Sunday, 20 December 2020 07:54

Why I refuse to be the “go between gopher” between Mama and wifey

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Hats OFF!

And this one is a bit of a “drama” related email, and might give you a bit of an insight into my (admittedly very dysfunctional) immediate family.

More than it has already, or perhaps the same.

And a bit of an insight into why I don’t, never have, and never will agree with my father’s (and indeed a lot of men out there, and hey, to each his own) philosophy of “if the wifes happy, everyone is”.

I’d reword it, to be honest.

If the FAMILY is happy – and that includes TWO people – everyone IS.

My Dad’s “truism” may have worked back in the day when men were real men (most, at least) and women were real women as opposed to the Nazi feminist shame central types a lot have turned into these days.

(a lot, NOT all. There’s still plenty of good women out there!)

REAL women, I should say.

But in this day and age?

In the dysfunction we live in today?

I’d say it takes TWO to tango, bro. 

And I’m sick and tired (actually, I GOT sick and tired) of being blamed by either my wife or my mother for this and that, and the usual bullshit, and of course no-one ever listens to me anyway, so whats the point, I keep telling ‘em.

To be fair my wife does a lot less of it than my mom, but she’s got her own issues with expectations and how things “should be”.

Yours truly contrarian doesn’t agree with her on most things either, especially the “shaming part” (which is so illogical and ridiculous that I LAUGH OUT LOUD on occasion).

But anyway, most men put up with it. 

And there is an “expectation” to do so.

And women “expect” this apparently (or a lot do, at least. I wouldn’t say all! I’ve met plenty that have told and advised me to go my own way, which I have, but of course, if they were married to me, then their position would likely CHANGE too!).

Anyway, thats one reason I refuse to live “with someone” long term.

And why I still maintain that what i told my (as my father likes to say) “lovely wife” (hint of jealousy there, hehe) (that reminds me of what my sister often told me about “she’s too beautiful for you” (this was for other girls, not necessarily my wife – yours truly has always been a bit of a “Stud” as it were) wife, that being LIVING together was the right decision (or would have been, and what I initially asked).  

NOT just tying the knot blindly.

I figga’ed, as I often do, I’d give it a shot.

As Ricky, a close friend of mine said in Hindi.

“Tu thehra mast banda!”

What he meant was I’m the sort of “free bird” that lives life in the flow, and refuses to be constrained by bullshit no matter how severe.

I’ll find a way out, hehe. Always have.

Always will!

And I refuse to play gopher boy and Never have, and never will, and for men out there, beyond a certain point, I’d recommend YOU do the same thing.

NEVER back down – from anything.

This advice may or may not work for you, but I believe it will in the long term work for ALL parties involved. Men, women, kids, everyone.

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Truly the best ever, brah!


Rahul Mookerjee

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