Friday, 01 January 2021 10:33

Leaps and BOUNDS!

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Yours truly remembers a time when my daughter was playing some sort of game or the other.

Online, I believe but I’m not too sure (yeah online, actually).

And she had this to say to me when she called and told me.

“My earnings are increasing by LEAPS – and bounds!"

Now, she was playing some sort of a game where you build a hotel or something, attract customers and so forth.

Hmm, I said.

I ain’t a fan of video games in general.

But we all played ‘em growing up ... yours truly played “Donkey Kong” and “Pacman” on those little consoles we had back then!

And “cricket” sometimes on the clunky mammoth computers (or things we called computers. Hehe).

(or the nifty little Sinclair Spectrums we hooked up!) 

The Internet wasn’t even THERE until I was around 14 or 15 I believe, perhaps not even then.


How times have changed huh.

I remember getting on the phone and sneakily calling girls etc, running up massive bills ...

Yours truly is truly a troublemaker, hence he recently bought the T shirt (or sweat shirt) saying that too!

But anyway, good game for my little girl.

And it’s a great affirmation for you, but affirmations, my friend, only work if you BELIEVE – and DO.

And most people fail miserably at both, and there is a KEY to the affirmation most people MISS.

It’s something I keep talking about in ALL my coaching calls, for one ...

And it’s something that can either make or break in terms of success. Vital to it!

I’ll reveal more in the future, but fitness wise, I’ll tell you this.

The more you leap – and BOUND – the fitter you get overall!


More “T”.

Lose weight. Etc etc.

I’ve always told my daughter for as long as I can remember the same thing I tell you.

“Work the LEGS and back heavily, and you work the whole body! No need to do much else other than GRIP!”

And that sage advice held as true in our generation as it does now, and will “forever ever” or until the cyborgs take over, whichever is worst. Hehe.

Come to think of it, us unruly sort will still be around!

Anyway, enough on that.

Be sure and get a fitness program like the 0 Excuses Fitness System which makes you do all the above my friend. Or, Advanced Hill Training.

These two courses will PACK on the muscle and FRY the lard off your body quicker than a hangover showing on New Year’s Day after a lot of imbibing the last night, hehe.

I didnt, but you get the point!

And there it is. Back soon! 


Rahul Mookerjee