point, I keep telling ‘em.

To be fair my wife does a lot less of it than my mom, but she’s got her own issues with expectations and how things “should be”.

Yours truly contrarian doesn’t agree with her on most things either, especially the “shaming part” (which is so illogical and ridiculous that I LAUGH OUT LOUD on occasion).

But anyway, most men put up with it. 

And there is an “expectation” to do so.

And women “expect” this apparently (or a lot do, at least. I wouldn’t say all! I’ve met plenty that have told and advised me to go my own way, which I have, but of course, if they were married to me, then their position would likely CHANGE too!).

Anyway, thats one reason I refuse to live “with someone” long term.

And why I still maintain that what i told my (as my father likes to say) “lovely wife” (hint of jealousy there, hehe) (that reminds me of what my sister often told me about “she’s too beautiful for you” (this was for other girls, not necessarily my wife – yours truly has always been a bit of a “Stud” as it were) wife, that being LIVING together was the right decision (or would have been, and what I initially asked).  

NOT just tying the knot blindly.

I figga’ed, as I often do, I’d give it a shot.

As Ricky, a close friend of mine said in Hindi.

“Tu thehra mast banda!”

What he meant was I’m the sort of “free bird” that lives life in the flow, and refuses to be constrained by bullshit no matter how severe.

I’ll find a way out, hehe. Always have.

Always will!

And I refuse to play gopher boy and Never have, and never will, and for men out there, beyond a certain point, I’d recommend YOU do the same thing.

NEVER back down – from anything.

This advice may or may not work for you, but I believe it will in the long term work for ALL parties involved. Men, women, kids, everyone.

And anyway, enough on that. Fitness wise, HERE is where you can pick up the system that allows me to sail through life with VERVE, VIGOR, GUMPTION AND GUSTO no matter WHAT - - the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Truly the best ever, brah!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Check out Isometric and Flexibility Training right HERE.

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Thursday, 17 December 2020 06:50

Why blind faith is one of the STUPIDEST things ever

I remember a conversation I had with my Dad when I was “ye small”, I believe. 

I believe maybe a little more, I dont know, maybe around 13.

And given the “problem child” tag they attached to me pretty much since birth, I couldn’t help but ask.

(On that note, I recently bought a RED sweatshirt which says the following “Trouble Maker” on it. Hehe. I love being one! The next one probably will be “Rabble Rouser”, hehe.

Hey, what can I say Dad. I know you didnt bargain for me, but thats what you GOT, hehe).

Anyway, I had to ask.

“Dad, since kids are such a massive burden, why have them anyway?”

(Which actually is NOT a stupid question in this day and age, but back in his day, things were different, and in that day and age, yes, having kids was something I’d still advocate to most people for many reasons.

Now? Now, it’s entirely an individual decision I’d say, and if you dont want any, don’t have ‘em is what I’d say! Especially given how things have become in ALL regards).

He laughed.

“Well, it all turns out well in the end”.


Did it?

I dont think so !

And while yours truly is a bit of an extreme case in that regard, I could point out plenty of “somewhat less extreme” cases where it did NOT turn out alright, especially in my own family.

And speaking of family, I believe other than my paternal grandmother and an Uncle that mysteriously “chose to go missing” are the two people I’m most directly “descended from”.

I spoke about living A frigging ALONE in the last email.

And my “first” paternal Uncle would probably understand that!

To an extent, so would the next . Hehe. He called me a caveman and a WOLF, and those were some of the best names I’ve been called, hehe. I love it!

(And it’s honest too, which I appreciate).

(At least he ASKED me about pushups. More than anyone else in my family ever did, hehe).

But anyway, point being, that FAITH is the elixir of all miracles as Napoleon Hill rightly said.

Without faith, NOTHING AT ALL will happen bro.

If you dont keep the faith, NOTHING will materialize.

But it’s REAL faith.

I spoke about blind faith in an email prior to this that people in general place in fancy degrees, jobs that “sound good” but are the exact opposite, doctors that don’t achieve any tangible results (other than substantially lightening your pocketbook every time you show up – and sometimes wrinkling their nose at you, as some have, hehe, at me. Apparently someone with a medical problem goes to a doc, and that same doc wrinkles his nose at you “becaus ehe can” and with Uncle Bob, “because she can” – and these are the people that the Bozos place their trust in. Truly sad that it’s come to this!).

And blind faith, bro, doesnt work.

Same thing for fitness, and especially fitness.

Just because everyone goes to the gym doesnt mean the gym will give you results, or you even NEED a bloody gym.

Just because the “sheeple” rant about “how your heart needs to be in the target zone for cardio” doesnt mean they’re right.

They’re NOT.

It’s usually the OPPOSITE of what most people DO normally is what is RIGHT – both in terms of life – and fitness.

Am I saying that “going against the grain” is alwayss the best idea?

Well ... YES.

In 99.99999999999% of the cases, it is.

But in that remaining 0.00001% cases, maybe not, but to be honest ... I haven’t seen a single case that qualifies int hat regard, hehe.

And thats what I gotta say for now. Have at, bro!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure and get a quickie in today. I will – and I mean workout, a real workout, not Scofield Quickies, hehe.

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Yes, indeed!

Everyone’s gone through the guilt trip part, of course – especially if you on this list is trying to DO something with your life (and most of you on the list ARE).

Or have at some point.

And of course, doing something worthwhile requires sacrifice which the indisciplined, LAZY, and “no motivation” nutzos will never understand .

They’d rather see the “bills paid now” present as opposed to see the future from a broad, overall viewpoint.

Yours truly has obviously never been that way. And it hasn’t been easy. Still isn’t (in terms of dealing with the BS sometimes, which is probably why for the most part I live ... A-frigging-LONE!).

Yes, you heard me.

Alone works best a lot of times, and especially with all the Nazi feminists running riot everywhere ...

But really guilt trips – and the other side of the coin – shaming.

When I started to write books, the reaction from family and friends was (and unfortunately, this is what happens most of the time to EVERYONE, yes, including most of the biggest successes you hear about TODAY) “You? How dare you!”

(Or, how can you!)

And hence what I keep saying about following the Napoleon Hill dictum of “Tell the world what you’re going to do, but SHOW it first!”

If you invert the order, you’re playing into their hands . . .

And the shaming part starts when the person doesnt listen to all the (usually utter hogwash and BS) advice he’s (unwanted advice at that) given.

I cannot tell you how many times thats happened to me.

But the way I see it is this, bro.

They’re going to shame you anyway (the nuts).

They’re going to guilt trip you anyway.

So ... rather than try appease a bunch of idiots and morons, why not just buckle down, take it, and keep doing your thing anyway?

Believe me, once these bozos see RESULTS in front of them, their tune will change.

And I can relate. I can relate 

Not only that – what matters in life ultimately is what works for YOU.

IF writing erotica works for you, so be it.

If sitting in your man cave making money without leaving the house works for you, SO BE IT.

If working a dead end full time job turns you on ... so BE IT. 

NO-ONE, I repeat, NO-ONE has the right to tell YOU how to live your life, NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATION MIGHT BE!

Ultimately, we can only take care of others once we take care of our own selves.

And thats a truism the bozos cannot escape either.

Anyway, fitness wise the lesson is obvious.

One, do what it takes to stay in shape.

But two, and more importantly, don’t get suckered into QUITTING by the shamers, pooh poohers, and the nuts that claim “it’s their way thats the best or the highway”.

Make your OWN decision.

And base them on RESULTS.

It’s obvious that you’ll see rapid fat loss, for instance, when you start doing Advanced Hill Training – or Animal Kingdom Workouts

It’s also obvious that the goops will show up saying “oh, thats childish! How could that ever work!”

Same thing for the chest puffers and handstand pushups and the profoundly idiotic bench press exercise.

Or, any decent bodyweight exercise for that matter.

Stick to your guns, my friend. You’re in it for the long haul, and for YOURSELF.

And at the end of the day, THAT is what really counts – and MATTERS!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the BEST DAMNED FITNESS SYSTEM ever – right here – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

PS #2 - And as for the idiots that talk about plans until the cows come home, and thinking about plans until they can't think no mo, and disregarding gut feeling, which at the end of the day is really what counts, here's the Tyson quote I like to pull out. 

":Everyone's got a plan until ... they get PUNCHED in the mouth!" 

Sage, my friend. Sage indeed! 

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Just got done with a brief meditation session.

And much like my workouts, I work these in throughout the day, believe it or not. 

You don’t even need a quiet place if you’re doing it right, though that helps.

And as yours truly “seer” as some have called me (perhaps they’re right)’s fingers FLY ... and my mind is so “out there” ... I gotta tell you this.

Meditation wise, most people bitch about “we’re not doing it right”.

Or question themselves 10,0000 times about it ...

Or wonder when the time will be just right ...

Brings back a time when my Mom once famously made the comment about “we should abort our kid since we weren’t fit to be parents, and other assorted rubbish about the tim enever being right”.

It’s pointless trying to reason with her.

So I didnt.

But a friend, Michael told me the following.

“I dont agree at all. The time will never be right!”

And he was RIGHT.

I would have said the same damned thing to Mom, but ...

Anyway, this ain’t about her.

It’s about just DOING THE THING!

Fitness wise, why not just get down and DO THEM darn pushups and bear crawls, and FIND OUT FOR yourself just how effective they are?

Instead of pissing and moaning about form on pull-ups, why not start by DOING what I tell you the best you can?

In terms of “Hindu pushups” being too difficult – and the form “needs to be down pat” (and it does, dont get me wrong) – again – why not just START?

Make a start, bro, and do so NOW.

That isn’t to say form don’t matter. 


But sometimes, and often times, you’re far better off just DOING THE THING as opposed to endless “rounds of questions”.

Believe me, I’ve done these exercises for damn near my whole life or so it seems, and I learn something new EVERY TIME.

Something to be learnt there,methinks.

Now – go out there – andjust do it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the BEST course on pushups right here – Pushup Central. I challenge you to find one BETTER!

PS #2 – The Bozo asked me if “really? A book on pishups?” (I’m sure he spelt it that way on purpose, hehe). Well, yes. A book on pushups bro. THE BEST EVER! GRAB IT NOW!

PPS - A customer responded to the above comment in a SAGE manner indeed by asking the Bozo how many books he'd written or what the Bozo knew about any sort of training or anything at all. No response from the Bozo, of course. Hehe. I love it. 

(I'm NOT loving the Mc Donalds the Bozo so loves, tho. UGH!) 

(Speaks volumes though as to why he's a fat puddle of PUDGE). 

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I’ve often been asked how I get so much writing done – while working out – and living a rather, as “Milan” put it STORIED life . Hehe.

(He didnt use that word, but thats what he meant).

Or, as my mother keeps saying (and it seems she secretly admires the same for certain people – but of cours enot with me, hehe. How could I ever do anything right eh) a “colorful character”.

Anyway, the key is this.

Mindset. Fitness (yes, staying fit extends way beyond the PHYSICAL and health benefits alone).

And you already know about that.

But, what you may or may NOT know is the following.

I can write to you in any “voice”, for instance.

I’v ebeen called a chameleon multiple times, and it’s true. Hehe.

Back in the day when I worked a job, and when they actually wanted PEOPLE with REAL SKILLS as opposed to disposable monkeys as the case is NOW, I’d put the following on my resume.

“Can work with many different cultures successfully”

(or a variant of that, gussied up and all)

(“Gussied” is an expression in the Southern US for those that dont know, hehe).

But anyway, the point is ...

... IN order to truly connect with anyone, you have to understand them first. How they think. How they FEEL. How they react. And so forth.


The whole she-bang.

And its part of the reason why trolling me, for instance usually doesnt just end up flat on it’s face -it (as a customer recently put it) whacks the bozos right across the face and then some.

I can write to you as a woman right now if I so choose.

Or a “sissifed” male.

Or, a “gym goer beating his chest about how the bench press is soooooo much better than handstand pushups” and that the “iron is what really counts and builds real strength”.

Man. Woman. Anything in between (I haven’t done this as yet tho, hehe).

(Because no, I dont have a biz dedicated to in betweens. LOL) .

But the point begets ...

And fitness wis,e this is why the idiots who claim “bodyweight exercises don’t build strength” or “bodyweight is only good when you cant get to the GYMMMMMMMMMM BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” or “bodyweight exercises only build endurance” or “bodyweight exercises get you healthy, but thats it!”

The last puzzles me.

I mean, yes, they’re right on that one.

But thats not all they do.

And if bodyweight truly gets you healthy, and the other stuff doesnt really do it, why would you not want to make the switch? 

Befuddles your struly!

But point is, they have NO INKLING. They’ve never ever done the thing!

The bench presser bragging about how much he can press has likely never done a decent OVERHEAD press in his life, let alone get into a handstand.

The wackos who claim they’re big and strong (but are really more FAT around the MIDSECTION than anything else) and so can’t do pull-ups - - and then claim that pull-ups dont build strength while secretly trying to do ‘em – well, the less said the better !

And so on and so forth.

Lesson in all this?

Dont’ comment unless you’ve been there and done that, bro. And most people have not.

You could, of course – but it would just make you look like an idiot.

And thats what I had to get off my chest.

It’s off now, so I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember to pick up the BEST darn fitness system out there right HERE – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

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