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Why I UNAPOLEGETICALLY got married on my own steam!

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I remember a convo I was having with my “beautiful wife” (hehe) a while ago about some silly bed or something my mom bought for my daughter.

To be honest, the thing is an abomination tot he extreme.

Even prison cells have better beds (or about the same). It’s the type of dorm room bed where you ca n’t even stretch your arms without banging against something, or sit up without your head clanging against something, or turn over without falling flat off the damn thing.

Now, my Dad’s company apparently assigns “drivers” (chaffeurs) to him and other senior people at the company (news flash – despite him telling us all our lives he was the BOSS of the company – he ain’t. He’s a senior guy yeah, but the DECISIONS aren’t taken by him – nothing major at least!).

(yours truly only found out about that at the age of 34, I believe) ...

But anyway, this dude was laughing at the bed apparently.

The import was, even a guy that earns a fraction of what Daddy does was laughing at the purchase, because it’s ... well, just RETARDED to an extreme. Gotta say it, bro!

But anyway, point of all this you ask?

My wife made the following comment to mine (I said “well, I don’t know so much about him laughing – does he even have that in HIS home?”) ...

“Of course”, she said, with the finality of a man (or woman) bringing a GUN to a knife fight.

“he probably got it, and a lot more in dowry”, she said.

I mused.

She is probably right!

And plus, the company my Dad works for is one of those old fashioned ones where they do take care of their employees, and where loans etc are disbursed if one really needs ‘em (of course, you gotta jump through hoops and such, but whatever) ... so, he likely DOES have something better.

But again, point being this.

One of the reasons my mom and indeed family was SO MUCH AGAINST my marriage initially was the following (one of many bozo like reasons given).

“You’re not fit to get married”

(Apparently Mommy thought I wasn’t fit to become a parent. Only she’s fit to be anything, hehe).

“There’s no dowry coming in since it’s a love marriage” was the REAL KICKER though, and left unsaid, because it would under pin their OWN so called modern outlook, but at the core, thats what they are themselves.

When my sister got married, they threw a gala shebang for all.

And they paid dowry out the ASS despite professing to be “modern” and all this other BS.

Yours truly?

I fought not one, but TWO COURT CASES – ON MY OWN STEAM – WITH MY OWN MONEY – and WITH MY OWN DAMNED LAWYERS – and perhaps most tellingly, with ZERO support to get married!

Not to mention the “honor killing” thing ... which apparently is rampant in India, and whih I could care two hoots less about.

Come to me, is what I say, hehe.

Of course, Mommy dearest in her own Nazi feminist ways wasn’t worried about yours truly getting his ass shot. (lynched more likely, since India from what I gather doenst have much in the way of private gun ownership, unless you're talking "Grandfather" rifles hehe and even those are usually illegal, which SUCKS- I'm ALL for private gun ownership as deterrence! ). 

As an old man said in "Death Wish" (a typical laconic Brice Willis flick) ... 

"If a man's gotta protect what's his, hes gotta do it himself" 

Or as "Angelina" (or perhaps Byzantina or something, I dont know - can't recall - but she was BODACIOUS! .. hehe) said 

"When seconds count - the cops are minutes away!" 

I fully agree, sis. You got it spot on! 

Anyway, back to it. And my situation at the time. 

Your sister might be hurt, she whined. 

No she wouldn’t.

Honor killing target the girl’s family – NOT the guy’s.

And are a HORRIFIC occurence which India has done very little to stamp out.

Ditto for this dowry nonsense rampant in India TO THIS DATE.

Just why the hell “money” is expected from a certain party if they want to get married to another person is frigging beyond me.

“It’s Indian Culture”, they rant.

Much like the bozos in China rant about “This is China” when confronted with facts. ...

In either case, NO FACTS are given to support their arguments.

But anyway, it’s sad my own marriage ended up the way it did, hehe, given what we went through to get married in the first place. 

Maybe I’ll make a movie about it someday, hehe.

(Uncle Bob once asked me to!) 

IN the meantime, folks. Here is the deal.

Live life – ON YOUR OWN TERMS.

Do what works – FOR YOU.

And be brazen, and unapologetic to an EXTREME about it, bro (and sis).

Thats really how you achieve. Accomplish. Succeed. At anything!

Fitness wise too, same damned thing. HERE is where you can find out all about my admittedly BRAZEN methods to get fit – but do they work?

Oh hell yeah they do!

And that the bottom line, as Steve Austin would say, hehe.

Last, but not least, I’d rather go it my OWN way, bro. Folks often tell me “your life would be much simpler initially if you had listened to Mommy”.



But I ain’t no puppet bro.

My FREEDOM and doing what is RIGHT is most important to me. And what I WANT.

I could care two hoots less about social mores which are bullshit for the most part anyway anywhere in the world (but especially so in Asia).

Yours truly contrarian to an extreme, hehe. It’s how I’ve been – how I will be – and how I advise you to be as well!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Gander on at our products right here.

(Did I invent a new way of speaking? Hehe. Well, I got no use for a man who can only speeeeelllllll one way , and the bozo English teachers that will claim incorrect grammar and thus. I’d rather go the Twain route, hehe. )