Friday, 01 January 2021 07:35

How your favorite caveman (or WOLF) finished off 2020 ..

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Or should I say POLISHED off. WOLFED DOWN!

Because during the closing hours of the decade, my friend, that is precisely what I Was doing.

An hour or so ago, the email you got was about how I STARTED the New Decade.

But now, it’s about how I finished the old one.

Corona shorona, COVID shovid, plague shague be damned.

I did a long workout, part of it outdoors. Masks be damned. The hell with it (and the same thing THIS morning).

I’ve had enough of this blasted plague!

Dont know about you, but I exhorted everyone on my list to take precautions, but not panic. We all need to get past this mess!

Anyway, then I got home and had a very unexpected barbeque.


And NOTHING ELSE other than a bit of bread (but note the “bit”).

TONS of it.

More meat than I thought I could scarf down in a decade, to be honest.

I was thinking of taking a photo. But given my aversion to social media I didnt, and along with that?

Eight boiled eggs.

More protein!

Anyway, perhaps thats one reason I woke up – and got straight to the pull up bar to crank out 20 reps, and start the new decade off with a pulling BANG! 

Later on I’ll be doing pushups, and more pull-ups.

I did 400 Hindu squats a couple of days ago. Still feeling it, so legs perhaps tomorrow!

But really, my friend.

Finish the decade off with a bang (Some of you reading this are still in 2020) - - and start the NEW ONE off with a an even bigger BANG.

Live life – the way it’s meant to be – KINGSIZE!

And no, for those in the know, I dont advocate smoking. Hehe. That was actually an ad for a cigarette company “Wills” wayyyyyyyyy back in the day.



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – This sort of diet is actually far more beneficial than the bozos who promote “balanced diets” while balancing their OWN with a beer in each hand promote. Learn all about in the Simple and Effective Diet (yours free GRATIS with a purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System).

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