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Doing what you were truly MEANT To

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Most people never figure it out over a LIFETIME.

There is that ONE thing our “Creators” or Universe, or God, or what have you instilled in ALL of us that makes us UNIQUE.

Sure, our personality. Our traits. Our character. But other than the obvious, what we DO.

Some of us are multi-faceted. Multi-talented. Genuises. What not. But the point begets.

(Personally I believe we ALL have genuis inside of us, if we're open enough to admit it) ... 

And I’ve spoken about this before. 

What you were MEANT To do – put on this planet to do – isnt’ necessarily any of the following -

- What everyone “tells” or advises you to do (usually you should be doing the precise OPPOSITE).

- What makes the easiest and quickest (or long term stable) MOOLAH

- What your boss at your job tells you to do (you shouldn’t even be working a “job” for a lot of you out there.

- What Mama and Daddy guilt trip, badger, pester ,and ... ah, but we’ve all been there ... YOU into doing. (if you do it)

And so forth.

Here is the QUESTION, then.

What is that ONE thing that even your most ardent detractors can NEVER EVER find fault with even if they WANT to – or try?

This question may require some deep thinking. Some deep thought. I know it took me YEARS to finally understand what Napoleon Hill talks about in “Outwitting the Devil”, and many of his other books.

Hill was meant to write, and inspire.

Yet, he would never stay “consistent” with it until a certain point. 

That little voice in the head often spoke up in times of extreme emergency.

“You’ve been humiliated and placed in this position so you can LEARN A LESSON!”

(Not verbatim, but this is the sum and substance)

“Your job was to compile your findings into writing and INSPIRE others. Understand one thing – you will only find happiness by helping OTHERS FIND IT! You have been a stubborn student and have had to be CURED of this through various obstacles and temporary defeat.

Go NOW, and start what you were meant to do!”

(Hill was compiling the secrets behind TRUE AND LASTING SUCCESS by interviewing those that had been there and done that).

There’s a lot more to it.

But Hill speaks of the two MOST pressing and urgent situations in his life when when all seemed lost, his OTHER SELF woke (because he found the determination to WAKE IT UP)!

And he made two very potent discoveries.

One, the subconscious can solve damn near anything you throw at it – provided you do so in the right manner.

And two, and more (well, equally) importantly, you were put on this planet for a PURPOSE ... And until you keep “avoiding” (Either consciously or not) what you were put on Earth to do – guess what.

You will never succeed at the highest levels.

‘Tis a fact as clear as daylight, Jack. And no, you dont need to die a pauper either as many did.

Money is a different beast, and attracting it, and what not.

I know immensely wealthy people that are NOT happy. I know people that have NOTHING that are HAPPY. And everything in between. So this isn’t about money bro.

Anyway, I was thinking about all this last night.

My mind flashbacked to 2008, I think.

I had started “” at that time.

Just a blog. Getting my feet wet.

Incredibly, people LOVED IT (I didnt have a single product to promote at the time).

I used to give off myself freely on forums, discussion boards etc. IF only I knew how much wasted effort that was. E bay She bay my ass ...

But inexplicably, the flame died (or so I thought).

I let the domain expire. The blog died. I moved on to other things (a nascent web development biz).

In 2010, the bug HIT me – and hard – AGAIN.

I wrote Fast and Furious Fitness, and a few other books in anothe rbusiness venture.

And truth be told, if my wife hadn’t encouraged me to do it at the time I probably woul dnever have.

True, my wife and myself are like strangers NOW.

But, credit where credit is due. If she hadn’t said what she did, albeit unknowingly, and she likely doesnt even remember it, yours truly wouldn’t have done it.

Or it would hav ebeen delayed ...

So, i wrote Fast and Furious Fitness, Gorilla Grip, and Shoulders like Boulders, all NOT as exhaustive as today ( I revamped them all in 2017).

Other than a bit of marketing here and there, I didnt really market myself full steam.

In fact, you will notice that from the earlier posts themselves.

And although I didn’t, again. People signed up for the newsletter. The list grew, and grew, and grew to a bulky and unmanageable (because I didnt manage it!) 15,000 plus.

Inexplicably, I didnt go full bore at the time.

Years passed, but I’d keep writing in this and other verticals. No-one “knew” about it. No-one would have cared anyway.

And I made a few sales here and there, but certainly nothing spectacular.

In 2017, I had an epiphany, and got tired of my life depending on bozo like jobs.

By chance or not, I read Pyscho Cybernetics, a great, great book I recommend for everyone out there.

It changed my life. Literally. So I thought, until I read Think and Grow Rich and “The Magic of Believing” – and after THAT, I devored everything I could find from these authors.

I’ve read a lot, by the way. Both fiction and non fiction. Agatha Christie, Sidney Sheldon. Robert Ludlum. Michael Crichton. Just about any decent fiction, and on the non fiction, and the above?

Ted Nicholas, for one. Ben Settle (his blog etc). And many others (but the above three books changed my life – especially the latter two, and I will never, ever stop tom tomming their virtues. Hehe.)

(Not tom tomming actually).

It was only then that I really went full bore on all of this. 2017, 2018 .... and there were problems. Troubles. Many things!

But life had one last throw of the dice for me.

I still did this in 2019, but nowhere near the full bore speed I should have, and for obvious reasons, that year would probably have really been a good one to RAMP this up.

But I didnt.

I “squandered” the opportunity. But I found plenty of others, much like Napoleon Hill did – if there is ONE person whose life mirrors mine, it is HIS!


I believe I’ve learnt that lesson – the HARD Way.

The school of hard knocks, hehe, and I belive we should ALL go through that at some point or the other.

It’s great READING about others, but it’s only when you actually DO is that you LEARN.

Anyway, Fast and Furious Fitness.

Still have the logo on my site.

Still have the book.

But people know me as “0 Excuses Fitness”now hehe.  (and a host of other lovely names on that burgenoning list. 1112, last I checked!)

The guy who (as Marc said) created a brand out of nothing.

Actually, I’ve created three. Hehe. But the third isn’t public on this site as yet . . . but it SELLS like hot cakes day in and day out.

Marketing genius, or deeply flawed individual – YOU Decide. Hehe.

But the results can’t be denied. . .

Anyway, thanks for reading – if you’re still WITH me thus far, hehe.

This might make it into a book I’ve been writing, but have been MUM about. Stay tuned!

Lesson to be learnt – FIND what you were meant to do my friend.

And then just DO it ... PRONTO.

Life will reward you with BOUNTY, thats for sure! (and I dont mean just money).


Rahul Mookerjee 

PS – This entire email is about 4 pages long, and I didnt include a plug for my products?? WTF?? Well, I’m going to do so NOW. Here are the all time bestsellers – grab ‘em now -

0 Excuses Fitness

Gorilla Grip

Shoulders like BOULDERS!

PS #2 – Why didnt I just pick up on Fast and Furious Fitness in 2017 and go full bore?

Well, two reasons. One, an epiphany – and thus was born the other site (and another down the road).

And another? Hey, I admit it. Even as recently as 2017 a part of me was wondering about “what will they say”.

Hey, it’s normal. We ALL do it. ALL successes you hear of TODAY have been through that phase.

But I cannot tell you how damn liberating it is truly NOT to give a fuck! And I mean TRULY!

Anyway, and either way ... it was the right decision. Hehe. Now we have TWO barnstorming “basic” fitness books (I didnt just update Fast and Furious Fitness – I re-wrote the damn thing and included way more exercises – but the original was always be dear to my heart!).