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That came out as "platititudes". LOL. 

Never been much of a "ti***" many myself. Always one for the legs, hehe. 

But anyway, frivolity and women aside. Point begets. 

Last year, when the entire world shut down was oddly enough when 0 Excuses FItness really started to take off in ways more than ONE. 

And thats funny, because just as when I started rahulmookerjee.com wayyyy back in 2010 without any HUGE amount of products to sell etc (except Fast and furious Fitness, Gorilla Grip, Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS! - and Shoulders like Boulders!  - - and even those great courses didnt have everything that the current versions DO), the customers came. 

The list grew. 

To an unwiedly 15000 plus, which I had to trim and maintain ...

And the sales came. 

Incredibly, for whatever reason, I didnt focus fully on it back then. 

Then 2017, 2018. 0 Excuses Fitness. Pyscho Cybernetics. And so forth. 

And I really started to pick up steam, especially during the second year. 

Think about it - I expanded so rapidly within the space of a year that I wondered what I did with all the years I was doing F&F! 

Even more inexplicably, I slowed down in 2019. 

Which may not seem like I did, of course. I still batted out daily emails, did my products sold etc, but SOMETHING was missing. Even I could tell!


And the results are showing, and it ain't about "what I'm doing so much " as the how and the thought processes behind it. 

But I gotta say one thing. 

Even the most succesful of us STOP doing what we were meant to do - and what GOT us to where we WERE in the first place. 

Remember Napoleon Hill and the repeated "disappointments" in Outwitting the Devil ?

You have been a stubbon student! Learn this once and learn this now - that you will find happiness only by helping OTHERS FIND IT!

Sage, my friend. 

And when he finally did accept the fact - voila! The floodgates opened in more ways than one. 

But anyway, point of me telling you this is simple. 

That you gotta put your biz FIRST. 

Ahead of ANYTHING Else. 

Ahead of what the Bozos say and the jobbers want you to do. 

Ahead of what family thinks of it. 

Ahead of what ... and just saying this ain't enough. 

You have to DO first. 

You gotta SHOW the Universe you're serious. 

Part of that entails reinvestment - multiple times and always - into your biz first. 

This might grate with families etc, especially when times are lean (and I've been there!). 

But it just HAS TO BE DONE. 

Takes one to know one, but it takes someone special to keep doing what he or she wants and ultimately get to where they want DESPITE, not because of all the criticism and everything else ... 

But this is about seriousness, and not mere platitiudes 

And you have to DO first. 


Fitness wise, if you want splendid and spectacular results, mere talk won't cut it. 

Mere actions won't either. 

You have to put your life first. Remember, HEALTH IS WEALTH! 

And anyone that tells you otherwise is full of crap. 

Your body is indeed the ONLY Temple you have - that will never ever let you down if you take care of it. 


Like many of my great customers saying "missing workouts is sacrilege". 

You dont do it unless you HAVE TO! 

You do what you have to do - you learn what you need to - despite wives, significant others, and many others around complaining, pissing and moaning about nothing in general. 

You get HER done - first! 

Pun not intended, hehe. 

Although sometimes that isn't a bad idea either, as they tend to complain less thereafter. LOL!!!!!

And that, my friend is the attitue I want in m customers. 

Give 0 Excuses Fitness - the ROLLS ROYCE, truly - of fitness - ALL you've got. 


Ditto for possibly the greatest course of them all - Animal Kingdom Workouts - though there are plenty more! 

Give first. 

Give unflinchingly. 

And you'll be surprised at how doors open up both fitness and life wise! 

And thats it from me. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. - Health is wealth should be something EVERYONE should be CHANTING by now, but curiously enough it's the exact opposite. As I see folks that diss exercise, and especially stuff like you and I do falling sick LEFT, RIGHT, and CENTER - and I ain't even talking China plague here - I gotta shake my head. What BE these folks thinking ... 

Anyway, yeah. Work these exercises hard, and you'll turn ito a super human befor eyou know it!

Or, an INDESTRUCTIBLE, ARMOR PLATED beast and a force of nature. 

Thank me later, hehe. 

You're welcome!

(nothing if not humble am I). 

But nah. SERIOUSLY. I dont want thank yous so much as I want genuine testimonials telling me how much my products helped YOU - as I've said ad infinitum - - that, my BROTHER - is what makes it all worth it!

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Sunday, 07 February 2021 08:50

The true measure of a GOO-ROOOOOO!

Ben Settle, you beauty. Hehe. 

The "goo rooooo" should probably be trademarked by HIM. He probably picked up the "style" from Matt Furey, another great guy and definitely great RESULTS too ... 

But anyway, what am I on about now you ask. 

Well, "yours truly unpredictable" is on about this - the "goo roos" and the "so called experts", or the "sh-experts" as I like to call 'em (and no doubt others do too). 

One of the ways you really know though that someone is a GURU at his work - that his stuff is truly the (this is what a customer Charles Mitchell said) "REAL DEAL" - and (fitness wise) - that (this is what another customer said) he truly is the "Best there is, Best there was .." (ok, I said that ...he said "Stella Aortis" of fitness - and "bodyweight exercise guru") is not so much from tom tomming, sales etc. 

It's how many people QUIETLY learn from you, and th enumber of people that troll you, and yet copy you. 

We all aspire to be what we cannnot, hehe. 

(I should say what we THINK we cannot). 

And some of us buckle down - and well - concieve, then we BELIEVE, then we turn that belief into a DEEP conviction (Claude Bristol) and then we achieve (on auto pilot - I say this on another sit e- that is yours truly trademarked, hehe). 

Bozo Schofield, for one signs his rants off with "Best" now. 

No doubt something he quietly copied and thought I wouldn't notice. 

Not to mention the way he copies my WeShat profile picture, right down to the sunglasses. 

Except his are cheap imitation glasses, and really, anytime someone "Copies", its nigh evident, hehe. 

Poor Glyn. 

And my style of signing off with a huge "Thank you!!" so much so that you can FEEL the energy in many of my emails? 

Well, I got that from a certain Trumpinator .... 

(no, I dont copy people or try to ape them, but you can LEARN from the greats my friend. It's what I've done all my life and continue to do, and it's what my STUDENTS do too i.e learn from ME. It's a circle!)

And that, my friend is being picked up by some great, great guys (my emailing service which was down today, but they got it back up - kudos!) as well ... 

I won't mention them publicly here. 

But they got a five star review from me "straight from the horse's mouth" - because guess what. They deserve it!

Several lessons in all of those for YOU, the budding marketer or even perhaps if you're "just into fitness" (no-one ever is, hehe). 

And I'll end here, but takeaways - 

One, as I've said before, please DO email or otherwise leave GENUINE or honest reviews (even if they aren't "5 star"). They really help! 

Again, honest is what counts. 

And two? 

Well, pick up some of my great products HERE my friend - and start getting in the best damned shape of your life now. 

I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I actually included the part about my books being EXPENSIVE on the main page now. Lets see if that keeps the trolls, nutjobs, wack monsters, and Bozos away. Probably not, but we'll see. 

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A great customer once told me the following (and I'm paraphrasing) when I asked for an honest review on the other site (well, for THESE products). 

"Rahul, I dont leave reviews generally because they're subjective and what works for one person might not for th eother - but in your case, with your products, I'm more than glad to shout from the rooftops about how great they are". 

Again, this is not the exact verbatim quote but it is indeed the sum and substance of what he said. 

Guess what. 

He - is - RIGHT!

For a lot of my life, I've never quite promoted my stuff as much as I should have. Perhaps if I had way back in the day when Major General Michael told me, then 0 Excuses Fitness would be EVEN MORE of a GLOBAL PHENOMENON that it is NOW. 

Quite truly IS. 

And honestly, what do I mean, and why do I say this? 

This may resonate with YOU - so listen UP. Even if fitness doesnt' interest you (but it should), it will be of sage interest. 

All my life I've been told I was no good. 

That I didnt "deserve" the raise I got at my jobs. When I did get it - it was "ho hum". When I made SALES galore, it was "oh, just sales". 

When I sell my products NOW, and people get GREAT results, the Bozos come a knocking, hehe. 

In more ways than one ... 

I welcome all of it. 

And coming from a man who was told when he was lad "that he thinks he's so strong" ...well, look at me now, and I think I can BACK up that, eh. 

Or was it back that up. 

Ah yes. 

I earned more than the China tom tommers, and indeed, I was the one that blazed a path even in many an ESL "bozo" class. 

Believe it or not, I had other teachers "assigned" to me in class - but they didnt interfere. They were there to "pick up notes". 

True story, ... 

Anyway, point is this. Twofold. 

One, if you're in business, or even life or anything - you gotta SHOUT from the rooftops about yourself my friend. 

Guess what - as Donald Trump rightly once said, if you don't promote your SUCCESSES, guess what - people likely won't NOTICE 'em. 

The more you promote, the more you get noticed. 

The more you get called a shamless marketer, which yours truly can (not really) - the more you sell. 

And guess what brah. 

End of the day, SALES and marketing is the LIFEBLOOD of any business.  (any succesful one, that is)

sure, your products have to be good - the best. 

No doubt.

And the book I wrote on it bears testament to the fact. 

It's PRODUCTS and your JOB that keeps people COMING BACK and not LEAVIN. 

But if you don't promote, if you dont sell, if you do what a famous painter did and create GREAT stuff (Salvatore I believe it was) - but don't sell, then you'll die poor and you'll have skinny kids. 

I suppose if that is what someone wants, by all means - but why my friend. 

Money is what allows you to do what you do best, and CREATE more of the same - for everyone. 

Abundance is what we ALL deserve as human beings. 

And if any of the above sounds familiar - I bet it does - and if you're still stuck in the doldrum in terms of not being able to achieve goals etc - pick up the following courses - Gumption Galore! And Zero to Hero!

For starters. 

You'll quickly see that it's your THOUGHTS, and thoughts alone that limit you. 

YES, even in this time of the Wuhan plague! 

Wu(han), hehe. 

And that, my friend is THAT. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Some shameless self promotion - the BEST damned fitness system ever is right here - the 0 Excuses Fitness System. 

PS #2 - and to learn HIDDEN secrets the strongmen of YORE (real men) used to get their strength up to the LEGENDARY levels they did - pick up the course on isometrics NOW. 

PPS - Where woud I be without promoting what is probably my best book ever? Hehe. 

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Sunday, 31 January 2021 19:00

Reliability, the million dollar word …

As of late, I’ve been asked many times to switch my buying and other business allegiancesfrom the mighty Amazon to many others.

“Why not support some others”, people ask me. Some do, at least. Most don’t.

 Well, I don’t know my friend.

But reliability is one main reason. 

Recently I’ve bought some items online from (not just from Amazon) various sources, and the retailers are all “small businesses looking to make a mark”

Hey, why not I thought when I made the purchases.

Lets circulate the money, the more small businesses get actual biz, the more the overall global economy improves.

At least, that was my thinking.

But I was WRONG and sadly mistaken in my thinking that these guys would deliver QUALITY products.

I ordered a tenthouse sort of thing for outdoor activities.

Broke the first day. Return!

I ordered a pair of track pants. Too tight, and the wrong color (I mean, really, I don’t get it – how can staff send the wrong color AND wrong size? Seems to me they didn’t have what they promised,and just sent out “something” in the hopes the customer would (in an equally resigned mode) “accept what they got”).

No I wont.

Return time!

And third time, and this was when I ordered track pants again, they actually fit well.

They were loose around the waist – and snug around the thighs -exactly the “straight” cut I wanted.

Wore it once, and then discovered tiny holes in the groin area.

End of experiment with “small companies”, at least for now!

That brings me to my main point – reliability!

I stick with Amazon because of their customer service, first and foremost.

Plague, no plague, rain, hail, sleet, sun, shine, or snow, even the company’s most ardent detractors know how Jeff built his biz – by always putting the customer first.

Within reasonable limits obviously, but they go above and beyond what is required in my opinion. Big time. If any company today has mastered the principle of “give first, and get MORE in return”, it is them!

If Amazon says something you can take it to the bank my friend. They’re that reliable anywhere in the world (barring small glitches).

At least, that has been my experience overall with them, and therefore …

And thats why 0 Excuses Fitness is still here, amidst all the chaos and rubble, and growing as ever.

Because of one thing first and foremost – reliability.

And saying it like it is, and backing up that talk with ACTION and RESULTS.

End of the day, as Trump said, you’re measured ultimately by results.

And my stuff delivers – there is no doubt about that (you know it does when even the Bozos admit it, hehe).

Not to mention the stuff I promote – bodyweight exercises – time tested, true, and reliable.

Bodyweight workouts are there WITH you, FOR you, always. Lockdowns, no lockdowns, Chinese plagues or not, gyms or not, the old staple is always there, and once the hoo haa has cleared, guess what.

Old – is indeed GOLD.

And reliability my friend is key, and cannot be over-estimated or “valued enough” for that matter.

It truly is one of those qualities sorely lacking in most people today, not to mention most businesses.

Anyway, enough on that. My current web hosts fit that “Reliable” bill too!

Anyway, I’ll be back soon.

To pick up the most reliable and results producing fitness system out there, go here.


Rahul Mookerjee 

PS – No discussion of reliable bodyweight workouts would be complete without that old and essential “must have” staple – Pushups! Get you some NOW, bro.

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Back in the day I made the decision to go to china despite a ton of opposition.

Not so much from friends as from family … but now that I think back over it, other than the usual “Rahul needs to stick to the straight and narrow, tried and tested” etc path BS (at least I think it’s that, hehe), there were other reasons.

One, fear of the unknown.

For some reason yours truly has been a pioneer in many ways, but none more so (well, equally so!) at going to places and countries where no-one has gone before in the family, and doing it in a way no-one else has (or would think of).

Dont get me wrong.

It’s always prudent to “look before you leap if you can”, until a certain point, but that spirit needs to be tempered with listening to your gut at the end of the day, the latter taking absolute priority over hours and hours of “deliberation”.

‘Tis true my friend.

Your subconscious can and will ALWAYS on the spur of the moment make better decisions for you than any amount of so called logic could in any situation – IF YOU LET IT!

Most don’t …

And second, this belief most people have that life has to be a DRAG, and a grind.

I’ve met plenty of folks without that belief, but they under-number the reverse majority by a factor of about10 if not more.

And I’ve written about that before so I wont get into it again here.

But briefly, the idea people have of life being a grind, and making money being a grind – is – well – utterly and completely beyond me, and something I’ll never ever understand, and I’ve provided proof behind my thinking too, though I didn’t need to!

But anyway, in China, although the “medium” was a certain Ann Lee, I discovered a certain holy grail of exercise that virtually every achiever of note in any field does.

Napoleon Hill did ten miles of it daily reportedly, often uphill.

Sounds familiar to me. Very familiar!!! Hehe.

Matt Furey,self made millionaire reportedly goes on long walks in the woods.

Ben Settle, one of his “proteges” by “proxy” does the same along the beach while he “thinks” and listens to uplifting stuff.

(Note – No, I am not in any way, shape or form affiliated with these people. Neither I am just name dropping or saying it because I get some benefit – I do NOT. I merely say it for the same reason I give credit to those that deserve it in my books, such as in the 0 Excuses Fitness System!)

It’s all a circle, my friend. We ALL get on the roundabout!

(if we let ourselves)

Anyway, Henry Ford, Edison and Burbanks met once a year for their getaway in the woods which had nothing to do with biz directly. Again,long walks!

So this practice transcends generations, people, everything.

Walking, although it’s great for health, and although thats why I started doing it has so many other benefits that simply labeling it a spiritual exercise would be doing it a disservice, and Im sure the people above would agree - - many have gone on record saying the reason they walk has got nothing to do with exercise.

And I agree!

My own long walks – yes, they were primarily exercise oriented, but beyond a certain point, they became spiritual and THOUGHT provokin.

Such as the time when I stopped ¾ of the way up the hill and literally felt the great seer Emerson “talk to me out of the blue”!

I regard it as SO important that I devote an entire section in Advanced Hill Training on … ?

You got it, bro.

Walking properly.

Because most people walk in the opposite manner that they should and deprive themselves of the vast majority of the benefits they would be getting if they did it right (both mental and spiritual).

And that alone should be reason to pick up this great course NOW, my friend.

Not to mention the warp speed at which the routine therein will blast fat off your body. You WILL literally eat more – and weigh less!

On that note, I’m out. I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Along with walks, either uphill or not, remember that quick and dirty BODYWEIGHT Exercises, the greatest and most effective ones on the PLANET are where it’s at brah. Get cracking on some of them right HERE.

PS #2 - In "16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections", and these emails I believe, I've mentioned in the past how the great Brooks Kubik, truly a REAL DINO for the AGES once wrote to his life about "Rahul'd hill walking workout from China" - a classic email if any! And while he mentioend what I did, along with the physical benefits (dropping several waist sizes for one!) - he ended it with how it made me feel, and he did that NATURALLY. 

"And he sits down to a good meal" (he edited the beer and pizza out in my email to him, hehe). And he should. He's earned it!" 

Sage, my friend. And I had! 

Earning your meals, each one of them, is a damn good idea even if I say so myself!

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I’m not sure if it’s still around.

But way back in the day, these guys were there – best pizza in the entire state of “The Socialist Democratic Republic of New York”.

(The People's Republic is an epithet I save for CALIFORNIA!)

(The PRC no less, hehe). 

While it’s reached giddy limits under their current governor Cuomo, it was bad enough back in the day in 2002, I believe.

There was this STEEP hill there which was supposed to be a hideout for crime gangs and other notorious characters, and hills?

OF course I’d know about it!

But what I didn’t know, coming from the US South, and what the cops later told me was this.

“Don’t go there alone”, was what one friendly copper advised me.

(and my then girlfriend).

Why not, we asked.

He told us.

“Even the cops don’t show up here without an army”, he laughed (curiously enough the same dialog Denzel said in Training Day when showing up in the hood. Of course, Denzel WAS the hood, so thats different!)

And he went on to say that due to restrictive laws etc, the CRIMINALS were roaming around the city with IMPUNITY while the cops?

Did what they could.

And I’m sure any cop, or ex cop reading this will “feel” me.

Not the case down South, my friend, where gun ownership is FAR easier for people than up North and West.

When the LAW abiding people own guns, crime goes down.

The other way around just doenst work my friend.

Try telling the idiot anti-NRA or what not that tho …

Anyway , this ain’t about guns.

It’s about the pizza joint, and an Italian family that ran the BEST damn pizza joint I’ve ever eaten at !


Believe me, while Dongguan has it’s own version of pizza (lip smacking!) - it is NOTHING compared to what I ate up there.

Papa Johns doesn’t come close. Dominoes and Pizza hut aren’t even in the same galaxy.

We made a beeline for that place every tim ewe could.

By taxi, since yours truly only rented a car there on weekends …

Good ole Enterprise Rent a Car, hehe.

But it was that good we made a beeline for it in TAXIS.

During Monday Night RAW!

I still remember GOBBLING the pizza up so quickly one night that my girl at the time looked at me unbelievingly.

“Just three pieces left”, she told yours truly “hog”.

(Worry not. We had a great eatery right next door with the best “orange” chicken wings ever. Some Afghan guys were doing it. Best ever!)

(and we ordered that for her. She loved ‘em!)

(No wonder I became as big as a house despite the hills, lol).

But anyway, point?

Is that these guys (pizza dudes) had a clientile that was LINED up out there in the COLD weather to get their pizza!

It didn’t matter if it rained, snowed, sleeted, or hailed, a combo therein (the year I was there was mild, but I froze my butt off anyway) …

They were THERE!

And the restaurant was TINY.

But guess what.

The dude who ran the place just wouldn’t either get delivery – OR a bigger place.

“It’ll lose the home cooked feel”, was all he’d say.

And though I didn’t get it then (Well I did but not entirely) – now?

I get it!

And he’s right.

The minute he goes commercial and mainstream is the minute he loses his devoted BASE that would do ANYTHING to get at his stuff …

(and his was the best, so rightly so!)

But there’s a lesson in here for all of you (same one I learnt).

My stuff ain’t mainstream – as yet.

(some is, but not the bulk)

Most people scoff at it (while remaining Bozos, while the rest of us that get it go on to get in the best shape of our LIVES at BREAKNECK SPEED!).

But yours truly actively tells people that ain’t got it to STAY AWAY – much like pizza dude told those who complained about “no delivery” to go to Papa’s or what not.

Did it hurt his sales tho?

Not an inkling my friend.

Same thing for me.

But guess what.

One of my GREAT, best customers Charles Mitchell once told me that “if I make my stuff easier, I’d appeal to MORE people”

(This is in response to an email about people that don’t get it!)

But Charles gets it!

“But that would mean changing who you ARE!”

And he’s right -and he said it better than I ever could.

Hard hitting info in a decidely NOT Fancy package – and NOT cheap either my friend.

Thats me.

And that stuff delivers RESULTS, if you just do it.

And if you don’t?

That little “unsubscribe” link be a beckoning, hehe.

Anyway, enough on this.

Get the BEST damned fitness system right now – right HERE

I look forward to welcoming YOU aboard.



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure and jump yourself fit right HERE.


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I loved it back then too!

But I didn’t do much about it, hehe.

I was being kind.

Which I always am to EVERYONE unless they prove they don’t deserve it.

To be honest, it’s been very few people in my own circle that have been that way.

I might not GET ALONG with Charles (the friend) for one.

(he probably hates my guts in some regards too. And that fine!) 

But would I ever troll him – spread lies – baseless rumors – or misinformation about him for one?

OR any of the other people I have “disagreements” with?

( dont think HE would either)

No way, Jose.

No-one deserves that.

Not me. Not you. Not no-body ..unless they’re Glyn Bozo on Drugs and in A** Schofield, both in their wild dreams and fanciful imaginations which “peter” (pun very much intended!) out at the mere THOUGHT or “requirement” of doing something.

The bozo often bitched about the women I attracted.

You know what “C…..” ( I won’t mention the name, hehe) said about him once?

(I’m not mentioning the name because Bozo knows TWO people by that name)

“Maybe she wants more than your tongue …. …. A**”

You get the point, LOL.

Maybe they all did, not to mention he’s a pyscho from hell and even Hannibal would run for the hills.

But anyway, I trie helping him. A LOT.

More than other people.

Listened to his madness, couseled him for FREE, gave him valuable advice, and what did he do?

Well, a scorpion never changes its colors, and my bad, perhaps for thinking that this one would. He CAN be extremely persuasive while playing the “lost little boy” role. Perhaps thats why (well thats one reason) he’d on the lam – he’d never last a MINUTE (and hed love picking up the soap too. Hehe).

But anyway … I still remember it.

The first time I sent him rahulmookerjee.com. (he didn’t know it). 


I had a bad feeling.

Right there and then.

But I ignored it for once.

Big mistake.

“I write books on BDSM too” I told him.

Just to see what he said.

And true enough, he and another person “wanted to read ‘em”.

No prizies for guessing who the “other person is”.

But that little angel on my shoulder, perhaps a female one (I know, Glyn. Poor you, wanking that wanker LOL) told me NOT To.

I didn’t.

Good I didnt/

Or he’d be having a field day there too.

But then again, on second thoughts, maybe I’ll put the URL here.

I would SO LOVE a sales boost like I’m getting on the fitness stuff from the Bozo (or “Keith James”, LOL’s trolling) …

“Mate, you’re ajoke! BDSM! Fitness!”


He might have well been on his period. LOL.

Come to think of it he probably was, and as “Mr. Samurai” (as I like to call one of my customers who at the age of 60 PLUS can do stuff that would make a man 1/3rd his age GAPE) would say, maybe he “needs a tight slap across the face”.


I love it how English is used in the UK, LOL.

Poor Bozo...

But anyway, my wife and mom often get into it too, and my wife had this to say about my mom.

“She secretly copies a lot of what I do”

Now, you ont his list is well aware of the fact I do NOT get along with either.

Facts speak though, bro.

And my wife might be a lot of things, and might not be a lot of things, but a good MOM she is.

She would do anything for my daughter. Perhaps the reverse for me, but thats ok. I’ll live with it – happy to, hehe.

Because … ;) Well, we wont go there here.

But I would too (for my daughter) so I get it.

But really, and as I told her.

“They only copy or get jealous or fight because they see something in the person in front of them THEY don’t have”.

Sage my friend.

And that bit of crowy self promotion aside, I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The Bozo chose the picture on Shoulders like Boulders! To troll, because guess what. That LOOK in the eye hit him!


PS #2 – Ditto for “Eat More – Weigh Less”.

As they say, the knife that cuts the deepest. Ah, Glyn, ain’t you just “luvin it”from yours truly COWBOY?

No bareback mountain for me though, sorry, but I know a couple of shemales around in lockdown #2 China I could send your way. That sound nice? LOL gain.

PPS - Daniela, thank YOU for all the translation. You truly are SO nice. THE BEST!

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Tuesday, 12 January 2021 08:43


As it was MEANT to be lived, bro!

As ... but anyway, flash back time first.

Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the day (this was REALLY way back in the day), my mother and father finally and grudgingly “reconciled” to the fact their son was “en route” to “spoiling his life by running around in vague places”, and “being adventurous”.

These comments were all made tons of times in some way, shape or form, but luckily yours truly although NOWHERE near as hard headed and HEADSTRONG as I am NOW, didn’t listen.

Like I said, the FORCE was always there within me.

Like a genie, uncorking and unbottling it was what counted. Which I did and do plenty of, hehe. (the bottles).

And anyway, that is probably another reason they didnt want me to go. I remember complaining about lugging groceries up flights of stairs (before writing books about how Chinese damed carry massive and mammoth bottles of water up stairs  (or how skinny cHinese dudes lug garganturan weights up stairs most notably A/C compressrors and such) and why YOU SHOULD TOO – but hey – I was a “Jim Shim at home” addict then!) and the first thing Mom thought was “he’s carrying cases of beer up stairs”.

No I wasn’t.

They were all getting delivered, usually by cut little gals that would giggle and laugh at my ever expanding BELLY (back then).

Nothing if not brutally frank are those gals in China ...

And I love it! (because for the most part they keep it interesting).

Smart girls, really.

But anyway, when they came to visit me, we went to Beijing.

Did a tour of the forbidden palace or what not.

Which was so boring I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel to pound BEER.

(which I did later. Four bottles I think ...)

But anyway, during all of this tour and the friendly tour guide showing us around, Daddy made the comment about a gal (curiously enough the birds be chirping agin as I write this! Spirit!) ....

“you can find all that very easily here!”

(I believe after looking at some young dame hanging on to a Westerner's arm or something)

Now, I already knew this, of course.

But he told me.

The tone was in sharp and stark contrast to what he said at the age of 17.

“Those Chinese girls! Beware! They’ll TRAP YOU!”

curiously enough in all my years in America I never once dated a Chinese gal!

Or one of Asian origin.

Was all hot Southern babes, hehe.

(ah, those summer months and the SORORITIES, hehe).

But anyway, point of this is, you ask?

Is, for one that he made the comment without my mother noticing (she was busy arguing over something on some “Tshirt” or some such stuff with another equally crankly older American tourist. Dont ask. I stayed away, hehe).

Or maybe she did, but didnt care.

Probably didnt care.

My point is this tho.

Everyone wants to do it, my friend.


We’ve all been programmed to believe and think life is a drudgery.

Is it any wonder that looking around us right now, what do we see in the World?

Thought, my friend is what changes things.

You were NOT MEANT to “do nothing with your life and be a slave to corporate jobs (unless thats your thang)”.

We ALL have that something inside of us that we want to do.

Precious few have the balls to DO IT.

And the rest complain saying “they have the chance to do it, so they do, but we didnt get the chance”.

Foeey x 10.

We MAKE our own luck, our own CHANCES!

Thats just how it works brah.

You attract it into your life.

Point is, really, live life KINGSIZE.

That isn’t always the easiest way to to do it.

Fitness wise, following the roid monsters in their pump shump dump routines might look like the easiest way out NOW.

Joining a bozo job might look great for someone that is “down and out” (or thinks he or she is).

In the long run, is that what you really WANT?

Get after what you WANT, bro, not what they say you should want.

You KNOW you want to do pull-ups galore and be called “pull-up champ” or “You have that X taper to your back” or “you look like a movie star”.

You KNOW you want the Jim-bo Bimbos to GOGGLE as you crush their hands with that GRIP ship.

And you KNOW, nothing compares to the feeling you get from cooly and casually pumping out handstand pushups right there in the gym, right under their very NOSES!

(or, in the park outside bathrooms with dogs licking your nose, hehe).

Get after it. NOW.


You got one life, bro.

Do it – NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – Really. Just DO IT!

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Saturday, 09 January 2021 09:20

How dare I write about “famous” people

Biden Shiden Hiden.

Sure, he’s going to be the next President barring a miracle 

And sure, given the courts haven’t shown much interest in doing what should have done in terms of calling out a faulty and flawed election for what it is, and given that the Trump legal team did an equally crappy and unprofessional job of presenting their case apparently, thats how it is.

But his one comment to Trump’s not attending the inaugartion comment said it all.

“Who cares”.

Or something like that, is what he said.

Um, Joe Biden...

President Biden.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but damn near half the country and MOST of the world, even as far away as in Japan where a pro Trump rally recently took place CARES.

LOTS of people care in India.

LOTS of people do in China too, though we cant really say a lot about it publicly...

Anyone with half a brain knows that monkey business was afoot..

But anyway, point being this.

Every time I saw Joe Biden during the election, campaign etc and even now, it seems he’s been “hiding”.  

First doing his calls etc from his basement apparently.

Because of plague shague. Panic “sh”anic.

And so forth. And then of course his campaigns where virtually no-one attended as compared to the massive crowds that showed up for the Trumpinator.

Not to mention all the “zombies”, literally, who showed up to vote for him!

Anyway ..

Trump’s my President, and a GLOBAL Prez, and the REAL LEADER and despite his antics recently, my opinion of him hasn’t changed one damned bit.

And Twitter blocking him?

Well, I wrote on that this morning. A lengthy piece!

And on that note, as I was making my green tea, a thought struck me.

How dare I say anything about famous people, went my Mom.

Back in 2018, they were pestering me (yet again, ugh) to do a Bozo like job shob.

Bear in mind the relationship died a long time ago. We’d probably be pointing guns at each other the way it is NOW.

And anyway, being it was none of her business, I told her anyway.

But I made one last attempt.

“Have you ever read how many times Ford failed?” I asked (and note – this was in 2018, when THIS PARTICULAR biz was hardly a “failure”!!).

And of course.

Don't you talk about those people! she said in an ugly tone that would ... ah, but I better not go there. Let me just say that certain women take UNDUE advantage of their gender when badgering men. 

She went off on a rant about how “those people were intensely motivated and creative”, while I was an idiot who was the opposite. 

Coming from a person who hasn’t earned a single red cent her whole life, didnt complete college, sits on her duff all day long and pretends to be “Queen Elizabeth”, and if told otherwise, of course, how dare i.

“You’re a boy! So yo ubetter stay under my thumb or else”.


We all know how that woudl work out.


But really, it seems to piss a lot of bozos off.

And this plays into what people think in general about successful people “having it easy”.

Trump for one was born rich, yes.

But he’s failed millions of times too, and ask the man, and he’ll be the first to admit it.

And most of the other successes you see around you went through EXACTLY the same thing as yours truly writes about.

Years and years of FAILURE.

Stallone. Slept in a train station for two weeks, sold “Butkus” off as well to eat!

Pawned his wife’s jewelry without his knowledge.

Life puts men that finally do make it through all sorts of struggles that would KILL the average person, and if not, force them into a Bozo shozo like job ...

Anyway, the same thing with my books.

I mention the Great Gama in my books.

Herschel Walker.

And a host of other GURUS that did and do bodyweight, and get in the best shape of their lives.

And yet.

How dare I, eh.


But guess what.


Thats just how it is, my friends. 

And if you don’t like it, well, the unsubscribe button or “block Rahul” button is always there, hehe.

And so it goes.Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure to check out what the one and only Herschel Walker had to say about bodyweight training in 0 Excuses Fitness.

PS #2 – Be sure and check out what ole Mike Tyson had to say about “plan shan” in terms of life, fitness, and IN THE RING!

PPS – And of course, what yours truly has to say and advise on all this.

How dare I, hehe.

But I did!

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Without knowing it, I rectified one of the KEY mistakes I made with regard to all my businesses for many years.

By no means was this a deal breaker.

I made sales. Continued to put out products, books, courses, and what not.

Continued to get trolled by Bozo Scho-Fo “the rotund one” for one, hehe.

But point is ... that one thing?

I remember talking to a friend of mine Dwayne once about something, and as always, this man gave me some SOLID advice.

He talks a lot when we do talk, and I listen to it all.

(Thats one of the things I really hate about “conversations” in general, and people that say they want to listen, talk etc - - but then end up saying that “too many audio messages” - - when you’ve only sent one in about 6 months or so!).

Believe me, yours truly is a true caveman in that regard, and I prefer to do everything in WRITING.

Thats how I run my life, and business etc (and thats why as my lovely wife says, I’m so hard to “live with”).

Hehe. She is probably right in her own way!

She always is, isn’t she.

LOL Again.

That ole thing of keeping your balls ... ah, but I won’t go there!!

But anyway, Bobbitting or assumed Bobbiting aside ..where was I?

Ah yes.

Charles for one (the friend) who is the “mutual friend” (not sure about now) for both Bozo Schofield and myself knew about the trolling before I did it.

Never told me.

And claims “it doesnt matter”.

Maybe to him it doesnt.

But what matters to me ain’t that

I could care less about that ... what I DO care about is two things.

One, if it’s racist, and he isn’t (which he isn’t, really) - - then continuing to encourage that racism from (admittedly, as he said) “a known lunatic” ?

Not on, friend.

And two, and more pertinently here, he never really bothered to listen to any of the audios I sent him – which was only when we DID talk, which wasnt a lot ...

Apparently he “got too may”.

But apparently Bozo Schofield’s insane rants (his own words, not mine) and 200 plus audios and inane chattering in WeShat groups was easier than listening to someone who says it like it is about issues that MATTER as opposed to which kid didnt learn ABC well enough today and so forth ...

Anyway ...

Dwayne said the following.

“Email something DAILY. Even if you’re not in the mood, just do it”.

And being he was talking about something else actually, this just came up.

But it was one of those hidden gems that I’m not sure if even he remembers telling me, and from a man thats failed way more than he’s succeeded, and from a man that KNOWS a thing or two about TRUE success, and a man that is NOW living life on his OWN terms (and he should!) ... well, that was a sage comment.

I knew it all along.

But for some reason I slacked off “sometimes”.

And this happened over the years.

I dont know which famous person it was that put a cross on the calendar every time he got his “joke of the day” written out.

Perhaps a comedian?

I am not sure. I cannot remember.

But those strings of X’s added up, and he said he’d never stop experiencing success so long as he didnt break the chain.

In 2020, for whatever reason, I didnt just do THAT.

I did about five times more, hence the “success”, “trolling”, and the GROWTH in the biz.

Which was there before too, but the more you do the right things, the more you grow!

And no, if Bozo Schofield is reading this, I dont mean that sort of growth either, LOL.

Now, here is the point.

A very lengthy one you might say .... and so be it.

But what if you “can’t write” one day or “just have nothing to write about” despite being a prolific writer otherwise.

Yes, I’ve had it happen too!

Even me.

And the key is to realize you ALWAYS have something to share.

You ALWAYS have something you CAN do.

And yo ujust gotta do it!

Believe me, it’s as simple as that.

This afternoon, I was shooting emails back and forth with a customer Charles, and I was in a relaxed mood. I hadn’t done any of my daily emails etc.

Wasn’t sure what to write.

Then the brain kicked in.

“Get to work, boyo!”

And I did.

And hence this email. And all the others!

And momentum wise, the five or so you get daily from me despite the promise of ONE.

UNDER promising and over delivering is what has got me to where I’m at today – both in life – and business.

And fitness.

Just start, bro.

Dont feel like the pull-ups today?





Then you’re done for the day. We will “do it again tomorrow”.


Done now?

Feel the blood flowing, the heart pumping?

OK, why not one handstand.

Just one. Not even a press up. You can do that! 



And at the end of the day, I bet you’ll have done MORE than what you intended to do, if you keep going this way!

And that my friend is what it’s about.

Momemtum builds upon the same. Laziness does too.

Success. Failure. All does.

Birds of a feather not only STICK together, but FLOCK together. So does misery. And happiness.

You get the point.

Now .... get to work fitness wise.

And – just do it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the latest compilation I just put out – long and much awaited – the compilation on SHOULDERSBarnstormer Shoulders! This course is truly IT, my brother. You WILL build them barndoor lats, BARN STORMING shoulders, core of steel, grip of iron, and MUCH MORE!

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